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Hey everybody! It is Comic Wednesday and this week we are going to feature a local artist/writer who will have a table at Comic Con in June, Robin Dempsey! Robin is the creator/artist/writer/co-founder of Moko Press LLC, and the web comic “LeyLines.” Robin is a self taught artist who started doing web comics back in 2002. Her latest web comic, “LeyLines” is a fantasy/adventure story that follows three siblings from a broken family who happen to be caught up in a conspiracy regarding their mother’s death. In 2009 and 2010 Robin was a participant in Oberon’s Gardens Original Character Tournament (OCT) with her “knife-at-a-gun fight” character Frost. Robin enjoyed participating in that OCT so much that she has decided to run her own every year! I had a chance to sit down with Robin to have some questions answered about her web comic and career and she has a lot of exciting things going on so far this year!

Robin has just finished registering her company “Moko Press, LLC” with her fiancee Cory Childs. What this means for you, you will be able to enjoy all of their stories free of charge online. By forming Moko Press they will be able to create and sell LeyLines merchandise as well as continue to write more stories for your enjoyment! For now LeyLines is the only story being published by Robin and Moko Press, but don’t you worry there will be more stories to come! Robin has some wonderful merchandise ideas, including a Role-Playing Game! “I’d LOVE to make a LeyLines Role-Playing Game. I’ve invented a whole word for this story, and it would be awesome to let other people play in it!” Robin is also currently getting Volume One of LeyLines printed! Volume One will include the first 120 pages of LeyLines as well as a 20 page extra story and “LOTS of world building details!” This will be a must have for any LeyLines reader!

Robin was pulled into creating a web comic because she didn’t want to have to write or draw for someone else’s characters. Being a storyteller, and comics being her personal choice of media, it was natural for her to start telling her own stories! Robin’s web comic LeyLines has been so popular that she recently joined Spider Forest Web Comic Collective! Robin encourages creators to find supportive communities, it is priceless to be able to bounce ideas and get suggestions from other passionate creators. “There are some really awesome comics in this group! if you have the chance, check them out! And let them know that Robin sent ya!” You can check out the Spider Forest Web Comic Collective at http://spiderforest.com

Robin explained this so wonderfully that I will let her explain to you exactly how her process for creating LeyLines works! This is a wonderful chance to see inside of her thought process, it is amazing to think how much work goes into each page. “LeyLines is about political conspiracy, siblings, and  nefarious Gods. To make all of the elements work together, I have to do a lot of world-building! From cultural quirks, languages, government structures, religions, and magics to the inner workings of each cast member’s history, personalities, and ambitions. I have the full story mapped out, but the world is continually evolving, which makes it fun for me to write! Not to mention an adventure for my readers! I am both author and artist for LeyLines, so every page starts with a script and a storyboard. I draw and ink the pages and then send the line-art to two freelance artists who lay down the color flats. I then add shadow and special effects to make the final product come alive!” To check out more information on the freelance artists visit:  http://leylinescomic.com/moko-press-team/ and to see pictures of the process in action head over to:  http://leylinescomic.com/about-2/about-robin/

Robin will have a table at Denver Comic Con this June and she couldn’t be more excited about it! When I asked how she felt about Denver Comic Con she responded, “It’s like Christmas meets Halloween meets Thanksgiving only MORE awesome!” When you are at Comic Con later this year be sure to stop by her table and say hi! Remember to support your local artists! Robin has some great suggestions for how you can support artists locally that you enjoy. “A lot of us are one-creator shows. Maybe they could really use somebody to manage a Facebook Fan Page, or be a chatroom moderator. Sometimes it helps just to get a comment or an email. Making comics can be an isolated process. Connecting with fans and communities keeps us creators from going crazy!” And of course the easiest way you can support an artist you enjoy is to buy their stuff. That could be commissions, tee shirts, books, or even just donating to their kickstarter or paypal accounts. If you like the art, help to keep it going!

Check out LeyLines here: http://leylinescomic.com/

Follow Robin on Twitter here: @RobinofLeyLines

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