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Written By: Daniel 

Now, before I get into this I want to warn you there will be a few spoilers about the Avengers movie, so
if you have not seen it yet (what are you waiting for, get stepping) please revisit this once you have and
it may answer a few questions.
Now that we have that out of the way, THANOS!!!!!! Holly crap!!! I know how Marvel loves to put in the teasers at the end of all its movies, and so far all of them have been leading to The Avengers linking all of the other movies together. So as I sat there, I wondered, what could the teaser be with the Avengers now completed? And with the credits finished the scene starts with the Other, the alien who was working with Loki apologizing to his master. “The earthlings were stronger then we had thought, and to challenge them is to court death itself.” And as the camera pans to the face the Other is speaking too I let out the biggest scream of joy as the purple face slowly came into view. The smile, the soulless eyes,
just the pure power and evil that is Thanos, it gave me chills.

Of all the villains in the Marvel universe Thanos has been at my personal top, well right next to Magneto
but that is a post for another time. I’m sure your asking, why Thanos out of all the villains you could choose? Or who is Thanos? Well since his first appearance in Ironman 55 he has been a force of Nature and the avatar for Death herself. He is referred to as the Mad Titan, the man killed his own mother for god sake and then went to the stars with plans to conquer the universe. He made a few more appearances after that issue (back up story in Logan’s Run #6) until he faced off with the Avengers while possessing the Cosmic Cube and was only stopped with the help of Adam Warlock and of course the Amazing Spider-Man. A great story that takes place in the pages of Avengers Annual number seven and the Marvel Two in One Annual number two. I don’t want to give away any of the story but at the end Thanos is defeated and you would think the story ends there, not in the house of ideas it doesn’t.
As I walked out of The Avengers movie all of the Thanos stories came to memory and wondering what
twist will be added and where will it take place. Is this the snapshot of Avengers 2 and why the team
would have to get back together again? Will Thor be the first to take on this cosmic power house and
feel the full wrath of the Mad Titan? After Marvel two in One Annual number two Thanos slips into the
obscure and you think lost to winds of time till his reappearance in The Silver Surfer number 34 through
38, written by the legend, Jim Starlin and the best artist to grace the Silver Surfer series, Ron Lim. You
get a feel of just how evil and devious Thanos is during this story along with the power he has; as it sets
up the best story ever penned by Starlin, The Thanos Quest.
The story is simply amazing as you see just how much of a tactician Thanos truly is, as he takes out those
possessing an infinity gem in his quest to assemble the Infinty Gauntlet. Each gem has a unique power
granting its owner a god like quality. Six gems in total with power over The Soul, The Mind, Power, Time,
Reality, and Space; and is what Thanos needs to fulfill his obligation to Lady Death. The universe is out
of balance and there are more people alive then there are dead and order must be restored. The task
set before him is remove half of the population in the entire universe. Enter the Infinity Gauntlet by Jim
Starlin and George Perez leading the art direction in the six issue limited series that crossed over into all
of the titles of the Marvel Universe. With half of the universe gone, who is left to stop the power crazed
Titan? A story that never disappoints and you even feel sorry for Thanos at one point as the tale unfolds
with the remaining hero’s challenging the would-be god.
I won’t spoil the story for you, but I do encourage you to go and find the Trade Paper Back at your local
Comic shop (Time Warp comics ;) ) or the actual issues that deserve a spot in any collection. So, with
all of this in mind now; what’s next? Will we see the Cube again now that its home among the Asgard?
With so much to pull from Marvels rich history and truly one of the best tales ever told I have no doubt
it will be one hell of a Helicarrier ride. I will put this out there and something that may have gone
unnoticed, its a screen shot from Odin’s Vault in Thor movie. Only time will tell, and in the mean while we can hope and dream as the moves to come will give us further clues and a peek of what to expect. Not likely so we will have to do what every good fan boy does, come up with his own story.

Written By: Daniel

Since the launch of the new DC 52 titles the most asked question is, “What’s your favorite?”; and I have
so many choices it’s hard to narrow it down. I also try not to say anything disparaging about any title
because; there are no bad characters, just not so good stories. Well unless the book is done by Rob
Lifield, and in that case it sucks. Green Lantern is my favorite hero by far and was the very first DC book
I picked up as a kid going down to the drugstore on the corner. In fact if it wasn’t for Neal Adams who
was the artist on the book I would never have given Batman a second thought (at that age) but I loved
Adams work on the Emerald Ring Slinger, so what’s one more book.
Now, years later with so many different stories and artists who have taken the Dark Knight to the ends of the earth, to other planets, and even different dimensions. There is all ways one story I recommend to new readers (cause everyone likes it); Batman Hush, by Jim Lee and Jeph Lobe. It’s a staple and go to
book in my mind with such a great story that stands so well on its own with all the elements integral to a Batman story. I know there are a lot of other great stories, like the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, The Death in the Family, a story line that was so ground breaking for the time but hard for new readers to wrap their minds around. Hush is fantastic for anyone who knows Batman or is just starting out and only sort of knows Batman and his colorful rogue’s gallery. The story from Jeph Lobe is fresh and takes you on a detective rollercoaster of who done it and so complemented by the sharp art style of the best artist in DC Comics, Jim Lee. And now it’s been replaced as the favorite!

I remember how everyone was concerned about the history of the DC universe being lost with the restart, but in fact it has opened so many new doors and a way to revisit the past while giving it a modern day facelift. Now, I have to say that All Star Western has been a much better title then I thought it was going to be. Batman came out of the gate with a new direction, and a faceless enemy bigger than the whole of the Justice League and stretching back to the very foundation of Gotham City’s infancy.
Each issue has been better then the last with Scott Snyder’s story pulling you further into the mystery of the Court of Owls and their assassin, Talon. Greg Capullo is the power house behind the art and this is his best work to date with panels that capture the confusion of how an organization this big exist and
Batman not know. By far the best issue was number five where you find yourself actually turning the
book to follow the story and Batman into the madness, just great story telling from this team. And it
doesn’t look like there is any end in sight as round one was a draw and round two will not only happen
in the Batman issues to come but cross over into all of the bat titles starting with Nightwing and a
revelation I never saw coming. The hardcover of the first six issues of Batman will be in stores May 15, in
case you missed the first few issues and since a number one first print is getting harder to come by. Or
you have just been waiting for the ease of a collected edition so you have the whole story right at your
finger tips. The story moves on with Nightwing and Batman number eight all ready out, and in the rest of the Bat titles to follow this month. The new Batman books have been a huge success in the New 52, and with this reboot the possibilities are endless. 

It's the first Saturday in May once again which can only mean one thing...FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  This relatively new tradition in the comic world is a wonderful opportunity for many to share their love of comics.  We had the opportunity to cover the event today from Time Warp Comics in Boulder, Colorado.  
All pictures by John from Girls of Geek! (@JohnEBetancourt)