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Last week we took a long look at Night of the Comet, a “hip” horror film homage with an end result that was nothing short of disastrous.  A good time in the wrong kind of way, and it is a film that merely scratches the surface of what hurt the horror genre years ago and continues to plague it today.

But while there are plenty of awful, awful horror films paying “tribute” to the institution’s history, there are a few that manage to get it just right.  Case in point is today’s B Movie Spotlight…Night of the Creeps

The film opens…in outer space, where an alien tries desperately to escape his fellow shipmates.  Something is obviously wrong with this particular alien, but he manages to hide long enough to send a metal tube, referred to as an “experiment” by one of the aliens pursuing him, into the void beyond.

Unfortunately that tube crash lands on earth in the year 1959.   Where a hapless frat boy gets too close to it and discovers that the cylinder is full of slug like creatures, and one is more than happy to leap into his mouth. 

Flash forward twenty-seven years and two young outcasts trying desperately to fit in by joining a fraternity are ordered as pledges to steal a body from the mortuary as a gag.  But in their search they discover that the man who swallowed a space slug has been cryogenically frozen and upon defrosting him, all hell begins to break loose.

It turns out the slugs reside within the brain which they use as a nest.  Technically the host is clinically dead during this process, but the little buggers can keep the host walking around, until the nest is ready to hatch. 

The bodies begin to pile up, forcing a Detective with a death wish and college student Chris to team to put a stop to the menace before the space slugs claim us all. 

What makes Night of the Creeps work so well is that for one, it plays the material straight.  It knows it is low budget, it knows it is saying hello to the films of yesterday and never once tries to tweak it or one up it.  That alone makes the movie worth watching, but it has something for every fan of the genre.

There is plenty of gore for the splatter hounds, a few genuine “edge of your seat” moments and some incredible one liners, all delivered by actor Tom Atkins at his best here playing Detective Ray Cameron.  But most important of all, you get a healthy dose of zombies and for those of you out there who do not enjoy dull moments, you won’t find any here. 

If you haven’t seen this one yet, get to it.  If you’re a collector, you need to own this.  Only due to the fact this is one of the rare times in film where everything just comes together.  



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