Written by John Edward Betancourt

If there is one constant when it comes to Star Trek as a whole, it is the fact that for the most part, every iteration of the show managed to tell a complete story on a regular basis.  Sure it was usually wrapped up in a single hour, but it was a gratifying feeling to know you experienced a complete and thorough telling of a story. 

Which is why those episodes that never quite gave us resolution still remain frustrating in my mind, simply because it broke the mold of such quality television but there is one episode in my mind that always stands out as the most incomplete tale in the history of all of the series, The Next Generation's "Time Squared".

In this particular episode the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise discovers a solo shuttlecraft adrift in space.  Upon bringing it aboard the crew is faced with an unexpected surprise. Not only is this exact shuttle already parked in the shuttlebay, but inside the craft...is another Captain Picard. The crew gets right to work to uncover the mystery of two Picards, but what they discover is that the second Picard is from the future and where he comes from the Enterprise will be destroyed with a loss of all hands. Now it is up to the Picard of the present to figure out how to change the future and save his ship and crew. 

The first surprising twist to this episode is the incredibly dark and ugly feel that goes with it. There is a sense of doom that permeates the entire episode and well, it makes for an episode of Trek that leaves one uncomfortable. It's not gory or scary, there's just a sense of hopelessness to this one that is most certainly out of place.

At the same time however, this is an episode that has some intriguing questions that arise when the Enterprise finds itself trapped inside a vortex that is believed to be a sentient entity. It is the reason the future Picard will abandon his ship moments before it is destroyed and it is the reason all of this may happen again.  

It's an interesting principle that sadly goes nowhere resolution wise.  We never find out what the entity is or what it truly wants. We never uncover exactly why future Picard is so unlike the Picard we all know and love, it is just an intense episode where Picard is forced to kill his future self in an effort to save his crew.  If you haven't had the chance yet, check this season 2 episode of TNG out to get an idea of just how anti-Trek and out of place it truly is.  It will entertain you for sure, but I have a feeling that like me, you'll be scratching your head when the end credits roll.  


Written by Shae

Guys! It’s Shark Week!? Did you know that? I knew that. I really feel like Shark Week should really be Shark Month. Wait...a whole month of Sharks!?  That might be too much Shark. So instead, we’re gonna talk about what Sharks have taught me. And by Sharks, I mean Shark media. Granted, my media experience with sharks is somewhat limited, since I’m not really a big fan of things that can eat me. So, if you didn’t know this about me, I’ve lived in some tropical areas in my day. Both Florida and Hawaii have been my homes respectively for some time. My Shark experience was never made personal, thankfully. But hey, we’ve all heard of those scary instances, right!?

Jaws is likely one of the most well known Shark movies. Actually, it’s probably safe to say that Jaws is the Shark movie. That movie has probably been responsible for so many fears of the water…I know for a fact that it scared me for a bit. Come on, a blood thirsty Shark picking off people one by one? Jaws taught me that if you hear some pretty intense music, you should get out of the water. Or something’s chasing you. Or both. Also, did anyone else notice that Jaws got larger and larger as the movie went on? I never did until I was forced to analyze it for a class on film a bit ago. Jaws not only gets bigger, but hungrier and far more murder-y. Shark bites aren’t anything to laugh at, but I always loved the scene at the end where we see this massive shark eating a boat. I felt bad for the captain though….I don’t want to be eaten whole by a shark. Jaws also taught me that you should not try and kill the people-eating shark infesting your waters, because it will most likely kill you. Seriously. It’s just really bad for everyone involved. 

Jaws also taught me that sometimes, the only way to kill a human eating monster is to blow it up with giant oxygen tanks, and a massive spear. I’m pretty sure that’s some kind of animal cruelty, but it did eat people. And boats. There was no stopping this massive shark. I’m also willing to bet that Jaws was really just a metaphor for something, but it could also just be a literal monster. Jaws 2 taught me that there was a sequel to this movie. That, as previously stated I never watched. I presume more people get eaten?

Sharknado taught me that if you have a tornado near an ocean, you get a massive twister filled with sharks, and that just makes being on land ten times more deadly. Also, who knew tornadoes needed to be more terrifying. Did Syfy sit down and have a conversation? “Hey guys, what could make a tornado scarier? Oh! I know! Let’s add sharks!” Well, it worked. Not only am I scared of Sharks and Tornadoes, now every time there’s a bad storm, I’m scared there’s going to be a tornado raining sharks.

Of course, I can’t sit here and ignore all the shark documentaries that have been on TV lately. It’s hard to flip through and not turn on one and watch it for hours. Not only are sharks utterly efficient killing machines, they’re also horrific, transforming, nightmares! Anyone else seen the Goblin Shark?! I have! It’s fascinating! I don’t want to like it, it scares me, but it is pretty cool. Tiger sharks are my favorite though, just because of how ruthless they are. I mean, even before they’re born, they kill their siblings. And eat them. Yes, that’s gross and I apologize, but it’s also a massive life lesson. Be nice to your siblings; especially if you’re a twin!

Above all, I’ve learned to be lucky I’m not a shark. And to stay out of the ocean. I’m just not an ocean fan period, so that’s kind of okay with me. Sharks are scary and not to be messed with. Unless they’re the ones from Finding Nemo. Which taught me that sometimes sharks have support groups and try not to eat fish. Kind of like AA meetings, but less successful. I’m pretty sure real sharks never sat down and thought ‘hey, let’s not eat fish!’. The Little Mermaid was my first introduction to sharks, and the big one that tries to eat Ariel was pretty scary. Especially when I was little. I guess that’s a good thing since I’ve never felt the need to go hug a shark, or even try to befriend it…

What’s your favorite shark?

It’s that time again! New movies are coming to theaters this weekend and here’s a guide to tell you what each one is all about.

The boys are back in The Expendables 3, the third installment into The Expendables franchise. Not only do you have Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham, but this time you have Antonio Banderas, Jet Li, Wesley Snipes, Kelsey Grammer, Terry Crews, Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a whole lot more. Now I’ve seen The Expendables when it came out a little bit ago however, I never made time to watch the second one, which I do have on DVD. What I loved about The Expendables is that it was a continuous badass movie of all your favorite badass actors. Tons of action and a little bit of plot though. If you’re looking for a movie that is purely action, The Expendables may be for you.  This time The Expendables team is going after the notorious Conrad Stonebanks, an arms trader who is after The Expendables team in order to destroy them all. It's going to be an action packed movie, so if you looking for something mindless and entertaining, The Expendables 3 may be for you.

The second movie that comes to theaters this weekend is Let’s Be Cops. It is the story of two friends who go to a costume party dressed up as cops and get mistaken for real cops. They enjoy the attention and continue their adventure as being “cops” however, their not so fake looking cop uniforms get them into trouble with mobsters and dirty detectives. New Girl’s Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. come together in this hilarious comedy along with Rob Riggle and Keegan-Michael Key. It is rated R but looks like a hilarious comedy to go watch, relax and have fun with your buddies.

The last movie to came to theaters this weekend is The Giver. If you think this movie sounds like a book you read in school, you’re probably right. It is based off of Lois Lowry’s book, The Giver. In a world that is a perfect society without emotion, pain, war and where your future is chosen for you, a boy is selected to learn from “The Giver” who shows him what reality really is. Now when I first read this book, I hated it. It was probably because I didn’t know what was going on since I was still in elementary school and was at that age where I just wanted to play until I passed out. However I will be willing to give this movie a shot. I remember what this book is about but don’t remember how it ended. I may have not actually finished the book if memory serves me right so it will be good to see a movie adaptation. One day I will re-read this book but until then I’ll be a slacker and watch the movie. Plus it has Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep in it, two amazing actors. Also, for you Taylor Swift fans she is also in this movie. 

So three great movies are coming to theaters this weekend! If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, your local movie theater is always a good place to go. 

I have a confession. I love Pop! figures. I know Shae has written a blog before about her obsession of Pop! figures in one of her Guilty Pleasures segments, however when I looked around my room today I came to realize that I too may have an obsession, or maybe it's an addiction.  Who cares, I love them!

The first Pop! figure that I purchased was a little grey Deadpool or maybe my little Daryl from The Walking Dead. Either way, I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into. Now if I see a Pop! figure that has to do with anything that I love, I have to buy it. I’m even starting to buy my friends and family them for Birthdays and Christmas.

What’s the draw to these loveable figures? Well for starters they are small, cute little figures that come in all my favorite characters. Have you ever seen an adorable zombie? Well I have two of them sitting on my book shelf. They’re Michonne’s pets from The Walking Dead and yes, I do have a Pop! figure of Michonne.

On top of being adorable they’re affordable! We take the time make a trip to our local HotTopic where they have a wall of Pop! figures! You can also purchase them at your local comic book store or at Barnes & Noble. The most I’ve paid for one was $12.50 which is not bad for a collectable figure.

You can also be stealth nerdy with these since they are so adorable looking if you need. I mean, when you walk into the fancily decorated, very nice home of Shae's parents and see a little Tyrion Lannister Pop! figure sitting on the table, you can’t help but think how adorable he is.

In all, I have seventeen Pop! figures which is 7 more than what Shae has. I do believe that I do have a problem that can only be cured with more Pop! figures. I love each and every one of them and hope to continue collecting more. 

Well kids, it's that time again…back to school. Now, whether you're going into college, or high school or middle school (I don't know your ages! It's rude to ask), or hey, maybe you have kids getting ready to go back. There's some geeky essentials that kids of all ages need. Even I need some back to school things and I'm not even in school anymore!

First things first, backpacks! Where else are you going to keep all that cool stuff you drag around with you? I mean lockers, sure, but not every place has those. This lovely bag is the Bag of Holding from ThinkGeek! I actually can swear by this, because I have one. This magical messenger bag of awesome holds a lot of fantastic things. It got me through some college semesters and beyond. The amount of things you can fit in here is not only insane, but pretty fun! It's also fantastic for conventions, sleep overs, random reasons, and you know, actual school stuff. The bag also comes in leather and 'dragon scales'. It's a bit pricey, $49.99-$149.99, but it's worth it for the messenger bag that's bigger on the inside. Personally, I'm a huge fan of messenger bags, and ThinkGeek has a wide variety of them. They also have a Purse of Holding that I might just have to purchase, eventually…I've also found nerdy messenger bags on Amazon, and oddly, HotTopic.

Of course, if you're looking more for a back pack, than ThinkGeek has you covered there too. If you're like me, sometimes, you need instant gratification. It's nice to go out, buy a thing, and have it then and there! Well, HotTopic has a wide variety of backpacks thanks to the Back to School season. The best part of HotTopic backpacks is the various shapes and sizes. Take this Captain America Shield backpack. I've not seen bags like this before. And I'm kind of jealous of it. Thankfully, they've got plenty in stock and online. If you're interested in different styles, then take a look! They have everything from Supernatural to Disney! They also have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack shaped like the actual shell, one that resembles a pokeball, and BMO from Adventure Time. Did I mention the wide variety of Batman options? Because, they have a lot of Batman options.  But who needs that?! Prices range as low as $18 and as high as $51.60. And while you're there grabbing a bag, check out their jackets and POP figures. Who doesn't need an awesome jacket? POP figures are kind of just fantastic. (That's another blog for another time).

 Well, you've found an amazing backpack/bag, now it's time to focus on what you're going to carry your lunch in. Hey, even working adults need to pack lunches. I probably should start doing that…well, back to ThinkGeek and we have some pretty amazing lunch boxes. They've got one that reads 'Human Organ'. Mattie might be getting that for Christmas! (It's okay, she doesn't read my blogs often enough to know I just spoiled a gift!). They also have one that looks like R2D2! It has flashing lights! I love flashing lights! If you happen to live in Colorado, then you should know about TradeSmart! Here, i've found a lot of lunch boxes, and I am talking old school, metal, briefcase style (is that the wordage for it?) lunch boxes. Those are what I grew up on, but they're also not always practical. Just kidding, they're totally practical! But they aren't for everyones style and taste. Thankfully, Target also has a wide variety of nerdy lunch boxes. Like this Minion below! Not going to lie guys, I think my lunch might be getting packed in a Minion from now on. 

Well, those are some of my geeky school essentials! Stay tuned for more, and of course I've got some more wedding picks coming, so keep a look out. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or shares, feel free to comment below, or tweet us!


Written by Mattie


We have come to episode eight for Dominion. Now last time we found that Michael hasn’t always been on the side of humans. This of course makes it to where Alex doesn’t trust Michael as much as he used to. On top of it all, Alex’s best friend Noma is a higher angel.

Alex was standing outside of a senate hearing and decided to barge in to tell them about Michael and his transgressions. Whele gave him in the floor and he told them that Michael has been hiding angels in Vega and that Michael used to kill humans. He then told them that Noma, his friend and one of the soldiers was a higher angel hiding in Vega.

Senator Becca went to talk to Michael in his lair. She told him that Alex had told them everything and that the senate wanted to exile Michael from the city. Michael then told her that he was going to leave and that he does love her. He left and found Alex who was in the market. He yelled at Alex for betraying him and then he threw him and left.

William was having a service with the followers of Gabriel. His father, David was there. Reciting everything that William was saying and was for sure one of the members now.

Alex went to visit Claire. She was getting ready for her wedding so of course it hurt Alex and they fought over it. She told him that she regretted not leaving the city with him and Bixby. He told her that he thought that she was only marrying William for power and left.

Meanwhile a helicopter arrived and they were Arika’s women. They brought her a box and it contained her dead wife’s head, placed on a pillow. She mourned her wife’s death however Arika and Riesen are planning something.

Alex was driving in the desert and Michael flew up and got in the car. Turns out that Alex turning against Michael was a plan to draw Gabriel out. They wanted everyone in the city to think that Alex and Michael were fighting. Alex then told Michael that he would do whatever he has to in order to take down Gabriel.

Arika was in her room sulking about missing home. One of her women came in and took off her headdress. The woman turned out to be Uriel and she and Akira started to make out. Turns out that Akira is actually Evelyn.

Claire and William got married in a beautiful ceremony. She was dressed in a beautiful pink gown. He told her that he didn’t expect anything from their wedding night and she kissed him and thanked him.

Michael and Alex arrived at an abandoned waterpark. Alex then asked Michael about what Gabriel had said about him and then Michael told Alex everything. He said that Gabriel and Uriel had beaten him after the “flood” and left him for dead because of all the blood he had spilt. However the boy he was going to kill before Gabriel and Uriel stopped him had saved his life because it was the right thing to do. That’s when Michael changed and thinks of helping Alex as his redemption. That’s when Noma showed up.

Michael left Noma and Alex together alone. Alex then confronted her about lying to him and she told him that she was supposed to watch him however everything they did on the side was all her. She tried to pretend that everything was okay but Alex wasn’t having any of it. 

Now that Claire was married, Riesen had decided to tell Senator Becca that he was going to be leaving the city after Claire takes over. Becca was crushed by this however understood.

Meanwhile Furiad, one of Gabriel’s followers went to a hotel room looking for Noma and that’s when Michael took his opportunity to throw him up against the wall. He told Furiad that he was going to take Noma to Gabriel and he agreed. Noma got the message from Michael to come and told Alex that she was going to go meet Gabriel and she flew off leaving him alone in the desert.

Claire went to visit Arika and Uriel. Uriel offered a prayer to Claire and her marriage, which was all a ploy to find that Claire is carrying Alex’s baby. Noma went to Gabriel with Furiad’s help to tell him that Alex had lost faith in Michael and wanted to hear his side of the story. Of course Gabriel doesn’t trust Noma and locked her up. Claire went to her father’s house however he wasn’t there. He had already gotten into an armored vehicle and was traveling to New Delhi. 

Alex was having a hallucination. Jeep appeared and asked him to follow him. He was trying to give Alex a lesson that he has to save humanity and then he wanted to fight with swords. Alex was able to overpower his father by slitting his throat. However when he woke up he was still at the abandoned waterpark and Michael was there and knew that something was wrong since Gabriel hadn’t shown up yet.

Instead Gabriel went to the city of Vega and after being shot at he told the guards that he was turning himself in.

Becca, William, David and Clare were trying to figure out what to do with Gabriel. They had him in a special holding cell that made it to where he couldn’t escape since angels couldn’t handle electricity. However after David didn’t want to kill him right away Claire knew that something was up.

Claire went to confront Gabriel. He told her that he has followers all over the city, her favorite flower is Desert Sage and that she was pregnant with the chosen one’s baby. He then demanded to speak to his brother Michael.

William confronted David about not saving Gabriel right away. David was scared of William however he tried to talk William down by saying that if they were too bold that Claire would notice.

Alex then went and confronted Gabriel and he asked to be put in the cage with Gabriel. Alex thought this was his chance to strike and right when he was ready to stab Gabriel, Gabriel told him that Claire is pregnant with his child. Alex left in a panic.

After Alex left, Michael went to his brother. It turns out that they were twins and had a very strong bond. Their bond was broken when Michael stopped listening to God. Gabriel then started to talk to his brother, asking him if he trusted the humans. He said that the thing he was wearing felt like the steel that can kill him and that he still had a connection to Lewis who was suffering. That’s when Michael left to find Lewis.

Alex went to Claire and asked her if she was pregnant like Gabriel had said. She told him it was true however she wanted William to raise the baby since it is the chosen one’s child and that Alex couldn’t possibly take care of this baby. When Alex called for help from Michael to protect Claire and his child, Michael was livid and not talking to him. That’s when he decided to go to Michael. He had a protection detail assigned to Claire and left.

Michael found a lab where they were dissecting Lewis the angel. Alex met up with him and they found Lewis who had been hacked on. His wings were missing and on display and Lewis was barely hanging on. Gabriel however had two of his members who were members of his church kill all the other guards and let him free. Then they killed themselves as he walked away.

On the other hand, Lewis begged for death. He had lost his wings and all his essence. Michael pulled out his blade and when he declared, “When father returns” he then stabbed him. That’s when Senator Becca walked in. Michael realized that she was behind the entire thing and then he snapped her neck and started to go crazy mad. When he went to attack Alex, they fought and Alex finally sliced him in the torso before Michael realized what he had done then he flew away.

Gabriel of course then appeared and told Alex that if he doesn’t follow him, that Vega would burn. Then Gabriel took his leave.

William approached Claire about Gabriel’s disappearance. He told Claire that they could be a family and she realized that he knew that she was pregnant with the chosen one’s child. In order to make her smile, he presented her with her favorite flower, Desert Sage. Instantly, Claire knew that William was a traitor and had him arrested and taken away immediately. 

Gabriel however was waiting on the side of the road and that’s when Uriel came and met up with him. She then gave him her sword. Even though she seems to have chosen a side, she’s still on her own side.

David started a service with William’s followers. Then as they all stood there blindfolded chanting their oaths to Gabriel; David started to surround them in gasoline. He trapped them in their meeting area and lit it on fire. He walked away happy that this was behind him.

David was then driving in the desert. He came to a stop and removed a tied up William from the back. He told William that Claire wanted a public execution however he couldn’t do that. He then gave William a gun and supplies and told him he loved him and sent him out on his way in the desert.

Alex was packing up his belongings and gave his friend Vince a note to be left with Claire. Then he was on his way.

Claire later found the note on her desk. She realized it was from Alex to their child saying that he loves them and that hopefully what he does allows it to have a full happy life.

Meanwhile, Alex was climbing the wall to Gabriel’s lair and reached the top as tons of angels flew towards his direction.

Michael is going crazy again, Claire is Lady of the City, Uriel is up to something, General Riesen is gone, William is exiled, Senator Becca is dead and Alex is on a suicide mission. With all of this, the odds are leaning in Gabriel’s favor. Like he planned all of this to perfectly fall into place. The only one can do anything about it is Alex. I know for sure that he will choose the side of humanity for his child and Claire. However he doesn’t know that William is now out of the picture so this for sure may make it a suicide mission that he is on. Either way, the story continues to develop making it more exciting and addictive. What will happen next?!

Given my ability to procrastinate about things, I figured it was time to do a follow up list of my Guilty YouTube Pleasures! Admittedly, I did not just spend a lot of time sitting on the internet, watching YouTube before writing this. And now that I've finished typing that, I'll let you guys know that the Real Housewives of New York City: Reunion Part 2, is totally playing in the background. I don't know, maybe you want a reference of time when this was written, maybe you needed to know what I was watching, or mostly I just wanted to share with you guys the things I watch while writing! Not gonna lie, it's probably the latter. But that's not talking about the things I watch on Youtube, so let's get to that, shall we? First up, how amazing is YouTube? Especially late at night, when you're too wired to sleep, and so you get on and search for things. Next thing you know it's two hours later and you've literally watched every weird Japanese commercial that exists. True story! Sadly, today I don't have any of those to recommend, but I do have some fun Channels with some videos that can be easily watched over and over again.

First and foremost, is Geek & Sundry. If you're a fan of Felicia Day, Wil Wheaton, and shenanigans, than this is the Channel for you! Geek & Sundry has many shows that it does, such as Table Top, and Let's Play (where Felicia and a guest play video games). My absolute favorite that they do, though, is The Guild. There are DVD's of The Guild, yet there's something special about watching it as it was originally intended; on the internet. The Guild is the fascinating tale of online gaming friends that end up meeting in person and forming a different level of friendship as they tackle some pretty hard topics. Like dealing with over protective mothers, finding jobs, and going to conventions. If you haven't seen it, I whole heartedly recommend you stop reading this right now and go watch it. Do it. I'm not going anywhere. I'll even wait. Did you go watch it? It's hilarious and reminds me of my friends. Only we don't do online gaming…but we do go to conventions…

MyHarto is a Channel that is near and dear to my heart. Not only is Hannah funny, entertaining, and brilliant. She also gets drunk and cooks! Granted, I don't think that's such a good idea, but it's certainly amazing to watch. She makes nerdy references, bad puns, and above all, her cooking looks like mine by the end of it! And she causes less fires than I do. What started out as something she posted for a friend (making cookies while drunk), it's turned into something that's beyond amazing. Hannah has had many a guest star on her channel, including Felicia Day. Sipping cocktails and making food always sounds fun, but Hannah makes it work with My Drunk Kitchen. If you're a fan of food, EpicMealTime also has a lot of food! I also just learned they have a TV show on the fyi network. That I didn't know, but the team at EpicMealTime has gone above and beyond when it comes to making extravagantly large portions of food. And eating them. These guys taught me that you could cook bacon in the oven! And that making a lasagna out of cheese burgers and chicken nuggets is totally a normal thing to do. 

In honor of all things Marvel I can't not mention WorldofHeroes, particularly Stan's Rants, where the Stan Lee sits down and rants about things that annoy him. How can you not love anything the Generalisimo does!? Granted, I didn't find this channel, this was something Mattie sent me a link to one of Stan's Rants one day, and the rest is history. They've always got amazing Comic and Geek news. This is also the site where Bad Days got its start. Bad Days follows the lives of various superheroes and shows that, just because they're awesome, doesn't mean they don't have off days. Currently, Bad Days has been moved to its new home with its original creator on the channel CineFix. Here, you can also find the latest news in all things geek, like coverage from cons, and other various things. Either way, Bad Days is on season three, and every single episode is worth seeing!

If you're looking for animated hilarity over the latest movies, check out How It Should Have Ended. Their animated shorts are not only entertaining, but shed a new light of ideas on the latest movies. How It Should Have Ended has plenty to choose from. Their latest is on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. These guys are probably responsible for many a lost hour and many of the quotes that happen in this apartment. Their one on The Lego Movie is a must see from me, and even has a few fun songs! If you're looking for something a little more review-ish with a touch of humor, then Screen Junkies is the Channel for you. Screen Junkies have a few series going themselves, but the one that most interests me is their Honest Trailers. These previews of movies, shows, and even video games, offer a humorous takedown of things we love and adore. With a very fantastic voice I might add. While I try to always put a positive spin on things, sometimes it's just fun to pick apart a movie. CinemaSins does that exact thing! Pointing out the bad, or wrong, or even things that shouldn't have happened, in a movie is their forte. And boy, do they do it well. It's not for everyone, but for me, it's something fun to watch and giggle at. CinemaSins points out the things in movies we've all thought about. It's not done in a mean way, they just call it like they see it. 

Well guys, that's it for today! Let me know what your favorite YouTube Channels are!

Welcome back to my guide of what hits theaters this weekend! New movies are here and there are more than normal! So sit back and relax as I give you the synopsis of each movie!

For starters, Michael Bay’s highly anticipated reboot of a cartoon classic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters this weekend. Me being a nineties kid, I always get the theme song, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TEENage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TEENAGE MUNANT NINJA TURTLES! Heroes in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!” easily stuck in my head. This reboot though, unlike the 2007 version is live action with CGI and stars Megan Fox and Will Arnett. Shredder and his Foot Clan have taken over the city and his arch nemesis, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are on the case! They team up with April O’Neil (who was a ginger in the comics and the TV show) and Vern Fenwick to take back their city. Of course, I’m weary because this one of my favorites from the childhood and I really want it to be done just right. However I will be seeing this movie despite my worries.

The Hundred-Foot Journey also hits theaters this weekend. It’s the tale of a family who opens a restaurant nearby a celebrated French restaurant owned by Madame Mallory and they of course clash. However when two of the children start to fall for each other, Madame Mallory ends up taking the boy under her wing since he is a talented chef. Helen Mirren is one of my favorite actresses and a tale of food and romance always has me interested. I am actually excited to see this movie.

Another movie that comes out this weekend is Into the Storm. It is the story of storm trackers who chase tornados to the town of Silverton where tornado after tornado devastates the city. So it’s like Twister but with more tornados and not a plot to scientifically figure out the storm. I however after living in Colorado for a long time, am afraid of tornados. Even though I’ve only seen one in my lifetime, I still remember the times in elementary school where we had tornado warnings and had to hide in bathrooms and stairwells and it still freaks me out today. So if you like thrillers involving tornados, this would be the movie for you.

Step Up All In also comes out this week to movie theaters. The best dancers from the previous Step Up movies all come together to battle in Las Vegas to forward their careers as dancers. I think I’ve seen the first Step Up and it wasn’t for me. However if you like movies of people dancing and the troubles they go through to get there, this may be the movie for you.

The last movie that came to theaters this weekend is What If. I mean what if your new best friend is meant to be the love of your life and they’re already in a long time relationship? That is what this story is about. It is a story of comedy, drama and romance starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe. At first I was going to just bypass this until I realized that Michael Dowse who directed Goon, directed this movie as well. So now I feel obligated to see it since Goon was just that amazing.

These are the movies that are coming to theaters this weekend! The best part about this though is that 3 of the 5 movies I’m actually interested in seeing. So now I have a list of movies to see from this weekend and hopefully this helped in choosing the best movie for you to see this weekend! If you’re looking to get out of the weather, the movie theater may be the place for you! 

Admittedly, YouTube is the place to go when one is bored, procrastinating, or looking for something hilarious. I'll even go so far to say that it is my top place to go when I'm having trouble writing. Along my journey through the world of YouTube I have seem some pretty interesting things. Some good, some bad, and some things…just…shouldn't be seen. We all have our 'subscribed' lists of people we follow religiously. Well, today I'm here to share with you some of the amazing things I've found on YouTube, and the amazing people I follow! Why? Because out of all the nerdy things that go on around here, YouTube has it's moments.

First, is my go to YouTube Channel, Simon's Cat. Maybe you guys have seen these animated shorts done, in black and white, about this adorable little cat that gets into all kinds of shenanigans. If you haven't, you really should. I found these videos a few years ago and have been addicted to them ever since. First, the cat in general reminds me of my two brats. The hilarious antics that Simon's Cat does is so typical of all cats, its perfect. These shorts aren't terribly long, generally under two minutes. I can watch all of them within one sitting and giggle insanely. I've even gotten my family addicted to watching them. When a new one comes out, I can bet money on how fast my mom posts it to my Facebook wall, or texts it to me. Of course there's more than just Simon and his cat. There's also additions, such as a new kitten, a hedgehog, a garden gnome, and of course some birds.  These videos are something that every cat person will adore! And if you just happen to have cats, you'll sympathize entirely. This has expanded to include a line of books about the many adventures of Simon's Cat. Simon, in question, bases these shorts off of the many inspirational moments with his own felines. There's little to no talking in these videos, but there is a lot of meowing. What I truly love is that everything is drawn panel by panel, before it's animated and then he does the voice over. That's a bit backwards, but all sounds are made by the creator. 

I have a love of people who make parodies of things. I don't know why, it's just something that amuses me greatly, and something I think a lot of us share an interest in. Enter Smosh. I first got interested in them when they did a parody rap to Legend of Zelda. At first I was a little more than giddy that someone had actually done something like this. However, the dedication that went into making that video, and of course their costumes, was something that got me hooked into watching a lot of their other stuff. Since, Smosh has gone on to do a lot. They have their own site SmothPit.com, a magazine, and several shows they do on YouTube. What I admire about their videos most, is their ability to take great humor in a lot of situations. They've done several 'What if_______ was real?' videos, like Pokemon, which are my favorite, and made fun of all kinds of things. I love their 'Expectation VS Reality' shorts the best. Of course, they don't take much of anything serious, they do swear a lot (which is somehow fitting), and they always manage to make fantastic behind the scenes videos. If you're looking to lose at least an hour of your day, Smosh is easy to get sucked into. They also play a lot of games, give great commentary, and do some guest appearances elsewhere. It's always fun when YouTube personalities come together.

How can I make this blog and not mention College Humor? This site has been around for quite some time, but their YouTube channel was new to me. Mostly because I never thought to look them up on YouTube. I'm willing to bet that their humor is more than just for college students, but hey, it's a catchy name! I found them on accident while searching for some random things on YouTube one day, and the rest is history. They're fake advertisements, parodies of serious videos, and original content are all something that is easily enjoyed. There's something for everyone, and even some things that have full on disturbed me. Yes, I'm talking about their Fury Force video's. Even then, it was funny. With a brand of humor that spans every taste, it's hard not to find something to like about them. That being said, my very favorite series of theirs started as just a single video, and has now been made into three. If you've not seen 'If Google was a guy' series you really should stop reading this and go look them up right now. I mean it! Go! I'll wait…………………………………………………………….See! They're hilarious! I've seen all three about a thousand times, which is saying something since part 3 just came out a month ago. I don't know why I find them utterly addicting, but I do. 

How could I make this blog and not talk about ERB, also known as Epic Rap Battles of History and I know for a fact Mattie has talked about these guys before. I'm pretty sure she has an entire blog just dedicated to them. Well, I have to back her up on it here. Back when I first ran into them (through a friend), they were just on season 1. I showed Mattie one day, and the rest is history? Or is it? This week marked the finale of season 3, so they are still going strong. Some pretty amazing battles have taken place, and we in the Mattie and Shae house have learned a few of the songs and happen to battle each other randomly. It's saved us from boredom many of times. Before writing this blog, I went back and watched all of season 3, just because I could. They've had several fellow YouTuber's on as well as some pretty famous guests, and most recently, had the most epic of rap battles. Facing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles against the famous artists they're named after. While that was awesome to watch, my favorite, however, just happens to be Edgar Allan Poe VS Stephen King. Shae Fact, I am a Poe fanatic. My dad was really into Poe's works, and thus, so am I. I spent much of my college career writing about Poe, and to see him face off against Stephen King was partly a dream come true. I highly recommend them. Especially since their battles can be downloaded on iTunes, and many other places (I'm sure).

What's your favorite YouTube Channel? What do you like to search when you're bored?


Written by Mattie

After I finished Veronica Roth’s book Allegiant, I was in shock by the ending and was saddened by it. However, I still didn’t want this adventure to end. So I broke down and purchased her compilation of short stories, Four.

Now Four is seven short stories told in the perspective of Tobias, or Four as he is commonly called in the Dauntless fraction. These stories are The Transfer, The Initiate, The Son, The Traitor, First Jumper, Careful Tris, and You Look Good, Tris.

According to Roth’s notes, when she first started to write Divergent, it was in Four’s perspective. She had the world and everything in it however it just couldn’t get out. So instead she started writing from the perspective of Tris Prior and out popped three books. However she wanted to tell Four’s story and this was what she figured was the best way to get it out.

The first short story is called The Transfer.  Now this is a short story about how Tobias went from living in his abusive home with Marcus in the Abnegation fraction to becoming a Dauntless. This was a hard time for Tobias since he didn’t want to betray his fraction and however needed to get away from Marcus and he struggled with it in order to make this bold decision. On top of it all, he struggles with the death of his mother and the secrets that are hidden.

These stories continue on forward as Four goes through Dauntless initiation and becomes the top of his class and how he has to combat Eric through the entire thing. However Four discovers that there is something shady going on between the Max the Dauntless leader and Jeanine Matthews, the leader of the Erudite fraction which will change Four’s life forever.

It was interesting finding things out from Four’s perspective. How the damage done by Marcus made him into the strong Dauntless soldier that he became and how he had the chance at becoming a Dauntless leader and the reason why he turned it down. I most enjoyed his insecurities when it came to his crush on Tris though. Yes Tris liked him too however even though he was an jerk, his feelings for her grew more and more. It was kind of adorable.

Over all, I did like the Divergent series. The ending isn’t what I thought it would be however after reading Four, I’m more at peace with it. Even though it didn’t give any insight to how Four is doing after everything that had happened, it showed that he will be strong enough to move on. Four was a peaceful way of ending this series.