Written by John Edward Betancourt

With tickets now on sale for Denver Comic Con 2016, the executive brass behind the convention have decided to pull out all of the stops as guest announcement after guest announcement have begun to flow out of DCC Headquarters at an incredible rate. In fact they're coming so fast it's tough to keep up so we decided today to take a look at some of the latest announcements from our favorite convention starting with one of the big ones from yesterday...

John de Lancie
Science fiction fans of the late 1980's and early 1990's will certainly recognize John's name and face for one reason and one letter alone...Q. Yes, John was the iconic and mischievous alien Q on three Star Trek television shows a few years back, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager but in addition to making life difficult for Captain Picard and his crew John has enjoyed a rich career in television and film popping up in recent years on Torchwood: Miracle Day, Family Guy and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic since he plays Discord on the show. 

Morena Baccarin
This is another well known name to Denver Comic Con fans, since Morena played Inara on Joss Whedon's Firefly and the motion picture follow up Serenity. But in recent years Morena has popped up on plenty of other big time television shows, playing the villainous Anna on V, Jessica Brody on Homeland and fans of Gotham instantly recognize her as Doctor Leslie Thompkins. 

Andrea Libman
Though she has done some work in front of the camera, with a guest spot on The X-Files in 1994, Andrea is an incredibly talented, award winning voice actor who has enjoyed over twenty years in show business. Fans should know her best from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. 

Susan Eisenberg
Susan is another talented voice actress that will be joining us in the Mile High City next summer and another one that celebrates an extensive resume. But fans will know her best for her amazing portrayal as Wonder Woman in the awesome Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited. 

Todd Haberkorn
If Todd's face seems familiar, that's most likely because you've seen him as Commander Spock in the web series Star Trek Continues, but it's his voice that many fans will know first since Todd is a decorated Anime actor since he has voiced Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail, Yamato Akitsuki in Suzuka and Tsukune Aono in Rosario + Vampire.

Vic Mignogna
Vic is another voice actor who has seen plenty of work in Anime. He has lent his voice to Edward Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist and Broly in Dragon Ball Z. He also happens to be the producer and star of Star Trek Continues and I know fans at DCC will be happy to welcome back Vic since this will be his second year attending the show.

This is also just a broad sample of the announcements coming forth from DCC and we all know there are more to come. For the complete list of current guests and to get your tickets to this incredible convention, make sure you swing by Denver Comic Con's webpage.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Ah the Holiday season is nearly upon us and if you don't believe me, well the evidence is all around us. The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, everyone is starting to think about what they plan on eating for Thanksgiving and the most important clue of all that the holidays are now upon us...Denver Comic Con tickets are now on sale. 

It's become tradition to see DCC tickets go on sale in the fall and with good reason. It gives everyone plenty of time to snag their tickets as early as possible and plan for the con and as always Denver Comic Con kicks off their initial ticket sales with some awesome guest announcements but we will get to that in a moment because before you swing by Denver Comic Con's website, it's important we fill you in on some of the changes for tickets this year.

I say that because as you log onto the site you'll notice that prices have gone up a bit for DCC 2016 and that may surprise you at first. Well, bear in mind that a big part of the pricing changes you see is because the City of Denver is now requiring that DCC add the FDA tax into the price before the ticket is purchased. You'll also notice the addition of the Child Badge, this badge is for all kids aged 3-11 and can be used for either a single day, two days or serve as a full three day badge as well. Otherwise, it's the same old ticket to the best convention in Denver and we recommend you pick them up as soon as possible on the website because they sell out fast and if you need any proof for this...Speed Passes are sold out and tickets went on sale yesterday. 

So now that we've covered all the important changes to this years tickets, let's talk about some awesome guests since DCC announced two of them shortly after tickets went on sale! 

John Rhys-Davies
The first guest that DCC was kind of enough to announce yesterday is a legend in my book...John Rhys-Davies. He is an actor that I was first introduced to by way of Raiders of the Lost Ark where he played Indy's pal Sallah and in later years I was a huge fan of his work on Sliders where he played Professor Maximillian Arturo. Of course fans these days recognize him as Gimli the Dwarf from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it's a huge honor to have such a decorated actor as John coming to Denver. 

Jae Lee
Of course what would Denver Comic Con be without comic related guests and DCC has announced a big one will be in attendance next year since Jae Lee is coming to DCC 2016. Jae is an Eisner Award winning artist who has worked on The Inhumans, Batman/Superman and has had his work featured in The Dark Tower comics as well and I can't wait to meet him in person next June.  


Written by Scotty

There are sometimes my friends amaze me still, and when I continue to find out that Halloween is their favorite holiday of the year, my heart just grows a little bit bigger.  It just seems like this is a dirty little secret that people do not want others to know, but over the past couple of years, Halloween has been making itself more known, especially in the retail industry.  With that said, a great event took place this Halloween weekend that has left me beside myself.

Colorado Horror Con opened its doors on October 30th and did not leave any questions unanswered for me on what I should be doing this year.  Walking in and finding several of my favorite actors, actresses and artists on hand, well, this is my Christmas and birthday combined.  With actresses Lynn Lowry, Eileen Dietz and Camille Keaton, I was most excited to meet Debbie Rochon who had a great part in The Wrath of the Crows and when I started looking into the rest of her two hundred plus credits, I saw that I have several of her movies and had no idea.

When shooting the breeze with Debbie, I was amazed to find out what her favorite horror movie turned out to be…The Shining.  Well, there you have it and I know that I am no longer crazy when insisting that all of my friends watch this movie since it captured so many people’s hearts and imaginations over the years.  Just being able to talk with this legend made my weekend complete.  She is so grateful for her fans and will continue to try and bring her a game to the screen as long as she can.  She is also traveling around to the film festivals and showing her new movie, Model Hunger where she has stepped behind the camera for her first directing gig.  Definitely a movie to check out when it makes it to theaters next year, you will not be disappointed.

Then I had the pleasure of chatting with Zack Ward about the industry, since he is one of the few actors that my generation has seen grow up in front of our very eyes.  Being a horror fan himself, Zack has been able to land some roles in strong movies and now he is taking control of some of his future works.  Writing a couple of new films and putting on the producer hat, he is very versatile in his craft and that is what makes him one of the good ones to follow as time goes on, you never know what he will be able to amaze you with next.  

Then this happened out of the blue thanks to Jonathan Tiersten, but Andrew Divoff, that’s right I got to chat with the Djinn from Wishmaster.  This was just an honor and I knew a couple of things that he has done in the past, but we mainly just talked about how the industry has worked over the years, what he has been up to in his down time and one of my favorite subjects, actors and accents.  Andrew speaks eight different languages and how would you ever know that by just talking to him.  I wish I could go back and ask him a couple more questions just about that, but he did answer my main one about it very well.  A cool guy and I am honored that he gave me the time to just chat it up for a couple of minutes.

Then we had the artists and wow, I had no idea what the story behind Basil Gogos was before the con, but I got a little bit of the insight.  He was the artist that did all of the Famous Monster covers since the 1960’s.  Looking through his portfolio, it is amazing to see the work he had done over the years and how lifelike most of the characters and monsters he created back then actually look.  I had to pick up a Nosferatu and Vincent Price from him, these were just too good to pass up on.  Not a bad way to get a good history lesson from my friends about what I have been missing out on for several years now.

It is hard to pass up on everyone else and I got to reconnect with from a couple staff members to the usual suspects that I like to hang out with.  Robert Elrod was there and I got my education from him and besides being a very talented artist, he knows a lot more about the art game than I do and I will just have to keep my ears open when he is telling stories, and he even held a large boa constrictor, so I know he has little fear.  Kevin Gentilcore was also in attendance and we just always to find common ground for our discussions which always tend to end up on drinking for some reason.  Stan Yan was also in the house and just doing what he does best, zombifying the guests and just having a good time.  Jeff Herndon and Todd Jones were also there, just having a great time and if you ever get a chance to see how these two interact with each other, it is almost worth the price of admission, but they are both also very good in their trade, Jeff as a crazy good artist and Todd as a crazy good writer and I hope Todd is able to get his Christmas story off the ground, because it sounds epic!

I know I am missing several people and I apologize, but there was just so much cool stuff going on that made this weekend just glorious for all in attendance.  In reality, this is fun for the whole family and I am extremely happy that I made it out.  Connecting with old friends, making some new ones and finding a common interest to connect on is what a convention is supposed to do and Colorado Horror Con delivered just that.  A great time had by all.  With the people that have terrified your dreams in film to battling your fears in person with Boa’s being shown and even silicone apparel designed to look like human skin being worn, it is hard to walk away without a smile on your face.  I cannot wait to see what we have to look forward to next year!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

If you're a geek of any kind, let's just be honest, the state of Colorado is the best place to be because of the fact that there is something here for everyone when it comes to fandoms. We have tons of groups that meet up on a consistent basis to celebrate them, we have cosplay groups forming on a regular basis to bring characters to life and the fact of the matter is, we are all pretty spoiled when it comes to conventions in this town because they are everywhere, celebrating every genre and fandom you can think of.  

So we always love it here at Girls of Geek when a new convention arrives because we get to see a fresh take on the con experience and hey, we get a chance to do what us geeks love to do best, hang out and celebrate what we love and this weekend the first annual Colorado Horror Con kicks off and I know I can't wait to check it out. I mean, we get a horror convention on Halloween weekend, how can you go wrong with that? But more importantly, this first year convention has pulled together some pretty impressive guests.

There's horror legends in Eileen Dietz from The Exorcist, Lynn Lowry from The Crazies and Shivers and we even get the chance to meet Debbie Rochon who is probably one of the hardest working scream queens in the business. Not to mention friend of the site Jonathan Tiersten from Sleepaway Camp will be in attendance as well, as will Andrew Divoff from Wishmaster and they recently announced that Daeg Faerch, the ten year old incarnation of Michael Myers from Rob Zombie's Halloween will be attending the show. To top it all off, Joe Bob Briggs will be your master of ceremonies all weekend long.  

But, the convention doesn't end its outstanding offerings there, because they've assembled some fine artists and vendors as well. In fact you'll find two folks whose art we cannot get enough of at the convention, Robert Elrod and Kevin Gentilcore. We've spoken to both of these gentlemen on many occasions because their work is simply spectacular. To top it all off, once you've met your favorite horror celebrity and picked up something unique from the vendor area, you can even take a few moments and settle in to enjoy the film festival the convention is offering as well and enjoy a horror flick or four on the most appropriate of weekends.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with what the brain trust behind the con has put together for its first year. Horror legends are always a wonderful draw and the buzz surrounding this con continues to grow. So if you're a horror fan and need something a little extra to make your Halloween weekend all that more exciting, grab yourself a ticket at Colorado Horror Con's Website and swing by the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Northglenn and I look forward to seeing all of you there for a celebration of terror.

Written by Scotty

It is hard to imagine an event that I have only been to three times has gained so much love in my heart, but the Mile High Horror Film Festival has done just that.  This is one of the only events that I plan my schedule around to make sure that I do not miss one thing and I am happy it has worked out that way.  With so many great guests and films on display, this is a horror nut’s dream come true in the Denver area and if you are a lover of these films as much as I am, you need to make sure you attend.  This event leaves little to be desired and you will be hard pressed to find a more fan driven event in the city.

I don’t even know where to start with my recap since I have so many great memories, but I guess I will start with my movie experience.  I picked up tickets to see Even Lambs Have Teeth and after reading that some of the cast and crew would be there, I knew I could not let it pass me by.  After talking to Jeffrey Riddick who was lucky enough to see the World Premiere the night before, I was promised something just a little bit different and the movie did not disappoint.  I am a sucker for the strong female lead in a horror/thriller flick and the Lambs gave me two for the price of one.  After watching how revenge can come around full circle, I was pleased to talk to a couple of the cast members after and got my most important question answered, what happened to the pig mask? It is a great movie and one to check out when you get the chance, I expect big things from the cast in the future, along with the actresses' to be able to wear pants once again.

I also took in one of the Short Film Showcases that was just delightful.  Never knowing what you are going to see in these shorts, I was blown away by some of the stories that came to life in just a matter of minutes.  Ranging from the funny Bad Guy #2 to the serious Welcome to Willits: After Sundown, this grouping had something for everybody.  Although I did give my top vote to a short called Iris and the best way to describe it is SIRI who wants her owner to come clean about the murder he just committed.  But I will admit that The Barber’s Cut was second on my list with reanimated dead people trying to piece themselves together to escape the torture of watching others die in front of them and get out of the freezer.  All the shorts were great, and I just called out a couple of the ones that stood out in my mind.  Never pass up the opportunity to watch horror short films, they are just as entertaining as the feature length and leave you wanting more.

Well the guests did not disappoint once again this year and I think the main reason why is that they are all willing to take a moment to talk to their fans.  I must start with the lovely Linnea Quigley, Trash from The Return of The Living Dead. I did not know what to expect from meeting her and was pleasantly surprised with the results after seeing how playful she really is.  After talking about how awful the weather has gotten in Florida, she is looking for a place to move to and Denver might be nearing the top of the list, but it is against California and that is a hard one to beat these days. But hey, hopes are high on this one, we need more scream queens in the state.  She also was kind enough to sign my new work of art that I will get into next.

Joe Oliver has made me believe that dreams really can come true.  After really starting to talk with him last year at the same event, I was blown away by what he had brought to the show.  After drawing the Fangoria poster for Linnea Quigley’s screening of The Return of The Living Dead, I was amazed to see he had the original along with him.  It took a moment to clear the thoughts in my head, but the original is now mine and I could not be happier about the purchase.  I must admit that Joe is going to start to rival my Robert Elrod collection here pretty soon, and I know this might cause a rift between them, but I will do my best to keep them doing what they love.  I digress, Joe was able to arrange for Linnea to sign the poster for me, and we were able to get a group picture and this will live long in my memory banks as one of the greatest events of this festival, at least for me.

My good friend Robert Elrod was also in attendance this year and I know I just said that Joe may be taking over his collection in my home, but it will still take some work.  Besides all of the amazing work that he has done in the past, Robert has been able to make some of the greatest monsters on paper that I have ever seen and I am sure at some point, I will have a room that is nothing but his Kaiju.  Yeah, I might have a problem when it comes to making art purchases these days, but you know what, there is only one way to cure it and that is to add to my collection.  Chatting about the movies we wanted to see, along with what others opinions were, it is always a good time sitting and getting his ear for a couple of minutes when he is free.  Robert will also be featuring his newest artwork against some of the greatest names in the nation in the next couple of weeks, so wish him luck, I know his work will always rank highly on my list.

OK, I know you are all waiting for it, so here it is.  The Shining signings!!!!  Like I have said previously, I love this movie, maybe too much for any man to love anything, but come on, it was the first horror movie that I did not run out screaming from and it is still hard to rival to this day.  I will admit I do have the occasional dream about elevators filled with blood opening and washing me out of the lobby, but my shrink says I have a fear of heights or something, I don’t know, I don’t really listen to him anymore. 

I first got to talk to Joe Turkel, better known as Lloyd the Bartender from the film.  Now I know he was also in Blade Runner and was kind of disappointed that the only photos he brought were from The Shining but quickly got over it.  Joe is a very animated individual and wants to make sure that you get exactly what you are looking for when making your dreams come true.  After listening to him talk to the couple in front of me of what might be best to sign on the photo for a memento in a bar, I had my idea already in my mind and was ready to say it, but Joe was just that much quicker than me.  ‘Your money is no good here Mr. Scott.’  Perfect and then he asked me my favorite drink and Jack on the Rocks came to mind.  ‘Oh, so you are pretty much Mr. Torrance’.  ‘Keep Drinking’ as he finished if off for me. Almost at a loss for words, I asked him if he had seen what is happening at the Stanley Hotel recently and told him about The Shining makeover it was getting. Then I got a quick story about Stanley Kubrick that I had not heard yet.  ‘Stanley always wanted to be able to get into your head.  Look at the main floor of the Stanley Hotel and tell me if Danny’s big wheel would be able to frighten you?  The transition between the carpet to the hardwood, then back….what are you thinking about now?’  Wow!  Mind blown and now I cannot get the image of that darn kid out of my head again!

Then I got the pleasure of meeting the twins, Lisa and Louise Burns.  If you ever thought that the twins from The Shining were creepy at all, you are completely wrong.  When I was waiting in line to get my autograph, I was almost upset that the guy in front of me had the same idea, getting his copy of The Shining: Studies in The Horror Film signed, but I think I was privy to one of the most epic conversations known to the horror fest.  When I waited to get my picture taken with them, Lisa asked about the sign outside of the door that said No Soliciting.  In Britain, Soliciting means prostitution, so the two were confused about the problem in the Alamo DraftHouse.  Although it means no attempting to sell anything, at least in American, the two lit up when I made the comparison about selling something and a true salesman will have to sell himself as well.  I cannot lie, these two are adorable and bicker like sisters should and it is even better when you get to be the vocal point of their fun battles.  Dream come true!!!

I also bumped into Kane Hodder and Sid Haig, literally, but did not get a chance to try and chat them up. Kane was rushing over to his table to get his signing underway, while Sid was being a gentleman and holding the door open for the woman who was assigned to him. I must admit, I did feel small next to both of them, even for the short time I was next to them.  And I was envious of Sid’s beard at the time, it was much longer than I expected it to be on Friday night.  I also got a chance to chat with Jeffrey Reddick for many couple minute sessions.  He is still doing well and his Dead Awake project is in the final stages of editing, so keep an eye out for it, I promise you it will be fantastic.  

It is hard to get the Mile High Horror Film Festival out of my head and I don’t think that it is a bad thing at all.  I was happy to be able to check out some films this year and I will have to start doing more of that as next year’s event is being planned.  I cannot get over how great the guests are and they seem to get better every year, (no offense to any of the previous year’s guests, not at all).  One thing I love about this event and say every year is that is one of the few events that you get to meet your favorite stars and they will take the time to get to know you, especially if you show up for more than one day.  Mile High Horror Film Festival has found something special here and as long as it keeps coming back, I will be there as much as I possibly can to support it. Stay Scared!

Some of the Cast and Crew from "Even Lambs Have Teeth".

Written by John Edward Betancourt

You have to admit that horror films are the stuff of magic. I say that because this is a genre that elicits so much emotion and debate from the people that enjoy the films that it happens to produce. A great example of this, you either love them or hate them and you are always willing to explain why you cannot get enough of them or why you despise them. 

Yet we are all united by horror by one single emotion, fear. These are motion pictures that scare the living hell out of us. If you're a big fan of horror it may not terrify you like it used to, but the fact that they were able to reach that primal fear within you...is why you love them. On the flip side, if you despise horror films...it's because of the fact they make your skin crawl and leave you heading to bed with the lights on. 

That kind of unity is rare and the fact we have all shared some kind of experience with horror is the sole reason that we in Denver celebrate the genre as a whole once a year at the Mile High Horror Film Festival. This annual tradition, now being hosted by the amazing Alamo Drafthouse is a wonderland for horror fans and fans of conventions alike. Every year, legendary stars from the genre come to town to say hello to the fans that have enjoyed their films for years and initiate a new generation of horror lovers to the amazing work they helped bring to life. 

Horror is a genre that I have had around me for most of my life, one that I celebrate every chance that I get and I'm getting chills just writing this because this festival is now underway and I cannot wait to head down to the Alamo for a reunion of people that love the genre as much as I do. Some of the folks appearing this weekend are now friends and that's what makes this convention so magical...it goes beyond our bond in the genre, these are simply great people that you want to spend time with as often as possible. 

I'm so looking forward to seeing horror legends Jonathan Tiersten and Jeffrey Reddick. I'm looking forward to meeting scream queen Linnea Quigley and I cannot wait to see what incredible art Robert Elrod and Kevin Gentilcore have set up at their tables for our eyes to feast upon.  But most importantly, I'm looking forward to simply enjoying a wonderful weekend with fans that understand the magic of horror. I can't wait to see all of you there this weekend and if you haven't been to this one before, I invite you to come down to the Drafthouse and check it out. 

Shae's Day Three Thoughts
It's sad to say that the con is officially over, and for us three geeks it's an 8 hour trip home. But, we're not leaving empty handed. I'm not going to lie, some of us may have bought a bit more than we needed. With a total of 15 POP figures between us, some really awesome new art, and a Keyblade, I don't think any of us are complaining. 

The Dealer's Room is always my favorite place to hang out in, but it's not the only part of a con I love. There was a plethora of events for goers to attend. From panels on writing and publishing, to celebrity guest panels, the whole experience was an amazing one. The last night of SLCC had the coveted costume contest that so many cosplayers and non-cosplayers look forward to see.

The chance for those to show off their talent in costume and prop construction is always a favored event. This year was no different. For me personally, it was awesome because a friend entered and won second place with her group! Which, is kind of a big deal! While it is a competition of skill, it's also fun! Some groups perform skits, while other individuals give a show. Either why, it's a chance for many talented costumes to strut their stuff and show their abilities.

For my first out of state convention in a long time, SLCC has left a lot of memories with me. This con had so much going on and so many great experiences, and not to mention the POP figures! It's a double edged sword when a con is over, however, we all have next year to look forward to.

Mattie's Day Three Thoughts
I’m sad that Salt Lake Comic Con is now over. It was a weekend filled with lots of walking and Pop! figurines. Let me tell you, there were a ton of them and Shae and I went a little crazy for every vendor there who had them. We even brought John into this. I can’t remember how many we bought or what we bought at this point in time, but what I can remember is that we got the Frozen Fever Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. I guess they had just come out two days ago and this vendor got them in a shipment, SO they were the only ones to have it. Needless to say, we picked them up right away.

On top of that though, we got to walk around the artist area a little bit. Shae and I did buy a ton of art. This one vendor had Steven Universe art, where he had Steven with Rose Quartz, Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Jasper with Peridot and Ruby with Sapphire. He gave us an incredible deal…and now we have all of them with no place to put them in our house. This will be fun finding what to do with them. We also had the privilege to meet a very talented artist and his father who was helping him sell his work. They’re quite adorable and his work can be found at thetonus.com. It was really cool to meet local Salt Lake artists. 

Though, I have to say that the celebrity photo ops were my favorite, because we got to meet Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans! Somehow, we got to get a picture taken with Sebastian Stan three times which I’m sure was going to make Shae pass out. The first time we held our breath and went for it. The second time, we ran into our friend Lessa who was scared to do it on her own and had accidentally bought two photo ops. So, we did it again. THEN we had our group photo op with him and Chris and I think he recognized us. We each took a hold of our celebrity crushes and Sebastian was ALL up on the hugging of the Shae. Chris…wasn’t so much. Whatever, I looked cute anyways. I also met Chris for an autograph before and I wanted to tell him that The Losers was my favorite movie and all that came out was, “I CAME ALL THE WAY FROM COLORADO TO SEE YOU!” Good job Mattie, you failed.

Over all, it was a fun weekend. Now to head back into a car for EIGHT hours to come back home. I don’t want to, but I have no choice. 


Written by Scotty

While the group is off at Salt Lake City Comic Con, I will be home preparing for my favorite event of the year, the Mile High Horror Film Festival. Now, I know that this is not one of the biggest events in the area, but it does give me a chance to rub elbows with some of the faces that have haunted my dreams for years. I have always found that it is better to face your fears head on, but when you get to see that some of the most frightening characters in movies are just down to earth individuals like you and me, well, you have to respect them even more.

One of the special events that is going on this year will be the 90th Anniversary screening of The Phantom of the Opera with Q&A with the great Lon Chaney’s great grandson, Ron Chaney who is no stranger to the industry.  Lon Chaney has been a fixture in everyone’s horror collection if they know the name or not setting the bar higher for anyone that has wanted to be frightened in the past or present.  It is easy to think that this event will just be run of the mill, but there is talk about a lifetime achievement award for Lon as well, I cannot wait to see this.

One of the things that this event has done over the years is bring some of the greatest names in horror to our doorstep and the first guest that was announced being Linnea Quigley, I was already making plans to show up.  If you do not know Linnea Quigley, you better start doing your research and watching some movies as she has been in over a hundred movies and is a scream queen that should just be great to meet.  I know her from The Return of the Living Dead where she played a character named Trash who had the deep dark fantasy of being eaten alive.  This was one of my favorite foreshadowing moments in a zombie movie, since her wish came true.

Kane Hodder will also be in attendance this year and I believe it is his second time at the festival.  With Hatchet and Hatchet II playing, he will be doing some Q&A sessions afterwards and that should be nothing short of a good time.  I have enjoyed watching these movies when they came onto Netflix, along with Exit to Hell with our buddy Tiffany Shepis.  This is one of those actors you never know what to expect from since he is no slouch when it comes to size and every time you see him on screen, he commands it.  Stay tuned on how this works out for someone that never even made it to six feet tall.

Sid Haig has also been announced.  That’s right our favorite clown, Captain Spaulding will be in attendance this year and I could not be happier.  Although I have seen him in several more movies, more than people would even admit to watching, he will be doing some Q&A after the screenings of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.  Two movies I will have to check out again since I really do like them.  If I had one question to ask him, it would have to be if he had a fear of clowns and if he ran and hid after looking in the mirror when the makeup was applied, I know I would.  But with so many great movies under his belt, it would be great to hear some of his stories about how the industry has changed and what he thinks about how horror is becoming mainstream once again and his role in helping to make it happen.

Now who else will be there?  Neil Marshall will be in attendance.  If you don’t know who Neil Marshall, then you need to check out a movie called The Descent.  Something about being trapped in a cave has never been a highlight on any of my lists and this movie brings all of those fears to light, especially with something hunting you.  This was written and directed by Neil and I would just have to ask him what his motivation was behind it, because I remember going to Cave of the Winds as a young child and being freaked out of my mind when I heard howling that was ‘the wind’, but sure as heck did not sound like the wind.  He will be doing a Q&A after the screening of The Descent and will also have a short film featured in the very popular Tales of Halloween that has just added a second screening.  

Now what could I be forgetting?  I think I have everyone wrapped up, there will be some groups that are promoting their new movies, Tobin Bell who plays Jigsaw and is a talented writer. A music showcase that is going to be epic, my buddy Jeffrey Reddick who brought Final Destination to life and is working on his new product Dead Awake that looks freaking out of this world.  Who else?

Oh, I have never made it a secret that I am a bit obsessed with The Shining…have I?  If not, I will come out and say it.  I love the movie, I love the book and I love the TV miniseries.  It is my favorite story that has hit the three mediums and I will love it for years to come.  Well anyway, three characters of the movie will be making an appearance this year.  Lisa and Louise Burns, the TWINS, ‘Come Play With Us Danny’ will be at MHHFF!  Joseph Turkel, Lloyd the best bartender west of the Mississippi will be at MHHFF!  Say what?  If you even had a bit of understanding how much I loved this movie, hopefully you can grab on to this, I LOVE THIS MOVIE and cannot wait to see the occupants of the Overlook Hotel in person.  It has been years, but I wonder if they know how much that The Stanley Hotel is trying to capitalize on what they helped make into movie magic.  We are talking about my favorite horror movie and I don’t think you will hear my say otherwise.  While others come close, this one has always stayed very near and dear to my heart.

Well, there you go. This is the lineup for MHHFF.  This is going to be a great year once again and after last year I thought that it would be hard to beat, but as long as the stars align, this year is shaping up to be epic.  With plenty of guests, stars, and don’t even try to forget about the movies, if you have one bone in your body that likes horror, you will love this.  Last year most of the movies sold out on Monday, so make sure to get your tickets early for anything that you want to see, or else you may be left blowing in the wind while it passes you by.  Hope to see you all there, I know that I cannot wait.

So, we literally drove 8 hours from Denver to Salt Lake and I have to say, it was well worth it. This is my first time coming to this con, and I might be completely hooked. If you missed the video blogs I did for Facebook, I was a bit excited. Granted, I haven't road tripped since I was a kid, but this was the best idea ever. Not only did we make some fun memories hitting up some attractions, we also got to get here just in time to con it up.

Thursday offered the mother load of all Dealer Room scores, the Funko POP! booth. I was lucky enough to find the elusive Age Of Ultron Black Widow POP to complete my collection. Not to mention, lots of pictures and good fun. Sadly, Thursday had to end a bit early, I may have worked the night before and was seriously in need of naps. But we were up early for Friday! Sliding in just at opening I can't even explain the feeling. There's something about the excitement of a new con and the rush of getting in as the doors open. It was so fantastic to see all the cosplayers, the kids that were dressed and just as excited as the parents, and all the other amazing people.

Friday was the day of making new friends. Mattie and I had some photo ops and autographs to get, and it was the perfect day for it. There's a fantastic camaraderie that goes along with being in line to meet the same celebrity idol. It's also the common love of all nerdy things. People were so nice and welcoming here. Despite a crowded con, everyone was willing to offer answers to questions, give directions, and of course geek out with. The day was spent making new friends in lines, bonding, and laughing so much. When you're in line for so much time, it's hard not to talk to the people around you.

So far, SLCC has been an amazing experience. With good people, great guests, and a list of exciting panels, it's not hard to find something for anyone. There is so much in the Dealer's Room. The first thing I bought was from a favorite artist of mine, Jason Meents. And then it was a day of POP! figures, and even a Keyblade. The pictures turned out great, and meeting our favorite guests was so amazing. I have to say, SLCC blew me out of the water with how much fun this con has been so far. I knew it would be, I just didn't expect it to blow me away! I'm so excited for the last day. It's always sad for a con to come to a close, but it's also nice to still have one more day to look forward to.

The first day of the con you can always feel the electricity in the air. The fans buzzing with anxious energy waiting for the doors to open with passes tight in hand. The staff racing about making sure everything is in place to ensure the best experience for every congoer in attendance. Just how many will there be this year? We will see, but at this moment, as the doors give way to the stampede of enthusiastic fans it is day one of Salt Lake Comic Con 2015 and it’s off with a bang.

Thursday is the lighter of the three days by far, but doesn’t mean it’s any less significant as demonstrated by the volume of people through the door. I have not seen numbers for the day yet but from being bounced around in the dealer room I would have to say it was close to max capacity. Today wasn’t about the dealer room however, that’s being saved for tomorrow the focus was really on the cons founders and the stellar celebrity lineup for this season (For full lineup of this seasons guests, go here). The press conference started with introductions from none other than the Animaniacs (Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille). I never get enough of this trio to be honest as they got the crowd warmed up and excited for this year’s event speaking in the all too familiar voices that calls back to the roots of everyone’s childhood. 

Once every body was on their feet filling the hall with cheers and screams for more the founders of Salt Lake Comic Con, Dan Farr and Brian Brandenburg took the stage. I have been to a lot of con’s over the years, all across the country some good and some not so good and the deciding factor to that I believe has always been on the people at the top. I have been to cons that you never see the ones in charge, some figure head in an office, like Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget. I have to say with all honesty that these two individuals are not only in the thick of it but doing everything in their power to see every attendee walks away with the best experience possible.

As they spoke to all of the media and congoers in the main hall you could see the pride and love for the con they have built and their joy was overflowing like a parent before the start of its third year. To these two pioneers it was more about the family they had put together than the record smashing numbers of the previous years. They spoke of visiting other conventions, seeing the opportunities and building upon them to grant the smoothest and most engaging environment possible.  It was also a chance for them to honor the true heroes, the military and first responders that were gathered on the stage with them. 

Along with them were some of the best cosplayers, local and across the country to say thank you for your service and serve as an inspiration to us all, the ones that run towards the danger not away from it. Once finished it was time to bring on the guests that people had travelled across the country to see. From the expansive line up those that had arrived were called out by name to cheers and camera flashes to wrap up the media conference. That’s when they took it a step further and the first time I have ever seen this done. Along the front of the stage were tables for the stars to sit at as the media was invited to stop and talk with the celebrities. Encouraged to ask questions but keep it short so everyone would have a chance to ask questions, absolute genius.

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to bring as we head to the dealer room and artist alley where I have already ran onto a few familiar faces; but that will be a story for another day.