Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful one! New movies come out this weekend so if you’re looking for something to do with your loved ones, watching a new movie is always a fun adventure.

If you’re looking for something to take your children to, The Good Dinosaur may be for you. This is the newest movie from the beloved Disney Pixar studios. This is the “what if?” story of “what if the meteor that killed all of the dinosaurs really didn’t crash into the earth?” In this movie we meet Arlo the Apatosaurus, who takes an epic journey after making an unlikely friend. It stars the voices of Jeffrey Wright, Frances McDormand and Maleah Nipay-Padilla.

Yet, if you’re looking for something in the horror category, Victor Frankenstein may be for you. This is a spin on the classic tale, where the point of view is from Igor, the assistant to Dr. Frankenstein where he is the eyewitness to how Dr. Frankenstein became the legend he is today. It stars Daniel Radcliffe and James McAvoy.

However if you’re looking for something to fulfill the Rocky fanatic inside of you, Creed may be for you. Rocky Balboa has returned as a trainer and a mentor to his late friend’s son, Adonis Johnson. Sylvester Stallone reprises his role as the former World Heavyweight Champion. For all you Rocky fans, he’s back.

These are the movies headed our way this weekend! Hope it was a happy and fulfilling! 


Written by Scotty


Let me just start as saying that I know very little of Jessica Jones and her origins.  With that being said, I was psyched when Netflix said they were going to bring out another Marvel show that featured a woman character.  There have not been a lot of female characters getting the lead in any of Marvel’s movies, so I was very excited to see a strong female lead in her own show.  I am a sucker for a strong female character in all types of movies, especially in the horror genre and now that a comic book character is coming out in her own show, well, there is no reason to pass this by.  So let’s jump into the first episode, shall we?

Jessica Jones is a private investigator looking to make ends meet and most of her cases she has been taking on revolve around the adultery market.  Even though most people are not happy with what she finds, they have to except what they paid her to do, but most of them take out their frustrations on her, or try to at least.  With some super strength, she is able to defend herself, but she also has a hard time keeping a lock functional on her office/home door.  When she finds her friend Malcolm in her home, wacked out of his mind, Jessica is shocked to see that the police have thrown a missing persons case in her direction.

Mr. and Mrs. Shlottman are looking for their daughter who is going to school at NYU.  Although they get weekly calls from her, they fear that something is wrong when she said that she will be taking a break from her track career.  Hope has loved track ever since she was a child and it would take something life changing to make her stop.  Upon her investigation, Jessica finds Hope’s friend's address and finds out that the young woman has run off with a man, but there is more to who this man is than meets the eye.  Visiting a restaurant where Hope dined, Jessica finds out who the man is and it brings back issues from her own past.  Knowing that there is something sinister happening, she begs Hope’s parents to leave the state before they get pulled into the same scenario that she had to fight off six months ago.

On Jessica’s other life front, she is picking up odd jobs from Jeri Hogarth, a lawyer who needs some additional help on the hard cases.  Being able to deliver summons and find the dirt on anyone is Jessica’s strong suit and she always delivers.  But the jobs never end and when she is out of booze and cannot sleep, Jessica takes to the New York streets to find out what the filth around the city is up to.  She gets called out by a dive bar owner for her actions and Luke Cage is no joke when it comes to getting what he wants.  Hooking up, Jessica finds a picture of someone from Luke’s past and has to leave after a fun night, breaking his door as she always does when she is frazzled.  Tough nights with booze, investigations and now a blast from the past, Jessica is forced to relive some of the torments that she has had to face and needs to find a way to forget them once and for all.

This is a great opening to the series and although you don’t get to know too much about Jessica Jones just yet, there are seeds being planted that will come into play later.  With her new friend Luke Cage, Jessica does not know where the relationship will go, but she does know he is keeping his secrets and will be a tough nut to crack.  When finding Hope Shlottman, her memories of dealing with Kilgrave come front and center and even though you do not see what he has done to her, you will surely be seeing him more often.  There is also a relationship with Trish Walker, who runs a talk show that gives you a little bit of insight of what the two women meant to each other in the past and when Jessica tries to run, Trish calls her out on what she is running from.  I cannot wait to see what happens next and get a little bit more insight as to who Jessica is and what she is running from, besides, this episode has one of the finest endings I have seen in a long time. 


Written by Scotty

Growing up alone is one of the hardest things to do.  Being an only child is not all everyone makes it out to be.  Sure, you get to be spoiled for a couple years of your life, but for the most part it is lonely when all of your friends are not able to do anything because they have to stay home and take care of their siblings.  Forming strong friendships is one way to battle this and I would hope that solo children out there have been able to do this over the years.  It is easy to lose yourself when there is nobody else around and staying out in the real world is the best way to avoid it.

Jack Krutchens has reached his eighteenth birthday and could not care any less about it.  With his friend Lisa at his side, he is working on an exoskeleton to help with the work that has to be done on his homestead.  When arriving home to have his birthday dinner, a strange visitor arrives at the door, a Jess Walters who was Jack’s missing father’s best friend.  Although Jack has no idea what Jess wants to give him, he receives a present that will change his life forever.  With his mother and stepfather begging him not to open the present, Jack is his own man now and takes Lisa on a short ride to see what the stranger has given him.

Finding two large beans in the package, Jack throws them into a field and drives away for the night.  Hearing that a massive beanstalk has shot up in the field, Jack heads over to investigate and finds out that he is the only one that can do anything about it.  Being whisked upwards into the clouds, Jack sees that he is on a different plane and will have to do something to get back home.  When spotting a monster heading towards him, Jack is able to flag down the captain of a flying castle to get rescued.  But what Jack finds out next will leave him questioning what really happened to his father nineteen years ago, as his father is flying the flying castle.  With his father at the helm and the beanstalk disintegrating in front of their very eyes, Jack has to find a way to get back home before he becomes another one of the Krutchens family to be lost to the clouds.

Back on the main land, Lisa and Jack’s parents are trying to find a way to get him back as well.  Finding out that Jack’s father was a horticulturist, but did not want to change the current species of plants, but find the best ones from the past, he was able to uncover the seeds that could lead to the clouds.  As Lisa will not let her friend become another statistic, she is able to uncover a seed as well and is sent to the cloud city.  But all is not well in the clouds when Queen Serena lets everyone know of her plans to take revenge on the world that let her get kidnapped many years ago.  With several monsters at her command, she is ready to make everyone on Earth bow to her and do her bidding.  Jack, his father and Lisa now must find a way back to the surface and defeat Serena before she finds out the truth behind why she was taken away so many years ago.

Sometimes you just need a no thinker movie to watch and I thought this was going to be one of them, but since this one has so many different storylines tied into it, it is not one of them.  With the people back on Earth trying to find a way to get Jack back before the military takes over and tries to shoot everything in front of them, they try to come up with plans, which only one of them works.  In the clouds, there is a bonding process between Jack and his father as they try to convince Serena to let them go back to their homes.  Then there is Serena who is bent on revenge and will not stop until she gets what she wants.  Oh my, this movie was full of surprises and even a little bit of comedy and plenty of science talk to make sure you understand that the characters are not just one dimensional.  Happy Viewing.


Written by Shae

So, if you haven’t heard about the latest Marvel series on Netflix, you really should go check it out. I’m currently on episode 3 and might be pathetically hooked. With 13 episodes making up the first season, and already available, it is hard to stop watching. With that being said, I have to admit that I am really impressed with this show. While each episode flies by as most of these types of shows tend to do, it's not hard to follow along, and more importantly, be entertained.
If you’ve read the comics then you’re one step ahead of me. Jessica Jones is someone I’ve heard of, but not really seen, and she’s a really awesome person. In New York we find our Heroine struggling with some things. What, we aren’t entirely sure, but what we do know is that she is a private investigator and might just happen have a drinking problem. She’s also really strong…like, really strong. In a world with heroes and villains, our Jessica is just trying to make her way in the world. A product of experimentation, Jones is a gifted human not fully advertising or hiding her powers.
She’s trying to survive, and so far does a good job, until a particular case hits too close to home. There are some people out there that use their gifts for evil, and self-gain. Kilgrave just happens to be one of them. It’s hard to look at him and not think of the Doctor, but David Tennant is really good at being the bad guy here. He’s a telepath that uses his powers for whatever he wants. He’s been in Jessica’s head before…and isn’t about to let that go. She left him for dead, after all….
All in all, I highly recommend this show. I’m also curious if we’re going to get a Daredevil cross over….Which just sounds fun. Both shows are pretty awesome, and while Jessica Jones was just released, I’m already hoping for a second season. Now, if anyone needs me, I’m going to watch episode 4.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


After weeks of high flying and cheery storylines Supergirl decided to change it up and take us into a darker realm, one perhaps more appropriate of the current state of affairs in the superhero market and as expected, the show did it in spectacular fashion, all while maintaining the best elements of what we love about it. 

This week Kara faced off against a rogue bomber, one that seemed to be attacking random and odd targets all tied to Maxwell Lord in some form or fashion and in between that...she was doing her best to juggle her busy life. Turns out that Kara volunteered to help watch Cat's son while Ms. Grant headed off to Metropolis to accept an award and that's the first thing I'd like to talk about today, because this was a wonderful addition to Supergirl's story thus far.

Despite her ability to do anything and be anywhere, for the first time in this series Supergirl was actually overwhelmed, doing her best to juggle her job responsibilities, saving the world and keeping her personal life going and I loved this for one simple reason...it made her completely relatable on so many levels. Maybe not the saving the world part since hey, I sit on a couch and type words into a computer, but I digress, it's the fact that we are all struggling to find the balance in our daily lives. We too have demanding jobs and friends to balance and that takes quite a bit of effort and struggle and it's nice to see something like this addressed on a show where it looks like the character can do anything. Not to mention, I loved the twist that Supergirl had to make a tough choice between saving people at the airport...or saving people on a train.

That choice came about because of Ethan Knox, a former employee of Maxwell's who was fired six months ago and appeared to be the mastermind behind all of these awful bombings and as it turns out...he was merely a pawn in one of the series' best moments to date with the big reveal that Maxwell Lord may end up serving a type of Lex Luthor role on this show. Maxwell was merely testing our Girl of Steel, trying to learn her abilities and destroying his own infrastructure, and killing Ethan in the process to find out what she can do, and long term he hopes to reveal her true identity. It was a chilling storyline to say the least, one that I did not expect to see on the show and while Supergirl can't prove this scheme to the authorities...now we know what Lord is all about.  

The other little tidbit this episode managed to produce was the reinforcement of the theory that Daniel posed to me...that Hank Henshaw is the Martian Manhunter. After all, he was in tune with the bomb at the airport, exhibited some super strength in getting inside of it an was able to disable it no problem. The Hank Henshaw of the comics would have blown people up, the fact that this one saved the day...speaks volumes to the fact he is a friend for certain. Either way, this was a great episode. It handled a darker tone without bringing the audience down or leaving you devastated in any way and well, I liked the pacing this go round and the bolder storyline. I'm hoping they keep up with more diverse tales like this down the road. Until next time.


Written by Daniel


A night full of deception and the fruition of a plan generations in the making!

The Order of St. Dumas in the comics has always come across as a bunch of whiners to me with some questionable ideas and lacking any real skill. Azrael took the place of Batman for a time after Bane broke his back, then Azrael went nuts. That’s the summed up version of course but after what we saw tonight from Galavan and the Order I might have to rethink my position. First, the Order just goes to work slicing the throats of criminals across town collecting the blood in some Altar down in the sewer. 

“The day of reckoning is at hand and the blood of nine shall wash away the sin and Gotham shall be cleansed” is all the monks seem to know and once Gordon gets ahold of this information it’s like a dog with his favorite chew toy. The key to it all, the final one that must be sacrificed, “The Son of Gotham” more on him in a moment. Gordon showed some promise tonight and then went right to stupid on the express lane as he decked Galavan in court. Former Mayor James takes the witness stand and says it was Penguin that locked his head in a box and tortured him for a month. Galavan is exonerated and Gordon loses his mind but then not too surprising with the way Galavan has played Gordon the entire season so far and looks to be part of the plan. Gordon ends up as Galavan’s prisoner strung up on the docks and just before Galavan has his thugs take out Gordon he has a go at him. 

Holy crap, I don’t think I have ever seen Gordon take that kind of beating in the show so far. It was as if Gordon was standing still as Galavan countered every move, dodged every punch and just out right embarrassed Gordon. Leaving the defeated Gordon to the thugs to finish so he can go and collect “The Son of Gotham” misses Penguin coming to the rescue. What bothered me the most about all of this, besides Gordon’s stupidity was Galavan’s monologuing just before he opens a six pack of butt whooping on him and leaves to get Bruce.    

The other major deception is actually out of Bruce and I didn’t think the little guy had it in him. To be honest I think it may have been Selina’s plan but for a brief moment you could see the Batman. About time, I was getting tired of the crying and St. Cloud all thanks in part to a little help from Selina breaking into Galavan's home and finding the file they were keeping on Bruce. Great plan to get the name of the person who murdered his parents (M. Malone if she was telling the truth) and watching Silver crack was particularly enjoyable (again, about time). The best part of the story and for the episode tonight is Alfred, not knowing Bruce’s plan goes looking for him and ends up checking out Galavan's office and runs into Tabitha who is there collecting the sacrificial knife they stole a few episodes ago. Now this was a fight! Whips, knives, gun fire, and some serious moves from both characters and I am sure it could have gone a lot longer but Tabitha nicked Alfred just enough on the side with the knife that he had to get out of there and was still worried about Bruce I’m sure. I don’t think she got the same spot that Reggie had stabbed him last season but he was bleeding a lot. In the getaway Alfred does take a knife in the back so now we have to wait to see how that works out next week.

Still the two unsung heroes of the series are Bullock and Nygma, Bullock just for pure comic relief. I think they are saving all the best one liners for him now and Penguin and Nygma fighting like an old married couple already is classic. Penguin has been there a day and is already acting like an overly clingy girlfriend and I really hope they don’t end this story line too quickly because I think it’s a riot.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


There's been an interesting mystery brewing on The Librarians, one that has been slowly building to a boil, specifically the fact that the Library has been losing artifacts left and right and seems to be..."off" ever since it returned. Eventually these missing artifacts and the Library's strange behavior had to come to a head and it all finally came together on last night's episode. 

In fact, "And the Hollow Men" not only answered all of our questions about the Library, but it signaled the return of Flynn Carsen as another missing artifact brought him and most of the group together once again, albeit for a brief moment, since whomever is behind these missing items managed to knock out the group with Pan's Flute and kidnapped Flynn in the process, in what turned out to be one fascinating episode with some pretty hefty ramifications for the rest of the season and for Flynn and Eve.

Flynn as it turns out has been kidnapped by a strange and confused man named Ray who happens to know a lot about the Librarians, but not much else. He is a man without any memory of who or what he is, he just knows he needs Flynn to help him get it back. Along the way, Flynn makes a startling discovery as to why Ray cannot remember anything and why artifacts appear out of thin air and end up  in his possession...Ray is the physical manifestation of the Library, ripped from the safety of it when everything was restored late in season one, but without his memory, Ray cannot return to where he belongs so the two of them set out to restore Ray's memory by way of finding an ancient staff.

But as they search for it, things take a scary turn for the rest of the group. During their own search and rescue mission for Flynn the Librarians find some of the missing artifacts and run into Moriarty in the process and during their escape Eve is left behind to deal with him since the Library is running out of magic to produce for one simple reason...without the physical manifestation that is Ray, the Library is dying. It forces Eve and Moriarty to become partners for a little while as they join in the hunt to find Flynn as well while the Librarians do their best to keep the Library going. Thankfully Flynn and Ray find the staff they seek but the power it possesses is too much for Ray to handle and when Moriarty and Eve arrive, it's up to the fictional villain to grab the staff to save Ray and there is a price after all for dealing with evil...since he makes off with the staff that will no doubt be in Prospero's hands in no time. 

But the good news is, the Library is saved and not a moment too soon because we learned an interesting fact about the Library, it essentially feeds on the energy of magic and all the items surrounding it and well, had the lights completely gone out Jenkins was prepared to sacrifice himself to make sure it had just enough life force to keep it going. But despite the Library being saved, it was in many ways a pyrrhic victory. Prospero has a staff and Flynn...well Flynn still cannot work with a team which is unfortunate because when they work together the Librarians are unstoppable. It's simply a matter of when Flynn will learn this and he needs to hurry because clearly, Eve isn't having much more of it. Either way things are going to get a lot more interesting now since Prospero has another important piece of the puzzle to complete his evil plan...


Written by Scotty

It is amazing what can be done when people decide to band together for a common goal.  I mean, we were able to put a man on the moon because of how NASA was able to bring all of their departments together.  If failure is not an option and you have the numbers, there should be nothing keeping you from accomplishing your goals.  I am excited to see what happens when we make up a cure for the common cold, I am sure it is on the horizon.

Brothers Gray and Zach are on their way to a vacation of a lifetime with their aunt Claire.  But what they do not know is that the attractions at the park they are about to visit can be more dangerous than the ads lead on.  They are going to Jurassic World and going to see live dinosaurs!  Although Zach is not that excited to be leaving his girlfriend behind, Gray could care less since he is about to have his mind blown by being able to touch one of these creatures that he has only read about and seen their bones in museums.  But Claire is having a day and has to turn the kids loose in the park with her assistant since she has more pending issues to deal with. 

With a new exhibit about to open, Claire has been ordered to bring the parks veterinarian in to make sure that everything is coming together.  Owen is not too excited about what the park is doing with their new creations and this one has his worried.  Being a hybrid mix between a T-Rex and something else classified, Owen knows that the genetic tampering will not lead to anything good for the park.  When arriving at the paddock to see the new Indominus Rex, Claire finds that the hybrid is not on the infrared and must have escaped its cage.  Owen and the workers investigate the habitat to find out what might have happened to the large beast, but before they know it, the Indominus is on top of them making a run for freedom.

With a new predator on the loose, the island has to start looking at its disaster plans and make sure that none of the park goers become lunch for the hybrid.  Finding out that the non-lethal route only leads to the hunter’s deaths, the owner takes up his biggest gun and tries to have a safari of his own.  But before anyone knows what is happening, the hybrid breaks into the aviary releasing the pterosaurs (the flying ones) into the sky to wreak havoc with all of the unknowing guests.  With the loss of the owner, InGen’s man Hoskins steps into his new role of running the park and reveals his plan to take down the large predator that has escaped and it will make the park much more popular than ever.  Releasing the Raptors that Owen has been forming a bond with over the years, the Raptors will be able to find and subdue the Indominus Rex without causing a casualty in the park, or so they think with Owen running the hunt.

I might have been the only person in the world that did not see this movie in theaters, but you know what, I got to see it in the friendly confines of my own home where I know there are not genetic experiments going on.  If you have not yet seen this movie yet, you might want to look away as I go into what made this movie so special, and even more so for the times ahead. 

The owner of the park, Masrani has been charged with keeping John Hammond’s dream and he does a fine job of it, but he wants to make it bigger than it ever was before.  With the return of Dr. Henry Wu, he has the man that made the dinosaurs a reality at the first park and knows they can now do more.  But Wu has a little bit of a God complex when his boss comes and asks what he really made the Indominus Rex from.  Hoskins is not looking at the park as money maker in the conventional sort of way, he is looking to turn the creatures into the killing machines they were designed to be and put them on the field of battle.  Claire is to into her work to take the time to make sure that her nephews are okay and having a good time at the park and lies to her sisters about it.  These are the parts that left me shaking my head as they did not really seem too essential, with the exception of turning the dinosaurs into weapons.

Jurassic World was rebuilt on the same island as Jurassic Park was so many years ago and there are still remnants of the original park standing.  Okay, Owen is a bad ass and when you are introduced to him you see how much he cares for the animals on the island, and it is much more than any other employee that walks through the gates.  The technology on the island is just crazy, from displays, holograms, and even a gyro ride that allows visitors to ride along with the dinosaurs.  And I cannot believe the size of the Mosasaurus (the big one that jumps out of the water) when it jumps out of the water, just massive!  Pretty much all from the previews, so not really spoilers. 

This movie brought the legend of Jurassic Park back to life with a shock to the system that many people say they saw coming.  I did not know what to expect from the movie, but after seeing what it did at the box office, I am pretty sure that they got it right.  Everyone has a man crush with Chris Pratt these days and I expected a little bit more silliness from his character because honestly, I did not know he could turn it off.  He does a great job in role and I am starting to see him as the movie star everyone wants him to be.  Lowery steels the show, Jack Johnson is your only character in the movie that will give it to you straight and I think that is something that the movie needed, at least for some additional foreshadowing.  The cast was great, the production value was awesome and the story may have been stuck in a piece of amber for many years, but when they drilled it out and put it on the screen, it just seemed to work out famously.  

New movies are headed to theaters this weekend! Next week is Thanksgiving, so if you are in need a break from reality, watching a new movie always helps.

For all you Hunger Games fans out there, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay –Part 2 is finally here. Katniss Everdeen is back and she’s reluctantly leading the rebellion against President Snow before he destroys any more districts. Of course, everything she cares for is in danger from this tyrannical leader. This is the finale to the Hunter Games series. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson are all reprising their roles for this movie.

Yet, if you’re looking for something to get you into the Christmas spirit but in a funny, inappropriate way, The Night Before may be for you. This is the story of three friends trying to find the ultimate Christmas party out there on Christmas Eve. It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and the ever hot, Anthony Mackie.

Yet, if you’re looking for a complete escape that takes you on a thrilling mystery, Secret in Their Eyes may be for you. This is the story of a tight-knit group of investigators who are torn apart after one of their teenage daughters was found brutally murdered. Who did it and why? It stars Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts.

These are the three movies heading your way to local theaters near you! Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and let me tell you, guys, it has been a year. This week alone has just....been not been a good one. I won't bore anyone with details, but when I'm not 100% I shop. Whether it's online, or in stores, I tend to look for things to buy, either for myself or others. Little bit of both lately. The only downside to being friends with the people you blog with,  is you can't write a blog about the things you plan to buy them, because they will read it...and then know what you're getting them. It is really hard too, I often find something for the four of them that I really want to share with you guys. Either way, this week was no different. I found a few items I know the team is going to love, and if they are reading this, don't worry. I'm not going  to spoil your present surprises on here. Mostly, I went out and found things to make myself feel better...because that is the adult thing to do in these situations.

With the onset of the holidays I felt truly in need for some gift ideas that make me happy, and warm. I am not a fan of the cold, which is totally why I should live in the center of the sun until winter is over. In the meantime, what keeps you warmer than mugs? They hold hot stuff, you can put other things in them, like coffee, and mostly hot chocolate, or tea if you're feeling that. This unicorn mug says "buy me for Mattie and then use me when she's not looking!" okay, it doesn't really say that, per se, but it should. It is really cute, just look at it. Look. I found this, and almost everything today, on ThinkGeek. This mug is $12.99, which is a reasonable price for the cutest mug ever.

Other things that tend to make me happy are Groot! Seriously, I am still addicted to this little guy. There is actual video of me dancing like Groot to the music from the movie. So, when I saw this Mug to the right with the Groot on top? Well, let's just say I have to own it. ThinkGeek is determined to make me poor. If that was not enough, they have a legit dancing Groot! Look to your left, gaze at his mechanical dancing glory! Unlike the $14,99 mug, he runs a bit more pricey. Sitting at a nice $199.99, this beautiful piece of art can be yours. Or rather mine....most likely not mine, as I am poor....But I can hope, dream, and be my own dancing Groot in the mean time....
Groots and mugs aside, there is another thing that will always bring a smile to my face, and that is jackets, sadly I don't have pictures of the first two jackets I'm going to talk about. Both I bought at HotTopic in my local mall and they were pretty amazing. During Halloween this year they had the very trench coat Castiel wears in Supernatural. Okay, yes, I already own a few of those, and Mattie and I have both cosplayed with them. But, this was lighter, and more importantly, I wanted it. Originally the thing was $70, but I ended up getting it on clearance for $17.50. No. Regrets. Literally the next week though, Mattie and I found these stupid Avengers jackets, and yes, they had the Age of Ultron hoodie version of Hawkeye's jacket...I blame Mattie for that one. She's the bad little devil on my left shoulder.

But, Hoodies are magical, Wearing them always makes ne feel better. And warm. Because being cold is so not fun to do in the winter time. HotTopic actually has a wonderful selection of Hoodies and Jackets right now. They restocked up and even have the Bomber Tony Stark and leather Black Widow jackets in. If you're looking for something more blatantly Black Widow then head back to ThinkGeek, There you'll not just find a really cool Black Widow hoodie, but a few others as well. They run about the same price as HotTopic and they have a wider selection of nerdy things and replicas. Like these really awesome Star Trek Hoodies! I totally picked these for the team. Guys, hear me out here.....I mean, just look at them! They're so cool! They also had Star Wars and of course other superhero themed jackets, but these were my favorite.