Written by Mattie


Once Upon a Time returns tonight with, Lily. If you missed last week’s crazy and kind of frightening episode, Sympathy for the De Vil, here’s what happened.

A long time ago in London, Cruella was a child running from a Dalmatian. She was cornered and her mother found her. Her dad had passed away and her mother decided that she was going to lock Cruella in the attic and told her that this room will be her world until Cruella did as her mother told her to do.

In modern day, Cruella was driving in the forest and she ran into Maleficent who questioned her about her daughter, Lily. Cruella told her that she left Lilly in the forest to die because she wasn’t mother material and doesn’t know what had happened to her. Meanwhile, Emma was questioning her parents about the Author. She was still mad about them lying and was still doubting that she was being told the truth by them. However that’s when Regina came in and told them that Zelena has Robin and that Marian was dead. She doesn’t know how it happened, but Zelena was posing as Marian and asked for their help.

Regina then went and talked to Belle and she was asking for her help. She didn’t want to work for Belle’s ex husband and Belle completely understood and asked what could she do. Rumpelstiltskin was with the Author and he was still planning on turning Emma’s heart dark. However, Belle called Rumpelstiltskin and he went to her. She asked him what he was planning and he showed her that his heart, which was blackened with barely any light left in it.

She told him she worried and then called him pathetic. Turns out that it was Regina controlling Belle’s heart. She then told him that she was going to New York and if he wanted Belle alive and well that he better not call Zelena. Rumpelstiltskin agreed. Cruella returned to the cabin to find the author and asked him to give her back what he stole. He told her that he couldn’t. He then pointed out that Rumpelstiltskin didn’t know that Cruella knew the author and threatened her about it.

In the past, one day the Author showed up at Cruella’s mother’s door, looking for a story. Her mother, a world famous dog trainer refused to tell him anything and when he mentioned her three former husbands she threw him out. However Cruella was able to get his attention and wanted to tell him a story, but she had him promise to help her get out of the attic.

He was able to get her the key and she was able to get out. They went to a place with loud music and dancing for her to enjoy her freedom. She told the author that she was locked up so that she wouldn’t tell her mother’s secret. That secret she told the author was that her mother poisoned her husbands. Then, Cruella asked the Author to dance and he fell head over heels for her.

Afterwards, he showed her his pen and told her that he creates stories and travels across realms and essentially does story telling. He then told her that he can change people’s stories. He wanted to be her with her and gave her the magic to control animals. She wanted to confront her mother and he gave her his car.

The Author waited for her at his apartment and her mother came there with her dogs looking for Cruella. He told her mother what Cruella told him about her and she told him that it was actually Cruella who killed all three husbands. That she poisoned her father and was happy about it. She locked her in the attic because she wanted to protect not only herself but Cruella as well, because Cruella was not well in the head and enjoyed killing people. The Author didn’t believe her, but when her mom returned home, she killed her mother using her new powers by controlling her mother’s dogs into attacking her.

When the author went to Cruella and found her sewing a jacket. She told him it was his fault she killed her mother and her mother’s dogs. Turns out she was sewing a jacket out of those dog’s skin. In a quick fit, he ended up taking away Cruella’s ability to kill people, after some magic ink spilled on her, changing her hair.

Back in present day, Henry found Pongo and he tried to chase him down to get back to his home. Turns out Cruella used him to corner Henry and demanded him to get into the car.  Regina and Emma were talking about Regina leaving until they received a video message that Cruella has Henry and she wants the Author dead in exchange for him. Rumpelstiltskin returned to the author and told him that he knows that he was reunited with Cruella. He knew that Cruella wanted the author dead and asked why. The author then showed him a piece of paper that told him that Cruella couldn’t kill anyone ever again.

Regina, Emma, Hook and the Charming’s were trying to find Henry and she wanted her parents far away because she doesn’t trust them anymore. They went to look for the author instead while the rest went to look for Henry. Regina, Emma and Hook were in the forest trying to find Henry and they were trying to talk her into forgiving her parents. She was being pretty unforgiving and felt as though she can never trust them again.

Henry was able to get away and Cruella and she sent Pongo after him. She caught up to him and so did Emma that’s when Cruella grabbed him and threatened to throw him over the edge. The Charming’s however found the Author who told them that Cruella couldn’t kill anyone so Henry is practically safe. They knew that this was a trick by Rumpelstiltskin to start to turn Emma’s heart black and they rushed to stop her. However they were too late. Emma ended up using her magic to push Cruella over the edge to save Henry.

It was a tough episode. Who knew that Cruella De Vil was a psychopath? I mean, I had my thoughts about it but a full blown psychopathic serial killer?! Jeeze the author was only looking for love and found a crazy person. All she wanted was her ability to kill people again, which is frightening. Like, horribly scary. Well…at least she didn’t get her happy ending back but sadly, this is the start of turning Emma’s heart black. Hopefully Regina will be her knight in shining armor because it could happen.

Once Upon a Time returns tonight on ABC.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Let's face facts, growing up there were only two ways we could bask in the wonder and awe of a Superhero team up. Our action figures, or a good old fashioned comic book because when it came to film, no one had ever attempted to put big time superheroes played by big time actors into one motion picture. 

Hell, no one was really making super hero movies to boot for that matter either, but the times changed and the wonder of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was before us at last. Yet the same problem remained, would we ever see a massive team up of mighty heroes and would it be awesome or even possible to put so much incredible talent into one motion picture? Thankfully the answer was a resounding yes when Joss Whedon brought together all of Marvel's mightiest heroes in The Avengers. 

Something sinister has been happening without our knowledge. Loki has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to build himself an empire, and his plans are coming to fruition. In the depths of the galaxy, an army composed of the Chitauri are waiting for his command to invade the planet earth. But before Loki can execute his plan, he knows there are threats on this planet he must eliminate. But his plan is not without its flaws, for by attempting to go after earth's mightiest heroes...he will instead unite them and face the wrath of the Avengers.

Well, it goes without saying that this movie is two hours of pure awesomeness, but holy crap this movie is two hours of pure awesomeness. In fact it falls into that rare category of the perfect comic book movie, and how can it not? You get the fine mix of action, top notch acting and well...for the first time ever the fanboy's dream comes to life by getting a ton of your favorite comic book heroes into one epic and incredible movie.  

Not to mention, every single character gets their own special arc. We get to witness Captain America go from a fish out of water to returning to the Cap of old, leading the squad as only he can. We see Thor learn the value of working with others and hell, we even get a little dark with Bruce Banner's story. But perhaps the two finest storylines, are the ones that left us cheering and broke our hearts all at once. I'm talking of course of the temporary loss of Phil Coulson as he goes out in heroic fashion dealing with Loki...and the fact that this is the film when Tony Stark becomes the hero we always knew he would.

You take all of those incredible pieces, throw in that amazing third act and well, you're left with a film that flies by as you are glued to the screen, cheering, laughing and potentially crying the whole way. I mean hell, it even set a trend since we are now seeing the other guys finally bring together their own universe together in similar fashion.  Either way, it's one I've watched countless times, and no doubt the rest of you have as well because man...it's simply amazing and it'll be in my blu ray player again here shortly as the sequel draws near. 


Written by Mattie

Captain America: The First Avenger is proof that anyone with heart can become a superhero. Now when this movie came out back in 2011, I didn’t know what to expect. All I thought was that Johnny Storm was pretending to be Marvel’s most patriotic superhero. Little did I know, I would fall for this movie and even more so fall for this kid from Brooklyn.

I did not know way back then that Marvel would be creating the most awesomely epic movies of our generation for geeks like me. However after Iron Man and Thor, I knew I needed to see this movie. I was shocked that I enjoyed it. In fact, I’ve watched it many times since it came out especially since this didn’t hinder my crush on Chris Evans. Mind you, Captain America: The Winter Soldier topped it but it was still pretty epic.

This movie was the origin story of how a little, scrawny asthmatic kid from Brooklyn became the hero America needed during World War II in the fight against the Nazi’s and even more specifically Hydra, it’s secret scientific research division. 

Steve Rogers always wanted to become a soldier especially when his friend, the only family he had, Bucky, became one. Yet, no one would give this small kid a chance. That was until he met a German scientist working for the Army along side genius Howard Stark. Because of his heart and how hard he had tried to get into the Army, this scientist decided to give him a chance. From there, his bravery, smarts and willingness to sacrifice himself for others made him the perfect choice for the experimental “Super-Soldier serum” which turned out to be successful. A hero was born, however Hydra had infiltrated the experiment and killed the scientist. Thus the project was abandoned and Steve Rogers became a preforming monkey for promoting the war efforts.

However, when he was begrudgingly preforming in Europe, he heard that Hydra took Bucky and his platoon. That’s when the true hero comes out and with the help of Agent Peggy Carter and Howard Stark; he was able to save his friend and many others. With that, he creates the Howling Commandoes who we later see in Agent Carter. People, heroes actually, who all mourned his loss after he defeats the Red Skull and his plans on bombing the United States. After WWII, the Howling Commandoes hunted Hydra down across Europe. Sadly in their fight against Hydra, Bucky was lost. 

It’s crazy though, things that started off in Captain America: The First Avenger like the Tesseract is found in other movies. It has a lot of power and is a portal to another universe, which is how Loki traveled to Earth in The Avengers. That means when the Red Skull touched it at the end of this movie, he’s probably still alive in space somewhere. Not only that, but also Zola the Red Skull’s right hand man and enemy to Captain America, ended up uploading himself into a computer that Steve ended up finding in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  It’s crazy how connected everything is. It’s just, perfectly awesome.

In the end, Steve becomes a Cap-sicle in the North Pole, is later found by S.H.I.E.L.D. and thawed out under Nick Fury’s orders.

Everything that came from this movie, it started it all in this universe. Even though Iron Man was “created” first, this just put everything together. Nothing can explain the excitement I have to contain in waiting a few more days to see Cap again in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Especially since this was the puzzle piece that put it all together.

New movies are coming to theaters this weekend. If you’re looking for something to jerk your emotions around, this would be the weekend for you!

The Age of Adaline is has finally come to theaters. It’s the story of a woman who became ageless after a horrific car accident where she was struck by lightning. After living a long time without aging, she may have found a man worth losing her immortality for. It stars Blake Lively and Harrison Ford and looks absolutely like wonderful storytelling. I’m really kind of excited for this movie.

If you’re looking for something that demonstrates the love between a child and his father, Little Boy may be for you. This is the story of an eight year old boy who tries to do whatever he can to end World War II, to bring his father home. It’s the story of the deep bonds that a son and father has between one another, and how it can move mountains. It stars Kevin James, David Henrie and Emily Watson.

On top of that, The Water Diviner is also coming to theaters. It’s the story of an Australian man who travels to Turkey in search of his three missing sons to bring them home. They were in the Battle of Gallipoli as soldiers and were all presumed dead and he wanted to bring all three of them home. It stars Jai Courtney, Isabel Lucas and Russell Crowe. It looks absolutely heartbreaking yet hopeful in a way.

These are three of the movies coming to theaters near you this weekend. Bring your tissues and head to your local theater for a ride on the emotional rollercoaster. 


Written by Scotty

"A wise king never seeks out war, but he must be ready for it." 
- Odin

Trying to prove your worth to your parents can be one of the hardest things a child has to do.  Wanting them to know how much you respect what they have given to you in the form of your own accomplishments can be the greatest way to achieve this.  But for some parents, this may not be enough, as they are happy with your success in life, but they want to know that you are the person that they know you can be.  This can be as simple as living by your own moral values or as difficult by having to obtain a position of power. Either way, you should only be true to yourself and your own values and if that is enough for you, it should be enough for everyone else around you.

Being the most powerful asset of the Asgardian army, Thor is ready to receive his just rewards.  As he is about to be given the throne, something more devious arises in Asgard, a threat that has been unseen for many years.  The Frost Giants are back and want to reclaim their Casket of Ancient Winters, which was taken from their planet many moons ago.  Even though they are not able to succeed in this task, it raises concern for everyone on Asgard and Thor will not let the crime go without justice being served.

Traveling to Jotunheim with his prized fighters, Thor is ready to kill all of the Frost Giants, but being out numbered, someone unexpected comes to his aid.  With his father trying to keep peace between the realms, Odin sends Thor away as punishment, but gives him a chance to redeem himself.  Being sent to New Mexico where he is discovered by an aspiring astrophysicist, Jane Foster and her crew.  Although they cannot believe the story that is being told to them from the powerless Thor about being from another planet, their research shows them otherwise. 

Wanting to get the full story from the God-like stranger, there is something else happening around the small town, something has fallen from the sky that cannot be moved by a mortal man.  Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer has followed him to Earth, with the promise that one who is worthy of it will be able to control the power of Thor.  But something has to change in Thor’s life before he will be able to weld the power once more as he finds out after beating up several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.  Knowing that he is alone on this planet and his only friends do not seem to believe what or who he really is, Thor is forced to put his life on the line to defend the innocent.

With Thor away from his home planet of Asgard, there is something else afoot.  Thor’s brother Loki has found out his true origins and know understands that he will never gain the full respect of his father.  Being of another race, Loki rushes to conclusions and the stress he puts on Odin puts the old king into a coma.  With his brother away, Loki takes to the throne as it was meant for him and starts making up his own plan of how to rule his kingdom.  Even though he was behind the first attack on the armory that kept his brother from taking power, Loki is now wanting to eliminate all of the competition for his rightful spot atop the throne.  With several moving parts, Loki is able to get a destroyer sent to Earth to kill his brother, and sets his sights on destroying his ailing father's greatest foe’s planet.  With no one on Asgard to stop him, everything can go off without a hitch, but what Loki does not know is that there is a way to change one’s way of thinking and redeem one’s self.

I will admit that I did not see Thor before The Avengers came out, and I kind of regret it.  It was never on my list of must see movies until I found out what the Marvel Universe was capable of. This was the first movie that dealt with something that none of the movies even looked at and that was a father's love and respect.  I know that Tony Stark was trying to live up to his father’s expectations, but since Howard was not alive when the movie came out, it could never happen.  Odin is very much alive and wants to provide the Nine Realms with the ruler they deserve and wants to make sure that Thor is up for the task.  Even though Thor goes against what his father and king has wished, he is still given the opportunity to redeem himself.  To me, this movie focuses on gaining a father's love and finding out it is not all about what you can do when the situation arises, but what you will do.  Loki shows everyone that what he will do is jump at the opportunity, no matter what the consequences are and make sure he is never held accountable, while Thor has a change in heart and even without his powers, continues to try to help those in need.  It is kind of sappy for a hard core warrior to lay down his hammer and not get anything in return, but it is about his heart and how it bleeds for those who need help the most and even for Natalie Portman, and I see where his is coming from on that one.  


Written by Mattie

StarFest 2015 came and went with a bang. It felt as though it was gone with a blink of an eye. However, everywhere you looked, people were in cosplay. It was quite amazing.

On Friday, everyone was excited and full of energy. This is the day I debuted my Battlestar Galactica “Six” cosplay. Sadly though, not a lot of people recognized it. I believe that a majority of that stems from the wig. Everyone thought I was Marilyn Monroe and didn’t get it until after they looked at the dress for quite some time. Hopefully I can salvage this cosplay by soaking the wig in fabric softener to relax the curls but we will see. If not, I have a good Marilyn Monroe wig that’s recognizable. In all, it was fun walking around with Smurf in his Viper costume.

Saturday however was our big day which sucked since earlier that morning I vomited and had a bad stomach all day. However, the costumes were awesome. Shae debuted Vidia while I debuted Rosetta, both from Disney Fairies. There were children and even an adult geeked out about our beautiful fairy costumes.  I loved this cosplay except for the wing span. I don’t know how many times I almost poked out Shae’s eye and other people’s eyes around me or hit then in the head or face. I was struggling to keep upright and worrying about those wings wasn’t a priority. I figured that people can see me, hopefully they will pay attention. So if I hit you with my wings, I’m sorry. You’re lucky I didn’t puke on your shoes.

I did learn however that I need to fix some things on my costume, like the top to get it from flaring out and making me look bigger than I actually am…but overall, with both Vidia and Rosetta they both looked fantastic in my opinion. Sunday was my easy day. I was Leslie Thompkins from Gotham which I wore this cute formfitting dress I got for Christmas from my adopted mom and purchased a lab coat and a wig. For purchased and pieced together cosplays, this one was easy. Though without the cosplay group I was with, I wasn’t recognized. Oh well. I liked how it looked.

Even though I had fun cosplaying, I also had fun at looking at all the other cosplays. I have to say that the kid who was wearing a Boxtroll was my favorite. I think he won the kid’s part in the costume contest. He was so cute and it was done so well. I was impressed.

StarFest is done for 2015 and sadly, it won’t be at the Marriott DTC next year. It will be a change seeing one of my favorite conventions not at my favorite hotel next year, but hopefully it will have the same charm it had before. 


Written by Daniel


What would you do if you could look like any one you wanted and all it took was for you to just touch them to make it happen? You would never have to touch them again and you could change back and forth as you pleased. The Flash tonight had his work cut out for him as the Meta Human “The Every Man” explored this idea and went too far. Sure changing to look like a teller at a bank and helping yourself to the safety deposit boxes is one thing but looking like Eddie and shooting two cops is something else. 

It was a simple episode tonight as the Every Man ran amuck around town looking like everyone he could, even his own Grandmother. The only thing that kept Flash from just grabbing him was the concern if he did would he be able to replicate the Flash’s speed. Means going old school to catch a thief while Eddie is sitting in jail, leading to a couple of interesting moments in the episode. The one notable one The Every Man takes on Barry's appearance and ends up at S.T.A.R. Labs with Caitlin who has figured out a way to neutralize his shape shifting powers. 

In an attempt to get it from her he starts to kiss her, she resists at first and then you can see she starts to like it. I hope they don’t make Caitlin start to fall for Barry, they have been doing it over on Arrow with Felicity and Barry has enough problems with women as it is. So before things get out of control Dr. Wells shows up and tasers Barry noticing the Every Man is left handed and Barry is right handed; it’s all in the details. The fight at the end isn’t much as Flash goes to work on the Every Man and to throw off Flash changes into different people during the fight and left me tell you something Iris can take a punch.

The other half of the episode is spent on Joe and Cisco visiting Starling City looking for more information on Dr. Wells. Going to where it all began and the sudden change in his behavior, guessing the death of his wife wasn’t enough to justify such changes. Of course while they are there that means team up! Captain Lance and for good measure Black Canary from the Arrow show make an appearance because you just can’t go looking around in another town without a guide. The funny thing about the whole crossover is Black Canary asking for a favor from Cisco, some adjustments to her sister’s sonic device. In the comics Black Canary is a Meta Human with her Canary cry but now she has a choker that can do it. Glad they finally introduced it for the show but Cisco “tweaking” it in just a day is a bit over the top along with the S.T.A.R. Labs case it was in.  

Moving on, once Captain Lance took Joe and Cisco to the location of the accident it wasn’t long till they located the remains of the real Dr. Wells; a little simple but it is only an hour long show. The best part of the entire episode to be honest is at the end again as Dr. Wells secret compartment is discovered inside S.T.A.R. Labs thanks to some residual Tachyon energy.  Now Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin all know for sure that Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash but is also from the future. The anticipation is killing me, how many more filler episodes can there be? How much longer can Wells not notice that something is going on with everyone else and acting strange around him? Bring on the battle royale! 


Written by Mattie


Arrow returns tonight on with, The Fallen. If you missed last week’s tear jerking, “Oh my God” moments with Broken Arrow, here’s what happened.

After Roy was arrested as the Arrow, a meta-human with laser eyes broke into Starling National Bank and killed two of the guards. 5 years ago, Oliver, Tatsu and Maseo were in hiding and Oliver was going to go after Waller herself. When he went to her office, he found her injured and tortured and found that she wasn’t hunting them down. She told him that the Army was and that the general was intending to set off the Alpha and Omega weapons to blame it on the Triad.

Oliver returned to Maseo and they were trying to decide whether to stay and fight or to get out of Hong Kong. Maseo and Oliver and Tatsu went into the Army base to steal their vaccine and were able to get it. After returning home, Oliver, Tatsu, and Maseo decided they were going to save millions of people by stopping the Army and the weapon. Tatsu told Oliver that he needed to start letting people help him.

Roy however was brought into the precinct and Oliver was released by the DA’s office since Roy was being charged with the same crimes. Laurel was making sure they both didn’t end up in prison and of course; Lance was being a total dick about it. Meanwhile, Felicity was at the office and Ray found her there. He was checking on her since she was there and not with Oliver and Roy. He then also told her that he had overreacted when he told her he loved her and was kind of taking it back.

Oliver after being released went to visit Roy. Roy was feeling guilty about killing the officer and wanted to be punished and he wanted to pay back the Arrow for essentially saving his life.  Oliver however met with Malcolm Merlin and told him he was going to break Roy out of prison. Oliver then returned to the bar where he found Thea and they quickly learned that there was a meta-human in Starling City. However things got worse as Lance busted in with a search warrant to look in the basement.

When the crime scene technicians dusted the place for prints, the only fingerprints that came back was of Roy Harper’s. However Lance wouldn’t let it go and is on a manhunt for Oliver and they left. Turns out that Felicity had already cleaned the place since she didn’t want to loose both Oliver and Roy. However with the doom of a meta-human on the loose, they went to Ray Palmer for help. They told him about the meta-human, and Ray was happy to be of assistance. Oliver however was completely annoyed by this but knew it was the only way.

Roy however was in prison and got a visit with Thea. She wanted him to tell her what was going on and he told her that he didn’t want to see her because he never wanted to lie to her again. She then asked him if he was going to be okay and he told her that he was going to be fine. Yet, we all knew that he wasn’t going to be fine. Oliver however was with Ray who was able to find that this meta-human was a former bank robber and is dangerous. Oliver was going to go alone since he was a killer however Ray told him that because he knows science he should go instead since the Arrow is behind bars and can’t blow Roy’s cover.

When Ray arrived on scene, Oliver was in his ear and the meta-human found Ray. However, the meta-human can absorb energy to accelerate his speed which things looked bad for Ray. Luckily he was able to get out before getting killed, but this meta-human was very strong.  When Ray returned, Oliver gave him advice that he needs to use himself as the weapon and not to rely on completely on his tech. Meanwhile, Roy was being moved throughout the facility. He was attacked by several inmates and luckily was able to take them all out.

Lance however was at Oliver and Thea’s condo with a search warrant and one of his colleagues let him know that his boss was getting worried about Lance’s manhunt. Thea came to Lance telling him to stop this madness and he received a call. He let her know that Roy was attacked in prison.  Back at Ray’s office, Ray and Felicity discovered a way to track this meta-human. He needs extra power to run so they were going to track it by power fluxes. That’s when Thea ran in crying and told Oliver that Roy was attacked. Oliver against Diggle’s warnings decided it was best to go break Roy out of prison.

Felicity went after Oliver and told him he needs people to let him help him and he admitted that he doesn’t know who he is anymore since his Arrow identity was compromised. Felicity told him that he’s the man who she believes in and told him she was running an errand to help find the meta-human and she told him that he needs a lesson in letting people help him. Lance however went and visited Roy in prison. He told Roy he wants to save him and Roy told him he couldn’t. Roy then admitted that he killed that officer and deserved to be in there. With that, Lance Left.

Felicity however was running her errand and ended up running into the meta-human himself. When the tracking was up and running, Ray noticed that the energy was draining at the place Felicity went and called her in a panic. That’s when the meta-human picked up the phone and told him that he was going to hurt Felicity. Felicity however was able to get away by blasting him with air. Oliver and Ray were freaking out about what to do. Ray then told Oliver that he needs his instinct but they also need his tech. So Ray got into his suit and Oliver was piloting it. 

They were able to find Felicity and had her run, and then Oliver was in his first fight he wouldn’t be sore from the day after. However when Oliver lost transmission, Ray had to fight for himself. At first he wasn’t up for it but then Oliver gave him the right amount of persuasion and he was able to kick butt and defeat the meta-human. Tragically, Roy was being moved with a bunch of inmates and he ended up being stabbed by a guard and left for dead. Lance went to Thea to tell her that Roy was dead and when Oliver walked in, Thea told Oliver. Lance then told Oliver it was his fault and left.

Oliver went to their hideout and was wallowing in sorrow. Felicity and Diggle asked him to forgive them for not doing his way, and he told them that he makes his own choices and then they asked him to forgive him for something else. Roy appeared alive and well and they explained that they faked Roy’s death by using an ARGUS agent who knows how to stab a person the right way to make them bleed a lot but not kill them and laced the weapon with a beta blocker that made Roy appear as if he were dead.

This makes Roy even with Oliver and since he’s dead according to official records, he was going to start a new life. He wanted Oliver to tell Thea he was alive and that the Arrow is officially dead and so is Roy Harper. So…now he has to live a different life. He does have a satellite phone for them to call him on. Roy however took the meta-human back to Cisco’s prison where they named this new meta, Deathbolt. I have to say that Cisco’s and Ray’s bromance is awesome. Anyways Cisco discovered that Deathbolt wasn’t in Central City the night of the particle accelerator explosion, which created the question of how can he be a meta-human?

Thea however was wallowing in sorrow until Ra’s al Ghul came after her. He was going to give Oliver motivation and he ran Thea through with his sword after smashing her though a glass table and left her there to die.

It was a very intense episode of Arrow last week. One that brought me to tears not only once, but also twice. Now we’ve lost Roy but thankfully he is still alive but now Thea is clinging to life after Ra’s al Ghul had to do his thing to force Oliver to take his place. It’s really jerking my heartstrings around violently.

Arrow returns tonight on the CW. 


Written by Daniel

“Mr. McGee don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry” one of the more classic lines I remember from my youth and it is still as impactful now as it was back then. Who knew all those years ago that the Marvel map of movies to come would take us on such a fantastic voyage through the founding members of the Avengers? No one could have predicted that there would be one hit after another to follow the first few Marvel films, building on the last story creating this cinematic universe we are enjoying now.

I know The Incredible Hulk gets a bum rap, most of the time because it gets confused with the Hulk movie by Ang Lee from a few years prior. Unlike that train wreck of a film The Incredible Hulk got so many things right in addition to fitting into the current set of Marvel movies. It had the right balance of the old TV show, the comics, and taking on a life all its own. The title sequence at the start of the movie reshaping the images seen weekly on the TV show right down to the chair even including Bill Bixby just moments into the film. After the respectful nod to the Hulk of the past, things quickly take on a life and direction all their own creating a solid story while pulling some great ideas from the comics. The one theme that was always portrayed in the show was just always being on the move, Bruce could never stop simply because he never wanted to be found out. It’s a little different in the movie since Bruce has been on the run from the military for the past five years but even in the comics he is always on the run, just wanting to be left alone. More in fear of what could happen but I think the film really expresses it and the lengths Bruce has had to go to keep his location a secret and the sacrifices involved while looking for a cure. You feel a connection with the character right away holding your breath during the moments as Banner is trying to avoid being captured; something we never got in the other Hulk movie.

I know it’s not easy to make a movie about a green skinned rage monster that can hardly speak and Bruce Banner may be cool but not enough to carry an entire movie. That is where I was so happy to see them pulling directly from the comics to move the characters and the story along. Mr. Blue and Mr. Green were right out of the comics and what Bruce was trying to do by getting his condition under control. Of course in the comic the guy on the other end of the message board wasn’t Samuel Sterns (The Leader) but a fantastic story all the same. Putting Bruce on the run and the military hot after him was the smartest thing they could have done, it has worked so well in the comics for so many years and paved the way this far why not keep using it. I even loved the list of victims and locations; the death of two Canadian hunters (Hulk 181 first Wolverine) it’s the perfect blend of comics and film captivating a new audience while encouraging existing fans. Even Betty, because what is the beast without his beauty, ready to calm him down bring him back to Earth and is at the center of his heart. The one thing he holds most dear somehow translates to the Hulk at his worst moments. It truly is the little things that matter, right down to the Stark Tech and the Super Soldier serum that are scattered along the way.

What’s hard is picking who the Hulk faces off against in the film? There are very few that can go toe to toe with the Hulk and have a head to talk about it the next day. The battle within the man, containing the monster can only go on for so long and the message is, sooner or later the monster gets out. Not only did they get the right villain in my opinion but gave it the perfect build up. Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky was perfect and introducing a not so perfect super soldier serum into his system was brilliant. The Abomination, a power hungry maniac is effective and setting the stage for the final fight between the two was even better. Emil viewing Bruce as unworthy of the God like power he has and how he must be removed from the Earth. You can’t go wrong with a good old fashion slug fest but there does have to be some kind of logic behind it. Who says they would have to fight one another, who is to say they wouldn’t just wreck the city together. The only thing that always bothered me about the Godzilla movies, they're both monsters can’t they just be friends? The destruction caused by the Hulk and Abomination is fantastic starting with dropping Bruce out of the Helicopter then the two start destroying buildings, flipping cars or using them for boxing gloves, ripping entire sections of the street out and throwing them, New York will never be the same. Happy they went that way instead of using Samuel Sterns, The Leader, he’s rubbish in a fight with just a big head and all but disappointed they have never revisited that character. I figured there would have been some mention of him or in the background helping Hydra, after all it would be cool to have a world filled with little baby Hulks. It is Marvel and who knows what’s going to be in the next wave of stories and if something is on the shelf it won’t stay there long (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the cabin hidden in the woods). 

The big question, the one major question I have found people walking away with is which Hulk? It’s Edward Norton VS. Mark Ruffalo, tall built Hulk or more along the mass monster Hulk. Who played the better Banner? There are so many things that I liked about Norton and what he did and who’s to say Ruffalo wouldn’t be just as impressive. The moments Ruffalo had with the Avengers were great so it’s really a two way street. Could you flip flop the two of them? Is there one better than the other depending on the movie? I don’t think Norton would have been as intimidating while holding Loki’s staff in the Avengers movie. Maybe it’s an age thing and Ruffalo looks like he has been carrying the weight of the Hulk longer and understands it better where Norton is more fearful of it. There really isn’t a winner for it in my opinion and who knows if Norton would have stuck around for all of the Marvel movies to follow and would have wanted to do another project; he has always struck me more of a dramatic artsy actor anyway. The big thing for me is Hulks, and I don’t like the Avengers Hulk and prefer this Hulk. I have always been partial to Dale Keown’s Hulk from the comics, more in control taller and ripped not ape like and more monsterish, he looks more Bulk than Hulk in Avengers. The thing about the Hulk, the madder he gets the stronger he gets and in my mind gets bigger when that happens and I don’t want to see Bulk get bigger. 

There are so many good Hulk stories out there they could do and have only scratched the surface of the characters true potential. This was an impressive ground laying endeavor that should never be over looked. Not to mention what would the Avengers be without Jade Jaws?

Written by John Edward Betancourt


Oh man...last night's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a beautiful work of art. Every little thing came together ever so sweetly last night, and for the first time one of Coulson's well crafted plans ended up blowing up right in his face. But what mattered most, was that there were some amazing moments for characters to develop last night, and that's what we are going to spend most of today talking about since relationships were the focus of "The Frenemy of My Enemy".

So where do we begin? Well, with the central and heartbreaking story of Cal and Daisy/Skye/Earthquake/Too Many Nicknames For Her as she grapples with the decision that her mother wants to send Cal away forever. Skye sees the danger that is entailed with this, after all, the chances of Cal taking this well are slim to none so she asks to travel with him to soften the blow and that's when the show took its sad little turn. In fact for the first time I truly felt pity for Cal. This is a guy who wanted nothing more than to have the absolute American Dream family wise. I mean he even said it himself tonight, imagining taking Daisy to a charter school, seeing her off at dances, all those lovely things and well...we know how the story ends. 

In fact I would venture to say that tonight's episode was about those we love and how sometimes the things we do to protect them or help them...can backfire horribly.  Take Coulson's storyline for example. His quest to save Skye and keep her safe went to hell pretty quick. Surprisingly Grant Ward was not the big problem last night...it was the grander plan that blew up in Coulson's face, specifically capturing Bakshi and using him to draw out the senior leadership of Hydra. Because as it turns out, Bakshi is not as brainwashed as Ward and Kara thought...he was all about some revenge last night and getting back into Hydra's good graces by kidnapping Mike and Lincoln when things got ugly.

It was a calculated risk on Coulson's part and we saw a lot of character development from him as well. We learned just how much Coulson believes in what he is doing and the lengths he will go to make sure his team is safe and whole once again. I think we have always seen hints of his nobility, but to promise Ward to be free of his ugly memories in life and to see the heartbreak on his face once Skye left with Gordon and Cal...makes you love the character all that much more. Not to mention, perhaps there is unity coming to S.H.I.E.L.D. at last, now that Bobbi and Mack seem to be figuring out that perhaps Coulson is not the enemy Gonzales has made him out to be.  

Either way, I love how this episode tied everything together so neatly. One by one all of the plot threads are coming to a head. We know that Hydra is still looking for gifted individuals, which may explain why Coulson is trying to assemble them as well...he could be trying to protect them. We know that there are cracks in the new S.H.I.E.L.D. as we see them now questioning exactly what they are fighting for and as the season two finale closes in, I get the strong feeling all of these things will be resolved, and if it is done in the same masterful fashion as last night's episode, we are in for one hell of a treat. Until next week my friends.