Written by John Edward Betancourt

It's never a bad thing when a genre gets revitalized.  After all, ideas get stale after a while, until something revolutionary comes along to surprise all of us. Yet what if a genre did not look into something new and exciting to give it a proverbial shot in the arm? What if a genre looked to the past to determine the future?  

It's something you rarely see in the era of reboots and reimagining but one horror film did this for the zombie genre.  It pulled from the very core of the genre's humble beginnings and what we got, paved the way for the zombie revolution that is upon us now thanks to 28 Days Later.

A man named Jim awakens in the hospital to discover the world has essentially disappeared.  There are no doctors or nurses in his hospital.  Nor are there any policemen, firemen or people in the city of London.  For Jim has managed to sleep through the Rage Virus Epidemic, a plague that has all but destroyed the United Kingdom and Jim is now in the minority, a normal man surrounded by the stuff of nightmares, humans infected by this virus and they are ready to kill any man, woman or child they see.  Cut off from the rest of the world, Jim does not know the world's fate, he can only find refuge with others like him as they all do their best to survive.  

Released in 2002, this film did exactly what I said it did earlier by providing the zombie genre with a beautiful shot of adrenaline.  As I also said before, it looked to the past to do it simply because, the flesh eating monsters we know and love come from George Romero's reinvention of the genre in 1968.  Prior to Night of the Living Dead the zombie was the stuff of Voodoo lore, poor souls under the control of evil spells and the beauty of 28 Days Later is how it brings this all together.  

Because in the case of this motion picture, we are given the modern twist of a virus that controls the Infected in the story. They are truly an updated version of those Haitian legends, a slave to something they will never understand, they're just all about murder and mayhem this time around.  In fact these are the only fast zombies I've ever enjoyed in film because they are not corpses.  They are people, plain and simple just sick and ready to kill.   

Yet the film also manages to add in the wonder of Romero's commentary, forcing the characters to truly ask what it means to be human and where do we go when our modern and civilized society is at last faced with what appears to be an extinction level event. All of these elements make for a terrifying film, one that feels hopeless from the get go and never lets up as the Infected are truly everywhere and a chance at salvation turns out to be madness.

This is horror at its best. There are no gimmicks here, no grand effects, just pure terror.  For the core of films like this is the thought of mankind losing control and that all of the things we cherish in our society disappear, quickly replaced by the worst parts of man, the parts we thought we left behind.  It makes 28 Days Later a poignant and important film and one that needs to be seen over and over again.  


Written by Scotty


After months upon months of waiting, The Strain has finally arrived and I will have to admit that it was worth the wait.  With the opening episode of the series gaining some praise around the camp fire, it is more of a dream come true to see a vampire story come to life that does not focus on the love, but rather the blood.

"Night Zero" opens up with a plane beginning to land, but there is something banging around the cargo hold and it seems to have terrible intentions for the flight attendants who open the door.  When the plane finally lands it goes dark and nobody aboard seems to be panicking.  The tower calls in the CDC to investigate what happened on the flight, but not knowing what they are up against, they suit up and find everyone on board dead.  Without showing signs of a struggle or bruising of any sort, the bodies are shipped off to the coroner’s office and have a rush placed on their autopsies to determine what happened. 

Upon further review of the plane, doctors Ephraim Goodweather and Nora Martinez find an ammonia based substance all over the interior of the plane and take note that it is biological.  When a few people on the plane wake up from their slumber, they are sent into quarantine and questioned to the hilt about what happened.  Nobody seems to have an idea of what happened and are no help to the investigation.  Eph is determined to find out what happened and when the cargo hold had been emptied, they found a large wooden coffin filled with dirt.  Not being able to trace where this strange box came from, they bag and tag it for further examination. 

Across town, Abraham Setrakian is running his pawn shop like so many days before.  Listening to the news of a ‘Dead Plane’ landing at JFK, he knows that there is something amiss and will have to step back into action once again.  Fighting off the threat so many years ago, Setrakian does not think he still has the power to defeat the ancient foe, and tries to warn the members of the CDC about what he knows.  Being blown off at the airport, Setrakian knows that evil has been released on the city and will have to find a way to get help to destroy the Master who is looking for blood.

I was very impressed with the opening episode of The Strain.  I must admit that I was worried about all of the delays they had been going through, but they did deliver a powerful show.  Now I am a stickler for accuracy to the books if a movie or show is based off of it, and although the show does not follow the book completely, you can see that they are trying to build up the characters much faster and I will applaud them for this decision.

I did expect to see a little bit more about the eclipse in this episode, as there are banners and signs hanging all around in the show, but I think they will have to wait as you were able to gain the first look at the Master already.  If you are looking for a new show to watch and have a love for vampires, I would give this a watch.  Although it is not the conventional form of a vampire, you will have to trust me when I say that you will not be disappointed.  A new breed of bloodsuckers has been needed and The Strain has accomplished just that….so far.  Until the next episode, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

When we were young we wanted to have one of the best birthday parties ever with our friends. Yet there are some who wonder if their parents truly did the party justice.  Looking back, I wish they got a comedian or something, but I had the unfortunate gift of a clown coming into my home.  I will not lie, clowns kind of freak me out to this day and I would seriously consider getting one for my kids, knowing how they tormented my youth.  But some people love clowns and what they bring to the table at parties, having to be a jack of all trades, they are the best to entertain kids young and old for a fair price.

Tom is celebrating his tenth birthday with all of his friends.  Although they are getting a little too old for the normal things that kids like, his mom still ordered a clown for old times’ sake.  None of the kids are willing to put up with the normal shenanigans of the painted faced entertainer and decide to play a little trick on him by tying his shoe laces together and knocking him over.  Unknown to Stitches that this was happening, his fall took him right into the dishwasher with a large knife sticking up and stabbing him right though his eye.

Tom is distraught after the death of his entertainer and knows that it was all his fault as he planned the little trick to play on the clown.  Watching as Stitches was laid to rest, Tom visited the cemetery to pay his respects with one of the clown’s squeakier toys, but noticed the crypt at the top of hill had some strange figures walking up to it, carrying an egg.  Sneaking in behind the mourning clowns, Tom watched a ritual take place to bring the entertainer back to life.  Waking in his own bed six years later, Tom still knows what he has witnessed and has been suffering for years.

Now in high school, Tom and his childhood friends have all gone their separate ways with the exception of Vinny who has stuck at his side after all these years.  Tom’s mother had to take a trip on business and recommended that Tom have one of his friends come over for his birthday, but when the old friends heard about this, they decided to through him a real birthday party.  With more kids than he can name at his home, Tom knows that this party will go down as a great one, but there is something in the back of his mind that is telling him that something is going to go wrong.  As Stitches rises from the grave to join the party, the spell cast on him many years ago has given him power to finish his show from several years earlier.

Stitches follows the story of Tom as he is troubled from an accident that ended up killing a clown in his house six years prior.  Not being able to get over the loss of person in his house, Tom has to be reminded that not every party will end with someone dying at it.  Wanting to spend his next birthday with just his friend Vinny, Tom puts it out there that he will have the house to himself, but that causes more of a problem than he could have foreseen.  With all of his friends from his tenth birthday party showing up, Stitches the Clown is resurrected and ready to finish his show.  Taking each kid in their own way, Stitches is still looking for laughs, but it is said that the second go around is never quite as funny.  Tom and his friends have to find a way to stop the clown before they are all killed as well and the secret has to have something to do with what Tom witnessed so many years ago in the graveyard.

Balloons, ice cream, flying limbs…this movie has all the aspects for the perfect party and it will have to go down as another reason why I fear clowns.  With so many wild and zany kills in this movie, there is no reason not to watch it as you will be blown away, literally.  Yes, there is humor as well, and although the second joke is not as good as the first, you will still be laughing.  They say that a clown must always finish his show, no matter what.  I will admit that a couple have left my early birthday parties early because I was crying and now I fear the repercussions.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

Everybody wants to know the truth, no matter what it is. The question is however, can you handle the truth when it comes out.  There are so many mysteries out there that if you knew the truth behind what really happened, it would leave your head spinning.  Most people are not ok with that feeling and just want to be left in the dark, but it takes that one instance to get them to that point and it is usually traumatizing. 

Detective Burquez is in charge of figuring out what happened at an abounded truck stop near Las Vegas.  A bloodbath is filling the news stations with no answer to what happened or who is responsible.  Video cameras were found around the site and have been taken back to the police station to review and Detective Reese wants to be involved in the process, but is being pushed out on leave.  Being able to convince Burquez that he is stable enough to work, the tapes are downloaded into the mainframe and the mystery slowly starts to unravel.

Watching the tapes, the detectives find that Leann and Rachel are best friends and have high aspirations of making it big in Vegas.  As Rachel tapes everything that has to do with their trip into the desert, she finds that not everyone is welcoming to the camera as she would like.  But Rachel, being her bright and cheery self is able to convince them to at least tell their stories.  As the detectives watch the video, they account for each of the victims that are found at the crime scene, and how they were murdered.

The bus that the two girls and several other passengers were on tips over on an old road that leaves the group in the middle of nowhere.  Remembering that there was a truck stop a couple of miles back, the driver will lead his passengers to safety, but what they find in the old truckers haven is nothing but punishment.  A killer is on the loose with a welders mask and blow torch that he is not afraid to use against anyone in the party.  Trying to find a way to escape and survive, Rachel and Leann have to stay as close as possible and not let each other out of their sights.  Being best friends, they will stay with each other until the bitter end, no matter how that ends up coming their way.

Evidence shows the last hours of the lives of several strangers on a bus to Las Vegas.  With Rachel filming every step of the way for her best friends Leann’s rise to stardom. When their bus gets overturned on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, they have to seek refuge in an abounded truck stop that houses a flame welding killer that has left a path of carnage in his wake.  Detectives Burquez and Reese are forced to watch the footage that was found at the killing ground for clues to who the killer is.  Trying to catch the killer before they can strike again is their first priority, but when the footage makes it to the press before it even leaves the police station, they two have to find out where the leak is before everyone sees what they are watching.

Not the splatter fest I was hoping for when reading the description, but not a bad film at all.  With plenty of first person kills and enough static in the footage to make you want to watch some parts over, it delivers some great intrigue and thrills.  With some great characters and possibilities for the killer, you will be kept guessing until the last frame hits the screen and you there is no better way to end a movie.  Watching for clues and trying to determine who the killer really is, is one of the things I love to do and with how this film ended, I will say I am still in shock and not disappointed.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

What does telling the truth actually do for you?  We have all told little white lies over the years and have noticed that it does not hurt anyone, but when someone calls you out on it, what is your response?  Having to keep your lies straight could be one of the hardest things you may ever have to do, but if you just told the truth, well then, you would never have to worry about forgetting what you have actually said.

Billy Halleck is at the top of his legal game.  Knowing all of the ins and outs of the legal system is one thing, but he has taken it to the extreme by befriending his local judge along with law enforcement to insure victory.  Defending a crime boss and having the verdict turn his way once again, Billy knows that he is not stoppable in his town and will continue to work any of the high valued cases that come his way. 

After the trial, a band of gypsies has found a new camp in the middle of the city and although they are only there to have a good time, the town, especially the judge does not take their intrusion lightly.  Demanding that the eyesore leaves as soon as possible, the group is none to happy and has to work a little bit harder to get by. When Billy and his wife were headed home after his victory dinner, Heidi, his wife decides to do a little extra activity in the car that makes Billy change his focus from the road to what she is doing.

Running over a gypsy woman in the middle of the street, Billy is given a free pass for his crime since the judge and investigating officer are already on his side.  But the father of the fallen gypsy will not let this travesty go and curses all involved in the death of his daughter.  Billy, sitting well above 300lbs his given the curse of Thinner.  Even though Billy has been trying to lose weight for several months, he has not been able to lose enough to be noticeable, but when the curse takes effect, Billy has to try to do everything in his power to keep is weight up.

Stephen King’s Thinner focuses on the life of Billy Halleck, an obese lawyer that believes that nothing can stop him.  After committing vehicular homicide and being acquitted of all charges by his friends, he thinks that his life will continue as normal.  But when an old gypsy man touches his face and curses Billy, he finds that there might be more to life than just winning.  As Billy starts to lose weight, he believes that the diet has taken effect, but when the weight loss comes more drastically, he has to battle to keep his pounds up before he fades away into nothing.  Finding that the medical field has nothing to offer him, Billy has to find the gypsy that cursed him and have it removed before he loses more than just a few pounds. 

Another one of those great tales from Stephen King that makes sure you understand the difference between right and wrong.  Even if you are doing things that only seem to be affecting yourself, it is shown that it can affect others as well, more than you know.  With Billy having the world on a string, he has to come to terms that there is someone, something more powerful than him that can take it all away at a glance and watching how the character evolves into that understanding is just fantastic.  It is hard to turn your head away when you see what happens to the judge and the officer that were involved in the death of the gypsy woman as well and how they cope with their own situations, but Billy is the primary focus and he wants to survive for more than himself, but for his family as well.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Urban legends have to come from somewhere right?  How could people seem to understand what they are if they never truly faced one first hand?   Word of mouth is the only way I can see that this has worked for so many years, but there has to be some truth behind them and when they started.  Or it could just be a grand joke that someone pulled many years ago and is now laughing at us from beyond the grave.

High school graduation has come and gone for a group of friends that are looking for one last hurrah before splitting up and going their separate ways.  On the road to their prime camping location, the group passes a graveyard.  When one of girls yells out for everyone to hold their breath, the group looks at her like she is crazy, but she tells the old urban legend that there are evil spirts that can enter the mouths of unknowing travelers passing by.  All but one member of the group holds their breath, but that is all it takes for evil to be released.

Fifty plus years earlier, Van Hausen was executed in the electric chair and his soul has never found peace.  Every year, on the anniversary of his death, he watches as cars drive by his resting place and hopes to be able to jump into one body to bring his fury back to the land of the living.  This day, he is lucky enough to find an unsuspecting group of teenagers that could bring him life for many years to come.  Having always been fond of the one victim whose eyes he removed, Van Hausen and his trademark has found a way to kill again and with no one still living to stop him, his terror will run until he decides to stop.

With one of the group being unknowingly possessed by Van Hausen, the rest of the members find the old prison where he was executed.  Walking through the halls, the group does not know what to expect, but it's creepy enough and an electrical storm comes to life once someone sits in old electric chair.  Not knowing what they are in for, the group heads up to their camping spot by the lake, but the killing is about to begin.  With Van Hausen released, every member of the group is running a chance of being his next victim, or worse, being possessed by the psycho killer.  As the group is dropping like flies, an old deputy from the prison comes to help and fills them in on what is happening.  When Van Hausen sees that one of his old foes is on to him, it is time to jump between bodies once again and kill off all that oppose him.

Hold Your Breath focus around an old urban legend that you have to hold your breath when driving by a cemetery.  When a group of teenagers do not abide with this old tale, they witness firsthand what the repercussions can be.  When a psycho killer possesses one of the young adults and start wreaking havoc among the group, no one will be safe until he is put to rest once again.  Not having any idea who Van Hausen could be possessing at any given time, the group has to put their faith into an old officer from the prison where the killer was electrocuted many years ago.  Having to devise a plan to end this killer’s spree once and for all, the officer tries to kill the possessed, but when that does not work, he has to call in the big guns.

An enjoyable movie dealing with old urban legends, along with possession.  It was enjoyable to watch how each character had to embrace being possessed by a pissed off killer from fifty years ago.  Although there was a spot in the movie that left me shaking my head when the killer threw out the group’s cell phones without even questioning what they were, it was a fun ride nonetheless.  With plenty of jokes, scares and a sexy cast, it was entertaining and almost makes you want to look away from some of the special effects.  Stay Scared.

To this day, astronomers still do not know what the cosmos truly have in store for us.  With so much to still be discovered in our solar system, there are so many more questions on what is further out.  Is there life somewhere else in the universe that can help teach us how to travel, or will they want to take over our planet from us?  Will we know the answers in our lifetime?  I doubt it, but there is no shame in looking up and admiring the beauty of the stars.

The earth has fallen behind the rouge Reah-M comet and will stay in its tail debris for eight days. No one knows what effect this will have on the planet, but they are sure that something strange may occur.  When machines start to get minds of their own, the nation starts to panic.  Why would something that we built try to harm us anyway, we are the creators.

Being held up in a truck stop, Bill Robinson witnesses an attack first hand on a waitress.  Not really understanding what is happening, he destroys the electric knife, but when he sees that parked trucks just outside of the window come to life, he knows the group inside of the building are in for something out of this world.  Teaming up with Brett, a young female drifter that finds him cute, Bill has to take control of the situation as best he can to keep everyone inside and away from the rogue trucks that are hungry for human blood. 

Witnessing the same thing on the other side of town Deke Keller is keeping his head down and making his way to the truck stop to see his father.  Being stalked by an ice cream truck, Deke finds that he can travel underground in the storm pipes safely and works his way to be with his father.  Not understanding the magnitude of what is happening, the group in the truck stop hear strange honking that is Morse code asking for help.  The trucks need fuel to survive and they offer free passage for those who help, but Bill and Brett have a different plan and that is to escape everything that has a motor altogether.

Maximum Overdrive follows a group of survivors in a truck stop when the earth is stuck behind a comet's tail for several days.  The occurrence does not start out too bad, but when all of earth’s appliances and anything mechanical comes to life, no one knows what to do or how to stop it.  Bill Robinson is not prepared for this, being an ex-con that is only looking to hold down a steady job, but when a semi-truck comes to life and kills one of his friends, it becomes personal. Wanting to survive and keep the rest of the group in the truck stop alive as well, he devises a plan to get away from anything and sail away to an island that does not allow automobiles.  The only thing keeping him from attaining this is a group of semis that keep circling the truck stop, looking for their next human kill.

All I can say is wow.  This is an off the wall idea that now has me worried about upsetting my toaster.  If you think about it, what do we use these days that does not run off of some sort of motor that could be infected by a comets gas cloud?  Not much and I would have to tell you that the human race would be doomed if this ever really happened.  If there was ever a movie that I would like to see a remake of featuring more technology of the time, it would be this one.  Not to criticize how this movie added scares, but it was mainly automobiles that did all of the attacking, when there are so many more items in a home that we trust, it would make the thrills just that much more mesmerizing.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Trying to escape the pain of reality can be the hardest thing to do.  Having to let your mind go, if even for a moment and pray that it gives you just a second or two of peace is something that everyone has to do to stay sane.  If you have had to battle with the loss of a loved one, it is just that much more difficult to let go of reality, but if you are ever able to reach that place where you can just feel comfortable, you have won the battle.

Terrance Shade has just lost his wife and is taking care of his two children.  Although he never thought he would be a good parent, he has been forced into that position and will do everything in his power not to let his kids down.  Taking notes from the memory of his wife, Terrance decides to take his children up to the cabin where she had some of the greatest times of her life as a child and only wanted the same for her kids.

Calling ahead and getting the cabin all set up, Terrance feels that this will be a great opportunity for him and his kids to reconnect after the loss of their mother.  He has pulled out all of the stops and has made the cabin Christmas ready for his family.  Shortly after they arrive, it starts to snow and that is exactly what they wanted as they go outside and have a snowball fight. When they notice a little workshop off to the side of the property, everyone starts to come down with a nasty cough and everyone needs to retreat to the house for some rest. 

Thinking he was only asleep for an hour, Terrance wakes up finding that his car is buried in a couple of feet of snow.  Not being able to take his kids into town to have a doctor check them out and get rid of their oncoming sickness is very concerning to him, but he still tries to do his best.  When his son sees a figure outside of the window, Terrance has to make sure that he can protect his family from whatever is outside of the cabin.  But Terrance is starting to have lapses in time that he cannot account for and finds that there might be someone else in the cabin with his family.  Checking out every nook and cranny around the cabin, they feel safe inside and Terrance boards up the doors and windows to keep whomever came in, out.

Barricade is the story of a struggling single father as he is still haunted by the loss of his wife.  Not thinking he would ever be a good parent, Terrance tries his hardest to keep a connection with his children and remind them that he could do anything that their mother did.  Although he never had a good track record, he tries his hardest and will succeed at all costs.  When entering the cabin of his wife’s youth, Terrance starts to have lapses in time and during these moments, strange things happen inside and outside of the secluded structure.  With his children sick and afraid of the monster, he checks the cabin to make sure that there is no intruders and then boards up every window and door to make sure his family is safe.  Strange things still occur inside of the cabin and that leads him to wonder, was he too late and did he lock the monster inside with his family?

You have snow, a creepy cabin and no way of escaping.  Sounds like some other stories that take place up in the mountains, but this one has its own twist.  With a stranger being spotted outside of the cabin that no one can physically locate and rooms being ransacked without anyone knowing who did it, this movie plays with the mind.  Not knowing what you are up against is the scariest part of this movie and still frightens me.  Even though it is simple to catch on to the clues that are given to tell you how it will end, you hope that it is not the case. It is a decent little flick with a small cast and plenty of questions of what is really happening before the final bell rings.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Doing anything to protect your loved ones is something that we all try to do.  Hating to see any harm come to our family or friends may cause us more pain to witness than what is actually happening to them.  It is necessary to have a strong relationship when these situations arise, and although it could cause us more pain, it is worth us being there to help and give support to our loved ones.

It has been ten years since the first zombie outbreak and now there is a new ‘cure’ on the streets that can keep people from becoming the feared flesh eaters.  The Returned Compound is something that has changed life as we know it and if administered within thirty six hours of being infected, it can keep your loved ones, your loved ones.  Although there is one side effect, the infected must take one dose of this cure a day to avoid changing, and if they miss one, well, they turn into the undead.

Not everyone is happy with this course of action and would rather the infected become zombies, but Kate who works in The Returned unit at the ER sees it differently.  Six years ago, she met her infected husband in the ER, and now the two have the strongest relationship.  Reports are coming out however that the cure may be hitting roadblocks in the production field since it comes strictly from the spinal fluid of the undead.  With the cure stopping people from turning into these creatures, there is no way to harvest the fluid needed and it is causing unrest within all of the cities around the world.

The only way to keep the alive/undead alive is to get funding for a synthetic serum that can provide the proteins to keep the zombie virus at bay and Kate is laying it all on the line for her ER unit, and more importantly, her husband.  Meeting resistance at every turn she has to stick to her course as she has not been told that the production of the drug would be stopped.  When a group of radicals comes into the hospital and kills her patents, she understands the concerns of the outside world and when she hears that none of the hospitals have received their weekly shipment of the Returned Compound, she starts to worry.  One day without the proper dosage and the city could be running with the undead once again, and that would also mean the end of the life she has grown accustomed to for the past six years.

The Returned is the story about a world that has been saved from a zombie virus, momentarily.  With a new serum that can provide the infected with the proteins to keep the virus at bay, the threat of an apocalypse has been put to sleep.  But when there is no way to further harvest this magical cure, the infected, doctors and normal population start to riot and anyone that is infected or helps them are targets of radicals that only want to insure life for themselves free of zombies.  When this problem hits home for Kate and her Returned husband, she is forced to face these people head on and prove that although the infected could become the undead, they are still human for now and should not be punished for it.  All of her efforts were directed to finding an alternate way to produce the proteins needed to keep the zombie virus at bay and a synthetic serum could hit the market, but it might not come soon enough as the world has been cut off and the cure cannot be reproduced.

A powerful look at where the world could be going if we are ever faced with such a pandemic.  Finding a cure for the common cold seems to be easy these days, but it would take time to find a cure for the common undead.  The thing that I enjoyed most about this movie is the lack of looking forward.  When the only way to get the proteins to keep people from changing into the flesh eating monsters is to take it from the undead, but when there are no more undead to harvest from, what do you do when the cure diminishes?  A scary thought and it makes you have to stop and think, should we be fighting against nature, as she has run the earth for so many more years than we have inhabited it.  Does she know better than us?  Or are we so hard headed to think we can outsmart what has been happening for millions of years.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae

So, I've decided that since Supernatural is such a huge part of my nerd life, that it was time I wrote a  "What I've Learned" blog about it. Mostly because, seriously, this show is fantastic. I've always had a love of all things supernatural period. I mean, what kid didn't love vampires growing up? No, seriously…I wanted to be a vampire so bad. When I found out Dracula wasn't real, I was utterly devastated. The brighter side is that vampires live on through the media. So do a lot of other fictional creatures and well, Supernatural happened. 

Before I even got into the show I had a lot of friends who were totally into it and here I was, refusing to even watch it, because so many people loved it. I know, I know, it's kind of wrong, but I was resisting. Then, Mattie watched it. The more she and a few of my friends talked about Sam and Dean, and even Castiel, I got interested in it. Especially when Castiel came on the show, because many a Tumblr post from friends was about him. Finally, I gave in and started watching the show with Mattie, around season 4. Now, I know. that's a huge no no. But, guys, listen. I couldn't help it. For whatever reason, I was attracted to watching Castiel and Dean's interactions. The more the two bickered and the more Sam was adorably Sam, the show caught my interest and it was all over. Before I knew it I was watching the show religiously. And then Gabriel came onto the show. Now, you all know my love for Gabriel. If you don't, let me tell you, it's a very intense love. I think that's just part of my Shae-charm though, I get obsessive about certain characters and that's just how it is.

Right, well, the show is more than just about pretty actors, it's actually got a lot of lore and what not in it. Which is part of what drew me to the show. I love lore, I love the theology and stories about Angels and all that encompasses. This show totally brought all that and more to the table. Take for example, ghosts. Supernatural taught me that if there is a ghost around, you need some rock salt and some iron. Apparently ghosts do not like rock salt, nor do they like iron. Why? How? I'm not going to pretend to understand the fictional science behind this. It might be actual science, (if you believe in ghosts), for all that I know, it's totally legit and I am not going to argue with facts. Especially when it comes to advice from Sam Winchester. If you're being attacked by a ghost, just hit them in the face with something iron, and then make a salt circle and hide in it. Because that's just smart. The only down side, is that ghosts, if they're powerful enough they can throw things, create wind, and disturb the salt circle. So really, the best way to deal with a ghost is to not deal with a ghost. But if there is a ghost, the only way to successfully get rid of them, for good, is to find the body, pour rock salt on it, then lighter fluid, and then burn it. Unless, of course, the ghost in question has attached itself to an intimate object of theirs. Lot of salt and burning. Oddly, I'm okay with this. And yes, I have literally slept with the salt on my bedside table after watching a scary ghost movie. Truth.

Next is that vampires are not as awesome as I thought. Supernatural vampires have all their teeth sharp. Like, sharks, but super strong people-sharks. Forget the wooden steaks, the only way to kill an actual vampire is to cut off their head. I'm sure lighting them on fire doesn't hurt, but seriously, they're freaky. On another note, their vampires do share a common lore. In order to be turned, you don't have to be bitten, per se, but you do have to drink the blood of a vampire. It's a common lore that I've always loved reading about. Which is probably why I'm not too big a fan of True Blood. Actually, in fairness, I've never seen that show. So I have no room to judge it at all. That being said, Supernatural vampires retain beyond human strength, and minor seduction skills. They also follow the 'Alpha' vampire ideal. Where the master vampire that was the first, has control over any and all existing vampires, regardless of if he turned them or not. Crazy, right? Completely. It's along the same lines of the original Dracula story line. And it's those myths I grew up with, so it's somewhat nostalgic. Also, their werewolves are pretty cool. 

Supernatural explores a lot of monster myths, many of which I didn't even know about. The most popular, however, is their angels and demons story arcs. I'm a huge fan of angel mythology, and that of demons. Back when I was in college, I took a Bible as Literature course just so I had an excuse to research angels. Though, I'm pretty sure I don't need an excuse for that. The angels in the show are not what the modern depiction of what an angel is. Angels are supposed to be kind, life saving, self sacrificing beings. Unless they're in Supernatural, then the angels are kind of manipulative, selfish, jerks. Which is pretty fantastic. There's almost a human element to them. Yet, they still retain their otherworldly appeal. Their angels do have wings, but they are shown in the form of shadows. Nothing like what they're depicted as in art. Which I find fascinating since there is so many interpretations of what angels actually look like. Supernatural taught me, though, not to trust the angels. Granted, you can't trust the demons either. Except Crowley. You can always trust that Crowley is in it for himself and will do whatever he can to get what he wants. The end. 

Above all, Supernatural, while just a TV show, taught me about family. Not all blood is family, and not all family is blood. It's a strange and amazing concept. There's nothing Sam and Dean won't do for each other and that's how I feel about my family. Family is what you make it to be, what you choose for it to mean. You can't always pick who you're related to, but you can pick who you consider to be your family. Like the family I have and the one I have also created. For a show on the CW network, it's got a lot of deep insight that has really hit home. I think that is why I torture myself through every painful season finale, and every wondrous moment. 

Also, seriously, rock salt is a must to now own.