It was a wonderful and amazing weekend at Nan Desu Kan this year, and of course what better way to bask in the memories than with photographs!  Enjoy! 
There was a sadness in the air this morning as we all got up and got ready for the day. Originally, we were supposed to cosplay, but after some thought, we decided to take the day easy. We got up, got ready, went down, and hit the dealer's room first thing. There was one last thing that we needed to get in the room of awesome. Having bought a keychain the day before for myself, I thought it would be great to get the rest of the team one. 

So Mattie and I each picked out some for the guys, and sought out to find a plush for Mattie's car. For some reason, my favorite thing about conventions are their dealer's rooms. Maybe its the ambiance, the pretty things to buy, or just the amazing stuff you can find there. For me, a con can be made or broken by a dealer's room. Oddly enough, on the last day of NDK, the dealer's room was absolutely packed.

Last days are always sad, and sometimes lacking a massive crowd, but this year was different. Many people had stayed from thursday night into the end of the day. I've never seen a crowed like this at NDK, and it was really cool to see so many people showing their love for anime. While I've been out of touch with the newest anime, I did see a lot of older ones that I did know, and even some people complying as characters from sci-fi shows. 

All in all, this convention was utterly amazing. While I didn't have the chance to make it to many panels, I did hear of how wonderful they were. On the last day of con, a two hour voice acting panel was offered with actor David Vincent. People could get advice from Mister Vincent who is a voice actor, and even practice with scripts. I've never heard of anything like that happening! That is pretty amazing.

While I'm sad for the weekend to be over, it's time to get back to planning our next costumes. After all, the con season isn't over, and there is another con just around the corner. NDK will always hold a special place in my heart. It was great to meet up with old friends, and make some new ones. As always, memories have been made, as well as some lasting friendships. What I love most about conventions is that we nerds and geeks get the chance to come together and share our nerdy obsessions together. And mochi! What's not to love about mochi?

The day began with a meeting of the press. The day was off to a quick start, and not too soon after we were in the dealers room. Now, if you guys know anything about me, you know that I love convention dealers rooms. This year was no exception. With a ton of vendors, and a lot of anime, there was only so much one could see in just one pass. 

Manga, DVDs, shirts, and so many plushies. It was hard to narrow things down, but eventually I found the perfect con present. Granted, not many look at a keychain and think "I must have this", but then again, there was a wall of them. With so many items to choose from it can be overwhelming. The only thing I'm sad over, was that I wasn't able to buy Mochi. They did have it, but I decided not to torture John.

A few more passes and another through Artist Alley and the afternoon was over! Before I could blink, the day flew by! A growing crowd has brought a new element to this con. I have never seen NDK this full before. It's good to see that anime is more popular now than it was when I was growing up. It affords opportunities as such for me to spend my weekends with some awesome people.

While the day was over there was still much to see! Panels were going on whilst the day carried on. Yet, for me, it was the costume contest. Contestants lined up in the most epic line I've ever seen to see their fellow cosplayers strut their stuff on the main events stage. The room was so packed, people were being held outside until room opened up. Eventually people lined the walls to see the contest. And let me tell you, people did not disappoint. With so many amazing costumes it was hard to pick a favorite. This weekend I have seen so many amazing cosplays, I don't even know how I'm going to feel Monday. Going back to the real world will be strange!

With that, the con's activities did not come to an end. Instead, a rave was set up, and some other later night panels and activities (like karaoke). The weekend is coming to an end and it is always sad, but we have one more day to go and that is something to still look forward too!

It really has come to the point where con season never quite ends anymore, it's just spaced out in healthy fashion throughout the year.  It's a wonderful thing because it allows each and every one of us to truly enjoy the conventions we attend on a regular basis.  There are no worries we are missing out, there is just the wonderful con before us.  

It's been slightly different for me over the last few years.  There's much to do when I get to a con, much to see and much to cover and it makes my weekend busy.  But I decided, as I walked through the doors of Nan Desu Kan this year, that it was time to cover this convention slightly different.  

This is the year I wanted to truly understand NDK.  As a man who has only watched a handful of Anime films, it was time to appreciate this convention in all its glory and I'd like to say my Friday night did just that.  This time around, while there were pictures snapped off and an agenda to be followed, I finally had the chance to just soak this con completely in.  

This was a great night to simply get lost in the crowd, to really take the time to look at all of the impressive cosplays and see the joy on people's faces as they settled in to see old friends and make new ones.  This was a chance to hear folks explaining their costume choices and designs to the people they impressed with their handiwork.  

It's quite the sight to see. How much these animated stories touch people in ways that go deeper than most of us can understand. There is a deep and powerful connection that the fans at NDK share with their Anime.  These stories enlighten them in ways that few of us will ever understand.  Unless of course we take the time to sit back and let it soak in, then it all becomes apparent.  I'm looking forward to learning more today, see all of you on the floor. 

This year we return to NDK. The first con in Colorado I went to. Having not been to a convention in three years, going to NDK 2005 was not only fun, but a nice reintroduction to the con world. I started out as an anime nerd and have ever since held a special place in my heart for all things anime. My first convention experiences were anime ones, and getting the chance to go back to the world of anime was amazing. NDK was so much fun, and I met some life long friends. Being back here has brought back some great nostalgia.

Last year, Mattie and I got the chance to go and cosplay. Sadly, though I had a broken elbow at the time, so my time here was fun but not as great as it could have been. This year, I am injury free and ready for some great fun. While I've not watched any new anime, I have been caught up in the newest Sailor Moon series, Sailor Moon Crystal. As an homage to my first love; I'll be cosplaying as Sailor Mars. 

Mattie has been working incredibly hard on the costumes and I have gotten the wigs done. We are all set to cosplay. And the best part, it's the 20th anniversary of my favorite anime! Being here is just great. Already I've seen several amazing cosplays, and the con is almost in full swing. The evening brought some great memories already.

First we met up with the great people and old friends that we haven't seen since....a few weekends ago. The stress of getting the costumes done on time was completely worth it once we got here. There's something wonderous about being at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. For me, this is where 90% of my con memories are here. Well, I haven't been able to make it to the dealers room, just yet, but I did get the chance to hit up Artist Alley. 

There is a booth....with dragons. Stuffed dragons you can wear as a cap. Stuffed dragons you can wear as a cap that i need to own. I might have to buy it. Amongst the amazing art, there are many talented venders selling jewelry, purses, and even wings. The Artist Alley is a site to see and the weekend is holding so much promise already. I cannot wait to see what today brings!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

When it comes to the rich convention world that now exists in the lovely state of Colorado, we can now sync our favorite cons to the time of year.  We know what to expect in the spring, we know where our hard earned money will go in the summer and of course, when it comes to the fall...we know that the Denver Marriott DTC will fill to the brim with Anime fans of all ages when Nan Desu Kan arrives.  

Well, that time has come again.  Summer has said goodbye to all of us, the leaves have begun to change and our fall tradition of celebrating the wonder of Anime has come upon us at last as NDK kicks off today.  Yes, the wait is over.  Now is the time to dust off those incredible Anime cosplays and head down to a convention that is always so extremely popular.  If you have not had the chance to attend NDK before, well you are in for a treat.  

There are few conventions that draw out fans in droves like this one does.  In fact NDK never fails to impress with its crowds. Each year that I've had the honor of covering this con has been quite the treat since I'm always amazed at the lines that seem to never end.  In fact I have actually witnessed lines that manage to span the entire hotel because that's just how amazing and popular this convention is, and it just goes to show how rich and incredible the programming is for a convention like this.  I mean, if people are waiting in a line like that with smiles on their faces, you just know in your heart that their destination is going to be a good one.  

These fans are dying to celebrate their love of Anime and it makes for one fun weekend.  The festivities for this year's event begin at five p.m. with opening ceremonies and panels galore before the J-Pop dance concludes the evening at ten p.m. so if you've never been to NDK, I would say today's the day to give it a look.  

Whether you're a fan of Anime or not, this is a great convention to attend regardless.  It's filled to the brim with good people, good times and I know we at Girls of Geek are in for one incredible weekend and we look forward to seeing you there! 


Written by Mattie

Nan Desu Kan is this coming weekend to the Denver Tech Center Marriot and Hilton! Denver’s premier Anime Convention has finally come at last, celebrating its 18th year. Now for the past week or so I have been busting my butt trying to get our costumes done and ready for this convention yet, I still have work to do. No worries though, I will choose working on these costumes over sleep to get them done!

I have to say that I am really excited for this weekend. Not only am I going to be able to hopefully show off my newly made costumes, but I even get to see all the other costumes that people have purchased or made as well. I really love admiring the time and efforts put into these costumes, and those at anime conventions are beautiful, cool and amazing. I am really looking forward to the costume contest to seeing what kinds of awesome costumes people have created this past year, just to present them on stage that day.

I am also excited for some of the programming as well. I’m hoping to go to the Dance it! J-Pop panel, where they teach you two, popular easy dances from Japan. I’m hoping to drag Shae and a group of my friends with me. Plus, I see this being awesome fun with a few drinks in our systems. I’m also thinking of going to the Chris Patton Shares Too Much panel which is an annual thing at NDK. I’ve never been however when it comes to sharing too much…I’m in. There are also some costuming panels that I would like to go to as well.

As for guests, I'm not even sure where to begin since NDK offers some awesome ones. However, I have always loved this show called Full Metal Panic! in which case Chris Patton did the voice for Sousuke Sagara, one of the main characters. Besides that, I really just would like to hear as many guests as I can talk about their experiences as being voice actors and to hear their stories in general

Over all I am excited for Nan Desu Kan this year! I hope I can get my costumes done and am excited to see everything that NDK offers this year! YAY!

Denver Comic Con was this past weekend and after several days of hibernation, I’m finally back to where I can finally process this amazing weekend. Even though it wore me out for days, it was so far the best year yet.

DCC2014 started out for me on Thursday night at the giant Mile High Comics warehouse where the Pre-Con party was being held. It was quite exciting seeing people all dressed up, ready for the convention to begin. Shae and I squeezed our way into our Star Trek uniforms and wore them for the party. We really looked good. There were so many things to look at it was really awesome. I have to say that my favorite moment was being able to get a photo with George Perez, a famous comic book writer and illustrator.  After the party, we were ready for DCC2014 to begin.

Friday then finally came. It was an early morning for us however it gave me energy seeing the crowd. There were so many people and it was incredible seeing them all so excited to go through the doors to start their Denver Comic Con 2014 experience. It was even more exciting to watch them all enter the main convention floor and to watch them discover all the sights of the dealer’s area, Artist’s Valley and Celebrity Summit. We spent the day looking at all the sights that DCC2014 had to offer. So far, this was the biggest most amazing year yet. 

Saturday however was our busiest day. Arrow’s Stephen Amell and Caity Lotz had graced Denver Comic Con with their presence. So naturally, since I’m a huge fan of the show I had to get their autographs go to their panel and get a picture with Stephen. Which I did all three. The panel was absolutely hilarious and more than worth going to since they talked about the most embarrassing things that had happened to them on set and the jokes that John Barrowman had played on them and so much more. I absolutely love them more now after seeing them in real life. It was well worth the money to get an autograph from them both Caity and Stephen and for getting a photo with Stephen and Shae.

Also on Saturday we all got to sit in on Dan’s interview with Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy, which was for one a learning experience and two, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was highly impressed and was so happy to have seen that in person. On top of it all, there was the Star Trek: TNG panel to go to, which was a sentimental thing for me since Star Trek: TNG really helped me out when I was a teen struggling to find reasons to keep going in life. During the panel, I found that I wasn’t the only one who was affected in a good way by this show. In all, Saturday was an exhausting incredible day, which I was thankful for in so many ways.

Sunday finally came and was a bittersweet moment. I was happy to go home and sleep in my own bed that night however, I was sad that the Convention was ending. Shae and I however finally got the chance to put on our Elsa and Anna costumes, which we were meaning to do on Saturday. We didn’t know what kind of response we were going to get from it, but we really wanted to display them. 

So, when we finally hit the convention floor dressed up as Disney’s newest Princess and Queen, we were getting pictures taken of us the entire time. It was amazing. The best part of it was when little girls and boys ran up to us thinking that we were the real Anna and Elsa. They were telling us that they watched our movie that morning; it was so adorable. At one point in time I was standing in line, getting food and letting Shae rest for a moment, the little girl behind me who was around the age of 2 or 3 talked to me the entire time about everything she could think of. It was so adorable. I got so many hugs that day from kids of all ages; I was just in awe about the response of our costumes on the convention floor. They are memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. On top of it, I got to meet my Batman, Kevin Conroy and Michael Rooker. Sadly I didn’t get to meet Chandler Riggs who had left early that morning. I was sad however, I was happy with everything else that I had gotten to see and to do.

In all, this was an amazing fantastic weekend, which I know will stay with me for the rest of my life. It is thanks to those amazing executives at Denver Comic Con and all the volunteers that helped make this weekend as memorable and fantastic as it was. I am sad that Denver Comic Con 2014 had come to an end however I am excited and look forward to Denver Comic Con 2015. 

I would hope that everyone that visited Denver Comic Con this year were able to find that once in a lifetime item that they will treasure for years to come.  Now for me, it is not only about the fantastic artwork that surrounds the floor, or the autographs from my favorite stars, but the books that are found around every nook and cranny.  I hope that everyone knows my love for a good book, whether it be a novel or a collection of short stories and once again, I was able to find just a couple more of both to help keep me busy for the months to come.

I was able to finally get a printed copy of Bones II, a collection of poetry, flash fiction and short stories based on what else? Bones.  Stories based around those things that help keep us together and give us a chance to evolve into something much more. I believe there is a walking skeleton in there as well, but will have to read it first to find out. I have been looking forward to reading this, not just for the stories, but it features a friend’s first published story. 

I also picked up Kevin J. Anderson’s Resurrection, Inc.  This was his first novel and the 25th Anniversary edition was slated to hit the shelves a couple weeks after Denver Comic Con 2013.  A story about bringing the dead back to life to do the bidding of the living that ends up in revolts?  Yes please.  This just sounds like a great ride with only one man, a dead man who knows how to stop his resurrected brothers…how could you go wrong?

When running around Celebrity Summit, I was told that the great mind that brought the cartoon Gargoyles to our Saturday morning television screen had a book out as well.  Rain of the Ghosts is the story that Greg Weisman has been able to bring back into novel form after his original story was not produced by the network.  An armband provides secret powers to see the dead and is used around the hidden world of the Ghost Key’s.  Sounds like a winner to me and his follow up novel will be hitting the shelves in a matter of weeks.

The final book I picked up is a duplicate of one I had purchased and read back in 2006, but this one has something special about it.  World War Z by Max Brooks was one of the prime novels to get me back into the zombie craze and to have added a signed copy of it to my ever growing zombie collection is just a feather in my hat.  As I have said numerous times, I get things that I like and I have never looked to sell any part of my collection and this is defiantly one that will stay with my prized possessions for years to come.

I certainly hope that everyone who attended DCC this year were able to get everything that they had their heart set on, I know I did.  I have a funny feeling that a couple more authors will come out to DCC next year as the event proceeds are going towards children’s literacy and people that are able to formulate ideas on a blank piece of paper or computer screen are really the heroes to getting the rest of our imaginations working.

A convention a year in the making, the planning for Denver Comic Con starts before the current one is even over. For me, I'm already looking forward to next year. With that, though, is the sadness that comes long with knowing that DCC 2014 is over. While the weekend is over, DCC is far from forgotten, and with the memories still fresh in our minds, lets take a trip and highlight some of my favorite moments this weekend. 

For me, DCC started Thursday the 12th. Mattie, Melissa (my best friend from high school!), and I packed up, and got our room across from the Colorado Convention Center. After, we hit up the party at the Mile High Comics Warehouse. Melissa got her ticket, and we got to see a lot of fantastic nerd things! Has anyone been to the Mile High Comics Warehouse? Because I never have. It. Was. Fantastic. There are so many comics, so many statues, and so many action figures! Guys, this place is like paradise. I am so beyond excited to go back there the next chance I get. There were a decent amount of people there, and of course food. They also had skits, entertainment, and Lou Ferrigno, TV's Hulk was signing autographs at the pre-DCC party. It was an all around fantastic experience and I am glad we got to make it there. Now to just get back and empty my savings on the various things they had there (don't tell Mattie).

After a good nights sleep, Friday took off without a hitch. Mattie and I met John, Dan, and Scotty, and we got a chance to see the entire dealers room just before the door opened. I have to admit, I was blown away with all the fantastic dealers, booths, artists, and everything that was there. Melissa and our friend Kendra joined us soon after, and the day was spent checking out everything the Con had to offer. I'm not going to lie, I was jealous about the Kids Corral. I wanted to color so bad! But, it's okay, we got some great pictures of Cosplayers, met a lot of amazing people, and even got to snag a few hugs. I was utterly blown away by the Cosplay's I saw Friday. Such talent, time, and effort go into making the perfect costumes and everyone who dressed up at DCC did not disappoint. It was so wonderful to see just how much people truly cared about their costumes.

That evening, we got to go to the first, official, DCC opening ceremonies. There was sword fighting, singing, and even a cello on stage! The biggest news, however, was Comic Book Classroom changing their name to Pop Culture Classroom. This amazing organization chose to change it's name so that they could encompass all of what they do into a name. Reaching beyond just comics, to include other various forms of media. The news was both shocking, and resounding. The goal stays the same, bringing literacy, confidence, and helping children! And the new name reflects it all perfectly. This Con is all about the kids, and it was utterly amazing.

Saturday saw even more people. That was so much fun. The amount of Cosplayers doubled easily, and it was like I was home. Now, I didn't get to Cosplay a whole lot, but I'll tell you, not being in Cosplay at a con is the weirdest feeling in the world (but don't worry, we did dress up, I'll link that blog in a bit). I did, however, get to hug a lot of Cosplayers and we got a lot of pictures of many fantastic costumes. With the fantastic costumes, the atmosphere was electric, and the children were in abundance. It's oddly rare to see so many kids at a convention like this, but I could not have been happier. Their costumes were just as amazing!

I also had the pleasure of seeing Jeremy Shada (the voice of Finn on Adventure Time) talk about bullying. This warmed my heart. Getting the opportunity to see how people react to such a subject, was very insightful. Words can hurt and last with us throughout the rest of our lives, and to children they can be even more damaging. Having such an influential voice actor, from such a well known kids show do this….it still brings a tear to my eye.

Saturday was amazing, but this weekend held so many moments that will forever be in my memory. Kevin Conroy read to the kids in the Corral, Stephen Amell and Caity Lotz did a Q&A that should go down in history as the best Panel in the history of Panels. I don't know if you guys read our live tweets about it, or if you read my recap of the Panel alone, but if you haven't, you should. They were, funny, outgoing, and utterly made my Con. You don't have to be an Arrow fan to enjoy the magic that happened in that Panel.

Speaking of, there were many Panels this weekend, some informative, like craft weapons, costuming, and wig design. there were also guest Panels. As this was the 75th anniversary of Batman, Adam West and Burt Ward got together in the Main events hall with Julie Newmar and gave a truly astounding Panel. And of course, there was the reunion of a lifetime with Star Trek: The Next Generation guests, moderated by the original Captain Kirk, William Shatner. Now, it was impossible to make it to all the panels that happened this weekend, especially on Saturday, but I truly hope many of you got the opportunity to make it to some.

Sunday is always the saddest day of the Con for me. It's the end of a great weekend, but it's not fully over. I started the day on a hunt in the Dealer's room for a particular Pops figure. If you've been following my blogs, especially my Gift and Guilty Pleasures one, you guys know, just how much I am addicted to Pops figures. Well, they make a Winter Soldier one…that has the full face mask/goggles combo…that I made the mistake of not buying when I saw it. I've never been able to find it again. While I could have easily found it online, there's just something about buying it in person that makes the experience so much more fulfilling. Believe it or not…I found it. I found the last, and likely only one at Denver Comic Con. I'd spent all weekend looking for it, and just as I walk up, one of the women working there pulling it out of a box and set it down. I bought it so fast it wasn't even funny. He's now sitting with my collection, on my bookshelf, next to my bed, and my friends can now rest knowing I'm not going to be whining about not having him. It's a win/win! Because it was Sunday, and the 75th anniversary of Batman, and not to be left out of the Batman reading to kids circle, Adam West sat down in the Corral, and read to the children. And I missed it. Thankfully, John was on the scene and got the chance to see and film it. For that, he is my hero because that might just be my new favorite thing about Denver Comic Con. While Adam was reading, Mattie and I were changing, and here is where I am going to leave you guys. As promised, our Cosplay got its very own, special, blog. 

I hope you all had a blast. Please leave a comment bellow with your favorite memory for the con, or tweet it to me personally @SoraLostSoul, or to @GirlsOfGeek12. I love hearing from you guys, always, and adore the stories we all get to share with one another!