Written By: Michelle

Doctor Who – The Forgotten is a brilliant and beautifully done graphic novel featuring the Tenth Doctor. I read it a couple of weeks ago and have just been slow on reviewing it, but it seems even more relevant now with some new Season 7 News. (Check out the SciFi blog for more on that).

The story begins with The Doctor and Martha Jones, seemingly trapped in a museum full of items from the Doctor’s past and with the Tardis nowhere in sight. As they wander around they stumble across a display that contains all of the previous incarnations outfits and some of their items, confirming their suspicion that this is indeed a museum dedicated to The Doctor himself. Unfortunately, even though surrounded by objects of his past, The Doctor has lost all of his memories! After The Doctor collapses, he tells Martha “—Hold on a sec. Something’s wrong! No really, I can’t remember anything before Christmas a couple of years back!” At Martha’s suggestion they wander around the museum looking at the artifacts to see if The Doctor can regain his strength, and his memories. A sinister presence lurks in the shadows and tries to distract them from finding the truth.

I love a good mystery, and when it is a Doctor Who mystery that makes it even that much better! Right up until the end, this story kept me on my toes! With twists and turns, I thought I had everything figured out, but I was FAR from close. The plot threw a curve ball and it turns out, I was even MORE wrong! It is fun to say you always guess things correctly, but in this case it was far more rewarding that I was in the dark until the very end.

This graphic novel weaves a cleaver, suspenseful, witty, and fun mystery spanning all of The Doctor’s past lives. I really enjoyed reading from the First through the Ninth Doctors as they interacted with the Tenth throughout their stories/memories.

The one thing that I would have changed about this graphic novel, they showed so many of the companions throughout the entire book, but there was one important one who seemed to be missing from the Tenth Doctor’s adventures, Donna Noble. I can understand why she wasn’t shown, but it was kind of sad to not see her at all.

As far as the book goes, the pages are nice and heavy stock, the binding held up nicely while I was reading it. I haven’t seen a hardback version of it, but if I ever did I would purchase it. Luckily for me (and you) if you want to keep it in pristine condition, it will fit into a comic book protective sleeve. As for a hard backing in the sleeve, you don’t really need one. The book itself, although paperback, is still pretty hefty and should hold up okay on its own.

The artwork is just as amazing as the story is, there are so many little details in every picture that it was hard to not just stare at every page in amazement both before and after reading the pages. It is beautiful from cover to cover.

So I will leave you with a bit of a spoiler, it doesn’t give really anything away about the plot that isn’t on the back of the book itself. This is my favorite page from the whole book, I had a huge nerd moment when I turned the page and this is what I saw. If the picture below doesn’t make you want to read this graphic novel then something must be wrong with you.

I highly highly recommend Doctor Who – The Forgotten. I have dabbled in Doctor Who comic books, only from The Tenth Doctor, but I will for sure be picking up as many more as I can, from any of the incarnations. I hope you decide to read the book if you haven’t and that you enjoy it as much as I did! See you next week! 


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