Written by Mattie


Once Upon a Time‘s mid-season finale was last Sunday, premiering the episode, Heroes and Villains. Now if you missed the game changing episode, here’s what happened.

After the Snow Queen had been defeated, the wall of ice around the town of Storybrooke was still in place. Elsa was able to bring it down however no one was able to leave Storybrooke or else they would never be able to come back. However, they needed to find a way to get Anna, Elsa and Kristoff back to Arendelle so Elsa could take back her throne from Hans. Anna also wanted to kick his butt for everything he had done and she was right to do so.

Rumpelstiltskin found out that Anna was in Storybrooke and knew that she could destroy all of his plans. So in order to send her back as quickly as possible without her finding out whom “Mr. Gold” really was, he found the portal and had Hook go tell everyone where the portal was. While they were there, Hook was busy with Rumpelstiltskin’s tasks.

Regina on the other had had returned Marian’s heart into her body. She thought that Robin would be an honest man and stay with his wife until Marian came to her and thanked her for saving her. Turned out that Marian knew that Robin loved Regina and she didn’t want to tear the two apart. So she gave Regina permission to be with her husband. Rumpel continued with his plan. He woke up his wife and told her to pack, that they were going to have a true Honeymoon and were going to go to New York City.

In the past, when Belle was Rumpelstiltskin’s maid, she wanted him to tell her about the world. He had just gotten back from Camelot where he had taken a gauntlet from King Arthur. This gauntlet will show you anyone’s biggest weakness. When Belle wanted to hear more stories, he instead zapped her to do his laundry. 

Too bad for Rumpelstiltskin, she was kidnapped by unknown foes who wanted the gauntlet. He went to their meeting point and gave them the gauntlet for Belle’s life. It turned out that these foes were Ursula, Cruella De Vil and Maleficent. Now, they wanted this gauntlet so they could finally defeat the heroes and finally get their happy endings. Rumpelstiltskin went back of course and took the gauntlet away from them after Belle was safe in his castle.

Anyways, while Belle was packing, Henry came in to say hello. She asked him to find another suitcase which he did on top of a cupboard. When he pulled it down, out fell the gauntlet. Belle didn’t have a clue why it was there and was puzzled by its presence.

Meanwhile, Emma and the family took Anna, Elsa and Kristoff to the portal where they said their goodbyes. The portal was in the Sorcerer’s empty mansion. Elsa and Kristoff went through first and Anna let her curiosities get the best of her. She asked about Mr. Gold and how they came across such a good sorcerer who would continuously help them. Well…they told her that he was really Rumpelstiltskin and she told them that they can’t trust him what-so-ever; that no matter what, he will always lie. With that, she was gone.

Regina and Robin were together watching Marian and his son feed ducks. Robin told Regina that he wanted to be with her and Regina was in arms length of having her happy ending. Sadly though, Marian collapsed. There was residual magic still left in her from the Snow Queen and the magic had spread to her heart. The only way to save her was to have her cross the town line into a world without magic. Regina knew that Marian couldn’t make it in this magic-less world on her own and told Robin he had to go with her and his son. They went, and it was the hardest thing that Robin and Regina had ever had to do but in the end, Regina knew she did the right thing even though Rumpelstiltskin tempted her with evilness. She has grown so much in this season it’s incredible.

After Anna told Emma about Rumpelstiltskin, they ran to the clock tower where the stars had aligned and the magic of the hat was open. Rumpelstiltskin was about to squish Hook’s heart until Emma and Mary Margaret ran in. He stopped them with his magic and then tried to crush Hook’s poor little heart however he wasn’t able to. He shouted out in frustration over not being able to do it, until Belle spoke up that he couldn’t squish the heart because she commanded of it on his dagger. 

Turns out, Belle had used the gauntlet on Rumpelstiltskin and found that she wasn’t the thing he loved most in this world, it was the dagger or the power behind it. She had found that he had lied to her all along about having it. She made him give back Hook’s heart and told him to take her to the town line. He obliged and they disappeared. At the town line, Belle broke down. Here she thought that he loved her the most and that he had changed but instead Rumpelstiltskin had never changed. He was playing her all along. So, she sent him into the magic-less world where he wouldn’t be able to come back. It was the hardest thing Belle has ever done, but it needed to happen.

Back in town, Emma returned Hook’s heart into his chest. She then went and visited Regina at the café. Regina didn’t want a hope speech so instead Emma did shots with her. That’s when Henry ran in and told them they needed to follow him, that he found something after sneaking around the sorcerer’s empty house.

He took them to a hidden room filled with blank storybooks. Regina then told Emma about operation Mongoose and Emma wanted in. The three of them were going to get Regina’s happy ending. Sadly, the story didn’t end there. In New York City, Rumpelstiltskin went to an aquarium where he found Ursula. He told her of his plan to make the author give them all happy endings. Ursula wanted in.

However in Arendelle, it was Anna’s wedding day. They had taken back Arendelle and Elsa was its rightful queen. Anna also got to punch Hans in the face, which made her feel better about him trying to kill her. Anyways, Elsa asked why Anna had postponed the wedding. Anna told her sister that she wanted Elsa to be just as happy as she was on her wedding day. After finding that journal, Anna wanted to find Elsa’s happiness.

Over all, this was a bittersweet mid-season finale. I cried for Regina, yet it ended hopeful for her. I felt so bad for Belle however Rumpelstiltskin deserved everything and more for what he has done. The next half of this next season isn’t looking as awesome as this first half though it will be interesting to see what Rumpelstiltskin does. I’m sad to see Anna and Elsa go yet I’m happy that they both got their happy endings. So far, Storybrooke is safe for the time being until it returns Sunday, March 1st on ABC. Until then, who knows how Maleficent got out of the tunnels under Storybrooke.


Written by Mattie


There were a lot of midseason finales that made me cry so far this winter. Agent Triplett was killed off in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Oliver was run through and kicked off a cliff on Arrow and we lost Beth in The Walking Dead. However, there was a show that ended, ended the other night that brought me to tears, but for a good reason.

The Legend of Korra after a four season run, aired its hour long series finale this week.

Now, Shae finally got me to watch all of Avatar: The Last Airbender and had me catch up on The Legend of Korra, which I finished around three weeks ago. Even though I haven’t been a fan of this for a while, I attached to this show like no other.  It pushes boundaries for a cartoon show, especially in the third book of The Legend of Korra when they brutally killed off the Earth Queen. Did she deserve to die? Maybe, she was very cruel to her people. But to be suffocated in the way she was, it was terrible and shocking.

Yet this season has been a hard one for Korra. She was poisoned bad by the Red Lotus and had a long, hard recovery and pretty bad PTSD. The only person she could talk to during her long recovery was Asami. She then had issues with returning to the city and using her Avatar powers. Luckily she found Toff in the swamp who told her she still had residual poison in her. Luckily it was a metal base, which she was able to learn how to metal bend and get it out of herself.

To help herself with her PTSD, she went to the man who did this to her, Zaheer. Luckily because he realized that him killing off the Earth Queen, causing all the problems with Kuvira and the Earth Kingdom was his entire fault, he decided to help Korra with her mental block. He was able to which made Korra strong enough to take on Kuvira. Which she did in this final episode even though it seemed hopeless, especially since Kuvira had a giant mecca suit that was powered by spirit vine and had a terrible weapon attached to it.

Luckily with the help of the air benders, the Beifong family, Varrick, Zhu Li and Korra’s friends, they were able to take down the giant mecca suit. However it was Korra who had to defeat Kuvira, who was desperate to win. She used the spirit weapon on Korra when she was trapped in the vines. It created a portal that became too powerful and Korra had to face it herself to save Kuvira. 

When Korra went to bring back Kuvira she told Korra that she felt that no one understood her. Korra after dealing with her PTSD and everything she went through told Kuvira she understood what it is like to be afraid which finally opened Kuvira’s eyes. In the end, it ended happy and hopeful. Varrick who proposed to Zhu Li before the great battle ended up marrying her on Air Temple Island. It was a beautiful ceremony with a “Zhu Li! Do the thing!” added to it.

The most important thing that happened this episode or even the whole series, aired in the last five minutes of the show. Korra and Asami finally had some time alone. During the battle, Asami’s father sacrificed himself for the mission to save everyone. Asami cried since she almost lost Korra and her father in the same day and was thankful that she didn’t loose Korra.

They decided to take a vacation together to the spirit world and when they went into the portal, they held hands and faced each other smiling. That’s how this series ended. Asami and Korra were together.

This is the first time we’ve really seen this in a cartoon on American television. I was shocked but not really shocked that they ended up together. There were some hidden clues throughout this season. Korra only talking to Asami when she was in recovery was a big one. However, it was awesome because I actually shipped them together. So did Shae actually.

In the end, Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra were amazing series that I highly recommend one watching. I’m sad to see The Legend of Korra go; yet I’m ecstatic that it ended the way it did. Korra has finally accepted being the Avatar with all the ups and downs and she is at peace with everything now. Not only that, butthe world and the spirit worlds are safe. It ended happy, which is something I needed this season. 

Are POP! figures contagious? Yes. Yes they are. How do I know this? Because I have been spreading the amazingness that are these adorable little creations. Like their ever expanding line, I have been doing my best to help spread collections, far and wide. How, you’re probably asking, or at least mildly curious? I’ve been giving them to non-nerds. That’s right, these little things are so well loved, even non-nerdy people are finding their inner geek with them.

If you thought this blog was going to be about other gift, well, sorry. Today, it’s all love for the POP. My love is probably biased, since my own collection has been steadily growing, but that’s also not the point. Guys, these things are the perfect little gift for any one. I literally mean, any one. I’m going to share with you the truth about my nerdiness.

I wasn’t really born into it. Sure, nerd and geek influences have come and infected my life and made me who I am today. But my parents are as far from geeks as possible. They try, and I love them for it, but they’re nowhere near the level of awesome they should be at. Still, I have gotten the most non-nerdiest person…wait, no, the second most non-nerdiest person in my family to all in love with these figurines.

 I will say, my parents have at least watched some geeky things; most recently Game of Thrones. And with one little POP, I have now gotten my entire family into searching for these bobbles at stores. Thanks to a Tyrion Lannister, one pop became two, I now have my mom looking for POPs anywhere they sell them. Case and point, she just bought my dad a Walking Dead zombie POP for Christmas.

If you’re really looking for something extra to give that person you’re not so sure likes anything nerdy or geeky, a POP may just be the way in. Today, I even stumbled upon a E.T. POP, and well, turns out I am still freaked out by that little alien. It’s all right, there are POPs of all series, genre’s, and even not-so-geeky-things.

With several lines and many shows, games, and movies, to choose from, it can be hard to pick. But, Funko is ever broadening their product, and with such, their website is host to a list of every POP figure to ever exist. Amazon is also a really good place to look…as well as HotTopic, and Barnes & Noble.  And, if youre like me, and you struggle with what to get someone that isn’t really…into anything geeky, you’d be surprised at just how well these things go over.

Christmas is coming around the corner! If you are looking for something to do to escape the hustle and bustle of the holiday season where everyone is trying to shop for those last minute gifts, there are new movies coming to theaters this week!

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies came to theaters on Wednesday. It is the final movie in The Hobbit series. We finally get to see if the dwarves finally get their kingdom back and if they finally defeat the evil dragon tyrant, Smaug. Martin Freeman reprises his role as Bilbo Baggins, the greatest little hobbit of them all. Benedict Cumberbatch reprises his role as the voice of Smaug, which is pretty epic. For all you The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans out there, this is it!

If you’re looking for a modern twist to a musical classic, Annie may be for you. It’s the story of the little orphan Annie who is in foster care with a horrible foster mom. Her life changes when she runs into a business tycoon who decided to take her in in order to help his campaign for mayor. It stars Quvenzhane Wallis, Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx and is a movie for the whole family.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is also coming to theaters this weekend. This is one of Robin Williams’ final performances. Because of this and all the years of laughter that he has given me, I will see this movie in memory of him.

Anyways, this is the third installment of the Night at the Museum franchise and this time, Larry (Ben Stiller) is going across the globe on an epic quest to save magic before it disappears forever. It also stars Owen Wilson, Ricky Gervais, Rebel Wilson, Ben Kingsley, Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney.

Here are the movies coming out this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! 


Written by Laurel

The Legend of Korra is really ending. The series finale is officially this Friday and they are showing previews for it. I have loyally followed this show from the beginning and I must admit, it has not always been roses. When it first premiered, I was not a huge fan of the love triangle. 

Then again, it never appeals to me in any series and, apparently, a lot of people online agreed with this too. In season 3, the writers figured out what the fans of this show really needed. Ever since, the audience has been on a roller coaster of action and emotion. 

Between her encounters with the spirit world, maniac airbenders, and most recently, power hungry “peacekeepers”, we have been granted permission to grow with Korra along with the show. Now that it is in the final episode, The Legend of Korra has grown into the big shoes Avatar: The Last Airbender left us with.

On the other side, let’s be grateful that they were allowed to finish it. So many shows, like Firefly, are ended without warning and are not allowed to tie up loose ends. We will see what happens to the new gang (hopefully) and have the same closure that we received from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Also, I am happy that they are not making episodes just to rake in money for the network. Too many shows go on and on without an end in sight. They become stale and repetitive for the audience. This will leave us with a positive end to a great show.

I will miss The Legend of Korra. I will miss the bending, the humour, the serious themes, and the life lessons. Who knows, they may make another spin-off in a few years. What would they do next?

Goodbye The Legend of Korra. What a ride!

Guys, did you know that the Holidays are happening? It is a complete shock to me. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting things to be moving so fast. Well, in just over a week we’ll be done with two major Holidays this year, and I do apologize on the slacking. But, I have to admit, I am a chronic late shopper. It doesn’t matter how early I pretend that I’ll start shopping. It. Never. Happens.

So, if you’re like me, and not done, that’s totally okay! I’ve got a list of creative, and fun, gifts that we can give others and ourselves, and I’m going to share a few of them with you. One of the many gift idea’s I’ve had this year around is something I’ve been actually applying to my family this year. There’s always an argument of which is better, the book or the movie, right? Why not do both? The book/movie combo will please, and it really is two gifts in one. My uncle is a huge book nerd, and recently a film adaptation came out on DVD of one of his favorite authors. I know he doesn’t have the movie, or the book, because he may have said as much, so guess what he’s getting? This can also be easily applied to anyone. Like, The Fault in our Stars would make a great book/DVD combo….if you really want that person to spend their whole day crying. But, you get my point. Now, before you give objections and say this doesn’t work for all films, you’re totally right. But it does work for a lot of them. The Princess Diaries is a great example of a movie I didn’t know was based on a book. Like, for real…it’s actually a series. I didn’t know this! I thought it was some cute Disney movie!

Thankfully, in today's day and age, we’ve come to have some really amazing comic based movies. So for this, I suggest pairing a comic book with said movie. Which is really a nice way of trying to get non-geeks to be geeky! My dad didn’t know Guardians of the Galaxy was a comic series. Yes, that hurt my insides, but at the same time, it’s also going to be a great gift to give him. Then again, he is mildly nerdy and the reason I got into comic books. Seeing X-Men, both the cartoon series, and the movies, with him have always been fun. However, he didn’t get a chance to see Days of Future Past. Thankfully, he had that comic growing up and knows the storyline better than I do, but giving him that movie adaptation as well as a completion comic of the story are something I know he’ll enjoy.

Of course this doesn’t work for everyone. If I gave my mom a Batman comic along with a Batman movie, she’d still ask me why he wasn’t in the Avengers and my brain will explode. But, there are plenty of movies and books out there that go hand in hand with various tastes, genres, and geek states of being. They are, however, fun to debate. It’s always a that way in my house; the movie adaptations are sometimes better than the books and vise versa. Before you yell at me for saying that (and yes, I did just say movies being better than books) you should know, it’s not always true. There are exceptions to every rule, though. But, we won’t get into that. 

Instead, let’s journey to the stranger side of things. Like book adaptations of television shows. Yes, those are a thing, and for hardcore fans, they’re a pretty amazing thing. Do you love Supernatural? You know what, don’t even answer, because yes, you do. Is someone you know or love a fan of Supernatural? Yes, yes they are as well. Why? Because it’s an amazing show. Did you know they have novels? I didn’t. I hadn’t a single idea that was a thing until Mattie found them in the bookstore. Guys, seriously, I had to buy every single one they had. Which ended up only being two, but the point is, they exist. Not just for Supernatural either! Doctor Who, Torchwood, Buffy, and so many more. Of course they have Star Wars and Star Trek novels as well, but it’s not as magical as Supernatural. (I might be biased).

On thing I also wasn’t expecting to see were novels based on games. Mass Effect, Halo, and to my utter delight Assassins' Creed are just a few of the titles I spotted. You can now give someone a book based off a videogame and have it not be all about how to beat the game itself. These novelizations of shows and games we all love are just a few of the fun things we’ve found at stores. Of course, you can buy True Blood and Game of Thrones, if you really wanted to, but hey, that’s not quite as fun as buying a video game and a novel about said video game, right? Or maybe it is!

Lastly, I know there are a lot of anime people out there. I, myself, used to be one! Well, there’s always the argument there of which is better, the manga or the anime. The truth is, both are amazingly awesome. And sometimes, they are just as different as books and movie adaptations. It all truly depends on which you like better, saw first, or maybe you just like bugging your friends by contradicting them. Whichever, various, ways you like it, or discuss it, books, movies, anime, manga, and even video games, all go hand in hand with one another, and we all have our favorite adaptations.

One thing we can agree on, though, is how utterly awesome POPs’ figures are. Happy Holidays everyone! 


Written by Mattie


Arrow is now on its winter hiatus. However, if you missed the tear jerking episode that premiered last week, The Climb, here’s what you missed.

Oliver was attacked by the League of Assassins and was taken to Nyssa who warned Oliver that if he didn’t turn over Sara’s killer in the next 48 hours, they were going to start killing the residents of Starling City, one by one.

This got Oliver’s ass in gear. Felicity finally got the test results back from the sample she gave to Caitlin in Central City and the tests came back with a partial match to Oliver. Meaning, that Thea possibly was the one who killed Sara. Oliver couldn’t believe it and was convinced that Malcolm Merlyn was in fact the one who killed Sara. Thea however was at the cemetery visiting her mother’s grave and saw Laurel who was talking to Sara’s grave. Thea went and checked on Laurel and Laurel kind of broke down and told Thea that Sara wasn’t involved with good people and because of that she was murdered and they were still trying to find her killer. Thea seemed to know nothing of this and Laurel told her not to tell Oliver.

Oliver continued his search into Malcolm Merlyn and found that Merlyn was trying to hide the fact he was in Starling City, at the time of Sara’s murder. They got video footage of him coming off a plane and right behind him was Thea. They both were in town when Sara was murdered. Oliver then took this opportunity to approach Thea as the Arrow, demanding the location of her father and asked why she wasn’t in Corto Maltese the entire time. She instead fought him a little and told him to stay away from her and her father; afterwards she jumped off of her balcony and escaped.

Afterwards, Malcolm Merlyn paid Oliver a visit where Oliver grabbed him by the throat demanding why he and Thea were in town during the time of Sara’s murder and why Thea’s DNA on the arrows. That’s when Malcolm came clean and showed him a video on his phone of Thea shooting Sara and walking away.

Turns out, Merlyn had drugged Thea with a drug called Ventura which makes the victim open to suggestion with no memory of what happened afterwards. So she killed Sara under his orders and has no memory of this. Merlyn did this to not only blackmail Oliver, who loves Thea more than anything, but also did this so Oliver could challenge Ra’s al Ghul to a duel to the death. If Oliver killed Ra’s al Ghul, it erases any blood shed by the League which includes the Purge where Malcolm killed all those people in the Glades thus making the target on his back disappear. 

He knew that if Oliver told Ra’s al Ghul that Thea had killed Sara under the influence of Ventura, the Demon Head would still hold Thea accountable and kill her. Oliver knew this too. So instead, Oliver knew that his hands were tied and that he had to do what Merlyn had told him to do. Oliver went and met Nyssa and he asked to see the Demon’s Head himself, Ra’s al Ghul. He also noticed that his old friend from five years ago, Maseo Yamashiro had joined the League of Assassins.

Five years ago, after Oliver had mastered the art of torture, he and Maseo were after a lead on what China White was going to do next. She was after a chemical weapon that she had already stolen by the time they got there. They found the man who had stolen it for her and after hours of torturing him, Maseo noticed that he may have been drugged by Ventura and that China White may be after them. That was true and sadly China White went after Maseo’s family and by the time they got there, China White had already taken his wife and left his son. Something had happened that made Maseo give up his identity to be in the League.

Anyways, Oliver knew what he had to do. He told Ra’s al Ghul that he killed Sara. Nyssa and Maseo knew this couldn’t be true and then Oliver challenged the Demon Head to a duel to the death. He accepted and told Oliver he has 16 hours to settle his affairs and to meet him on top of a mountain at a sacred dueling ground of the League’s.

Laurel on the other hand was visited by her mother. They went out for coffee and Dinah knew that something was wrong with Sara. That she was never going to see her again. Laurel told her the truth and said that they couldn’t tell her father or else it will literally kill him because of his heart issues. She then told her mother that she will bring Sara’s murderer to justice.

Oliver went to say goodbye to Thea. He told her he loves her and that there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her. He then went to Felicity and told her that there are two things he knows for sure about himself. That one, he will do whatever to save Thea and that two, he loves her. This sucked because I wanted them to be together so bad but… GAWD! Oliver then went to climb the mountain of where he would duel the Demon Head. It was a long, hard climb that only the best of warriors could make it to the top. 

Meanwhile, Felicity was at work and Ray tried to talk to her about their kiss. He finally confessed that during the Siege he watched his fiancé, the last woman he ever thought would die be killed by one of Slade Wilson’s army. Kissing Felicity brought back those memories. However, he wanted to show Felicity his secret project he’s calling ATOM and that he wants to become a hero, to help save Starling City. He also wants Felicity to help him become that hero. Naturally her response was, “Why does this keep happening to me?”

Anyways, Oliver made it to the top. In the League of Assassins fashion, they both had to duel shirtless and Oliver had his choice in swords to try to kill Ra’s al Ghul with. He chose two swords and the Demon Head had none. The fight was on and by the end of the fight; Ra’s al Ghul had one of Oliver’s swords and had Oliver at the ledge.

He complimented Oliver for lasting as long as he did. Oliver tried a quick move which made one believe he had the upper hand until the Demon Head ran him through with the sword, right through his right lung. He then pulled it out and then kicked Oliver over the edge of the cliff. That was how they ended this mid-season finale and I wipe tears from my face as I write this. I honestly have to block this from my memory or I will end up seeping into depression. I really, REALLY am not okay with this. This is NOT how I wanted them to end this episode.

Oliver isn’t perfect, but sure as hell didn’t deserve to be run through then kicked off the side of the mountain by Ra’s al Ghul! Now we have to wait for over a month to find out if Oliver is okay! I mean, NO! He’s too pretty for that and Felicity doesn’t deserve that as well! She needs to know that Oliver is okay! I don’t want her running into the pretty arms of Ray Palmer! I mean! GAW!!!!

So…now we have to wait until January 21st when the CW will premiere its next episode, Left Behind. I really am having a hard time waiting for this. OLIVER!!! HANG IN THERE!


Written by Mattie


Last week premiered the mid-season finale of The Flash called, The Man in the Yellow Suit, which ended the first half of this first season. Now if you missed this episode, here's what happened.
It was Christmas time in Central City and everyone was in the Christmas spirit. It was all fine until a man in a yellow suit attacked a corporation that was ahead of its own time, making the most remarkable inventions to date. This man in the yellow suit was after the tachyon particle accelerator that they had which moved those particles faster than the speed of light. Luckily the first time around, the man in the yellow suit failed at getting it.
When Barry and Joe heard the witnesses claim that the thief was a man in a yellow suit who could run just as fast as the Flash, they knew that the man who killed Barry's mother was back in town and was looking for something to make him faster. To make matters worse, Eddie who was still on a kick of arresting the Flash had asked Iris to move in with him. Sadly, this made it to where things got really awkward between Barry and Iris. Eddie expressed his concern for Barry's feelings, telling Iris that Barry has been acting strange as of late which made Iris ponder if this was true. This became real evident when Barry gave Iris a replica of her mother’s wedding ring that she had lost when they were children.
Caitlin on the other hand had gone to ask Iris about a sighting of a man who can turn into fire that she had written about. Turns out, Ronnie was the man who can turn into flames and had tried to see Caitlin however disappeared before she could talk to him so Caitlin was trying to find out where he frequents. After she got the information she wanted, Iris asked her about Barry's feelings for her, which Caitlin told Iris to ask him herself.

Barry had been sitting in his office at work thinking of the night that his mother was murdered. Iris came to him and asked him if there was anything weird between them. Barry told her no, and she proceeded to tell him that she was moving in with Eddie. It broke Barry’s heart however he didn’t dwell on it too long.  He noticed that the man in the yellow suit was following him and the chase was on. Barry tried to confront him about killing his mom however he was just too fast for Barry and ended up injuring him.

Caitlin and Cisco went to look for Ronnie. They found him and he told them that he has no memories and that he is Firestorm now. He then bolted and told them not to follow. He’s definitely lost, confused and hairy now. At S.T.A.R. Labs though, they were trying to find a way to stop the man in the yellow suit. They figured that if they had the tachyon accelerator, he would come for it. So, Cisco and Caitlin then started to build something to contain him. After that was done and built, all they needed was the device.

Barry sadly had to blackmail the owner of the lab who created the device in order for her to hand it over to use as bait. As Joe and his men were getting ready for the capture of the man in the yellow suit, Eddie told Joe that he and his taskforce wanted in on this action in case the Flash showed up. Joe finally obliged. 

Since Eddie was going to be there with his team, Joe and Wells advised Barry not to be there when they capture the man in the yellow suit. Barry hated this so he went and visited his father. He told his dad that he had found the man who killed his mother and was so close to apprehending him, but failed to get it done. Instead of being mad at Barry for failing, he told Barry that for too long he has let this rule his life and he needs to finally get a life of his own.

Meanwhile at S.T.A.R. Labs, the trap had worked and it caught the man in the yellow suit. Joe tried to get answers out of him yet sadly the trap had begun to fail and Cisco couldn’t figure out why. The man in the yellow suit was able to grab Wells and beat the ever living crap out of him. Luckily, Caitlin had texted Barry and he was on his way. He intercepted the man in the yellow suit from killing Eddie and Joe and they took it outside. It was quite the fight and when it seemed that Barry was going to lose, Firestorm interrupted and saved Barry’s life. Caitlin tried going after him yet he didn’t want to be followed.

Sadly, the man in the yellow suit escaped with the device and we later discover that Wells may be the man in the yellow suit who is also known as the Reverse Flash. This also means that Wells might have killed Barry’s mother. Yet, Cisco while watching Barry and the Reverse Flash fight, noticed that the two of them running around was the same red and yellow lightning that Barry had seen the night of his mother’s murder. This means that Barry was there the night of his mother’s murder as the Flash and at this point in time, only Cisco and Joe know this.

Anyways, because of his father Barry went and told Iris his feelings. It made things really awkward between them.

Eddie however after being saved by the Flash, was freaking out. Joe explained to him that after the particle accelerator exploded, there were some people who were affected that are now meta-humans and have strange powers. The Flash and the Reverse Flash are two of those people affected. 

Thanks to the winter hiatus, we have to wait till January to figure out what Wells is going to do next. I don’t know if he wants to make Barry stronger just so he can defeat him or if he really cares about Barry and the Flash. On top of that, he now has the Tachyons. All these questions and now we have to wait for some answers.

The Flash returns January 20th for its next episode, Revenge of the Rogues. It’s going to get intense and super crazy. Oh I don’t want to wait!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

While going to the theater to watch a movie that you've been counting down the days to watch with your friends and family is a wonderful experience unto itself, there is something to be said about the wait to get that movie home and into your collection when it comes to home video. 

It's equally as unique an experience to swing by the store to pick up a copy the day of release and rush home to get it into your home theater and recreate the wonder of seeing it on the silver screen, and that's exactly what happens with the new blu ray release of Guardians of the Galaxy. 

It's a disc I've been dying to get into my collection and it was completely and utterly worth the wait, and it is a release that delivers through and through. First and foremost, the film looks as gorgeous as it did in theaters, with flawless colors and crisp visuals and the rocking soundtrack that we all fell in love with is all part of a lovely, clean and rich DTS experience. 

But of course, I think we have all come to expect that from our high definition releases, so the big question is, how are those special features? The answer is awesome. Obviously there are a handful of deleted scenes, but the best part of the extras this go round are the gag reel and the fascinating featurettes that take us deep into the filmmaking process.  Yes, one learns an incredible amount of how this universe was brought to life with some lovely insight from Director James Gunn and it is a fascinating process to learn how they brought Guardians to the big screen.  

But all of the special features aside, this is a disc you need to add to your collection as soon as possible. It's a wonderful release, and one you'll be watching over and over and why not? After all Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most unique films I've ever seen and the fact that the joy and fun we experienced in theaters is perfectly recreated at home speaks to the power of this motion picture. 


Written by Shae


There may come a time when everyone gets a happy ending. Such a time, however, isn’t now. With things finally seeming to be in the right direction, Elsa melts the massive wall of ice around the town. For once, magic goes smoothly, but there is one other thing. There is a barrier around the town once more. This time, if the line is crossed, there is no returning to Storybrooke. Not to mention, magic doesn’t work outside the town. With such a thing in place, it’s hard to imagine leaving. For one family, that choice is made for them. Marian seems to be all right. She plays with her son while Regina and Robin talk. Prior to that conversation, Marian expressed her permission, of sorts to Regina. The maiden wishes to be chosen, not seen as an obligation.

Robin has chosen Regina. Duty and vows be damned, he wants to be happy. While the situation is complicated, Robin can’t justify being with Marian if it means neither of them being truly happy.  Just as it seems the once evil queen is about to get her happy ending, fate intervenes. While Marian’s heart was removed once she’d been hit with the spell that turned her to ice, it wasn’t completely untouched. Marian is slowly falling under the spell again. There isn’t a cure, except to have her cross the town line where magic doesn’t exist. She can’t go alone. However. Robin and his son need to go with her. With Regina’s insistence, Robin agrees, reluctantly. The goodbye is one of the saddest I’ve ever seen.

Gold decides to talk to Regina, and tempts her to kill Marian. Regina refuses, knowing she’s doing the right thing. Watching them cross the line, however, it’s not easy…while her happy ending is falling through, Gold is getting his. Or so he thinks. He wakes Belle and tells her to pack, while he prepares for the spell that will free him from the dagger and grant him the use of his magic in a world without any.  It will only cost Hook his life. Which, Gold seems to be completely okay with. And if that wasn’t enough, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff still need to find a way home. Crossing the town line is out of the question, and shouldn’t really be an option…What will they do?

Gold needs them all out of the way, especially Anna, before they find out he knows her and she knows of his evil…so he takes Hook’s heart in hand and tells Emma, through Hook, where to find a portal, or, rather, a magical doorway that will lead them back home to Arendelle. Emma is skeptical, so she decides to open the door first. Thankfully it is the right door, and the three end up in their home. Taking their kingdom back over takes no time, and within the blink of an eye, it’s time for Anna’s wedding. At least one couple is getting their Happily ever after.

Speaking of, Belle is blissfully packing for her supposed trip to see the world. Things never go as planned, however. Henry shows up to help her with some things, and mostly asks a few questions. It’s his clumsy antics that have Belle stumbling onto a startling revelation.

It starts with a gauntlet. One that Rumple had found in his old life, when Belle was merely a servant to him. This gauntlet has the ability to show any enemy their weakness. Belle had been kidnapped and nearly killed by Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent, before Rumple gave them the gauntlet back. Finding it, however, proved he’d lied. Good timing. Emma and Snow found out from Anna that she knew Gold and that he was a bad man. Emma figured out Gold needed them out of the way, and they’re frozen by him just before he tries to crush Hook’s heart. Belle’s good timing saves Hook. She’s found the real dagger and isn’t messing around. She order Rumple to drop the heart and makes him take her to the town line. In her rage of betrayal and hurt, she orders him to cross the twon line. Confessing her hurt, and knowing he’d never choose her over magic. Forced to do as he’s told, Rumple pleads with her. Tells her how scared he truly is, but she won’t have any of it. Once upon a time, she saw the man within the beast. Now she only sees a power hungry beast.

This isn’t the end, however. As Gold travels to find the three Queens of Darkness. With their help, he plans to get back to Storybrooke…and perhaps finish what he started? Make it up to Belle? Change? In the end, It won’t matter. On a brighter note, Henry has found a massive library in the house with the portal to Arendelle. The library contains blank storybooks. They’ve found where the author lives…Emma is on board with helping Regina find her happy ending, and things might just work out for the better.