Anomaly Con 2015 kicks off today to bring forth another incredible celebration of all things Steampunk and we here at Girls of Geek 12 have been extra excited for this year simply because of the fact we have the distinct honor of hosting the Silver Steam Film Festival. This festival, in its inaugural year, will feature short films and feature films across multiple genres from 10a-5p in the Highlands Room on Saturday during the convention.

So to get everyone as excited as we are for this event, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know what movies will be playing at the festival, courtesy of synopses provided by the filmmakers. On a side note, this is not the order they are playing in, to see that schedule, you'll just have to swing by Anomaly Con and snag a program!  Hope to see everyone there and without further ado, here is the official lineup for The Silver Steam Film Festival! 

Christmas Eve '45
A mysterious doctor, hoarding a terrifying secret about his whereabouts during World War II comes across a young prostitute on the first Christmas after the war. Claiming she reminds him of a lost loved one, he takes the girl to his hotel room, where she unwittingly unravels his disturbing past as the pain and legacy of recent historical events now seek to settle accounts.

The Silver Moonlight:
On a rainy night, a dead body is fished out of a lake and brought to a local morgue. The details of who she is or what happened to her are unknown. What drove the girl to such a grisly fate? In a sinister cabaret called "Madame Leander's," Sybille, the beautiful star attraction, sings her trademark chanson of "a romance that's false." However, she does not adhere the warnings of her own song and falls for a handsome young patron who frequents the club. She agrees to a horrific sacrifice with club's macabre owner in order to pursue the man she loves, but in the end the creditor must always be repaid...one way or another.

In the near future, two scientists use m-theory (the physics theory that unifies all current superstring theories) to create a scientific breakthrough. But their first test starts a catastrophic chain of events and only a lone messenger can help them avoid destroying the world.

The Haunting:
A ghost embarks on a quest to scare a man to death, only to find itself haunted by it's own ineptitude.

Batgirl Rises:
A young determined librarian desperately seeks the truth after her brothers disappearance with a mysterious woman.

Victorian Cut-Out Theater:
Created by Rob Walker, Victorian Cut-out Theatre is an anthology film that  utilizes 1800s illustrations to tell stories about a chess playing automaton, a drawing room mystery, and the startling discovery of a new fuel source.

Mr. Sack and Mr. Sack:
A film by Mike Cervantes. created using LittleBigPlanet 3 on the Playstation 4. Meet Mr. Sack and Mr. Sack, the world's tiniest vaudevillians. Coming to you from their own hand-built soapbox stage, they've got a comedy routine that will split your sides and make you come apart at the seams. Be sure to stick around at the end for the big finale! 

Angus Sheridan, a serial kidnapper, has taken to abducting people in order to pay off his enormous debts to a loan shark named Metzger, who has threatened him with grievous bodily harm. Based on the Stephen King short story by the same name.

The Astronomer: 
In 1902 filmmaker George Méliès wowed audiences with his now iconic tale A Trip to the Moon and for Anomaly Con 2015, we will all be treated to a remake of this classic story courtesy of filmmaker London Homer-Wambeam.

The Wars of Other Men: 
Set in a once mighty industrial city which has become both battleground and tactical objective in a long running conflict, the film tells the story of a soldier in an army on the verge of defeat who is ultimately forced to choose between duty and humanity. 

Frankenstein's Monster: 
A steampunk-light film adaptation of Mary Shelley's masterpiece. In his obsession over the Prometheus' flame, Victor Frankenstein abandons those he loves to create a living being. Leaving behind his abominable work, Victor hopes to escape judgment and return to a peaceful life. He soon discovers all secrets have their price.


Written by Shae

This last weekend a new convention sprouted its wings and took flight. Colorado Cosmic Con was held down in Colorado Springs. A bit of a drive, but the experience was completely worth it. There’s something to be said about a first year Con. I’ve had the pleasure of attending just a handful in my life time and they always seem to be the best experiences. Perhaps it’s the excitement, the people, and above all, the feel of a new con. So many of us are thrilled to go to conventions, and the chance at going to something new is always enticing.

Of course, there are all the con staples! The dealer's room (there were two) held both merchants and artists, all looking to sell their finest wares. The best part of local conventions is that, if you go to enough of them, you get to know the artists and merchants pretty well. Thankfully, almost all of our favorite artists were present. With new art to show off, and things to buy, it was hard to decide on just one thing. It was very hard not to give in and buy the chibi Aquaman drawn by Jason Meents and colored by Nate Hamel…but, I guess Dan’s birthday gift will have to wait. Thankfully I can Facebook both artists and spam Dan with all the Aquaman chibi’s money can buy!

If one dealers room wasn’t enough, there was a second as I mentioned before and this one was more of an Artist's Alley, if you will, and here you could find custom made jewelry, hats, and so much more. I really have to say I love all forms of vender areas, but Artist's areas are where the most eclectic and unique things can be found!

There were also panels, main events going on, and my personal favorite, the cosplay contest. Here we get a chance to see all those wonderful costumes on stage as cosplayers competed to find out who made the better costume. My fan favorite? Anastasia from the movie Anastasia. A throwback to my childhood, and a personal dream cosplay of mine, it was wonderfully crafted, and beautifully worn. There were many amazing, creative, and unique costumes and interpretations for this contest. Sunday held the children’s cosplay contest, and if that isn’t adorable, I don’t know what is.

If you weren’t  able to make it down to this year’s Cosmic Con, fret not. Before Saturday was close to being done,. It was announced that next year's convention was already in the works, so keep a close eye on that Facebook page, because Colorado Cosmic Con is, hopefully, here to stay for a long time.


Written by Mattie

It’s time for Animaniacs! And they’re zany to the max and not only that, they’re coming to Denver Comic con this year! The loveable voices of Yakko, Wakko and Dot Warner and then some will be coming to the Mile High City!

That’s right; Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell, Maurice LaMarche and their wonderful composer Randy Rogel will be coming to town. They are all wonderfully talented and some of the most important voices I remember from my childhood.

Now, Rob Paulsen is not only the voice of Yakko Warner in the Animaniacs, but Pinky and Dr. Otto Scratchansniff. A majority of my childhood consisted of the word, “NARF!" Not only was he in the Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, but he’s been in so many things. He is currently Donatello in the newer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is also various voices in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Kim Possible, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Tinker Bell movies, The Fairly Odd Parents and so, SO many more. 

Tress MacNeille is the voice of the loveable and adorable Dot Warner, the smokin’ hot Hello Nurse and Marita Hippo. She voiced Chip, Gadget and Zipper in Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers. She’s also has a reoccurring role in the Simpsons as the voice of Agnes Skinner, Dolph and other various voices.  She’s been in Kiki’s Delivery Service, DuckTales, TaleSpin, Bobby’s World, A Wish for Wings That Work, Darkwing Duck and so much more.

Jess Harnell is the voice of the always hungry, Wakko Warner and plays the antagonist Walter Wolf to his opposite, Slappy Squirrel. He’s been in so many things as well including Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid!, Casper, The Wild Thornberry’s, Recess, Timon & Pumbaa, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Emperor’s New Groove, Kingdom Hearts, Wreck-It Ralph and again, so many more. 

On top of that, we have Maurice LaMarche, the voice of The Brain will be joining this already amazing lineup. He’s another very talented voice actor who has been in everything, from DuckTales to TaleSpin, from The Tick to even Freakazoid! He was in Team America: World Police and Kim Possible. He even was in The Legend of Korra. He’s another amazing voice actor who I am super excited to meet. 

If that wasn’t enough, we have the awarding winning composer and writer, Randy Rogel who wrote for the Animaniacs. For all you Batman fans, he was an original writer for Batman: the Animated Series. He is the brain behind many of the beloved songs sang on the Animaniacs. He’s wonderfully talented and I’m happy to welcome him to the Mile High City once again.

It’s going to be quite the epic celebration of one of my favorite childhood shows, the Animaniacs. You can even count Pinky and the Brain in on this one too. Even though I met Rob Paulsen several months ago at Nerd Nite and saw him, Tess, Jess and Randy at the Animaniacs show with the Colorado Symphony, it would be great to see them again. It was amazingly entertaining and Rob is absolutely hysterical. I didn’t get to see Maurice LaMarche sadly but I am kind of bouncing though the roof that I will see him soon.

I’m super excited for them all to be at Denver Comic Con 2015! See you all there!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It's that wonderful time of the year again my friends. As the snow begins to melt and the world begins to pull itself out of a deep winter slumber, there is one wonderful set of events that always follow with it...I'm talking of course, about con season. 

Yes the time has come at last to gather with our friends at a hotel for a weekend to celebrate our various love for a particular fandom or genre. It's a most wonderful time of year since conventions truly get into your skin and your blood and for the month of March the one I'm excited about the most is Anomaly Con.  
If by chance you haven't been to this particular con just yet, it's unique for one particular reason, it's the biggest steampunk one that I've ever been to in the Mile High City and well, it's one that quickly grows on you with its unique programing and cosplay as people take the time to bring to life intricate costumes that give you an idea of what a Starfleet uniform might have looked like if it was made in the 19th Century. Heck, the girls even have some impressive cosplay planed for this event, stay tuned to see what Mattie and Shae have up their sleeves. But the convention goes so far beyond that.  

I find that Anomaly Con is also a fine event when it comes to the creative, offering quite a few authors that get the chance to meet with their fans and discuss their craft which is always awesome. For me this year, the con has a different meaning as since while I have covered so many conventions in this great state of ours, I've never really been involved behind the scenes, but this year Girls of Geek is putting on the Silver Steam Film Festival, and I couldn't be prouder.  It's been a blast to put together a line up of motion pictures from filmmakers all around the nation.

Getting the chance to do something like that allows you to take pride in a convention and it's an honor to be part of something so unique. Either way the clock is ticking, Anomaly Con will be held this year at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center from March 27-29th and if you're free that weekend, come on down. Learn about steampunk, meet a writer or two or hey, swing on by the film festival and take in a flick. Either way, you won't be disappointed and we look forward to seeing you there. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

There are some actors out there that are so iconic and important to a fan that well, you simply cannot remember your childhood without them. Some of us only have a few that they can think of, some of us have many, either way we all look forward to the possibility of someday meeting those silver screen heroes from days gone bye. 

I myself am in the latter category of what I mentioned, there are so many actors that brought me joy in my youth and one of the many reasons I love conventions is because of the fact it is a place to finally meet those people that inspired us and enthralled us growing up and Denver Comic Con has once again delivered a living legend, by announcing that Christopher Lloyd is coming to DCC 2015.

On a personal level, my first introduction to this man's fine acting work came from my favorite franchise, Star Trek. Specifically the third film The Search for Spock when Lloyd took up the role of Commander Kruge. He was a fascinating villain, and the first Klingon I ever came to know and it was a fine enough performance that I sought out much of his work over the years.  

In fact he was the initial reason I found myself wanting to watch the original Back to the Future and over the years I've really just come to realize that his ability to simply lose himself in a role, to truly become that character is what makes watching Christopher's work so absolutely enjoyable. I mean come on, the man BECAME Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, he simply oozes talent and it will be a great honor to shake his hand and see him in the flesh.

This is simply an incredible addition to Denver Comic Con's 2015 lineup, one that has actually made me more excited for this convention, if that's even possible, and it makes the wait for May all that more difficult because I cannot wait to see Christopher Lloyd at DCC. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Of all the fandoms I have come to know over the years, there is one that still remains my favorite through and through, Star Trek. I love how well this series continues to inspire people around the world with its message of hope and a better future.  

Heck, I remember the time when Trek ruled the landscape of all fandoms not that long ago with the movies doing well on the big screen and at least two television series playing out on the air, it was a wonderful time to be a fan of the 24th Century.  So of course, leave it to Denver Comic Con to continue their proud tradition of respect and diversity of all fandoms by bringing another legend from the Federation to Denver with Garrett Wang.

For those who are unfamiliar with Garrett, he played Ensign Harry Kim on the iconic Star Trek: Voyager during its seven season run on television. Kim was an important character to the show since well, Voyager was his first mission in Starfleet and what a tough one to get seeing as to how the ship was lost in space, 70 years away from home, giving his character a unique perspective on life in deep space. 

He quickly became a fan favorite thanks to an honest portrayal of a Starfleet rookie without a clue how to proceed and we literally watched him go from unsure greenhorn to seasoned veteran before our eyes and that's all thanks to Garrett's fine acting skills bringing this character to life.  It's a great honor to see another fantastic Star Trek guest coming to Denver this year, and I cannot wait to meet the Ensign in person come May! 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

If there's something I've noticed when it comes to the many conventions out there, it's that sometimes you see guests that come back year after year, becoming something of a fixture at that convention and I think that's one of the biggest compliments a convention can get. 

It means that not only did that guest have an amazing time the first time they came to said convention, they have a great time year after year and Denver Comic Con is certainly no exception to this proud tradition with the announcement of the return of another iconic guest, The Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno.  

For those unfamiliar with Mister Ferrigno and his career, Lou is a comic book legend having played the part of the Incredible Hulk in the 1978 television series of the same namesake and well, he was nothing short of incredible. In a time where CGI was an expensive venture and practical effects ruled the land, Lou was simply imagination come to life. While the show itself was actually amazing as well and filled with a quality plot, production values and solid acting, I know we all wanted to see one thing, the Hulk, and Lou made the part his own. 

Of course Lou has had a rich career following the show as well, showing up on television shows like The King of Queens and Chuck, plus you can even hear his voice acting work on Adventure Time, but he has never turned his back on the role that made him famous.  After all he even showed up in Marvel's first big screen adaptation of the character with a cameo in Hulk, and he continues to lend his voice to the character, reprising the role vocally in the 1996-1997 animated series The Incredible Hulk and in both Avengers motion pictures. 

Regardless, I think it's fantastic that Lou enjoyed his time at Denver Comic Con 2014 enough that he is coming back for 2015 and I certainly hope he becomes a yearly mainstay at the convention where we can all just swing by and say hello to this comic book legend.  Can't wait to see him again in May! 


Written by Mattie

I’m so excited! Yesterday Denver Comic Con added another incredible guest to the lineup and he's one of my favorites, Sean Astin. This is an actor I grew up with. He played Mikey in the classic 80’s movie, The Goonies, which I’ve probably have seen dozens of times. It’s one of my childhood favorites.

However, he is most popular for being Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy where he played the loveable hobbit Sam, friend to Frodo Baggins. He also played Doug Whitmore in the comedy 50 First Dates and played the pretty hilarious steroid filled brother. That movie is so funny.

He also was in the show, Alphas as Mitchell Morgan. I sadly never made it to season 2 but it is on my list.

Sean Astin is also a very talented voice actor, who has been in Kingdom Hearts as Hercules, and is in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series as the voice of Raphael. He's just so amazing as an actor and I cannot wait to meet him later this year! 

Please help us welcome Sean Astin to Denver Comic Con 2015! It’s going to be another great year!


Written by Daniel

It’s has been a while since my RPG days but I can recall the hours spent around the table with my group of friends Not only as a kid, oddly enough I just came across my First Edition DMG and Player's hand book the other day sifting through boxes. Then came the dark ages for a while as sports came along and other things going on in the world. It wasn’t until later, when I had my comic shop that RPG’s and board games came back with a force. There were new editions, manuals, revised rules, and character classes to choose from.  It wasn’t just limited to DND, now there were other RPG’s to choose from, Robo Tech, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, just about every universe you could think of had a gaming platform to help with your geeky fix. Not to mention the new card game that was just starting to take over, Magic: The Gathering.

I have gone to tournaments across the country for Magic, Mage Knight, and Hero Clix and I always feel a little sad when I see a gaming event going on during a Comic Con. I know the time these can take, I once spent two straight days playing Axis and Allies and it seems so unfair to hold one of these during a con. The inner geek in me is afraid of missing something during the con, or not enough time in the dealer’s room because my stagey to take the castle ran a little longer than I had counted on (damn cold dice). So when I saw the announcement for Con on the Range I could feel the inner gamer in me jumping for joy. A con just devoted to the simple idea of playing with no distraction of costumes or speakers and best of all I don’t have to get on a plane to attend. 

You have no idea what a pain it is to lug your gaming gear across an airport and wonder if you still have everything you need. There is always the worry of that one miniature you forgot that would work perfect and when this sort of thing happens at home it’s amazing. Tables as far as the eye can see ready to carry the weight of the epic clashes about to happen. Sure you can play in the comfort of home but t’s an entirely different experience to take it to a public format. Con on the Range has answered that challenge offering space for your group as well as some pre built scenarios for the novice and experienced gamer alike. The one spotlighted this round was Pathfinder along with different blocks of time during the day dedicated to different themes. 

I was lucky enough to hear about this early so I could clear my schedule for the weekend but some of my friends had missed the notice entirely, good thing is this won’t be the only one for the year. I know Enchanted Grounds in Highlands Ranch had a big involvement in this event and they told me there will be another one just like this closer to the end of June beginning of July. They will announce a date very soon on FaceBook for a more sold date so please watch there page for that because I have to tell you. This is a fun time, a great way to blow a weekend stepping out of your world and crossing over to a land that is only limited by your own imagination. You can even be a drunken pirate in public and no one will care, can’t wait for the next event.  


Written by John Edward Betancourt

As the holiday season begins to wrap up, and we all begin to clean up the vast amounts of wrapping paper covering our floors, it turns out that one more gift was waiting for us under the tree all along as Denver Comic Con made a few more guest announcements this holiday season, along with letting us fans know how we can make the convention even more special for the kids that want to attend it.  

Over at Pop Culture Classroom's website there is a place where folks can donate five dollars that will go to one of PCC/DCC's non-profit, youth-based partners to give kids that may not normally have the chance to attend Denver Comic Con the opportunity to spend the weekend at the Colorado Convention Center for DCC 2015. It's an awesome way to keep giving after this holiday season.

But just who exactly will be joining the already amazing lineup of guests for next year? Well without further ado, here are the latest round of announcements. 
This incredibly decorated actor is credited with 77 acting roles and has been in some big time films.  Heck, he even played General George C. Marshall in 2001's Pearl Harbor and is no stranger to comic book movies since he played Pa Angel in 1995's Judge Dredd. But Scott is now best known for playing the role of Hershel Greene on TV's biggest show...The Walking Dead. 

Emma is a longtime veteran of television, having been on such TV classics as General Hospital and the wildly popular Beverly Hills 90210.  But if there is one show and one role that Emma is best known for, it's Anya from the iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

This talented artist has had his work featured in Gorilla Gorilla and Tiny Titans amongst a host of other comics and to top it off, he is an award winner as well, having taken home The Eisner Award. 

This talented artist has quite the accomplishment on her resume. She was the first female comic book artist to make onto Wizard Magazine's Top Artist list. You can find her work in such comics as Birds of Prey and X-Men Unlimited.