Written by John Edward Betancourt

I still remember the first time I saw Aliens. It was at the drive in actually, and my family and I had come to the Friday night double feature to see Howard the Duck. But to get to that motion picture, we had to get through the story of Ellen Ripley facing down her demons one more time and quite frankly, while I did enjoy a movie about a talking duck, that final battle between Ripley and the Alien Queen was far more breathtaking. 

I fell in love with the Alien franchise immediately that night, and over the years enjoyed the two films available at the time on a regular basis, so imagine my joy when the third film came to theaters and I don't think I realized how important a film that was when I first saw it. I enjoyed it, and to this day I defend the darkness of Alien 3 and how it was relevant to the story, but that flick was the turning point for the franchise. Let's be honest, it was never quite the same after that. Alien: Resurrection was enjoyable but so wildly different a film it stands in a class all its own.  

Past that point the franchise went into the big time, pitting the Predator against our favorite Xenomorph and we even learned about the mysterious engineers in Prometheus and all of these big time elements ended up being nothing more than mixed results. Somewhere along the way the franchise simply stopped captivating us with wonder. It could be due to the fact that Aliens was just that damn epic a motion picture, in all honesty, I can't put my finger on it. Because I love watching the last two films, but it does feel like something is missing.  

It truly seemed that well, it is what it is, so to speak and that's just how the series would be remembered, until a few weeks ago when acclaimed director Neill Blomkamp revealed on his Instagram page a ton of awesome concept drawings of what his own Alien film would look like and it would seem, the art sparked the interest of 20th Century Fox because as we speak, the studio is considering letting Neill make a fifth Alien film.  I've heard all kinds of rumors past that point, that it may be made a la Superman Returns, forgetting parts 3 and 4 to give us something fresh, but all of that talk is just that, rumors. 

No what matters here, is that we can thank Neill for being a visionary director that brings stories and the wonder within them to life. District 9 was a fascinating film that challenged our hearts and our minds and his upcoming film Chappie looks to do the same and that's why for the first time in a long time, something extremely special may be happening for this storied franchise. If Neill can bring back the wonder and the awe of the Xenomorph, we may be in for one hell of a treat. We obviously don't know if the film will get made, and we obviously don't know what kind of story he has in mind, but all that matters is that he has given us hope, and that's a start, because this is an era of respect for classic franchises and now is the time for him to get his chance to tell an incredible tale that makes my jaw drop, like it did on that fateful night in the summer when I saw the Alien Queen on the big screen so many years ago. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

You have to love it when a television series leaves you completely satisfied. When you're not stuck worrying about a cliffhanger or wondering if the series will be renewed with plot lines left hanging. Those are the good feelings I've enjoyed seeing Agent Carter come to the end of its first season. It feels like a complete journey, yet, despite all the good feels that come with that, I simply want more. 

After all, this was a unique television show, one that I found refreshing on so many levels. Some can go on about how it was nothing more than another Marvel offering so of course it's loved. Others can call it an impromptu sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger, but in reality this show transcended so much more than those things and because of that, it deserves a second season as soon as possible. 

For starters, this is a show that challenged the traditional structure of a television season. It was only slated for eight episodes and because of that, the entire beginning, middle and end were given proper justice. That's simply so rare to find when it comes to TV and well, look at well it paid off. The storytelling was top notch for this show, providing us with an intriguing plot that wrapped up all the loose ends for the finale. Hell, even the "filler" episodes were exciting and compelling. A complete story is a wonderful thing and to find it on prime time with a major network brought me great joy.  

Not to mention this is a show that featured an incredibly strong female lead, another rarity to say the least. Peggy Carter was intelligent, cunning and never in need of anything but herself. It was so refreshing to see a character who didn't need saving, she simply saved everyone else. We definitely need more of that. But at its heart Agent Carter dealt with one big element, loss. Everyone was suffering or hurting in some form or fashion in this show, and all of them grew and overcame their loss and their pain and that's always the mark of a great story, when you are able to see characters become more. 

But in the event the show never sees another episode hit the airwaves, we as fans can take pride in seeing something special since this was a bold experiment that accomplished so much. I certainly hope that isn't the case however, there is still so much to see when it comes to Peggy Carter's story, a character that has truly been a massive influence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, plus we need to see the birth of S.H.I.E.L.D. and in the end her story is one that deserves to be told in its entirety.


Written by Mattie


Arrow returns tonight with its newest episode, Nanda Parbat. It’s bound to be epic since we finally get to see Ray Palmer’s Atom suit.  Now, if you missed last week’s episode, The Return, here’s what happened.

Oliver and Thea were training on the island, but when Oliver went to visit Slade Wilson in his prison, he discovered that Slade had actually escaped with the help of Malcolm Merlyn.

Pissed, he returned to his campsite and confirmed it by phone with Malcolm Merlyn who turned off Oliver’s satellite phone after their conversation. Thea and Oliver were in trouble now, especially since Slade knocked out Oliver and put them in his cell. When Oliver woke up, Slade told him that he was going to find two bodies like theirs and kill them, burn them beyond recognition and claim that its theirs so that they could spend the rest of their time like he did, locked up, alone and secluded with no body looking for them.

He then pointed out to Thea that Oliver was still hiding more secrets. Every time Thea brought this up while Oliver was thinking of a way to get out, he tried to avoid the topic. 5 years ago, after Maseo tried to escape but came back for Oliver, Amanda Waller still needed them alive for another mission. She took them to Starling City where China White was going to be selling her one half of the powerful biological weapon, but they needed to find out where.

Turns out that one of Oliver’s parent’s friends who also helped run Queen Consolidated were going to be at that auction. Oliver needed to break into his father’s office to hack his way into the computer. His fingerprint still worked when logging into the computer and he was able to run the software. 

However, when he was there he discovered that his father left a message for him. He downloaded it to a zip drive and cut it short since someone was walking into his father’s office. Turns out that someone was Felicity Smoak, and this was the first time Oliver ever laid eyes on her.

When he returned to their meeting place with the information, they discovered when and where this auction was going to take place. However, Oliver ditched out after finding out this information.  Earlier that day, he had seen his sister and followed her. He found that she was doing drugs, saw her drug dealer and found out that Tommy was having a party at his place, 21 and older that Thea was going to sneak into. So, Oliver went disguised to this party.

Oliver found that Thea was there and got more drugs from her dealer. He followed her dealer and tried to threaten him to stay away from Thea. However when the dealer recognized him and told Oliver he wasn’t going to stay away, Oliver killed him and threw him off the balcony. He then ducked out and watched from the sidelines.  From there, he saw that Thea was out of control, that Laurel was at the party and that her and her father (an alcoholic at the time) weren’t getting along and that everything was falling apart. Before he could do anything, Maseo found him and returned him at gunpoint to the car.

Oliver then told Maseo that he needed to stay in Starling City, to help fix what he had caused and left before the auction. He returned home to find it empty. He found a tablet on the table and finally watched the video his father had left for him. In this video his father told him that he had screwed up and that Oliver needed to right his wrongs. Oliver knew that he couldn’t leave Maseo now.  So, when Maseo went with his team to China White’s auction, they were found out and shot at. Maseo was taken hostage but Oliver came in at the right time and saved the day. They got China White and the biological weapon. In Maseo’s eyes, Oliver came in at the right moment.

At the end of their mission, General Shrieve came and thanked Oliver. Sadly Oliver had to return to Hong Kong to be debriefed but Shrieve promised that Oliver would be taken anywhere in the world that he wished afterward the debrief. Back in the present, Oliver and Thea were still stuck in the holding cell. Thea with her small arms and after Oliver dislocated her arm; she was able reach and hit the emergency release button. They were able to get out and were going to try to beat Slade to their plane they rode in on. 

As they were running, Oliver got hurt protecting Thea from one of his booby traps he had made a while ago. Oliver was bleeding pretty heavily so Thea begged him to take a break. They did and Thea made him tell her his final secret, the one about Sara. 

Finally, Oliver divulged everything. That Malcolm Merlyn had poisoned Thea with a drug that makes people susceptible to suggestion and that he had her kill Sara. Thea couldn’t believe it, but Oliver had to tell her over and over that Sara’s death is on Malcolm’s hands.

After that, Slade tried to take Thea at gunpoint but she was able to get out of it. Then Oliver jumped on Slade and started beating the crap out of him. Thea grabbed the gun and held Slade at gunpoint. After Oliver convinced her that she’s not a killer, they took Slade and put him back in his cell. They returned to Starling City and Thea was still angry with Merlyn. Merlyn was there and tried to explain why he did what he did, to make them stronger and to give Oliver back that killer instinct but Thea was having nothing with it. Merlyn became pissed at Oliver for telling Thea the truth. In the end, there are no more secrets between Oliver and Thea.

Laurel however went and found her father at her Sister’s grave, melting down and horribly tempted to drink. She told him that she was sorry for hiding the truth but couldn’t lose Sara and him the same day since he was having so many issues with his heart.  Of course, Lance felt betrayed and was extremely angry and hurt by Laurel not telling him the truth. She was able to get the bottle away from him before he drank it and he left to go to an AA meeting. After this, Laurel doesn’t know what to do.

Thea has grown so much this past season. Yes she’s hurt, but she still stands by Oliver’s side. Luckily, Oliver is finally opening up to the most important person in his life. No more secrets. Though, Lance acting this way is kind of childish. I understand he’s hurt, but Laurel was scared.

Tonight’s episode, Nanda Parabat is going to be intense! I can’t wait. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt


It was a bittersweet evening when it comes to Agent Carter. While we were treated to another quality episode that managed to finally bring all of this season's plot points together, this episode also served as what I hope will be the first season finale for the show.  So let's get right down to it and break down the wonder of last night's "Valediction".

In this episode, the SSR was still reeling from Chief Dooley's untimely death, but were given little time to mourn as they were called in to investigate the wholesale slaughter at the movie theater thanks to Dottie and the good Doctor. While checking the carnage out, Agent Sousa takes a blast of Item 17 to the face and quickly finds himself ready to murder anyone near him before being knocked out.  

Thankfully he recovers and he and Peggy return to the SSR as Agent Thompson begins to work on what their next move will be to capture Ivchenko, when suddenly Howard Stark appears, ready to help bring the Doctor down. At last we are given the answers to the Battle of Fennel, it turns out Stark stumbled upon the wonder of Item 17, aka Midnight Oil and it was used against the Russians without his consent, leading to the fight between he and the General, and it is also revealed that Leviathan's plot against him is essentially about revenge and that Ivchenko is actually a man named Johann Fennhoff. 

It leads Howard to use himself as bait, pulling together a press conference where he is exonerated of his crimes, with the SSR keeping close watch as they wait for Fennhoff and Dottie to make their move. They manage to kidnap Howard with a diversion, leaving the good doctor and Howard alone in one of Stark's private airfields.  The plan is simple, to hypnotize Howard and have him unleash Midnight Oil over Manhattan during a celebration downtown. Thankfully Peggy and the SSR arrive, subduing the Doctor, wounding Dottie before she escapes, talking Howard out of his hypnosis, and of course saving the day. 

The episode ends in classy fashion, with Peggy staying away from the SSR after all happy with her accomplishments regardless and she and Angie get put up in one of Stark's penthouse estates as thanks for helping clear his name. Peggy also says goodbye to her love Steve Rodgers at last, dumping the last vial of his blood into the river after Jarvis gives it to her.  But not all is well that ends well, for in the final moments of season one, we are treated to one of the best cameos on television I can remember as Fennhoff, now in an impressive getup to prevent him from talking is welcomed to prison by his new cellmate...Doctor Zola.  Yes, Toby Jones reprised his role in awesome fashion for a brief moment to talk with Fennhoff about sharing ideas on paper.

Either way, this was a satisfying finale to the show. If by chance it doesn't get renewed, and I hope to hell it does, this would serve as a fine series finale. But while we had everything wrapped up in a neat little bow, there is simply so much story to tell when it comes to Peggy Carter.  After all, we are no where near the beginning of S.H.I.E.L.D. and quite frankly, television needs a character as strong and awesome as she is. Here's to hoping this isn't the end of her adventures, until next time.  


Written by Mattie


Agent Carter returns tonight for its hopefully first season finale, Valediction. Now, if you missed what unraveled in last week’s episode, Snafu, here’s what happened.

Peggy was still in the SSR’s custody, being interrogated. Sousa was being a complete dick to her, angry that he didn’t catch it before but she wouldn’t tell them anything. During this, Dr. Ivchenko was watching from behind the glass with Dooley, who was letting the Doctor do whatever he wanted as Peggy pleaded with them to go after Dottie Underwood since she is a Russian spy. Agent Thompson thought that it strange that Dooley had Ivchenko in the room but didn’t say much about it.

Sadly though, no one listened to Peggy.

Luckily, Jarvis came to her rescue claiming that he had a signed confession about everything from Howard Stark and that he knows where to find Mr. Stark. He tried to trade it for Peggy however Dooley wouldn’t trade. He instead told them that he would trade Peggy with Howard when he got there.

They put Peggy and Jarvis in a room together and Jarvis came clean. He had forged the letter and the confession and that he doesn’t know where Howard is. He admitted that he panicked after Peggy didn’t make it to the rendezvous point, panicked again when he couldn’t get ahold of Howard and so he improvised.

While they were discussing things, Dooley had Ivchenko in his office. Ivchenko was at an open window staring at New York City; however he was sending a message to Dottie. He was telling her that the Leviathan is coming and to be there at a certain time through Morse code. No one was paying attention except for Peggy who wrote down the message. After she understood it, she knew she needed to get them to believe her.

So, Peggy ran out and told them that she would tell them everything. They listened to her and she explained it all, even the part about Steve’s blood. She then told them that Ivchenko was typing in Morse code on the windowsill to someone across the street in the building next to theirs.

When they asked Peggy about conducting her own investigation and how she was able to do it, she told them that because she was seen as a secretary only meant to get files, coffee and lunch and that no one took her seriously, is why she was able to do what she do.

Finally, Sousa and Thompson believed her but Dooley had his doubts.

So Sousa, Thompson and a group went across the street to see whom Ivchenko was talking to while Dooley went to keep an eye on the Doctor. Sadly though, the Doctor had conditioned Dooley enough to automatically be hypnotized. Dooley automatically followed everyone one of Ivchenko’s orders.

The first thing Dooley did was handcuff Peggy and Jarvis to the desk in the interrogation room. Her coworkers ignored her cries for help since she was still deemed a traitor. Dooley then went into where the scientists were and kicked them out. Dooley found Item 17, the item Ivchenko wanted, while Ivchenko found a vest. They took both items and Ivchenko left with Item 17 while he gave Dooley the vest to wear.

Dottie however realized that there were SSR agents in the building that was looking for her. She at first tried to take out Sousa who found her first, but she escaped killing everyone except for Sousa and Thompson. Sousa however found the dentist she killed and some of the messages she had received from Ivchenko including the one where Ivchenko gave the kill order for Peggy Carter.

Sadly though, Dottie and Ivchenko got away. Peggy got out of the room by smashing the two-way mirror however it was too late. On top of that all, they found Dooley hallucinating in his office and were able to coax him out of it. However, Stark’s vest was on him and it was activated.

The vest was to act as a heating element, to help soldiers in the winter warm up. However there were problems with the power source and when the vest is activated, it turns its host into a bomb. It was now locked in place and activated and any attempts to remove it would cause it to blow up. The chief realizing his fate and that Ivchenko manipulated him, he asked two things; that Thompson tell his family that he loved them and that Peggy catches and stops Leviathan.

With that, he shot his way through a window and jumped out. In midair, it blew up killing Dooley. Peggy blamed herself for bringing Ivchenko to the SSR. On top of their loss, they still didn’t know what Item 17 was. Unfortunately, Dottie and Ivchenko used it on some unsuspecting people. It’s a gas that makes everyone violent enough to kill everyone in the room. Imagine what it could do to a larger group of people.

That’s how they ended last week’s episode. Dooley is dead and now they have to stop the real threat, Leviathan. Luckily Miss Carter and Mr. Jarvis have been both been proven innocent in all of this and Carter is starting to be recognized as a real agent and asset to the SSR. Now it’s time for them to step up their game and go after Ivchenko and Dottie.

It’s going to be quite the season finale and I am sad that this season is ending. I love Peggy’s own little show. She’s a bad ass woman and is worth more to the SSR than all of its other agents. I hope it gets a second season.

Agent Carter returns tonight with this season’s finale, Valediction. I can’t wait. 


Written by Daniel


A night of surprises and shock and awe as we go to some very strange and dark places this week. A week that had some solid direction and set a few things up that will have major reprercussions for the weeks to come, or I hope for a few weeks any way.

The episode title did have me a little annoyed just because I got the wrong idea with us coming off of the “Joker” episode last week. What I thought was going to happen was a fast forward force to the potential history of the Joker, making him the Red Hood a couple of decades before it really happened; well supposedly depending on the story. What did happen tonight was a very interesting twist to the legend of the Red Hood adding to what we already know. In the comics it’s more of an inside joke for the criminal underworld, it’s supposed to bring good luck or that’s what they tell whomever they get to wear it, in truth it’s more the opposite. Built tonight on the pretense of inspiring people to cheer on the bad guys taking from the rich and giving to the poor while the gang member’s fight to take the hood with holes cut in it from one another. 

Granted there is nothing original to a Bank robbery so very comic book story right down to the Joker style of throwing money up in the air. All things considered not as bad as I had feared and amusing in a few ways with the gang starting out of Kleg's Auto (Joes Garage?) right down to the Young Guns style shoot out in the end. Where the Red Hood goes from here is anyone’s guess but I am willing to bet this will be a yearly recurring theme for the show as we see the progression of the hood.

That being the main story for the episode the two big shockers came in the two subplots growing over the past few weeks. The first was the Bruce and Alfred story as Alfred has a visit from the past with someone one that served with him in the Special Air Service (SAS). Reggie who is in some kind of trouble shows up on the door step of Wayne Manor in a rain storm (Yea, no cliché there) looking for Alfred to help him. Not only do we get some awesome stories to just how much of a bad ass Alfred was you start to hear some of the thought process that Batman will later use. Reggie not only give Bruce a little crash course on fighting but testing what the kid is made of all the while being a painful reminder of the world Alfred left behind. 

The two events that happen at the end this week I should have seen coming but for a moment I got sucked in thinking Alfred had reached Reggie. Alfred walking in on him stealing items setting the stage for Reggie to catch Alfred with his guard down as he spoke of being in trouble and with some bad people just as he knifed him in the sternum. Oi! Harsh and not cool to do to a brother in arms and all just for the board of directors at Wayne Enterprises which bothered me a little given Bruce just visited them last week. The other shock to my viewing senses was the over the top reaction Fish had. I was ecstatic to finally see someone stand up to this nutter of a woman giving terms to her captors. What killed me was her fake ploy of caring what was happening to the people in the hospital and where they were coming from but the Dollmacher (Doll Man?) being done with her antics was the first moment of satisfaction for me. Then just like any spoiled child Fish took a spoon to her eye popped it out on the floor and stepped on it. Because if she can’t have it no one can! Wow! Just wow and speechless after that, got nothing.

Did I say too much last week? It is way too soap opera the only thing missing is the dramatic music or a shot of the Peach Pit. The other two stories tonight, Catwoman may have a mentor in the form of Barbara. Why not, if Bruce is going to get guidance from a former SAS Selina should get some from a drunk spoiled party girl. The only other thing worth mentioning was just how smooth Butch is and making Penguin look bad is funny. If every week we get to see a moment of Butch putting him in his place like that it would be so worth watching.  


Written by Shae


Last week on Gotham, we got a glimpse at the possible background of The Joker. A night at the circus for Jim and Leslie goes from fun to an all out brawl when the circus performers attack each other. What about? Rivaling families within the circus are fighting over the snake dancer. She just happens to be dead. What's really going on around here? This innocent night out turns into a murder investigation. Leslie isn't about to let Jim handle this on his own as she tags along for every bit of it.

The murder has everyone in question. Seems the Grayson's and the Lloyd's have been fighting for generations, and the latest fight was over said snake dancer and her abandoned son. This feud is even tearing a young couple apart. Guess we never get to see Richard Grayson since future mommy and daddy can't get along. Or can they? 

That gets shoved aside when the circus psychic comes forward to give a startling piece of "evidence" for the investigation. He tells Leslie and Jim that the dead woman came to him in a vision and leaves them with a riddle. Gordon brushes it off but Tompkins ponders it over. It isn't until dinner that she figures out the riddle and they head off to the park, near the bridge. They find a hatchet with satanic symbols carved into the handle.

But, Jim isn't buying this as the murder weapon. Instead he brings the woman's son and the fortune teller in for some more questioning. Seems the man did lie to cover up the boy murdering the woman. Because he happens to be the boy's father. But why did the boy do it? He hated his mother and her whorish ways...and she was apparently a terrible person. Murder solved? Everyone's happy? Sort of....at least the future parents of our future Robin have gotten back together. And Leslie and Jim seem to be doing fine! 

Did I mention Barbara is back? She stumbles into the apartment she shared with Jim to find Selina and Ivy just chilling about. The two convince her to dress up and go get Jim back. Barbara stumbles upon Jim and Leslie making out and leaves...

Tonight! We get to see the Red Hood! 


Written by Mattie

It’s time for another Cosplay Corner! I recently finished making Six’s red dress from Battlestar Galactica and have started on my next project. Now, a year ago I was making Princess Anna from Frozen and just decided that I would finally make the cape.

Now, I had the fabric for it for a while now, over a year now, actually and have finally got up the courage do it. Yet, I realized that I really didn’t know where to start when it came to making the cape.

Luckily, maybe four or five months ago Shae and I found a McCall’s Princess Anna and Queen Elsa pattern. We purchased it for the cape pattern and the top shear pattern for Elsa’s dress. Shae has been wanting to re-do that part with a stretch-ier fabric for a while now and that will help her do it. So, luckily I went off of that for the main basic cape design. After doing that though, I had to take it in. It’s huge.

From there, I added dangly pom-poms around the top part of the cape. These I had ordered a while ago off of the internet. It was good to finally have a use for them.  Now, the hard part to all of this was making the magenta detailing around the edge of the cape. I started off by folding the top part of the cape in half and tracing around the border. I then started to draw out a rough sketch. Luckily I had a protractor, a ruler and an eraser. The eraser was by best friend.

Then I cut out the pattern and pinned it to a magenta folded in half piece of fabric. I cut it out and had a full long piece to pin to the top part of the cape. It actually turned out better than expected. The extra pieces of the fabric I cut into half circles shapes for the upper part of the design.

So now, I’m in the process of sketching out the bottom half of the cape. I’m using the other pattern from the top piece as a stencil which is actually making this process easier than expected. After it’s all drawn out, I’ll have to cut the paper, pin it, then cut the fabric out along with all the half circles and sew. 

All I’ll have left to do is put the small little pink detail on all the half circles, which I’ll do with fabric paint and attach the clasp to the top! I’m pretty sure I will have this little project done by the weekend! I can’t wait!

Over all, this project wasn’t that difficult. I’m kind of excited to see how it all turns out. I super excited to finish it.


Written by Shae

Within media, all types, I find it is very important to see gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender characters. Mostly because, well, there are gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people that watch these shows. The whole point of the shows we watch, the comics and books we read, and the games we play, is that we form a community of sorts. 

Being able to belong with other people is a rather huge part of why we are interested in the things we are interested in. Bonding over the ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’ factor is great, but for those like me, we don’t exactly fit in with the heterosexual norm.

Characters like Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood have been paving the way and breaking down conventions. I use Jack because he is a perfect example of breaking that social norm. Jack is likable, he’s fun, flirty, brave, daring, and even a bit scary at times. A main character through and through, and above all, Jack doesn’t categorize his sexuality with any one word. He simply loves who, or what, ever he’s attracted to. 

That’s a pretty bold statement. Doctor Who, for all its nerdy purposes, even has a lesbian, inter-species, married couple on their show from time to time. It’s not, however, often we see non-straight characters in media formats. I say this because it’s important to non-straight people to have idols and heroes too. While there’s nothing wrong with classic hero archetypes, it’s necessary to have a wide array of characters everyone can relate too on some level.

Given  many of the recent tragedies we read about of teens committing suicide, now more than ever is it crucial to have characters like Jack Harkness. Comics especially have been breaking down social barriers with their controversial topics. Never in my lifetime did I think I would see a comic with two male characters getting married on the cover. Yet, comics have pushed from day one to not be conventional. As I explored in a previous blog.


Written by Scotty

Let’s just get one thing straight right now, I hate the term B Movie.  A movie is a movie and there is no reason why a movie that does not get the publicity of one coming from a major studio has to be given this type of ranking.  Now, I love horror movies and since a lot of these do not get released on five hundred screens around the country, they are given this name, but it is far from justified.  There are many diamonds hidden in the rough and even using IMDB to find out which are the best is not the way to go about finding the best since not everyone will leave a comment for fear of being ripped to shreds by other bloggers.

With all of the movies that are out there, it is hard to come across ones that I want to watch.  The title means very little to me most of the time, it does not encompass what the film is really about.  But there has to be a good description attached to it, or an unseen trailer that will give me an idea of what I am in for.  The online movie services are doing a very good job at that, for me at least since this is the only way I am able to get a feeling of what will be coming up on my television.

I have to trust what this one or two sentence break down of what the film is about, since I do not want to ruin my viewing experience with any spoilers.  So after I find the movie looks like the most interesting to me, I sit back and hit play.  Sometimes I am hit with pure gold and have a great time with the film and a wonderful time writing up the review, while some other times, I have to wonder what I am really watching and work to bring forth my biggest takeaways from the film, you could say its redeeming quality.  But there are yet the other cases where I cannot stand to see what is on in front of me and get upset that I have wasted two hours of my life watching a total mess. 

I know it is hard to believe, but I do not review every movie that I watch, but I do try to.  In the case of a movie that I did not like, I push it to the side and find something better to watch since I am not one to bad mouth anyone’s work.  It is hard work to make a movie and many of them that I watch come from small production houses that do not have the massive budgets to spend on all of the best effects, camera men, sets or props, so I just let them go without any real complaints. 

For the movies that I really like, or the ones that have some sort of redeeming values in them, I get right to work.  Thinking about the biggest takeaway in the movie, I pull from my own feelings and open up my first paragraph.  This can be one of the hardest things for me to do since so many horror movies draw upon the fear of being somewhere new during vacations and I hate to become repetitive with my openings.  Then I hit on the plots of the movie for a while, but then come to my closing. This is my favorite part of writing the review, because I can give my opinion about the movie what it meant to me. 

Although this is one of the hardest parts of the review, especially if there is something that I did not like in the movie that is sticking with me, I look to find a way to counteract it, since I am writing about the movie, which means I liked it enough.  I don’t like giving too many things away about how the movie ends and that is difficult when my thoughts start flowing, since I hate when spoilers are given, I mean some people just take away the enjoyment of watching a movie with these.  I just want to give a little bit more information about what happens in the movie and hopefully lead some people that are looking for something to watch in a good direction to do so. 

So long story short, there are a lot of good ‘B’ movies out there and several of them are better than the blockbusters you hear all about.  Having great casts of knowns, unknowns and some rising stars.  I would never tell anyone not to watch these movies since you can find a diamond in the rough that will make you believe that there are so many more options out there than what is advertised in the main stream.  In closing, I always like to give one of my sign off lines, so I leave you with both since they are the only way I know how to finish an article and depending on what underrated movie you chose to watch, either one will apply.  Stay Scared & Happy Viewing!