Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for new movies to come to local theaters near you. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend that isn’t sulking about not being at DragonCon like Shae and I are, here are the new movies coming out.

If you are a fan of The Transporter series, good news, a new entry in the franchise has arrived. The Transporter Refueled is coming to theaters today bringing us a crime thriller with action. This is the story of an ex special-ops mercenary who has to go up against a woman and her three sidekicks who are looking for revenge against a Russian kingpin. However this one doesn’t star Jason Statham and instead stars Ed Skrein who is a promising actor.

Yet, if you’re looking for something heartier, A Walk in the Woods may be for you. Bill Bryson had lived in the UK for two decades and has decided to return to the US where he was born. However to reconnect with his homeland, he decides to hike the Appalachian Trail with an old friend to see if that works. This movie stars Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson.

Yet, if you need something light hearted, Before We Go may be for you. Let me just say, this stars and was directed by Chris Evans. I get to meet him at the end of this month, so excited. Anyways, this is the story of two strangers who are stuck in Manhatten for the night. When an unexpected adventure forces them to face their fears and take the reigns of their lives, they become closer and closer. It stars Chris Evans as I said before and Alice Eve, Emma Fitzpatrick and Scott Evans.

These are the new movies coming out! Have a good weekend everyone!


Written by Shae

It has been a really long time since one of these was done. For a bit there we just took some time to deal with some real life issues, but as time goes on, I feel I need for the distraction. Plus inspiration can hit you, literally, wherever and whenever. Last night Mattie and I were at Savers to drop off a donation and ran inside just for fun. We found a very peculiar shaped broken cane...and from there ideas were happening. 

Yep, Cosplay is weird like that. Mattie suggested doing a Bombshell Batman Villain type thing. Oddly enough, I love taking characters and bending their genders, and this cane is screaming to be painted...so a Riddler cosplay doesn't seem like that bad of an idea, It sounds pretty fun considering I have been looking at pictures of his various costumes all night long. Taking it and morphing it into something that would fit my style is a challenge I am up for.

Mattie decided on doing the Joker, and in a way these costumes are so fitting and so awesome. Granted, we haven't actually sat and sketched anything out or even really talked much about it, but when inspiration hits, it hits.  I wouldn't mind doing it for SLCC, but there isn't a whole lot of time to get what I want done, done. Plus, it's a short out of state con that we really decided to not do much for it since we are driving out. However there are plenty of other opportunities coming up. Halloween is my favorite holiday, ever, and I spend most of the month dressing up! There is, of course, next year where con season starts anew...but, I'm not sure I can wait for that...

Either way, the ever growing list of costumes has not vanished. It just keeps getting longer, and some are taking more time to work on than others. Mattie and I are doing things a lot different this next season. We have decided to only do one Cosplay per con, and really, that's helped take a lot of stress off us both. More so her, since she is does a lot more than I do. Speaking of, I fully intend to learn to sew over the con season break. It's time to take up the needle and thread and learn to be useful! Plus, with two of us actually doing this, I'm pretty sure a lot more costumes will get done.


Written by Scotty

While I was driving home the other day, I had a random though pop into my head about what would happen if all of our systems failed.  Now, with watching all of these zombie shows and disaster movies, I have seen how it is scripted, but you never truly know how people will react if something like that really happened.  Although in some of these scenarios, all of our power and water are working just fine, but what if it didn’t?  What if we did not have all of the things that make life easy for us at our finger tips?  Then I thought what would be one of the most important places to hit up before everything was looted and I will say that a book store would have to rank right up there.

With everyone changing their reading habits over the past couple of years to digital books rather than the old fashion ones, I have a fear that they may not be prepared at all. When they are no longer able to access the internet to find out how to make a potato light bulb or build a generator that runs off their hardly ever used bike, what will they be able to do? Not much.  That is why I think that a book store would be the perfect place to hit up first when the world is seeming to come to an end.  With plenty of How To books on the shelves, it may be the only way to keep civilization from coming to a complete end. Being able to create your own candles might be helpful for some people, while figuring out how to make gun powder would be the essentials for others.

Then there are all the people who depend on electronics for everything, well guess what, if you are able to build a generator, you would be able to have these run for a short amount of time.  I know that I would not be able to survive without my music, but what would I do when my iPod finally died?  Even with the original CD’s, it would not be much better without a way to charge them and that is something that I would have to have on the top of my list.  Then you would need your distractions from what is happening on the outside world, a good book might be able to take the place of a movie.  Even though I love watching movies, I can get lost in the words on a page for hours at a time and sometimes that makes me feel even better.  

I can come clean about this, I have a huge problem when it comes to books, I have too many, but I do not feel bad about that.  My collection varies from history, horror, science fiction, and some classics that will never get old.  Over 90% of my books are also in print form so I will not run into any problems when the lights go out for good, I will just need a candle.  Thinking back when I started to buy these books, I never thought about the end of the world, I just liked having them in my hands while reading them, but now while writing this, I think I do have the fear that something could happen, even to the internet that could limit what we are able to view and or read.  With books in hand, I am pretty sure I will be ok, unless of course Fahrenheit 451 takes place and someone comes and burns all of my literature.  

Let’s get back on topic though and a real fear would be something happening to the internet that will deny us all of the enjoyment that it has brought.  Since most of our electronics are tied on to this system in one way or another, it might make it impossible to find the information we will need to survive.  Being able to raid a book store and pull the Hot To books might be the only way that we could survive this kind of travesty, at least in my thinking.  I have a bunch of useless knowledge about how to do things in the woods, but for the life of me, I will never remember what berries I can eat and which ones will make me see strange things.  Just a random thought from mind of Scotty and I hope that everyone has a good book to curl up with since you never know what life will throw at you.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


Few shows in my mind were ever as iconic as Star Trek: The Next Generation. It set the bar on so many levels. It was a show that featured top notch storytelling, action and acting and most importantly...special effects makeup. Week after week we met incredible species after incredible species, magically brought to life by way of Michael Westmore's skill with foam latex and well his imagination. 

So as it turns out, last night's episode of Face Off decided it was high time to not only pay tribute to Michael's work, but the work of aliens in science fiction as a whole with an entire episode revolving around the wonder of the alien make up effect. It was a wonderful and magical episode to say the least because "Extraterrestrial Enterprise" not only featured some incredible work from our contestants but it added a few surprises along the way as well, ones that left geeks like myself and others jumping with joy. 

What made this episode so cool was the fact that everything last night revolved around these intergalactic special effects, starting with the foundation challenge where the contestants were asked to recreate the special effects of old, whipping together a hyper fast makeup that would have shown up in the classic 1960s to 1970s era of sci fi television. The results were fun to see and Evan won the day with a simple but powerful makeup that Michael Westmore said point blank was screen ready right then and there. 

Then it was revealed that the spotlight challenge would enhance their makeups further, since now they had to take their work and evolve it. Essentially they had to look at their own retro makeup and move it into the modern era and I thought this idea was absolutely genius and the results were quite breathtaking to say the least. Especially Ben and Scott's work. Ben originally just put together something pretty meh, but his final result was subtle and impressive and it just so happened to win the night as well. Oh! But I almost forgot the geeky surprises last night...because Jonathan Frakes and Michael Dorn showed up as well, with Mister Frakes offering advice from the director's perspective on makeups and Mister Dorn sat in as the guest judge. It was just a wonderful geek out moment to see these two legends pop up last night, and some of the contestants clearly felt the same way. 

But, all fun aside, there was still the matter of who didn't quite make the cut last night and well, I do disagree with the judges on this one. The good news is, Meg finally got her stuff together and didn't show up in the bottom looks but Jason, Jordan and Jasmine did and Jason was sent home for his technical mistakes and I think he deserved one more chance, especially considering how rough Jasmine's work turned out to be. She bit off way more than she could chew and I flat out liked nothing about her makeup. But, they are the experts and see more than I do, so no doubt their sending home Jason had its merits. Either way, this episode was a ton of fun, and definitely left me smiling with all its wonderful nostalgia. Until next time. 

Out here in Colorado, we are known for having some interesting weather patterns now and then.  How does the saying go out here?  If you don’t like the weather, just give it fifteen minutes and it will change.  That has not been true the past couple of nights when the city has been awakened by powerful lightning storms that are appearing out of nowhere.  It is like someone is trying to open the Ark of the Covenant at 2 a.m. every morning and I need to pin down the reason behind this crazy weather.  So here is my list of possible causes behind the lightning and hopefully we can appease the weather gods and get some sleep in the upcoming nights.

Alien Invasion 
Yes, I know that there are a lot of doubters out there that think that we are all alone, but how could you explain such a weather shift.  Colorado has had more rain this year than the state of Washington and that is saying a lot.  Now, why would I think this could be aliens you may ask, with their advanced technology, they could all be circling around in their space crafts on one set trajectory forcing the jet streams to shift lower than they have been in ages.  That is one thought while the other can be more out of a movie and the little green men could be traveling to the surface of the planet in the lightning itself.  You see this in the remake of War of the Worlds and for the most part I think this is kind of foolish, but when some of the rumbling from the thunder does not dissipate within thirty seconds, it could be the engine of an old space craft hidden beneath the surface starting up again.

The Ark of the Covenant 
This may not be as far fetched as it sounds since we have plenty of paleontologists that live in the state that are always digging to find the secrets that the creatures of our past left behind.  Why would I put this on the paleontologists rather than the archaeologists you may ask?  Well it is simple.  There is plenty of human history in our state when it comes to the old west and who roamed the plains before the centennial state was founded, but we have more dinosaur dig sites out here than anything else.  So if a paleontologist did happen to come across an old artifact like the Ark of the Covenant while performing their dig, do you think that they would wait to see what is inside by calling someone else in, or would they try to open it themselves?  I would try to open it, since it is my find and even though I know that to be the wrong answer, I know plenty of people that would treat it the same way. Why in Colorado you may ask?  It is as good of place as any and since nobody knows where it has been hidden, Colorado may just be far enough off of the radar that it could be hidden deep inside the mountains.

Cult Activity 
With all of the horror movies I have watched, I know there is something to all of the chanting to bring someone or something back from the depths and there always seems to be a storm that arrives when doing it.  There could be a person or a group that has stumbled upon an ancient text that is trying to resurrect someone from the ground.  As the chanting begins and the skies open up, there might be an evil coming back to our planet and the lightening is a signal to run for the hills.  Why else would the storms be consistently coming out of nowhere at the same time every night?  3 a.m. is commonly known as The Witching Hour, so maybe the person or the group is trying to capitalize on the this and use the spirits to their advantage when beginning their activities.  But the hour is off since the storms are hitting an hour earlier, maybe they are on Central Time rather than Mountain Time.

An Unfinished Ritual
With the history of the state, it is not too unusual to reference a rain dance being done.  While this is something that most people see on television, if you ever get to witness it in person, it will change your life.  Now I am not a dancer and it would not appease the spirits above to see me dance, I fall more on the farmer’s rituals.  Looking to make a good harvest, it is not uncommon for the superstitious farmer (or farmers) to give something up to the spirits.  Offering a sacrifice for a good harvest may seem like something strange, but if it works, there is no reason to stop.  This is more of my speed and I have met some of these individuals in my time and even though they seem to be different, they still have a good point and when the farm is thriving, there is no way to discount their methods.  But when the promise is made and not delivered on, the spirits do get upset and most of the time just kill all the crops on their farm, but if they feel like they are being made fun of, well all bets are off and the clouds open up and release their wrath on the farm and surrounding areas.  There is only one way to appease these spirits and that s to give them what was promised and until this is done, they do not back off no matter who or what is in their way.

There you have it, my reasons behind the crazy lightning storms that have been waking up the state in the early hours of the morning.  It could just be a shift in the weather patterns, but what fun would that be, since there is always a better explanation out there, or at least one that is more entertaining.  Make sure to take cover when these storms are moving through your areas since lightning strikes are nothing to mess around with.  Even if you are safely in your home, you can feel the electricity from them, especially if they hit the sidewalk outside of your house.  It is possible to survive a lightning strike, but the ones that have would not ever encourage trying it.  


Written by Shae

Sides have been chosen! Lines have been drawn! Captain America: Civil War is sure to make all of us nerds and geeks cry for various reasons. Who will win? Who will live? Who will find Bruce? No, seriously, guys, the Hulk is missing…like…shouldn’t we find him? I mean, him and Natasha seemed pretty good, until he freaked out over commitment issues and left…which is totally not cool! Either way, picture releases of who will be siding with whom has sent the nerd world into a frenzy! Yes kids, this is how reporting is done, I literally have no proof to back that statement up. What I do have is the cold hard truth that this side picking thing has really made me personally unhappy.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not actually read the comic. Which I know, I should. Eventually I will. However, I was not pleased to find Hawkeye and Black Widow on opposite sides. Come on! They’re best friends! Clint named his son after her for crying out loud! It’s like if Mattie and I were to no longer be friends. Then again, I’m not sure this makes them not friends anymore. Maybe it’s one of those ‘ignore the other on the battle field’ kind of situations. I don’t know! All I know is that it is not right. Like, seriously guys. Not cool. In either case, I have to say the lineup looks pretty intense. I was surprised to not see Thor there. Of course, he’s off doing God of Thunder stuff. And Hulk is sulking…

It’s an amazing picture of the soon to be dueling sides, but I couldn’t help but notice Peter Parker was missing. Is our infamous Spiderman not going to be present in this fight? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out…and ask ourselves important questions like, which side are you on? There are pros and cons to both. Thankfully Google exists and I was able to get a bit of research done. Tony’s side thinks all superheroes need to be registered and out in the open with their identities, while Cap disagrees. It’s Superhero 101, a secret identity is a must! Just because some are fine with people knowing who their alter egos are, doesn’t mean others are.

Who do Iside with? While I do adore Tony and the people who are with him, I have to side with Captain America. It’s a heroes choice to reveal who they are to the world, or whoever. It shouldn’t be forced. On top of that, heroes live dangerous lives and their identities being revealed doesn’t just affect them, but their families and loved ones. I mean….Hakweye and Winter Solder being on Cap’s side has nothing to do with my choice, but it doesn’t hurt. Sadly, I don’t want any one side to lose or win, because I think heroes shouldn’t be fighting each other. They should all just get nibbles and be happy!

Written by Scotty

What would you do if you knew that the world was going to end and there was nothing you could do to survive?  This is an interesting question and it has been brought up, even at work with some funny responses that cannot be repeated in present company. But a couple of the answers that could be repeated would be to find our family and make sure that they know you love them and the second most popular is to out and party like there will not be another day, because there will not be one.  To each their own and there is no wrong answer, you just need to go with what is in your heart since it will never lead you the wrong way.

James and Zoe are staying by the beach and without saying much to each other go on with their normal lives after hearing that the world is going to end.  But James is not happy with waiting to die and wants to live his life to the fullest and go to his friend’s party.  For the most part, James does not want to feel anything when the fire hits him and will do everything within his power to stay as messed up as possible so he will not care when it happens.  Zoe however has news that will change James’s outlook on what is going to happen when he is at the door and ready to leave by telling him that she is pregnant. 

James decides to leave and wants to get away from the coast as soon as possible.  While driving on the empty roads, he sees what the fear of Armageddon does to people and with fighting, robing, killing and suicides going on all around him, he knows he has made the right decision.  After getting held up at knife point when hitting a roadblock, James is forced to abandon his car and look for another means of travel.  When he sees two older guys getting out of their van with a young girl that is crying for her father, James knows he has an easy way out and is ready to steal the van and make his way to his destiny.  Something changes in James however and knowing what these men are going to do to this girl does not sit right with him and he enters the house with one intention, to set the girl free.  After killing both of her captors, James frees the girl, but is not willing to detour from his plans to go to the party to find her father.

With gasoline being scarce, James takes Rose to his sister’s house to play with his nieces, but when he finds that his sister has committed suicide and has already buried her girls in the back yard, James is left with the decision he does not want to make.  Getting to his friend's party and bringing Rose along for the ride, he sees what he could be doing, but decides that it is not the way he wants to end his days.  Wanting to get Rose to her father, James is forced to break off his relationship with his girlfriend, along with his best friend and with a little bit of gun fire, he is on the road again.  Finding Rose’s aunt's house where the family is supposed to be waiting for the end of days, James finds out that they have taken the easy way out as well and although Rose decides to stay with her deceased family, she urges him to make it back to the woman who he loves. Racing against time, the countdown is live on the radio and James knows exactly how long he has before the firestorm hits the beach, but can he make it back to tell Zoe how he really feels about her?

Sorry, just now I notice how long the paragraphs are, but I have no regrets in writing them.  This movie is something special, a story of redemption that not many people would even try to chance in their impending doom.  Putting his life on the side to take care of a little girl that needs help is great, but taking it a step further by changing his own habits is something much more.  I have been taken back by this movie and left to question what I would do in this situation.  If someone’s life is on the line and I had the means to save it, even though I knew that it was not going to be for long, would I be able to step up to the plate to save it? I don’t have an answer to that yet, but hopefully when the day comes, I will have the right answer.  Rose and James were just fantastic characters and the actors did a great job portraying them and when you finish the movie, you might be wanting more, but alas, the world is going to end and there will be no sequel. Happy Viewing!

New movies are heading our way this weekend to theaters near you. If you’re in the mood to spend some good quality time watching Hollywood’s newest creations, the theater is always a good place to go.

If you’re in the mood for some romance and drama, We Are Your Friends may be for you. Cole Carter is an aspiring DJ who finds himself between a rock and a hard place when he falls for a girl but has to keep up with his friends’ high expectations. Can he have it all along with fame and fortune? It stars pretty boy Zac Efron, Wes Bentley and Emily Ratajkowski. I’m just saying though, I wished that my friends would make a movie like this, because it would be hilarious.

However if you’re looking for something that will scare you out of living international with your family, No Escape may be for you. The Dwyer family just moved to paradise, or so they thought they did until the country finds itself in the middle of a coup. They have to find a way to escape this hell since foreigners are immediately executed if found. It stars Lake Bell, Pierce Brosnan and Owen Wilson.

These are two of the movies headed fresh to theaters near you. Have a good, relaxing weekend everyone!


Written by Shae


I really don't know what possessed me to watch Steven Universe, but I literally watched every single episode in existence within the span of two days. More like one full day and a morning. No regrets though, as the show is probably one of the funniest I've ever seen. If you haven't seen it, we can't be friends. I'm just kidding...the show follows the adventures of aliens living as earths protectors while raising the young halfbreed son of their fallen leader.

That makes it sound cool, right? Well, it's not that far off. Steven is a Crystal Gem like the others, only he possesses his mother's gem, as she gave up her physical form in order for Steven to be born. A full synopsis can be found by our amazing Mattie and of course our wonderful Allie. Today, I'm going to talk about fan theories surrounding the show, because new blog series? It sounded fun in my head. Which is basically the reason 100% of my blogs are written. For real though, guys, this is a show that is filled with theories. One popular one is that Lion is really Rose. I'm not sure how believable that really is when we think about it, he is pink and does have a dimension of in his mane that contains Rose's possessions....his mane is even in the shape of a star, similar to that of Rose. Does this mean he is her? Not really. Hear me out here, I think Lion is connected to Rose, somehow, but I don't think he is her. So far we have learned that Rose had many secrets, even from her closest friends. In the episode where Steven helps his dad clean out the storage area we see that there is a pet carrier. Steven actually throws this and proclaims his dad never even had a cat. Or did he? Is it possible part of Rose became Steven and the other became Lion? After all, Lion has some pretty kick butt abilities...

One theory I thoroughly enjoy is about Jasper. We already saw at the Kindergarten that Home World was working on fusing broken Gems together. Is it possible Jasper is a successful Gem Fusion? She seems to hate fusion, thinking its a cheap trick to make weaker Gems stronger. But what if Jasper is a successful Gem fusion, and she is completely unaware of it? Gem Fusions seem to be different for each Gem. As far as we can see, Jasper only has one Gem, but that doesn't mean much if they're fused. So far when we see fusions of more than two Gems, they have a name ending in "ite". When Jasper Fuses with Lapis, they take the name Malachite....not to mention the eyes. It's rare for Gems to have eyes with pupils, unless they're a fusion. On top of that Garnet even says being a fusion is like being your own being person, you forget who you were and are something else, but the same....

And lastly, my own theory is a bonus one. I've not seen this theory anywhere but I was talking to Mattie and have decided that Connie has to have some kind of magical property. Steven is able to fuse with her, but Gems can't fuse with humans. But Connie and Steven are able to fuse....Mattie argues that Steven is a bridge, half human and half Gem, so he can pull Connie into it easy. However, I think there's something more here. Connie is interested in the magical world Steven lives in, enough to learn to even be trained by Pearl to fight. I think if Connie wasn't magical, she'd not be able to fuse with Steven or even stand up to Pearl's training. Is it possible she's got some magic in her? Obviously she does since Steven cured her vision with magical spit. Possibly that's why they can fuse....

Well, that's my thoughts on this series and the theories I really liked and thought had valid standings! Stay tuned for more where I ruin things you like, just like my dad ruined shows for me...


Written by John Edward Betancourt


It's been a wild and crazy ninth season for the iconic show Face Off, one filled with celebration for the 100th episode, and one that managed to add a new wrinkle into the show's fold with the brand new focus challenge and I've enjoyed every minute of it.  

But last night the show finally settled back into the basic formula if you will, bringing forth a familiar sense of comfort as the foundation challenge returned to grant one contestant immunity before one incredible spotlight challenge in an episode filled with some amazing work as always in "The Gatekeepers".

This go round the Foundation Challenge is one that dug deep into the human psyche as our intrepid artists were given a Rorschach inkblot test and asked to create a makeup based solely on what they saw within the inkblot test. This led to some pretty nifty creations as we watched imagination come to life and of course there is great incentive to win this challenge since as I mentioned earlier the top look is granted immunity and does not have to face the risk of going home. This week's winner of the foundation challenge was Meg with her sharp makeup and awesome coral addition to a sea themed piece, and we'll be talking more about Meg in just a moment. 

Because after this it was time for the spotlight challenge wherein the artists were paired up to bring to life a makeup based around a gate. The idea was simple, they needed to create two makeups, one that gave life to the gatekeeper and the creature that the gatekeeper kept the world safe from. It led to some amazing and inspired work from Nora and some crazy detailed work from Jordan who accomplished wonders in little time and totally deserved the win.  But there was disaster for a few as well. Libby and Meg's creations made it into the bottom looks as did Ricky and Jason. Libby as it turns out was sent home, and I think the judges got that wrong. She may have made some mistakes anatomy wise, but holy crap, Jason's makeup was just awful. He took too long with the sculpture again, it turned out rough and looked low budget and yet...he got to stay. That's nuts. That kind of low grade work should have had him sent packing. Plus, we need to take a quick moment and talk about Meg because...she's floundering.  

This talented gal can clearly impress, she did week one, she won the foundation challenge but she has been in bottom looks for the last four weeks so what the heck is going on here? Is she buckling from the pressure? I don't know, but immunity helped because it was obvious the judges were not that impressed with her makeup last night either. Either way, she's a story to watch as the season unfolds, and quite frankly so is Jason because the two of them are on thin ice right now, we'll see if they either sink or swim.  Until next time.