Written by Mattie


Arrow comes back tonight with, The Magician, its fourth episode of this season. If you missed last week’s episode, Corto Maltese, here’s what happened.

Oliver knew he needed to bring Thea back to Starling City. When they pinged her cellphone to see where she truly was, they found that she wasn’t in Italy like she said, she was in Corto Maltese. Diggle at first wasn’t going to go with Oliver until Lyla asked him to go with to find an ARGUS agent who had gone dark. So Diggle, Roy and Oliver headed off to Corto Maltese while Felicity started her new job working for Ray Palmer.

Oliver first went to the house where Thea’s cellphone pinged at. Luckily the gardener told him she was at work. If the gardener hadn’t told Oliver where Thea was, he may have ended up having an arrow through his chest since Malcolm Merlin was there waiting. Anyways, Oliver found Thea and asked her to come home. She was happy to see him but said no. Turns out this entire time she was with Merlin. She went with Merlin so that he could teach her to get rid the pain of being lied to. So he taught her. At first he was kind and gentle however he knew that she wouldn’t benefit from it, so he took a different more aggressive approach. Now, Thea is a fighting machine who is able to control her emotions.

After Oliver tried to get her to come home, Roy went to see if he could convince her and he apologized for lying. She still told him no, that she liked her new life. Meanwhile, Diggle found Lyla’s missing agent who told Diggle he was being followed and he was trying to stop a deal from going down that would disclose all of ARGUS’ agents. However Diggle was betrayed and in reality it was that agent who was selling information.  In order to save Lyla’s cover, Diggle, Roy and Oliver went to stop the deal with weapons that Oliver made from their hotel room. It’s actually kind of inventive. The bad guys ended up dying and Lyla’s cover was still safe. 

Oliver decided to give Thea one last chance. He was going to tell her the truth about everything but he was warned by Diggle to not divulge too much or he may lose her forever. So Oliver decided on just one thing to tell her at first. Oliver told her he was so sorry for lying to her and that there is so much to tell her but it brings up so much pain. So, he ended up telling her the true way their dad died. He told her that to save Oliver’s life since they ran out of supplies on the life boat, he committed suicide right in front of Ollie. The pain he revealed changed Thea’s mind. 

She went back to Merlin and told him that she was leaving. He voiced that he didn’t believe she was ready to go back and challenged her to a duel. Thea was able to bet him but figured he let her win. So she met Oliver at the airport. Oliver thought everything was right with the world until someone spilt hot coffee on Thea and she didn’t even flinch. Something in Thea had changed.

Laurel on the other hand was spinning out of control. She didn’t know how to cope with her sister’s death yet pills and alcohol didn’t seem appealing. So after she heard the story of one of her fellow AA members who was abused by her husband, she went after the husband with a bat. After getting the ever living crap kicked out of her, she realized she was weak. She wanted to take up her sister’s secret identity as the Canary and went to Oliver for training. Naturally he said no. So instead she went to a local inner city boxing teacher named Ted Grant and asked him if he could teach her to fight. He was glad to.

All during this, Felicity had taken up her new role at Queen Consolidated with passion. However when she got a call from Diggle and Felicity needing assistance, Ray realized that she may have a side gig. The worry went away when she was able to pull data off of a nearly impossible broken object and he was happy to have her on his team. That’s when she asked for two weeks off to go visit her friend who was out of his coma after being struck by lightning. He let her go. CROSSOVER TIME!!! After Oliver got back to their headquarters, he was confronted by Nyssa al Ghul demanding where Sara was. Oh she’s going to be so angry/depressed when she finds out.

Luckily this last episode of Arrow wasn’t too gloomy. Diggle saved the day for his family, Oliver got his sister back and Laurel is finally refusing to be the victim. However with the return of Nyssa, things are going to get violent and bloody quick. The Magician premieres tonight on the CW. 


Written by Shae


Before I start with this recap, did you guys see the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron? Yes? Good. Let that happy moment warm your mind whilst I take you on a journey down memory lane. We’ll re-visit this at the end.

Last week, we got a wonderful introduction of the Mockingbird herself, Bobbi Morse. This week, we got to see her with some blonde hair and her amazing suit. Now, if you’ve read the comics, and seen the earlier stuff, then you know what her original costume looked like. Over the years, like many, it has been revamped to look more modern, and now it just looks amazing. Future cosplay? Most likely! Clad in her new costume Bobbi is a full member of the team and off on an op with Agent’s May and ex-husband Hunter. May isn’t too pleased with this information since Morse and Hunter keep passive aggressively snipping at one another. But, it’s work. They’re off on the ever-important task of finding a HYDRA weapon designer and manufacturer. It seems the ever present evil force is impersonating S.H.I.E.L.D. and doing little things like storming the U.N. Killing a few people, Including the Italian representative!? Is ANYONE else upset about that!? I am! I'm Italian! Thankfully these guys aren’t wearing those magical face-changing masks to look like our beloved Team. They’re just wearing the S.H.I.E.L.D. emblem on their chests. Which is just as bad.

That being said, Senator Ward (you read that right) is making it his personal agenda to take down S.H.I.E.L.D. and anyone who helps harbor them. Shockingly enough, General Talbot comes to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s defense; saying that it’s most likely HYDRA behind the attack. No, for real, I was taken aback by this too! Coulson finds out about the Senator's plan and pays him a personal visit. It turns out they can both benefit from one another…since Senator Christian Ward is really Grant Ward’s older brother. Christian strikes a deal with Coulson to back off S.H.I.E.L.D. in exchange for getting Grant into his custody. Is this a good idea? Grant seems to think not. Then again, he’s trying to convince anyone who will listen (Skye) that Christian is evil. Of course, nobody believes him.

It’s sad to say this, but I almost felt bad for Ward. After seeing Fitz and Simmons interact together, I didn’t feel that bad. Fitz is trying to repair the hard drive Simmons stole from HYDRA. She attempts to help him, but only manages to make things worse. Fitz still seems to harboring some resentment for her leaving, and is completely unaware that she was doing undercover work in HYDRA. Even Mack goes as far to blame her for leaving. Simmons, confesses (in a roundabout way) that she took the mission partly because Fitz is better when she’s not around.

Leave it to Fitz and Mack to fix the hard drive. In a turn I honestly didn’t see coming, HYDRA’s disguised S.H. I.E.L.D. agents break into a safe house and murder 6 hiding agents. May, Morse, and Hunter show up shortly after and take down the HYDRA agents. Talbot is kind enough to personally take them into custody and actually shakes May’s hand. As all seems to be going well, Ward is being transported to his brother. He attempts to talk to Skye, but is cut off when Simmons tells him that if she ever sees him again, she will kill him. I have never been so proud of a character before. Seriously, this was one of my favorite TV moments. Ever. But, nothing is ever meant to be, we can’t have nice things, and Grant escapes. Of course he escapes! With that cliffhanger of an ending, we’re left for two weeks to ponder what will happen next.

We were, however, also left with an exclusive look at Avengers: Age of Ultron. How excited were you!? I had chills by the end of the trailer! Seeing all of the Avengers together, bonding, was pretty amazing. I really cannot wait for this movie. Waiting might actually kill me. 


Written by Daniel


The Good: Nerd love runs wild this week as we get a special guest from Arrow as Felicity Smoke drops in to check up on Barry after betting blasted by the lightning bolt. A very attractive distraction for the story and to help define some of the things we all ready know, but to be honest there really wasn’t a whole lot of reason for her to be there. It serves as a bridge between the two shows and opens the awkward teams working together in the future with Wells now knowing she works with Arrow. Does it play into a futures collide style story? Arrow or Flash in a bad spot and the other team come running. Something for another time I am sure and far from the most important part of the story this week.

I have a soft spot for cold based villains; one of my favorite levels on the old Mega Man video game was the ice level. I love Mr. Freeze from Batman but I have all ways been a fan of Captain Cold from the Rogues Gallery. No powers or condition like Freeze just a calculating criminal with a hell of a gun. I was excited to see they didn’t go the Meta route with the Captain and kept it simple and a lot truer to the comic. Snart may be a villain but does operate on a weird code of honor and is one of the, and as odd as this is going to sound, moral compass for the group. He tends to keep them in line and focused when it come to getting the job done in the comics and we will see if that holds true in the show I am sure. Tonight we see Cold in all of his glory, even down to the fur lined hood (which is awesome by the way) doing the classic steal the diamond bigger than your fist job. Of course the gun has to come from S.T.A.R. Labs, where else is it going to come from, just in case the Flash goes crazy and needs to be taken down like some rabid animal. We do get to see Wells go all intense angry with Cisco for creating the gun. If Wells is from the future shouldn’t he know how important Cold is to the Flash's future and becoming the hero he is supposed to be. He almost seems surprised by the entire situation and lays down the law on the no guns policy in a moment that I thought Cisco was going to get shanked.

The Bad: With my issues with having Smoke show up to do nothing beside hack the city mainframe aside  it was another good episode. There are the squishy moments that all shows need and I know we are supposed to be rooting for Barry and Isis to get together but to be honest I’m not. I have seen this in too many shows and I can do without it. I don’t like the pining away for someone that doesn’t notice you and its starting to play like a bad Superman story. Put someone from the future in there, or maybe a villain, a speedster to be like Jessie Quick.

The Verdict: I loved the effects they used for the train wreck; I thought the freeze gun was amazing and I had to rewind it a few times to watch. The entire Cold get away was masterfully planed and laid out exposing Barry and showing the force that Cold will be in the future. We are also one step closer to the Gallery as Snart recruits someone that will become Heat Wave at the end of the episode. Love, Love it and I can’t wait to see what comes next for the show and so looking forward to seeing Mirror Master.  


Written by Mattie


The Flash is back tonight with Going Rogue, the fourth episode of this series. Here’s what happened in last week’s episode, Things You Can’t Outrun.

Now, Barry knew that not all the evil meta-humans out there would be killed easily and that Iron Heights, the local prison could not contain them. So he decided that the group needed to figure out a way to contain them.

Wells decided that they could use the tunnels in the particle accelerator. It is big and strong enough to contain the meta-humans and all their wonderful evil powers. Sadly the mention of this threw Caitlin into depression as she remembered the fateful night when the particle accelerator changed their lives.

On the night of the explosion, Ronnie, (played by Robbie Amell) Caitlin’s fiancé was there to support her with this huge project even though he built the place. Anyways, when things started going wrong, Ronnie ran into the tunnels to try to make it to where the energy that was released from the building, would go up into the air instead of out into the city where it would possibly kill everyone. He died so that they all could be saved. Or did he?

However, they had bigger problems. A meta-human was killing people by turning into a green mist, injecting himself into their lungs, thus poisoning them. He was going after specific targets; the first was a crime family and the next was judge. Cisco referred to him as The Mist. Anyways, after tracking down those who were executed the night that the particle accelerator went haywire, they knew who the meta-human was and who his next target would be. Now the meta-human was Kyle Nimbus, a former hitman for the crime family he killed. They flipped on him and testified against him in court. The judge he killed was the presiding judge and the last person on his list was the detective on his case, which happened to be Joe.

Barry in the end had to go save Joe, who was visiting Barry’s father in prison. Joe was confronted by The Mist, who ended up filling Joe’s lungs. Luckily Barry got there just in time and had an antidote that Caitlin had made to save Joe. He then was able to outrun the Mist and exhausted The Mist enough to capture him and put him in their makeshift prison. Joe was of course hospitalized and this was the time that Iris finally admitted to him that she was dating his partner, Eddie which lifted a burden off of Barry’s shoulders.

More and more of this story is starting to become unveiled. It looks like Wells purposely sabotaged the particle accelerator and wanted Barry Allen to be struck by lightning. He created the Flash and all the other meta-humans. Is Wells from the future? What is his secret power? Evidently he can walk. I wonder if he’s secretly an older Ronnie. We will see. Either way, I’m starting to love The Flash.

Don’t forget about tonight’s episode, Going Rogue on the CW!


Written by Mattie


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returns tonight, bringing us the sixth episode of this season, A Fractured House. Now last week's episode, A Hen in the Wolf House was action packed leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. If you missed last weeks episode, here’s what happened.

Raina was in fear for her life since Daniel Whitehall had threatened her if she didn’t get the obelisk to him. When Raina went to talk to Skye’s father, he told her that he wasn’t going to give it over until he had his daughter.

So Raina went to talk to Daniel Whitehall at Hydra headquarters and found that Simmons worked there. She knew that Simmons was undercover and when Simmons sent a message to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters using a nifty sheet of technology that can transform back into paper, she snapped a picture of her for blackmail.

Simmons on the other hand was trying to send Coulson an update on Hydra. They were trying to weaponize the powers of the obelisk and were somewhat succeeding. They tried a liquid form of it on a bunch of Navy officers who were hunting Hydra. This put her into danger.

Skye on the other hand was researching the drawing on the back of the painting they retrieved from the Hydra operative, Sunil Bakshi. She went to Coulson’s office and noticed the same drawings carved into his desk. She went and talked to Ward who told her that Garrett made the same drawings after being injected with the GH serum, but Garrett completely changed for the worse after he started.

Skye went and confronted Coulson who told her that he started carving the drawings after he saw Garrett’s and was keeping an eye on her to see if she started carving, which she didn’t. That meant that Skye probably has alien blood in her. That’s when they got a call from Raina who wanted to talk.

Simmons on the other hand was dealing with a security breach at Hydra where a very intimidating female Security officer was looking for whomever sent an encoded message to S.H.I.E.L.D. Simmons who was trying to keep her cover put her extra encoded sheets into her friend Kenneth’s desk, to try to save her cover for as long as she could. 

Coulson and the team however went to meet with Raina. She told them she was in trouble with Daniel Whitehall and then threatened to send her picture of Simmons to everyone at Hydra if they didn’t hand over Skye, so she could meet her father. Coulson let her send the message, which freaked out Raina beyond belief. Raina was essentially a dead man walking yet; Hunter tagged her so that they could track her. Simmons’ cover was blown.

Simmons after realizing that there were pictures of her everywhere started to run through the halls of Hydra. That’s when the security officer and two of her men came towards her. When they got close enough, the security officer attacked her men. This was the arrival of Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird. She was able to get Simmons out of Hydra headquarters and onto one of their invisible planes, which Triplett was flying. Simmons was happy to be going home.

After Raina left, Skye was missing. Raina had told them to go to a location near the restaurant and there they would find Skye’s dad. So that’s where Skye went. Skye there, found a picture of him on the ground holding her as an infant and that’s where Coulson found her. She was so sad that she didn’t find her father and Coulson held her as she cried. Yet her father was watching from hidden cameras.

Unfortunately May found a hidden room where two dead bodies were. After examining the room, Skye then affirmed that he real father was a monster, which made her father mad. So, Skye’s father went to talk to Daniel Whitehall and gave him the obelisk and told him that he would teach Whitehall and Hydra to use it. He then told them that he wanted Coulson and the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. dead.

Everyone returned to Headquarters and welcomed their new S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Bobbi to the team. Turns out that Hunter’s horrible ex-wife was actually Bobbi. In the comics, Clint Barton is also an ex-husband of hers. Naturally, they started to argue. Simmons went to go talk to Fitz who was scared and Skye confronted Coulson, telling him no more secrets. So that’s when Coulson showed her the carvings on the wall and after she looked at it enough, told him it was a map.

It was an intense episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last week. Sadly though, the trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron was suppose to premiere during tonight’s episode, A Fractured House, was leaked. Anyways, the trailer looks amazing and I have seen on IMDB that Agent Triplett may make an appearance. If that’s the case I may cry, but Marvel knows how to not disappoint their fans and they will instead be showing exclusive footage from Age of Ultron

Anyhow, after last week’s game changing episode it’s going to take a lot for Skye’s father to redeem himself. We will see. I’m just happy Mockingbird has made her debut! 


Written by Shae


I have to say, I am really liking Elsa on this show. At first I was weary of how they would portray her, but as a live action version of the Disney Queen I have come to love, this show does it right. Storybrooke really is dealing with a lot of things. The ice wall is still up and the Snow Queen is nowhere to be found. Or is she? It doesn’t seem like she is hiding, really, she’s just not wanting to be found just yet. With that, Regina is searching for her in hopes of saving Marian for Robin. Despite how much she loves him, she’s not willing to see him suffer. Nor is she willing to go back on her promise in finding a way to save her.

Emma is on the trail, while her parents are stepping out for a bit of a date night. It seems Snow is really in need of stepping away from the baby, but also doesn’t know how to let go. Enter Belle, the perfect babysitter. While on their quest to go on a hike, they stop at the station to grab a few things. Charming notices the man they had locked in the cell is gone, and leaves Snow to chase him down. Yet, Snow finds him on her way home and thinks this was something Charming did to help her feel like her old self again. The thief just goes along with it and is pardoned by the mayor….only Charming didn’t set any of that up…at all.. The Thief really had escaped on his own…

Elsa sets out on her own, thinking she is hearing her sister Anna call for her, she runs off to follow the voice and help her sister. Admittedly, the recreation of the ice bridge in this show that parallels the movie was pretty awesome. Sadly, it was a trick and a trap from the Snow Queen. Once she has Elsa close enough she chains her up and leaves. Knowing Elsa’s fear will keep her chained up. It works…for now. Regina has gotten the location of the Snow Queen from Sydney, who is still trapped inside the mirror. Emma runs into her on the way and the two are heading in the same direction. Emma is trying really hard to make things right with the former Evil Queen. Regina isn’t having any of that, though.

The two are forced to work together when a giant, really amazing, ice monster shows up. They manage to defeat it and find the Snow Queen, who isn’t interested in chatting with them. Instead she takes Regina’s little mirror that she’d had with her. Elsa breaks free of her bonds and shows up to save the two from the evil ice wielder. Impressed, the Snow Queen leaves with no interest in having a fight, just yet. Turns out Sydney was working with the Snow Queen. She frees him, in exchange for the mirror she took from Regina. A piece breaks off and she places it into a larger mirror she has. The dark magic left in the shard of the glass mirror she’d taken from the Evil Queen seems to be the last piece of this puzzle…what is the Snow Queen after? A family that loves her.

Regina leaves and Emma follows. She finally confronts Regina and shares with her that she wants the two to become friends. Is this possible? It seems it might be. Regina might just be forgiving Emma, and the two might actually be getting closer. Still, Elsa is at a loss as to where her sister is. They all know that Emma and Elsa have no memories of knowing the Snow Queen, but the Snow Queen knows them both.

An old tape from an old camcorder from Emma’s childhood reveals that Emma knew the Snow Queen after all…better than she might have thought…..


Written by Shae


With a title like that, I was really expecting an actual man in a goat mask. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen, and yes I was sorely disappointed, but we do get to see a horrifying mask.  Admittedly, the mask reminded me more of the Scarecrow than the Spirit of the Goat, but still, it was scary.

Our story begins with a young Bullock, one who is far more Gordon like than anything, and his old partner. The two have been following a string of murders. It seems someone calling himself the Spirit of the Goat has been kidnapping rich, first born, typically ladies, stringing them up on fancy landmarks, and leaving their dead bodies for police to find. Bullock and his partner have finally tracked down the next location where the killer should strike and hopefully are in time to save the victim. Of course, Bullock's partner is demanding they wait for backup, but Bullock runs in. Displeased, to say the least, his partner follows. Sadly, they weren’t in time to save the victim, but they did manage to catch the Spirit of the Goat. And by catch, I mean Bullock shoots him several times after the guy pulls the trap door out from under his partner’s legs. It seems like this was Bullock’s defining moment of change. Going from a very, Gordon like cop, to the dark, cynic, we see now.

Present day, it looks as though the Spirit of the Goat is back. Haunted by this case, Bullock is ready to close it as fast as possible. At the crime scene, he’s on edge and more than livid at the fact that Jim isn’t there yet. Where is Gotham’s White Knight? Hashing it out with Barbara! Will our two favorite lovebirds make it? I’ve no idea. All I do know is that she is dead set on getting Gordon to tell her the truth of what happened. With a tentative “they might still be together” pause, Gordon heads out to meet Bullock and discuss the case. Gordon, with the Chief, thinks this is a copycat killer, while Bullock is positive it's not. One clue, a penny sown into the back of the victim’s skull, proves his theory. That part of the original case was never leaked to the media.

In the end, they’re left with one option. Whomever has been killing these girls has to have access to their homes. Gordon and Bullock do manage to track the guy down. Just before he can kill his second victim in a very familiar looking place….the same place Bullock shot the last Spirit of the Goat. This time, however, Gordon knocks the guy out and they take him into custody. It’s here Bullock sends Gordon home so he can wrap his own mind around what’s happened. After his partner is gone, Bullock spends some time watching the killer. The problem between the two cases is neither suspect had a single act of violence, nothing on their record, before they just started killing rich girls. With this information, Bullock goes and visits the home of the first victim in the copycat case. A psychiatrist there had caught his attention. She just so happens to be a hypnotist. He noticed a tic that both killers, and the last victim’s father share. They each squeeze their hand instead of doing the compulsion they want to do most. It was, indeed, the psychiatrist all along. I guess this proves that Harley Quinn isn’t the only shrink that cracked.

Bullock arrives back at the station just in time to see Gordon being hauled in in handcuffs. He’s been arrested for the murder of Oswald…only Oswald shows up…looks like Gordon’s secret is exposed, and Bullock might actually kill him for it…


Written by Daniel


The Good: One of my favorite stories from the Batman universes takes place in Legends of the Dark Knight. It revolves around Batman experimenting with Venom to help him do the job and give him an edge as Batman. He deals with addiction and it’s a very compelling story as to how far you can go to see the goal, the means out weighing it all. Yes the story does lead into Bane and the Venom crazed killer he becomes but what it was before that you get a very strong picture of. Tonight we get the origin of what will end up creating one of Batman’s most formidable villains and later crippling him and for it to come right out of his own lab is bitter bitter irony. Sure no Bane…not yet but the drug that creates him running around in Gotham already is mind blowing. This is what I wanted for the series, these moments of holy crap and your just left with “I know what comes next” running rampant in your mind. Last we have seen of it? Not likely, this is just a window into things to come and with Nygma watching in the back ground leaves you to wonder if there will have a bit of his hand in this down the road.

What also surprised me this week, Bruce coming out of the dark finally, and Alfred joining in the cause to what happened Bruce’s parents helping him on his path to becoming the world greatest Detective. The understanding starting to set in as Bruce puts the pieces together from last week’s Arkham episode and there could be more going on at Wayne Enterprises than the family run business. Sure it had a little feel of Lex Corp and all of the dirty experiments going on there, but I like the corporate espionage and maybe we will see a young Bruce fight for what his parents built. Or we could see the ground work for a Lucious Fox to come in and save everything and guarantee the future of all the Batman toys.

This last part left me on the fence and I all most stopped watching because of it; Penguin is going to just lay his entire hand out on the table after last week we saw this grand production of a sting.  This was just plain silly and there is just no way I could see it going this way. What I liked was the spin and how it plays out in the story but that is about as far as I can go on that.

The Bad: Penguin just ruined all the progress he made in my mind after the entire scene in the restaurant. I get being new to the whole game and trying to impress but that was just too much. The other thing I am having trouble with is Gordon being played like this, the twisted web of lies he is creating is entertaining but I don’t think the Gordon we know would do this. I know Gordon has always been a conflicted character and that's one of the reasons he is so well loved and works so well with Batman. Now he is just going into the deep end with covering and setting Penguin up. Needed for the story? What isn’t needed is Fish and we can only hope a bomb with a big clock is found behind the bar and takes her out next week.

The Verdict: Music soothes the savage beast is the big take away and I wonder if we are seeing the very early stages of the League of Deadly Assassins. Of course I could just be reading into it a little too far based on what we have seen so far.  Understanding is the key and we start to see that in Bruce as the early traits of Batman start to show in Keaton style, listening but not and I love that little tie to the Batman universe. 


Written by Mattie


Once Upon a Time returns tonight bringing us, Breaking Glass, its fifth episode of this season. Now if you missed last week’s episode, The Apprentice here’s what happened.

Emma had finally decided to take the plunge. She went and asked Hook out. He was super excited yet was super nervous about what would happen if Emma wanted to cuddle. So Hook went to Rumplestiltskin and asked him for his hand back. Rumpelstiltskin was pissed that Hook was threatening him over telling Bell that she had the wrong dagger, yet Rumpelstiltskin warned him that the hand he had represented the man Hook used to be and that it may revert Hook to his old ways. Hook didn’t heed the warning.

Emma was nervous as well. She dressed in a very pretty dress and her parents were proud of her. When Hook came to the door, he was dressed in street clothes and had his hand. Naturally this all surprised Emma and David had to give his lecture to Hook.

They went on their date and everything was going well except for Hook was starting to notice bits and pieces of his old self, coming through. It became evident when Will Scarlet saw them and tried to bolt out of the restaurant and ran into the waiter, who spilled some wine on Emma. Hook automatically threatened the waiter. Emma then saw Will and started to run after him but quickly gave up because she wanted to have her date.

After their evening, Hook dropped Emma back off at her parent’s place and went back into town where he found Will Scarlet trying to break into the library. Hook then assaulted Will randomly and told him not to tell anyone. Hook then ran off to find Rumpelstiltskin.

He found Rumpelstiltskin and asked for his hook back, that he naturally didn’t heed the old crocodile’s warning and that he was reverting to his old self. Rumpelstiltskin told him to meet him by the docks in the morning to help him with a chore and then he would give him his hand back. 

In the past, in the Enchanted Forest, Anna had arrived at Rumpelstiltskin’s castle. She asked him about her parents and he told her that for this information, she would have to do a chore for him. Her chore was to put poison in an old man’s tea, rumored to eat children who lived at the foot of the mountain.

So Anna went there and found that the old man was kind. So she instead poured the poison onto the fire and returned to Rumpelstiltskin, telling him that she did it. Sadly, Anna had been tricked. Rumpelstiltskin had poisoned the old man the day before and that what Anna had was the antidote. The old man, who happened to be the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, turned into a mouse. Ironic really, Mickey Mouse in Fantasia was the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. This was probably deliberate and done for the true Disney fans out there.

Anna ran back to the old man’s house and tried to find him and Rumpelstiltskin had followed her. Rumpelstiltskin all along wanted what the old man was protecting, a box with a magical hat in it. However, to open the box you need a person who looked darkness in the face and turned away from it. He thought that Anna had done this but she told him she never really had to look darkness in the face, proving him wrong. That’s when he showed her the contract and told her that since she broke it, that she would be forced to live in his tower the rest of her life and would never be able to tell Elsa the truth. That’s when she grabbed a sword and threatened to kill him. However, because of who Anna is, she couldn’t and she sat down and cried. She faced darkness and turned away. That’s when Rumpelstiltskin collected her tears on his dagger and was able to go find the box.

However when he got back upstairs, Anna asked him what the box did. He explained that the box contained a hat that could take away the magical powers of any living creature. Once it gained enough power, it would make the owner unstoppable. However the Apprentice fell on Rumpelstiltskin and bit him on the hand forcing him to drop his dagger, which Anna grabbed.

She realized that the dagger controlled Rumpelstiltskin and she understood that he wanted his powers but also to be free of the dagger. So she commanded him to turn the Apprentice back into a human and to give her the box. Then she commanded him to never bother her, Kristoff or Elsa ever again and to send her and the box back to Arendelle. He did all that and she dropped his dagger so he would have it back. Rumpelstiltskin may have had his dagger but not the magic box. Anna made it safely back to Arendelle. However it makes me question that in Stoybrooke, is that house Anna’s? We will have to see what happens. 

Anyways in the real world, Rumpelstiltskin met up with Hook and they went to the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’s house and sucked him up into the hat. Then Rumpelstiltskin gave Hook his hook back and blackmailed Hook into making him his lackey. All along, the hand wasn’t cursed and it was Hook’s inner demons coming out. Hook had to comply.

Emma was being stalked by the Snow Queen and Elsa had discovered that the Snow Queen recently came to Storybrooke which means that they were forced to come here. Something smells fishy and it isn’t Kristoff.

Regina on the other hand was trying to find a way to save Marian. Henry was helping her. However with this distraction, Henry knew that he needed to proceed with Operation Mongoose. So he told Regina that he was going to get a job at Rumpelstiltskin’s, under the pretense of “wanting to get to know the only thing he has left of his father” so he could build a rapport with Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpelstiltskin agreed and gave him a job.

Emma on the other hand got a call from Bell who found Will Scarlet, who drunkenly broke into the library with a bottle of whiskey and was sound asleep cuddling the book, Alice in Wonderland. He had ripped a page with the Red Queen on it out of the book. Emma threw Will in jail and when he woke up, she confronted him about what he did. He didn’t tell her anything but when she showed him the page he ripped out of it a single tear came out of his eye and she didn’t notice. He didn’t tell her about Hook punching him.

So there is a possibility that that something happened to Anastasia. I can’t tell if this is pre or post Wonderland. It’s bothering me. I want more of this story! I LOVE WILL! Then you have Rumpelstiltskin lying to Bell and killing people for their magical powers and Hook becoming his lackey. Emma can’t calm down enough to see there is something wrong with Hook nor does she take the time to find out what’s going on with Will Scarlet. This is bothering me!!! Then you have Anna and Elsa’s story and I just have more questions! Hopefully tonight’s episode, Breaking Glass will have some much needed answers. I want to know more about Will! What happened?! 

As Halloween draws near, more scary movies will hit our local theaters. Here’s a look at what’s coming to a theater near you this weekend.

Ouija will be coming to theaters today. It is the story of a group of friends who have to confront whatever they released from an ancient Ouija board. Now, I may not believe in ghosts or angry spirits, but I’m not going to welcome them into my home with an Ouija board just incase it does happen. This is what my mother warned me about when I was a kid and I’ve never touch an Ouija board because maybe something like this can happen. If you’re looking for a horror movie surrounding a board game and superstitions, this may be for you.

Now Keanu Reeves returns in the movie, John Wick. It is the story of an ex-hit man who comes out of retirement to get his revenge on the gangsters who stole everything from him. It’s an action packed thriller whose advertisements have been flooding our TV screens. Hopefully it’s as good as it seems.

Happy New Year also opens today. It’s a Bollywood film about a group of losers who end up winning the love of millions as they try to pull off the biggest diamond heist ever. It’s an action packed, comedy; with crime and drama turned into a musical and even has romance. If you’re looking for something more light hearted, this may be the film for you.

Three movies are coming to theaters near you this weekend. If you’re looking for something to do, the movie theater may be for you.