Written By: Michelle 

AMC has recently started a new show on Sunday nights, Comic Book Men. This show follows the friends/employees of Kevin Smith's at his comic book store Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash. Walt, Mike, and and Ming all work at the shop and Bryan can pretty much always be found there. It is a genuinely funny show and features a lot of cool toys. 

The format of the show is pretty unique, it has elements of a podcast between the five men, footage of what Walt, Mike, Ming and Bryan do on a daily basis at Secret Stash, and cool collections that people bring in to sell. It is a good mix of the three, it doesn't feel unbalanced as it switches between these three segments. 

In the debut episode of the show, Mike, Ming and Bryan all took boxes of merchandise from the Secret Stash to a flea market and had a competition on who could make the most money from selling their boxes. It was funny to watch the competition between the three, including Mike and Bryan ganging up on poor Ming. 

The recent episode, Life After Clerks, had just as many laughs and cool collections to look at. The guys set up a street hockey match, which was hysterical to watch. They talked a big game but cracked under the pressure and completely lost it. They had a special guest drop by the store for a day, Jason Mewes, which was a riot. That guy can't sit still for more than a few minutes, and poor Ming gets picked on again! They guys also get to take a ride in a replica Batmobile, which lights up the inner kid in them all. 

When Jason Mewes stopped by for the day it shook everything up. He charged over a hundred dollars to Ming's credit card, opened a bunch of action figures and played with them in the back, moved stuff around, and basically couldn't sit still. They guys referred to him as Hurricane Mewes, and he for sure lived up to that description. 

There were some pretty cool moments when customers came in to show off their toys. The first guy brought in his replica Batmobile, complete with Bat Phone and Bat Shield! The car is signed by the designer George Barris and the legend Adam West. The guys get to take it around the block for a test drive, and try to leave poor Ming behind to mind the store. I had to laugh when Bryan mentions that he has to stay there to guard Wonder Woman's invisible plane. In the end, Ming does get to take a ride in the Batmobile! 

Another gentlemen brings in a Lightsaber hilt that he believes is from Star Wars: A New Hope. the guys bring in a Star Wars expert, Kevin Liell to take a look at it. It turns out that the hilt is legitimate but that it isn't from A New Hope, it is actually from The Empire Strikes Back and is worth about $7,000. Not too bad of an investment when he only paid $60 for it! It was really awesome to see such a unique piece brought into the store. 

Lastly we had a guy bring in a complete set of the 12 issue crossover from DC Comics, Crisis on Infinite Earths. What was really cool about looking at this series is that they showed the cover art for the issues that show the death of Supergirl and the death of Barry Allen as The Flash.

I have really enjoyed both episodes of Comic Book Men, I will continue to watch and laugh along as poor Ming gets ganged up on and more cool comics/props/toys are brought into the store. It is always fun to see what trouble the guys can get themselves into and it is a great addition to The Secret Stash podcast that can be found at www.smodcast.com



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