Written by Mattie

The Denver Comic Con/Breckenridge Brewery launch party for their newest concoction, the Hulk's Mash went off without a hitch this past Friday. It was held at the 1up Colfax location which is the perfect nerdy location for anyone with a hankering for playing videogames. Even Shae and I played some games, it was a blast.

Yet this is just the beginning for festivities this month. We are three weeks away from the event of the year, that’s right Denver Comic Con is just around the corner. However, there are several major events to get excited about this coming Memorial Day weekend that everyone should know about.

Starting on Friday, May 22nd at 6:30pm there will be the Opening Ceremonies where after a word from the wonderful people at Pop Culture Classroom and a few words from Mayor Hancock as well, there will be a party. The Protomen and MC Lars will be taking the stage and we will dance our way into the start of Denver Comic Con 2015. Anyone with a badge of any kind including a single day pass will be admitted into the party.

Plus if you haven't heard, for all of you Weird Science/ John Hughes fans, the Weird Science reunion between Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchel-Smith and Kelly LeBrock will be hosted on a panel on Saturday. On top of that there will be surprise guests.

Saturday night however will be the Denver Comic Con Official After Party at the Hard Rock Café on 16th Street. From 9pm to 2am you can dance, play videogames, drink and even participate in a costume contest and giveaway! Its 10 dollars to get in and you can purchase tickets at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/official-denver-comic-con-afterparty-sponsored-by-tentacle-kitty-tickets-16337199002 Tickets are going fast!

On Sunday, it’s the event that all cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts look forward. It is the Cosplay Shindig where local and national cosplayers come together to compete and show off their latest creations. During intermission, the band Hello McFly will perform.

On Monday though at 4pm, Denver Comic Con will be hosting its first wedding. The Bride will be dressed as Daenerys the Mother of Dragon from Game of Thrones while the groom will be dressed as Batman. Anyone is welcomed to help these two celebrate their happy day and DCC is even thinking that there were be a few surprise guests who will also congratulate the happy couple.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday though at the 5280 stage above the Bellco Theater, there will be bands preforming from the opening of the convention till 11pm at night. These bands are “rated PG” and teens are encouraged to visit and hang out any time with or without parents.

These are so far the major events that will be happening throughout the convention. I am counting down the days to Denver Comic Con 2015 ladies and gentlemen. It’s going to be a wild ride. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Growing up in the 1980's, I always relished Friday afternoons because my family would hop in the car after everyone was home from school and work and head over the video store to stock up on VHS movies to watch over the entire weekend. We would snag the Friday Night Family Movie and then the kids were allowed to grab one movie to enjoy as well.  

It was in the late 80's that I found myself on a massive science fiction kick and anything that looked like it remotely related to science came home with me, including at one point, a movie that was aptly titled Weird Science. It wasn't quite as perfect science fiction wise as the other films I was watching at the time, but there was something special when it came to this film because I was glued to the screen the entire time. Granted, I didn't quite get all of the jokes at the time, but it was a movie I came to revisit many times over the years because let's face it...this is a fantastic motion picture.  

The best part is, I'm not alone when it comes to that opinion, Weird Science has become a cult motion picture as the years have gone by, one that so many people respect and love and when you achieve that kind of epic level, respect is paid out in full when you have a convention like Denver Comic Con in the mix because they have announced that at this year's convention, there will be a Weird Science reunion to celebrate the film's 30th Anniversary. 

Yes, that's right, original cast members Anthony Michael Hall (“Gary Wallace”), Ilan Mitchell-Smith (“Wyatt Donnelly”) and Kelly LeBrock ("Lisa") will take the stage here in Denver to no doubt share their memories of making this iconic motion picture, and Denver Comic Con has promised that there will be some special surprise guests thrown into the mix as well for this reunion. In fact, that somehow makes this event even more special because man...with DCC's track record of pulling in big names who knows what other cast member from the film could walk on the stage with those two fine gentlemen. 

To top it off, this is an event that doesn't require a special ticket or admission, it's one that is included with admission to Denver Comic Con 2015 and if you haven't snagged your tickets yet, head on over to their site to get one. Bear in mind that three day passes are currently sold out, but single day passes are still available. Either way, this is another amazing event put together at DCC and one that I am going to make every effort to see. May 23rd can't get here quick enough! 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It is undoubtedly the dream of any actor to be remembered for playing the perfect role. Not only does the actor get the chance to bring a character to life, but they do such a phenomenal job of doing it, that their likeness becomes the character, and you cannot imagine anyone else in that role.

That is the kind of elite status that actor Mitch Pileggi has enjoyed in his career, one that is rich to say the least. In fact Mitch has managed to land roles in several big time shows. He played Commissioner Gordon in The Batman. He spent some time on Stargate: Atlantis, Supernatural and most recently he has guest starred on Grey's Anatomy and Sons of Anarchy.  

But out of all of his many roles, the one that gives Mitch instant recognition was his portrayal of FBI Assistant Director Walter Skinner on The X-Files. In fact this is also the role that has been with Mitch the longest, since he played the iconic character from 1994-2002 on the series and it was recently announced that he would be reprising his role for the revival of the series that will be coming to Netflix soon.  

Oh, and I almost forgot, this fan favorite actor, one that many of us grew up watching on The X-Files is coming to Denver Comic Con 2015. After all, DCC is all about having iconic actors come to the Mile High City to celebrate their work with their many, many fans and this is just another example of how great a job they do in landing some top tier talent. 

I mean seriously, Mitch is a massive addition to this year's convention, and Denver Comic Con just keeps upping their game year after year, bringing some giant names to the Colorado Convention Center.  I know I'm looking forward to meeting Mitch at his table and I can't wait to see what other amazing names the DCC staff still have up their sleeve. It really is going to be an incredible year.  


Written by John Edward Betancourt

There truly was a different feel to StarFest this year, one that continued to grow as the final day of the convention arrived on Sunday. The bittersweet sorrow we all pushed down into the depths of our souls over the fact that the con was changing venues quickly found its way to the top of our minds as we all settled in for those last minute dashes for deals in the vendor room or to make sure to say our goodbyes to our con family. 

I watched the smiles begin to fade as the seconds ticked down toward closing ceremonies, or as people started the process to check out of their rooms because the reality of the situation began to settle in, there was a real chance that some of our friends might not make it to the new venue next year. Our old traditions and habits would have to change because StarFest for so many has become an annual way of life, planned out to a tee every single year. Heck, I'm guilty of it myself, because it's rare I don't find myself grabbing a cup of coffee before getting to work.  

It's those little things we don't think of when it comes to a convention like this, all the things we settle into routine wise because that's simply how it goes when you know where the con will be every single year, know every nook and cranny of the hotel that you're staying at because as I've heard it expressed many times by many people going to StarFest...it always feels like home. The talk that the con would be returning after next year grew throughout the weekend and it sounds like the DTC Marriott is undergoing renovations, and that will change the feel of our mini home away from home.  In many ways, StarFest will never be the same...this Sunday truly served as a goodbye to the old era of this con and we all had to prepare ourselves for the new era that now awaited us.  

In fact I was reminded of many a geeky moment as I wandered these halls once again.  I was instantly transported back to the series finale of Battlestar Galactica where Admiral Adama was taking one last look at the old girl from space before leaving her behind, because well...that's what I found myself doing. Going from place to place, taking the whole thing in this one final time before it changed forever. Letting my mind wander as memories of laughter and wonderful times washed over me.  Those last few hours at StarFest served as a fine reminder, that nothing quite lasts forever, and while it may not be the same...our friends still make this place home, and our friends still make the experience worth every single second. 

Either way, I think yesterday, despite the fact that we now face a new era of memories and laughter, and we do it with the zest and zeal that only geeks can do, we all felt like the Tenth Doctor moments before regeneration. For as registration came down, as the atrium emptied out and the silence settled in, we all felt the change coming, we all said our own special goodbye and at some point we all uttered those important and heartbreaking words...I don't want to go.  Until next year my friends...


Written by John Edward Betancourt

One would think that being a little over a month away from a major convention that at this point we would no longer be hearing guest announcements. Instead, it would be time for us fans to begin making our final prep for the weekend, get those cosplays or superhero shirts ready and game plan all the celebrities and panels we would want to see.

But as it turns out Denver Comic Con has other plans in mind. As we start our final prep, they continue to shower us with gifts upon gifts, announcing more guests at a breakneck speed and over the weekend DCC made it known that another awesome guest would be gracing the halls of the Colorado Convention Center...Manu Bennett.

Manu is another rising star in Hollywood, having first garnered the attention of fans everywhere by playing Crixus on Spartacus: Gods of the Arena and Spartacus: War of the Damned. His fine work on Starz! allowed him to land an incredible opportunity to work with Peter Jackson, since Manu was featured in all three parts of the Hobbit trilogy as Azog.
But he is of course most recognizable for his work as Slade Wilson a.k.a. Deathstroke on the hit show Arrow. 

Manu is truly another fine addition to the amazing lineup at Denver Comic Con 2015 and one that will undoubtedly have a huge autograph line, heck I know Mattie has been talking non stop about the fact that he is coming and I'm certain plenty more of you out there are as excited as she is! 

I love how DCC is just bringing amazing guests in at a rapid fire pace, and I honestly cannot wait to see who else they will be announcing in the coming days as Denver Comic Con draws near.


Written by Shae

Starfest 2015 has come and struck with a vengeance. The con kicked off with a bang Friday night and Saturday was just as special. With lines forming everywhere, people were ready to meet our beloved Guests and get autographs, pictures, and most importantly of all, memories. For me, Starfest has always been about building memories, making friendships, and having those amazing moments. I've said before, Starfest is a family reunion, but with only the fun stuff! It feels like going home, which is why hearing that Starfest wouldn't be held at the Marriott DTC next year, I nearly cried. Fear not! The con goes on, but the moving of venues is something I am personally struggling with.

Hard to believe a place can have such an impact on a person. Cons move around, and this i know, but for some reason, Starfest moving is a very sad thing. While the con and people will be the same. As well as the abundance of panels and congoings... it will feel strange to be anywhere different. However, Starfest may not be moving forever, and there's a chance it will be back. Has our con gotten so big? I dare say, the steady stream of people I saw today would attest to that! As always, the costumes are my favorite part. It's the love, care, and countless hours spend over a costume that makes them so amazing. Whether you're a beginner or pro, everyone can appreciate the effort and lengths people go to on their costumes. It's not that hard to see why cosplayers are so passionate, a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and swears go into making a costume. A lot of the time, it's all about trial and error. In my case, it's a lot of error, and mostly cooking dinner for Mattie, the world's best friend ever. 

Costume Contests allow cosplayers the opportunity to show off their work. Being judged by peers is one thing, but being judged by your geeky peers can be a completely different story. What I love most about costume contests are their over all support. The love we shower on those brave enough to take the stage is sometimes overwhelming. I've been in a small handful of costume contests myself, and I can't say I'm a pro, but I can say it takes some serious guts to get on that stage. To do it in order to have your work carefully scrutinized is another story! I love seeing those who do, and it's a Starfest Tradition to attend! The more i get into Cosplay, the more I seriously consider competing. Hey, we're nerds, we can be competitive too! I guarantee we're more competitive than most! Especially when it comes to our skills!

But, not all compete for prizes and titles. No, some of the most amazing cosplays can be found on the con floor itself. A costume contest isn't for all, and many cosplayers strut their stuff to bring joy to us geeks! Admittedly, we may even be fanatical fans about some cosplays! Yet, not all artists express themselves in the world of fabric and props. In the art room you can find an array of artistic work that many a fellow nerd has done. Sculptures, paintings, and even various crafts can be found here. Down in the model room is a whole other world of fantastical art, let us not forget Artist Alley, where the artists we love being us both amazing fan art and stunning originals. Perhaps that's the draw to Starfest, the many different avenues we get to explore. Local and outside artists of all kinds come together to share with us their works. Along with Author Alley which is a plethora of novels written by many a local and national writer; all waiting to be devoured by our very eyes. 

There's something for everyone at Starfest, which is a work of art itself. For years, this con has been a focal point for many. People fly in all over the world just to come to this con. While that's true of many, I feel Starfest has a bit of a different feeling to it. This past Saturday, I saw just how much people love being here. Thankfully it's not over just yet! We still have today to stave off our goodbyes! 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Ah StarFest, Denver's longest running science fiction convention.  It's a con that I hold near and dear simply because of the fact that it was the first convention I had ever attended in my life and over the past few years I've had the grand honor of covering this convention and going behind the scenes to unearth its rich history.

Those thoughts are important as we come to this particular StarFest. Because over the years, I've met many incredible people at this convention. People I am so proud to still call friends and that I enjoy seeing when I run into them at various places on the con floor and take the time to say hello and see how everyone is doing. After all, in many ways StarFest feels like a family reunion and that's one of the many wonderful things about this convention.

But there was a different feel to the entire convention when I stepped through the doors this year, a certain sense of sadness hanging over the entire event as I picked up my registration packet and it only took a few moments for me to see why as I came across the flyer for StarFest 2016...complete with the address for the alternate hotel that the con would be at next year. In fact it was the talk to the con as the evening went on, some had heard rumors this was coming, others were simply shocked but we were all of the same opinion, this is a big deal. 

Now I've heard through the pipeline that this may be a temporary move, and I most certainly hope it is, but whether or not the con returns to this particular hotel, we have to recognize the fact that this is the end of an era when you truly think about it. All those memories, the comfort and feel, it all gets disrupted by this change and while StarFest will no doubt continue on and be the great time that it always has, there's something strange in knowing we have to change venues next year. 

But while it will seem strange to be wandering around another hotel next year, there is a silver lining to all of this. There were still smiles on everyone's faces for people are pushing their concerns away and enjoying the moment. After all, there are still laughs to be had and memories to be made and it's clear that everyone is planning on making this another incredible weekend and a proper farewell to the current era and that kind of positivity and joy should make for one amazing day at the con. 

StarFest starts today everyone! Who all is as excited as I am?! However, as I mentally prepare for what I need to accomplish before we get to the hotel, it's good to have a checklist of what to bring in order to have the most pleasant con experience as possible.

For starters, hygiene is a must. It's my most valued thing when it comes to having a good convention experience. Have you ever walked into a stink cloud of grossness and you just want to puke? I have, multiple times. Believe me; I end up running up to my con room to cake on the deodorant to make sure that I don't smell that way. Heck, my partner in crime Shae is the same way. It's easy to skip a shower, but it's so much more awesome at a con when people don't.

On top of that, sleep and airborne is always a must. I know its party central on these convention weekends, and I love to partake in it all however I hate getting con crud. It exists and is a pain, especially when you have to head to work the next day. So if you can, get plenty of sleep and stock up on that preventative stuff. Then there’s the food and snacks. Junk food, for me is always a must. Chips, Cheetos and candy are my junk food musts. However, now it’s down to the hard part. Do I bring healthy alternatives too and take up space in the tiny fridge instead of housing alcohol? It’s such a dilemma.

However, Lunchables, sandwich fixings and things that are good cold will suffice. I may even bring a box of cereal and my almond milk for breakfast. Just, alternatives so I don’t spend so much money on food for this convention. And then there’s the alcohol. I’m making my awesome Jell-O shots. They’re tasty and made with pineapple vodka. Shooters are also awesome and easy to pack. Now what goes best with alcohol, snacks, a convention and friends? Cards Against Humanity, always. I love making people laugh with that game. It’s a fun, awkward time where you learn more about your friends then you thought you would like to know about them.

Most importantly of all, bring a good, fun attitude. It sucks to have a party pooper at a convention, so bring your happy face a join us at StarFest 2015! Can’t wait to see you all there!


Written by Shae

I've actually been going to this con for several years now; I'm sure most of you know that story. This con will always hold a special place in my heart as it was my first ever, sci-fi based convention. Sure, I'd been to many an anime con before, but never had I ventured into sci-fi conventions. Is there a difference? Yes and no. It's complicatedly beautiful! I admit, sci-fi cons stole my heart and whisked me away. 

Not only have I not looked back since, but I've been blown away by the utter awesomeness that is Starfest. While this con hold a sentiment with me, I know many others share it. For some, this is a convention they've been going to for years. For others, this is even their first time going. No matter the occasion Starfest is one of the most amazing places to spend a weekend at. I know for me, it's a stay-cation worth going to every year.

This year, I has been ambitious in my costume choices. And sometimes, that can bite you in the butt. Sadly, I didn't get two of the cosplays I had been planning done, but that doesn't mean they won't happen. This con is one of fun, for me. Despite not having the costumes I wanted done, I have a few others I've decided to put together. Liza, from Gotham, is one I wasn't planning on doing. The girlfriend of Don Falcone seemed like a great excuse to buy a gorgeous new wig! So, you know, that happened. And while Boomer seemed like a wonderful Cosplay to do, time was not on my side and I didn't have a chance to get her done. In her place, I'll be going as Castiel, well, girl Castiel. 

I've never actually cosplayed Cas before, but hey! First time for everything, and I surprisingly had the outfit already. I did not forget Vidia. I'm working on her at work as we speak! she's an absolute delight and I can't believe I'm actually going to pull this off. A huge thank you goes to Mattie for all the work she did and Kendra for doing to framing of the Wings and so much more. Without either of you, I couldn't be pulling off this costume at all. I'm rather lucky to have the friends I do!

Perhaps that is the most astounding thing of Starfest. It feels like a family reunion. Only, one you actually enjoy going to. We have all come to know each other over the years, and the family bond of nerdom has strung us together. The love we share for the nerdiness of any fandom has given us a reason to become friends. I'm not always the most social person, but when t comes to Starfest, I'm dying to go. Today kicks off the con, and you better believe we'll be there as soon as we can. The adventures that await us, and the fun that's bound to be had, are what's made this week tolerable! I'm so excited to see everyone, both old and new, and create some new memories.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It takes a convention run by super fans to understand how convention goers think. We as fans know that there are certain things in the geek world that only work if you have the complete set, and coming hot of the heels of the Arthur Darvill announcement, Denver Comic Con proved just how well they understand that fact...by bringing Rory's better half to Denver as well.

Yes, my fellow Comiconians and Whovians...Karen Gillan will be arriving in the Mile High City this year for DCC2015 and man, these announcements continue to impress me because Karen is quickly becoming one of Hollywood's hottest stars.

Obviously we all know her as Amy Pond from her long and impressive run on Doctor Who but since she departed that show courtesy of the evil Weeping Angels she has taken film and television by storm, landing the role of Nebula in the ultra smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy. 

But it doesn't end there for Karen, she has even branched out into other genres than Science Fiction, taking a role in the horror film Oculus and landing the leading role in the 2014 sitcom Selfie. Plus she has plenty of other projects lined up, and you'll find her in the upcoming feature films; The List, In a Valley of Violence and she has an upcoming mini series on the horizon, The Devil You Know. 

But for us fans, this is another big name for Denver Comic Con, and I love that these amazing announcements just keep coming! I can't wait to see the Ponds reunited on the stage and I also can't wait to see what else DCC has planned for us!