Written by Scotty

Being able to follow through with an assigned task seems to have become a thing of the past.  It seems like if the task does not benefit the person doing it, they will put it in their back pocket for a rainy day to complete, rather than just getting it done then and there.  With some people’s attention spans becoming nonexistent these days, it is easy to see why so many things are not completed in a timely manner.  There are some people that are the ‘go to’ ones that you will give any task to that needs to get done right away, but that is a breed of person that is soon to become extinct. 

Young Jobe is fighting among his friends and fellow volunteers at the Alamo to save Texas from being sent back to Mexico.  Doing his best, Jobe moves from person to person when told to and helps by reloading muskets and calling out what is happening during the battle.  When seeing his friend Davy Crockett get shot in the arm, the reality of the situation comes to light as he is ordered to tear off a dead man’s shirt and patch up the fighter.  But Jobe is not only seeing the Mexican Army making it inside of the fort, but people in strange clothes walking around the grounds like there is nothing going on.

After watching a tour group enter the Alamo behind his opponent, Jobe fears that his eyes are playing tricks on him and asks Colonel Travis who these strange onlookers are.  Not knowing what the boy is talking about, Travis sends Jobe on an errand to get a letter to General Lefferts before the fighters succumb to the enemy.  Hearing from the tour guide that everyone in the Alamo dies, Jobe moves quickly through the fort until he is cornered by the enemy.  Knowing that his time is up, Jobe closes his eyes, but is surprised to feel a hand pull him out of harm’s way.  Being escorted out of the Alamo by a guard, Jobe is thrown into present day, but this does not keep him from what he has been ordered to do as he starts to venture around the city to find General Lefferts. 

As he starts to move around the city, he notices how strange the time he is in really is.  With nobody seeming to care about the battle that is raging on at the Alamo, Jobe is all alone on his venture.  Meeting a young boy who tries to help the buckskinned teen, Jobe has no ideas of how to get around, much less what all the commotion around him is.  Pulling his musket to stop a van from hitting him, the police are now in hot pursuit of the boy.  Finding an old antique shop that has Lefferts name attached, Jobe hands the letter off to the General’s great grandson and hopes that it will help before the Alamo is overrun by Santa Anna’s men. 

This is a fun episode as you get to see how strange our time looks to someone that comes from the past. I really like Jobe as he is never persuaded from competing the task that has been put in front of him, not even a shift in time that should leave him out of sorts. Finding out what is about to happen at the Alamo from the tour guides and curious onlookers, Jobe will continue to fight for what he knows is right and there is nothing that can stop him.  I must admit, if I were to find out my future and knew I was going to die doing something, I would probably refrain from doing it, but it was just right for Jobe as he will die for what he knows is right.  Remember, there is always something more to see, as long as you know how to focus.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


Sometimes the only way you learn about a television show you're missing out on is by word of mouth and that's exactly how I discovered Sense8. It came highly recommended to me by several friends and trusting their judgment, I made a point to check out this show and I'm glad that I did. At times I found this show a little bit polarizing, but also extremely brilliant. So with that in mind, let's look back at the freshman season of the series, and all the good and bad that came with it. 

The Good: Let's start with the obvious...this is a damn original concept. To unite eight strangers by way of an evolutionary change in our genetic makeup is nothing short of brilliant. We get the mysticism of psychic abilities with a heavy dose of science fiction and the concept alone had me excited to watch this show, but it only got better from there. After all, characters matter most and Sense8 features perhaps the most diverse set of characters on television in history. I mean really, I cannot think of a time I've truly seen people from all walks of life be represented in a show and we get it here and man, those characters are rich. The acting in this series was top notch and their stories were nothing short of fascinating. 

Not to mention, I love the villain as well. The fact that Whispers happens to be a Sensate and hates his species and wants nothing more than to see his own kind wiped off of the planet is an interesting twist and one that I wasn't expecting. It gave a story that appeared to be some kind of sweeping superhero tale at first a special kind of grounding since the whole thing boiled down to a celebration of life and the beauty of it.

The Bad: At the same time however, the show's greatest strength was also its only downfall. Granted this didn't ruin the show by any means, but it did endanger it. At times there was too much of a focus on the characters, to the point where the plot didn't advance at all. In fact in the middle of the season the show managed to stumble into a simple pattern. Recap and resolve the events of last week, spend more time wondering if the characters are crazy or not because they can see and hear one another and then a taste of something big to come. It became quite frustrating simply due to the fact this original an idea and this special a concept deserved a little more care. 

The Verdict: In the end however, Sense8 completely redeemed itself, getting back on track and finally realizing its potential in the latter half of the season. I am still in awe of how seamlessly these characters can interchange between one another's lives and use their special talents to save people. They may not be able to fly or have super strength but these are definitely a new breed of heroes and I want to see where else this story plans to go. Hopefully Netflix gives this series a green light for season two and we can return to the world of the Sensates sometime soon.  Until next time. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt


There comes a point where every television show arrives at a crossroads, and at that junction the show either finally comes together in impressive fashion, or everything simply falls off the rails. It may happen in season one, might happen a couple of years down the road, but it always happens and after sitting down for the season one finale of Sense8 I am proud to say that the show finally found its footing and came together in impressive fashion. 

Yes, this was an episode that worked on every single level. We had redemption, we had answers, we had action and adventure and most importantly of all now...the Sensates have a purpose in this life and our villain is now in plain sight and I was so happy to find myself satisfied with the story at last when the show faded to black. So what exactly made "I Can't Leave Her" so wonderful and amazing? Well...let's start with the action and adventure, courtesy of Wolfgang. 

In fact our intrepid thief managed to tie up every loose end in his story. He's already defeated one set of baddies and as we saw at the end of episode eleven, he was ready to finish up his final business with Sergei as well for his and Felix's safety. That of course turned into one epic shootout and we learned at long last who took down Wolfgang's father...Wolfgang. If anything the conclusion of his journey in season one was a tragic one to say the least simply because there was no redemption for Wolfgang...merely resolution.

But there was plenty of redemption for Riley. Her haunted past, her regret, all of it came around full circle, which we will get to in a moment. Because what came first, was the incredible rescue of Riley thanks to Will...and everyone in the cluster. This is where the show truly impressed the hell out of me, for while last week gave us a taste of exactly how amazing it is when these eight folks truly work together, this week polished that idea and the end result was a sparkling shine. Everyone helped out in their own special way, and thanks to their help they were able to foil Whispers' plan for the time being and get Riley to safety. But that moment of redemption came when Riley arrived back at the place where she lost her child so long ago, and finally overcame her fears and her pain to rescue Will...and in the process the rest of her cluster.

But while we had a happy ending, there is still plenty to be resolved in a second season. We still don't quite know where Jonas' loyalties lie, and Whispers unfortunately knows what Will looks like, leaving the intrepid police officer/hero in a perpetual state of drowsiness in order to keep the bad man at bay. I also loved how this non traditional show ended in traditional fashion with the Sensates heading off into the sunset, now fully aware of their abilities and the possibilities of what they can do, since they are in various places on the planet...are endless. The last two episodes of season one were a perfect mix of comedy, action/adventure, character growth and a sprawling story. This should mean, that since the show has finally jelled, we can expect a second season that is nothing short of spectacular, provided Netflix gives it a green light. Until next time.


Written by Scotty

There are some people that have the ability to be the best at everything that they do.  Most of these people are very popular and need to stay in the limelight at all times to feel good about themselves.  While everyone looks up to them, they are not always able to catch their eye since they are less popular than their hero, but they still try everything within their power to get noticed.  With the feeling of being stuck in the shadows, it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is there and if you are persistent enough, anything can happen.

Brad Bender is at the top of his game.  Being named all state in every sport that he has played, everything is on the up and up for the star, but he still wants more.  Brad now has his eyes set on becoming Prom King and has to decide on who he wants to make his queen. Thinking that there is no way that he can lose the race to the class president, Cliff, Brad is ready to accept his crown when some disheartening news comes across the intercom.

This year’s Prom King will not be based on popularity, but it will be whomever is able to sell the most raffle tickets for the school fundraiser.  Even though Cliff has gotten at head start on it, Brad is none too worried about losing to him, since all of his sales will come from the girls that want to be his queen.  But Brad has one admirer that will stop at nothing to catch his eye.  Shirley wants to be seen by the high school stud, but he is not willing to tarnish his image with the dorky girl and keeps trying to shun her away.  When he is supposed to be watching the meteor shower, Brad is on the phone with Cliff, trying to rub his opponent’s nose in his impending victory, but what Brad does not see is that a meteor is coming straight for him.

After crashing into his room, Brad continues to be the talk around town, but something is slowly starting to change with his body.  With everything else around his room becoming magnetized from the meteor strike, Brad is not an exception.  Trying to hide what is happening to him from his friends and family, Brad tries to get out of going to school for fear of losing face, but is still striving to become Prom King.  As he waits for the announcement to come over the intercom, Brad has to stay away from anything metal since it is all attracted to him.  When the scientists come to the school to find him and see if he is hiding anything from them, Brad tries to hide, but there is nowhere to run when his new attraction brings him face to face with his fate.

This episode shows how hard it is for someone to let go and allow themselves to change in any way.  Even when Brad becomes magnetized, he is still trying to show off for everyone how great he really is.  Even when his secret comes to light, he still tries to hold his head up high, even though he is beyond ashamed.  But when he finds out that his little dorky crush Shirley is affected by the same thing, there is nothing that can keep them apart, literally. It seems like everyone gets what they deserve in the end, no matter how good you are at something, or how popular you may be, your just rewards are always waiting for, no matter if you want them or not.  Always keep one eye to the sky, as you never know what will be coming down to you.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


It's been a long and sometimes frustrating road when it comes to Sense8. For all of its amazing potential, this first season has seen its share of stumbling blocks that have left me frustrated at times, and even at the end of episode ten, I still found myself dying for the Sensates to fulfill their potential and become something more and wonderful. 

Well it turns out my patience has finally been rewarded because the eleventh episode of the series, "Just Turn the Wheel and the Future Changes" was one filled to the brim with the right mix of action, adventure, character development and of course...a purpose for the Sensates at last and a grand setup for what appears to be a big time season finale. So let's get right into breaking down this wonderful episode. 

When it came to character development this go round, much of it focused on Kala and Sun, as they continued their respective journeys. After all Kala has big decisions to make about her future marriage and Sun...well Sun unfortunately came to learn from her idiot brother that her father passed away shortly before finally revealing the truth about the embezzlement his son committed. Granted it looks like Sun's brother killed dear old dad to keep his sorry ass out of prison and Sun's journey toward the dark side was completed when she beat the tar out of him for killing their dad. I mean really, she's had the ugliest journey so far of all the Sensates and her words to Kala at the end of the episode speak to how hardened she has become. 

But the action and adventure kicked off courtesy of Capheus' story, as he brought Silas' daughter to a safe place with his business partner before confronting the gang that told him to give them the girl or see his mother perish. Displeased with the fact they didn't get the girl, Githu revealed that he had captured Silas in the hopes of killing his daughter in front of him and demanded that Capheus kill Silas as retribution and to settle their debt. But Capheus would not do such a thing, channeling Sun's fury one more time and even bringing Will in on the fun to become Van Damme one more time and save the day. 
But perhaps the most troubling storyline of the episode was that of Riley's and the danger she is in. Indeed the clock is ticking and despite Nomi's best efforts to keep Riley a secret, Jonas returns to warn them that Whispers knows about her and well...he's planning to meet Will in Iceland.  

So man, this is the first episode that I was on the edge of my seat the entire way through. It was one incredible moment after another and while it's clear now that Whispers grand plan is to find every Sensate he can to lobotomize or murder, what's not clear is if Jonas is truly helping the mad man...or the cluster he helped give birth to. Either way, this is what I was waiting for. So many characters featured in this episode were bold, brazen and heroes at last. Not to mention they finally used their powers the right way, working together in seamless fashion and it truly made for one fine episode. Now onto the season finale and the race to save Riley. Until next time. 


Written by Scotty

As you get older, you start to remember things that have happened in the past that you were responsible for.  Even though there is nothing you can do about it now, if something bad happened, you still feel responsible. If someone lost their life, or even just lost their job over what you did so many years ago, it still sticks with you and you are left to wonder what you could have done to make things better.  Even if you might have done the wrong thing back then, is there a way that you will be able to make up for it going forward?  It is a question that many people will leave unanswered in life, but if you think about it before your final days, you might be able to make it right once again.

Old Pa is being taken to his son’s house in the country.  Although it seems like he is enjoying himself on the trip, when he arrives at his new home, he is less than pleased. Even with the house being something out of this world, Old Pa knows that there is something coming in the night that will make it less desirable to live in, even if his son will not believe him.  But Old Pa does know that there is someone that will listen to every word that he says, his grandson Brian. When Brian sees his grandfather, he is beyond ecstatic.  Without being able to have his friends come over to his house due to its location being so far out of town, Brian is in need of someone to talk too other than his parents.  With Old Pa in the house now, Brian can hear all of the old stories about Indians fighting on the land, but he then hears a story he did not expect.  Old Pa takes a moment in the quiet to listen to an old railroad track that has been dislodged when the old Highball Express derailed seventy-five years ago and he hears the train coming again after all this time.

Telling his grandson about what happened so many years ago, about how he fell asleep on the tracks and the train derailed because of him, Old Pa is finally ready to board the train.  But there is one problem, the trains tracks are leading right though the house.  Trying to warn the family that there will be problems when the old train comes through, Old Pa is sedated and left in his room that is right in the way of the oncoming train.  But Brian does not give up on his grandfather and listens to the tracks on his to train set to see what Old Pa has heard.  When hearing the train coming, Brian tries to get his parents attention, but they are less than willing to admit that an old man’s ramblings are valid.  But Old Pa is ready to take his train and when it arrives in the living room of the house, he is none the wiser and happy to see it once again.

This is a great opening to a new series, and although it happened in the eighties, it is new to me.  With a story that thinks outside of the box, I am happy to see it on my screen today.  I loved how this story came to life with Old Pa and his grandson Brian.  The two have a bond that only a grandfather and grandson can understand.  With Brian wanting a new play friend and Old Pa looking to take the train that he missed so many years ago, it is a story that will last you a lifetime.  Old Pa needs redemption for what he caused so many years ago and even though Brian does not understand the gravity of the situation, he will do everything in his power to make sure that his grandfather his happy and on his way.

Amazing Stories is just kicking off and one of the reasons I was willing to give it a chance is that Steven Spielberg is a producer.  I am not one to give in to a name like this, but when the series came out in the eighties and he was just starting to hit it big and after one episode, I don’t think I can pull back.  Everyone knows Spielberg as a huge Sci-Fi nut, but his stories can be darker and more out of this realm than you could ever imagine.  The kids that can actually remember the eighties should know this pretty well, but if you have not seen his shorts, or anything besides his Indiana Jones movies, you need to widen your horizon a little bit, for he has a mind that could blow yours away and some of the stories that he has been involved with are stranger than anything you could ever imagined. In the end, some stories are never what you expected.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

The weekend is quickly approaching for all of us and with the end of the work week comes time at last for rest, relaxation and of course entertainment because of the fact that new movies are hitting your local mulitplex. Just what is there to see this weekend? Well I'm glad you asked.

First up this weekend is the latest entry in the adventures of Ethan Hunt and the IMF...Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. This go round Ethan and his team discover the mysterious Syndicate, a group of rogue agents and assassins who work hard to bring disorder to the world, and it will be up to the IMF to put a stop to them.

The fifth entry in the Mission Impossible film franchise looks like a lot of fun, something the series has always been solid at producing. Not to mention it looks like we will be treated to some amazing and wild stunts, since Tom Cruise always does his own in these films so if you're looking for tons of breathtaking action, this is the movie for you. 

Also in theaters this weekend is the next entry (and I guess reboot) in the legendary National Lampoon's Vacation franchise with the aptly titled, Vacation. In this entry of the series we find that Rusty Griswold, played by Ed Helms, is all grown up now and with his family life in a bit of a funk he decides it is high time to recreate the trip to Walley World his own family went on years ago. 

Already I'm curious to see this one because the cast looks stellar, Ed Helms and Christina Applegate are genius comedians and not to mention the always funny Charlie Day shows up in this along with cameos from Clark and Ellen Griswold as well...played by the legendary Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo respectively. I've always been a big fan of this hilarious franchise and I'm hoping this one makes the other films proud. Either way, if you're looking for laughs to go with your popcorn, look no further than this. 

These are the two major films hitting the theaters this week, so I hope everyone has an amazing weekend and hopefully one of these movies leaves you smiling at the multiplex! 

All right, this is probably a long time coming, but I finally sat down last night and had the opportunity to watch the Netflix show Daredevil. If you’ve read most of my blogs, than most of you know my hate of the character. Which is probably unjust and I’m sure I owe the character an apology. I should start by saying my first interaction with Daredevil was the movie. Previously I had heard of the comic, but never read it. Because, well, I don’t know. I found it offensive. I suppose that is something most people should know about me by now, but I am easily offended by some things. Particularly when it comes to vision.

For me, I live in purgatory; too sighted to be blind and too blind to do most actual adult things. Like driving. So, when I heard there was a blind superhero I was excited at first. But then the movie happened and I was no longer excited. Perhaps its because the movie played up the stigma that blind people had better sense than everyone else. I’m here to dispel that lie. In fact, we don’t…we just pay more attention to what we hear, smell, touch and taste, to make up for what we can’t see. The reality is, the thought of this superhero out there doing things because he couldn’t see, was awesome. Yet, even at that they cheated. I’m sorry, but the whole “seeing through sound vibrations” thing really ticked me off. Especially in the movie, because let’s face it. He wasn’t so blind then. I guess that’s when my hate began.

The show, so far, is a lot different. I actually really like the character. I like the origin story and how they tell it here. And yes, I get it, chemicals took his vision away so other things were probably enhanced  because that’s just a typical hero story. And, this time around, that’s fine. The show actually grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go. I’ve literally just started watching it and I’m excited to watch every episode after. While some aspects of Daredevil’s powers will probably still irritate me, the way this story is being told actually makes me like the character. It’s a wonderfully put together show…and yes, I did text everyone after seeing the first episode. After all, sometimes you have to rescind your angry dislike of something once you find out you like it. Except for raspberries…those are pure evil.

If you’ve not seen the show I highly recommend that you do. Not only is it worth watching, it’s worth binge watching. Because, e power of Netflix is amazing and filed with all kinds of love. I'm looking forward to one massive binge watch of this show. I have to know how it ends, it's really that good and I'm honestly sorry I didn't quite give it a chance sooner. But that's okay, because I'm enjoying it now and if anything, this show has already taught me one valuable lesson that I didn't think it would...don't judge a series by its movie. 


Written by Shae

As life has literally just been punching me in the face, every time I turn around, I’ve not had a whole lot of free time. For that, guys, I’m sorry. However, there’s been a lot of amazing content on the site for you to enjoy! And you’re probably sick of this particular blog series already, and that’s fair. I’m still going to write this because, well, I want to! And know that I do have other things in the works, they’re just not finished yet. Today’s blog was inspired by Kingdom Hearts. I’ve been replaying the first game whenever I have a few minutes, which makes it slow going, but that’s all right. In the game there’s this level involving the 100 Acre Woods. And that got me thinking.
My dad really enjoys finding ways to mess with the things I like. And this one happened when I was in college. Now, I’m not the biggest Winnie the Pooh fan, ever, but I love Eeyore. He’s just special to me. Like, every time we go to Disney (either the parks or the store) I have to come home with something Eeyore related. So, as I’m a young adult going into Psych classes, my dad is literally there excitedly telling me how Winnie the Pooh characters represent various psychological disorders. Yes, for real, that is exactly what is happening here. I assumed that something as extensive as this would be brought up by a psych teacher, but no. It was, indeed, my very father who thought we should talk in depth about the messed ways of this supposed childhood novel and cartoon.
Pooh, of course, represents an eating disorder. His constant need for honey was, admittedly, obvious. As is Eeyore’s depressive state. Now, I could give my dad this, he’s not wrong. Whether that was the intention of the author, well, I don’t know. Tigger has ADHD, Piglet has anxiety disorder, while Rabbit suffers from OCD. And our beloved Christopher Robin? Apparently he is schizophrenic. I never bothered to ask my dad about the other characters, because I figured he’d seriously ruined how I look at Winnie the Pooh enough for one life time. But it gets worse. Dad is so obsessed with trying to ruin my childhood cartoons now that he brought up Courage the Cowardly Dog. According to dad, and it’s actually a popular online theory (whether he got it from the internet or not, is, well, debatable), everything that happens is all in Courage’s head. The whole thing is the Dog’s life experiences in his imagination. This, I can actually get behind since it makes perfect sense.
I will say, dad did try ruining Avatar: The Last Airbender, but instead watched it with me, and surprisingly didn’t have much to argue about. Let it be known, however, that my dad does not leave me alone for long. The Matrix was a perfect example. He loved the first movie so much that when the sequel came out, we had to go opening day. Eventually the third movie would come out, and if you want to see my dad mad, boy should you attempt seeing movies with sequels he decides he doesn’t like. Here is where revenge is a dish best served after a movie. Now, I’m not always proud of my ‘getting dad back moments’, but this one was pretty fun. While dad wasn’t thrilled with the ending, I thought I’d make it worse by pointing out the whole thing was an allegory for Christianity. I seriously made this up, on the spot. I even went into detail on how Neo was just like Jesus. And now, anytime my dad watches the first movie, it’s all he sees.
Sadly, it never lasts long, and while I get him back from time to time….it almost encourages him to ruin things for me even more.


Written by Scotty

It is always the best idea to live your life the way you want to.  Not giving into what others think you should be doing, you need to do what feels right and get the most out of your days on the planet.  It is difficult not to bend to the will of others however and once you do, it is very hard to get back to the person that you were before.  There is always someone out there that will want to change you, your attitude, or your outlook on life and if it is what you want, then you should succumb to it, but if not, you need to remember that this is your life and it is much too short to not be happy in.

Los Angeles has almost been taken off of the map with a giant 9.6 earthquake, but is still standing.  Becoming an island off the coast of California, it has become a prison of sorts for those citizens that are deemed undesirable by the President’s new rules.  Just like New York, there is no coming back after you are sent to this island, but the streets of L.A. hold a different type of danger since they are monitored even less and with the addition of the President’s daughter and a doomsday device that can take out the United States, it is able to be leveled to the ground.  Under the leadership of Cuervo Jones, an attack to take the power away from the nation is underway and the only way to stop it is to recover the new toy that has been designed to take out all the electronics in a designated area. 

Snake Plissken has been captured again, but not without a fight.  After barley escaping Cleveland by the hair of his teeth, he has been picked up on a gun fighting charge and is ready to serve his time.  Being pulled away from the regular pact of detainees, Snake knows that there is something special he is going to be asked to do for the government, again.  Listing to the sob story about what could happen to the country, Snake is ready to walk away, but finding out that he has already been infected by a ten hour virus that will kill him without the antidote, he is forced into the President’s employment without question.  Needing to find the little black box that the went missing from Air Force One is his primary objective, but when he gets to the island of Los Angeles, he finds out that it will be much more difficult than expected.

Arriving in Los Angeles and losing his ride out, Snake is on his own, but his fame proceeds him as everyone that he meets knows who the outlaw is.  Getting directions to his final destination, Snake travels throughout the city and finds out that things are not as bad as they seem, that is until he tries to get a bead on Cuervo Jones.  Beating Cuervo at his own game, Snake is forced to look for reinforcements to take down the crazy leader and finds that some of his old friends, although reluctant, are willing to help take down the madman.  With a plan in place, Snake is in a race against time and will have to move quickly to retrieve the doomsday device and get back to the base before his clock runs out and he becomes just another casualty of Los Angeles.

It pains me to say this, but I think I like this movie better then Escape from New York.  It might be because I knew more of the actors in this movie, but I think I liked the idea of a power struggle between two leaders that are wanting the same thing.  I know that Snake is his own man and will do whatever he wants, even when he is being directed to do something for somebody else, so that part of the story does not change.  But when the President’s daughter comes clean about her father and Cuervo Jones and what she has seen, it appears that both men are crazy about their convictions and even though they are on the opposite sides of the realm, they both want to rule the United States with an iron fist.  Although I did not mention Map to the Stars Eddie, he has got to be one of my favorite characters in this movie.  He is always in the right place at the right time and wants to back whomever he sees the greatest opportunity with.  He is far from a role model, but a very entertaining character to say the least and has a way of making the dreams of everyone who he works come true in Los Angeles.  Happy Viewing.