Written by Scotty

If you knew what the future had in store for you, would you try to change it? I for one do not what to know what the future has in store for me, since I do not feel like the future has been written yet, but there are people that believe differently.  I just cannot imagine what life would be like if you already know what happens to you, especially if you are not allowed to change it.  But if you do know what is going to happen and you decide to change something that should effect what happens, how do you know if it works, much less if you made a hint of a difference to what has already been predetermined.

Sarah Connor is alive and well, even after a Terminator tried to complete its assassination of her.  Now with her son, John Connor, Sarah has more to worry about than just bills and food, she has to find a way from keeping the future that she has been told about from taking place. But she has found it to be very difficult as she has been locked up in a mental hospital and is under the supervision of the doctor that tried to prove that Kyle Reese was crazy.  Without any help, Sarah has to find a way to get out of the hospital to see her son and make sure he understands how important he is to the future survival of the species.

John Connor is living in at a foster house while his mother is incarcerated.  Not paying any attention to his new parents, John feels like his own mother is crazy as well.  Without trusting any adults in his life, John has several methods of getting around and making it seem too easy.  With the training this his mother gave him before she was locked away, John knows plenty about computers and can manipulate them into doing what he wants.  But when he meets his new parental figure in the mall, he will gain an all new understanding to what a machine can do.

Being chased by a cop, John runs into the machine that has haunted his mother's dreams ever since he has been born.  But the T-800 is not here to terminate the young man, but to protect him from the next killing machine that has been sent back to kill the human’s leader before judgment day takes place.  Having to trust his new toy, John teaches the T-800 how to speak and act in different situations and although his mother does not know what to expect from the circumstance, she has to put her faith in the machine as well.  Needing to stop Skynet from being created, Sarah has a new target and a way to kill him off before things go bad in the following years, but she will have to become someone that she is not, while becoming a hunter/killer of her own.

The T-1000 is the most advanced prototype that the machines have manufactured, being a mimetic poly-alloy, it is able to transform its appearance and become anyone that it comes in contact with.  But this is not the only benefit to the new design, it is also impervious to being stopped, much less destroyed.  Being able to regenerate after being shot by anything, the T-1000 is in on the hunt for young John Connor and is surprised when it sees that a former model is protecting the boy.  Needing to find a way to accomplish its goal, the T-1000 takes on many different faces, even the ones of John’s trusted people to gain access to the boy, but it still has a fatal flaw...just like its predecessor, the dogs can tell the difference.

The second film in the Terminator franchise and it is just as good as the first.  With more explosions and better special effects, the story is a little bit more believable.  With Sarah Connor being locked up and being accused of being crazy, her own son believes it as well and it is troubling her more than anything.  Wanting to protect her boy and trying to stop judgment day before the world goes into the dark ages, Sarah has her own inner demons to fight off, and now a new terminator that is trying to kill her son.  John is just a normal kid, but has learned so many things down the road and is able to fall upon his skills of being a mechanic and a hacker to get by in his everyday world, but he did not know what his mother was really preparing him for.  Being smarter than most kids, John is forced to grow up quickly when his life is put into the crosshairs and he finds out that everything that his mother has been telling him all of these years is the truth and not just the rantings of a crazy person.  Also a reluctant scientist takes to the stage in this edition, Miles Dyson the original creator of the learning system that will lead to Skynet.  Although he knows enough to make an old microchip come back to life, he also heeds the warnings from Sarah Connor about what he has created and steps up to destroy his work before it falls into the wrong hands.  I think I liked this movie better than the first and I don’t say that a lot about sequels, but this one was just faster paced and had a better storyline than the first.  And I have to do it for the signoff, I’ll be back.


Written by Shae

Do you guys ever get into arguments with your friends over fictional characters? Yes? Okay, good. Because I do all the time. In fact, John and I were arguing earlier this evening about the Avengers. I was just innocently pointing out that Hawkeye single handedly took down an entire Helicarrier with only three arrows. And John decided that Captain America taking down Three Helicarriers alone was more awesome. The conversation then derailed drastically as actor names were thrown about and hilariousness ensued, because we can’t ever take these conversations seriously. I’m just kidding, we mostly get side tracked…I mostly get side tracked. It’s not always my fault. Just…mostly almost always my fault. Long story short, I feel the need to defend Hawkeye. Why? Because Jeremy Renner is awesome. Granted, the character isn’t the most popular, but we’ve been over my side-character love affair thing thousands of blogs ago…

Let’s take into account that Clint Barton is a regular guy who shoots well, and that Captain America is a super enhanced human being who can probably never die…because, shut up, the comics have never happened. I feel like pro’s and con’s for every character comparison ever get made and we all sit there and argue until we’re blue in the face. It’s a comic nerds sworn duty to defend their favorite character. Like, who is better, Batman or Iron Man. The answer is both, because how can you not love either of them. You can’t! Who’s going to win in a fight, Batman or Superman? We all know it’s Batman, but that never stops us from bickering the key points until we’re blue in the face. A better question is who would really win, Superman or Son Goku…then we have to ask ourselves which Goku…and the answer is either, because Goku is just awesome.

So what is it about us that we have to argue and see who’s character is better? We’re passionate creatures. And we geeks know our stuff. It’s no different than Sports fans, and some of us are Sports fans (GO BRUINS!). We’ve also invested a great amount of time into reading about our favorite characters. Why does Batman always win? It’s easy to say “Because he’s awesome”, but there’s so much more to it than that. Batman wins and is my favorite because he’s a trained martial artist, who strategizes and finds weakness in those around him. I mean, planning how you’d totally take down your teammates is totally normal….maybe Bruce Wayne is Italian…Either way, I’ve seen these arguments over characters tear friendships apart…I’m just kidding, but I have seen people get insanely angry over them.

When it comes down to it, no fictional character is better than the other. They’re all equally awesome and just as good as the next. We all bond with certain characters because of their stories, their morals, and what they’ve been through. Even the ‘bad guys’ have their moments. You can’t sit and tell me that Magneto has not been minorly relatable in his storylines, at least once. I suppose it doesn’t matter who wins in what argument. All that really does matter is that I am always right…


Written by John Edward Betancourt

An interesting conversation came about the other day for me, one that rose up out of the recaps I am currently doing for Sense8 on the site. Now this conversation started from one of the people that recommended that show for me as I expressed the same concerns about the plot structure of the seres that I recently shared with all of you.

During that conversation, my friend brought up an interesting point about the show, the fact that she watched it as a "movie" if you will, binge watching the show in large chunks and that while she agreed with my concerns about plot structure, giving it those long stretches on her television screen removed a lot of those issues from the top of her mind. This of course led me to wonder. Was I watching it wrong by going episode by episode, and of course it brought about a bigger question in the Netflix era. Is it better to binge watch our favorite shows or do we need time in between each one?

I ask that because of that conversation and I know of several friends who powered through Game of Thrones to get to the Season Five finale recently. I myself have been guilty of it as well. I binge watch The Walking Dead marathons on AMC and when I really got into Doctor Who I poured over blocks of that show as well. There really are merits to binge watching. After all you get your fix immediately and the story just keeps coming much to our delight.  Yet at the same time, it has its drawbacks and it's one reason I try to avoid the binge when I can. See, I like the break between episodes in television. 

I like being left hanging as to what happens next and it allows me time to digest and breakdown what has happened in each episode. I'm big on savoring the story, what can I say. But, if I had to guess where the answer lies in this debate...well it resides within the quality of the story. After all who hasn't ever sat down and watched a movie late at night because it caught your attention or sat down and powered through a book all night because you couldn't put it down?

When a story truly captivates us, we have to know the ending. We have to know what happens next so I guess that's where my current problem lies. Some shows reel me in and I cannot get enough, others I can do without for a couple of days. So really it all comes down to one thing...feed your mind what it loves. If that ends up being fifty five hours of a television show, so be it. If it ends up being a movie series, do it. Either way, it's a pretty awesome time for story lovers and fandoms everywhere to know that you can enjoy every bit of your favorite stories on your own time and have as much or as little of it as you like. 


Written by Scotty

There are very few times in life where you can trust someone you have just met.  With so many people out there that are just looking to take advantage of whatever your situation is, it is next to impossible to know who you can even believe in.  But there are those few instances where you just have a feeling about someone and know that they are on the level and looking to help you.  Even if they may not be able to deliver everything that they have promised you, you still know that they will be a part of your life, no matter what curve balls are thrown your way.

Sarah Connor is a lonely waitress that is just looking for mister right.  After her date canceled on her, she decides to head out to the movies to fill her time and leave her roommate and boyfriend at home to take care of their own business.  But what Sarah does not know will hurt her as there are two people from the future that are looking to hunt her down, one to protect her and the other to kill her.  As anyone that is anyone has their name, number and address in the phonebook, it is an easy task to find Sarah Connor, but it may prove more difficult to locate the right one.

Kyle Reese has been sent from the future to protect Sarah against a killing machine that has been sent back before him.  Not knowing the current year and mugging a homeless man to get something to cover himself, Kyle runs into more problems from the get go than he could have expected. Needing to find the young woman who is the mother of the man that will lead the uprising against the machines that have taken over the world in his time, Kyle turns out to be very resourceful in finding Sarah, but has to use her as bait to find out what the T-800 looks like.  After watching the humanoid try to kill Sarah, Kyle is able to step in and put a nut in the gears, but he knows that it is not enough and has to prove to Sarah that she is in trouble.  Explaining himself and his mission, Kyle falls for the mother of his leader and steps over a line that he, himself did not want to venture.  But with nothing to lose and everything to gain, Kyle puts on his solider face and battles the T-800 to the death.

The T-800 is a new design the has infiltrated the humans strongholds in the future and now has made its way to the past.  Looking like a human, only dogs are able to distinguish that it is not, but a hunter/killer made of metal.  Traveling around the city without any issue, the T-800 has located many Sarah Connors from the phone book and is visiting each one in order.  Without a reason to listen to any of them, the T-800 performs his duty and kills them on the spot.  But when he terminates the wrong person in Sarah’s apartment, he has to venture out of his normal programing and head to a populated area where the kills become more apparent.  Being stopped by Kyle on his first attempt to kill the woman, the T-800 has to take his game up a notch and will not retire until this Sarah Connor is dead.  Nothing will stop the machine from accomplishing his goal, not even having to take the fight to the police station.

Honestly, who did not love this movie when it first came out?  This was something special that will never be duplicated in cinema and never should be.  Yes, I know the special effects are a little bit dated, all right, a lot dated, but the story still stands tall and may even tower over the stars.  There are several parts of this movie that may leave you wanting more, but hey, it was the eighties and very true to the time and looking back, I am pretty sure it was how most of the people behaved.  I will admit that the cops in this movie made me cry with how bad they really were, but they did prove that numbers can be a blessing, along with a curse.  Headphones, Big Hair, Bad Music, Blood, Action and a Gas Truck Explosion, there is nothing better to make a blockbuster in the eighties and there is nothing that can replace it.  I am a little ashamed to say that this is the first time I have watched this DVD since buying it countless years ago, but you know what, it ends up feeling like a new movie to the collection once again.  Well, we've come to the end so I need a Sci-Fi sendoff, don’t have a set one yet, so I will try…the Future is only minutes away.  


Written by John Edward Betancourt

We here at Girls of Geek12 have had some amazing opportunities come our way over the years and believe me when I say it's been an honor for the team to share them with you. We love geeky stuff, we love to talk about it and if it wasn't for you, our loyal fans, we would be nothing quite frankly. 

We have done our best to cover as much geeky stuff out there as possible, adding a sports section and the like to really celebrate that geeky experience and well...it's always been an edict for us to do more and challenge ourselves as writers to bring you something fun and new every chance we get.

Well today I am extremely proud to let you know that have found another way to do just that. As many of you have seen on this site, we have on many occasions made mention of the nerd rock band H2Awesome! with good reason. For one, this is a band that always rocks and brings down the house and well, Jeff and Charlie LaGreca are basically friends of the site through and through. So with that in mind, we and the band have been talking and have decided its time for the two of us to team up.

We have obviously brought you a fair share of video programming over the years and it is time to take that to the next level and we are proud to announce that H2Awesome! and Girls of Geek12 will be putting together a music video for their hilarious song "Carl, Stay In the House". This is a new venture for us since we are only used to doing a news style type of video for all of you, but we have some creative folks on the site here that have all contributed ideas to make this a fun venture. 

We also want to take the time and let you know that this merely the beginning when it comes to video programming from us. We at the site saw this as an opportunity to once again try something new and exciting so stay tuned because as the year progresses, we have ideas that we want to bring to life on the small screen and those ideas are currently in pre production now. Obviously we will start filling you in on what to expect from us programming wise as we get closer to premiering this new and original content, so in the meantime we hope you enjoy the music video when it premieres later this summer on the site and we look forward to bringing all of you some fun and new ideas.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


This is going to be a vastly different recap for Sense8 today because well...I'm starting to have some concerns for this show. I like the characters, I think they are all vibrant and fascinating people. I like the premise, it's a unique idea to tie eight people's minds together.

There's a lot to like, there really is, but something is missing from the show and to me, "Demons" put that missing component for the show front and center. Was an awful episode? Not at all. It had its moments for sure. After all, Riley's story was pretty freaking intense. Sun and Capheus' story is getting pretty sorrowful as we watch them begin to regret their decisions and hey, the Sensates managed to discover that certain emotions and experiences, including the most sensual and sexual ones can be shared by all. 

But what is it that's missing from the show? Well...quite simply...a plot. I'm having big time trouble with the fact that they have set up this grand universe and did it in amazing fashion really, only to do nothing past that point. What happened in the first five minutes of the show was kind of a big deal, it gave us a grand villain, a purpose for the Sensates that would no doubt culminate into something epic. But...it hasn't. 

It's frustrating to say the least because while I have enjoyed a lot of what the show has thrown at us, I need more. I need the plot to get going and every episode seems to be cooking on the same formula. Resolve last week. Some stuff happens and the Sensates ponder over the fact that they are connected and/or might be crazy...set up what appears to be that greater purpose or hint at how important they are and fade to black.  Something has got to give at some point and what frustrated me the most about this episode is that the formula became a tad boring.

Now I get it. It's a new concept, a new type of show altogether and there are growing pains. This is clearly one of them, I was just hoping for something more by now. It doesn't mean I'm going to abandon the show outright. After all, I am six episodes in, halfway there and there's no going back now because I do want to at some point eat my own words and rave about the series as a whole. But as it stands now, "Demons" served as more of the same, and that's unfortunate because this is a show that can be so much more and I really do hope it finds its stride, soon.  Until next time. 


Written by Mattie

So… again… there are times where I quote shows, and sadly Invader Zim isn’t the only thing I quote. Another show that I happen to quote often is Archer. I have to say, there are some amazing quotes in that show.

One of these quotes works perfect for so many situations. The other week, Shae and I were at the hospital for a family thing. Now, the hospital’s Chaplin had come to see our family member whose name is Richard. The Chaplin asked him if he only went by Richard and he said he did. To that the Chaplin replied, “I only know Dick.”

Now, Shae and I wanted to yell out “Phrasing!” yet this was a high stress situation so Shae instead whispered it to me and we started giggling. I had to explain it to Shae’s dad why we were giggling and he absolutely lost it. For him it was to the point where he was he was red in the face and crying from laughing so hard. This was a perfect time to use Archer’s catchphrase, “Phrasing, BOOM!” It’s not a bad quote to use… that or “Guys are we still doing phrasing?”

There are also times when Shae gets this look on her face and she ends up pushing whatever is on my bed or on the table or countertop off of it. Yes, she even pushes freshly folded clothes on the floor. So… I’ve taken up yelling sometimes, “IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT? BECAUSE THAT’S HOW YOU GET ANTS!” It’s just fun to yell out.

There’s also those moments when all you want to say is “REALLY?” but instead I just say to Shae, “Jesus Pam!” and Shae always replies with, “Whaaaaaaat?” We also switch those two around. It’s mainly in high stress situations where we are exhausted and don’t know what else to say but need a laugh.

Again, these quotes are to essentially add a little humor to our lives. I mean, our lives are full of humor but this just gives it a little more spark. I mean… “Would you say we'd be venturing into a zone of danger? “Cause you’re in the danger zone.”


Written by Shae

Growing up in the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s let's me be old enough to remember some pretty awesome things, but perhaps one of my favorite was the invention of the fighting video game and of course, the greatest action movie revolution ever. All right, that second half is probably a lie, but in all actuality, the movies I had the chance to grow up with and the video games I got to play have still had an influence on me, even all these years later. With the nostalgia of old things being remade, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the amazing things I grew up with. And what taught me more about life than Mortal Kombat? I actually used to play the SNES version of this game with my dad as often as possible. My whole goal in life was to try and beat him and the game. Sadly, neither would happen until I became a teenager, but in the meantime, there was plenty of time to practice. The game taught me so many things about life, and would inadvertently send me into a really confused part of my childhood…

Like, why couldn’t I have ice powers? Or have blades shoot out of the palms of my hand? Really, though, I learned a lot from this game. For instance, never fight with someone who is more skilled at martial arts than you are. Also, martial arts is nothing to sneeze at. Seriously, I wanted to be a master fighter so bad I begged my parents to let me do Karate…which I didn’t stick with. Turns out I have asthma! We got to learn that, and hey, life experiences. It’s also hard work, dedication, and a lot of muscle memory. Which is probably why I’m a writer and not a really cool, talented, MMA fighter…

Mortal Kombat also taught me that you shouldn’t fight people with 4 arms, because holy crap, they’re tough to beat. Also, that if you try hard enough, you’ll still probably fail. Life is all about not dying. Wow, that got deeper than I intended for this to go. But, hey, life lessons. Like, if you’re the God of Thunder/Lightning, you can still die. Did anyone else know that? I was shocked. Also, it’s okay to make mortals fight other-worldly monsters and that’s normal. Oh hey, you’re a human? Fight this God-like being from Hell! That’s how nightmares are made in normal children. For whatever reason, I really wanted to be like Scorpion. Or have fans like Katana. Funny story time! I actually spent the majority of my life trying to find fighting fans like that. Turns out they’re based off of Korean fighting fans and the bladed tips were coated in poison back in the day. Not that I didn’t find this out until like 5 years ago…I did…I told you, I have been obsessed with this series for a really long time…

And then, the movie came out. That movie. Was. Awesome. I don’t care what anyone says, that movie sums up my childhood memories nicely and I will defend it to this very day.  Okay, its special effects aren’t that great, and let’s be completely honest, the acting wasn’t either, but for the time it was still so cool. I remember my parents renting a VHS copy of this movie…I watched it so many times they finally just bought it. I think I blame this very movie for the entire life I have lead so far. I’ve been obsessed with Eastern culture and fighting movies ever since. The movie taught me that having big hair isn’t a bad thing. Turns out, I still don’t like my hair big, but hey, the 90’s made it okay. It also taught me that if you’re going to fight a bad guy, you better do it in style. And that sunglasses were apparently designer and expensive…

The movie also taught me that women can fight just as good as men. Sonya was a huge influence, and the whole scene where she just kicks butt is pretty much the epitome of strong female character. Really, the movie and video game held a lot of equality messages in it without any of us even knowing. Nothing else mattered, except your fighting skills…


Written by Shae

The idea for this hit me yesterday, oddly, while I was lying in bed trying to sleep and browsing the internet for entertainment, because isn’t that what we all totally do when we can’t sleep? Then I saw the coolest picture of Pokémon drawn as real life beings, and I was so into that, that well, this blog happened! Now, the cartoon, comic, and game are three different things, and each taught my valuable life lessons. First off, they all start the same way. I don’t know in what world it’s totally okay for a 10 year old to go off on his own and just explore life, but you know what? It always bothered me! Pokémon taught me that just because your parent is cool with you going off into the world to enslave various creatures, doesn’t mean you should! Seriously, they send him off with a wave and an electrical super powered rat and a full Pokedex and that’s it. Good luck kid! Clearly you have enough money for whatever you need for your how-ever-long-journey. The parenting or concern of safety of children is seriously lacking in the Pokeverse, and honestly, I feel like child services should have been called a long time ago. Also, what happened to Ash’s dad!? Did that ever get brought figured out? He travels the world wanting to be the world’s best trainer, like his dad, but dad isn’t around! It’s just his mom! Did he die? Did he run off with some other chick? Is he still out there?! Why isn’t that ever answered!

Pokémon also taught me that it’s totally cool to make your pets fight other pets. I mean, really, if you think about it, this show/game is basically a legal animal fighting ring. It’s socially acceptable to just start fighting people in the middle of anywhere, so long as your pet is doing it. And they had some pretty weird pets. No matter how bad it got, though, nobody ever died. They just…passed out. Which, really, is totally unrealistic. I also learned that when your Pokémon had beaten enough Pokémon in fights it would ‘evolve’. Okay, hold on, evolution doesn’t work quite that fast, but I’m not even going to touch that one. But, to tell me their personalities might be different? That’s just weird. But it's true. Charmelion was a total dick to Ash for no reason! Charmander was just too cute...I’m pretty sure he was the only Pokémon to evolve in Ash’s care. I could be wrong, I did stop watching the show a long time ago. On another note, if your Pokémon can talk, it’s likely evil. Between Meowth and Mewtwo, I don’t trust any Pokémon that can hold a full blown conversation in English, or Japanese, or any language for that matter.

The game taught me some serious trust issues. Like how strangers were always wanting to fight me, and how it was alright for them to be totally rude to you and to actually try and steal your pets. It also taught me that if I’m in a grassy area for more than ten seconds, wild Pokémon will just run up to me and try and attack. Which, I guess is okay? I don’t even know…either way, the type of Pokeball determines if you catch the type of Pokémon or not. A masterball is always something you should have. Also, legendary Pokémon should totally be caught and owned, because reasons. The games also taught me that gambling is addicting. I think the slot machine game is one of the funnest to play on the older ones. And when I was growing up you had a pocket Pikachu, kind of like a Tamagachi, only it was cuter and you could gamble on slots with Pikachu…and feed him. And the more you walked, the more points you got! How cool is that?

Pokémon also taught me that Gym Badges are more important than a job. So long as you fought Gym leaders and took their badges, you were set in life! If only real life was kind of like that. At least in the game, you got money for beating them. The comic, however, was a whole different ball of wax. It taught me that Misty was not as nice as we once thought, and that Pokémon battles were beyond epic. Of course, I can’t ignore the billions of movies out there. I remember going to see the first Pokémon movie in theaters as a very young teen/preteen and the magic that was that movie. It taught me not to look at the differences in another being, because we were all really the same. It also introduced me to Mew. Now, I love Pikachu and so many of the other Pokémon, but Mew stole not only my heart, but left me in total awe. This tiny, cute, flying being of awesome teleported onto the big screen with an adorable little ‘mew’ and then saved the day. The biggest lesson, Pokémon taught me, was that even the smallest creatures can have the most profound affect on the world.

Hi everyone! It’s time for new movies! That’s all I have for this week because I'm sitting on a beach right now! 

Anyways, this week the highly anticipated sequel to Ted is finally here in the form of Ted 2. This time, Ted and Tami-Lynn get married and like most happy couples, want to have a baby. However, things prove difficult for Ted when he has to prove he’s a person in the court of law to qualify to be a parent.

I finally watched Ted for the first time a couple of months ago. I was pleasantly surprised that it was better than expected. Heck, it was hell-a funny. I laughed my butt off. I don’t think this one will be any different.

However if you’re not a fan of raunchy and are looking for more of a family friendly movie, Max may be for you. This is the story of a military dog who served in Afghanistan alongside the U.S. Marines. However after Max returns after a traumatic experience, he is adopted by his handler’s family. It stars Firestor…I mean Robbie Amell and looks like a fantastic movie for the whole family.

These are the movies that are headed to local theaters near you! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!