New movies are coming to theaters this weekend. If you’re looking for something different to do this weekend, your local movie theaters are always waiting.

If you’re looking for an action packed thriller about a massive natural disaster, San Andreas may be for you. It’s the story of a rescue-chopper pilot who goes to save his estranged daughter after a massive earthquake in California. Which is scary since a Dutch scientist was predicting an 8.8 magnitude to hit California yesterday at 4pm. Thankfully it didn’t happen.

This movie stars Dwayne Johnson, Carla Gugino, Alexandra Daddario and the every awesome Roy Harp…. I mean Colton Haynes. I’m glad our little Arsenal is coming to the big screen. If you all don’t know what I’m talking about, watch Arrow.

Yet, if you’re looking for something softer like a romantic comedy, Aloha may be for you. It’s the story of Brian Gilcrest, a military contractor who returns to the site of his greatest career accomplishments. However he ends up running into and re-connecting with an old love yet ends up falling for his Air Force chaperone. It stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray and John Krasinski.

These are the two major films headed to your local movie theaters this weekend. Hope everyone has a magnificent weekend. 


Written by Mattie


The Flash premiered its first season finale, Tuesday on the CW. Now, a lot has happened since the mid-season finale where Barry first went up against the man who killed his mother, the Man in the Yellow Suit.

Since then, we have found that the man in the yellow suit who they now called the Reverse Flash was actually Harrison Wells all along. However, it was only what looked like the brilliant scientist since in reality it was really a man from the future named Eobard Thawne. Thawne, or the Reverse Flash is Barry’s nemesis in the future and he is somehow related to Eddie Thawne. Yes, he technically made the Flash and yet he wants to kill Barry. It’s all crazy talk to be honest yet we don’t know the history between the two.

On top of that Barry defined his relationship with Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold since they were at first rivals. Unfortunately Snart ended up finding out about the Flash’s true identity, and so for his silence, Barry has given him permission to run around the city and do whatever, but not to kill anyone. Snart agreed. Meanwhile, Caitlin’s former fiancé, Ronnie was a crazy case. During the particle accelerator explosion he ended up meshing with a brilliant scientist named Martin Stein and his project named FIRESTORM. Ronnie and Martin Stein ended up becoming a meta-human called FIRESTORM and with some help they were able to control their powers.  Luckily with the help of Oliver Queen and FIRESTORM, Barry was able to capture the Reverse Flash and put him in a cell, after Wells had prepped the particle accelerator for something big. Barry finally got his chance to confront Eobard Thawne about everything, and he told him everything he ever wanted.

In the future, they are enemies and Eobard blames Barry for everything bad that has ever happened to him. So the day that Eobard figured out Barry’s true identity was the day he traveled back into time to kill young Barry. Luckily future Barry went back too and he saved young Barry from the Reverse Flash. In anger, Eobard Thawne killed Barry’s mother as revenge hoping to change the timeline enough so that Barry wouldn’t become the Flash. After that though, Eobard lost his ability to go back in time and was stuck in the past. That’s when Eobard knew that he needed Barry’s powers to get back home. That’s when he knew he needed to create the Flash. In the end, he did care for this version of Barry Allen.

So he told Barry that he could travel back into the past to save his mother and Barry struggled with the decision. Eddie however struggled with Eobard telling him that he didn’t matter in the universe until Martin Stein told him that he can change his destiny and he can change his future. This gave Eddie hope and he went after Iris and told her that he was going to take his chance. Barry decided that he would go back into the past against his father’s wishes. It turns out that what he needed to do was to use the particle accelerator and get his speed to Mach 2 and he would then collide with a hydrogen particle to create a worm hole. There was a risk of creating a black hole though, one that would swallow up the entire planet. 

Eobard knew this and told Barry he would have to be in the past for at a minute and a half and would have to come back so they could close the wormhole. During this time, Eobard would travel back to his time. Ronnie during this time knew that he couldn’t hold off any longer and he married Caitlin. His other half, Martin Stein was the one who officiated. It was cute. Anyways, Barry traveled back in time but his future self, told him stand down with a head shake when it came to saving his mother. He knew that this is what had to happen. In the end after Eobard stabbed his mother, Barry went to her side and told her that he and his dad will be okay and was with her when she died.

When he came back, he crashed through the device that present Eobard was going to use to get to the future. He knew he couldn’t change the future and was still angry at Eobard. So Eobard put his mask on and started fighting Barry as the Reverse Flash. After he had Barry pinned down, Eddie shot himself to stop Eobard from existing in the future since he was Eobard’s great-great-great-great grandfather or something. I bauled when Eddie died and sadly this created a paradox and a black hole opened up and started swallowing the city. So Barry ran into the black hole to try to reverse it and stop it.

That’s how this season ended. Eddie is dead and no Reverse Flash. Sadly, it’s just very paradox-y and will need to be re-addressed to see what happens in Season 2. I just… can’t handle Eddie’s death. I loved Eddie and I’m hoping that he will get saved or turned into a super hero or something. I don’t know, just bring him back!

On top of that, they ended Season 2 with a black hole! I mean…Starling City is just next door, what will happen to Diggle and Ray! Geeze! We all know Barry will stop it, but…so sad…I loved Eddie.

The Flash will return this Fall on the CW. 


Written by Mattie

Denver Comic Con starts today and that means that this is another edition of Cosplay Corner. Of course one of my favorite things about conventions in general is being able to cosplay and we kind of have four days to do it! So here are my plans.

Now Friday night were the Opening Ceremonies so why not dress up? Recently Hot Topic released their Marvel by Her Universe line of clothing items. It is a completely sold out online and luckily me; our Hot Topic was a one of a few stores the merch in.  At first, I wanted to buy the Captain America dress, but then on an impulse, I bought the Black Widow jacket. It was there and Shae wanted the Tony Stark Jacket so…yeah that’s what happened and it was lots of money.

So Friday night at the party I wore the Black Widow jacket with a pair of black, leather looking leggings that I was going to use for Gamora. That costume fell though this time so it served a different purpose last night. On top of that I re-died my hair Thursday night and I will style it wavy so it should be good. Pair that with some boots and VOI-LA! I have an incognito sort-of Black Widow.

Saturday and Sunday… I can’t remember at this time which one we are doing for what… It will be a surprise for me as well. However on one of those days Shae and I will be dressing up as Anna and Elsa and the other Vidia and Rosetta. There will be a group of us and it will be cute. I also finally made Anna’s cape which is huge, but it works and it was a ton of work. I also modified Rosetta a little bit so it looks and fits better. Either way, it will be Disney-centric. We’re Disney fans after all.

On Monday though, we will be dressing up in our Star Trek dresses. They’re fun, and easy, and we can move around in them. It’s the perfect thing to wear when we are exhausted from a long exciting weekend. There will be no contacts and wigs involved and just a small heel on the boot. It will be perfect.

These are the costumes that Shae and I are wearing this weekend since everything we wear the other one matches. I guess that’s what happens when you live and are practically always with your BFF. I just feel naked when I don’t have her around. I know...it’s weird.

Anyways, see you all at DCC! We can’t wait! 

New movies are coming to theaters this weekend! If you aren’t one of the thousands that are going to Denver Comic Con this weekend or you need a break from all the craziness that happens from day to day life, your local theater is always there waiting to be filled.

Now, Disney’s newest movie, Tomorrowland is finally coming to theaters. It’s the story of a girl whose destiny is shared with an inventor, and they end up going on a mission to find the secrets of a land that exists somewhere in their memories.

If you are a fan of Disney, like I am… You may be freaking out in a good way that this movie’s title is based off of the futuristic themed section in the magic kingdom called Tomorrowland. On top of that, the special effects that we have seen so far in the trailers are stunning. It stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson and Hugh Laurie.

Yet, if you are looking for something that will get your blood pumping, Poltergeist may be for you. It’s the story of a family who moves into a new home that is haunted by evil forces. They have to stick together to rescue the youngest child after she is taken captive by these spirits. It stars Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt and Kennedi Clements. This is a remake of the original classic and it actually looks pretty scary. I probably won't see it myself because horror movies aren't my thing, but for those of you that love a scare, check this one out.

These are the newest movies coming to theaters this weekend! Hope everyone has a fantastic and magical weekend. 


Written by Daniel


If you could go back and change the worst day of your life would you? It’s a simple philosophy 101 question knowing you would never have the opportunity to do it that is unless you’re the fastest man alive. 

We are defended by the choices we make, good or bad and how we overcome them and grow from them lay the ground work for our character and what we find important. Changing that very bad day could alter the catalyst for something greater further down the road. Would you change who you are right now? Barry fights with this dilemma in the season finale as Wells presents him with an opportunity to fix that night. It means in the exchange Wells get to go home of course but that’s a small price to pay when you’re talking about having the life you have always wanted. What I loved about this week is Wells, pure and simple. I wished we could have seen more of his wit and humor to be honest, “I was hoping for a big belly burger since we ran out of cows in the future”, best line as Wells sits in his cell at S.T.A.R. Labs. But just as sharp as his wit can be it’s the tender moments that hit even harder, the conversation between him and Barry is amazing. Talking about how many times he could have killed Barry and how much he hates the Flash but it’s the future Flash he hates so passionately while Barry he has such a fondness for. The building of a hero and admiring who he is right at this moment and fighting side by side with all of them this entire time. It’s hard to hate the guy, to find fault in some of what he is saying when all he wants is to go home. Wells and Cisco do get to have a moment alone as Cisco airs out his feelings for being killed in the alternate time line, catching Wells off guard with this. Seeming almost surprised that he would even think of doing such a thing to Cisco made Wells a little emotional.

Most of the episode was finishing up the loose ends and giving us some closure thankfully.  Ronnie and Caitlin get to rebuild their lives since it looks like Stern and Ronnie have worked out the issues with being Firestorm. It’s a sweet tender moment that I won’t ruin and we see the same with Eddie and Iris. Eddie finally using his head about the things Wells had said to him, it did take Dr. Stern to point this out to him figured he could have figured it out on his own being a cop and all. Barry does the rounds as well asking everyone what he should do, go back or not to go back that is the question. Knowing the time lines will change and erasing everything that has happened; so more tear-filled good byes and the only one with any brains is Barry’s father telling him not to do it.

Barry of course chooses to do it and it’s off to the races as Barry breaks Mach Two so he can reach the desired effect or run the risk of killing himself. There are two fantastic moments for me during this sequence, the first is Wells coaching Barry as he starts his run around the collider. Guiding Barry to the correct time period helping him understand the speed force and talking about it intimately, in the comic if you go too fast you run the risk of joining the speed force and never coming back. The other is when Barry makes it back, landing in his childhood bedroom watching the events unfold once again in his living room. Barry has one minute fifty-two seconds to fix it or run the risk of the wormhole he created destroying the city so there is no margin for error. As he peers from the door he sees the future Flash and the two make eye contact and in that moment the future version waves Barry off and you can see him say “NO”. Barry listens and does not interferes but instead spends those final moments with his mother reassuring her that everything is alright just before she passes away. 

Teasers for season two are all over one is the name Wells drops, Rip Hunter who is a time traveler in the comics and Booster Gold's son supposedly. The one I was most excited about was Jay Garrett’s hat sliding out of the wormhole and Wells freaking out about it. Are we going to get the family of speedsters? Wells also hinted at Cisco possibly being a Metahuman but I’m not sure who he could be? Maybe Wave Rider? Then finally was the cliffhanger, I won’t give it away but I did have some issues surrounding it and the Grandfather Paradox that I will cover later on but all in all a fantastic season, fantastic story and I'm excited for season two.  


Written by Mattie


The Flash returns tonight for its season finale, Fast Enough. If you missed last week’s episode, Rogue Air where Barry learned the hard way on who he can trust, this is what happened.

Eddie was still missing. It has been two weeks and Iris was worried yet Barry reassured her that he will find Eddie. That’s when Barry received a call from Cisco who also called Joe and Caitlin to the lab to show them that he found something inside of Dr. Wells’ wheelchair. It was a power source that Cisco believes Wells had been using on himself this entire time so that he could be faster than Barry. That’s when a part of the pipeline to the particle accelerator was activated and they realized that Wells has been in S.T.A.R. Labs this entire time. When they went down to the pipeline, Wells ran out and Barry chased after him. Yet before Wells left, he let Peekaboo out of her cage and she attacked Joe and Cisco and locked them in the pipeline. She then went after Caitlin and when she was about to kill her, Iris showed up and knocked her out with a giant wrench.

They all together locked Peekaboo back up in her cell and Joe heard Eddie crying for help. Joe and Iris found him and he was not doing well. When Joe was getting him out of there, Iris found the engagement ring meant for her on the floor. Upstairs, they got Eddie some fluids and he told them that Wells’ real name is Eobard Thawne and he’s from the future and that they are somehow family. He then told them that Wells was working on a metallic tube thing and all Eddie wanted to do was go home and sleep. So Iris took him home. After Eddie left, they got another power flux and Cisco went into the pipeline and found the tube thing. The tube turned out to be a power source from the future and it was powering the particle accelerator. Sadly though when it goes online, all the meta humans imprisoned there were going to die.

So Barry suggested taking the meta humans to Lian Yu where A.R.G.U.S. has their super prison hold them there temporarily. Joe talked to the DA to help them with an escort and she said no. While Barry got ahold of Lyla who got them an A.R.G.U.S. transport. Barry freaked out that the police weren’t able to help them and he knew they needed help. So in desperation, he went to Captain Cold. He told Snart, who was hesitant at first that he can’t rob anyone if everyone is dead, which Barry guaranteed that that’s what these meta humans would do with their freedom. So Snart wanted something in return for his help. When Snart decided what he wanted, he went to S.T.A.R. Labs and told them he wanted his criminal record swiped. Joe tried to stop Barry but Barry told him that Wells made those people into what they are and he doesn’t care about them, but he does. So Barry erased everything from the databases and got all of the physical evidence to Snart, which his sister destroyed. So when it came to saving meta-humans without giving them their freedom, Snart and his sister were in.

They gassed all of the meta humans and transported them in a semi-truck that was equipped with a device that hindered their powers for the time being. Snart’s sister, who hit on Cisco the entire time drove the semi-truck as Cisco sat with her while Snart and Joe and Caitlin drove in separate vehicles. Barry removed obstacles from the truck’s path to assure that they could get to the abandoned airfield. Of course the meta humans woke up while in transit and they wanted to fight each other. However when they got to the airfield, Cisco’s device failed and the fight was on. Sadly though, it was Snart who double crossed them and did it so the meta humans owe him a favor. Snart however instead of letting the meta humans kill Barry, he left him alive so Barry owes him a favor too. This is why we don’t trust criminals. Barry was feeling bad that he’s not like Oliver Queen and that can’t blur the lines between life of a criminal and life of a citizen. Yet that was short lived when the Particle Accelerator became fully charged and ready to use.  

Iris however, was worried that Eddie was doing everything to avoid her. When she went to him, he broke up with her saying that he always knew she loved Barry and thought that he could change that. He realized though Wells that he couldn’t. Meanwhile, Barry and the rest of the gang were waiting for Wells since the Particle Accelerator was fully ready for him. When Wells arrived, Barry went out to meet him but he was not alone. Firestorm and Oliver in his League of Assassins uniform showed up. After that, the fight was on. Oliver was able to slow him down for a bit using Nano technology that Ray had made, and they all teamed up against the Reverse Flash and were able to show him down for a bit. Finally, they were able to outsmart him and Oliver was able to shoot him with another dose of Nano tech that put him down. Wells was finally captured.
On their way out, Oliver asked Barry for a favor and he and Firestorm left. They have won this Battle, but they still have a final fight to go.

It was a crazy episode of The Flash, one filled with action and difficult choices for Barry and Eddie. I feel so bad for Eddie, he knows that he will never get the girl and thanks to Eobard, he feels like nothing. He even lost the girl and had to be rescued by her dad. It’s rather sad actually.

In the end, they captured Wells. We will see how long that lasts and what happens in tonight episode, Fast Enough, which is the last episode for this season.


Written by Scotty

How far would you go to keep your family members safe from harm?  There are several people that will go to the ends of the earth to insure their family’s safety from any sort of harm.  But there are still some people out there that will not raise a finger to help their family for fear of what will happen to them once the good deed is done.  I am a firm believer in taking care of one’s family, no matter what might come from it.  You only have one true family and if the blood ties is not strong enough to keep you with them, I hope you are able to find someone that will take you in, since these bonds last a lifetime.

Vlad the Impaler has made a name for himself over the years.  With putting his enemies on spikes and being able to win all of his battles, he is now taking a break and wanting to be the prince his people and family deserve.  With his young son and loving wife, Vlad does not think twice about what he has done in the past, but focuses on the future and makes sure that everyone under his rule will be safe and prosperous.  But there is something not right happening in the mountains around his kingdom and finding a Turkish scout helmet in the river, Vlad knows that he will have to expect trouble in his land once again. 

After receiving a message from the Sultan’s henchman about supplying the great leader with a thousand of his youth, Vlad tries to be diplomatic and get the demand waived.  But the Sultan will not accept this and now demands the prince’s son as well, to grow up and fight by his side, like Vlad did with his father so many years ago.  Not having a choice, Vlad returns home and gathers his son for his next journey, but Vlad’s wife is not willing to let her boy go at any cost.  Vlad sees how this offering to the great leader will destroy his family, along with the families of all he rules and decides to go back on the deal, killing the Sultan’s men and coming up with a plan to defeat the army that will soon be sent his way.

Climbing back into the Broke Tooth Mountains, Vlad calls upon the man that is hiding in the shadows for guidance and strength.  The old lifeless man grants Vlad his wish and bestows upon the prince the power of the vampire to defeat his enemies, but Vlad is left with a choice on how he would chose to weld his new power, for a short time or for eternity.  Vlad wants to end the new war in the shortest amount of time as possible since he will refuse to drink the blood of a human. Defeating his old friend’s forces on his own, the Sultan sends his entire army to take over the province that Vlad has denied him, but not knowing what the prince is capable of, the Sultan is in for battle of a lifetime.

Dracula Untold follows the prince Vlad as he is trying to stay away from his past.  Even though he has no regrets with what he has done, and forever being known as the Impaler, he has a family now and will do everything in his power to keep them safe from harm.  But his new diplomatic tactics cannot help his people when the Sultan is demanding all of the boys from the kingdom to build up his army.  Even with the long history Vlad and the Sultan have had together, the Sultan will not allow the prince to come up short in his needs and being questioned about it, Vlad’s son will be included in the deal as well. Not wanting to give up his son, Vlad starts a war to keep the boy safe, but at what cost will it come at.  With his villagers asking if this is the right thing to do, as the Sultan’s army will kill everyone for the betrayal, Vlad has a plan to get the power of darkness behind him and defeat the Sultan’s army, all on his own.  Drinking the blood of a vampire, Vlad gains the power of a hundred men and some more abilities that will strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, but will that be enough to combat the largest army the world has ever seen?

I did not know what to expect when going into the movie, but I was very hesitant to watch it as I am a vampire story nut.  I was pleasantly surprised with the back stories that were told and the little bit of history that was attached to it.  Honestly, I never wanted to see Dracula as a hero, but this movie does a fine job at showing his villainous past so you never have to fully be behind him.  With some great special effects and a little bit of blood sucking, this movie focuses more on the family dynamic and how far a father would go to keep them safe.  It played in to the story very well and it kept me intrigued enough to see what the dark prince would pull out next when being hunted by the world’s biggest army.  Happy Viewing.


Written by Mattie


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s season finale was this past Tuesday on ABC. Now ever since it's return in March, after Skye changed and Agent Triplett was killed in the ancient Kree temple, a lot has happened.

Skye went though a whole lot of changes. After she was exposed to the mist, she found that some of her anatomy changed. She felt something inside of her that she had never felt before and when she freaked out and lost control over her emotions, the world began to shake. It was a very scary time for Skye. Not only that, but Bobbi and Mack started to act differently. One would think that that you could trust them, but turns out that we couldn't. They had been working this entire time for someone else. They were still working for S.H.I.E.L.D., but Agent Gonzales was in charge of this one and there were several chosen heads that all voted on big decisions. They didn't like Coulson having secrets, which he kept in Nick Fury's toolbox and they knew that there were a ton of them.

When they finally came after Coulson, Coulson felt betrayed and had to escape with the help of May. Hunter, who had been kidnapped by Bobbi and Maclk went and found Coulson after he escaped and the same with Fitz. Luckily though, Fitz had stolen Fury's Toolbox, which is exactly what Coulson needed.  During this betrayal, Skye was at a safe house trying to learn how to control her newly found powers. There, a man named Gordon who can teleport came and found her and told her that he can take her to a place where there are people like her.  He had appeared once before when Skye's dad, Cal was out of control and he snatched him away. Gordon told her that when she was ready, he would come and get her. Sadly though, Gonzales knew about Skye and her powers from Bobbi and his men went after her.

After one of his men shot at Skye, she deflected the bullets with her powers and in fear of what would happen to her and everyone else, called for Gordon who came and got her. He took her to a place that the inhabitants called, Afterlife. She learned that people there have powers, like her and they called themselves Inhumnas. There, she met their leader who happens to be her real mother. It was the moment that Skye had been waiting for since she was a small child. There she learned to control her powers and learned that her father wasn't such a bad man, he just loses his temper easily and when he's near his family he is calm and human like. Raina, her archenemy, was also there but her form had been completely changed. She also has visions of the future.

However when her mother sent her father away, trouble started to happen. Hydra had found a way to track Gordon and they followed them to where Skye had went to soften the blow to setting him free in the real world. On top of that, her mother sent another Inhuman named Lincoln with powers to control electricity to watch over her and protect her. So, when Hydra went after the last known location of an Inhuman, they ended up finding Skye and Lincoln. Sadly they took Lincoln and Gordon saved Skye. Skye however knew she had to save Lincoln. On top of that Deathlok who was working for Coulson was taken too. So, Coulson went to Gonzales and told him that Fury was still alive and they have a plan and they know where Hydra is. 

Skye re appeared to to help on the mission. They went after a Hydra base and saved Lincoln and Mike. Lincoln recovered until he was well enough to travel at the S.H.I.E.L.D. base. He still did not trust S.H.I.E.L.D., yet S.H.I.E.L.D. found a way to track Gordon and knew where the Inhuman's base was. So, to make contact and start a peacekeeping mission between the Inhumans and S.H.I.E.L.D, Gonzales went as the representative for S.H.I.E.L.D. instead of Couslon. Raina warned the Skye's mother, Jiaying that it would be safer if she represented the Inhumans, since she saw destruction in her vision. No one believed her, but they should have. Instead Jiaying killed Gonzales and shot herself, claiming that it was Gonzales who did it. Then, Gordon and one of the other Inhumans stole a Jet and shot the building where Gonzales was in order to destroy the evidence that he was murdered first.

Skye couldn't believe this was happening and started to turn on S.H.I.E.L.D. She went to Raina for answers, and Raina told her that it would be Skye who will lead the Inhumans into peace, not Jiaying and that Jiaying will do something to make it to where Skye won't trust her. On top of that Raina told her that she would be Skye's guardian angel. Of course Skye didn't believe any of this. That was until that night, when Raina confronted Jiaying and told her that she has become the angel in this story. Yet, she’s like a herald who comes and proclaims truths and makes people see what truly is happening. She pointed out that Jiaying killed Gonzales and that Jiaying wants nothing but war. It was then that Jiaying killed Raina and Skye saw the whole thing as she was just going to tell her mother that she was on the Inhumans’ side. Now, Skye knew the truth and Jiaying had her knocked out.

During all of this, Jiaying had given S.H.I.E.L.D. her husband Cal as a token of peace or so it seems. When they got him to the base, Coulson figured out that Cal was there for a different reason. We find that Cal had taken his dangerous concoction and was turning into his crazy destructive strong self. When Coulson had figured out that it was actually Jiaying who told him to kill all those people after Skye was born, Cal had a heart attack and they gave him adrenaline into him, which perfected his serum and sent him into a rage. After he went on a crazy destructive murderous rage, Coulson was able to get out of him that Jiaying told him to do this. That she wanted him to kill all of the S.H.I.E.L.D. members. He admitted that after Jiaying was cut up and she lost her child, she changed for the worse. She didn't care about humanity anymore. Coulson told him he wants to save Skye and finally Cal told him that he wants to save Skye too and to let him help Coulson. Jiaying however took all of the other Inhumans to the S.H.I.E.L.D. ship and took it over. Mack however, was still on the ship and he had witnessed Skye was knocked out and was one of their prisoners. He strapped on his vest and had an axe as his only weapon.

He then found Skye where he wanted her skills. He wanted her to hack into the ship, which she was able to do and found that Jiaying had taken the entire ship over. Skye knew that Jiaying was going to kill all of them with the mist in the crystals if they didn't stop them. On top of that, Jiaying had the hostages send out an S.O.S to the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson had gotten that message and sadly Bobbi who had been kidnapped by Ward and Agent 33 had been tortured, badly beaten up and eventually was shot saving Hunter’s life. She was saved yet Ward killed Agent 33 who she thought was Agent May and regrets that with his entire being. Bobbi however was out for the fight against the Inhumans.  

When Coulson and an entire fleet were on their way to the ship, Skye was able to get a message to them telling them that it was a trap and that the crystals were in the fan room, waiting to kill everyone so Coulson only had his transport go to the ship while the rest turned away. Mack went and guarded the crystals away from Gordon until Coulson and Fitz were able to get there with a device that can keep Gordon in the room. There, the fight was on with the three until Gordon materialized behind Fitz who had a pipe in his had that went though Gordon. Gordon fell to the ground, dropping one of the crystals that was in his hand. Coulson saved the other two by catching the crystal and he started turning into stone. Luckily Mack was able to save him by chopping off his hand. Lincoln however attacked Skye until she was able to convince him that her mother was the one who wanted war and killed Gonzales. He then started to help her. She went after her mother who still continued on her destructive path. Luckily May and Lincoln were able to hold off all the attacks as Skye went after her mother.

When Skye found her mother, she was planning on stealing one of the jets and using the crystals on other people. Skye was trying to stop her and that’s when her mother grabbed her face and started to kill Skye. Skye was able to get enough strength to push the jet with the crystals into the water but that wasn’t enough. Her mother grabbed onto Skye again and started to try to kill her again. That’s when Skye’s father who was locked up by Jiaying when he confronted her before about this destructive path she was leading, was able to get out and came and found them. He knew that he had to kill Jiaying but he did it to save his daughter so that she wouldn’t have the memories of killing her own mother. He did it for his daughter.

In the end, Bobbi recovered and had "had enough", of what we don't know yet. On top of that, Ward who was regretting everything was trying to find who was in charge at Hydra and had decided that he would become the new boss. Skye said goodbye to her father before she had his memories removed so that he could live a happy life, which he did and became a veterinarian. Coulson however had lost his hand, but he had his organization back and on top of that he had Skye back who was back to full agent status. Yet some bad things happened. The crate with the mist crystals in it had broken open in the ocean and they were disintegrating. It was getting into the fish, which was getting caught by fishermen and turned into fish oil. Now, Shae and I believe that there isn’t enough mist to kill someone from the inside, yet enough mist to set off whatever Kree DNA is inside any of the humans that ingest it.

THEN! Simmons was swallowed up by the big giant rock that is in the cargo bay of the ship just after Fitz asked her out. The heck!!! SIMMONS!!! I hope she transforms into something and that it doesn’t kill her! On top of that, what happens now to Lincoln? He’s pretty! And what of the other Inhumans?! We have to wait until the fall to see what happens?! The heck!

Wow, this got long winded but there was a lot that happened. Between this and Age of Ultron, Marvel is setting up for a lot to happen. It’s going to be crazy. I want it to return now, but I guess I’ll have to wait. 


Written by Mattie


Arrow premiered its third season finale; My Name Is Oliver Queen this Wednesday on the CW. It was a harsh last half of the season, as Oliver had to make some pretty tough decisions.

After Oliver was stabbed though the chest and pushed off a cliff at Nanda Parbat with his fight against Ra’s al Ghul, he had to fight for his life. Luckily, he got help from his old friend Maseo and his wife Tatsu.  He returned home to find that everyone was mad at him for disappearing. He told them he lost the fight, but continued his reckless behavior. Sadly because he did survive, Ra’s knew that Oliver was the heir to the Demon. To force Oliver’s hand about coming to Nanda Parbat and start his training, Ra’s started to make Oliver’s life hell. He first took away the Arrow’s credibility and had his men dress up as the Arrow and kill people.

It then escalated to Ra’s having his men kill the Mayor and shoot Felicity’s new boyfriend at the time. When a warrant went out for the Arrow, Oliver still didn’t budge. That’s when Ra’s told Lance that the Arrow was Oliver Queen. Now at this point in time Lance was mad at the world and especially Laurel since she had finally told him that Sara was dead. So knowing that Oliver knew this entire time that Sara was dead, it drove Lance to even more so want Oliver Queen behind bars.

After Lance released that Oliver Queen was the Arrow and a wanted man, Oliver turned himself in instead of going to the League. Yet when he was in transit, Roy dressed up as the Arrow and attacked the armored vehicle, claiming he was the true Arrow and Oliver was set free. Sadly though, while Roy was in prison he was attacked and died. Or so the rest of the world believes. It was all planned out by Roy, Felicity and Diggle to have it appear that Roy was murdered, so the “Arrow” was dead when he did. It was all so Oliver couldn’t be accused again for being the Arrow. Roy however was happy to live a life on the run.

Yet, before the celebrations began on outsmarting everyone, Ra’s al Ghul attacked Thea and left her for dead. He knew that Oliver would bring her to Nanda Parbat to be healed by their healing waters there. In exchange for Thea’s life, Oliver gave up his to the League and Thea was brought back to life. All during this, Felicity’s boss and somewhat boyfriend Ray Palmer, was creating a super suit. He called it the ATOM and used it several times. Once was against Oliver until he realized that Oliver really wasn’t the bad guy. However, Ray knew that Felicity loved Oliver and broke things off with her.

Anyways, Oliver’s training began. He was transformed from Oliver Queen into Al Sah-him. Unfortunately one of his trials was to go to Starling City and retrieve Nyssa al Ghul, the rival to his throne. Nyssa however had been enjoying her freedom and became good friends with Laurel. Yet, to prove his loyalties Oliver betrayed his best friend Diggle and took his wife in exchange for Nyssa. In the end, Lyla was safe but Oliver got Nyssa and the entire team felt betrayed. Sadly though, this was all a ruse. Oliver knew that he would have to destroy Starling City in order to become the Demon. And this didn’t settle well with him. He asked Merlyn to be his intelligence on the inside. Unfortunately for Oliver, he was to set off the Alpha and Omega virus that Maseo had and Ra’s al Ghul forced him to marry Nyssa.

Merlyn lead a very angry Diggle, Felicity, Ray and Tatsu who came to help to Nanda Parbat to sabotage Ra’s plans. Unfortunately they were all captured and thrown in a cell together. That’s when Ra’s threw some of the alpha and omega virus into their cell and locked them in. Thankfully though Oliver had given Malcolm the antidote to the virus and they all survived. They then were broken out of the prison by the Flash who couldn’t stay since he needed to interrogate Harrison Wells. 

They made it back to Starling City to plan the next step in saving the city. Meanwhile, Oliver was trying to take down the plane carrying the virus while he was still on it. Sadly though, he and Nyssa failed and they had to go with plan B. Ra’s had escaped with the virus and they all had found that he had put it into four of his men. When they bleed the virus becomes airborne. All during this, Ra’s was waiting for Oliver at a bridge over a damn. There, he wanted Oliver to fight him for his throne.

Luckily everyone was able to pitch in together and take out Ra’s men before they took too many causalities. Even Laurel was able to get her father to help. Yet, when Captain Lance got down to the bridge, he found that his men there were given orders to kill the two men fighting when they get the chance. Lance called Felicity and told her what was going on and she begged Ray to save Oliver. Sadly, Ray was working on a virus to save the city and had a way to do it with his nano bots. So, when Oliver finally won against Ra’s by stabbing him though the chest and Ra’s gave him the Demon’s ring and Oliver was the only one left standing, those police officers shot Oliver and he fell off the bridge.

Luckily the ATOM suit caught him and thankfully Felicity was inside of it. She had saved her love and it turns out that the league armor was what saved him from the bullets.  Starling City was saved thanks to the help of everyone involved. Even Thea dawned Roy’s red uniform and saved Diggle’s life. She was hoping to be called “Red Arrow” but Oliver told everyone else he wanted her to be called “Speedy.”

In the end though, it turns out that it was Oliver’s goal all along to get the Demon’s right and to give it to Malcolm Merlyn. Merlyn now is the new Ra’s al Ghul and even though Nyssa didn’t approve of it, she still bowed to him.  Oliver however apologized to Diggle and asked him to still help save the city. When Diggle walked away, Oliver asked him to please get a mask to hide his identity and Diggle told him he’d think about it. At this time, Oliver told everyone he was retiring from being the Arrow. Oliver Queen was killed and so was the Arrow, so now Oliver can just be himself and he wanted to do that with Felicity who was happy to oblige. He handed over the protection to the city to Laurel, Diggle, Ray and Thea. He was proud of them all. Ray was sad to see Felicity go; yet with his Nano technology he discovered something that may make his suit shrink that would make him the real ATOM.

Oliver however was driving on the coast with Felicity and for the first time in a long time he was happy.

That’s how Arrow season 3 ended. Oliver taking a break since we all know he will be back in no time to possibly be the “Green Arrow” or something. It’s nice for him and Felicity to get away for a bit though since they have needed that.

Although, I’m super worried about Merlyn becoming the next Ra’s al Ghul. This is going to be some weird stuff happening. Especially since the new trailer for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came out recently. It shows Caity Lotz reprising her role as the, this time, White Canary. The only way to bring her back is though the waters at Nanda Parbat. I’m kind of excited for it guys, it has Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter.

AND! ATOM is ATOM, FINALLY! So, Ray’s got that going for him.

Arrow will be back for season four this fall. It’s going to be a long tough wait, but hopefully we can last. 


Written by Scotty


I am not going to lie, I am upset to see this season come to an end.  I have been rather enjoying watching it and it has been an honor having you read my recaps.  I am happy to see that it has been brought back for a second season and cannot wait to see what they do with the story, but before then, I think it would be good to put out some of my final thoughts on the series and what it has brought to the small screen for everyone’s enjoyment.

I would like to take a couple of seconds to talk about the characters that have been gracing the small screen in this series.  First, I will have to talk about Matt Murdock, our lead character.  Even though he has been partially blinded, he is still able to see, even if it looks like the world is on fire.  I am not going to say that this helps him fight, since he is always wearing something over his eyes, but it does give him an advantage while talking to people to see what their reactions really are.  And then with his added abilities to hear everything that is happening around him, he has been able to utilize it to find out more about the situation than seeing can provide.  Watching him grow up and having to fight with his inner demons was great in the first season, and hopefully it continues into the next one with a little bit more backstory involving Stick's training of him.

Who did not fall in love with Karen Page in this series? Because I know that I did.  Being framed by Union Allied from the get go, she was going to be the greatest scapegoat, but there is nothing anyone could do to hold her down.  Taking a position with Matt and Foggy was the best choice she could have made.  With plenty of eyes on her, she is still able to get away to find what she is looking for, no matter the cost.  She has become a very powerful character in this series and does not want anyone to look after her, even though she needs it.  I must admit, that her pulling the trigger and killing Wesley was the defining moment her character's coming of age and I hope she does not back down from anything that may be forthcoming in the series for fear of hurting anyone again.

Foggy Nelson, oh what can I say about Foggy?  Although he is supposed to be comic relief, he is really so much more than that.  Even with everything that is going on in the city, he is far from someone that will lay down in a fight.  Even when Hell’s Kitchen is in flames around him, he contains a little bit of that hero aspect and wants to make sure that everyone is all right.  But Foggy really is a hero when it comes to keeping his first client Karen from being hurt.  With a softball and a bat, Foggy can kick some major bad guy butt.  But the story line seems to be fading away of the Foggy and Karen show since he is hooking up with his ex that was able to provide some very valuable information that helped take Fisk down.

Now let’s take a quick look at the big bad of the show, Wilson Fisk.  Most people do not like this character in the series since he does not really show his killer attitude at all times.  This is something that I will ponder about long after writing this, but what I saw in the series is that he is trying to resurrect himself to be more of a pillar of the community, not a killer.  Wanting to live the normal life seems to be what he really wants, but when being in charge of the crime syndicate, it will never be in his grasp.  Wanting to show the love of his life that he is human and not the brute everyone is trying to make him out to be seems to be the mask he is hiding behind.  I wish there was more about him and his history in the series, I cannot lie about that and a reason why he is at the top of the mountain, rather than Madame Gao or Nobu, but I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with him when he gets out of prison.

One of my favorite things about this series is how everything seems to revolve around Leland Owlsley.  But what I do not understand is why you never get to know anything about him.  Being a mob accountant seems to work fine for him as he is able to move money all around and make it disappear without anyone batting an eye, but when it comes to light that he is stealing and trying to get Fisk back on track, you want to know more about the man.  With all of the connections that Fisk has, Leland was probably the most powerful man in Hell’s Kitchen, but he only tried to show it once and that got him killed.  I wanted to know more about the plans he had made with Madame Gao, but I guess it will have to wait until she returns from her home land with a new plan to dethrone whomever is in power.

What about my favorite reporter, Ben Urich?  I loved the way Ben was brought to life in this series.  He has his ear to the ground and knows plenty about what is happening in his city, but needs a push to make something happen.  Even though he has been a writer at the paper for many years, he continues to get push back from the higher-ups and that makes him believe that there is something else behind it.  With help from the man in the black mask, Ben is able to expose what happened with Union Allied and clear Karen’s name of murder, but that is not enough for the man, he needs more.  With Karen at his side, he knows that what he is getting himself into will be dangerous, yet he continues to do it because the truth must be known by his readers.  All the while, as he tries to take care of his ailing wife, Ben shows how much he loves his job, along with what is most important to him when it comes to his life.  I was devastated to see him go at Fisk’s hands, but as his wife told Karen, he knew what he was getting himself into and died doing what he did best, bringing the truth to his readers.

Then there's my favorite baddie, James Wesley, Wilson Fisk’s right hand man.  It was apparent from the get go in the series that Wesley was more than just a stooge to the big man, but a trusted advisor.  Doing whatever he could to make his boss’ life better, Wesley was there to do it.  Recommending the right wine, to treating cops, to even killing someone with sensitive information, Wesley was the man to do it all.  Being trusted with all of the affairs at hand, he knows more about Fisk than anyone else does and makes sure to keep it that way.  When getting word about others in the organization trying to play his boss, he was able to cut off the nasty head of the matter before it even appeared.  With the world at his disposal, Wesley also understands what his employer needs, and could make things happen to bring the smile onto the large man’s face again.  Although he notices the trouble that Fisk is getting into with his business partners, he will not leave the man’s side, since there is one thing that Wesley is, loyal.

One of the things that I love when it comes to a show or movie that I get into, are the storylines. Daredevil did not lack in this at all.  There were a couple of holes that I noticed, but they were not big enough to complain about since the season ended with a bang.  I cannot wait and see what the second season will bring to the small screen and what characters will be introduced to Hell’s Kitchen.  Finally seeing the suit and where everyone is at at the end of the season, with the exception of Vanessa, there will be hell to pay in the Kitchen for what has happened to Fisk, but how it will come down will be the true question.  Well, I hope you all enjoyed the write ups that have been put up about the series and know that I am looking for another one to get into, so if you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a line.  Until next time, keep turning the pages, because the ending is just a heartbeat away.