Welcome to this special edition of Firefly corner! Love is in the air due to the Hallmark Holiday, Valentine’s Day. I like singles awareness day better… Anyways, today I bring you some romantic relationships in our beloved Firefly, no matter how complicated they may be. 

The first one is the unbelievable relationship between Zoe and Wash. You have a child like man who plays with dinosaurs and dresses in nothing but Hawaiian shirts mixed with a warrior, gun carrying woman. When Zoe first met Wash, she didn’t like him as shown in the episode “Out of Gas.” However somehow Wash won Zoe over and they became madly in love. Time and time again they have proven their sexual tensions and their love for one another. I still choose not to accept the events that happened in Serenity surrounding Wash.

The second pairing is the one between Kaylee and Simon. This is the paring between the boy crazy Kaylee and the ever timid Simon. In this relationship Simon is always saying the wrong thing on accident and always upsets Kaylee when it wasn’t his intention.  Kaylee however, is very blunt and will blurt out what she’s thinking while Simon always attempts to calculate what he says. It never works out for Simon. Finally, Kaylee gets her girl crazy ways and ends up happy with Simon at the end of Serenity.

Now, the most complicated of all the parings in Firefly is the relationship between Mal and Inara. Between the two of them, it’s nothing but a cat and mouse game. When one of them finally gets the courage to tell the other one their feelings, the other one always screws it up. It’s always back and forth with those two. They know their feelings for one another but yet never choose the right time to display those feelings.  

Relationships as proven in the Firefly series are complicated and most times screwed up. However, if you’re looking to do something with that special somebody (pets included) I suggest snuggling up under a blanket with popcorn and wine and watching some Firefly. 



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