Written by Scotty

As actors and actresses start to get older, the harder it is for them to land the "young person" role.  With all of the makeup and CGI that can be done to them, it still does not look right on the big screen and even though we see it all the time, the fans know that it is not right.  Staying young forever is something that we have all been looking for, but to date, the fountain of youth has still not been discovered and the aging process continues to hammer us on a daily basis.  But there is nothing wrong with getting older and staying in the industry, I just hope that you would be willing to play someone your own age, rather than someone thirty years younger than you.

Aging actress Helen has not had an easy life to this point.  She is always losing out on her jobs to the younger ladies, especially her roommate Joyce.  Knowing that Joyce is giving it up for the opportunities, Helen is still not willing to give in and sleep with anyone for the parts that she wants.  Believing that true beauty and talent is on the inside, Helen will never complicate her morals with any of these shenanigans.  But after her latest audition, when the director initially said that she got the part, Helen is shocked to find out that once again, she has lost the part to Joyce.

Going back to her apartment, Helen accuses Joyce of sleeping with the director, but Joyce does denies it completely.  Falling for another man, Joyce is happy to share her news that she will be the winner of a beauty contest and become the spokeswoman for a brand when done.  Not even knowing that she got the Ball Buster job that Helen is upset about makes Helen even more infuriated. Running to her medicine cabinet, Helen thinks about killing herself, but then another idea pops into her mind as she knows how to get even with her roommate.  Spiking Joyce’s tea with the sleep aid, Helen is ready to take her part in the beauty pageant, but is ashamed when she sees that Joyce will not be waking up ever again.

As life goes on, Helen writes a suicide note for her roommate and gets ready for the gig since being a spokeswoman would be a defining moment in her otherwise dwindling carrier.  Meeting up with the host, Helen shows him the note and is guaranteed the win and the sponsorship, but Druscilla knows what is going on and accuses Helen of the same thing that she accused Joyce of, sleeping around.  Although Helen has not done this, it is not above Druscilla to do it to win the contest and get her own payday.  When George, the host confronts Helen about the new situation at hand, she is not willing to give up the title, no matter what the job after is for.  Killing Druscilla in the dressing room, Helen is ready to take center stage and to promote whatever it is that will have her swimming in diamonds and furs, but she may not have been so anxious about the job if she knew what it was really all about. 

It is a sad commentary on life for those who have been passed over so many times and what they will do to have it stop for them.  As being one of these people, I have never let my morals get out of whack and have a feeling of revenge on my mind.  You have to get the next one, is what I always told myself, and overall, it has worked out nicely for me. I love the distrust between Helen and all of the other characters in this episode.  Even though they are not trying to screw her over, she believes that they are and that justifies her actions.  It is tough, I will admit it, but it should be who is better in a role or position, not what they are willing to do to get it.  Starring Mimi Rogers as Helen, Kathy Ireland as Joyce, Jennifer Rubin as Druscilla and Buck Henry as George.  This is a great story of showing how far someone will go to get something that they may not want in the end.  Until next time kiddies, Stay Scared. 


Written by Scotty

In life, we all have our special talent.  Some of them may be good, while others are a bit darker.  Putting these talents to work in our favor is one of the hardest things to do as not all of them are marketable in the private sector.  Some people have a great deal of talent in deception and these are the people you have to watch out for when trying to make a deal. They will always get their end of the deal, no matter if you find them out or not since they have perfected their craft over the years.  It is always good to keep these people at arm’s length, but if you get sucked in to their stories, you will never be able to escape, even with the shirt on your back.

Benny Polosky and Alison Peters are at the top of their craft.  Being professional cons, they know how to make every dice roll show in their favor.  Their next job is getting three hundred thousand dollars out of Prescott Chalmers by playing him.  Coming up with the perfect story to seduce the older man, there should not no problem getting away scot-free.  Telling the story that Prescott’s father was robbed a bank back in 1902 and invested the money wisely before being thrown into prison seems to have its issues, but with the current funds of three million dollars being ripe for the taking will be too much for the man to pass up. 

As Alison Peters pretends to be Prescott’s cousin, she is able to get a little bit deeper inside on the story with the old man, and with Benny hiding in the closet during her romantic interlude, she thinks everything will go off without a hitch.  But when Benny starts to hum the song that was playing earlier in the night, Prescott knows that he has been had and will leave without even breaking a sweat, even though the pictures are damning to him.  Benny and Alison had no idea that his wife was blind and it would only be hearsay of what happened, but Alison is not happy with losing her current payday.  Trying to hold up the old man, Alison draws a gun on him, but he is not frightened and walks straight to his death in a malfunctioning elevator shaft.

Going to the police station to give their statements, Alison and Benny are almost ready to call it quits, but running into Mrs. Chalmers, Alison gets an idea of a lifetime.  Mrs. Chalmers believes she can talk to her husband from the other side with her spiritual advisor and Alison is able to fill that role.  Taking Madame Leona’s place for the night, Alison hides Benny in the closet to come out and tell Mrs. Chalmers to make Prescott’s final transaction complete.  But when using all of the spiritualist’s chants, someone comes out of the closet and it is not Benny playing his final role in the con, but Mr. Chalmers wanting to finish his final transaction.

A con gone wrong would be an understatement for Alison and Benny in this episode.  Even though they have the know-how and skills to pull it off, more than one thing goes wrong and they will not ever receive their payday.  I especially liked the looks on their faces when Mrs. Chalmers said she had to talk to her husband, as you can tell the gears were turning, but even then, they are left with nothing more than a head heavy suitcase.  Starring Cathy Moriarty as Alison, Ben Cross as Benny, Ellen Crawford as Mrs. Chalmers and John Vernon as Prescott Chalmers.  This is the perfect group of actors to make this story come to life and I could not imagine anyone doing it better.  The Crypt Keeper even got to change his accent in this episode to a 1920’s detective voice.  Until next time, you shee, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

You hear it all over news these days, bands breaking up for one reason or another.  Knowing what I have heard over the years, I would always tell people that are looking to start a band to make sure they have their lives figured out before even attempting it. With all of the things that are thrown at the stars when they are on the road, it is amazing that all of our favorite singers make it back home in one piece.  But hey, it is the price of fame and there are several others that are able to make it work out for them.

The rock band Exorcist is back from two years on the road and loving life.  Their lead guitarist, writer and producer Nick Bosch has even found love, marrying Scarlett on the road.  Although the couple is happy and looking to live their life to the fullest, the lead singer Danny Darwin is not on board. Knowing that Scarlett is a distraction to the band and their fans, he wants to make things as uncomfortable as possible for the new addition of his rock family.  Danny’s groupie, Vendetta feels the same way about the harpy and wants her gone and while trying to get Danny’s mind off of the distraction, she gives him an idea to get a new tattoo. 

While complaining about the future of the band, Danny thinks this is a great idea and goes to the shop to get a tiger on his chest, but the tattoo artist has something else in mind.  Farouche believes that everyone’s body has a story to tell and it is up to him to find and unlock it in a tattoo.  Danny does not seem too keen on the idea, but goes along with it and comes out with some ink that will change his outlook on life forever.  Scarlett has been placed on his chest and no matter what he tries, she remains there and he must find a way to get her out of his life, forever.

After Scarlett confronts Danny about his attitude and what it is doing to her relationship with Nick, Danny has something else to say but has to wait until the night of show to tell her.  Sneaking away from sound check, Danny finds the young bride in the bathroom and unprepared for what comes next.  As Danny eliminates Scarlett from the equation, he returns to the venue and prepares for his show.  But his tattoo is hurting more than ever and with it coming to life in front of his very eyes, Danny must find a way to keep the recently deceased Scarlett from getting under his skin ever again.

Wow, after watching this episode, I am pretty sure I will never even think about getting a tattoo again.  If I had an artist that is looking for my body to tell a story, and if it has something to do with my deepest desires, I would have gnomes galore going crazy on my arms.  It might not seem that scary right now, but think about and it will send chills up your spine.  With a great cast bringing the story to life, Yul Vazquez as Danny, Paul Hipp as Nick, Tia Carrere as Scarlett, Sherrie Rose as Vendetta and Heavy D as Farouche, this is a gleaming tribute to the rock industry.  With no drug use and just drinking, maybe some of today’s stars could learn a lesson from it, and even better, lay off the tattoos.  Until next time kiddies, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

There are so many people in places of position because they know the right people and are willing to use those bonds to get ahead.  But it does not end there as contracts are handed out using the friends scale and not who will do the work the best and fastest.  Business all has to do with politics and this has not changed in the past fifty years and will not ever change as long as the machine keeps running.  If you are granted something based on the person you know and not the work you do, make sure that you take it seriously, as eventually you will be figured out and replaced with someone that can do it the right way.

Working in a research lab, George Gatlin has taken the reins on the new H-Cell project, well at least he's been telling the press that he has.  In his new press release, George tells the world that the new project will revolutionize the way they see medicine and be able to move diseases straight out of the body.  With this being true, George feels like he is doing the right thing, but what he did not tell the press is that they do not know how to stop the process and the patient could die from the over production of cells. 

When his employees read this, they become fed up with how egotistical their boss is and want to try and find a way to make him come back down to earth.  Although Sophie and George were a thing once, she has decided to steer clear of him since she knows who he really is, while Pack is just flat out fed up with his actions.  Pack and Sophie are the true minds behind the H-Cell program and are working tirelessly on making a way to stop it, but that is still sometime in the future and at this point, they are not ready for human testing, or are they?

Wanting to prove that the vaccine works, they inject George with it and watch as their boss starts to suffer. Without an antidote available, George is faced with what he will do with his final hours and while trying to drink his sorrows away, he starts seeing tumors rising up on people that are not sick.  Knowing that his time is short, George wants to get one more run with Sophie in before becoming a dead patient, but when he hears Pack calling and admitting to what happened to him, his rage cannot be stopped.  Going back to the lab in the morning, George kills his best scientist without knowing what really happened to him.  Dragging Pack’s body to the police station, George admits to the crime, but wants them also to know what has been done to him.  Feeling like he is justified in his actions, he is shocked when Sophie shows up and delivers the news of what has actually been done.

There are some people out there that just don’t live in the world that the rest of us do and when the rules do not seem to apply to them, something must be done to bring them back down to earth.  This story tells that completely, but it also takes into account what someone’s reaction would be to having this done to them and that is the scary thing as you never know what someone will do when facing their own mortality.  Starring Dylan McDermott as George Gatlin, Sonia Braga as Sophie and Cleavon Little as Pack, this tale takes you into the inner psyche of a man dying, or at least thinks he is dying and wants to make the best of his last moments above ground.  You might want to think twice about playing a trick on your boss or a good friend, especially if you do not know what they are capable of.  Until next time kiddies, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Love does not know age, who can say otherwise.  Even though it seems to be less acceptable that people marry someone much younger than them, it happens all the time and the couple seems to be happy.  But if money is involved, then all kinds of flags are raised since the older person will always leave their fortune to their younger bride.  Hey, I don’t judge, I am all for everyone finding the love of their life and spending as much time as possible with that person, I just hope however that it is truly love that's involved and not lust for one’s financial benefit.

Howard Prince is a very successful con man and always looking for his next big score.  Being able to convince older women to fall in love with him and give him control of their finances, he is well off, but not ready to retire from the business yet.  He needs another elder widow to make his portfolio complete, along with his bank account, but there is trouble in the water.  With the death of his latest bride, Howard’s bank account has been frozen by the IRS and the authorities are bearing down on his little operation.  As his partner is ready to skip town, Howard is looking for his next love.

Watching dating videos of some recent widows, there is one that stands out to Howard, Effie Gluckman.  Seeing the nice jewelry that she is wearing, Howard jumps at the opportunity to get to her before she finds another man to keep her company.  Although Effie is not too keen on spending time with a younger man, Howard charms her and is able to become the next love of her life. Howard does play the pity card about why he cannot be with a woman his own age and Effie eats it up and promises the young man that she can cure him.  Howard cannot explain his performance, but has a reason to leave quickly as a letter comes for him telling him to stay away from the old widow.

Howard needs to find out who is onto him and takes the first swing at his soon to be former partner.  Not admitting to anything, Howard puts his old friend on the rocks and moves on to the next person he can think of that would know what his intentions really are.  With a small killing streak completed, it is time for Howard to end his marriage to Effie and tries to poison the woman, but she is a tough old bird that will not go down without a fight.  Having to throw her down the stairs, Howard thinks he is in the clear, but after her funeral, Howard gets another letter and has to go visit the cemetery where all of his past loves are buried.

Talk about an amazing story to start off the fourth season of Tales from the Crypt.  With a great cast and a director that you would not imagine could do much with a horror story, you are left wanting the story to continue.  You would hope that Howard might learn a lesson to teach him that what he is doing is wrong, but he will not give up on what has been working so well for him over the years and that might lead to his own demise. Starring Treat Williams as Howard Price, Frances Sternhagen as Effie, Henry Gibson as Stanhope the Butler and Tom Hanks as Baxter at the dating agency, you are shown a man’s true battles with his past, along with the present when he believes that his time is running out.  Until next time, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

There are those people out there that are thrill seekers.  The ins and outs of a normal day are not enough for these people and they need to spice things up a little bit by finding something to get their adrenaline pumping.  I don’t see any problems with this, as long as they are not causing other people problems by how they get their fix.  Outside of that, game on.  Live your life the way that you see fit and make sure you enjoy it to the fullest since we only get one shot at it.

Liz has just returned home from college with nothing but a broken heart.  Breaking up with her boyfriend two months ago, she is still not over being apart yet, but she is home and are good friend Ashley will not let her sulk anymore.  Giving Liz news that she ran into an old flame that is still in town, she wants to get her friend out of the house and to have a good time while being home.  Not knowing what the day will provide, Liz has her heart set on getting up to Preston Castle today, to get away from prying eyes and maybe letting loose, just a little bit.

When Danny joins the girls at the lake, he and Liz do not have a ton to say to each other, but their playful spirit is still there as they can accomplish saying much more with saying nothing at all.  Agreeing to take the girls up to old building, he starts telling them about some of the things that have happened there.  Believing that there is something happening inside of the boys correctional institute, he steps carefully around, while watching the girls skip though unknowing what really happened.  Walking through the halls in the daylight is fun enough for the group as Liz is videotaping everything with her camera and Danny is telling some of the scary stories about the buildings shaded past.  Wanting to stay in the old building after dark seems like the plan for the group, but as the sun sets, something sets its sights on the three youths that have intruded into its realm. 

A Haunting at Preston Castle follows a group of friends that are looking to reconnect and have a good time.  Heading up to the old boys correctional institute, the girls are looking for a good scare since Danny has been around and knows much more about the old building than anyone they know.  As Danny tells the history about the building, something inside of the walls seems to come alive and starts quietly stalking the group.  When the sun goes down however, the inhabitant comes into full hunting mode and tries to be included in the big kid’s fun night, but Liz does not believe in ghosts, even with the strange things that are happening around her.  Danny knows the stories about the old building and knows that there is danger inside of the walls, but when he is not able to convince the ladies to leave shortly after the sun goes down, he may have just sealed the groups fate.

Not a bad haunted house tale at all.  With a believable backstory that is the primary focus for the haunting, they did a fine job making sure you knew the stories as well as Danny did.  I like these creepy old buildings that have hallways that go one for miles and enough rooms so you could sleep an army, so you never know the way to freedom and when you find it, you may just be too tired to make it.  There are a couple ghostly scares in this movie, but not much that will make you jump out of your seat, but that is just fine as the finale will keep you on the edge of your seat when trying to find the only safe haven in the old building that nobody, not even a ghost could find you.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


I didn’t think I liked it at first, but Carry On Wayward Son is pretty, well, pretty when sung by girls. Still, this song gives me a form of PTSD that I’m not sure I’m able to handle, really. This show has given me more feels than I know what to do with but still, it is one of the few things I can’t get over. I’m still reeling from this season finale, and I don’t even know how to recap this. So much happened! Here I thought Sammy was going to die, and he didn’t. Like, I almost started to cry!

As it starts, our boys have all split up. Dean refuses to be found while Sam and Cas are working hard to figure out what to do with Rowena to get her to cast the spell. Eventually, things will work out, right? Well, expect for the fact that Sam kind of messed up on killing Crowley. I wouldn’t want to anger the demon, but that’s….just me. Still, Sam threatens Rowena. She’s demanded her freedom and the codex when this is done and Sam agrees, despite Castiels’ warnings. After all, why listen to the Angel who, I don’t know, probably knows a thing or two. She does translate the book. Three things are needed. The forbidden fruit, the golden calf, and sacrifice of someone Rowena loves. Does she even love anyone? Cas dips into her memories and finds that she indeed does. A little Polish boy…who supposedly died 300+ years ago, but we know never to trust anything on this show when it comes to death and time lines. While they’re busy with that, Dean is off trying to solve a case, but really, he’s trying to hold himself together. Let’s face it, Dean isn’t doing too well and we all know it. He’s slipping further and further. He nearly gets the father of the latest victim to hit him. But Dean is un-phased by a lot of things lately. While on the case he does find the missing girl…and he also finds Rudy, whom he told to leave earlier that day. In the end, Dean ends up saving the girl, but he does get Rudy killed.

With the startling breakdown that happens next, Dean is left making rash decisions. He summons Death, of all people. And Death offers some insight. God didn’t create the world out of nothing. But he and his Arch Angels did fight a battle over what was called the Darkness. The Mark is two parts, it’s both lock and key to secure the Darkness. It was given to Lucifer, who, with it, grew jealous of humans as the Mark grew to be sentient. Lucifer passed part of the Mark to Cain who eventually gave it to Dean. It begs the question, with enough people holding bits of the Mark, could the insanity have been warded off? Possibly. Death explains that he can lessen the effects if Dean shares the Mark, but the older Winchester isn’t willing to do that. He won’t subject anyone else to this thing. Another solution exists, however. He could take Dean far away, somewhere where he can’t hurt another living thing ever again. There is one price though…Dean calls Sam and brings him to where he is meeting with Death, Sam’s death will end all of this. Death rationalizes that so long as Sam is alive, he will stop at nothing to bring Dean back and unleash the Mark, which frees the Darkness. He’s not entirely wrong, but, what the hell Death!?

With this great debate going on, Cas has enlisted the help of Crowley. Despite recent events, the Demon is willing to help cast the spell and free Dean. While Moose may have betrayed their friendship, Dean has yet to…right? So he hunts down something. A hunch he has, really. The man from the diner, he met, an episode ago…turns out he’s a bit important. That little Polish boy that Rowena remembers, that she loved, well, he was the son of the family that helped nurse her back to health. He had been sick, but with a few spells, he was fine and suddenly immortal. Crowley brings him along with the rest of the things that he has acquired. Rowena is instantly filled with hate for Crowley, but she does cast the spell…just as Sam has given up and about to allow Dean to kill him, with Death’s Scythe no-less. Only, Dean doesn’t. He, instead, kills Death, or so we think. Everything seems okay as the boys walk back to Baby, and Dean is a bit back to himself…and then the Mark is stricken from his arm. It’s a good thing, it’s a great thing, and Sam assures him things will be fine.

The same light that tore the Mark from him, is now striking holes into the ground, releasing clouds of darkness that woosh to meet…and spread. What have they done?! Rowena, on the other hand, is free. She grabs the codex and the Book of the Damned and casts a spell, causing Castiel to go after Crowley…surely, she aims to exact her revenge. What does she care if they both die? It’s a win/win. And just like that, Rowena is gone, Cas is under a spell and about to kill Crowley, Sam and Dean are about to be enveloped by Darkness, and it’s all just gone to…not hell, but something worse. Well, we have to wait some time before Season 11 starts, but I promise we are getting a Season 11…unless something happens…and then that’s just how this all ends. At least, on a happier note, you know, Dean’s normal again. Ish? I have a few theories, but I’ll save them for another blog. Until then, Carry on my wayward children.


Written by Scotty

It is next to impossible to keep a secret in a small town.  Everyone knows everyone else’s business and it seems to drive some people crazy since there is no escaping it, unless you move away.  But it is also a safe place and knowing what it happening at all times seems to be comforting to some people as they do not like surprises.  You know who will be where at almost every minute of the day and if something happens, you know exactly whom to blame for it.  

Tom Haulk has lived in the small town of Morningside since the third grade. Being an upstanding citizen in the community since he was a child, he has taken the post of Sheriff and is good at his job.  Trying to protect the community from whatever evils comes its way, he has formed a bond with everyone in his town and with his new out of state deputy Klara coming in, he feels very comfortable with his situation. But not everything is as peaceful as it seems as one of his childhood friends is dying of cancer.

Abby seems to be next to death whenever Tom sees her and being best friends with her husband Mark since the third grade, he will do anything in his power to help out with the situation.  But Mark is starting to crack up and with the threat of losing his wife, he has to take his ideas further to try to save her from her certain death.  However the town has a little secret of its own that has been flying under the radar for some time, a pot growing group is tarnishing the community and when the former leader of it is found dead by the lake, Tom and his police department have to work on finding out who the killer is.  Investigating the house, Tom stumbles on a symbol that has been showing up around town on some of the questionable patron’s property.  Not knowing what it means, he has to turn to the bigger departments to find out what the meaning of it is and hopefully get a lead to find out who is behind it.

Not expecting to find too much about the symbol, Tom keeps up with his normal police work but when bringing in a local drug addict for questioning, he finds his good friend Mark in the car with her buying drugs.  Feeling bad for his friend and his situation, Tom is convinced to give his buddy a free pass for this one time so he can still take care of his ailing wife, but Tom does not feel comfortable overall with doing it.  Getting a report of another local lowlife’s body turning up in the alley, Tom finds a clue that might be able to lead him to who the killer it.  It becomes a race against time, but Tom is in a dilemma since everyone that is winding up dead is the scum of the community and even though he can appreciate what is happening, it is against the law and it is his duty to put an end to the killings.

Attack of the Morningside Monster follows Sheriff Tom Haulk as his small town that has never had too many problems is facing a rash of murders.  With his small department, Tom is not equipped to handle everything that is happening and he has to depend very heavily on his deputies to be there when he needs them.  Uncovering a pot ring in town, Tom also stumbles across a symbol that is starting to mark the property of some of the towns unsavory.  With this happening and two of his best friends going through a very hard time, Tom has to multitask his time between the two, but he might be closer to the situation than he should be.  Finding out about the meaning of the symbol, Tom knows that there is some sort of ritual happening, but does he want to know the truth about why this is happening, since the only people that are being harmed are the scum of the town?

A cleaver story that keeps you guessing who the murderer really is while seeing him working his magic in what seems to be a workshop.  Never being able to see the killer's face intrigues me and I must admit I was very upset with myself when the killer was revealed in the end, as I was very wrong.  But with a little bit of misdirection and a ton of blood, this movie does not disappoint since you can be the detective and find out who is really taking the lives of the scum of the town.  I enjoyed Tom’s transition in the movie as he is trying to be a friend and the town’s sheriff at the same time and trying to separate the two.  I have always tried to practice this art and have my personal life be separate from my work life, but as what happens to many people, they both tend to blend together and become intertwined no matter what we do.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

If you are put into an extreme situation, how would you handle it?  Most of us believe that we would be just fine, but never having to face it up close and personal, it is hard to speak to what will really happen.  When your life is on the line, how far would you go to protect yourself and insure that you will survive? There are several people that have faced something so dramatic that it has changed them forever and they will never be able to return to their normal lives with what they have done.  Even trying to repress these memories will not make you forget what you have been through as there is always something in the back of your head telling you that you did wrong.

Waking up in a pitch black room, Jordan hears a woman sobbing and asking for help.  With no memory of how she got there, she is trying to navigate using the walls and floor to help the other woman.  Running into Grant on her search who is in the same boat as she is, Jordan does not know if she should trust him, but with the calls for help from the other side of the room, she stops worrying about herself and puts the worry on the others that are trapped with her.  Finding a young man on the floor, covered with blood, Jordan is able to see if he is still alive, but there is another stranger in the room with her, making it a group of five that are trapped in the darkness.

Waiting two days in the darkness with no food or drink, the group is starting to get fed up, but then someone turns the lights on.  Being able to see everyone that is trapped in the rocky cavern, they start to search for a way out.  Finding a wooden door, Grant and Luke are able to break it open and the group finds drums of water and find out that they will be trapped in their cage for some time. Looking for another way out of their prison, Grant starts digging at a bricked off portion of the cavern as the group starts to get to know each other better.  Trying to find a common bond between them all, Jordan leads the conversation and finds out that only one of her fellow prisoners is not guilty of killing someone.  Trying to find a way out of their underground cell is hard enough, but a gift from above has come into their midst and the group is faced with their next hard decision.

A surgical knife with a note attached to it that simply states a normal human can go without eating for thirty days and nothing more is left and the group does not know what to do.  With a day clock ticking away, the group believes that they will have to survive the thirty days and will be let go, but their unknown captor is working on something else.  Studying his prisoners from above, he is taking notes, eating and drinking and watching for the first person to crack and turn to cannibalism.  As each member of the group below has their own demons to face, they are now faced with starvation if they are not willing to take their games to the next level.  As their bodies start getting deprived of the essential proteins to survive, their animal instincts start to take over and need to find a way to live until the clock stops running.

Hunger follows a group of strangers that have been pulled from their everyday lives and put into an underground cavern with no chance of escape.  With their captor playing them the entire time, they want to find out why they are being held against their will, but they never get a response.  As each member of the group starts to feel the effects of starvation, they become much more like animals and have to find a way to feed their starving bodies.  Watching anxiously from above, their captor is taking notes and enjoying how his experiment is going since he was put in a similar situation and forced to do something to survive that he has to justify in his own mind.  Thinking that they will be released after thirty days in captivity, the group tries to survive without incident, but sooner or later, the need to eat will always take over, but will everyone be willing to change their lifestyle to survive?

This is a hard subject for many people, as survival is human instinct and we all have things that we are willing to do to make sure we are ok.  But eating a person is usually not on the list if there are other options available.  What if all of the options have been taken away from you?  Would you even consider killing another human to survive…and eat them if it meant that you would live?  A strange question that most people never have had to face, and hopefully never will.  This movie shows you how strong your body really is and explains that it might not be up to you once it starts going down one of the darkest paths imaginable.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Sarah, her father and uncle are all out at the family lake house, trying to fix it up to put it on the market to sell.  Without having a tenant the past season, the local kids had free reign over the house and broke out all of the windows, and messed up some of the rooms.  Not being able to see what is happening when they are not there, John and Peter get very fed up, but it will not stop them from achieving their goal of getting the house back up to specs.  But being brothers, John and Peter still continue to have their little battles and although they always seem to get back on the same page, they do need time away.

After their last rift, Uncle Peter heads back into town to find an electrician to come and rewire the dark house.  Staying back with her father, Sarah starts lighting lamps and candles around the house so there will be light since none can enter through the boarded up windows.  Hearing something upstairs, Sarah begs her dad to go up and check it out but does not want to be left alone downstairs.  Walking through the upper level, Sarah and her father don’t find any reason for the sounds, but her father seems to be trying to hide something from her when finding a batch of Polaroid photos on a bed.  Being told to get back to work, Sarah does just that since it is her job, but when her father leaves the room, she starts hearing strange sounds again and when a strong thud echoes through the house, she starts fearing the worse and cannot locate her father.

Finding her father's battered body in one of the closets, she sees that he is still alive and tries to leave the house to get help, but without the keys to all of the locks, she is trapped.  With no natural light illuminating from the outside, she has to depend on her flashlights and lanterns to show her the way, but those are not dependable as she drops them along the way.  Being able to get out of the house through the basement, she is able to flag down her uncle while he is driving back. Hearing that his brother is in trouble, Peter enters the house to try to find him but there is someone outside the house, stalking Sarah and she is forced to run back into the dreaded house.

Silent House follows the story of young Sarah as she is trying to escape whatever danger is hiding within the walls of her family’s lake house. With no light being able to enter the house from the outside world, she has to be dependent on her lanterns and flashlights.  But with someone else in the house, she is too scared to keep track of the lights and tries to escape fearing for her life.  Trying to get help from her uncle, she is driven back into the house to try to find her father, but there is someone roaming the halls that is not looking for help, but for retribution.  As the lights go off, Sarah hears strange things around the old estate, and when they come back on, it is not any better as she sees other people walking around and doing things that she has never seen before.  After her uncle gets knocked out by one of the intruders, Sarah has to find a way to get out of the house again and get help, but when her childhood friend is standing at the front door, Sarah sees that there is more going on than she could ever imagine.

The only thing I can really say about this movie is Wow.  More of a psychological story than a horror story as you can see Sarah dealing with her own fears when they come to light.  After roaming the house in the dark, it is easy to find things that could be scary, but it was more focusing on something deeper in Sarah’s mind than anything else.  I will admit, if I am looking for light to see what is in front of me however, I will never use a camera to see what is there since the intervals between flashes could help manifest some very strange things.  If you are afraid of the dark or going to be stuck in a place that does not receive any external light, you might want to avoid this movie since there are things that go bump in the night, that only the light can protect you from.  Stay Scared.