Rocky Mountain Con has come again and this year with a vengeance.  With a portion of the proceeds going to AuroraRise, this is one of the cons I will attend every year. Finding out what the people wanted in the last Denver con of the season, RMC was able to bring in great comic artists, authors and of course, some of the best cosplayers’ around. 

Now I will admit that cosplay is not my thing, but watching as Ivy Doomkitty made her entrance was nothing less than amazing.  With almost everyone stopping in mid conversation to watch as she made her way to her booth was something that I do not think I will forget for a very long time. Even though she had a large line forming since the moment she arrived, it was apparent she was happy to see and engage with her fans.

Although I do not know the work of many of the cosplay community, I did watch their panel as it was featured on the main stage of the event center. I loved watching as each of the special guests were willing to talk about what got them to their current role in the community, as well as taking time to talk to the younger cos-players’ about not letting anyone keep them from doing what they love.  It does not matter what you are doing, as long as you are doing something that you love…in cosplay at least.  And AZ Powergirl had a message for the younger woman as well, to keep their eyes open and do not do anything that makes you feel the least bit uncomfortable.  A great panel with spectators both young and old taking notes from some of the people that have made it possible for them to move forward with their dreams.

On to the groups that I have a soft spot in my heart for, the artists.  I am not going to lie, I have been waiting for Shelby Robertson to come back to Denver since last year’s RMC, for one reason, his Joker artwork.  One thing that I have loved about his art from the first time I have been witness to it is how gritty it is and his Joker’s have become the foundation of my collection, although I had to buy his new Guardians of the Galaxy prints.  Another artist I was happy to see was Aldana Zanetta, a woman that has been able to capture my eye with what she is able to create.  Last year I purchased ‘The Tree House’ from her as it was just dark enough to catch my eye and this year, hot off the press she has created another piece of work I was not able to walk away from, ‘The God of the Forbidden Forest.’  This was just finished a couple of weeks back, so I am very honored to have one of the first prints. Make sure to check her out since she has many fantastic years ahead of her, only being sixteen years old.  And a special call out to one of my favorite local artists Joe Oliver, as he was able to capture my eye a couple of weeks back of Mile High Horror Film Festival, he was able to capture the girls eyes with an Iron Man print that made them do nothing less to smile for the rest of the day.

I also love talking to the writers that show up to the event, even though I am not as deep into comics as I should be, there is a way to get me into it, show me passion.  Todd Jones is one of my favorite local comic book writers as he endlessly puts his efforts into creating great stories and being a large part of Wicked Awesome Tales, which has a new issue pooping up every time I see him.  I also had the honor of talking with Ron Fortier who was the writer behind Terminator: The Burning Earth and Daughter of Dracula.  Now, talking to Ron I found out a very interesting thing besides him being very passionate about his work, but wanting to help provide a road map for the younger generation of writers and artists that will be coming up.  With publishing the original script of Daughter of Dracula to show how the words translated into the comic, a comic book was also created with his friends Gary Kato and Rob Davis to show how to take the written word and translate it into the finished product that so many people have come to love.  A great read for kids that love comics, as well as the older generation as sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

When the doors are closed to main hall to allow the guests and exhibitors to get away for the night, the auction opens up to everyone that has not found that perfect piece just yet.  With several artists being reached out to over the past several months, Sketch Covers were on the auction block along with some other miscellaneous pieces that could fetch a good price.  With all of the proceeds from the auction going to the AuroraRise Foundation, there was no point in not putting up a bid or two.  Walking away with a couple Harley Quinn covers by Brandon Miera and my favorite Robert Elrod, a brooding Batman from Blake Henriksen, a George Perez Superman and the envy of the table, Rocket and Groot by Chad Heinrich. It was fun, even though I was not able to raise the paddle for every one of my bids as I am a team player.

This is one of my favorite cons of the year for several reasons, but one of them is it seems to be a gathering of friends at the end of the con season.  As this is the last comic related convention for the remainder of the year in Denver, it is nice to see everyone that you have been exchanging glances with for the past nine months, just one more time.  A good time with great people working to make sure the convention goes off without a hitch and to help raise funds for the AuroraRise foundation.  Thank you Rocky Mountain Con for giving us another memorable year.
This past weekend was Rocky Mountain Con, located at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport Convention Center. This was my first year going to this convention and I was pretty excited for it.

Sadly due to my day job, I was only able to attend Saturday. Yet it was so cool to be able to walk around and talk to the local artists. I was able to meet an artist who I have heard so much about, Joe Oliver, there. I purchased his drawing of Iron Man holding a martini glass because I thought it was hysterical and so very Tony Stark. Actually, Scotty purchased it. I LOVE YOU SCOTTY!

Anyways, I love that piece. It’s going to be framed when I have a chance to buy one and be put with my collection of empty alcohol bottles on top of our kitchen cabinets. I find it perfectly accents them. I also was able to meet the incredible artist of Meents Illustrated. He’s pretty cool and illustrated the chibi (small) DC characters that I purchased at the auction that benefits Aurora Rises. It was his first con and his drawings blew me away. 

I have to say, I had a lot of fun at the auction. It was exciting to see local artists donating their works for a charity that benefits something that affected us all. It was also exciting since Smurf and Scotty bidded for items. It got intense at points. It was also cool that the auctioneer was an announcer for several Cosplay Contests that were shown on Heroes of Cosplay.

Over all, it was an awesome day. I loved seeing old friends like Nathanial Hamel, buy his stuff because he’s awesome, and make some new friends. This is a good convention to get to know the local artists around the Denver metro area. I sadly didn’t get to meet the cosplayers but it was cool to look from afar. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It's rare anymore that I get the chance to visit a new convention in the Mile High City.  There are so many established conventions that we pick and choose our favorites and stick with them. But there are new conventions still popping up in our proud city and there is one that I haven't had the chance to attend until this year, Rocky Mountain Con.

Hosted at the Crown Plaza Denver, RMC is a convention born out of the ideal of helping others, since a cut of the proceeds head to Aurora Rise, an organization that exists to help those who have suffered from the tragic movie theater shooting here in Denver a few years back.  That alone sets it apart from so many other conventions, as it asks us to celebrate the things we love...by helping others.  It's a unique concept and well, it makes for a different kind of convention.  

In fact what I found at Rocky Mountain Con was plenty of awesome stuff.  I found a unique TARDIS set up where it was actually bigger on the inside.  I saw plenty of incredible costumes, plenty of incredible sights at booths that were begging to come home with me and all of that was just fine.  But this convention simply felt different than what I'm used to.  

You see, to me conventions can sometimes be about the hustle and bustle.  We have a billion panels we want to see, friends we have to meet up with, there's always plenty to do.  Now this is in no way a condemnation of conventions, because I love the hustle and bustle, it's one of the things that makes a con a blast.  But Rocky Mountain Con has a down home feel that I simply did not expect, and it was wonderful. 

My Saturday simply felt like a reunion of sorts.  As though it was just a good time to hang out with people I know, because I did see plenty of old friends and made new ones like always, but RMC was simply a relaxing and fun day and I couldn't think of a better way to signal the end of convention season than in a relaxed manner and with the knowledge that every minute this convention is open...it's helping people.  


Written by Mattie

Rocky Mountain Con starts today at 10am, located at the Crowne Plaza Denver International Airport Convention Center and ends tomorrow at 4pm. This is one of Denver’s cozier conventions bringing comics, gaming, anime, toys and science fiction to the table.

I’m excited to see all the different artists that are coming to this convention. Friend of the website, Nathanial Hamel will be in town and in attendance at Artist Alley. He is the very talented artist that did our Girls of Geek 12 logo. Also, Chad Hardin who is best known for his art on the ongoing Harley Quinn comic will also be there.

On top of that for all you cosplayers out there, Ivy Doomkitty the infamous cosplayer seen on Heroes of Cosplay many times as a judge will be in attendance. I also have several friends who are fans of LeeAnna Vamp and Bellechere who are excited to meet them as well. If you are a fan of cosplay and cosplayers, this may be the place you want to be this weekend.

On top of it all, RMC benefits the victims of the Aurora Theater shooting. AuroraRise.org and RMC have teamed up to donate a portion of the proceeds to those who need it.

So if you’re looking to do something fun this weekend that benefits a good cause, Rocky Mountain Con may be the fun you are looking for. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

October has arrived and with it comes gentle cool air, the changing of the leaves and sadly, the end of the convention season. With that in mind, there can be only one wonderful way to say goodbye to a year filled with cosplay and comic book artists and vendor rooms...by having one more convention filled to the brim with those very things. 

Yes, coming up next Saturday and Sunday is Rocky Mountain Con.  Now for those unfamiliar with this particular convention, RMC is a special convention to say the least. It covers Comics, Gaming, Anime, Toys and Sci-Fi but has a unique background.  It was founded by fans in the Denver/Aurora area to help out the victims and the families of the tragic theater shooting that happened out here a few years back.  In fact the convention is aligned with Aurora Rise, so that a portion of the proceeds from Rocky Mountain Con go to people in need.  

So that alone already makes this a special and wonderful convention, since it delivers for those in need and for the fans. So what kinds of things can you expect at Rocky Mountain Con this year? Well they have already pulled in some pretty awesome guests.  Chad Hardin, Bob Hall, TK Miller, Shelby Robertson, Mike Baron, Ron Fortier, Guy Anthony Demarco, and Alfred Trujillo are the special guests that will be in attendance this year, but it doesn't end there.  

In addition to bringing in a great who's who list from the comic book world, Rocky Mountain Con will also have some big time cosplayers in attendance this year.  Ivy Doomkitty, Eric Moran, Leeanna Vamp, Heather 1337, Bellechere, AZ Powergirl, Loki of Venus and Redstar Cosplay will all be in attendance this year which means we should be in for some pretty incredible costumes on display to say the least.  

So now that you have an idea of how awesome Rocky Mountain Con is going to be, the next logical step is to cover all the finer details, like where you need to go to check it out.  This year RMC will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel off of Interstate 70 and Chambers Road and tickets for the convention are going for an incredible price.  If you snag your tickets online, a weekend pass is just $28 or you can pick a single day for $18.  If you don't want to get them online and instead want to snag them at the convention, it's $35 for a weekend pass at the door or $25 for a single day.  Kids 10 and under are free with the purchase of an adult ticket.

Either way, I'm expecting this to be an excellent convention and I cannot wait to see all of you come out to check out a con that's set up for a great cause. Until next weekend my friends! 


Written by Mattie

This week, Denver Comic Con announced three more guests that will be attending the 2015 convention, hyping up the fact that tickets will be going on sale today at noon!

“Go! Go! Power Rangers!” That’s right! Denver Comic Con announced Tuesday that the man who played Jason Lee Scott aka the Red Power Ranger, Austin St. John from the popular kid’s 90’s live action show, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers will be attending DCC2015! I sadly never really got to watch the show too far into the series since my mother didn’t like my brother and I roundhouse kicking each other. Oh the 90’s. 

On top of that, the gorgeous Jewel Staite will be also attending DCC2015! She is best known in the geek world for playing Kaylee Frye in the TV Series, Firefly and in the movie, Serenity. She also played Dr. Jennifer Keller/Ellia on Stargate: Atlantis and has been in a bunch of other shows like Warehouse 13, Supernatural, and so much more. Please welcome the beautiful Jewel Staite back to the Mile High City! 

Then, on Thursday night they announced that Colin Baker, the 6th Doctor would be returning to Denver Comic Con 2015. He was a guest for the 2013 convention and it was great fun having him here and I’m super excited to have back! I recently this week watched The Five-ish Doctors, which is absolutely hysterical and I recommend any Doctor Who fan that knows who Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and Colin Baker are should watch it. He is a published author and I am super excited to have him returning to the Mile High City!

Remember folks! Tickets go on sale today at NOON! Be one of the first to purchase your tickets for Denver Comic Con 2015! They’ve already announced eight major guests and more are destined to come!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day.  Not only because it is Friday and the weekend awaits all of us, but because tomorrow features a special treat.  Oh yes my friends, tomorrow tickets go on sale for one of the biggest and best conventions in all of the land, Denver Comic Con 2015.  

Guests are already being announced for DCC 2015 and we thought we would take a little time to provide you with everything you need to know about tomorrow's ticket sales.  First and foremost, tickets will go on sale at 12:00 p.m. MST at Denver Comic Con's website, and here are the available options for this year's convention:

·         Speed Pass: $150

·         Three-Day pass: $65

·         Saturday pass: $40

·         Sunday pass: $35

·         Monday pass: $35

·         Child (ages 2-12) Three-Day pass: $10

·         Child (ages 2-12) Single-Day pass: $5

For those wondering what the best value is when it comes to the convention, it's truly the speed pass. It provides you with a dedicated line for entry into DCC, first access to the convention floor and a dedicated first-served line for Main Events and the autograph lines.  

Hopefully this information helps all of you out there, and I can tell you now, we recommend you get your tickets as soon as possible. This really is one of the best conventions you will ever attend and it really is the hottest con ticket in town. We can't wait to see everyone there!


Written by Scotty

There is only one event that comes around once a year in Denver that makes me get just a little bit more excited than it should.  When I first heard about this event, I was disappointed that I missed it with the horror icons that it brought into town.  Now that I know how and where to find it, I will not be missing another one.

This year was no different from last year in the quality of stars that were brought in, along with the movies that were shown.  Now, being a horror junkie, I wish I had time to see all of the films, but unlike last year, I was able to catch at least one.  I hit up the Shorts Program #6 and I will admit, I got much more out of it that I expected.  There were great shorts like The Heebie-Jeebies, Knock Knock and The Security Guards, but I was most interested in seeing Good Samaritan by Jeffrey Reddick.  With each film bringing their own scares and laughter to the screen, it is amazing that shorts do not get as much play time as the full length films, as sometimes, you just need five to ten minutes to get your story to come to life.  I will make sure to check out these programs again, as there are so many images that will just be stuck in my head for a long time to come, if you saw Box Room, you would understand.

Now, I frequently get asked what my dream event would be and since I have a love for the horror genre, MHHFF is pretty much it.  I do not need hundreds of names to come and appear in a packed house, but what I do like is bringing a couple people that have helped skyrocket the movement.  This year, the guests were fantastic and let me tell you why, they are grateful for their fans.

Of the stars that came into the Mile High Horror Film Festival this year, I wanted to make sure and talk to every one of them as they have in some way influenced my life in one way or another.  The first person I was able to have a quick conversation with was one of my favorite new directors, Jeffrey Reddick.  He has just finished his first directing job with Good Samaritan which is a great short film and I look forward to seeing it becoming a full length movie in time, I had more of an inquiry about his first novella based on his 2005 script for Tamara.  This movie did blow me away when I watched it as it is easy to identify yourself with the characters, and adding a little witchcraft into it, well, it has got to be hard to go wrong.  I also finally picked up my signed edition of Final Destination from him, yeah, I know it took forever to do, and the autograph will remind me of it every time I take it off of the shelf.

Also in attendance this year is the very large and in charge Tony Todd, the Candyman.  Now I have met him once before in passing and did not want to talk him up because, well, he is kind of imposing.  But that is not the case when you get a chance to really meet him in person.  I got to discuss his role in The Graves very quickly, but then the conversation turned towards his producing roles.  With Sushi Girl being very high on his list of accomplishments, as an actor and a producer, it is definitely one to check out.  With nothing keeping him from being in front of the camera, he said that this is what he would like to continue to produce.  I think it is a fine choice for him, but would be slightly disappointed not to see him in front of the camera anymore, he does a fine job at bringing the scares.

I also got the chance to talk to one of the most entertaining actors from the horror genre, Jonathan Tiersten. Now talking with him in the past, I found that he does not really like discussing his movie roles, but likes to focus more on his music, which he is very talented at creating.  This time, he gave me a quick talk about his new movie Blood Reservoir and told me how much work it actually took out of him.  A very demanding role and I could see it in his eyes that he is very proud of the work that he had done.  I am looking forward to seeing it and what Tiersten brings to the screen once again, as he always brings the best.

Gunner Hansen, Leatherface.  What can I say about this man?  When I told the girls at work that I was looking forward to meeting the chainsaw wielding psycho from one of the finest horror movies ever created, they just looked at me and said I was crazy.  Well who is crazy now as I got to shake the hand of the man that scared the giblets out of me when I was just a little boy?   Well maybe I am, but I have found that confronting your fears is better than living with them.  A very nice man and one of the few members of the cast from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that is still around.  He even put on a chain saw demonstration before the screening of the film for the fans, pretty sure someone ran of the theater in fear that he would be coming after her.

Then there was Tiffany Shepis, well what can I say about this Screen Queen that has been in over a hundred horror films?  One thing I can say for sure is that if she comes back again next year, I will have no problems in getting the team to attend as they all had a great time together.  I love the energy that she brings to the table, if it is about her craft, or if you get her fired up about dying in movies, which she never does.  We got into heated arguments about this to no end and this is what is so special about her, she has so much fun with it.  I was able to get an interview with her, well, actually two interviews with her that we will have on the site soon, and it will go down in my memory as one of the greatest moments of my life as I am still laughing about it, as well as our team.  I was lucky enough to get one of the last known printed copies of Sharknado 2 (where she did not die), Wrath of Crows (where she did not die) and Holiday of the Dead (where she did not die, but is not sure since she did not watch it yet).  I do not have enough words to describe Tiffany as she is just a joy to talk to and I sincerely hope she makes it back next year as I need to grow my collection of her films.

Now, for the first year, Tiffany’s husband attended the festival and let me tell you something, he is full of information.  With Tiffany telling me to make sure and check out The Frankenstein Syndrome, I found out an awesome tidbit about the man I did not know before, he directed Death of a Ghost Hunter.  Sean Tretta is his name and delivering scares is his game.  I was not aware of this when I met him and would have had more to talk about when shaking his hand, but alas. I hope he comes back as well, as he is also affiliated with the television series of 12 Monkeys for the SyFy network that will blow all of our socks off.  It was very nice to meet him and I hope he comes back next year with another project.

One of the things I have had no qualms with hiding as well is my love for art, and there were a couple great artists that showed up to the Mile High Horror Film Festival as well.  First, as always, Robert Elrod, he has been tickling my scary bone for years now and I hate to think this, but I might own all of his collection within a months’ time.  The reason I say this is that he is able to put the horrors down on paper and let you have, if even a snap shot of some of the creatures that haunt your dreams.  Being a fan of horror films as well is not a bad thing for him as he was very excited to meet up with Julie Adams, from The Creature of the Black Lagoon to get a piece he owned signed as well.  It is always nice to see the new pieces of art that Robert brings to the table and with Inktober rolling in full force, there are so many more pieces coming out that just leave me in awe.

I also got to officially meet with the very talented Joe Oliver this weekend and I will say, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever run into.  I have seen Joe around town at several events and although I know who he was, I never got to have a face to face with him, until now.  Besides being a very talented artist (I just purchased a Hell Boy original that will be hanging on my wall very shortly), he is a horror fan as well and we got to talking a bit about what is going well with the genre.  As I am only one person (working on a clone so I can get more done), I love to hear the perspectives of other people about what is happening and what is good.  Joe was more than willing to give me some great suggestions about what to watch next and I will be doing that as soon as I can.  He has a passion about the horror genre that I have not seen outside of myself and I am very glad to have made his acquaintance, officially.  When looking at his art, he is very talented over many different genres and is someone that you need to check out and soon.

Well that is it from me about the fifth Mile High Horror Film Festival.  If you have not been yet, you need to give it a go as long as you have an uncontrollable love for the genre. Even if you don’t but want to meet someone famous, as that is on some peoples bucket list, it is a great event and very family friendly as there was also a horror cereal get together on one of the mornings and kids in costume for breakfast is one of the greatest things that can be done.  Hope to see you all next year, as the films and celebs seem to be getting stronger each year and it is just a blast to attend.  Thanks for reading and as always, Stay Scared!


Written by Shae

Saturday morning Denver Comic Con announced their latest guest, Paul McGann. McGann is most known to us geeks for his role as the 8th Doctor in the 1996 television movie of Doctor Who

Recently, he was in The Night of the Doctor, which if you recall finally told the story of how the Eighth Doctor became the War Doctor as part of the 50th Anniversary celebration. It was amazing to see him return to the role and well, his quick end stabs you right the feels.

You can also find him in the awesome short, The Five(ish) Doctors. McGann has also been in many other series, but the English Actor, to me, holds a special place in my heart as one special Doctor.

Whith a long list of credits lining his career, McGann is well known for many things. From taking part in many a BBC mini series, to narrating I Shouldn’t be Alive, to lending his voice for a Doctor Who mini series and continuing the Eighth Doctor's adventures in several Big Finish Doctor Who productions, this talented actor has much to offer to even non-Whovians.

I’m most looking forward to meeting this legendary Doctor. After all, it’s guests like these that make Denver Comic Con so special, and so memorable. 


Written by Mattie

Once again this week, Denver Comic Con has announced another guest for their 2015 convention. This time it is the beautiful, talented and inspirational Nichelle Nichols.

She is most famous for playing Uhura on Star Trek: The Original Series. Her role was groundbreaking since Lieutenant Uhura was the first African American female that wasn’t portrayed as a servant. What’s even better was that Uhura was a brilliant communications officer who is smart and could hold her own.

Nichelle Nichols is a page out of American History and was even convinced by Marin Luther King Jr. to not give up her role as Uhura when she wanted to go to Broadway. He told her that she was a very important role model for children everywhere especially since this was airing during the time of the Civil Rights movements. By not leaving the role, Nichelle went on to play Uhura to the end of The Original Series and reprised the role for six Star Trek motion pictures.

Please help me in welcoming Nichelle Nichols to Denver Comic Con 2015! She is truly an inspirational woman and it’s an honor to have her in the Mile High city once again.