Written by Shae

As I have done a few of these before I thought I'd add and expand on them. Mostly, because as I watch The Walking Dead through season 1 to present, I feel like there is so much more that this show has taught me. Zombies have been a part of our cultural development and certainly held some influence on our media. Whatever type of Zombies have been featured throughout various incarnations in books, comics, and movies, none have ever made it to the small screen like those in The Walking Dead have. It's something that I personally struggled with and an addiction that I can't seem to beat. When I first saw this show, I was apprehensive. I'd heard a lot about it from many a friend and finally just decided to give it a go. I finished the first season in one sitting.

The first thing I noticed about this show, is how the characters react to seeing the Zombies. Seriously, how could nobody in this universe know about reanimated corpses eating people!? That's like, horror 101 right there! Well, not to the people in The Walking Dead. Turns out, in this universe, Zombie media never existed. Which makes a lot of sense considering the series. While the characters have never been exposed to these monsters before, they're certainly giving a lot of lessons to those of us watching. It's debatable on the likelihood of something like a Zombie Apocalypse ever happening for real. That doesn't mean I'm not prepared. If The Walking Dead has taught me anything, it's that being prepared for anything is never a bad idea. If you've had the chance to listen to our Geek Alert than you may know all of us here at Girls of Geek take the Zombie Apocalypse very seriously. We've even gone to the trouble of planning out what each of us would do if such an event were to occur. Now, I feel there should be a disclaimer here where I assure you that I'm not crazy, but what would be the fun in that? After all, if 99% of the population suddenly turned into flesh eating monsters, I can guarantee that my sanity is not going to be the biggest worry.

Speaking of sanity, that seems to be another major theme of the show and something that has really gotten me to re-think just who I want by my side in the impeding apocalypse. Especially with characters like the Governor….But then you have characters like Daryl! So, when it's the end of the world, choose wisely! I mean, you'll be sharing resources with these people and trusting them to have our back. I just hope my best friend doesn't pull a Shane and try to kill me! Speaking of company, make sure you have a group of friends that knows how to be quiet. Apparently Zombies are drawn by noise…as are all predators….and blood. Noise and blood. Not their blood, but human blood. If you also have pet Zombies, the others will leave you alone! Pretty genius! I'm honestly shocked I've not seen a Zombie Apocalypse enthusiast on Doomsday Preppers! They really need that to happen on that show….surely I'm not the only one who has put some serious thought into this.

Speaking of thought, a lot has gone into location. Where you live and where you make camp could be the difference between living or dying. The Walking Dead is set in Georgia, and shows a lot of camping, or a house on a farm, or houses in general, or a jail! All of which seem pretty good, but they're always having to go out for resources. Top floor of an apartment in a relatively moderately populated area? Not a bad idea for the beginning. But, that's a matter of preference. Supplies, however, are a matter of need. Why is it when they visit a store/pharmacy/place, they take what they need? I plan on taking all the things! Pharmacy? Medicine isle? I'm taking every last thing I can get my hands on. Don't need it? I don't know that! Take it all and think about what you don't need later. Same goes for food! Especially items like dry cereal, crackers, and candy bars! Those things are tasty, and now a part of survival! 

The most important thing The Walking Dead has taught me, though, is the value of a shower. Imagine the smell that would be going on in that type of environment! I mean, really just imagine it. I can't. Mostly, I don't want to. Perfume, deodorant, toothpaste/brush/mints, just became my best friend. Also dry shampoo and leave in conditioner…and most likely a lot of water. Like all I could get my hands on and hoard. Yeah, a lot would be for drinking, but some would be for the occasional quick clean up. Actually, I may just want to hide myself in a Super Store and pretending nothing is going on outside. On the off chance I have to defend myself, I'm going to take some serious advice from The Walking Dead and go for the head with a sharp, shabby, pointy, weapon. It's just more efficient. Arrows also seem to be a good idea, but guns are quicker, and very loud. Sword seems the better option! 

Lastly, cardio. Which feels like a general rule in any and all Zombie like scenarios. Cardio looks like a key part of surviving these bite-happy creatures. So, I guess after this, it's off to the gym for me! You can never be too prepared for these things. The Walking Dead may not be real, but the life lessons they offer, sure are.


Written by Scotty

Becoming involved in intense situations is one thing that many of us do not have to do on a daily basis.  Trying to prioritize what is of the upmost importance versus what can go on the way side during these situations can help determine if we will be successful in the outcome or if we will just ball up and hide in the corner.  Not knowing when one of these situations will occur may be the scariest thing of all, but when it comes knocking on your door, will you be ready to answer and do what is needed? Or will you sit back and wait for the situation to hopefully resolve itself?

Isobel is alone when strange reports of an infection are starting to circulate around town.  With nobody really paying attention to them, everyone seems to be going along with their normal everyday lives.  Isobel recognizes that there is something strange about what is going on however as she witnesses someone coming back to life and attacking the person that is trying to save them.  Understanding that this is much more than an infection that is taking over the outside world, the residents of the Willow Brook Apartments are staying indoors until they hear that the situation is resolved. 

With lack of communication from anybody outside of the apartments with the loss of phone service, social media and television, the residents of Willow Brook are grouped together being led by Isobel and recently widowed Ben from across the hall.  The two understand that this outbreak is going to be difficult to survive and try to get all of the residents in the building to band together and come up with a plan.  Only meeting hesitation from Tom Vaughn who is the drunken pervert of the building, everyone works together and secures the bottom floor of the establishment and moves to the second floor.  Gathering up all of the food they can find, the group encounters many obstacles as some of their neighbors have become the outside threat, Zombies.

With everything in place, Isobel and Ben try to keep the food on a rationing basis but find that one of their fellow survivors has an eating disorder and has exhausted a majority of the supply.  Needing to make a supply run outside of the building, the group asks Vaughn if he could assist.  Although he does not want to be part of the group on the lower levels of the building, he agrees and reveals that he has been out of the building many times on his own to take care of himself.  Helping the group does not seem to be far out of his way, but he does not ask for anything from them for his help, only he does not have limits on where his hands may travel when he is around the women of the building.  Isobel has heard these rumblings, but comes to the decision that any help he can provide will be better than none at all and trusts that when he is in the field, he will help and protect the scavenging party.

With more food being procured from the surrounding houses, the group is starting to feel like they will make it through this ordeal.  New friendships are forged with the neighbors inside of Willow Brook and the only threat that they know of is clawing at the outside of the building.  When being faced with the decision on whether or not to bring survivors into their happy refuge, the group is quickly pulled apart and start to hold grudges over each other making it more difficult to live inside.  The group slowly separates from each other and every member starts to work on what is in their own best interest.  Knowing that she is losing the group, Isobel tries everything in her power to keep them on the same page and not allow their tensions to get to high, but with what the world has become, she already has her hands full with just surviving. 

When the Dead by Michelle Kilmer, is an inside look of what a band of survivors are going through when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their front doorstep. With each character being very dynamic, it is hard to only focus on the three as there is much more story to be told, these are just the three the resonated with me the most.  This is a story not only about the killing of zombies, and there is plenty of that, but about how people can cope with the extreme situation just outside of their front door. As each character gets their story told, it is easy to get attached to them as they all have traits that make them very likeable.  The story flows well and is hard to put down as you want to find out what happens next.  If you are in a Zombie withdrawal from your favorite show being off the air for several months, this is a good book to help you get through it.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Have you ever purchased something that has changed your life?  A new car, a new home, a pair of shoes?  When you take that plunge to buy that one thing that seems like it will be life changing for you at the time, you feel like you are on top of the world, but sometimes there is regret shortly after your excitement has died down.  Buying something that will be beneficial to you in the long run is always the way to go, but every once in a while that crazy impulse buy could leave you longing for your money back.

Retired rock star Judas Coyne is always on the lookout for something out of the ordinary.  Having to still live up to the persona he left on stage years ago for his image and his current girlfriend, Jude is always willing to pay for something that others would shutter away from.  His manager Danny Wooten has found that one item that nobody else could have, a personal ghost.  The offer on the web site says that the ghost is attached to seller’s uncle’s suit and she needs to get rid of it because he is scaring her daughter.  Jumping at the opportunity to purchase something so strange, Jude hits the ‘buy now’ button and ends the bidding in one click. 

When the suit arrives at Jude’s home, he notices that is comes in a black heart-shaped box.  Thinking nothing of it at the time he removes it and takes a good long look.  His girlfriend Georgia likes the look of the suit and picks it up, pricking her thumb on a hidden pin and offers to put it on if that is what he wants.  Jude declines the offer, telling her that he has purchased not only the suit, but the ghost that was supposed to be buried in it as well.  He puts the suit back in the box and puts it on the shelf and goes along with his day, but when he was found in his garage by Georgia sleeping in his car with the engine running, Georgia took matters into her own hands and burned the outdated garment.

That did not discourage the ghost in any manner as he started to focus all of his powers on the destruction of Jude.  Putting images in Jude’s head of killing his girlfriend, along with toying with Georgia’s emotions, Jude was about to have a rude awakening.  When Jude comes to the conclusion that there is nothing in his power to get rid of the ghost himself, he decides to take a road trip and return the ghost to its rightful owner, the seller.  During his and Georgia’s trip, the ghost is right on their heels at every turn. 

Heart-Shaped Box follows retired rock star Judas Coyne as he has made one purchase that will alter his life forever.  Losing his manager and having his girlfriend tormented by some sort of evil spirit, Jude tries to get the problem headed off of at the source. The seller of the suit is the sister of one of Jude’s former girlfriends that went crazy and killed herself.  Without really even knowing the man or the situation, Jessica unleashed the power of her stepfather on Jude to get retribution for her sister’s death.  But what Jude finds is much more disturbing about the family history as he unlocks the secrets of the household and connects with his past love once again. 

A disturbing page turner by Joe Hill that will leave you shaking in your boots.  As you get to understand the family and history of Craddock McDermont (the ghost), you start to understand where the true problem lies.  One thing that comes with every good ghost story is the truth that is hidden behind it.  With the family past in the novel, it is easy to see why Jude’s ex was crazy and ended up killing herself and why Jude is the easy scapegoat.  A marvelous ride that will leave you a bit shaken as the pages come to an end and hey, that is what it is supposed to do.  Joe Hill does a fantastic job capturing your emotions in this novel and leaving you in awe in the end.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Needing to work outside the system to get things done is necessary to do sometimes. When your employer tells you no, or says that it is not in our best interest and you know that it is the right thing to do, you do not hesitate and put it on your own shoulders to make sure that it gets done, no matter the ramifications. 

Former Agent Kalevi Hakala of the Bureau of Supernatural Investigations (BSI) has faked his own death and now is in search of a magical artifact that can power his new weapon.  Kal has in his possession a magical powered tesla coil that can kill a class five supernatural and wants to put it to the test against the monster Iku –Turso that killed his sister many years ago.  Getting help from his friends that are also former agents of the BSI, Kal is following down any leads of magical artifacts that he or his teammates can find.

Being drawn to a prize fight in Las Vegas where the winner will get their hands on one of the ancient artifacts, Kal and crew are surprised to find what is really in store for them.  Taking the place of an absent prize fighter, Kal fills in and is taken far underground to an Arena that is not of this world.  A portal to the World Under is open under Las Vegas and on the crem de la crème are invited to watch as modern day gladiators take on monsters from out of this realm.  Seeing some familiar faces from his past, Kal tells his team to move quietly, but no matter what they do, they are destined to get captured. 

As Kal’s team is brought in to face certain death, they find that the grand prize is nothing but a ruse and are about to be thrown to the hounds.  But nobody gives Kal enough credit as his inner rage comes out and becomes a force that can battle man and supernatural alike. As one of his team members is kidnapped by Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Kal tries with all of his might to rescue her, but finds himself being taken back in time to the year 1943 and that is where the real story takes place.  Being a man out of time in Europe during WWII, Kal has to prove his intensions about trying to kill Nazis and rescue his good friend who is being held prisoner in one of the camps.  Teaming up with Great Britain’s version of the Bureau, MI-7 agents start to trust the stranger and help him on his conquest, to stop Hitler from winning the war.

What Happens in Vegas, Dies in Vegas focuses on former agent Kal Hakala as he is trying to locate a magical artifact that can power his new weapon against the strongest of supernaturals.  Having acquired help from some of his old friends on this quest, Mouth, Winch, Canton and supernatural counterpart Ghost, Kal has a kick ass team that can put everything down in their path.  Having to follow one of his teammates back in time, Kal befriends the local MI-7 agents to help him stop Dr. Goebbels from reaching Hitler with a briefcase that houses something that could change the outcome of the war.  With his good friend Mouth out of harm’s way, Kal convinces the agents of the era to help him capture the doctor, but when all is said and done, how will Kal make it back to his own time and how will he be able to defeat the next threat that awaits him?

The second installment of Mark Everett Stone’s BSI series pulls out all of the stops.  Having supernaturals from different dimensions being battled with on earth is just a fantastic ride, but when you add time travel into the mix and the threat of Nazis, it makes it just that much better.  Watching as Kal tries his hardest to protect his friends from the oncoming threats that he expects is something else and even though he knows he cannot do it all, his rage takes over and gives him the upper hand in defeating any roadblocks put in his path.  The main characters are great, but adding some color to some of history's characters is just a joy.  Needing a fun read that has time travel, magic, witty dialog and yes, some supernatural monsters, this is a book that you need to check out for sure.  Happy Reading.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It's fascinating to watch a story evolve sometimes, specifically how quickly fundamental changes to what the characters and the principle of the story can arrive.  When it comes to television, it is perhaps not as common.  T.V. usually sticks with what works, bringing some surprises into the fold here and there but for the most part we feel safe and secure in knowing that there are core elements that cannot and will not be changed.  

That is most certainly not the case with The Walking Dead.  This is a show that has managed to reinvent itself year after year, but when it comes to Season Four, it has ventured into new territory that I've yet to see in any post apocalyptic setting in either film or television.  

Truly, this was a season of deception.  The first few episodes of the show seemed to be about putting life back together, coupled with the new threat of illness within the prison and well, we all stuck with it, wondering where this would lead us.  It didn't quite feel like The Walking Dead in fact the whole thing seemed out of place and it turns out it was all part of the plan, to completely shock the hell out of us.  

Hot on the heels of the flu, came the return of the Governor and it was all downhill from there.  We watched Hershel die in horrible fashion.  We saw the prison and all of its safety fall and most importantly, we saw the worst parts of ourselves out there on the road as the group was scattered to the wind.  We learned that the phrase "look at the flowers" should invoke terror in one of the most shocking moments in television history and we also learned that those who arrive, likely do not survive. 

This was, in a nutshell an incredible season for The Walking Dead because of the sheer manipulation that new showrunner Scott Gimple has bestowed upon us.  He loaded the season up with little clues of things to come, but as I made mention of before, he also reinvented the post zombiepocalyptic tale, simply by staying true to the comic.  The comic has always portrayed an unforgiving world filled with the living dead and ugly people and that has now been brought to life.  

Traditionally these tales require a certain sense of safety, a chance for the audience and the characters to catch their breath. This year of The Walking Dead has left no place safe.  Few can be trusted.  It's now truly a horrific and terrifying apocalypse and we're all just along for the ride.  I can't wait to see where Season Five takes us, see you all in the fall.  


Written by Scotty

Putting the blame on people for things that they cannot control is one of the human emotions that we do on a daily basis.  Some things are out of our control and regardless what we do to prevent them, they can still happen.  It is a nasty turn of events that hopefully we as a people can get away from, but for one reason or another, having someone to blame makes us feel better and we will continue to find someone to target our frustrations on.

Jack and Stephanie Singleton are on their way to visit a new marriage counselor when they have car problems.  When two tires are blown out, Jack knows that there is no way for them to get back on the road during a heavy rain and heads out to find a place to stay and call for help.  Stephanie will not stay alone in the car and decides to accompany her husband and the couple ends up at an adorable Inn a couple miles down the road.  Looking for whomever runs the Inn, the couple meets two other people that have encountered the same problem.

Getting the introductions out of the way, Leslie and Randy are stranded with the same automotive issues and looking for help as well.  As the two couples come to terms that they will be stranded in the old Inn for the evening, they are greeted by the owners, Betty, Stewart and their son Pete.  Pete has taken a fancy to Leslie and is not ashamed to let the entire group know so.  As the group and the Inn keepers sit down to dinner, the two couples come to a conclusion that there is something strange going on with their hosts.  Flashbacks of their lives come into play as Stephanie has a fear of ice coming from how her daughter died years ago, but Betty keeps icing down her tea.

All of the guests of the Inn encounter the same types of inner horrors, but keep them to themselves as the night presses on.  All of a sudden, when Stephanie tries to leave the Inn, she encounters a man with a shotgun sanding on the doorsteps.  Knowing what is in store for their guests, Betty and Stewart are ready to regulate the terms of the ‘Tin Man’ who will dictate the nightly events ahead.  With the Inn on lockdown, a tin can comes down the chimney that gives the guest an option, one dead body before dawn, or everybody dies. The hosts know what needs to be done and tries to take care of their guests, but when the two couples reject their fate, they try to find their own way out of the farm house and find that there is something more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

House focuses on two couples, Jack and Stephanie who have just lost their daughter in a skating accident, along with Leslie and Randy who are not married but seem to have something brewing in the background.  Randy has been tortured with the memories of his father telling him his is not good enough to survive life…with a gun.  Leslie had a father that loved her too much and only wants her to be obedient and ‘happy’.  Jack and Stephanie have just lost their daughter and the blame has been put on Stephanie as she was watching Melissa on her daily skate on the lake.  Being trapped in the basement of the Inn, Jack finds a stranded soul, Susan that appears to know the way out of the house and how to defeat the ‘Tin Man’ at his own game.  Can the group stay together and not succumb to the rules laid out for them, or will they give the ‘Tin Man’ what he wants with one of their deaths?

One of the few novels that has come to life in its entirety.  The movie House has done something that few movies based off of novels has been able to do for many years.  Encompassing the main story elements along with the characters, this movie is nothing but A’s in my book.  Not deviating from the story and keeping with what the novel did is nothing but fantastic.  With only leaving a couple of scenes that I would have liked to see included out, House does something that not many movies are able to do and that is to change the story to fit what the film industry demands.  Keeping the sex, drugs and unnecessary violence is what gives this story and the film its charm.  Reading a novel and then seeing it come to the big screen is something that tends to give readers a grave regret, but this one does the exact opposite.  Knowing the characters and the story line goes far with the faithful, but keeping the story intact is something that will keep the fans extremely happy and keep them watching.  With a new favorite in my collection, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Everybody loves to hear stories about their favorite stars in Hollywood.  Finding out the deep dark secrets about how they lived and what they did to get their most famous roles amazes us all.  With all that goes on behind the scenes that us as fans are not privy to, stories are all we have to humanize these people that we idolize on the big screen.  

Ultra Studios is one of those places where you are able to take a tour and find out some the stories of your favorite stars from over the years.  A group of strangers are along for the ride as they are loaded into their little cart and taken around each of the old stages.  The group seems to be very intrigued by one lot that looks to be off limits, the house of horrors from Desmond Hacker’s "Hysteria".  This movie made millions for the studio and is one of their prized lots and is not open to the common tour groups, but the guide is convinced by the group to allow them entrance.  

Entering the old house, the group is disappointed by the lack of upkeep the studio has placed in the old house of horrors.  The group is given full access to the house, with only one stipulation, not to touch anything.  Even with the group trying to obey the rules, they find that they have been trapped in the old house with no way to exit.  Ending up in the main room from the movie "Hysteria", the tour guide is unable to find the exit as well, but comes up with the idea that follows what happened in the movie, have all of the guests tell their own scary stories.

Although Desmond Hacker has been considered dead for many years, his spirit may still inhabit the house and allow the group to leave if they are able to play by the rules.  Telling a scary story is not enough, it has to be a true story as well.  Even though the guests are hesitant, they let out their darkest secrets.  Ranging from a flawed boob job, loving a dead man, sleeping with a friend’s girlfriend and being starved by ones parents.  The group lets out each of their stories to be released by the old house, but find that it is not the only thing that the old director wanted, he wants them to finish their stories.

Trapped Ashes follows a group of strangers as they are trapped in the "Hysteria" house until their host allows them to leave.  Having to tell their true, scariest stories of their life, they have to deal with what that brings upon them.  Not knowing who their host really is, or what his intentions could be, the group releases their deepest darkest stories that all have a twist and will leave the others to judge them until they can part ways.  With their trusty tour guild to lead them down their new found path, the group finishes their tales, but finds that there is something else their host wants from them that they cannot provide.

One of those movies that provides a great twist to each story and the way it is told.  Each story is specific to the individual and gives you a strange look into their lives which is this movie's allure.  The things you find out from the stories will leave you in awe, as they seem to be unworldly but yet believable in the film and you will have to judge for yourself if they really fulfilled the houses need to be released.  Starting from a story where a boob job went wrong and now the women’s breasts require blood to survive, you find out quickly that this movie will take you on a trip you never could see coming.  Very enjoyable and takes you down many different genres of horror that keeps even the novice very happy.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Sometimes thinking that you are going crazy can drive you more nuts that you previously thought you were.  Most of the time, you are not the one that thinks of yourself as being the crazy one, but everyone around you is saying that you are.  It is trying to get them to believe you that you are not going crazy which is the hard thing to do as most of us house a little bit of crazy and that is just normal in my eyes.

Kristen is being chased by the police in 1966 and does not understand why.  Burning an old home to the ground seemed like the right thing for her to do, but she is going to be placed in a psychiatric ward no the less.  Being a danger to herself and everyone that gets around her, she is going to be under the medical care of Doctor Stringer who is practicing some future techniques to help cure the mentally unstable.  Although Kristen does not believe that she has anything wrong with her, she is forced to succumb to the treatments as she is outnumbered by the orderlies. 

Meeting up with the other girls that are also being held in the ward, Kristen tries to be friends with them all, but finds that not everyone is willing to go along with it.  Emily, Sarah, Zoey and Iris have all been housed together for some time and have their own problems, secrets that they have to keep to themselves.  Kristen still feels that she has nothing wrong with her and that she does not belong in a place for the insane, she tries to find out if there is any way to escape the premises. But once Kristen finds that there is someone else in the holding block that is not human and is looking to hurt her, it becomes more apparent that it is time to find her way out.

With a strange visitation while taking a shower, Kristen is freaked out, but none of the doctors or her ward mates are willing to listen to her about what she witnessed.  Needing to know why this strange character is targeting her, Kristen is able to convince one of the other girls to give up the name of the girl that is terrorizing her, Alice.  With no help from the medical staff, Kristen tries her hardest to figure out what happened to Alice and why there is a ghost hunting her in the ward when she did nothing to instigate the attacks.  When she discovers that the other girls did not like Alice and killed her off before Kristen’s arrival because she was abusive to everyone else, Kristen has to find out why she is being targeted as well.

The Ward follows Kristen as she is desperately trying to prove to the medical staff at the psychiatric ward that she is not crazy.  As she is locked up with a group of girls that seem to have real problems, she finds out that there is something strange going on in the ward that no one wants to discuss as some of the girls go missing.  Trying to figure out what is causing the strange occurrences, Kristen finds that there was a girl named Alice that is trying to exact her revenge on the girls that murdered her and has Kristen next in her sights.  With no help coming from the medical staff, Kristen needs to find a way to escape the ward before she ends up being Alice’s next victim. 

A battle of wills is the best way to describe how this movie moves along.  Focusing on what happens in your mind when you are trying to forget something from your past and coming up with the ultimate coping mechanisms.  John Carpenter takes you down the rabbit hole as you follow Kristen on her path of proving that she is of sound mind, but finds that there is no happy ending as she will never be able to escape the ward.  With Alice killing off her new friends, it is enjoyable to watch as Kristen comes up with the ultimate plan of escape, but will always be held back by the ghost of Alice who is looking for much more out of her.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Looking for the answers to everything could cause you more problems than it is worth.  Although you might be looking to help out someone that is in need, there may be a reason why you were not involved from the beginning.  Trying to do the right thing is something that more people should do, but if you find out that it will get you into trouble as well, it might be something that you might need to walk away from before you get in too deep. 

Jason and his wife Rachel are getting a divorce and looking to go on their own paths, but their daughter is not happy about the outcome.  Jason is doing everything in his power to make sure that his girl will be ok, but work has to come first as space debris has hit the city causing the subway line to shut down.  Looking to find a way to get back to his falling apart family, Jason has to accept what he is being told about what caused a friend’s death, along with why a satellite crashed through one of the main subway tunnels. 

Although Jason is trying to do the right thing for his friend, he still has to find a way to get home for his daughter’s birthday.  Always being late, Jason has an excuse this time that cannot be taken apart by his ex-wife.  Even though he is sorry about what happened and missing a life changing birthday, Jason has to have depend on Rachel to run a test on some strange insect eggs that were found inside his friend.  When Rachel comes back with the results, saying that these were spider eggs, the once happy family is now on the radar of a government agency that wants to take control of everything that has to do with the crash. 

When all of the rats are trying to escape the subway, Jason is called in once again but is not able to find the reason why, even with all of the help from the local exterminators.  As the government moves in to take control of the situation, they find that the there is a new strain of spider that has been unleashed on New York City that if controlled correctly will give them the most advanced silk in the world.  Scientist Dr. Darnoff takes control of the government group as the spiders that are being studied are not of this world, but an alien strain that could only be combined with spider DNA to survive the atmospheric pressure on earth.  With a government cover-up being put into place around the crash location, Jason and ex-wife Rachel are being hunted by not only the spiders, but by the government as well.

Spiders (also known as Spiders 3D) follows Jason Cole as he is a station head for the New York Transit Authority and only trying to do his job and keep the subway lines running at all times.  But as fate would have it, a Soviet satellite crashes down in the city housing spiders that were grown in space from an unworldly DNA strain.  As the spiders adapt to the atmosphere, they start to grow and take over the city.  With the government trying to protect their new discovery, they cover-up what is really happening saying that the area is quarantined due to a new virus.  As Rachel has run tests on the strange eggs, she is pulled into the situation as well with the government not allowing any loose ends to go talking to the press and letting the world know of their discovery.  The spiders however do not stay within the plan as they find a way out of their holding pen and start to take over the city. 

Just a good old creature feature as the spiders start to take over one of the largest cities in the world.  Without getting real help from the government to contain the outbreak as they are more concerned about keeping it a secret than allowing the world to know what they have found, disaster strikes.  With the spiders getting bigger and bigger, they cannot be killed off by conventional weapons, well easily at least, and this new breed starts to make the Earth its home.  Trying to kill off something that is not of this world is hard enough, but trying to survive your own government’s hit squads makes it just that much more difficult.  Stay Scared.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


I think if anyone has a bad reputation on The Walking Dead and most certainly does not deserve it, it's Rick Grimes.  The man is the main character and well, I've had this discussion with Shae, to a degree she has found him unlikeable. Take that into account, along with the "rumors" I saw that his absence from the show meant he was doomed to die in the Season Four Finale and there you have it, there is something people don't like about Rick.

I think it's silly to be honest. Our journey on this show started with Rick and trust me, it will end with Rick.  Yet here we are, debating why on earth Rick deserves more respect.  Which I also don't understand.  The man has seen his share of ugly on the show.  He awoke shortly after the end of the world and did his best to find his family. He was thrust into leadership whether he liked it or not and has made incredible sacrifices for the group, yet the man is viewed as soft. He's seen his wife die.  He's had to step back to help his son not be a bloodthirsty killer and to top it off, he nearly freaking died at the hands of the Governor.  

The man just can't get a break.  At least until now.  After years of trying to be Dudley DoRight, years of suffering and seeing the world take so much from him, Rick Grimes finally snapped.  He finally stepped over his breaking point when his son and friends were threatened with their lives and man, was it incredible.  I mean, he tore a man's throat out with his own teeth. Every walker in the land would be proud. 

But what does Rick snapping mean?  After all this is a show that has celebrated the wonder of life in many ways, pointing out the importance of cherishing it.  It was so important a point on the show that Rick banished Carol for her doing what must be done and now it is Rick who has made his decisions grey as opposed to black and white.  

At the least, this means that Rick will do anything and everything to protect his friends and family from here on out, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. If anything from a fan's perspective it should finally take the heat off of Rick because it looks like this is what everyone wants, a grizzled badass who will do what needs to be done.  

Yet the magic of Rick Grimes has always been in his moral center and in a way, perhaps this is a twisted version of keeping that alive.  After all, the marauders that tried to get the drop on him were anything but worthwhile people.  The Governor was a monster as well and let's be honest, he's right.  The people of Terminus are screwing with the wrong people. It's a world without rules and in a strange way, Rick, a former cop, has become his own Judge, Jury and Executioner.  It's something new for television and I can't wait to see where it goes this fall.  Until then my friends.