Written by Daniel

Are Marvel movies quickly becoming the next Pixar? I ask that because it seems with every Marvel movie they are only getting better and with the road map they have laid out I don’t see an end in sight. Both Pixar and Marvel have the token good luck charm (John Ratzenberger/Stan Lee) and stories that immerse you so completely; filled with characters that are so well defined. All of this came to me as I watched the latest Marvel hit; Guardians of the Galaxy.

Let us start from the beginning and me singing the praises of just how good Guardians was going to be and how excited I was to see it. Of course I was wrong to have the expectations I did, after all how much can you fit into one movie. Guardians blew so far past my expectations I was left with my mouth open, goose bumps all over and feeling like the small blonde child when I first saw Star Wars! In fact Star Wars has its work cut out for it after this movie. I know everyone keeps asking who the Guardians are and why should they care and just how do these characters fit into the Marvel universe? Without giving away the story or putting too many spoilers out there trust me, it works and that isn’t even a fair assessment. It does more than just work, it’s a masterpiece.

From the very start of the movie you can see the meticulous planning that went into it, right down to the bad old school 3D that fooled everyone in the theater into thinking something was wrong with the film. It’s these subtle touches you start to appreciate as the film moves along from both a comic and non comic reader perspective. We see the story open with Jason Quill as a little boy being kidnapped and taken into space. Fast-forward to adulthood and one of the best dance numbers I have ever seen in a Marvel movie. Jason is getting an orb, simple enough but he is not the only one who has sights on it. From this point on there is a steady, well balanced flowing story of action, humor, and character development I have ever seen. The fear of, “too many characters to properly introduce at once” quickly faded away and was thrilled that Guardians was not going to fall victim to the Spider-Man 3 trap (thank god). 

I had fears about Rocket, one of my favorite characters, and you would know this if you have listed to the podcast. By the end of this movie to see him so well thought out and visualized was amazing both him and Groot who are very key characters in the comic. I could not think, off the top of my head anything I would have changed, or that I would have done differently. Bradley Cooper fit, he was Rocket without any doubt, with the personality and how I would imagine him to sound. You even start to feel bad for the little guy in parts of the movie, being this misunderstood critter of rage. Drax (Dave Bautista) was another surprise for me both in performance and character, going in I was wondering which personality they decided to go with since Drax has died a few times and has been different every time he comes back. The choice to mix the look of the current Drax to the more flat deadpan personality and outburst of the first version was well played. They did change the back story for him a little to fit into the current world and it was a wise decision for it to fit a little better into the story and how they move forward with the character development. Gamora was the same as her comic counterpart, small tweaks but is the only character I had some issues with. She was all most too girly in the movie, not as much of a lethal weapon that she is in the comic. They got the temper right and Zoe Saldana did a great job playing her but I don’t think the writing for Gamora was a strong as it could have been, but the one thing for sure they got right with her was the rage she carries for Thanos.

Just as important as character development, are the villains and world building that needs to happen and with something as big as a Galaxy that’s no small task. What I witnessed was so far beyond what I had in my mind I couldn’t stop myself from smiling during the entire movie. From the world of Nova Prime, to the Accusers ship, to the floating head in space, and the prison there was eye candy in every scene. No more so then the moments in the Collector's trophy room, scanning for what little gems might be hidden under the glass…er cases scattered throughout the room. Now I don’t know if you can throw the Collector (Benicio Del Toro) into the category of villain but he is up to something much bigger than what we see, and Karen Gillan playing Nebula was a flawless execution. But I have to say the two big players, without a doubt are Ronan and Thanos himself.  

Ronan (Lee Pace) first was great as a powerhouse zealot and pushing the old ways of the Kree that the rest of the race has walked away from while adding to one of the big reasons for the turmoil in the quadrant. Ronan was great and I would have liked to have seen more of him in addition to Thanos who makes more than an over the shoulder appearance. You can tell Josh Brolin is in there but just the sheer size of Thanos was stellar. I can see where this story is going and I can hardly wait to see it all played out on the big screen, a true classic come to life but for now the big winner is Guardians. Best Marvel movie yet and one I would guarantee that you will see twice in the theater. 


Written by Scotty

Finding that perfect project, especially for someone in the movie industry has to be painstaking.  Needing to find that story that will capture people’s imagination, along with getting them into the theater for the opening weekend has to be stressful.  Needing to make sure that the cast is right, the story is strong and the ending will leave everyone in awe could make even the most talented folks shutter and fold.

Alfred Hitchcock has done well for himself, but is approaching the age of sixty and starting to succumb to the industry standards that is time for retirement.  Not wanting to hang up his director's slate just yet, he is looking for a way to make his next film even better than his recent release of North by Northwest.  With studios sending him scripts left and right, Hitch is not feeling any of the stories coming into his office and needs something that will wow the audience once again.

When reading the newspaper, Hitch discovers a little known book called Psycho that is getting terrible reviews, not for the writing, but for its disgusting content.  This has piqued the old director’s interest and he has decided to read it and gather his own opinion.  With his wife trying to point him in a non-thriller direction, Hitch has fallen in love with the novel and will do everything in his power to get the movie made.  With no studio willing to back this project, Hitch is forced to put up his own money and will only make it back if the movie plays well. 

Believing in his vision, Hitch is able to get the movie cast with America’s boy and girl next store, Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh who seem to understand what he is wanting.  Although everyone is concerned about nudity in the shower scene, Hitch is convinced that it will need to stay in the film and he will do it as tastefully as possible.  As his feelings or this movie get stronger and stronger, Hitch starts to have dreams out Ed Gein, whom Psycho was loosely written about.  Following what Gein tells him and starting to discover that his wife is no longer on his side when it comes to being married, Hitch’s world starts to crumble and he needs to make sure that his movie will do what it is intended to do, scare people.

Hitchcock is based on Alfred Hitchcock’s struggle to get his movie Psycho made and brought to the big screen.  Not being able to convince a studio to back his vision, Hitch is forced to fund the movie himself and although he is more than willing to see his vision come to the big screen, he is not the richest man in the world and has to make sacrifices.  As his wife, Alma has always been at his side, she is feeling pushed away from her husband and needs to keep telling herself that the starring blonde mean absolutely nothing in the scheme of things.  Although Hitch has eyes for his leading ladies, he will not allow his marriage to crumble, along with losing his prized script re-worker. Listening to Ed Gein in his dreams, Hitch has to find a way to keep his eye on finishing his film, along with making sure that his wife does not find eyes for anyone other than himself.

More of a biography about Alfred Hitchcock’s life than an overall movie and this is just fine for me.  I have been a fan of his television show for many years, and love his movies and watch them whenever I see them on.  Trying to see what is actually happening in Hitchcock’s mind should have been more disturbing that what was put on the screen, but wanting to focus more on his relationship with his wife and the troubles they have gone through together makes you gain just that much more respect for the icon.  With great acting from the key players, along with the disgust that some of the film industry has put on to him, this is a great look at the inner workings of how movies were made against what the studios wanted in the 1950’s.  If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  Happy Viewing.

Hello again everyone! If you’re looking forward to getting out of the heat this weekend and heading to your local movie theater, here are the newest movies that hit theaters today.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is back as a Greek god in the movie, Hercules. Every time I hear Dwayne Johnson, all I can think about is the phrase, “Can you smell what the Rock is cookin’?” However this former pro-wrestler is back in his newest movie as the muscle-y demigod, Hercules. This is the story of how Hercules has become a hero-for-hire and gets employed by a king who needs his help in order to defeat an oppressive warlord. For all you Doctor Who fans, John Hurt aka War Doctor is also in this film as Lord Cotys. For all you muscle lovers out there or anyone looking for a spin of classic Greek mythology, this is the movie for you.

Also this weekend, Gabriel Iglesias’ The Fluffy Movie is also coming to theaters. This is his success story of being a stand up comic. This was filmed during one of his on-stage performances and it looks pretty hilarious. I do enjoy Gabriel Iglesias’ stand up comic routines since he’s absolutely hilarious. It is rated PG-13 so listen to some of his work before you take the kids.

However, one of the movies that I’ve been waiting for months to come out is Lucy. Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman team up in this rated R, action packed, Sci-Fi film. This is the story about a woman named Lucy who gets caught in a dark deal where she is sliced open and is used as a drug runner. Sadly, the drugs leak and it makes it to where she can access all areas in her brain at the same time, making her unstoppable and she ends up taking revenge on the people who did this to her. It looks absolutely amazing and I’m definitely excited to seeing this movie. YAY Morgan Freeman!

These are the newest movies hitting theaters this weekend! Hope this helped and we will see you at the theaters! 


Written by Scotty

When facing any sort of threat, finding and taking care of your family should always be first on your list.  Making sure that your family members are all right and safe is something that we all do when hearing about a disaster that happens in their area.  Thank goodness for social media and cell phones as they have made this much easier over the years, but nothing replaces seeing that they are okay in person.

As a volcano erupts in Iceland, the local geologists are far from baffled, for they have planned for this event.  Watching as the earthquakes move down the European side of the tectonic plates, they know that there is an event that will change the landscape forever.  Watching as a chain of eruptions take place in Europe, ash starts to move its way higher and higher into the atmosphere causing sunlight to be blocked out and causing the temperature to decline drastically. 

Steve Foster and his new wife Lacey are on their way to London to visit Steve’s children from his first marriage.  Steve is a retired Air Force piolt and always comfortable behind the controls of anything that flies and that is what Lacey loves about him.  As the European eruptions have taken place while the couple are in the air, they have no idea what has just happened and are directed to set down in London until the ash cloud dissipates.  Calling in and talking to an old war buddy, Steve finds out that this threat is much higher than he has been led on and will cause an ice age of sorts to take over the continent. Needing to find a way to get to his kids and make sure that they will survive the oncoming onslaught of cold weather, Steve and his wife decide to keep moving east, but are met with plenty of opposition from the storm ahead of them.

Steve’s kids, Ryan and Taryn are attending college in Paris and although Taryn does not seem too excited about it, Ryan has been having the time of his life.  With their father coming in, Ryan is excited to meet his new mother in law, but Taryn does not want to welcome the new woman into her life just yet as her father remarried so suddenly.  As the weather starts to change in their area, the two have formed a plan with their father on where to meet.  Having picked the Eiffel Tower as their point of extraction, the two have to find a way around the crumbling landscape as earthquakes start to ravage the nation. 

100 Degrees Below Zero follows the Foster family as they are about to be reunited and meet Steve’s new wife.  His son Ryan is excited about the new woman, but his sister Taryn is far from happy that her father moved on so quickly and with a woman half his age.  As Steve and his wife Lacey are traveling from the United States to Paris, they are directed to divert their flight to avoid a massive ash cloud that is starting to cover the continent.  But that is not the only threat as the ash is cutting out the sunlight and causing a weather anomaly that will change landscape of Europe forever.  Needing to find a way to stay warm as a new ice age is coming to life, and find their to meet each other, both couples are faced with the declining weather and other events that are trying to prevent them from being together.  Their strength and determination are the only thing that can keep them alive, as others around the country are dying.

Another one of those disaster movies that provides you with more of the feeling of what you would do if put in the situation as the characters have been placed.  How determined would you be to get your family out of trouble if it meant your impending doom.  It is just fun to see how both groups, husband and wife along with brother and sister have to join forces to stay alive as a storm that has never been witnessed by anyone alive will change the landscape of a region.  Happy Viewing.

It's been a while since I did a movie review, and I know this movie has been out for a while, but I just recently had the chance to see it. Admittedly, I wasn't sure about this movie when I first saw the preview. The story of Sleeping Beauty is not one I really liked growing up. I didn't hate it, per se, I just didn't care for it as much as others. So, (I think 'so' is my catch phrase. I sure start enough sentences with it!) when I saw they'd made a live action version of the beloved Disney classic I grew up with, I wasn't sure. Recently I had a day off, and Mattie thought we should at least give it a try, so we went and saw it. 

As it turns out, I was completely blown away. The story isn't about villains and heroes. It's about people and actions. It's about love, betrayal, greed, kindness, and so much more than I thought. The story follows Maleficent, as the title says. We get to see her side of things. Giving a well known villain a back story was quite interesting. They handled transitions perfectly, no unnecessary exposition. It went straight in, and led us through Maleficent's life. Turns out, she was a fairy, a powerful one at that, who protected her magical home from the greed of men. A king didn't care for that and demanded she be killed. Only, a childhood friend, her first love, chose not to kill her. Stung with the betrayal, Maleficent curses his child.

The rest of the story is history, right? Aurora is sent to live with three fairies attempting to be human while protecting her. She meets a prince, falls in love, and still is hit with the curse. Pricking her finger and falling into a sleep like death. All the elements are there, only the fairies didn't do such a great job at raising the child, so Maleficent kind of stepped in…not really wanting the child to die. As she gets older, Aurora finally confronts the supposedly evil fairy that's been following her all her life. Only, she's convinced that Maleficent is her Fairy God Mother. She makes fast friends and worms her way into a scorned heart. The young princess does meet her prince, Philip does make an appearance, but not in the way I thought he would.

And when it comes down to it, evil is not born, but made. True love is not always what we thought. I'm not going to give spoilers, I know this movie has been out for a while but I really feel that it deserves to be seen rather than reviewed in full detail. It's a movie I was genuinely surprised to love as much as I did, and I am very much looking forward to the DVD release. 


Written by Scotty

What would you do if you knew that world was going to end?  Would you plan for survival, if you think that you could make it?  Would you spend your last few days with your family and friends?  Or would you just go out on some sort of spree, since nobody will be here tomorrow, what the heck?  Me?  I would plan for survival as I have been through so many things in my life that have not taken me out yet, I think I would be able to make it once again.

A sudden shift in tectonic plates has taken place and a change of weather patterns has taken over the world.  With rain coming down in full force, it seems like it is just a monsoon season gone drastically wrong, but it is much more than that.  As the government has been quietly constructing arks for the survival of the species, they have known this would happen for many years.  Having to ensure that the human civilization will survive after the storm passes, they are making sure to have everything we as humans need to survive a fresh planet, and this includes bugs.

Most of people do not understand how important the insects are to our habitat and without the correct breads, the human race will only last as long as their supplies will.  With hundreds of thousands of DNA samples being transported to an ark location being blocked off by the severe flooding, the team must find a way to gather all of the essentials breeds to ensure the survival of the human race.  Collecting some but not all, the team struggles with the decision of what to do next, as they understand the outcome of not having some of the certain breeds on their boat.

Taking their search to the cave systems to try and find some of these essential insects, the team has to find a way to escape the impending flooding that is headed their way. As higher ground is becoming more and more rare, everyone is running out of ways to stay dry, much less alive.  Without understanding how critical the situation really is, the general population will most certainly parish without knowing what is really happening.  As the government keeps their mouths sealed about the planet's impending doom, they seem to be more concerned about living, than surviving.

40 Days and Nights follows a government agency that is trying to preserve our normal way of life by bringing all creatures they can onto their arks.  As the expected storms get more powerful, their timetable keeps increasing and they don’t have enough time to collect everything.  Needing to find all of the insects that allow the human race to survive on a daily basis, the government has to risk their own lives to insure the lives of any additional survivors.  When some of the species of insects are not collected fast enough, they have to go and search for anything they can find, and if they are not successful, the human race will live until their supplies run out, but not any longer.

An apocalyptic movie that deals with the forward thinkers.  Even if life on this planet changed from how we have known it, it is nice to know that there might be something looking out for our overall survival.  With forty days of rain and flooding that cannot be stopped, it seems like the only way to stay alive would be on a boat of some sort and the ark seems to be the best way.  If you are looking to survive an extinction level event, it might be something to look into as you never know who, if anyone will truly have your best interests in mind.  Happy Viewing.


Written by Mattie

This past weekend, I went and saw Maleficent while it was still in theaters with Shae. For several weeks I had been asked if I had seen this movie yet and that if I hadn’t, and I kept hearing that I needed to see it. Finally it took one of my co-workers mocking me, to get me to see it.

When I first saw previews for this movie, I didn’t expect much. To me it was just another movie that would try to ruin one of my childhood favorites. Instead I got so much more and even liked it.

Of course, this movie tells Maleficent’s side of this fairy tale from Aurora’s point of view. When Maleficent was a child, she was the strongest fairy of them all, living in the land of Moors with all the other fairies and magical creatures. One day she catches an orphaned human boy named Stefan in their forest and they become friends. However as Stefan got older, his lust for power became greater than his love for Maleficent.

In order to become king of the neighboring kingdom, Stefan betrays Maleficent and cuts of her wings for the throne. He becomes king and marries the late king’s daughter. Maleficent was angry at the betrayal so between the two kingdoms, she put up a large thorn barrier. She befriends a crow named Diaval who becomes her eyes and ears.

It is through Diaval that she finds that Stefan and the Queen had a child. On the Day of the Christening, she makes her appearance and curses the child out of vengeance deeming that only true love’s kiss can break the spell. Everything else is as in the storybooks. The three fairies take her into the forest and raise her, even though they don’t know a thing about babies. It actually takes Maleficent in this version from behind the scenes to help Aurora grow safely. Of course, in the end Aurora steals Maleficent’s heart and Maleficent ends up regretting her curse and learns that she cannot take it back.

Sadly, everything goes as predicted and even though Aurora met Prince Phillip, his kiss wasn’t the one that breaks the spell. It is in fact Maleficent’s kiss, the kiss of true love to her bestie that breaks the spell.

I was surprised that I actually loved this movie. I didn’t expect to love it this much. The effects were amazing, the creatures were beautiful, the fights scenes were awesome, the story was actually amazing and in the end, true love doesn’t have to be whom you are meant to be with. True love can be anything. I do recommend this movie for older children. Just the message behind this movie is deep and I think that they would appreciate it. I really enjoyed it and do recommend it. 


Written by Mattie

So recently I finished the third book of the Divergent series called Allegiant.  It was 526 pages of adventure, love and tragedy. Now Insurgent left Tris’ world in shambles. The Fractionless had taken over the city and Tobias’ mother Evelyn was in control while Jeanine Matthews was dead. However, Tris was able to get the information that Jeanine was hiding, a message from a woman named Edith Prior saying that there was a bigger world out there and that they had to make the world pure.

Of course, with the cruel Fractionless trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of the city, something needed to be done. In order to try to stop Evelyn, a group called Allegiant was formed by those loyal to the faction system. It was lead by Johanna the former Amity leader. Tris knew that she needed to get out of the city however Evelyn was preventing this. Trist, Tobias, Caleb and several others had to sneak out of the city and sadly Tori got killed.

When they left their world, Tobias’ former mentor, Amar who was thought to be dead, found them. Turns out that that their small world was apart of something bigger and that they were experiments trying to fix their broken genes. Those who are Divergent have perfect genes and were referred to as Genetically Pure or GP. A long time ago there was a war that damaged people’s genes and the government was now trying to fix them. Their city, which was called Chicago, was an experiment to fix these genes and there were several other different cities that were meant to do the same thing. Sadly a lot of them failed however Chicago was still okay in their eyes. Also, Chicago was under their complete surveillance the entire time.

Through this, they found that Tris was truly GP but found that Tobias was only awake in simulations because of a mutation. Of course, this sent Tobias into a downward spiral of anger and confusion. Everything that made him feel special was ripped away from him and sadly in this bigger world, those who were Genetically Damaged were discriminated against.

Tobias finds himself in a world of trouble after he sides with the “GD” in order to get the government to stop discriminating against them. Tris on the other hand finds that her mother actually knew all this information before she passed away and even knew the head, David. She has to deal with the fact that her mother lived a lie her entire life and on top of it, has to try to save the city of Chicago from an entire reset from a memory serum.

This entire book is how Tris and Tobias handle these discoveries together and if it will ruin their storybook romance. Which it does affect them, pretty bad. Remember, while reading this book it is the final book of her trilogy. There are some things that happen that I’m still not okay with. It was a good book and a good finish however, just keep the tissue box handy.

In all, I did enjoy the Divergent series and am thankful to Shae’s little sister, Jadyn for getting me hooked on it even though she hasn’t read the final book yet. Get to it Jadyn!

If you ask me if I am looking forward to the movies, I really am not sure at this point in time. I am hooked on the books and I loved them however I don’t know if they can get Tris in the movie to be the Tris from the book. She is a deep character with deep-seated issues, who over comes them and ends up being the hero everyone deserves. On top of it all, the suffering that Tobias and Peter have gone through, how can it be as beautifully put on the silver screen as it is in the books?

Even in the first Divergent movie, they left several things left out, like Peter stabbing Edward and Edward dropping out to be Fractionless. That’s a pretty big thing in the book and it was left out. Maybe they can redeem it however I’m weary.

I actually loved these books and recommend them to those who enjoy reading in first person. It’s an excellent adventure about discovering who you are and what you are made of. Inspiring, dark and fun. 


Written by Laurel

The first thing you do is find a series that you can’t stop watching. Episode after episode, you watch as the sun rises and then sets before you realize you have indeed watch another season. You have to know what happens to your protagonist! How do they win? What about their love interest! Do they survive?! What happens in the series finale?! Before you know it, you’ve watched 12 hours of your favorite new show and are now surfing the internet to slather yourself in fan memorabilia.

Now the show is over, you’ve thoroughly regurgitated the finale and are anxiously waiting for the new season to begin….a year from now. Or maybe it has come to an end, so what do you do?

Watch the series over again, of course.

When you are watching the show, you are so focused on the intent of the plot, the witty one liners, and the conclusion of each episode. What you aren’t focused on are the subtleties the writer and director intended. Do yourself a favor, start from the beginning. Pay attention to the actors’ faces, the looks they give each other, their emotions. Give mind to the subtle hints the writer gives the script to give you ample opportunity to guess where the story is going, then see how obvious it was all along.

I guarantee there will be something an actor did or say that you missed the first time because you were focused on something else. Every time you re-watch an episode, you will see something you didn’t before. You have freedom to explore the other aspects of a show. Listen to the music, see how it affects the mood. How does it tie in with the episode?

There is watching television or actually focusing on an episode. There is absolutely nothing wrong with binge watching, however, it doesn’t allow you time to digest what you are watching. When you have the initial purge from your system, you can relax and enjoy what the writers intended for you, and in this wonderful era of DVD and streaming media, it makes reliving the experience of watching an incredible show over again as easy as can be.  


Written by Shae

Now, I don't know how many of you have actually seen Torchwood, so for those of you who haven't it is a spin off and anagram of Doctor Who. This show follows Captain Jack Harkness after the Doctor left him, and after Rose brought him back. Jack can't die; well, rephrase, he can die, just not permanently. The Torchwood Institute was founded after the Doctor and Rose kind of messed some things up. It's purpose is to protect the earth from aliens and what not. 

Jack kind of gets roped into being apart of it on accident, and then ends up running his own branch of it. The series opens with two full seasons, followed by Children of Earth and then Miracle Day. If you haven't seen it, you should. At least the first two seasons. I'm on the fence about the mini series, for some very personal reasons. So, spoilers?

The first thing Torchwood taught me was how amazing of a character Captain Jack really is. I loved him in Doctor Who, but getting his own show to play with was something else entirely. Captain Jack was more than just this fun, flirty, character that he was originally brought on as. Turns out, he's a whole bag of things. And his life is anything but ordinary. Being from the 51st century might do that to a guy. Jack, however, would be an interesting boss to work for. Maybe that's why I relate to him in a way; he's very flirty, I'm very flirty, it's a whole bonding with a fictional character thing. In that though, John Barrowman is a very flirty person too. And of course, an actor who is so committed to the role that they believe they're the character, makes the audience believe it that much more. This does make Jack utterly fantastic. Beyond being relatable in different aspects though, Jack has a darker side to him. Regardless of things that happened, he knows how to get business done when it needs to be done. The big lesson, is that I truly underestimated Jack's character.

I also learned that coffee is a very important part of any business. Even one dedicated to eliminating alien threats. If you're drinking good coffee, you're more apt to do a better job fighting aliens. That's just basic human logic right there. Or, not? Tea is just as important. Personally, I prefer tea over coffee any day. Unless it's a horrible hour of the morning. In which case, just let me sleep. I'm not a morning person. What that has to do with Torchwood, I don't know. But hey! Random Shae Fact! Also, don't underestimate the guy that's making the tea/coffee. He's probably not as mean as he seems. Plus Ianto was just pretty. And turned out to be handy. Speaking of Ianto, always make an effort to get to know your co-workers and be nice to them. Because you never know if they're secretly hiding a half converted Cyberman (woman?) in the office basement. And, really, you shouldn't do that because it's not a polite thing to do. 

I mean, not all of us have co-workers we like (unlike me, mine are all wonderful), but you shouldn't put them in life threatening danger. Cybermen just shouldn't be messed with period. End of story. If you're partner was being turned into one, and you saved them halfway through, it's like a little too late. Just let them go. That's so heartless and I'm sure easier said than done. There's no reasoning with Cybermen though. It's why they're terrifying. Just, avoid Cybermen attacks and you won't be put in that situation. 

Torchwood also taught me that you should never sleep with your co-workers. Unless you're Ianto and Jack, because that worked out okay. But if you're like Gwen and Owen, just don't do it. It won't end well, everyone will be sad, and angry, and all kinds of things. So just avoid that situation all together. Especially if you have a fiancé and cheat on them. Unless you have Retcon. Then you can just tell them you cheated, and erase their memories. Retcon in general is pretty cool. Talk about a get-out-of-anything card. I guess Torchwood taught me that I need to be a chemist and make a pill that erases the last 24 hours of someones memory. That's completely okay to use on anyone, with no negative side effects. Unless you give it to them constantly and train them to have certain 'kill' commands like Suzy did. That's just mean. But also effective.

If you're an alien, and you come to earth to check things out, chances are you will most likely get shot. Or shagged. Depending on Jack's mood, there's no telling which could happen. Maybe even both, in a different order. If you're a human possessed by an alien, there's a 85% chance of you dying. And if you're an alien unaware that you're an alien, you're definitely, probably, going to die. And giant bee/wasp/bugs are not okay. Ever. Under any circumstance. Just ask Martha.

Torchwood was far darker than Doctor Who in many aspects, and it taught me, above all, that even main characters are not safe from the cold, icy, grip of death. Before Game of Thrones existed, Torchwood was ripping my heart in half, stomping on it, and eating the remains. I love this series, don't get me wrong, but dude…it hurt me in ways I didn't know I could be hurt in. Supernatural did the same thing, only worse, it gave me hope. Torchwood took that hope away and took me down a darker road. But the biggest life lesson that Torchwood taught me, was that humans are the most dangerous beings in the universe. One of their episodes, my personal favorite of the entire series, features humans trapping, killing, and eating innocent tourists. Not because of anything alien, not because anything forced them to, but because they could. And that, my fellow fans, was something that has struck me to the very core. I get chills every time I watch that episode. Then again, Torchwood also made me want a Pterodactyl as the office pet….I might have to convince John and the others. I know Mattie would be in.