Written by Scotty

Being handy on a computer is one thing, but being able to utilize it for what it could be used for is much more specialized.  Being able to pull music off of the web is one thing, but with all of the cyber-attacks that have taken place, pulling off personal information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers and celebrity pictures, it seems to have become an open forum of information that will never be fully protected.  Keeping your life off of the internet may be impossible, but to an extent, you are able to manage what is made available to everyone.

Agent Chloe Jocelyn is on the top of her game with being able to help with the capture of a master hacker Gustov Dobreff.  With becoming an important part of the collar, Chloe is now looking for something bigger in her career and is willing to end her personal ties.  With her partner Frank Parker being left behind, Chloe has no more personal attachments inside of the office, therefore nothing holding her back from her new goals.

While playing a game when taking a conference call, Chloe discovers that her online account is showing that it is overdrawn.  Not thinking too much about this, Frank steps back into the picture and delivers a hacker code that appears to be showing up in the grid.  Noticing that something looks familiar about the code, Chloe does not get enough time to analyze it as she is being accused of being a cyber-terrorist.  Trying to dispute the charges being thrown her way, she tries to explain that she is being framed, but nobody, not even her friends will believe her.

Escaping the building, the now former agent has to turn back to her old cyber hacking days and is able to release another master hacker, one that will be able to help clear her name.  Even though Rabbit has locked away for some time, he is able to jump right back into the game and trace where one of the largest hacks in history is taking place, even if he does not know what they are after.  A former agent and a former prisoner are now fugitives running from the law and trying to protect the world from losing everything.

Cybergeddon follows Agent Chloe Jocelyn as she is being framed for one of the biggest hacks in history.  Needing to find help outside of her office, she is able to procure the release of an old hacker friend to help clear her name.  With Rabbit Rosen now on her side, Chloe will be able to buy some extra time on the run to find the person behind the hack and possibly save millions of peoples on-line lives. 

It is scary how real to life this movie (a true find on Netflix) seems to be in line with all of the current hacks that have changed people’s lives forever.  There does not seem to be a way to keep anything safe on your computer if you use the internet, unless you do not click on one single link.  Trying to keep yourself protected from these threats may seem like it would be impossible, but there are a couple of measures that can be taken, but these days no one is completely safe.  Happy Viewing.

Welcome to another edition of what’s coming to your local theaters this weekend! Surprisingly, there are five movies coming out and here’s the low down of what they entail.

The Maze Runner, the movie adaptation of the book comes to theaters this Friday. It is the story of a boy named Thomas whose memories were erased and he is left with a bunch of other boys trapped in a maze. He will have to band with the other boys to try to escape the maze before it kills them all. This movie is PG-13 so if you are looking for something to take your teen to this weekend, The Maze Runner may be for you.

This Is Where I Leave You also comes to theaters this Friday. It is the story of four grown siblings who are forced to stay in their family home together for a week with their mother who shares too much and various spouses, exes and might-have-beens after their father passes away. It looks absolutely hilarious. It stars Jason Bateman, Tina Fey and Jane Fonda and is rated R. If you’re looking for something awkward and hilarious, this may be the movie for you.

A Walk Among the Tombstones also is coming to theaters. It is the story of a private investigator named Matthew Scudder (Liam Neeson) who is hired to find the person who kidnapped and murdered a drug dealer’s wife.  If you couldn’t get enough from Taken and Taken 2, this may be a movie or you. 

The Guest is also making an appearance to theaters this weekend. When a soldier goes to a family, introducing himself as a friend of their son who was killed in action, the family automatically takes him in. However after he was welcomed in, several accidental deaths started to happen which ended up all being connected to him. This movie is rated R and if you are looking to get your blood pumping, this may be the movie for you.

Tusk is the final film coming to theaters across the nation. It is the story of the disappearance of a podcaster named Wallace Bryton (Justin Long) who vanished after interviewing a shadowy seafarer named Howard Howe. His best friend Teddy (Haley Joel Osment) and his girlfriend Ally team up with an ex-cop to try to find him. This movie is directed by Kevin Smith and also stars Johnny Depp. I strangely really want to see this movie. It may be a horror flick, but it contains several actors that I like and is directed by the infamous Kevin Smith. It looks interesting and weird at the same time. It did really well at the Toronto International Film Festival, so I am definitely excited to see it. It is rated R.

So here are the five movies coming to your local theaters this weekend, and we will see you there! 


Written by Scotty

At some point of time in our lives, we all wish we had a superpower.  Whether it be super strength, x-ray vison or an ability to heal very quickly, we all wish there was something that could separate us from the pack.  Although not everyone has these gifts, there are plenty of people with big hearts that have done extraordinary things to help others and even though it may not make them a superhero, it does not make them anything less than super.

A group of superhero friends all wake up finding that their abilities have been taken from them.  Receiving a shot in their wrists from their nemesis, they are all starting to feel new things as they have become normal people once again.  All except Charge, who seems to have kept his super strength and is being looked at differently by the group since the shot has taken no effect on him.

As they all come to terms about becoming human once again, their arch nemesis Rickshaw a has come up with a series of challenges for them to complete to prove their worth and save innocents.  Giving the group rules to abide by, Rickshaw’s deadly game is designed for only him to come away as the victor, but the group of Charge, Cutthroat, Shadow and The Wall all have different plan in mind as they will do anything to save the people being held hostage by the mad man.

As the first challenge is completed, but not one hostage is saved, the group find out that their death and torment is all Rickshaw wants and they have to figure out a new set of rules to survive.  With the loss of The Wall, Charge has to take command of the group to make sure they do not fall to pieces before the game ends.  As the night draws on, the challenges get more personal to each group member, leaving them at each other’s throats.  Will they be able to muster up enough energy to defeat the mad man at his own game before they all meet their fates?

All Superheroes Must Die follows a group of heroes that were blessed with super abilities after a meteor strike brought them together.  Being led by Charge in the efforts to make the city safe from the terrors of evil, they find out that one villain will never rest until he is dead.  Rickshaw want to be able to win the game, so he has designed one that only he can walk away from.  Stripping the superheroes from their powers and putting them into the same situations that have prospered through in the past, Rickshaw knows that they have no chance of surviving.  With Charge leading the campaign against the old foe since he has not lost his powers, the group starts to believe that he is part of the game to kill them off, but Charge has a secret of his own that will leave the others looking at him in a different light altogether.

A dark look at how superheroes could face their lives if ever losing their powers.  Wanting to perform the same acts as when they had their abilities, but having to work with what they currently have could change the outlook on superheroes forever.  Loving how each hero deals with the loss of their powers in their own way was just amazing and when one had to come clean about why he did not lose his was fantastic.  Wanting to show the world that you have special abilities is one thing, but having a big heart is something that even though it may not get noticed, you will do much more good than not.  Happy Viewing.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Oh how I love those films that completely come out of left field and sucker punch you with sheer awesomeness.  You know what I'm talking about. When you sit down to watch it in the theater or at home to pique your curiosity and in a mere matter of minutes you are completely and utterly blown away at how amazing the motion picture is.  

By the time the credits roll, you're already in a mood to watch it again and more after that if your mind simply craves another helping of it. Those types of mind blowing films are truly a rare commodity. But a few years ago such a film arrived on the scene and everyone I know that has watched it has given it nothing but praise.  I'm talking of course about the amazing...Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. 

Scott Pilgrim is a pretty every day guy.  He's in a band, living the good life. But while he has a girlfriend, Scott knows she is not the one.  But when he meets Ramona Flowers, he is instantly drawn in by her beauty and as he begins to do his best to win her heart he learns that a relationship with Ramona will be an incredible challenge.  Not because she is closed off to Scott, but because she has left a trail of broken hearts in her wake and her seven evil exes are lying in wait, to battle Scott Pilgrim for her love.  

This is another one of those motion pictures that managed to slip through the cracks because of how unique and off the wall it is, oh and I forgot to mention completely and utterly awesome.  Universal let Director Edgar Wright simply let loose in making this film and the end result was clearly difficult to market which of course also meant a so so performance at the box office.  

But eventually, audiences discovered this gem of a film and of course it now holds a wonderful cult classic status and as well it should.  There are one liners galore in this film.  Silly moments that leave you in tears and through and through it is simply an entertaining ride. With an incredible cast anchored by Michael Cera this is simply one for the ages. 

But what also sets this film apart from the rest, brings us back to Director Edgar Wright. He has crafted a unique vision when it comes to this motion picture simply because, I've never seen anything like it.  Edgar managed to combine the wonder of comic books, the surreal nature of video games and bring them together seamlessly in film.  If you haven't managed to see this incredible and experimental and successful venture into film, do so as quickly as possible.  This is one that has to be experienced and trust me when I say, you won't regret it, you will definitely be watching this one over and over again.  


Written by John Edward Betancourt 

We have talked about some odd episodes when it comes to Star Trek: The Next Generation. Yet somehow those particular tales were understandable and forgivable. After all, the show was still finding its legs and stumbles are inevitable when you're first starting out.  

The show went on to bring us some of Star Trek's finest moments, yet as the end drew near, some of those strange tales appeared once again and in season seven there was once such tale that left me in surprise, "Genesis". 

In this particular episode, Picard and Data leave the Enterprise to retrieve a torpedo that was part of a weapons test.  Upon their return they find their beloved ship adrift.  When they board the ship, they discover that something incredible has happened. The crew has managed to de-evolve and now it is a race against time for Data to find a cure and save his comrades.   

So yeah.  I categorize this episode as one of the strangest I've ever seen in Trek lore because well...it really is.  It's odd to see Lieutenant Barclay turning into a spider.  Or watch Counselor Troi become a fish.  Or see Worf become some exoskeleton covered beast simply because, this felt more like a freak of the week episode for a horror show.  

While there was definitely science to be had in this episode it felt like a horror film with Data and Picard running through the ship, hiding from the mysteries and monsters within.  It made for an entertaining ride, don't get me wrong but just seemed so out of place.  

After all, there are moments when the crew begins to act out their "animal instincts", particularly when Worf bites Troi to claim her as his mate that just was so unlike Trek.  There was no advancement of anything here, just monsters based on science and an episode that seemed to be just thrown in the mix in the show's final season.  It's worth a look for the quality special effects, but it's one that will certainly leave you going "huh" when all is said and done.

New movies are coming to our theaters this weekend! If you are looking for something to do on your off days, the local movie theater is always waiting with new movies coming to theaters today. Here’s what they are!

If you are looking for a thriller, No Good Deed comes to theaters this weekend. It’s about a woman who lived an ideal perfect happy life with her family who one night has a stranger, an escaped convict, come to her door. That stranger even though she was going to try to help him out, terrorizes her and her family. I don’t know how I feel about this movie.

I love Idris Elba since he played Roque in The Losers and he plays Heimdall in Thor, yet I’m not much of a thriller person. The world is scary enough I don’t need a psychological thriller that is actually possible! However if you are into this type of movie, Idris Elba has never let me down. He’s quite the actor.

However if you are looking for a family movie, Dolphin Tale 2 also comes to theaters this weekend. This is the return of Winter the dolphin, whose surrogate mother passed away which sent Winter into a drowning depression. In order to save Winter, the same team who saved her in the first place has to save her again as they get to find her a mate! Morgan Freeman reprises his role as Dr. Cameron McCarthy. I love Morgan Freeman.  This is a good family movie that everyone can enjoy.

Here are the two movies coming to local theaters near you! Hope everyone has a magical weekend!


Written by Scotty

A group of friends are looking to get away from the planet and have a little bit of fun.  Wanting to go to Centari Five for a little time away from home they are able to rent a shuttle and make their dream a reality.  When they get away from port, they have a party on the shuttle, but when the ship's computer tells them that they are off course, they need to find a way to get back on track to their final destination. 

Being a boat load full of college students, they all have their own areas of focus, and one is in travel and tries to fix the malfunctioning navigation system, but finds that it is much worse than he thought.  The shuttle engages its hyper drive and takes the group further off course and lands them in an uncharted system.  Not knowing where they are and not having a way to call for help, the group has to land on what appears to be an uninhabited planet to make repairs and hopefully get rescued. 

Upon landing, the group get banged up and need to find a way to get help.  Without a distress beacon, they look around in their surroundings to try to find something that can help them.  Not seeing a living soul around them, they start to see images out of the sides of their eyes of some sort of creatures, but never get to see one head on.  Thinking that they are not alone on the planet, they try to get back to the ship, only to find that there is a bigger threat at hand than some dormant aliens.

Dark Space follows a group of college kids as they are trying to blow off steam before their finals.  Renting a shuttle to take them to Centari Five, they are shocked to find out that the ship has been taken far off of course.  Trying to fix the navigation system causes more problems as the ship fires its thrusters and takes the group further away from their desired destination.  With the ship being damaged, they need to land and make repairs on the ground, but they find that there is no safe place to do so.  When not seeing a living creature for several hours, but thinking they are not alone, the group finds out that they are being hunted by something much worse than they expected. 

This is kind of a fun movie with some great characters.  Although it starts off kind of slow, once you get into the air, all bets are off on what will happen next.  Watching as each of the friends has to call upon their selected skills is great and shows how valuable each one of them is in their own way.  With a strong female lead as well, it is easy to get lost on the uncharted planet with these characters and wonder what could be coming out of the vast and alien wilderness.  Happy Viewing.


Written by Shae

We’re talked about Heroes, so let's talk about Villains shall we? After all, what is a hero without a villain? With so many villains it’s truly hard to pick the best, but we all have our favorites. We also have something to learn from each!

The number one lesson we can all take away from every villain, no matter how cheesey they are, is that monologues are bad. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with a good monologue! Especially in certain plays and movies and shows and such. But if you’re a bad guy, and you have the good guy trapped. Don’t sit there and monologue. That’s when they escape! Nobody needs to know the evil plan! We don’t care how or why! You have the good guy trapped, just get rid of him and call it a day! The only thing a monologue does is inform the audience of the plan. Granted, that’s not a bad thing, but it always gives the hero that extra time needed to form an escape plan.

The life of a villain is not cheap. Along with heroes, a villain must be able to afford a secret layer, a bunch of henchmen, and a ton of gadgets. Of course there are exceptions to this, as there always are. Plus, if you think about it, villains do need money for all of these things, because taking over the world is a big investment. If you’re really going all out, then you also probably have plans of a way to contain the hero you’re trying to capture. And that's another dollar spent…

And style. Let’s talk about that a second, shall we! Being a villain isn’t cheap on the wardrobe either! For one, you need to look good. Come on, villains always are sharply dressed. Why? Well, what’s more powerful than a nice suit? Plus, they’re intimidating! Granted, the Joker’s tastes are a little…batty, but the suit thing does work! There’s nothing cheap about suits. Ever. Especially if you have them tailored to fit, like most of them appear to be. Granted, a lot of the villains are fictional. It’s easy to own nice things when your whole world is made up. That doesn’t excuse it though! Many villains worked their way from the bottom to the very top of a company. Or maybe they’re part of the mob. I don’t pretend to know all villain back stories. I just know that if you’re going to be one, you have to have money. Money’s just nice in general.

The most admirable thing (if that's possible) about villains is their conviction to their cause. All villains are dedicated to their life path. Whether it’s to take over the world, defeat the hero, or avenge a loved one, they are always super strong in what they believe in. Sometimes more so than the hero! Villains believe they’re doing the right thing, regardless of how the hero or story sees things. That’s perhaps one of the most compelling things that draws me to villains; the utter belief that they’re right regardless of anything presented to them. It’s admittedly crushing to see a villain fail sometimes; to see their world collapse and the death of their dream.

No plan is hero proof. Ever. Let’s just accept this. Heroes always find a way to thwart plans of a villain any day of the week. That’s just how this goes. Some villains get close to succeeding, sometimes really close. Yet, it is the hero who always wins. Which is probably why the hero is the favored one of the two.  Or maybe you prefer the villain to the hero. I don’t presume to know your life choices! For me, it depends on the villain.

The Joker taught me that even chaos has a plan, whether we see that or not. Lex Luthor taught me that vengeance is a powerful driving force to getting things done. Perhaps the saddest of them all, is Magneto, who taught me that fighting for your beliefs against all odds is right. Even if its an unpopular opinion. Magneto’s back story, and life, lead to believe that a hero truly is a matter of perspective. Despite what side he seems to be on, his path isn’t wrong. Perhaps how he goes about it is, but that’s another blog for another day.


Written by Mattie

Here’s an update on Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus! I’m writing this on Tuesday and have less than three days to finish them before NDK and let me tell you, I’m nervous. The Upper Repertory Infection that I have recently caught isn’t helping either.  It’s going to be hard to get everything done on time however I think I will succeed.

So, so far, I have basic parts of the dresses done and have to sew the bubbly sleeves to both the dresses, as well as finish the bubbled part around the skirt. Shae didn’t want them to have batting in them so I’m just going to glue them down. On top of those things, I still need to add the collar which I need completely sew together and add white strips of fabric on top of it all. So much fun. Lots to do, busy Mattie.

However I have decided to take this time to teach Shae how to sew. On Thursday I’ll be teaching her how to do the bows. Shae has found instructions on how to make these bows on DeviantArt thanks to NyuNyuCosplay, and I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to teach her how to sew. It’s going to be funnnn! Annnnd she’s got five bows to do!

I also started to do the tiaras, which were easier than expected. I first drew out and cut foam into the shape of a tiara and then glued extra bits to make it stick up on the sides. I then cut out scraps of Worbla and used a heat gun to warm up it up to bind to the foam pieces. It actually was pretty easy! Within an hour I had two shaped tiaras ready to be painted! I then put five layers of gesso on the tiaras. Currently they are drying waiting to be sanded. After sanding I will be spray painting them gold and will then spray paint with a sealer. Afterwards, I will hot glue the gems on and we will be done with the tiaras! I do have to thank Bethany Maddock on YouTube. Her Super Awesome Worbla Tutorial helped out a lot.

So on top of finishing the dresses, tiaras and bows…I have to finish Venus’ gloves. Which are already part way done. I will probably finish them Wednesday. Thankfully, I already have Mars’ gloves done. It’s the only thing I have done, but it is something. Then I have to do Venus’ shoes, which is just gluing fabric to these cute shoes I found at DSW. Simple enough. Then I have a few accessories to start and complete and then I’ll be done. Three days? Bring it on if my lungs will let me! NDK, here we and my cough syrup and cough drops come!

It is the first week of September, the children are back in school and the weather is starting to get cooler. However, new movies came out this week so if you are looking for something to watch this weekend, this is the guide for you.

The Identical comes to theaters this Friday. It’s the story of two twin brothers who were separated at birth and both found a love of music. The only thing is, is that one became a famous rock ‘n’ roll star while the other had to find a balance between pleasing his father and his love for music. Essentially this is the story of “What if Elvis Presley’s twin really didn’t die at childbirth and instead got adopted out?” but with different names. It’s defiantly an interesting concept and if I had time I would want to see this. I do like that time era.

Also for all you Forrest Gump fans, they are re-releasing Forrest Gump to IMAX for its 20th anniversary. “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” If you all haven’t seen this movie, it’s the story of the not so intelligent Forrest Gump who non-purposely has been at many historic moments throughout his life yet could never win the heart of his one true love. Forrest Gump to me has always defined innocence even though life around him was chaotic. It’s quite the drama. If you had always wanted to see this movie on the big screen, now’s your chance.

So technically only one new movie came out, however it does look like quite the concept film. Hope everyone has a good weekend.