Written By: Michelle

A few weekends ago Wondercon happened, and one of the bigger announcements that came from there was the announcement of who the new Captain Marvel would be! Saturday the Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, announced that Carol Danvers will be the new Captain Marvel! I think that the overall collective of the group was "It's about time." 

Carol Danvers has long been in the Marvel Universe and under different names, but she didn't ever seem fitting for Captain Marvel, until now that is. Starting in the 1960s she was introduced as a military officer and in the 70s she was Superhero Ms. Marvel. She has also been known as "Binary" and "Warbird" throughout the universe. 

Several characters have been known as Captain Marvel since the death of the original in 1982. The closest Carol ever got to filling those shoes was in the alternate timeline book "House of M"  Until now that is! Welcome to the Marvel Universe as Marvel Captain Carol Danvers! 


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