Wow is it that time already? Happy Star Wars Friday everyone hope you had a great week. Last weekend the Girls of Geek team spent a fun but, exhausting weekend covering the first Denver Comic Con. Seeing that I am the Star Wars Girl I thought it appropriate I write what cool Star Wars things I ran into at the con.

First, let’s talk about the Star Wars Experience. There were a long row of Star Wars booths at Denver Comic Con. The 501st, Rebel Legion, Mountain States R2D2 Builders, and the Mandalorian Mercs all showed up in their Star Wars glory. They provided great entertainment for all con goers.

501st of course had wonderful Stormtroopers and T-Fighter costumes you know how much I love trooper uniforms. They also had a booth set up where you could “shoot” a stormtrooper that was a booth I couldn’t pass up and I have to say I shot him square in the head.

Rebel Legion had cardboard cut outs of Star Wars characters and a great display of handmade Star Wars helmets, costumes, and weapons. Of course everyone’s favorite R2D2 unit was there along with his pals from the Mountain States R2D2 Builders. I was delighted to see some Mandalorain armor form the Mandalorian Mercs I hope they return next year they had some great armor.

As far as Star Wars costumes I noticed varies Jedis but, one costume that stood out was a couple. The man was dressed as Princess Leia and the woman was dressed as Han Solo very cool. I also heard that the Bantha made an appearance but, I unfortunately missed that. I have to say Star Wars fans know how to do costumes.

The biggest surprise for me was when I tried out Sci Fi Speeding Dating. My one question I asked potential dates do they like Star Wars? Get this, most haven’t really watched the movies and if they had they hated the Prequels. Wow, I think we need to start educating people on Star Wars. Breaks my heart when they know more about Manga than Star Wars it’s just not right.

Overly it was a great time for us Star Wars fans. If you missed Denver Comic Con have no fear it will be returning next year and I hope Star Wars Experience will be as well.

May the Force be with you!

Check out my photos of all things Star Wars at Denver Comic Con. Also, check out the links to find out more information.

501st Mountain Garrison
Rebel Legion
The Mandalorian Mercs
Denver Comic Con
Denver Comic Con was my first con and I experienced a ton of amazing things including what is known as Artist Alley.  I knew that some amazing artists would be there including Amy Reeder, Katie Cook, and many other famous names but, I just couldn't figure out what they meant by Artist Alley and I couldn't wait to find out.

With so many people that attended Denver Comic Con you have to have an understanding that many of the popular artist’s booths would be jammed packed. However, from what I saw the artists never stopped working on sketches, autographs, or chatting with their fans. For instance I wasn't able to really chat with Katie Cook (Star Wars artist) but, I was able to watch her create sketches. Even though I wasn't able to chat with her at least I was able to watch her work.  Being able to watch up close an artist at work is a great experience.

I also spent a few moments talking with Amy Reeder who is the artist for Fool’s Gold and Madame Xanadu. She told me about an upcoming project she is working on and I was able to flip through her artists sketches. Sadly, for me she sold out on all her prints but, there is always next time. 

As for my experience at Artist Alley it was incredible.  Seeing the joy of fans as their favorite artist spoke with them and listening to artist explain how they create; it's art at work. I have to admit I was not familiar with all the artist present but, was able to learn more about them and find many new artists to admire. Which is what Artist Alley is all about admiring your favorite artist at work and finding new artist to appreciate.

Comics are still a new thing for me but, after spending time in Artist Alley I have come to appreciate comics and see them as art. A comic isn't just a comic but, a work of art. 

Life Under Construction Scooter Hughes & Liam Tigh
Being a huge supporter of local writers and artists I was thrilled to see a panel in which varies members of Webcomic Pioneers (a Colorado based webcomic creators group) would be discussing how to start your own webcomic. In the hopes of gathering some good information for our own site and maybe one day having my own webcomic I was really looking forward to it and I was not to be disappointed.

Robin Dempsey creator behind Ley Lines Comic lead the discussion along with Angi Mauri (Devil’s Cake), Scooter Hughes & Liam Tigh (Life Under Construction), Al Fukalek & Shawn Gustafson (The Specialists), and Kevin Gentilcore (Teenage Love Zombies). All panel members have created their own Webcomic websites and shared their experiences in the process of creating what is essentially a business.

The first one hour panel was Saturday in which they discussed some of the basics of getting started. Such topics as what web hosting companies to use, how many times to post, and creating a business plan were just a few of the topics discussed. One interesting topic that came up was is your webcomic a hobby or a job? Most panel members stated that it was a mixture of both, though it takes a lot of dedication and should be handled like a business. To be honest this made me realize that I had a lot to learn in getting started in this type of work. Most people have no idea the process it takes to get to where these panel members are today. For most of them it took a good five years to really see progress. They shared with us the mistakes they made along the way and what to avoid doing. Excellent advice for those just starting on their webcomics.

The final panel was held Sunday and covered in more detail how to advertise your site, what products to sell, and how to interact with your readers. I particularly enjoyed this panel because we really got into a good discussion about keeping track of your finances, handling negative comments, and making friends with others who share similar sites.

Two one hour panels were not enough time to cover everything. I personally wouldn’t have minded a third panel. However, they did hand out very informative booklets and all panel members were willing to answer your questions after the panel. 

This was also a great way to find some more amazing webcomics to read and it made me realize that there is a large group of writers that need our support here in Colorado. Below I have added links to all panel members’ websites and where to find Webcomic Pioneers.
Webpioneers -  Make Sure To Like Them On Facebook!

Devil's Cake -
Angi Mauri

Goblin Boy -
by Chris Ridge

Ley Lines -
Robin Dempsey

Life Under Construction -
 Scooter Hughes & Liam Tigh

The Specialists -
Al Fukalek & Shawn Gustafson

Teenage Love Zombies -
 Kevin Gentilcore


The Specialists Al Fukalek & Shawn Gustafson
Teenage Love Zombies Kevin Gentilcore

Written by:  John 

It was a unique day at Denver Comic Con on Sunday.  This is the day at a convention where energy is low as the majority of con goers do their best to forge ahead after a grueling Saturday schedule.  This is the day that seems to have less attendees as since the day before was the one where so many came to divide and conquer.

But this was not the case. 

The energy in the air continued to carry over from the day before as people moved about with purpose, their spirits high and a spring in their step.  While the morning started off a little slow, it did not take long to see the autograph lines pick up just moments before the exhibit hall became the primary hub of activity. 

What made this day unique was that the glow from spending time at Denver’s First Comic Con continued to radiate as we all realized that at long last, we had a convention of our own. 

Yet as the day continued along a foreboding chill began to fill the air as the end of the con drew near.  

This was a con that it seems no one wanted to end.  The reward of our patience to finally see a convention this big grace our fair city made its conclusion just that much harder to swallow.  But the announcement that Stan Lee was the first signed guest made the pain of saying goodbye a little easier as since despite the fact that tomorrow will not include any insight from our favorite stars, or the opportunity to talk shop with the greats of comic book art, next year will be here sooner than we know it and the wait will be over once again.

With a first year convention running this smooth, with this many people in attendance, the bar has been set, the challenge laid down and there is no doubt in my mind that Denver Comic Con will rise to it and top our expectations the next time around.    
Day two at Denver Comic Con has come to an end, and boy was it an amazing day! The convention was in full swing this morning when the floor doors opened at 10am. Thousands of people wandered through the con floor and panel rooms today, and plenty of them were in costume! 

Tonight was the big costume shindig and it did not disappoint! There were 26 amazing entries, I would of had a hard time picking a favorite had I been a judge! There was an amazing Iron Man, a crowd pleasing Joker, and Robot & Washing Machine from Robot Chicken. The costumes varied from all different geeky genres, so there really was something for everyone!  We do have video from most all of the contestants in the shindig, so we will put together a costume video for you to enjoy! 

I had the pleasure of being on a Doctor Who panel today and I want to say thank you to everyone who made it down to listen to us! I'm sorry for those of you who came out and were unable to fit into the room. We would have loved to of had all of you Whovians join us! Don't forget that there is another Doctor Who panel on Sunday. It is a Doctor Who Trivia Panel at 1pm in Hyatt Capitol Room 3! 

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to the staff of Denver Comic Con. This convention has been amazing, and even though it is a first time for a comic convention in Denver, the way the staff is running/handling the convention has been first class. It really feels like they've been doing it for years and know what they are doing. I've only heard good things from attendees and guests alike! Keep up the good work Denver Comic Con Staff, we are all having a great time this weekend! 
Check out Robin Dempsey's Booth (140) at Denver Comic Con. Her first Ley Lines Volume I book comes in paperback or hardcover. You can also purchase bookmarks, posters, and have a chance to meet the talented author/artist. Kristy already has her copy! Check out Ley Lines 

Written by:  John

Comic Con has arrived, and for the first comic book themed convention to ever grace the City of Denver the future of seeing another one in the Mile High City, looks promising.  

People turned out in droves today to celebrate the wonder of comics book as the Colorado Convention Center opened its doors to let thousands of people in. The lines began forming early in the afternoon, and there was no shortage of cosplayers to kick off the event. 

As soon as six o’clock rolled around the excitement was palpable as the crowd made its way into the Exhibit Hall to view the massive amount of collectibles to purchase, see their favorite artists in Artists’ Alley or to snag an autograph from Tom Kane, Billy West or Neal Adams. 

I cannot stress enough when I say that thousands of people made their way through the hallowed halls of the convention center today, as a seemingly endless line of people moved in and out of the exhibit hall before settling in for day one programming.  

The pictures we have included should give you some scope of what today was like and it can only mean that tomorrow will bring out more people as the big stars hit the stage.  
Today at Denver Comic Con I attended the very popular Sci Fi Speeding Event hosted by Ryan Glitch.  You might remember Ryan Glitch from the popular show Geek Love which aired on TLC. Though the show only aired two episodes the event has quite a loyal fan base and I think I may know why.

Having never tried speed dating before and being the only single Girls of Geek’s member I was encouraged to give it a try. When I arrived I was very nervous but, Ryan Glitch was a funny host who also had complete control of the event. Along with his lovely wife I was put right at ease especially after he went over the rules. They will not allow any female attendees to be mistreated and they take this very seriously. So, right away you know it is a safe environment.

I also was left with the impression that Ryan Glitch truly enjoys what he does and cares that everyone has a great time. Once when I was waiting for the next “date” he looked over at me and asked if I was doing okay and I noticed he did that to several attendees. Dating is tough especially when your dating 15 men in less than an hour but, the people in charge of this event know what they’re doing and truly care.

Those single geeks here at Denver Comic Con should give Sci Fi Speed Dating a try. They will be at Denver Comic Con tomorrow in Room 104. Times show for the event are at 12:30 and one at 7pm. Even if you haven’t registered you might still be able to get in.

Yes, I know many of you are wondering about my experience so here it is. No one spoke to me in Jawa or Wookie and yes, I did ask if they loved Star Wars and played HALO.

Sci Fi Speed Dating Website: 
One of the many great things about conventions is the amazing lineup of panels you can choose from. One of the panels that I wanted to go to was tonight, the "Local Authors."  We have some amazing talent in Colorado as far as writers go and this panel did not disappoint. 

Peter Wacks talked about one of his new projects, telling fairytails with a steampunk twist. He also has an awesome book out, Second Paradigm. This book is unique in the fact that you can read the chapters in any order you please and still get the complete journey from beginning to end. Check out this link to order your copy:

David Boop had some amazing advice for upcoming and aspiring writers on the panel today. He told us a story about how for him personally, his novels didn't "click" until the third one. He is scared to go back and read his first two! He also suggested critique groups for you to be able to bounce your ideas and stories off other writers in order to get feedback on your work. One really interesting point that he made about having others read your work, ask them to tell you when they don't feel engaged in the story, when they are confused, or when something just isn't clicking. "When you get rid of the bad, the good will shine on its own." Be sure to check out David's work at 

Betsy Dornbusch had a great tip on self-publishing vs publishing. When you self-publish you have the control, when you turn your work over to a publishing company, even a small company, you will be giving up control of your novel. For some people. self-publishing is the way to go. Go with your gut, if something feels wrong, don't do it, and vise versa if something feels right, do it! To check out Betsy's work head on over to