Wow is it that time already? Happy Star Wars Friday everyone hope you had a great week. Last weekend the Girls of Geek team spent a fun but, exhausting weekend covering the first Denver Comic Con. Seeing that I am the Star Wars Girl I thought it appropriate I write what cool Star Wars things I ran into at the con.

First, let’s talk about the Star Wars Experience. There were a long row of Star Wars booths at Denver Comic Con. The 501st, Rebel Legion, Mountain States R2D2 Builders, and the Mandalorian Mercs all showed up in their Star Wars glory. They provided great entertainment for all con goers.

501st of course had wonderful Stormtroopers and T-Fighter costumes you know how much I love trooper uniforms. They also had a booth set up where you could “shoot” a stormtrooper that was a booth I couldn’t pass up and I have to say I shot him square in the head.

Rebel Legion had cardboard cut outs of Star Wars characters and a great display of handmade Star Wars helmets, costumes, and weapons. Of course everyone’s favorite R2D2 unit was there along with his pals from the Mountain States R2D2 Builders. I was delighted to see some Mandalorain armor form the Mandalorian Mercs I hope they return next year they had some great armor.

As far as Star Wars costumes I noticed varies Jedis but, one costume that stood out was a couple. The man was dressed as Princess Leia and the woman was dressed as Han Solo very cool. I also heard that the Bantha made an appearance but, I unfortunately missed that. I have to say Star Wars fans know how to do costumes.

The biggest surprise for me was when I tried out Sci Fi Speeding Dating. My one question I asked potential dates do they like Star Wars? Get this, most haven’t really watched the movies and if they had they hated the Prequels. Wow, I think we need to start educating people on Star Wars. Breaks my heart when they know more about Manga than Star Wars it’s just not right.

Overly it was a great time for us Star Wars fans. If you missed Denver Comic Con have no fear it will be returning next year and I hope Star Wars Experience will be as well.

May the Force be with you!