Written By: Daniel 

When you think of the greatest heroes in the DC universe, right away you think of the trinity, Superman,
Batman, and Wonder Woman. The staples that every other hero is compared too in the DCU and let’s
face it, there’s a reason for that. Now when I say who are some of the worst or seem to catch the most
flack I will bet you, nine times out of ten Aquaman tops the list. Even Craig Ferguson makes fun of him
on late night TV. Sure you may get Animal Man, Elongated Man, and maybe even Flash depending on
who you’re talking with. I once had a customer that just hated the Flash, he would say, “What? So he
can run fast, phhhh.” All right you may have something there, if he pulls a hamstring or gets something
in his eye at top speed game over. The problem is all of them have been victims of bad stories, some
more than others, Aquaman.
Aquaman, member of the Justice League, King of Atlantis and the
Seven seas, god awful orange shirt and green pants with fins on them, and how can you take a Hero seriously dressed like that. Everyone has the characters they love in the comic world, that they have looked up too or felt a connection with for one reason or another. It’s hard to connect with a fish out of water. Or is it? I love the new Aquaman book since the 52 restart and I find myself looking forward to each new issue. Yes I said it, but hear me out on this one before you think I have gone completely mental. The story is so well written by Geoff Johns, and the fact that its Aquaman seems to get washed away and it’s so well complemented by the art of Joe Prado (Blackest Night Team) really helps move the story
along. The funny thing is you even start to sympathize for the guy as you see from his eyes just how much people don’t care for him or take him seriously. There is even a beat cop who says he will put in a good word with the Justice League on what a great job he did. You see all of this unfold in the
throughout story and find yourself developing a real emotional connection with all of the characters
within the story driven by a fantastic mix of action and humor.

Over the years DC has done so well with taking lost or forgotten heroes, the B team, the characters no one likes or cares about and putting them in the spotlight, showing just how solid they can be. Identity Crisis, 52 Weeks, Birghtest Day to name a few,(and a post for another time) all with the same end result, you end up caring what happens to them. Let’s face it, there have been a few gaps since the new 52 launched and some of those gaps you simply don’t care, but in this case, this one story, I have found I do. Aquaman has decided to leave his people and live on the surface since he was raised on the land and is joined by Meria who is finding it even more difficult to adjust to this new world then Aquaman is. Some of the holes in his past have been filled in along the way with flash backs and conversation but, we are still missing the big piece of the back story and how is Black Manta connected.

Back in the day Peter David took over as the writer for Aquaman and those were some of the best stories I ever remember reading for Aquaman, hell even for that time in general. Here you have the King
of Atlantis who can talk to fish, gets his hand eaten off by piranhas and ends up sporting a hook in place of the nub. It was cool, it was a new look and approach, and went well till Peter David left and then it wasn’t as good, but you hold on to see. Then it gets a little worse, but you still hope and the next thing you know they are making Aquaman some sort of wizard from another world or some crap trying save the oceans. Can it stay this good forever? Is it the best it’s ever been? Who can say for sure, but the one thing I do know for sure. It’s so good right now, and why miss out on something that good and that I know you will love?



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