Life Under Construction Scooter Hughes & Liam Tigh
Being a huge supporter of local writers and artists I was thrilled to see a panel in which varies members of Webcomic Pioneers (a Colorado based webcomic creators group) would be discussing how to start your own webcomic. In the hopes of gathering some good information for our own site and maybe one day having my own webcomic I was really looking forward to it and I was not to be disappointed.

Robin Dempsey creator behind Ley Lines Comic lead the discussion along with Angi Mauri (Devil’s Cake), Scooter Hughes & Liam Tigh (Life Under Construction), Al Fukalek & Shawn Gustafson (The Specialists), and Kevin Gentilcore (Teenage Love Zombies). All panel members have created their own Webcomic websites and shared their experiences in the process of creating what is essentially a business.

The first one hour panel was Saturday in which they discussed some of the basics of getting started. Such topics as what web hosting companies to use, how many times to post, and creating a business plan were just a few of the topics discussed. One interesting topic that came up was is your webcomic a hobby or a job? Most panel members stated that it was a mixture of both, though it takes a lot of dedication and should be handled like a business. To be honest this made me realize that I had a lot to learn in getting started in this type of work. Most people have no idea the process it takes to get to where these panel members are today. For most of them it took a good five years to really see progress. They shared with us the mistakes they made along the way and what to avoid doing. Excellent advice for those just starting on their webcomics.

The final panel was held Sunday and covered in more detail how to advertise your site, what products to sell, and how to interact with your readers. I particularly enjoyed this panel because we really got into a good discussion about keeping track of your finances, handling negative comments, and making friends with others who share similar sites.

Two one hour panels were not enough time to cover everything. I personally wouldn’t have minded a third panel. However, they did hand out very informative booklets and all panel members were willing to answer your questions after the panel. 

This was also a great way to find some more amazing webcomics to read and it made me realize that there is a large group of writers that need our support here in Colorado. Below I have added links to all panel members’ websites and where to find Webcomic Pioneers.
Webpioneers -  http://www.facebook.com/webcomic.pioneers  Make Sure To Like Them On Facebook!

Devil's Cake - http://devilscake.smackjeeves.com/
Angi Mauri

Goblin Boy - http://gbcomics.com/
by Chris Ridge

Ley Lines - http://leylinescomic.com/
Robin Dempsey

Life Under Construction - http://luccomics.com/
 Scooter Hughes & Liam Tigh

The Specialists - http://thespecialistscomic.com/
Al Fukalek & Shawn Gustafson

Teenage Love Zombies - http://teenagelovezombies.com/
 Kevin Gentilcore


The Specialists Al Fukalek & Shawn Gustafson
Teenage Love Zombies Kevin Gentilcore


06/20/2012 13:03

Hi, Kristy.

Thanks for the write-up! I'm really glad you found the panels useful. We're pretty pleased with the way they turned out, and the Webcomic Pioneers will be meeting soon to figure out what we'll be doing next. As you mentioned, we're all happy to answer questions and give advice to anyone interested in getting into webcomics. Also, the pamphlet you mentioned is available as a pdf here: http://thespecialistscomic.com/WP2012.pdf

Thanks again!


Girls of Geek
06/20/2012 23:22

Thanks Shawn! The panel was great. Also, appreciate the link to the pamphlet.


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