Written by Scotty

Getting time away with your family is something that should be done several times a year.  With all that goes on in the world, it is hard to remember that everyone needs a break from the everyday monotony of daily life.  Sometimes we forget that our children need this break as much as we do and they should always be number one in making sure that they are expressing their feelings, as so many keep it all locked up on the inside as they do not know how to express themselves for fear of being punished for saying something wrong.  We do have to walk a tight rope when listening to what our children are really thinking, but it is important to remember that they are just as fragile as we are, and need someone to fight the battle of life with.

Cory Morgan is trying to get his new family out of the big town to spend some time together and bond.  With the loss of his wife, Cory has found love once again in the arms of Sarah, but his son Liam is none to happy with the change.  Not wanting to give Sarah a chance at being his new mother, Liam lashes out at her every chance he gets and although he gets in trouble, he feels that he is doing the right thing in remembering his deceased mother.  Cory tries to reason with his son about the issues he is fighting, but Liam will not open up to him and makes his father guess what is happening in is mind. 

Getting out to their country house for a little get away, Cory and Sarah find that the house has been used by someone other than them. Calling in the local sheriff, nobody is happy with the response, especially Liam who cannot locate the last stuffed animal his mother gave him before her passing.  Searching around the house to find out how the intruders got in, Cory finds the stuffed mouse in the basement, along with a hole chopped out of the cellar door.  Repairing the door, Cory tries to make his family feel safe, but when Liam goes missing in the middle of the night, the happy couple finds that there is something more dangerous afoot than just a break in.

Trying to locate Liam, Cory and Sarah see the town’s sheriff get killed in front of their very eyes and have to find a way to get to safety.  With a masked person following them, wearing the head of Liam’s mouse, the couple expects the worse but Cory is able to find that his attackers are not looking for his son’s life, they are looking for a new member of their own family.

Torment follows the Morgan family as they are starting to vacation in their old county home.  With Sarah being the newest member of the family after Cory’s first wife’s death, his son, Liam is not willing to give her a chance.  Taking out his anger on Sarah at every step, Liam does not open up to his father about what is really bothering him.  When Liam goes missing in the middle of the night and his parents witness the murder of the town’s sheriff by a person wearing one of Liam’s stuffed animals as a mask, Cory and Sarah try everything in their power to find the young boy and bring him back to safety.  But what the couple does not know is that their attackers, although they are looking for the adult's blood are not looking to harm the young boy, but to make him feel at home in their family.  Cory and Sarah have to find a way to survive the attacks, along with proving their love for young Liam as he is becoming someone else’s son.

A disturbing movie to say the least as you are never able to see the faces of the attackers, and I will never be able to look a stuffed animal in the face again with what they do with them in this movie. With a parent trying to prove their love for their child, it is hardest to see what they are made to do to insure their child’s livelihood.  As you watch the screen for the next visual scare, you are left wondering how far you would go to make sure your child will never be harmed.  The difficult decisions and sacrifices we make for our children should show how much we love them, but if you never say it, how do they know for sure.  Stay Scared.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

"Whatever you do...don't fall asleep."

There are plenty of good reasons to be afraid of the dark, simply because in the dead of night we are at our most vulnerable. This is when we slip into unconsciousness, and the world fades away.  In the darkness of night who knows what lurks in the shadows, what waits for us to sleep, to claim us when we cannot fight back or least expect it.  Or rather, that's what our imagination would like us to believe.  

Yes, it is our mind that truly makes us fear the dark. Makes us believe that perhaps something with endless rows of teeth waits for us in the shadows when in reality we are safe, and often times those fears come from our nightmares. Those vivid slices of life where monsters lurk and we are drawn from our peaceful slumber, only to be comforted by the safety of reality.  Sure we may flip on a light to give us an extra sense of security, but we know that nightmares aren't real. But what if they were? What if the boogey man that waited for us in dreamland was waiting there all along? These are questions that are posed in the 1984 classic horror film...A Nightmare on Elm Street. 

Something horrible has happened on the once quiet and peaceful Elm Street. A young girl named Tina has been murdered it would seem by her boyfriend. The police have him locked up, the matter should be closed, but Nancy, a friend of Tina believes that the boyfriend is innocent.  Only because Tina once spoke of a horrible man that haunted her dreams, a horribly burned man that has also showed up in Nancy's dreams. As she begins an investigation of her own she uncovers that the man of their nightmares is more than a figment of their imagination. He is a former child killer known as Fred Krueger and he has come from beyond to claim them all.  

Hands down, this is one of the most absolutely terrifying horror films I have ever seen. Simply due to the fact that the first time you watch this motion picture, you come to realize that this is truly something fresh and original. There were no formulas to follow to here or plot devices that you could predict simply because of the fact that this is a film that invented so many of them. It was a wild ride, and you had no clue where you were headed on this waking nightmare and that's in large part of the work of actor Robert Englund as Fred Krueger.  He truly brings the madman to life, playing this child murderer with a zest and zeal that repulses and terrifies every single second he is on screen.

Not to mention this film has some of the most incredible kills I've ever seen in a horror/slasher film.  Between Tina's death and Glen's death, comes not only eye popping "how the hell did they do that" moments but a surprise trick from Writer/Director Wes Craven, an almost dreamlike ending to their lives. Yes, that's one of the amazing things that this motion picture manages to do, blur the line between reality and fantasy making for a jarring experience that lasts with you long after the movie is over. It truly is a modern classic, and one that has withstood the test of time. It also reinvented the genre and launched a powerhouse franchise...all from the simple concept, of a bad dream come to life.  


Written by Scotty

With all of the advances that have been made in the medical field, it is surprising that there has not been a way to keep people alive forever.  As our average life span has been more than doubled from the early 1800’s, it is amazing that we have not found the way to cheat death altogether.  Maybe it has to do with the lack of clinical trials that researchers can get funding for, or maybe it is just not possible.  I am sure that we will see something new come to life in our lifetimes that will change our outlook, hopefully for the better.

A secret lab has been opened and working on finding a serum that will revolutionize the world.  The Prometheus Project has been formed to find a way to regenerate failing cells via stem cell research, but they have hit a dead end and are in need of a new set of eyes to make their next leap forward.  Dr. Elizabeth Barnes has been brought into the mix of great minds to share everything she knows about stem cells and is able to produce faster results than her predecessor.  When the group of researchers start to believe that she knows what she is doing, she is given free reign over the facility, but not everyone is happy.

Victoria Travelle was the leader of the research team and is not happy about being replaced.  As she has dedicated more time to the project than anyone else, she does not want to give up no matter the consequences.  As the first trials of Elizabeth's work fall flat, Victoria is able to jump back into the drivers’ seat and implement her own changes.  When a functioning serum is created, the group is anxious to try it, and when a dead body is presented to them, the group puts it to the test. As the corpse comes back to life, the group sees that they have found a way to cheat death, however, they are unable to control the reanimated person in front of them and need to find a way to slow down the process.

When a security guard in the facility is killed in cold blood, Victoria puts it upon herself to try the serum again and bring the man back to life.  Without reviving him for a weeks’ time, she sees that there is strange regeneration in the body and once David wakes up, he is much more to her than their first subject.  Teaching David like a child, Victoria bonds with him and takes him under her wing.  As David develops however, she finds out that he is much more that then man he was before he was gunned down, he is something special…and dangerous.

The Frankenstein Syndrome follows the group of researchers on the Prometheus Project as they are trying to develop a serum that can regenerate dead cells and bring them back to life.  As a new researcher is brought into the mix, the stalled results are no more.  With a functioning serum in their hands, the group turns to human trials and come up with mixed results. As one person responds differently to the other as the serum takes effect, the group finds that their subject David is much more than he used to be before being killed.  Learning everything from the researchers, reading their books, David is now able to see into their minds.  Knowing what the group thinks of him, David is able to start controlling things with his mind and there is little that the researchers can do to stop him.

This movie brought more to the screen than I could have ever imagined.  With the story starting off with a power struggle that could only end badly, bringing people back to life and not being able to control them is a very scary premise.  As David comes back to life and learns everything from the books presented to him, he is able to read into the minds of some of the smartest people on the planet and although that does not seem like it could be so scary, what he is able to do with the information is.  With the distinction between science and religion being the vocal point in this film, if we could play God and cheat death completely, would there be any need for someone to watch over us anymore?  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


My Moose! Is that how anyone should start an article? Probably not, but when it comes to Supernatural it can’t be helped. Why? Because My. Moose. That’s why. No, but really, I’m not sure yelling this at the top of your lungs at 9:whatever at night is the best way to make friends. I’m also pretty sure that the cats were judging me on this one. After a week of torture, however, we finally got the conclusion to the stand off between Sam and Dean. And boy, was this episode everything I wanted it to be and more. Or less? I don’t know. We need to talk about a few things. But first! Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit last nights episode. Shall we?

It begins as many things in this show begin, with a cold hard slap of “what is going on?” and “Why is Sam dressed like a doctor?” No, really, that was my first thought. The first step in curing a demon is getting a lot of human blood; a lot of human blood that is blessed by a priest. Which explains why Sammy’s dressed as a doctor, and stealing a cooler full of the stuff. He was nice enough to at least get Dean’s blood type though. Which, as far as thoughtfulness goes, that’s pretty high up there! At least he knows Dean’s blood type. Seriously, I found out that a lot of people don’t even know their own, and that’s just a weird thought to me…I just assumed everyone knew, and that it was common to know your friends blood type too. But! Anyway! Sammy returns to the bunker to find an angry demon Dean. It seems that Dean doesn’t want to be cured. He doesn’t want to change. Which is fair, he did have a lot of fun as a demon…

Sam refuses to buy into the hateful things Dean says. And they are hateful. Like, I almost started to cry at one point, seriously…it was bad. And I also love this show…a little too much. Despite Dean blaming Sam for their mother’s death, (and generally just hating Sam’s existence) our younger Winchester presses on. With every injection of human blood, however, Dean seems to become sicker and sicker. This is really worrisome since that’s not supposed to happen. When Sam consults Castiel about it, the angel is less than helpful. Speaking of our Angel of the Lord, it seems he and Hannah hare having some sparks. Well, at least on Hannah’s end. Cas tries to explain to her that they shouldn’t get emotionally attached to one another…only it doesn’t go so well. While she’s learning to understand humans, she still doesn’t get his metaphors.  As if it matters, she’s super hot and Castiel has to be stupid to not take interest in her. I mean, just my humble opinion on that one. 

The two angels stop to get gas and are soon attacked. Remember the angels Cas and Hannah were hunting a few episodes back? Cas killed the guy and the chick ran off? (I know, I should really be better with their names, but this was an emotional episode!). It so happens that the girl has found them. Apart from nearly killing Castiel with little effort, she’s furious enough to take them both on, and torture Hannah for a bit. Its only Crowley showing up that saves either of them. Why is the King of Hell helping a couple of angels?  Why, to slit our attacking angels throat and feed her grace to Castiel. Borrowed grace doesn’t last long, but it’s enough to heal him and give him enough power to not die soon. Crowley needs Castiel to stop Dean at whatever lengths necessary. The hunter turned demon was just too much for him to handle. And if Crowley can’t control him, he needs Dean out of the way.

Speaking of Dean, he’s had enough human blood to escape his bonds. Armed with a scary looking hammer, he goes hunting the Bunker for Sam. Sam tries to out smart him, but only succeeds in angering the demon more. Finally, the two face off. Sam armed with the demon blade and Dean with his hammer. Sam does get the blade to Dean’s neck, but can’t seem to do it. Deep down, he knows his brother is in there. Killing Dean is not an option, despite everything that’s happened. Dean, on the other hand, seems to have no qualms with killing Sam. Castiel show’s up seconds before Dean can follow through on his threats and stops him. Thanks to Cas’ well-timed rescue, they are able to finish the treatments. Finally, Dean is back to himself. Or, at least he’s human. For now, that’s good enough.


Written by Mattie


The CW’s Supernatural returns tonight, with its third episode, Soul Survivor. Now last week’s episode, Reichenbach was a tough one. Here’s a quick recap of what happened.

So Sam was still tied up and his captor’s name is Cole Trenton, a guy who claims that Dean had killed his father back in 2003. Cole doesn’t know that monsters like vampires, demons and so on exist and called Sam psychotic for believing that they do.

After Cole beat Sam into a pulp, since he refused to tell him where Dean was, Sam escaped after Cole took a phone call from his son. This proved beneficial to Cole since Sam was going to lead him right to where Dean was. After Sam escaped, he called Castiel to tell him that Dean was a demon now and where to find him. Castiel who was with Hannah, told him that he would be there as soon as he could.

Castiel wasn’t doing well and Hannah was noticing this. While Castiel was driving them to where Sam told them to go, Castiel fell asleep at the wheel causing them to crash. The local tow truck driver picked them up and she took them to her house and told them she had to go to town to get two new tires for their car. When Hannah went to see what was in the fridge, Castiel instantly crawled up on the couch and passed out. Hannah was starting to really worry about him.

Dean however was living up his demon days, drinking and partying. Crowley came to him and told him that his bloodlust will only continue to grow and that he had a job for him. A man was willing to sell his soul in return for the murder of his wife since she had cheated on him and was going to try to take everything in the divorce.

Dean took the job, however, when he went to the guy’s house he noticed the guy outside in his car waiting for the show. Dean got into the guy’s car and discussed matters with him. Turns out the guy cheated first and his wife was getting back at him. Dean was trying to get him to take responsibility for his actions and when the guy told him it was only natural for him to cheat, Dean instead took his life.

That action of course, pissed off Crowley so Crowley told Dean that he needed to figure out if he was a human or a demon. Then Crowley left and went to rat out Dean to Sam since Dean was clearly out of control.

Castiel when he woke up woke up to the tow truck driver’s child wanting to share her cereal. They talked and shared the cereal and it was quite adorable. Hannah knew that she needed to do something. So she offered to drive and while Castiel slept, she drove to a park with an entry point into heaven. 

Hannah left Castiel asleep in the car and went home. She visited Metatron in the prison, trying to make a deal with him for Castiel’s grace. Metatron was about to make a deal with her; his freedom and to leave earth for Castiel’s grace until Castile interrupted. After Hannah left after being scolded by Castiel and Metatron told him that eventually he will break free and when he does, he will kill all the angels.

Sam however had found Dean, and Dean was pissed. He told Sam that he didn’t want to change, that he was a demon now and that if Sam tried to change that, that he would kill him. Sadly Cole who threw a smoke bomb into the bar they were in, interrupted them and knocked Sam out cold.

Then it was Dean’s turn. Cole told him who he was and that Dean had killed his father. Then Cole tried to attack, over and over. Dean wouldn’t let him touch him and then easily smacked Cole around. When Cole scratched his face with a knife, Dean grabbed Cole and let him watch his face heal and told Cole that he was a demon. Then he beat him up some more and told him he wasn’t going to kill him. That’s when Sam gained consciousness and sprayed Dean with holy water and got him in the demon handcuffs.

Naturally Dean was pissed. Sam put him into Baby and let him be. Sam then gave Crowley the First Born Blade to hide from Dean. Crowley this time could be trusted since Dean knows he ratted him out and holds grudges and didn’t want to be in his words, “Boned.” Cole on the other hand was starting to research demons so he could try to find a way to take down Dean. Crowley was sulking on the other hand that he had lost his best friend.

Sam on the way home was trying to find some shred of humanity left in Dean. Sadly when he discussed with Dean what happened with Cole, Dean said he did it just to mess with Cole more, with the fact that Cole had been training his whole life to take down Dean and when that day finally came, Dean whooped his ass and let him live. It was probably the second worst day of Cole’s life ever. Then he threatened Sam and told him that what he is going to do to Sam is much worse.

So essentially, Dean is out of control. The darkness is starting to swallow him up and Sam is probably the only person who can save him. Yet it seems that Castiel and Dean are in the same boat. They both need help but refuse it. So Hannah has to find a way to save Castiel and Sam has to find a way to save Dean. Then you have the nut job Cole whose been introduced into the world of the Supernatural. This season is going to be hard, for everyone. If there is going to be a Season 11, then both Castiel and Dean have to find ways to survive. Well Dean technically doesn’t but Castiel does.

Anyways, Supernatural is back tonight with the third episode, Soul Survivor and it looks intense. Poor Moose, I feel so bad for him. 


Written by Daniel


The Good: I never liked the Reverend Gabriel in the comic, he is one of the least favorite characters in the comics and I really could do without him. That said, I do have to say he does make for some very interesting TV and character developments. This week is crazy as the TV show and the comics collide, like I said last week we have ventured into an area that is sorta in the comics, there are similar situations but nothing is a given right now. To see so many characters in the comics that never got the chance to interact is exciting, it’s like the dream team or all stars pulled together for one hell of a season. I was so sad to see Tyreese fall in the prison in the comics and to see him here now and with Abraham will be a well oiled machine of destruction, well that is once Tyreese puts down the baby. 

So who knew thrift store shopping in the Zombie Apocalypse would be so bad, and having to deal with gooey zombies. I loved the water soaked effects and thought it amazing to see some of the long term exposure they had and going in I had a feeling something was going to go incredibly wrong. I was getting the classic horror vibe for Bob, the whole love and kissing and being the guy who has rose above it all. Conquered fear, stood tall with the team and fought his alcoholism and I thought the zombie that took him under would be the end of him. He makes it pass that, or so we think and later in the show we see him crying, and I wouldn’t doubt that he got bit but is hiding it from everyone. Before we get a chance to explore this we get a surprise visit from our favorite group from Terminus well surviving group from Terminus that is. What evil lurks in the woods? People hungry for human flesh and I am not talking about the Walkers, or is it someone entirely different; this did happen in the comics but different character and different circumstances but can’t wait to see how they play this out.

After all that has gone on and you’re going to tell me Carol is going to jump ship. That has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever seen even after the heart to heart with Rick and asking to join her. I know she feels bad for all of the messed up choices she has made but to just walk out is silly. Thank God Daryl was there to save the day oh and just by chance see the Holly Roller tearing ass down the street, the one that took Beth at the end of last season. So I guess Beth Jerky is off the menu but is where she at any better?

The Bad: YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE TYREESE A BABYSITTER?! You must be joking, strap the little bundle of joy to Carol, but no you pick Tyreese. Yes I know the man is a force and you are not going to get the drop on this guy but this just seems to take him out of any fight unless there is something to come and he loses the kid in a fight making his character that more tormented. Carol being stupid, I don’t need to say more on this one I think.

The Verdict: So many twists and so many turns and things pulled from the comics that I want to see play out and no I won’t give any spoilers. I love the clash of comic and TV I love the interlacing of story and I love where this is going. There is one moment I am waiting to see if they do from the comic and how it works on the show. Next week is going to be one incredible episode!

Line of the Week: “Just want to hold onto our Squirrels!”


Written by John Edward Betancourt


It was an interesting episode of The Walking Dead last night in the respect that it put out one of its most shocking endings to date and how low key it happened to be after the awesomeness of last week.  Doesn't mean this wasn't a great episode, because it was, it just happened to not be as prolific when it came to its views on the world and people as a whole.  

If anything it stuck with simplicity in both storytelling and commentary this week, focusing on Father Gabriel a little more than we expected because this was an episode all about fear. In fact Gabriel was the personification of it. His inability to trust others despite being a man of the cloth. The pure terror that came to him at the mere sight of a walker and the past that is clearly haunting him. He fears the man he was, afraid he can be that man again. 

For those of us who read the comics religiously, we all know why, for those who do not don't worry, it's an awesome payoff. But all of that aside this was an in depth look at what fear does to men.  How it can break us, destroy us and leave us nothing more than a walking shell of what we used to be.  There's no doubt in my mind that Gabriel was at one point a great man, respected and loved by his congregation.  Yet here we are now, able to see that fear changed him, left him in hiding when he could perhaps be out there trying to help others and bring forth a little hope in a world devoid of it.  

Granted that could get into a whole host of discussions about faith at the end of the world but we will save that for another day, especially if the show brings it up.  But Gabriel was a lovely foil to Rick this week.  For Rick is equally full of fear. Not around his group of course, but of the people they come in contact with and he has every right to be.  Between the Governor and Gareth it's a miracle he isn't just shooting first and asking questions later, but that's only because he has learned to harness his fear.

Yes, while fear has made Gabriel all soft on the inside, Rick has used it to his advantage at last.  Allowing him to deal with the monsters at Terminus and to function under pressure and he now knows he will use his fear differently.  Yes he will fear you, fear that you're a piece of garbage and that he will have to put you down in a world where humans are in the minority.  It was a lovely low key evening for the show, at least for 50 minutes before it filled us with fear as well.  Can't wait for next week, until then. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt


Terminus is still burning, our friends are on the road and The Walking Dead once again decided to shock the hell out of all of us with a final five minutes that will forever be burned into our memories.  We will get to that moment in just a little bit so let's not waste anymore time and get right down to this recap of "Strangers".

So once again Rick Grimes and his group are back on the road after escaping the nightmare that was Terminus.  Apologies are made for past decisions and the group quite frankly looks stronger than ever. In fact last night featured a lot of loyalty toward Rick and it's about damn time. The guy has earned his place as leader and I'm glad to see everyone rallying behind him.  Along the way however, they meet a priest named Gabriel and well...Rick is pretty damn suspicious of the man.  

But since Father Gabriel happens to have a church where the group can take a moment to relax after the wholesale slaughter of Termites...they do just that and learn from the padre that the local food bank should still have supplies, as long as everyone is okay with handling a few walkers.  Of course Rick and a team are and in glorious fashion we are treated to some of the most disgusting walkers ever put on television. The gang gets the food, it's clear Gabriel is hiding something and the decision to go to Washington D.C. is locked down...but then came that ending.  Poor Bob is knocked unconscious and awakens to see Gareth and a few of the Termites left alive.  I might add one of the survivors of the camp is the guy Tyreese was supposed to kill, so I'm disappointed in the big man to say the least. 

But, it gets worse...yeah, turns out that Gareth and his buddies have resorted to "hunting" as he put it and well...THEY CUT OFF BOB'S LEG AND ATE THE DAMN THING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! This was another one of those WOW moments that only this show can provide and man...this one took me completely off guard.  Did not see that coming at all in fact and well, after I took a moment to settle my stomach from nausea I realized that us fans of the comic are in for a treat.  The Hunters storyline has indeed come to life, and regardless of how they tell the tale on television as long as Gareth gets his I'll be just fine with it.  

Really the last five minutes are one of those love/hate moments.  I love the fact that this show is basically holding nothing back anymore, but at the same time there was a safety seeing those horrible moments in black and white ink, and that safety is now gone.  I mean wow, Gareth ate a big 'ol hunk of Bob Brand Ribeye right before our very eyes. 

Either way, this was another incredible episode just for that ending alone.  Sure most of the episode was designed to set up those final horrifying moments, but I don't care. Father Gabriel's secret will be revealed in time and quite frankly, I'm really hoping Rick's promise to use the machete with the red handled blade to kill Gareth is fulfilled as soon as possible, seriously the guy is a weasel and he deserves everything he's got coming to him.  Especially after making Bob's leg a brisket.  Until next week...


Written by Scotty

There are very few times in people’s lives when they are able to start over.  Outside of a relocation program to keep witnesses out of harms way, moving ones family to a different state is very taxing on them, especially the kids.  Having to find new friends and a new group to fit in with is very difficult and although they have time to find a new inner circle, most of the time, they just shut down and want to go back to their old home.

Roger and Carolyn Perron have decided that moving to a new home for the well being of their family is the thing to do.  Buying a new home out in the open country would be beneficial to themselves and their girls.  When seeing the new house, it is easy to see that there will not be too many issues, other than making it their own, but when the clocks end up stopping on their own at 3:07am, Carolyn finds out that there is something else happening and wants an explanation.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are making a name for themselves, giving lectures on what they do to make a living.  Being Demonologists, there are many questions that are asked of them and they are more than willing to help anyone in need.  After their most recent case, gathering the possessed doll named Annabelle, the couple is looking for time off, but when Carolyn approaches them, they can see there is something more sinister at work and check out the house.

With their research quickly uncovering what happened at the house in the past, along with the surrounding area, Ed and Lorraine know that they are in for a battle that could rival anything they have witnessed before.  As the Perron family is tormented by the evil spit inside of the house, it has latched itself to the family and there may be no way in escaping its torment.  As the supernatural occurrences get more violent towards the Perron family, the Warrens turn their attention to the church to get an exorcism done on the house as quickly as possible, but with hesitation from the cloth, they are left to fight the evil spirit on their own.

The Conjuring follows two families as they are stuck in the grips of evil spirits.  The Perron family as they are trying to start their lives over in a new home and the Warrens as they are trying to settle down and enjoy their time together.  As the Perrons start to witness strange occurrences in their home, they try to make due, but as the spirits get more violent and start to harm the family, they have to get help to rid themselves of the entity.  The Warrens have dealt with the evil spirits before, but have not witnessed what is happening to the Perrons before and have to call upon all of their past experiences to save the young family from the clutches of the evil spirit that inhabits the old home.

This could go down as a modern classic horror film in my book and let me tell you why, it encompasses all of the bare essentials of an old school movie, and did not give into any of the new methods that have been implemented to bring scares to the screen.  With a good storyline, a great cast and old school direction, this movie has brought to light that bringing scares to life is easier than fancy camera tricks and CGI, it is as simple as putting someone in a reflection that is not there when you turn around to take another look.  High props to the cast and crew of this movie and I hope they still follow the same formula that made this movie so special when the sequel comes out.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


Tonight kicks off the second episode of season 5, and so far, I’m terrified. Last week on The Walking Dead, the season started off with more than just a bang. Picking up immediately after where we left off on season 4, there was little wait to see what would happen at Terminus. In fact, Rick and everyone were more than ready to fight their way out…only, the Terminus crew was a little more prepared. Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn were taken, while the others were left to suffer in the train car.

As it turns out…our suspicions from last season about Terminus were correct. Terminus is more than just a camp of people wanting to provide sanctuary. They’re a group of people eating people to survive. Cannibals? Oh yes. In a world with the reanimated corpses where the dead are eating the living, hardly anything seems impossible. As it so happens, in this world, there is nothing that people won’t do to survive. A harsh lesson Rick and the gang learn when they face the slaughter line. While things seem at their darkest (and let me tell you, this was a hard episode to watch….but I did…while eating ice cream…because I’m tough like that) a slight sliver of light shines through. An explosion rocks the camp and sends everyone on alert, saving Glenn from near death and giving Rick time to escape his bonds. The resulting bloodbath is worth every second. Not only does the team get free, but the Walkers get in, and the Terminus people get their just desserts.

What caused the explosion? Our beloved Carol! She and Tyreese happen upon one of the Terminus guys, setting charges around he perimeter of the camp. They capture him and demand a few answers. They don’t get what they’re looking for, exactly, but they do get enough for Carol to go off and explore the camp herself. She hits a fuel tank and causes a large enough explosion to char and kill some Walkers, while blowing a hole in the fence. It’s her distraction that gets Rick the chance he needs to free the others and kill those cannibal jerks that nearly killed them. The resulting slaughter of the camp is so satisfying I might have been yelling at my television….in front of my whole family.

Finally, finally, we get the justice we’ve been craving. Carol doles out no mercy, letting Walkers pick off injured Terminus members, just as Rick and the gang make a break for it. While Walkers tear the place and the the people of Terminus to pieces, everyone flees. Shortly after their freedom, Carol meets up with them. It’s a reunion we’ve been waiting an entire season for. If things couldn’t get more heart warming, Judith is also united with Rick and Carl. And Tyreese? Well, he’s a bit more of a badass than I thought. Wish a strong first episode, what’s going to happen next? Well, Terminus wrapped up far faster than I think any of us were expecting. That doesn’t mean this season won’t be filled with surprises. I hope you’re ready for tonight’s episode…I know I am.