It's going to be a tough year for me when it comes to motion pictures, simply because of the fact I am going to be forced to wait for some incredible movies coming forth later this year.  There's little that I can do about the wait because of the fact I don't have a TARDIS or a DeLorean, but in an effort to lessen the pain of waiting, I figured why not talk about the movies that are a must see for me this year because 2015 is offering up some amazing films and the first one that I am excited to see is...

Avengers: Age of Ultron 
I loved, loved, loved The Avengers and I am extremely happy with where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking us. That being said I'm expecting Age of Ultron to be nothing short of incredible. Already the trailers have sent chills down my spine with the mystery of Ultron and those incredible visuals of Iron Man and the Hulk squaring off, but it's clear we are going to some darker places this time around. After all, S.H.I.E.L.D. is in ruins, there's no safety net for these heroes and it looks like they are about to go through hell, and so will our feels during this movie. May 1st cannot come soon enough. 

Jurassic World
Dinosaurs are simply amazing. I loved learning about them as a kid and it made seeing Jurassic Park in theaters a magical experience to say the least. In fact I've seen all the films in the franchise on the big screen and this one will be no exception because it looks like it has recaptured the imagination and the wonder of the first one. You really cannot go wrong with Chris Pratt starring in anything and while I was at first concerned about the plot point regarding the park's scientists engineering a new breed of dinosaur being too silly, I realized that oh yeah, we get a new Jurassic movie and more dinosaurs, so who cares? This one is going to be a blast, plain and simple. (June 12)

I have always had a soft spot for James Bond films. I grew up on them, and the gadgets and the adventure and to this day I cannot get enough of them.  But when I grew up watching them, there was no super villain because Ernst Stavro Blofeld was long gone in the Roger Moore era and it took me many years to discover the wonder of that madman and his organization of evil, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., so imagine my joy when I found out the title of this new Bond flick and the fact that it looks like this classic villain and vintage band of baddies are returning to the franchise. With Sam Mendes coming back to direct after doing an incredible job on Skyfall, this may be one of the best Bonds ever. (November 6)

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
2015 ends with a bang as we return to a galaxy, far, far away courtesy of Disney's big time purchase of the Star Wars franchise and director J.J. Abrams bringing childhood back to life when Episode VII arrives in theaters come December.  We don't know jack about the plot, we only know that the original cast has been reunited some thirty years after the events of Return of the Jedi. But what we do know, courtesy of the teaser trailer, is that the magic has returned to the franchise and I still get goosebumps watching the Millennium Falcon soar through the air once again.  (December 18)

With the recent rediscovery of Netflix on my part, I thought it was long over due for another fun edition of, Guilty Pleasures. That, and hey, the Internet is a vast place with all kinds of things. Most of which I can thank YouTube for. And, well, a long list of sites. Anyway!

One of my recent cosplays has come out of a Disney produced movie. Unlike the "straight to video" movies we got as kids, these movies have captured my attention. I vaguely remember watching a few with my sister Jadyn as she grew up, but it wasn't until I was on Netflix the other day scrolling though that I watched these on my own.  Tinkerbell was a feisty fairy from Peter Pan when I was growing up. While she's got some sass to her now, she's also got a home and a lot of fairy friends that I didn't know about. I'm not saying I watched all of the movies related to this. I'm just saying that I have a new found appreciation for this particular series. These movies are adorable, and while they have their cheese factor, they bring a certain something that everyone can enjoy. They're set before our little blonde meets the infamous leader of the Lost Boys, and it's all about the fairies and their various jobs in Pixie Hallow. I know, I know, but listen. They're cute. Plus, it's kid friendly. Which, with a convention soon happening that may benefit kids, you know....this Cosplay is going to be a hit for sure. Watching the movies is just for research purposes...yes...

Speaking of children and childhood, does anyone else miss Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers? Because I do. They had a DVD compilation of some episodes at Target a bit ago, and it took all I had not to buy it. Well, truthfully I would have, but I'm going to have to wait until after bills. This show was my absolute favorite. I am not even going to pretend I still wouldn't watch it obsessively, because I would watch this show obsessively if I had every episode. Gadget was a perfect role model for us kids. Can mice be role models? Yes. Yes they can. And they are. I can remember the majority of the plot to that show still, and I really wanted to be a blonde, just like Gadget. Sadly, I didn't become a mechanic, or a mouse, but that's alright. I guess some life goals are best set for later. Also on the side of childhood shows I have been dying to see, Rocky and Bullwinkle. I think it's all the references to that show in Supernatural, but I miss this show. While i haven't seen Sherman and Mr. Peabody film, yet, I have been searching YouTube for clips of that show. Some may argue that it was before my time, but Rocky and Bullwinkle reruns used to air when I was still a kid. The show was memorable and I geek out when references are made. Hey, my first hamster (or the first I remember) was named Rocky!

As if that doesn't make anyone feel old, another series I've been looking up is The Flintstones. This was another childhood favorite of mine, and so were The Jetsons! I still remember the crossover episode episode they did. That was purely monumental. Forget the Family Guy and Simpsons crossover. And the Simpsons and Futurama had NOTHING on when the Jetsons met the Flintstones. I've been hunting that down for a while now. Let's just not pay attention to the 90's live action movie that featured Fred and Barney. There were more episodes than I thought of the show, or originally saw when I was younger. I'm okay with this! It's like a new discovery! 

What lies beyond today for the new discoveries? Or old ones? Guess we'll find out together.

New movies are hitting theaters this weekend and it’s going to be a cold weekend according to local weather forecasts. So if you’re looking for something to do, the local movie theater is always waiting.

If you’re looking for a movie to warm your heart, Black or White may be for you. It’s the story of a man whose wife passes away and he is left with his granddaughter, who he and his wife have raised her entire life since his daughter passed away. However, his granddaughter’s father’s family now wants in her life and tries to fight for custody of her. It stars Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer and Anthony Mackie. It looks absolutely adorable and yes, Anthony Mackie who played Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is in this as well.

If you’re looking for a thriller to get your blood pumping, Project Almanac may be the movie for you. It’s the story of a group of teens who discover the plans to a time machine. However when they build it, things start to become out of control. It stars Jonny Weston, Sofia Black-D’Elia and Amy Landecker.

However if you’re looking for a thriller that isn’t in the realm of science fiction, The Loft may be for you. It’s the story of five guys who buy a loft in order to cheat on their wives and carry out their wildest fantasies. However, things turn for the worst when they find an unknown woman dead in their loft and realize that one of them may have broken the rules of the loft. It stars Karl Urban (Star Trek, Almost Human), James Marsden (X-Men) and Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold in The Flash). I may have to see it for them since I’m a fan of all three of them.

These are the movies coming to theaters this weekend! I hope everyone has a good one! 


Written by Mattie


Galavant premiered its last two episodes of this season on Sunday. It gave us the hilarious episodes of, My Cousin Izzy and It’s All in the Executions and left us wanting more and praying for a second season.

Now, Galavant was thrown in the dungeon with Sid, the jester, Isabella and her parents. Galavant was trying to figure out a way to save them all and went into hero mode. However, Isabella’s parents had already sent a messenger pigeon to Isabella’s cousin and fiancé Prince Harry to save them.

King Richard and his brother Kingsley on the other hand were fighting over the throne and Madalena. They figured that a duel would help them settle who would take over the throne and Kingsley called dibs for Gareth to fight for him. Richard on the other hand didn’t know what to do, but called dibs on Galavant.

Gareth was sad that he couldn’t duel for his friend however it was decided and there was nothing he could do about it. Yet, while Galavant and Gareth were almost about to duel, Prince Harry and his army came to save the day. Prince Harry is probably like 6 years old. So, instead of dueling… King Richard threw a feast to welcome the royal. So, poor chef had to make this huge feast in one day. However his love interest, Gwynne tried to convince him of poisoning all of the royals so that when they do start fighting, all the poor won’t die.

Instead, chef just gave all of the royals things they were allergic to, so instead they just got to see them all suffer, which gave Gwynne some hope for the world since Chef isn’t a murderer. Galavant however, to save Isabella from eating a crab cake which she’s allergic to and took down a ton of guards, didn’t kill King Richard and Kingsley and only focused on her. He’s kind of head over heels for her.

However, King Richard finally grew some balls and told Kingsley that he would fight for himself instead of having Galavant fight for him. Kingsley told him that Gareth would still fight for him and he was happy to have Gareth fight for him. So now, Gareth and Richard have to go against each other. So, Galavant was thrown back into the dungeon with the rest of his crew and he asked Gareth to get an audience with the King. Gareth complied and Galavant told Richard some things about Madalena that got him laughing. Like, she has horribly gross feet.

Galavant and Richard against Gareth’s wishes went out drinking. Galavant convinced Richard to kill his brother Kingsley in his sleep and they drunkenly went to do it. Sadly, Kingsley was waiting for them and ended up taking his crown and threw both Galavant and Richard back into the dungeon. In the morning, Gareth ended up sneaking Richard and Galavant out of the dungeon and gave them to pirates to take to a faraway place. He didn’t want to kill his best friend and knew that Galavant was the man to protect him. He then gave Galavant a list of what Richard needs, like two pillows to sleep with and to avoid dairy then sent them on their way after promising to protect Galavant’s loved ones.

Gareth then went back and told Kingsley and Madalena that Richard and Galavant had disappeared. Madalena then told Gareth to go hang all the rest of the people in the dungeon. He went however let them escape by taking his keys. He ended up keeping Sid for insurance.

Gareth went back to Kingsley and Madalena and when Kingsley was mad at him for letting them escape, Madalena killed Kingsley and let Gareth take the throne. Gareth is now the king, however he told Madalena that she either needs to skinny or fatten up. Since that’s what he’s into. Isabella, Gwynne, Chef, Jester, and the King and Queen of Valencia all went to Prince Harry’s palace for refuge. He ended up putting Isabella into a closed off room where he could keep her forever. That’s kind of creepy for a young kid.

So, Galavant is protecting King Richard on a pirate ship, Isabella is trapped in a room and Gareth is now king and has Sid captive. So…this better get a second season. Or I may cry. It’s kind of a tragic yet hysterical story. Hopefully Galavant will teach King Richard to man up while they’re on their adventures.

I’m completely hooked on this show; it’s entertaining, hysterical and has plenty of drama. Plus, Joshua Sasse and Timothy Omundson are completely adorable. On top of that, I love the guy who plays Gareth, Vinnie Jones, who’s now in Arrow as the current baddie. I just, need this show to come back. 


Written by Mattie


Arrow came back last Wednesday with its first episode since the episode where Ra’s al Ghul stabbed Oliver though the right lung and kicked him off of a cliff. It was quite the drop and quite the punch to the feels. 

However, it had only been a few days since Oliver went to challenge Ra’s al Ghul. Everyone was in denial about what happened to Oliver. So Roy, Diggle and Felicity continued on Oliver’s journey of keeping Starling City and the Glades safe.

This was a problem since a new evil is coming to Starling City. A crime boss named Brick is setting criminals free by stealing all of the evidence against them. Without the evidence, the DA’s office couldn’t charge these criminals, which are now indebted to Brick.  Diggle and Roy tried to fight them, but Felicity made it to where Brick and his men got away. Because of the impending doom of finding that Oliver may be dead, she couldn’t stand to lose two more of her friends.

On top of that, Malcolm Merlyn had snuck into their hideout to tell them the bad news. Since Thea hadn’t heard from Oliver, he went to the sacred battle ground and found that a weapon was left behind as a momento to the fallen. Felicity tested it and found that the blood on the sword was a match to Oliver’s blood.

In the past, five years ago, Oliver and Maseo had to find and destroy the second part to a powerful weapon before China White could get to it. This was right after Maseo’s while, Tatsu was taken by China White. Oliver had the second part and was going to destroy it, however they were attacked by China White’s men. Oliver ended up letting one of her men go but not before putting a GPS on him so he could lead them to China White and hopefully Maseo’s wife, Tatsu. Maseo told Oliver he will forever be in his debt. 

Which because of this debt is how Oliver actually survived this. Maseo found him on a ledge and took him to a hut where Tatsu lived. He asked her to save Oliver and she did.  Malcolm on the other hand found that since Oliver had not defeated Ra’s al Ghul and that his blood debt wasn’t fulfilled and that he needed to run. He told Thea that they had to leave, NOW. Felicity however was tailspinning. She lost someone close to her and now her boss and new friend Ray was wanting to become a vigilante. They had a fight and Felicity told him that she wasn’t going to help him commit suicide. 

So now, Oliver is being nursed back to health as team Arrow is falling apart without him. Felicity is throwing a major fit and Diggle and Roy are just trying to keep it together. I guess, its a good thing that Malcolm Merlyn admitted he killed Sara to use Oliver to erase his blood debt.  Also, because everything was falling apart, Laurel knew that she had to do something. We got to see the Black Canary.

Over all, it was a tear jerking episode. It’s crazy how much everyone relied on Oliver to hold them together. Now that they won’t have him for a few episodes, they don’t know what to do. I wonder what Ra’s al Ghul will do to Maseo if he finds out that Maseo saved Oliver. We will see. Poor Felicity.

Tonight’s episode, Midnight City premiers on the CW. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt


It seems as though every week on Agent Carter, the show manages to delve into some incredible places when it comes to each and every character's psyche and this week was absolutely no exception as "The Blitzkrieg Button" not only brought forth some new questions about Leviathan and even Peggy's neighbors, but took us to some surprising and dark places. 

If anything this was an episode about the spoils and the trauma of war through and through, with all of it revolving around Howard Stark's return to New York and his giant lie about the Blitzkrieg Button, a device that he claimed would devastate and destroy the power grid for the entire tri state area. He hoped that Peggy would retrieve it and swap it out with a dummy and she was glad to do so, but of course was filled with suspicion when Jarvis exhibited some strange behavior.  

It turns out that Jarvis was asked to lie by Howard because this evil super weapon turned out to be nothing more than a vial of Steve Rodgers blood, something that Stark believes will change the future of medicine. It gets him a black eye from Peggy for being deceitful and it opens up just how much Peggy is devastated at the loss of her love, and quite frankly how much everyone lost in the war. Stark even seems to be suffering from Rodgers' sacrifice and it doesn't end there.  

We were even witness to a surprisingly open moment from Agent Sousa as he reveals what his injury means to him and what it meant to others when he came home from the war.  It was a wonderful scene to say the least and I'm loving the fact that Marvel is dealing with something like this.  Showing us how these characters sacrificed so much of themselves in the war and how much they lost both physically and emotionally. It's a beautiful touch for a comic book show, but, of course, while this show continues to push boundaries, we still need a sense of adventure and wonder and it delivered there too.

After all, we still have plenty of questions regarding Leviathan and how those Russian agents came back from the dead, especially after learning how creepy the Battle of Fennel turned out to be and of course, while Mister Mink seemed like a new twist to the tale, he paled in comparison to the craziness that is Peggy's new neighbor Dottie. And of course the strange wireless typewriter has a message for Agent Dooley. These mysteries should make for some interesting storytelling in the coming weeks, but next week is an episode I can't wait for...because we get the return of the Howling Commandos!  How awesome is that!?


Written by Daniel


What I have loved the most about The Flash is the fact they have wasted no time in getting to the villains. They have kept the stories crisp with the right mix of new and old and the smartest play of bringing in the Rogues Gallery right to at the start. I was happy to see Weather Wizard, Heat Wave and of course Captain Cold but have been eagerly awaiting Mirror Master who is another favorite of mine but I had forgot about tonight’s villain. 

See, there’s that mix of old and new I had mentioned because I really don’t think of the Pied Piper as one of the bad guys. For the record yes he did start out as a villain, one of the original Rogues, but one of Barry’s villains who gave up crime and became friends with Wally West when he became the Flash after Crisis and even helped Wally out of a few jams. When I saw the sneak peek last week I got all excited I even pulled out Piper's first appearance and read it again just to see what they would pull from the comics, it has been awhile I could have forgotten something. I am amused that the Royal Flush Gang is the one criminal filler they always seem to use when they just want to knock around some would be villains. 

Ok, that said about this week’s episode, not bad and I can see the set upcoming on this one but that in a moment. Piper’s first appearance was Flash #106, 1959 and the one glaring thing is the flute being missing. You can’t have a guy on TV blowing into a flute the entire show, does make it a little difficult to do dialogue that way but the gauntlets he was using were styled with miniature ones on them. In the comics Piper is brilliant but only when it’s dealing with sound tonight we saw a much upgraded version as a super genius. Holding his own with Wells and in many ways showing that he is superior in making you wonder how much of Wells knowledge could just be foresight. 

The episode was rather straight forward Piper was the favorite and fell out of good graces when he threatened Wells about doing the right thing and not turning on the accelerator. So making Piper the good guy when you look at it, a very snotty, egotistical good guy but someone trying to stop Wells. The entire episode we keep hearing about the dark secret Wells is keeping and we are led to believe it’s that Wells knew the accelerator wouldn’t work but I have a hard time accepting that. There were way too many moments Piper and Wells were alone and Piper had the drop on him both at the house and in STAR Labs. Wells is not above killing people we have seen that but to let it go twice there is something else going on. Could he know about his powers? Some part of the bigger game being played out?

The disappointing part of the night was how easily Flash beat Piper, I was really hoping that we would see a new aspect of Flash’s powers as Barry found a way to vibrate at different frequencies. Flash is dealing with the genius who is a master at strategy but if you pull off his gloves he’s done, great plan. But at the end we do more ground work for the battle ahead as Piper gets locked up and a cut scene to the secret room in S.T.A.R. Labs along with the first mention of the Speed Force. This is what Flash draws his powers from as well as the other speedsters, which I am hopeful to see now. If Reverse Flash is trying to absorb it that means he doesn’t have a direct tie to it and has issues controlling his powers explains what we saw tonight. Here is my guess on what is about to happen, Reverse Flash is revealed and that means we will need a replacement for Wells, enter the new smartest person in the room in Piper and who know what happened to Firestorm and where he is. But I am getting ahead of myself and the show for that matter for now, good foundation another brick in the wall. Moral to the story and I say it all of the time, never meet your heroes.  


Written by Mattie


Last week, The Flash came back from its winter hiatus giving us Revenge of the Rogues. Now, a lot happened in this episode for not only Barry, but for Iris as well.

This time, Barry was focusing on becoming faster until Leonard Snart a.k.a. Captain Cold returned to Central City looking for vengeance. Yet this time he had a friend. They were trying to draw the Flash out to kill him so that they could rule Central City together, taking whatever they please. Captain Cold still had his freeze gun and his buddy Mick Rory had a small, hand sized flame thrower. He ended up earning the nick name of Heat Wave.

Barry however, wanted to leave things to the police under Wells’ advice. So, Cisco and Dr. Wells made shields that could withstand the impact of a freeze ray. After Captain Cold realized this, he decided to take someone who knew and helped the Flash the last time they met as a hostage. Caitlin however was trying to find what Firestorm meant. It was what Ronnie had said to her the last time they met. She and Berry found that F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. was actually an acronym and may help explain what really happened to Ronnie. She met with one of the researchers to find out more however was taken by Captain Cold afterwards.

Captain Cold then called out the Flash telling him where to meet him. So the Police went and closed down the blocks as Barry prepared to take out these two foes. They found that if Barry could get Captain Cold and Heat Wave to the cross streams of their weapons, it would cancel the weapons out. Then the fight was on. Barry in the end, had them cross their streams by walking right between them, taking both the ice and heat blasts. It knocked them out and the world finally knew that The Flash was real. This happened to be Snart’s plan all along. Snart and his partner were later broken out of custody by Snart’s sister.

All during this, Iris was planning to move into Eddie’s place. She packed up and it was awkward between her and Barry. However luckily when she was finally leaving, they made amends. Iris left and Joe kind of invited Barry to move back in with him. Barry was super happy to. However, during this Joe is starting to realize that Wells probably doesn’t have Barry’s best interest in mind. The fact that Berry loves to help people and Wells was trying to have him focused on his speed had Joe worried. Maybe he’ll realize that Wells is up to something.

Over all, last week’s episode was a good one. Barry and Iris are back to friend’s status, Iris moved in with Eddie, Eddie likes the Flash now and people know that the Flash is meant to be a super hero. Not only that, but Joe and Barry are living together again like father and son. It has me worried for what Wells has for Barry in the future.

Tonight’s episode, The Sound and the Fury returns tonight on the CW. 


Written by Daniel


It’s been no secret that I have not likeD the Fish character since the start of the show, and every week I was thinking of different ways I would like to see her go. It’s hard to say what I didn’t like the most about her character, the over the top acting, the overall look, or maybe just the overplayed story. Are you starting to see a pattern here yet? Over, as in done and ready to move on please and with the end of last week’s episode I thought Christmas had come early. Fish was finally busted; Penguin gets to waddle in with that smug look on his pointy face completely pleased with the fruit of his labors.

I want to like this show, I really do and it shows such potential and hope but what is driving me nuts is the constant circles the show keeps going in. Am I disappointed in the outcome of Fish? That would be a resounding yes. She gets slapped with a clipboard and hot boxed while chained up all the while acting tough. I know she is a gangster but again it was just so over the top that it was more comical than anything else. She got off easy, and just before he was about to really go to work on her Butch shows up. I am still trying to figure him out, especially after he smoked his friend a few episodes ago. What I thought, hoped we would see was the end of Fish and Butch step up and try to take down all of those responsible. 

As goofy as this is going to sound, I think Butch likes her and I got the creepy vibe when the two were hiding out together. He didn’t have to come back for her and then came the whole going after the Penguin and making him pay. Here we go again with more of the groveling and kissing of the shoes but I was excited to see Penguin sort of stand up a bit for a change. Granted Fish was beating him pretty good with the baseball bat but right when it counted he was all most respectable, just in time for Zsasz to save him. Yet again Fish gets away and all thanks to Butch yet again but left this time to Zsasz who we all ready know is really twisted unless Butch has been playing his own game the entire time, I find it hard to Believe Zsasz missed that shot as Fish and Butch were getting away.

The other circle that keeps going on is the Gordon one, the fighting the system and unwilling to listen to anyone. There is a little hope at the start as it looks like Gordon is getting smarter by working the angles by turning one dirty cop against the other for information. That’s about as smart as he got this week regrettably as he quickly falls into the charging head first routine again and doing something completely out of character. I don’t see Gordon going to Penguin for help, I know there is only so much he can do but to go right back into Penguins pocket just seems too far out there. Then to act shocked at the end as to how the evidence was acquired, the weight of an innocent man’s death too much to carry, perhaps. Seems like criminals can just come and go as the please in the GCPD, it’s worse than Arkham. I will say it was nice to see an Ice Pick take someone out; I was worried they might not do it.  

Out of all of this the story I am most curious is Nygma; I am waiting to see the man crack, to end up with a twitch or something. I know he is a little off in the comics, at times but pulling onions out of his food with tweezers as an interesting touch. How much more abuse can this guy take before he starts working from the inside and taking people out? I am sure that is something that will wait till season two because the one thing we have learned is too many villains can ruin a good story, or can it.   


Written by Shae


Never has an episode of Gotham felt so completely satisfying as last week's did. I love this show, but for once I felt utterly elated at the ending. With mad man Jack on the loose still, Gordon shows up at the GCPD just in time to meet the commissioner. Seems the older man isn't too happy with Gordon or the case and he's tasked Jim and Harvey with finding Jack within 24 hours or they both lose their jobs. Gordon seems all right with this since he is up for the challenge. Possibly giddy about being reinstated as a Detective, for however long. He sets out to find any leads that could possibly point them in the direction of Jack's location.

Seems our maniac is off in a bit of a revenge tangent. An electronics "store" is his first target. He seems to know the owner and is excited to find his things left where they were. Still, he's crazy, and tampers with the owners head. All the while Falcone and Liza are having a moment. He tries to talk her into leaving but she refuses. Whatever feelings our little spy is having for the Don seem to be genuine. Shortly after meeting with him she's kidnapped and taken to meet with--Fish? Admittedly, I was a bit surprised too. But, she's finally ready to make her move and Liza seems more worried than anything. A fake ransom call leaves Falcone shaken. Sazzas is antsy and wants more than anything to get some "action." Falcone knows it's Fish and the two strike a deal. Falcone will leave to the country and take Liza with him, leaving Fish to run the family. Seems legit.

He places a call to Penguin first. Before the little bugger can leave Maroni's, however, Jack makes an appearance and Penguin and the others get a bit of a shock. Gordon convinces Maroni to come with them to the GCPD so they can catch the guy on their home turf. Maroni isn't sure, until Penguin wakes saying he needs to go, because he has important business with Falcone. At the GCPD Penguin wakes again, only to reassure Maroni he doesn't have any business with the rival mob boss. It was a lie, or a bad dream. Maroni buys this and then Jack strikes again. Electrifying the entire station. He doesn't kill everyone, or anyone, as they're all just stunned to his disappointment. Gordon, with well insulated shoes, is just fine. He single handedly takes out Jack and his little puppet. Once the drama is over, Penguin flees to Falcone and tells him just who Liza really works for.

Falcone meets with Fish and has his suspicions confirmed. With little remorse his chokes Liza to death. Then orders Fish and Butch to be "kept alive for now", it is a bit sad to do, but the serial killer gets to have his fun, so none of it matters. At least Gordon is officially reinstated as a detective! And the hot doctor from the asylum pays him a visit! All while Barbara went crawling back to her parents...with an episode like that, I can hardly wait for tonight.