Written by Shae

I was talking to John last night when this idea came over me. Many of us at Girls of Geek are pet owners, and we have all ended up adopting. This past July things were a bit stressful, and super long story short, Mattie and I nearly ended up with another kitten via my parents. However, that fell through and we both seemed a bit down about it. I ended up dragging Mattie to the Dumb Friends League where we met the newest addition of our home, Agent Carter. Carter (who’s original name was something less cool) was the cat that tugged at our heart strings. She had been surrendered by her previous owners and was sick, and had a possible chronic disorder that would lead to a life of daily medication and worry.

I’d like to say it was us who picked her, but it was actually Carter who picked Mattie. This tiny, sneezy, kitten threw herself into Mattie’s arms and that was that. The great news is this supposed chronic problem our tiny kitten might have was actually a very severe cold. With two huge rounds of antibiotics she was up and playing with the boys in no time. Today Cater is a solid little trouble maker who doesn’t meow much (due to being sick for such a long time) but instead meeps and barks. Mostly, she chortles. It occurred to me then that there are so many pets out there needing homes. While we were there in July, Dumb Friends League was waving all adoption fees on cats older than a year in hopes of finding them homes. Had we been able to take more in, you can bet we would have.

Today I wanted to talk about the importance of pets, for those looking for a new addition to their family. Now, they are a living being and should not be taken lightly. With the Holidays coming up I know it’s tempting for many to get puppies and kittens for presents, but I’d like to urge us in a different direction. A different thought. When considering your newest family member you need to remember that it is all about personality. Sometimes you click with them, and other times they don’t click with you. What I like best about Dumb Friends League is how you can go and meet the animals you’re interested in and get to know them before making that decision.

With all that being said, welcome to Pet Spotlight. A segment where we pick an animal (or two) up for adoption! Today’s pick happens to be two dogs that I thought stood out the most! Also, one of them is 12 and the other 9, and my heart literally shattered into a billion pieces. Misty and Sam! Sam is 9 year old male Catahoula Leopard Hound and Misty is an 12 year old female Australian Cattle Dog mix! The two are a pair, as they should be, so if you or someone you know is looking for a couple to complete their family, these two might just be that. Both are house trained, good with kids, and rather young and playful despite their ‘age’. Remember, that’s just a number! For more information please visit the Dumb Friends League Website at www.ddfl.org and we look forward to bringing you a look at more wonderful pets that need a loving good home.


Written by Daniel


This was one of the craziest episodes of Gotham to date for sure and I’m at a loss. I really don’t know what I just watched and now I'm wondering what the hell they are going to do next.

Here is the deal; I know I have been begging for a story, something that has direction and is going somewhere, building to a larger picture and plot. Last season has still left a bad taste in my mouth and even after I tried approaching the first season as an ‘Elseworld” story, that couldn’t make up for the bad writing. It’s like they listen to my request but at what cost? I remember it always took a Joker story to get things going in the comics, something dark and twisted and nothing is what it seems. So what better way to get Gotham going then trample all over the Joker with some off little child right down to the laugh and even dressing him like the Joker for the final scene. 

So he acts like the Joker, laughs like the Joker, and kills like the Joker, even the dialogue is pure Joker all the way right down to Penguin quoting the comic when he describes him but oh wait, it’s not the Joker. I was even buying in, I had a few enjoyable moments tonight especially when he came to talk with his blind old father who just happened to still be in Gotham. It felt rather like Heath Ledger telling stories in The Dark Knight as Jerome went on a trip down memory lane about his Mom. The magic show having so many elements of the comic and classic TV show and animated series intertwined was so well done it border lined on over the top but stayed grounded.  But wait, did I say it’s not the Joker? I don’t know if I should be relieved or just pissed for them toying with me like that.

It wasn’t a bad episode, I don’t want to paint a picture of gloom and doom because there was some positive direction taken, some very smart choices that could open the door for intense story telling. Theo Galavan comes to the rescue for Gotham’s elite and ending the budding criminal carrier of Jerome but the twist on this is not what he did but the conversation he had with Barbara earlier that day. Talking about his ancestors helping build Gotham and if not for his family there would be no city and there isn’t even a street named after them. It started me thinking and wondered if we are starting to see the gateway to the Court of Owls? 

I might be wrong, completely off base but the way he went on just got that feeling. The only fear I had was them making Barbara a Harley knock off but after tonight I guess that fear is out the window. It dose raise the question just what her role is going to be? Glad that Harvey is back and threatening Penguin for what happened to Fish, great moment but tonight’s highlight goes to Alfred. The man is smooth, pulling out the moves on Lee and I think it was working. I would hate to say that Alfred is a little too old for her but Gordon better watch out after all he is the son of a Doctor.

Is there hope? After tonight there could be, some traction tonight but I'm not going to cue the Tim Burton/Danny Elfman era music just yet but I am looking a little bit forward to next week…a little. 


Written by Shae


All right, admittedly this season’s first episode didn’t exactly grab ahold of me, however, episode two…kind of ripped my heart out of my chest and held it tightly. I’m not going to lie, Emma as the Dark One is really working for me. For whatever reason, she really is fantastic at being evil. The back and forth is oddly working for me this time around, I don’t know why I’ve struggled with this in the past, but I really have. 

This season is lining up to really just…be epic from what I can gather so far. I’m hoping my expectations aren’t too high already, but, things happen. In the Enchanted Forest and the Kingdom of Camelot, we have a grand ball about to happen six weeks in the past. Regina has announced herself as the Savior, which isn’t boding well with Emma, but, Regina does have a point. Emma can’t use her magic, after all the more she does, the more she turns…right?

But, the ball doesn’t go as planned. Percival realizes who the ‘Savior’ is, or rather that Regina the Evil Queen is amongst them and he’s a little unhappy about it. Enough so that he tries to kill her (I mean, she burned his village when he was a kid, so it’s fair. I’ve also stopped questioning how everyone is somehow just the same age as everyone else, despite the obvious fact that it’s impossible…but Magic!) only he stabs and kills Robin instead. The only one who can save him is Emma, and she does…ignoring the figment of her imagination that is Rumple. Everything comes with a price, Emma just wasn’t willing to let Regina pay. I don’t mind that Emma is attempting to be selfless, I just feel that this is why she ends up going full dark side on everyone. Which, seems like a plausible reason as to how we all get from Fighting the Darkness to Dark One Emma!

Robin Lives! Or does he? Fast forward to present day and it seems Once Upon A Time's version of a Hell Hound has come to collect the soul of the life that was spared. Though, really, just any life. A life for a life, as it is in all of these types of deals. Only, Regina can’t stop it. Emma refuses to help, and points out that it really is Regina’s fault and her debt to pay, so she needs to do that! Kind of hard to do when everyone’s memories are missing, and Emma isn’t willing to really fill them in. Probably with good reason. Regina is struggling to handle things. She’s determined to save the day at whatever cost. This sudden switch in character roles is quite fun! Finally, Regina faces the demonic beast attempting to take her boy toy, offering her life, only to find that she truly isn’t alone. Does love kill this beast? Probably more like the script decided that a bunch of people holding hands can overcome most things…either way, Robin is saved.

Emma is still being evil, or is she? I feel she’s up to something more than what we see. It seems she has Excalibur down in her basement, sheathed within the stone. Once the Dagger and sword are reunited, made whole, it seems the Dark One will be able to do something no other before her could…vanquish the light forever. Thankfully, she can’t pull it from the stone, not without paying whatever that price is….which leaves a huge cliff hanger for next week, and really, I have no patience, so this is going to be torture.


Written by Shae

Guys, it's October which is officially my favorite time of year! Halloween is my Christmas, and with that, there are some utter Halloween must haves for the season. First of all, anyone who doesn't love this holiday as much as I do is no longer my friend. I'm just kidding, I still love you. I'm actually planning to decorate the house. Yes, you read that right, decorate. Not everyone does this, but if you're like me, it's a must have for this holiday. You don't have to go all out. But an excuse to hang some purple and orange lights around the house? Why not! It's always fun to have just some string lights to plug in. Okay, no, we probably shouldn't have them year round, but hey! We are adults and get to do whatever we want, right?

With that, let's be honest, we are nerds. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a huge part of this season, and possibly even into Christmas. So with that, Hot Topic is filled with Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, because Halloween is the coolest holiday in the history of ever. Decorations are everywhere and it's the perfect time for us nerds to strut out stuff. We are a creative people, we have stores at our disposal. Between Spirit, Party City, ThinkGeek, and all the department stores out there, there isn't a theme out there we can't create. And Halloween doesn't have to be scary, it's just a bonus if it is! Either way, if you have a house with a yard or an apartment there's a way to make Halloween your own.

Above all, it's about costumes. Normal people look forward to dressing up once a year. But for us cosplayers, it's literally the holiday of all holidays. It's not just about costumes, no, it's about showing off our mad skills. That's right, Halloween is the holiest cosplayer day. It's not about competitions or cons, it's about showing the mad skills we have, and also looking fabulous as our favorite characters. Above all, Halloween is about fun. Even cosplayers need a break from the pressure of competition and the desire to look stunning. All work and no play is hard on anyone, so one night a year we all throw caution to the wind and just be our true nerdy selves. Of course there are the perfectionists like myself who still have to have that perfect cosplay. But the best part about October is how it has changed to encompass Halloween throughout. No longer is it just one day, but many of us choose to dress up several times! I've got some fun ideas for work, because why not? And it allows people who are otherwise too shy to dress up do so without judgement. The perfect costume is a must have for any Halloween event.

And of course so is candy and food. This geek loves her food. Today, for fun, I tried making a vibrant blue and bright purple cake just because I could. Don't we adults have gatherings and parties during this season? Yes we do. And with that comes the need to feed. All food can be made spooky, geeky, or fun! With just a bit of food coloring and some creative desire, any meal can be Halloween ready. Also, pumpkins.....lots of them. Everywhere.

Halloween is about fun, even if you're not into the scary. But if you are, then break out those horror movies and grab the fake blood! I've learned to enjoy the scarier movies as I've gotten older. They do have a certain charm. But more so the scary shows that air on TV. As I write this "A Haunting" is playing in the background. Real life ghost stories are totally my thing, and Halloween offers me plenty of the paranormal. Speaking of! Supernatural starts soon, and I can't even begin to explain my happy over that. Scary shows, movies, and all thinks spooky are the best part of Halloween. Well, aside from the candy....but that's just a given!

New movies hit theaters today! If you’re looking for an escape that is out of this world, then one of these movies is for you.

The Martian is that movie. This is the story of Astronaut Mark Watney who is presumed dead and left behind by his crew after a terrible storm on a hostile planet...Mars. From there, he has to find a way to survive and contact Earth so he can come home. It stars Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Kristen Wiig and Kate Mara and is based off of Andy Weir’s book of the same name.

Yet, if you’re looking for a thriller that’s based on a true story, The Walk may be for you. This is the story of Philippe Petit who in 1974 recruited a team to help him with his dream, to walk across the vast space between the two World Trade Center towers on a tight rope. Did he do it? I don’t remember, but if we go and see the movie...we'll find out. Anyways, it stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon and Guillaume Baillargeon.

However, if you’re looking for something to warm your emotions, Freeheld is for you. This is the story of Laurel Hester, a New Jersey police lieutenant who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Not only does she have to fight this terminal illness, but she and her registered domestic partner, Stacie have to fight for her pension benefits as well. It stars Julianne Moore, Ellen Page and Steve Carell.

These are the movies headed to theaters this weekend. Hope everyone has a good second weekend in the fall!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Few of us in this life have ever experienced true fear. We've been scared, but those moments that shake us to our core and force us to do whatever it takes to either survive or push through terrifying seconds on the clock often elude us and that's why we turn to television and film. 

This is a place we can go get a sliver of an idea of what that's like as we get the opportunity to experience such horror through the eyes of a fictional character. When it is done right...it's nothing short of spectacular and one such episode that pulled it off and still sends my heart racing every single time I watch it...was the official series premiere of Battlestar Galactica, "33".

This was an episode that set the tone for the series by putting the characters through absolute hell in incredible fashion. The last of humanity, now in deep space hoping to find the lost thirteenth colony of Earth have run into quite a problem. Every time they jump, the Cylons find them and to top it off...their evil archenemy appears every 33 minutes after said jump. By the time we join them in this episode they have been jumping and dealing with this nightmare for days now and the crew of the Galactica have seen little sleep and if they don't figure out soon how the Cylons are tracking them...there's a fair chance a mistakes will be made and mankind will come to its end.  

I mentioned earlier that this episode gets the blood pumping every time I watch it and I meant it. This is an episode of television that brings fear to life because there isn't a second wasted when it comes to the plot, the action or the acting because every single second you feel as frazzled as the crew of Galactica. Not to mention the threat of the Cylons is always out there and the dread that comes over you when 33 minutes strikes the clock only sinks you into the experience of this episode further. To top it off, the decision that has to be made regarding the ship that turns out to be the reason the Cylons have been able to follow them...is an ugly one that tears at you. We know Adama and Roslin are right...but the fact we never confirm if the crew is there or not haunts you as a viewer.

But what truly sells this episode...is the acting. Every single member of the cast is nothing short of incredible when it comes to their performance. Each one of them have to pretend they have been awake for over 130 hours and they all sell it. They look exhausted, you can see them teetering where they stand and their eyelids fight them every single step of the way.  It's a hell of a way to start the series and you knew from this point on, this show would push the envelope and put our characters in incredible situations and thankfully I didn't have to wait long for the next episode to air since the series went with a two hour premiere and we'll discuss the next episode, next time. Until then. 


Written by Scotty

There are some things in history that people would rather not remember.  This seems to be an issue for more people ever year and it is not hurting the adults as much as it is hurting our youth.  When our children get an edited look at the history books, they will be missing out on more than they could ever know.  But nowadays it is easier to give our children an assignment to look up on the internet and if they are truly interested in the subject they can clink on the adjoining links that pull up on the websites. This may not give them the entire view since many people would like to get the work done and be over it, but there are a couple young minds out there that want to know as much as possible, assignment or not.

Flight 42 is packed and on its way to London and everything seems to be going fine. Checking in with the tower consistently, Captain William Strong has a good feeling about this flight, but then he starts to notice that his instruments are starting to act up.  Checking in with the tower again, he is told that the flight has clear skies ahead, but when he looks out the window, a massive electrical storm has appeared and there is no way to fly around it.  Flying through the storm, day quickly turns into night and most of the aviation equipment has stopped working altogether.  Having his co-pilot check out all of the gear, everything seems to be getting power, it is just no longer working.

With the basics still working along with their radar, Captain Strong is convinced that they will be ok.  Without being able to get a response on the radio, the Captain takes the plane down to get a look at the layout under them to find out exactly where they are.  Seeing what appears to be more clouds ahead, the co-pilot sees something much more ominous, fires burning below.  With other aircraft starting to show up on the radar, everyone on the plane sees a group of bombers making a run over a city.  While there are explosions below, the Captain is able to reach a young Corporal on the radio and ask where he is.  Being in a war zone, Corporal Nigel is reluctant to say, but when the year 1940 comes out of his mouth, the Captain and crew have to start believing that they have been sent back into time.

With two college professors on the plane that know everything about the subject, they start to get to work on trying to find out exactly where the plane is since the British do not have a functioning radar yet.  As the professors talk to Nigel, the facts that the young Corporal is telling them do not match up with what is in the history books.  With this being an alternate history, all of the facts that they know have been thrown out the window.  Trying to come up with a plan of how to get to safety, the plane is attacked by smaller fighters.  With the only safety in the clouds, Captain Strong makes the decision to stay high above the enemy until it is absolutely necessary to establish radio contact once again.  Needing more warning about where the fighters are since their radar only has a small perimeter, the crew decides to take the plane down and have it run from the ground so they can get advanced warning of the German attack planes coming their way.  The plan is all well and good, but what would happen if their advanced technology falls into the wrong hands on the ground?

This movie grabbed my attention from the brief description that was listed and I am happy that I gave it a shot.  I liked the idea of an alternate history being presented before the flight and passengers to make them understand that they may be part of the solution.  Although not every idea would have worked, like the attempt to kill Hitler when they get on the ground, they are able to stay in the skies and fight off their own fears about what might happen to them if they are not successful.  It is an interesting premise and I enjoyed how the story played out, even with having the British contemplating about shooting the commercial plane out of the air to keep the German’s from acquiring the advanced technology.  Happy Viewing.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

I remember quite fondly the first two nights that the new Battlestar Galactica aired on Syfy. They had been advertising it left and right and having seen the original series as a young boy, I figured I would simply check it out. I truthfully was not a fan of the original series, and that remains the same to this day because of the excess cheese factor...but a remake from Ronald D. Moore, that had my attention. 

Needless to say, the series was thrilling from the get go. We wasted no time getting into the Cylon attack and already the new show had a different feel from its predecessor and in a matter of minutes, I forgot the other incarnation of the show existed. This world was suddenly what mattered and it was a damn fascinating one at that. Every character had my attention, especially William Adama simply because I am a huge fan of Edward James Olmos but every single character jumped off the screen.  

I mean, Tigh was now a raging drunk, Starbuck was a strong and fiery woman and the Cylons...well they now looked like humans and they were utterly terrifying. Only being two years removed from the events of September 11, the attack on the Twelve Colonies felt visceral and raw only because those events were still fresh in my mind and somehow that instantly connected me to all the characters. It was quite clear an hour into this that I was witnessing television history. I had never seen anything quite like this before, and I was hooked. I didn't leave the couch for the first half of this miniseries, and I was on time for the second part. 

This was...truly some of the finest storytelling I had seen in science fiction. We were presented with a race of humans that had mastered space travel, conquered faster than light travel and none of that mattered. They were at war, they were facing extinction and there would be no technobabble here, no grand discussion of how they get out of this mess with science...they simply had to survive. The story was what mattered here over all things and that made for a wonderful two night experience, along with a painful wait for season one to get underway. 

This is a series premiere that stuck with me for a long time in fact. It was the first that I can recall addressing the horrors of our world without offering a political message or solution, and one that brought forth a brave new science fiction world. Truly, this is one of the best pilot episodes I've ever seen...and it was only the beginning for now we were on a journey with the last vestiges of humanity, desperately searching for the lost colony of their brothers and sisters on a tiny little world named Earth and it was a journey that took us to incredible places all thanks to a bold beginning that held nothing back. Until next time. 


Written by Scotty

I am a firm believer that searching for the truth behind things is the best way to learn what has been done.  I have found several times that the information behind what I have been looking for is not what I wanted to know, but I do feel better about finding out the real story.  So many times doing this leads to disappointment, but why should that be?  Knowing the truth is so much better than believing a fabricated story.  In your search for answers, just know that they may not all be butterflies and rainbows when you find out what you really wanted to know, you could dig up something much darker that will change your outlook on things.

William Cassidy has been running his blog for many years, but it did not start until he first reported being abducted.  After this happened, William has wanted to get his story out there for anyone that would read it, but he knows there is something behind this activity.  Waking up in foreign places without knowing how he has gotten there, William knows that he was not left alone, he has something left in him from his trip.  Wanting to get his life back from the aliens that have placed him under some sort of spell, William takes many steps to insure that he will be under their control, but things get worse when a solar flare is making its way to earth.

Joe Sullivan is looking to make a name for himself and receiving an email from the famed William Cassidy inviting him up for an interview could be the greatest thing that has ever happened to him.  Being a blogger himself, Joe wants to unlock the truth behind William’s story and what actually happened to him.  Bringing his video camera with him, Joe is ready to record an interview, but on this night, he will capture so much more.  As a strange explosion takes place outside of William’s cabin, Joe is looking for hard evidence of life from another world and would be famous, even if only bringing it to cyberspace.  Investigating the crash site, Joe and William have to fight for their lives when a being from another planet is trying to hunt them down. 

Dr. Tobin wants answers when she has been able to secure William for questioning.  As all of his blogs has been carefully monitored over the years, she is a believer that he is on the level, but when her team arrived at the crash site, they were not able to recover anything.  Subjecting William to all sorts of torture that has worked during her investigations in the past, she is sure that she will be able to find the answers to what has happened, but what she does not know is that she is being watched as well.  As her soldiers are taken out and the night is nearing its end, Dr. Tobin gets to talk to her greatest foe, an alien that wants nothing more to kill her, but when she receives word that another visitor is coming to her station, she knows that her time is limited. 

This is a great take on aliens and what they are actually doing to people when they are abducted.  It is hard to say if it is right or not, as I have never been one of the people that has been able to interact with the little green men, but it could be what they are doing.  Although the story jumps around quite a bit and messes with the time lines, it works for the story that it is trying to tell.  I will tell you one thing, if I witness an UFO crash in the middle of nowhere, I am booking it as far away as possible.  Not knowing what means the government will go through to get the answers that it wants, it may be safer not to be there so they can try their different questioning tactics on you.  I enjoyed the movie, but a forewarning, you have to pay attention while it is playing since the story all comes together, so not one to keep on in the background, since you will miss something that will leave you wondering how or why something happened.

POP! Figures! Can you have too many? No! And anyone who tells you otherwise is not committed enough to the adorableness that is the POP! figure. Why do I bring this up? Because last weekend was Salt Lake Comic Con and Funko had their own booth there! Not to mention, there were literally billions of POP figures in the building. Really, this is just a fun piece on why you should go to con’s and buy things. Buying things is my specialty, after all, I am the Queen of Geeky Gifts. There were plenty of things to find at the con floor, and for recaps of the con please check out our con section!

So, what did I buy? For starters six POP! figures…like seriously, who needs that many? First, I had to find the Rocket holding tiny baby Groot. Like, literally, I had to find it. And I did! Okay, John and Mattie did…but I bought it! How could you not? I also found Dracula, no really, Dracula…They have an entire line of old school Monster POP’s! With it being almost Halloween, which is my favorite Holiday, I absolutely had to have it. Along the way, Mattie and I found Rocky and Bullwinkle, and if you are asking what those two are then our friendship is completely over. 

Either way, Moose is making a lovely addition to my POP! family. Speaking of, fellow Avenger’s Scarlet Witch and Black Widow were surprise finds that needed to be bought! I didn’t even know they had made either, and finding them was the most pleasant surprise ever. Especially since I am looking for my dad’s birthday and Christmas presents. Black Widow and Hulk might just made a nice gift for either of them. Almost as good as Anger and Joy! Lastly, there is the newest Frozen releases, Frozen Fever Anna and Elsa. Both come with three tiny snow-babies, and yes, Mattie bought the Anna to my Elsa.

If that wasn’t enough I even bought a Keyblade. Yes, seriously, who does that? Oddly enough SLCC had plenty of vendors selling sharp pointy objects and replicas. The  Pumpkin King Keyblade was my second purchase of the con, and was really a just-because-I-can one. Well, that and the possible cosplay of Halloween Town Sora. I’ve not really settled on any one reason. Either way, I had to have it, and have it I did. It’s the biggest purchase of any con, or biggest item I should say. Now I just need to figure out where to put it…I just hope my parents never find out about this one…I con’t need the judging looks. Just kidding, my dad would steal it and chase me with it.

And, of course, there was art. How could there not be art? One of our favorite artists was in and I had to get one of his latest pictures. I just need to buy a frame for it first. Jason Meents does draw the cutest chibi’s I’ve ever seen and I’ll buy anything he draws of the Winter Soldier. Along the way through Artist Alley, we also found someone who drew each Steven Universe character. Were it not for the amazing deal he gave us, we probably would have passed it up, but having all of them in one set at once was the best investment. That, and really, it’s Steven Universe! Short of finding a Cheeseburger Backpack, this was the best find! I think it was fate….

It’s a wonder I had money left over. It’s hard to leave the dealer's room feeling as though there is something missing. How I didn’t purchase everything I saw is a wonder, but my bank accounts limited funds helped. The best part is, most Dealers and Artists travel from con to con and are able to sell their products just about anywhere. There are some with booths, such as Geek Fuel, who offer a glimpse into their services outside of the con, and others who have online stores so you can buy more later. Either way, it’s a fun place to be, and really, I still feel like I need more POP! figures.