Written by Mattie

Arrow premiered its second episode, Sara, of this season this last Wednesday night. I’m still having issues from now breaking down bauling my eyes out over the death of Sara Lance. That was unexpected and brutal on my feels.

Laurel took Sara’s body to their hideout because she had nowhere else to take her. Everyone broke down in their own way about the death of Sara and they all wanted revenge.

Oliver went to the crime scene and found that she faced her killer. Oliver only wanted to catch Sara’s killer however there was more at stake. Captain Lance told him that there were other murders in the city. It was similar to Sara’s murder. However they couldn’t tell Lance because with his heart condition, it would probably kill him.  

Sadly, that turned up as a dead end. Simon Lacroix aka Komodo was killing the major players in an oil deal, which would make his entire victims super rich. However after Oliver shot him with an arrow and confronted him, he realized that he didn’t kill Sara and that the real killer is still out there.

Felicity however wasn’t handling Sara’s death well at all. She was really saddened by this and questioned the lifestyle she chose. However her mood changed when Ray Palmer purchased the chain of stores she works for. Evidently he was trying to get her attention and it worked.

So Felicity went and faced him herself. She told him that she refuses to work for him and never will work for him. He then pointed out that evidently she wasn’t mad at him, that she was upset about something else. That’s when she broke down and admitted she couldn’t handle this right then and left. 

Laurel on the other hand knew that she needed to do everything in her power to find the person who killed her sister. She wanted to kill Komodo however it took everything in Ollie’s power to stop her.  I really believe that this will be when Laurel takes up the reigns as the Black Canary.

Diggle however was the glue that held everything and everyone together. When Oliver was freaking out about Sara, he came to try to talk some sense into Oliver, which is what Oliver needed. In order to give Laurel and everyone else some closure, he and Lyla chose to name their baby Sara.

In the past, Oliver was forced to live with Amanda Waller’s lackey, Maseo Yamashiro. Yamashiro’s family was threatened if Oliver didn’t do what he was told. So Waller gave Oliver his first target to kill, Tommy Merlin who had come looking for Oliver after Oliver had logged into his email account. He had an alert placed on the account incase he was still alive. In order not to kill Tommy, they captured him and made him believe that Oliver was dead. This prevented Tommy from dying then and prevented Yamashiro’s family from getting hurt. Oliver was still to be presumed to be dead which pleased Amanda Waller.

Back in Starling City, Felicity knew something needed to change. So she returned to Ray and told him that she would work for him. Oliver however this entire episode was trying to get ahold of Thea. She refused to answer his phone calls and didn’t call him back. Finally Roy showed Oliver the note that she left for him the night Deathstroke tried to take over the city. Oliver knew that he needed to go find her and bring her home. Meanwhile, Thea had cut her hair and had been learning about fighting from her father, Malcolm Merlyn. Her return is near.

I feel so bad for everyone. We’ve lost a vital member of the Arrow family. I still tear up at the thought that Sara Lance will not be returning to Arrow. Hopefully things will get better. Tonight’s episode, Corto Maltese hopefully there will be some happiness. 


Written by Shae


Last night was a huge night for television. Okay, maybe not huge, but it was a big deal for me! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. brought it’s A-game again, and they really know how to give twists and turns that keep me guessing. Perhaps the biggest bombshell started quite early on. Raina goes to Skye’s father, asking for the Obelisk back to give to HYDRA so they don’t kill her. All fine and good stuff…only, he refuses to give it to her. Left with little option, Raina heads to HYDRA HQ to, well, beg for her life. It’s here she just happens to get lucky. She spies agent Simmons sending an encoded message to S.H.I.E.L.D. Raina than leaks that information to HYDRA, and goes to make a deal with Coulson.

Coulson is in the middle of a meeting with Skye when he gets Raina’s call. Skye had previously noticed Coulson drawing those weird alien symbols on his desk, resulting in a fight. Raina, an almost happy distraction, convinces Coulson to meet her at a restaurant. Here she presents evidence of agent Simmons sending her message. Raina’s offer is simple, give her Skye, or she exposes Simmons to HYDRA. Raina is convinced if she brings Skye to her long lost father, that he’ll help Raina avoid HYDRA. What she wasn’t counting on was Coulson’s outright refusal. Raina sends the picture to all HYDRA agents and Coulson seems to not have a care in the world about it. Why? Because you don’t threaten Coulson. Ever.

Simmons, unaware of all of this, is shocked to find the picture of herself on every HYDRA computer in the lab. Nervous, she makes a break for it. Only to be cornered by one of the head security members. Yet, this is an episode of twists, so I really shouldn’t be surprised to find out that the security chick is really a double agent as well. If you’re a comic fan, you probably geeked out as hard as I did to find that Bobbi Morris has joined the S.H.I.E.L.D. family. That’s right, Mockingbird herself saves agent Simmons. And, well, Agent Triplett saves them both….but he doesn’t count!

After their escape, Coulson and the rest of the team let Raina go. Skye, however, has wondered off to a building nearby. The same building her father was in earlier. The cameras are still active, however, and he is still watching. Skye and the Team come across a very gruesome double murder…to me, daddy seems like a cross between the Hulk and a Serial Killer. Not the best comparison, but, I really don’t want Skye to ever meet him! After that Skye and Coulson have a bit of a heart to heart, where he explains the carvings, and she admits she doesn’t care about finding her family, ever. The two promise to work together on finding out why Coulson is carving these strange symbols, which appear to be a map, and getting to the bottom of Skye’s killer dad.

Speaking of, he shows up at HYDRA HQ to deliver the Obelisk in exchange for help finding and killing agent Coulson…because that’s just how these things come to be I suppose!

Perhaps the best part, however, is finding out that Bobbi is the famous ex-wife of Hunter…and future ex-wife to Clint Barton....if we’re going by the comics, that is. And with that, another episode has come and gone and all I’m left with is more joy, more questions, and a lot of fear…


Written by Daniel


The Good: The Flash gets picked up for a full season to start with and not that big of a surprise to be honest. The last few episodes have been very well written and building on top of one another pulling the view in for both the story and characters. It’s more than that; it’s the emotion, the heart you have seen in every episode so far. The relationships that have been established for the characters now we get to see those bonds strengthen and this week is no different. Joe, putting years of anger and disappointment aside as he goes to see Barry's father, Henry, to say he was wrong and he is going to get him out of Iron Heights. Yes it’s simple and sappy but I liked that part of the story tonight, and was a huge hit for me.

The rest was a little bit of filler for me but I do see what is going on, it’s the build up and the process of making a hero, something I will get into in a moment. Right now it’s the C grade criminals, Mist could be something big later and is the only one to get captured alive. I like the idea of the prison below S.T.A.R. Labs; its own focus of super powered villains and made me think of the Vault from the Marvel universe right away. I can only see this as a set up for something bigger to come. What better way to have all of the villains released at once upon the world than after they have all been incarcerated together, the very beginning of the Rouges Gallery. Mist was fine as a villain; cool and I can see him just more as a nuisance when he gets free than a real threat but that has yet to play out.

The other story and what left me with questions was the whole Flash back story with Ronnie and him being there for Caitlin on the big day. The look when the accelerator cam on line between him and Wells is more than just mere coincidence. I think Ronnie is from the future the same as Wells and is going to show up later. Both of them knew what is going to happen and came back in time to help facilitate the event, an all most reverse butterfly effect.

The Bad: With the exception of the character growing pains of Barry I liked tonight. I understand you have to have those moments that help establish the character and help them grow, but the whole message at the end is rather Saturday morning cartoonish. Some people are just good and understand, sure they will have moments of doubt and that helps establish the hero in the story, but the whole “I can get him out whenever I want” was just uncalled for. Barry is a part of the police force and should at this point understand the system and know the importance of clearing his Dad's name the right way.

The Verdict: Good, solid storytelling and I like the whole plot thus far, but I do have a theory as to what is about to happen. I have no doubt that Harrison Wells is from the future and at first I had hoped he was Booster Gold. You know, here to help and make a little money on the side, but then Wells went and killed that guy last week and that sort of killed that whole hope. It was a great twist and a total shocker but it did solidify my original thought.  Wells has come back in time to help create the Flash and make him the best hero he can be by testing him and helping create one of his greatest foes, Reverse Flash. Yes that was the thought for Professor Zoom and all but we are forgetting Wally's Flash. His Reverse Flash name was Thawne, who was a cop that was at the wrong place at the wrong time when the flash was trying to do his thing. As a result Thawne was given the ability to slow time down, I think Wells has come back in time and will create Reverse Flash. The story is set up with the romance between Eddie and Iris, Just who Wells is…that has time to work itself out but that is what I am thinking right now. Can’t wait to see if I'm right and I loved the obscure reference to the Blue Devil tonight, classic and maybe a hint of something to come.


Written by Mattie


Tonight The Flash returns for it’s third episode, Things You Can’t Outrun. Here’s a quick refresher to what happened on last week’s episode, Fastest Man Alive.

Barry was having fun being a vigilante and saving people from burning buildings. However, when he used his new powers he would either get sick or pass out. Something was happening and he wasn’t telling Cisco or Catlin about it. When they found out, they were both were pretty upset by this. Turns out that his glucose levels would go down when he used his powers, causing him to pass out. As Cisco said, in one day he would probably need about 850 tacos to keep his glucose levels from plummeting. So that problem was quickly and painlessly fixed.

Joe on the other hand was having issues with Barry running around the city as a vigilante and saving people, since he didn’t want Barry in harms way. However, after Barry saved Joe and several other people from a man who can clone himself and was trying to kill a philanthropist named Simon Stagg, Joe knew that Barry was meant to fight people like this and supported him with his decision.

Turns out that this man who can clone himself, Dalton Black aka Multiplex (the name Cisco gave him), used to work for Stagg and was trying to save his wife by making a cloned heart for her. However Stagg stole his research, which ended up taking away his one chance to save his wife. When the proton accelerator exploded, Black was working on his cloning research thus it created Multiplex.

In the end, Barry had to go up against Multiplex and he felt as though it was impossible. Yet, those affected by the particle accelerator who Wells refers to them as meta-humans, all have a weakness. Barry’s weakness is that when he uses his powers it eats up his energy. So Barry had to find the clone that shows a hint of fatigue and that would be the original.

So Barry was able to take Black out and the against Barry’s will, Black chose to jump out of a window, killing himself. Barry felt bad however he knew what his purpose in life was, and so did Joe. Iris on the other hand still has no clue that he has this power and Joe asked him to keep this secret.

Wells on the other hand went to confront Stagg about seeing “The Flash.” Stagg told Wells that he wanted to harness the energy from The Flash so Wells ended up killing him to keep Barry safe. Who knows what Wells is planning for Barry’s future.

Over all, I’m really kind of getting excited about this show. It’s proving to be quite intense but lighthearted at the same time. Barry Allen is a very carefree character, of what I remember of him so hopefully we will see more of that in this show. Oliver Queen has enough angst and depression for the both of them. Anyways, tonight premieres the third episode, Things You Can’t Outrun on the CW! See you there!


Written by Mattie


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns tonight for its fifth episode, A Hen in the Wolf House. Now last week’s episode just proved that Hydra is truly the enemy and not to be underestimated. This also proves that Hydra is starting to learn about the alien artifacts that have impacted Coulson’s brain. If you missed what happened last week, here’s a quick recap of Face My Enemy.

Now the team had heard about a mysterious painting that had survived a fire with weird writing on the back. It was going to be put up in an auction to try to make money for the church that burnt down. So Agent May and Director Coulson were on the case. They were going to try to steal it before it could be put on auction.

When one thought that everything was going perfectly, out of the blue General Talbot showed up. He was acting strange though, blamed it on the alcohol. May and Coulson knew they had to act fast. So when they went after the item, they found that it was already confiscated by the U.S. government.

However when they went to escape, Talbot was there waiting for them and asked if Coulson could look at the strange writing that was on the back of the painting at his hotel room. Naturally they thought that it was a trap so Coulson went to wait on the bus while May went to investigate.

She found that it was Hydra all along and that they used the same technology that Black Widow used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier to impersonate the female member from the World Council, to impersonate General Talbot. May went to attack the female Hydra agent, not realizing that the male Hydra operative, Sunil Bakshi was there. Sadly May was taken and they made a replica of her face and placed it on the female Hydra agent. 

The Hydra agent returned to the Bus and placed a device on the operations system to shut down the plane. She then grabbed Coulson, pretending to be May and returned to the hotel. All during this, Coulson kept talking to fake May. When they got to the hotel and they were walking to the room, he asked her if she wanted to go get coffee and the fake May said she’d like to. That’s when he punched fake May in the face. May hates coffee.

The fight was on. Bakshi who was busy torturing the real May, heard the commotion and went to assist his undercover agent. May was able to escape and assist Coulson with defeating the Hydra agents.

Meanwhile, the device that fake May had placed on the Bus started to shut it down. Fitz was trying to explain to everyone what was going to happen however he got overwhelmed. He finally got it out that the entire plane was going to explode and he took Hunter and explained to him that he needed Hunter’s hands because his hands were broken. Finally Fitz was able to get Hunter to fix the plane and it saved the day, making Fitz a hero.

Coulson and May finally defeated the two Hydra agents and ran away with the painting. They were successful and noticed that the writing on the back was the same as the ones he carves into walls.

Back at their base, Coulson asked for May to kill him if anything ever went south. He doesn’t want the wrong things ending up in the wrong hands and finally she accepted this fate. They also talked to Talbot about Hydra using his face to get into places. Talbot was pretty furious but was thankful they told him.

It was an intense episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last week and probably will be even worse on tonight’s episode, A Hen in the Wolf House. I can’t wait!  


Written by Shae


What happens when a new drug comes to the streets of Gotham?  Users suddenly have super human strength. Like, rip an entire ATM out of the wall and carry it for miles. Side effects of the drug include, craving milk, death, dying horrifically, and being able to throw people through walls. It’s hard to believe, but this drug is being handed out for free by the supplier. Bullock and Gordon are, of course, on the case. Sadly, there’s more deaths than they can prevent before figuring out a lead.

As it so happens, the drug itself is a highly synthesized drug that can only be made in a lab. That lab now in the spotlight, a state of the art laboratory, is run by Wayne Enterprises. Drawing more suspicion that the Wayne’s murder was more than just some random accident. Granted, we all knew it wouldn’t be that simple. Yet the theories keep piling up. A representative of the lab shows up at the police station to talk with Gordon and Bullock. The woman is able to identify the main suspect in the case, saying he was a former, disgruntled, employee who worked on shampoo. Does anyone else smell a fishy story? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, this isn’t the end of it.

With all of that going on, Oswald finally butts his nose in too far with Maroni and reveals his actual identity to the mob boss. This goes about as well as expected. Maroni sends for Gordon to confirm the story, and now more than ever is the detective wishing he’d gotten rid of the little snitch. Still, Gordon is a man of his convictions and tells the truth. This coincides with Oswald’s story, so Maroni lets them both live. Free to go, Gordon gets back to the investigation, while Oswald helps Maroni plan to rob one of Falcone’s casinos.  Which goes well, and Oswald does well, pleasing Maroni and saving his skin once again.

All the while, Gordon and Bullock find out the truth behind Viper. It turns out the drug was manufactured by the company this doctor named Patolski worked for. The drug was made to be a weapon, and had since been refined with no side effects. The original company Gordon and Bullock thought was behind the whole thing indeed was. Only, the suspect wasn’t trying to just murder people. I mean, he did murder people, but he was trying to bring awareness to the drug, to the company, to show the wrongfulness of all that was going on. 

In a strange way, he was trying to do the right thing. His next target? A Wayne Enterprises lunch that a young Bruce Wayne has decided to attend. Thankfully, Gordon gets there in time and stops the madman from blasting Viper into the air vents. The suspect, after being dosed with the drug, jumps off the building. Everyone is saved, but more questions are left. Bruce is now looking further into all the files his parents left behind, determined to fix everything he can. Alfred, who wasn’t for this, is now helping. Oswald is working for Maroni, while Fish Mooney’s newest hire is seducing Falcone. Next week it looks like things get scary…will another famous Villain be revealed?


Written by Shae


It's about time they finally focused on Arkham. After all, what is Gotham City without Arkham! Granted, this section of the city is more than just home to an insane asylum. It's home to far more trouble and danger and whatnot!

Last weeks episode focused on the rival mob gangs fighting over the territory that is Arkham. The Penguin, I mean, Oswald, gave Detective Gordon a visit. The, very-not-dead former police informant is determined to make the detective see things his way. Oswald has been going on and on about some war going on, and it finally seems like his ravings are coming to fruition. Falcone and Maroni have both hired one assassin to get rid of certain political figures that have voted differently of the Arkham restoration program. Falcone wants it to be a low income neighbourhood, of which he can run. While Maroni wants the run of something entirely different. He wants to control Arkham Asylum's reopening. Both want to profit from this. The assassin in question has enough time to take out three men, two for Falcone and one for Maroni, before the police even get a lead on him. Gordon refuses to let this guy get away with murder and is set on finding him. While also dealing with the fact that Oswald is alive, back in Gotham, and "wanting to help".

What Gordon doesn't know, is that Oswald is working for Maroni. Having staged a murder and burglary, Oswald ends up being on Maroni's good side. Promoted from dishwasher to restaurant manager in a single day. With this new promotion comes a hefty amount of trust, not to mention the information he is now privy to. As it turned out, Oswald set up the entire heist. Having hired the four goons to shoot the previous manager and steal a majority of the money; all to make himself look good in the eyes of Maroni. Oswald poisoned his helpers and made off with the rest of the cash. For what? Who knows! 

Gordon and Bullock finally track down the assassin. Rather, his alias. Seems the real man they were after died years before. It's Gordon who finds out the real next target, the Mayor. In an epic showdown, Gordon saves the Mayor and Bullock shows up to save them both. The assassin is left dead, but the Mayor is left with a big decision. In the end, he turns Arkham into what both Maroni and Falcone wanted. Pleasing both monsters, while infuriating Gordon and a young Bruce Wayne. Speaking of Gordon, Barbara finally confronted him about Oswald; which led to a discussion on her previous relations with Montoya. Neither was happy with the outcome. Barbara demanded Gordon tell her what he was hiding. Gordon refused, saying he couldn't trust her...and well, he can't. Both are lying to the other and it seems neither are willing to budge on that. Looks like the couple has split. Or have they? 

With all that's going on, it leaves a lot to be desired. Tonight may just give us what we want, but at what price?


Written by Shae


What I admire most about this show, is its ability to draw me in and make me fall in love all over again. With all sorts of craziness happening, this show has consistently given twists and turns that nobody seems to really see coming. Some of them, yes, but this episode had me wondering what would happen next. It seems as though things will be normal. Emma has a chance to ask Hook on a date, and he accepts. From there, it's the crazy Storybrooke action we all know and love oh so much. Hook visits Gold in an attempt to bully his way into getting his other hand back. Which works...or does it. It would seem things are fine, but Gold says the hand is from Hooks' old life and could bring back that old person. Of course, the hand was fine. It was Gold putting ideas in Hook's head. Forcing the pirate to help him with some things. 

Meanwhile, The Snow Queen has been distracting Emma. Showing up from time to time in various instances to keep her busy. It seems she and Gold are still working together. While Emma is away, Hook has gotten himself into some trouble. Gold doesn't let up on his deals. He doesn't take kindly to being threatened, and he's fully ready to make Hook pay for threatening his marriage. 

In the past, Anna finally makes it to Rumple and asks for his help. She makes a deal with him. In exchange, however, the princess must place the contents of a vail in an elderly man's tea. The man in question? Why, he's the Sorcerers Apprentice; sworn guardian of the Hat. This isn't just any hat...crafted over a thousand years ago, legend says it has limitless power. Well, once it's fully charged. Many a Dark One has tried to obtain it, but many have failed. Anna, unbeknownst to all of this, is unable to poison the kind man. She lies, telling Rumple she did. Only, it wasn't poison she would have fed him. But an antidote. One that would have saved him from being turned into a mouse. In her desperation for answers, Anna nearly stabs Rumple. It is her desire to protect her sister that saves him. In that dark moment, she did contemplate killing him, and that was the key to unlocking Rumples' chance to get the Hat. 

He takes it and reveals to Anna that her dead parents had come to him asking for Elsa's powers to be taken away. Shortly thereafter, Rumple is surprised when the Apprentice, in mouse form, attacks his face; leaving Anna a chance to grab his dagger. She takes the box, demands to be sent home and have the Apprentice turned back into a human. Forced to obey, Rumple does. He's able to get the dagger back, but loses the Hat. It seems as though all is lost... 

In the present, he has the Hat, and allows it to swallow the Apprentice while he watches. What does he want the Hat for? My guess is so he can be free from the curse of The Dark One but still hold his powers. What happened to Anna? Why does the Snow Queen know Emma and Elsa? Why can't they remember her? This show always leaves more questions than answers.


Written by Mattie


Once Upon a Time returns tonight with its fourth episode of this season, The Apprentice. However if you missed last week’s episode Rocky Road, here’s a quick recap of what you missed since the discovery that there is someone else who had powers like Elsa’s in Storybrooke.

Now Robin, Marian and their son went for ice cream in town. It was Marian’s first time having ice cream. However, the ice cream shop owner who is also the Snow Queen put a curse on her treat, which made Marian pass out during Snow’s first town meeting. Marian was turning into ice, like Anna did in the movie Frozen. This of course made it to where the town believed that Elsa was the one who did it, which was the Snow Queen’s plan all along.

Meanwhile, Regina had gone to ask Henry if he knew who the writer of the story book was. He told her no and asked her what she was planning. She told him that she was planning to find the writer so she could make him give her a happy ending. Henry loved this idea and wanted to help Regina with it, calling this mission, Operation Mongoose. Emma however knew that Elsa didn’t hurt Marian, so she and David tried to track down who did it and she told Hook to take Elsa to the sheriff’s station so that she would be hidden from the angry townspeople.

Hook however had a different plan. He took Elsa to get answers from Rumpelstiltskin. Earlier they had went to see him and Hook realized that Rumplestiltskin had lied to Bell about the dagger, so he used this against Rumpelstiltskin for information on who cursed Marian. Emma and David meanwhile, went to Robin and Marian’s camp where they found the ever awesome, Will Scarlet from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I literally was bouncing in my chair when he appeared on the screen. I love Will, and glad they are using him in Once Upon a Time.

Anyways, he told them he was a thief but he was trying to help figure out who did this to Marian since at one point he was one of Robin’s merry men. He said that during the black out when the town lost power, he was snooping through town and broke into the ice cream parlor. The thing that was weird about the Ice Cream Parlor was that nothing was melting. Absolutely nothing at all even though there were no generators to keep it cold. So he took them there and showed them that the ice cream was perfectly frozen without any power to keep anything cold. They then found out that the back room was completely frozen. Luckily for Will, he was able to break into the cash drawer and took off before Emma could find him. I LOVE YOU WILL SCARLET!!!

While Elsa and Hook were at Rumplestiltskin’s, Elsa had a piece of Marian’s hair and gave it to Rumple to have him help them. She gave it to Rumplestiltskin who turned it into pure magic which flew off to return to its original owner. Regina on the other hand went to help Robin with Marian. She was turning to ice and Robin tried true love’s kiss and it didn’t work. Then again, Robin didn’t love Marian he loved Regina but he wasn’t with her because he made a promise to Marian. Anyways, to protect Marian’s heart, Regina ripped it out and put it in a box to protect it from the ice for Robin’s sake. 

Elsa and Hook chased the magic to the forest where they found the Snow Queen. Hook called Emma and told her where they were and then he and Elsa were going to try to find a way out until the Snow Queen trapped Hook and told Elsa that she knows her and that her memories were erased by the magic trolls.

In the past, back in Arendelle Elsa was worried about her sister being gone. However she got news that Prince Hans and his twelve brothers were in the mountains searching for an urn that could trap magical creatures. Kristoff was there to receive the news and offered to go get and destroy the urn before Hans got to it. Elsa was hesitant at first but then she decided to go with Hans to destroy the urn. They were able beat Hans and his brothers to the cave where the urn was located yet, instead of destroying it like Kristoff said, Elsa wanted to know more about it. Sadly Hans and his brothers got there and Hans threatened Kristoff’s life. Elsa told him not to do it because Kristoff is her friend and she gave Hans the urn. He then took the top of the urn off to trap Elsa in, but that when ooze popped out and there displayed the Snow Queen, who froze Hans and chased his brother’s away. Elsa, Kristoff and the Snow Queen returned to the castle where the Snow Queen told her that she was really her aunt.

Back in current day, Hook was trapped and the Snow Queen was trying to frame Elsa once again to teach her that people will only fear and hate her. She told Elsa that her sister Anna was the one who trapped her in the Urn and that the magic trolls were the ones who erased away the painful memories. Right before the Snow Queen dropped ice on Hook to kill him, Emma and David appeared and the Snow Queen shouted out “EMMA!?” like she knew her. Emma then shot her away with magic and saved Elsa and Hook.

By the time they were all going to face the Snow Queen, she was gone. Elsa knew that the Snow Queen was lying about Anna and the urn while Emma was wondering how the Snow Queen knew her. Rumpelstiltskin on the other hand knew the Snow Queen and knew all about her plans. They never say what her true intentions are.

So now more questions have appeared that need to be answered. Did Anna really trap Elsa in the urn? What is the Snow Queen planning? What happens to Marian? Does Regina have to make the act of true love to save Marian? Do we get to see Will Scarlet again? What happened to Anna?! Hopefully tonight’s episode, The Apprentice answers some of our questions! 

New movies as always, are hitting theaters this weekend. Here’s a quick movie guide to tell you what to expect of these new coming movies.

Fury will be coming to theaters Friday. This is the heroic story of an army sergeant nicknamed Wardaddy, who leads his five-man crew behind enemy lines to strike at the heart of Nazi ridden Germany, April, 1945.This movie stars Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. If you are a WWII fan or even just a war fanatic, this may be the movie for you. I loved Brad Pitt in Inglorious Basterds so hopefully he brings another awesome performance to another WWII movie.

The Best of Me also comes out this weekend to theaters. If you are a Nicholas Sparks fan and loved his other movies, this may be a good one for you. It is the story of when two high school sweethearts return to their hometown and end up rekindling their love. It stars James Marsden who played Scott Summers in the X-Men series for all you fans out there. So if you are looking for a story full of romance, The Best of Me is probably for you.

If you’re looking for a family fun movie though, The Book of Life is one to consider. It’s about a young man who has to choose between the life his family wants for him and following his heart. So he goes on a journey through three fantasy worlds to face his biggest fears. What I have seen of it, it looks like a pretty cute movie and stars Zoe Saldana, Channing Tatum and Ron Perlman. If you’re looking for a cute family movie, The Book of Life may be for you.

An honorable mention of a movie with limited showings that I actually wanted to see was Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) starring Michael Keaton, Zach Gaifianakis, Edward Norton and Emma Stone. It’s the story of a washed up actor who has to overcome his ego and family troubles as he tries to reclaim his past by being on Broadway. He was formally the beloved iconic superhero, Birdman.  I have loved Michael Keaton since I was a child and am pretty excited for this movie. Hopefully it will come to theaters around here soon.

Here are the new movies coming to theaters this weekend! Hope everyone has a good weekend and remember if you’re looking for something to do, the movies are always waiting!