Written by Scotty

Keeping a loving relationship fresh and strong has to be one of the hardest things to do.  After being together for a number of years, trying to find something that will surprise your partner might be next to impossible as you know each other inside and out.  But that cannot be a good thing if the relationship has fallen on hard times, knowing that there is trouble and a possible wandering eye could drive anyone to madness.  Taking the vow, for better or worse, may not mean the same thing that it did when it was said.

Richard and his wife Della have fallen on hard times.  Even though Della seems to be happy in the relationship, she is keeping secrets from her husband and he is starting to suspect that she is running around on him.  Returning from a shopping trip with their old friend Alan, Della is sporting a new coat and although it is said to be a friendly gesture, Richard is not happy that his wife is receiving gifts from an old friend.  As their anniversary is upon them, Alan has invited the couple up to a cabin to get away from their woes and enjoy their time, together.

While not wanting to accept the gift, Richard goes along with it since his wife is looking forward to the getaway.  Richard is more focused on what is happening between his wife and his old friend rather than see how nice the trip really is.  As he mopes around the cabin on a sleepless night, he finds Della and Alan talking on the porch of the cabin and being very friendly.  Knowing that he is about to lose his wife to a wealthly playboy that used to date her back in high school, Richard is not willing to pull any punches on what he is feeling.  Calling Alan out for spending too much time with his wife, Richard also divulges the secret the couple has been keeping dear to their hearts, the loss of their first baby before it was born.

Alan tries to talk Richard down, but once he starts to hit the bottle, there is no stopping his rage.  Knowing that his wife is finding happiness in the arms of another man, Richard devises a plan to get even with them both, using every gift received at his disposal.  When trying to pick up Richard for an event that is happening in the other cabin, Alan is forced to experience the rage of the jealous husband first hand.  Not being able to escape, or to warn Della about what is happening, Alan is stuck with his back on the wall and cannot tell his old friend the news that has been kept a secret from him for some time.  Della comes back to cabin to find Alan, but seeing that he has been pinned to the wall by an arrow, she knows that Richard has gone off the deep end.  Without being able to tell him what is happening in the other cabin, or what the surprise really is, she is forced to keep her mouth shut by her husband who is about to find out that all of his dreams were about to come true.

This is a very sad tale and I feel for Richard throughout the entire episode.  With quiet whispers between his wife and an old friend, I can see where he is coming from and deserves answers.  But the surprise is what really kills me as Richard is trying to hide the evidence of his crimes.  Gavan O’Herlihy who plays Richard embraces this role of the jealous husband and you can see the pain flowing through him as he is sure that his life is going to end badly, when it was actually going to take a turn for the better.  I would say that asking questions would have helped the situation, but both Della and Alan had been biting their tongues the entire time to try and surprise the tormented man, so it would not have helped.  Until next time, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

When going to college you are left without any sort of income and most of the time, there is not much help that your parents can give you since they are paying for your schooling.  Most college students are able to find a way to make some extra money to pay for additional expenses by getting a job, but with all of the school work you have, you do not want to double down on your responsibilities.  Finding a quick work is hard, but if you are able to pick up a babysitting job or something like that, it works out better since not all of your time will be monopolized by having to do actual work when not being able to hit the books.

Samantha is looking to move off of campus since her roommate has taken over the room and is bringing boys over all the time.  Needing to get away, she finds a house off campus to rent that will give her room and more importantly, quiet so she can study.  Needing to find a way to pay for this opportunity, Samantha sees that there is a babysitting job posted on the job board that she might be able to take advantage of.  Calling the number, she gets the person's answering machine, but when she walks away from the phone, it starts to ring.

Talking to the man on the other end, Samantha is offered the job since it is of great importance to him.  Telling her to meet him by the front hall on campus, she sits and waits, but nobody comes to talk to her.  Knowing that she has been blown off, she starts to try to find another way to make money, but getting a message that the man called back, she is willing to give it another chance.  Having her friend, Megan drive her out to the house, Samantha is told to get out of the job several times, but she will not listen since she needs the money.  Arriving at the house, she is told that the job is not taking care of a kid, but the man’s mother.  Knowing this is out of the ordinary, the man offers her four hundred dollars to do the job since it is very important to him and he cannot miss the eclipse that will be taking place tonight.

Samantha wants to leave, but the money is too good to pass up so she agrees.  Getting a couple extra bucks for dinner, she is on her own in the large house and looking for something to keep her entertained.  Calling Megan, she is surprised that there is no answer on the end and starts to wonder what has happened to her friend.  As the night progresses, Samantha starts to explore the house and finds a strange group of photos in the closet that show the man and his wife standing alongside a much older car than what they had in their driveway.  Thinking this is odd, Samantha starts to snoop a little bit more around the house and starts to see that there is something stranger happening and that this is not a normal babysitting job.

The House of the Devil revolves around Samantha as she is a struggling college student looking to move out of her dorm room and into her own space.  Needing money to make this happen, she comes across an offer for a babysitting job.  Calling the number on the flyer, she is met with the answering machine, but is called back immediately after by the man that placed the ad.  Being stood up the first time the two were supposed to meet, Samantha thinks that she has lost the job, but when he calls back, she is in for the night of her life.  With an eclipse happening the same night, she is charged with taking care of the man’s mother who will be in the house with her.  Even though she is fit enough, the man is concerned about her well being and would feel better having someone watch over her.  Although this is strange, Samantha takes the job, but when she gets bored around the house, she starts to snoop around and finds that the man she has just met is not the person she expected.  Seeing him in an old photo, she knows that there is something wrong with the job and when the eclipse starts to take place, she will have to battle for her life to leave the house.

When the movie starts, you do not know what to expect in the way of how the story will play out.  I am a big believer that if the story is strong, even in a horror movie, the movie will not disappoint and that is what happened in this one, it did not disappoint at all.  Knowing as much as your main character is fun since you will not be able to yell at them to do or not to do something as their impending doom is right in front of them.  Being shot in more of a campy manor does not hurt as well as this movie was made in 2009, I had more of the classic 80’s feel on screen.  You get your blood, your scares and a bearded stranger that is an important part of the movie since he is the only one that can tell you what is really going on.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

As scientists continue to move forward, there are plenty of things that will never be known when it comes to what they are experimenting on.  Everyone has their own field and are striving to take their research to the next level and hopefully they are abiding by the rules that are put in front of them and keeping it in the lab until it is safe to unleash it on the public.  I have seen small body parts, extra-large vegetables and a new breed of rat grown, and all to make the world a better place, but there are plenty more experiments happening that the public will never know about until they are cleared and released on the public, for better or worse.

Tyler is loving his current situation, feeding off of his father’s success.  As his father is concerned about the betterment of his company, he wants to see his son take it over one day and even though Tyler does not want the responsibility right now, he has to listen to what his father is saying.  While the lumber company is doing well, even reforesting the areas that they have been chopping down, they still get picketed by the forest activists and it is causing headaches all around.  But the problem is not the activists harassing their employees, it is the activists getting too close to an area where genetic testing is taking place.

Wanting to keep their profits up, the company has formulated a new gene that lessens the grow time of trees by one third.  Not knowing what this will really do in the field, they have a couple of scientists keeping track on the growth and making sure nothing out of the ordinary is occurring with their experiment.  As Carter and his friend are always in the logger’s way, they have come across a tree that looks to be fully grown in just two years of being planted.  Taking their samples back to the camp, the two discover that there is something wrong with the sap, as the tree is producing too much, but that not being a cause for alarm, they send their findings back to the main lab for further testing and go on with their day.

But there is something deadly wrong with the sap of the genetically altered trees as the lumber jacks find out the hard way.  As one man cuts down the test tree, he receives an open wound from his chainsaw and the sap sneaks into his system causing him to go mad and try to attack/bite anyone around him.  Not knowing what is happening, the logger’s leader Mac gathers up his prized men and tries to get to safety.  Back at the office, the lack of communication from the lumber camp has them worried and to make sure nothing is wrong, Tyler is sent to investigate.  Finding nothing but death at the camp, Tyler encounters one of the infected, but is saved by one of the survivors and brought to their safe house.  But that is just the beginning as they need to get out of the infected area before being bit, or worse, get locked in.

Severed: Forest of the Dead follows a company’s owner’s son as his father is trying to groom him to take over the business one day.  As Tyler is sent into a situation that he knows nothing about, he finds out that his family’s legacy is not perceived as positively as he would have thought.  Arriving at the logging camp where communications have been cut off, Tyler finds that there is an uprising of infected and they are eating people.  Not knowing what his company’s research has to do with this, Tyler is lucky enough to be rescued by a couple loggers, activists and a scientist that can help keep him safe for the time being.  But time is running out and the group decides that they have to get out of the area before they become what they are running away from.  Finding that one of their routes is blocked off, they try the other direction and meet up with the upper logging camp that is much better off, but that is only the perception as the group quickly finds out.  As shacking up with the living is almost as appealing as running from the dead, the group has to find a way to escape without being seen as they have targets painted on their backs from both alive and dead groups.

What makes this movie special to me?  The corporate America aspect of how the decisions are made based what is the best for the business.  Knowing how this works on many levels, it puts a big smile on my face to see how it could play out in real life.  With everyone in the office worrying about the stock prices dropping and the news getting out about a failed experiment, they don’t care about what they caused or their employees that are trapped.  Watching as the president of the company has to cope with not being able to try to save his son is just sad, but that is the only care that anyone has for the people that are trapped in the field.  I would hope that the loss of human life would come into consideration if an experiment like this ever went wrong, but if it was not sanctioned by the government, I highly doubt that anything would be done.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

On some weekends or holidays, college students look forward to coming home and visiting with their families.  Since most people move states or regions and cannot make the weekly trip, this is a big deal for everyone involved and looking for some good home cooking or having their parents do their laundry, it is a great escape from college life and all of the studying going on.  But there are some instances when you return home to find that not everyone is happy to have you there, as your parents have moved on with their lives, or your extended family is looking to do something other than catch up.  This would leave anyone not wanting to go home again and make sure that their lives at the campus is what they want as their friends have become their new family.

Jenny Brook is looking forward to her first trip home to her father’s Tuscany estate in ages.  Being sent away when she was very young to live with her grandparents, Jenny has no idea what to expect from the trip, but spending time with her father has made her very excited.  Knowing that the property is bordered by a large lake, she is looking to have a nice walk and talk with her father about life and other things that are happening.  Even though her father, Dr. Brook is excited to have her home, he has his own business to take care of and will not put anything on hold for his daughter.

Arriving at the estate, Jenny meets Olga, the house keeper and is treated very kindly by the older woman but has a strange feeling about her.  Her father is trying to make sure that she feels comfortable around the house before he mysteriously disappears on her first day back.  Not knowing what to do, Jenny walks down to the lake that her father has been studying for the past twenty years and runs into a blind girl that is surprised to find anyone younger at the lake.  Taking Jenny back to her home, a rundown hospital, she gets to meet several other children that have something wrong with them.  Finding out that they are all sick in one way or another, Jenny offers to come back and read to them. Jumping at the idea, everyone puts in their special requests for stories they would like to hear, but when Jenny tries to leave, they urge her to beware of the adults in the area, as they are violent.

Jenny thinks little about this and returns home, but comes back the next day since there is nothing for her to do in the area.  As she talks with the children, she finds out that there is something special about the lake and gets invited to see it firsthand.  When one of the older children places his hands in the water, he awakens something ancient in the water that needs to be corrected.  Three idols have been taken from the depths of the lake that need to be returned so the spirits can rest again and Jenny knows who has them, her father.  Searching the house, she is able to find the idols and give them back to the lake, but that is not enough as she starts to find out that her father is not the nice man that she knows him as, along with finding out she has a sister who is dying in the house and needs transplants from her kin to continue living.  When Dr. Brook finds out that Jenny knows more than he thinks, he has to work his magic before she tries to escape, to save his other daughter.

Neverlake follows young Jenny Brook as she has returned to her former home to spend time with her father.  But not everything is going the way she expected since her father is either gone or locked in his study for long amounts of time.  Needing something to do, Jenny ventures down to the lake that her father has been studying for the past twenty years and find that there is another group of children hidden in the area. Going back to their home, Jenny makes a splash with them as she brings books containing all sorts of stories that they love, but the children know there is something sinister around the lake and warn her to steer clear of the adults.  Thinking little about this warning, Jenny tells her father about her new friends, but he is not able to identify who she is really talking to.  Finding out that they need her to do something more for them, the children show Jenny the secrets of the lake and urge her to help.  Although she does not want to go against her father, she is willing to help and try to free the spirits in the lake from whatever is holding them there by steeling three idols that her father has in his possession and give them back to the lake.  Returning home, Jenny hears sobbing down the hallway and opens a locked door to find that she has a sister who has been hidden away from the world.  When her father comes home to find that Jenny has unlocked his secret reason he wanted her home, he tries to keep her away from the lake since it holds the key to his other daughter's survival.

This was not the scariest movie I have ever seen, but it did keep me intrigued with what was really happening in and outside of the Tuscany house.  With Jenny being new to the area, she is told everything upfront about the lake and what powers it holds, but is not able to put two and two together.  Being drugged and dragged off to surgery and not knowing what is really happening gave me a chills as I know that strange things like that can happen, but seeing what the good Doctor was really up to is what makes this movie something special.  With the other group of children having free reign of their current home, and the lake having supernatural power, I am not sure you will be able to figure out the ending until you give it a view.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


What's red and black and sexy? Charlie; recently back from Oz our favorite little hacker is out for revenge. This isn't the little Charlie we last saw, nor is it the adorable nerd we love. She's on a war path. But for whom? In previous seasons we learned that the girl we know has a dark past. When she was a kid, Charlie got scared at a sleep over and called her parents to pick her up. A drunk driver hit them and from then on her life was never the same. It seems that Oz has done enough damage to make Charlie seek out all those involved with the case. She hits up a few people, not killing, but torturing, until she gets a name of a councilwoman.

Sam and Dean are in disbelief that this is the girl they know and love. Charlie takes the woman's bank statements and then promptly kicks Dean's ass from here to Sunday. War from Oz has made Charlie pretty awesome. She takes off after popping the tires on Baby. Just as she leaves Dean in the driveway swearing, another car pulls up. Thinking its Sam, Dean is shocked to discover Charlie? There's two of them??!! That's right, there's two of them. A light and dark side. Good Charlie explains that the wizard had to split them in two in order to win the war over emerald city. After that, dark Charlie escaped to hunt down the person responsible for killing her parents. Once back, however, she breaks the key, stranding them both here. Battling the darkness has never been more literal. 

Sam and Charlie take off to find any clues as to how to fix the key. Dean stays behind to protect the man that ruined her life. Only to face dark side again. She plays it nice and gets alone time with the man who made a terrible mistake all those years ago. She stabs him with with a sharpie before fleeing. Sadly, there is no cure for a permanent marker stab wounds. I never even thought Charlie could hurt a fly.

Meanwhile, good Charlie and Sam find a retired Men of Letters member. He had been to Oz several times. He tries to play the two off like they're wrong, but he drops the act to help. While in Oz, he was forced to be split into light and dark. The dark version of him became The Wizard. Bad news, there is no fixing the key. By the time Dean gets to where Sam and Charlie are, dark Charlie has a plan...the two fight it out, but any damage done to Bad Charlie hurts the good half. 

All while our Former Men of Letters does something drastic, shooting himself in the stomach brings the Wizard here. Charlie shoots the good version of the Wiz in the face before the Wizard can kill Sam. Soon beaten by Dean, who nearly loses it and kills Dark Charlie, the two are finally reunited, and made whole again. With no key to Oz and a broken arm, Charlie decides to stick around and help find a way to remove the Mark. Dean is beating himself up even more so than usual, but alls well that ends well. At least for this episode...


Written by Shae


Last week in my own separatist reality—I mean--Supernatural we learned some key life lessons. Like, don’t trust Crowley’s mom; Metatron is still a massive tool bag; and possibly my favorite, Castiel makes an okay-father-substitute. Not really, he’s terrible at it, but that’s all right. He tried really hard, and that’s all that matters. Really though, let’s focus on Rowena. Seriously, I’m more irritated at Crowley for even thinking he can trust her! She turned out exactly like I thought she would, which is both sad and amusing. I’m not entirely sure what Crowley’s childhood was like, but from this episode, I have a pretty good guess. I feel the majority of it involved a lot of resignation. Maybe Rowena and John Winchester should compete for “Show’s Worst Parent Award”. Though, Chuck (Who totally is God, and yes I just said totally, because there is no question in my mind about it!) might just be winning…

Well, the Mark of Cain is proving to be annoying and Dean really wants rid of it, so Castiel calls in a favor and borrows Metatron from Angel-jail to try and help out. There really isn’t any helping out though, because even if Metatron knows how to remove the Mark, he’s not saying a thing. But, he gives the boys a hint as to how to remove it. And by hint, he says the one thing Sam didn’t want to hear. According to the Scribe, they’re going to need the First Blade. Nothing is ever easy in the Winchester Life, but one phone call to Crowley, and the King of Hell decides he might help out. Maybe. He’s pretty sure this is a bad idea…but, you know, he does have a soft spot for Moose and Squirrel. As he goes to retrieve the blade, however, he finds that someone else has already gotten to it. By Crowley’s very own right hand man was tricked into getting the blade first by Rowena. Sadly, he doesn’t get to plead his case as he’s killed by the witch. Crowley stumbles upon the scene and falls for her twisted lies! Come on Crowley! How can you not know she’s playing you! Really!?

All the while Castiel is trying to make things right with Claire, and that’s just not happening. Dean even attempts to reach out to her, but that ends badly. Especially when she has her new friends try to kill him. Talk about being indecisive, before they can get the jump on him, Claire decides she doesn’t really want the older Winchester dead. Dean doesn’t kill the friends, but he scares them off and breaks a bench in a display of awesome. All ends well, somewhat, because Dean storms off to have some private words with Metatron, and Claire and Castiel get their “I don’t hate you, but leave me alone” closure.

The following torture scene of the world's douchiest angel is pretty spectacular. It’s a bit deserved and not as bad as it could have been. Metatron is lucky he didn’t hurt Sam, or well, there’s no telling what Dean would have done. The Scribe was responsible for a lot of things though, like killing Kevin, and that just won’t fly. Metatron finally tells Dean that the whole thing ends at the beginning. Beginning of what? Who knows! But Sam and Cas break in before Dean does any more damage and the little twit is taken back to heaven. Sam tries to tell Dean that maybe he just needs to learn to live with the Mark, annnnd, well, that’s not happening. At least tonight we get to see an old face, and I’m seriously concerned as to what happened to our little Charlie!


Written by Scotty

Putting your priorities first can lead to many downfalls.  As you are always looking to get something accomplished you may find that you have let your life just pass in front of you without really getting a chance to live it.  With that being said, if you are able to accomplish what you believe your lifelong goal has been, you may feel fulfilled and have no regrets in missing the little things.  Just make sure to keep your eyes open so you can see what is happening, you never know if your priorities need to make a drastic change.

Logan Andrews is looking to build a new resort on a plot of land he was lucky enough to inherit from the death of his last love.  Working closely with his good friend Freddy who is the island doctor, the two have schemed ways to make enough money to fund the building of their future hotel.  But Logan never lowers his gaze even when he has exactly what he wants.  Miss Margaret Richardson has just entered his party and has caught his eye with her richly demeanor.  While trying to get to know the woman, Logan is called out for an emergency on his newly acquired property that will sink his dreams forever.

Finding out that all of the land that is now under his possession is covered with swamp and quicksand, it will take more money than he has to get his hotel off of the ground. Knowing that Margaret has money that can makes his dreams come true, Logan turns to an old friend for help to get her to fall in love with him and give him access to all of her money.  Psyche is not happy with her relationship with Logan since he would not stand up for the love that the two share in front of the upper class.  Even though she is upset, she knows Logan’s plan and will support him in any way that she can.  Giving him a voodoo potion to make the distant Margaret fall in love with him, Psyche gives Logan the exact instructions on how to use it properly, one drop for marriage or two drops for a love of a lifetime.

Being able to sneak the drop into any drink that he gives to Margaret, Logan believes that marriage will not be enough to secure her financial surplus and gives her two drops.  Unknown to himself and his doctor, Margaret dies before they are able to tie the knot.  Now with no chance of getting the money to complete his dream of building the hotel, Logan cries over her grave.  But Margaret is not dead, as she has been given two drops of the voodoo potion, she is his for life.  Coming back from the grave, she acts as if nothing has changed, but slowly her body starts to deteriorate and becomes more and more grotesque.  As Logan understands what is happening, he needs to find a way to get away from his undead love, but even his own death will not keep the two apart.

This is an enjoyable story as voodoo is brought into the mix while trying to make one’s dreams come true.  Although it is not goal of Logan to fall in love, he has to convince a rich woman to allow him to take control of her finances.  When she does not see the benefit of this however, he finds another way, and love is the only thing that can force this on somebody.  But Logan is in love with another woman and her love burns more deeply than he even knows.  Cursing him instead of helping him could be the only way for him to truly understand what he has left behind with her.  With D.W. Moffett as Logan, Pamela Gien as Margaret, Janet Hubert as Psyche and the great Aubrey Morris as Freddy, this is one of my favorite casts for the show to date.  Each actor/actress found the right amount of rage and lust to show how deep love could truly burn.  Until next time, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Having history with people is a good thing most of the time, but having a long history with an enemy could be even better.  You know what they are good at and also know what they are bad at.  Being able to use their downfalls against them, you are able to use your intimate knowledge for whatever you want, but you have to be careful, as they know the same things about you.

Reno Crevice has just ridden back into town looking for a game of cards.  Walking into his old stomping ground, he finds out that one of his lifelong enemy’s has taken the game over.  Without having any of his old friends to play against since Sam Forney has cleaned them all out, there is a different game on the horizon.  As Reno only has a hundred dollars to play the game, Sam is a much higher roller now and wants to play for the right to stay in town.

Starting with a dice game, both gamblers roll double sixes, forcing them to take their next wager even higher.  Walking out to the parking lot, a game of Russian roulette is their next venture.  As Reno talks the talk and goes into why it is important to think when death is on the line, Sam just urges him to pull the trigger.  When the gun comes down to the final chamber, the odds are purely against Reno, but he still pulls the trigger.  As the gun does not go off, he blames Sam for loading duds in his gun, and the game must continue since both men have such a strong hatred of each other.

Heading back inside the bar, the two men sit down and start a game of Chop Poker, winner gets to take the finger of the loser and so on.  As the game begins, Sam is losing more than a game, but most of his fingers and needs to find a way to turn his luck around.  When he is able to beat a pair of tens with a pair of jacks, he knows that the hot streak will continue and his game has just begun.  With each man winning and losing just the same, they keep playing their games, but can there ever be a true winner when they seem to have the same amount of skill at every game they try to play?

The story of pure hatred between two men that will never back down, no matter what the odds are.  I love how this episode plays out as each man becomes more stubborn than the other when it comes to winning and clearing the other one out of town.  As Lance Henriksen plays Reno and Kevin Tighe plays Sam, it is easy to believe that these two men genuinely do not like each other.  As each game comes up in a draw, watching as their rage grows is just fantastic and I am very pleased with how it all played out in the end.  Until next time, Stay Scared. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Imagine if you will, it's a chilly evening without a cloud in the sky. You're only light comes from the full moon above and as you move about through the night, you get the uneasy feeling that you are being watched, from the shadows of the trees just beyond you. Yes, with every step you begin to feel as though something is bearing down upon you and when you hear a bone chilling howl, you know that you are no longer alone and you wonder what horrible creature awaits you in the darkness.  

That scenario should evoke one legendary monster in all of our minds, the werewolf. The half man, half beast that roams about when the moon turns full, finding its prey and either damning them to join their ranks or ending their lives in terrifying fashion.  The werewolf has seen many incarnations over the years, some have been quite memorable, from it's iconic beginnings in film with The Wolf Man, to being the stuff of comedy in the original Teen Wolf, this is a creature that has lasted the test of time.  

Heck even now a new incarnation of Teen Wolf dominates the ratings on MTV, speaking to how well this monster has endured the test of time, which is a difficult task when we know every last detail about this creature. We know how it dies, silver bullets. We know that you become a werewolf by surviving an attack from one, so with all of the monster's mythos revealed, what allows this creature to continue to captivate our imagination? The answer is simple...the werewolf is a reflection of the darkest parts of our psyche.  

Ponder on that for a moment. We have at some point seen someone close to us or seen someone seemingly calm instantly transform through anger, and that undoubtedly scared the living daylights out of us in some form or fashion. We have in essence, seen a transformation, a monster if you will and that is where the mythos of the werewolf gains its power. It is the darkness of men, the unbridled evil that lurks within all of us that comes to the surface in the form of a primal animal.  

We watch characters in these stories try and resist the beast that lies within. We watch them work to protect others from what they become and we see others embrace it.  It makes this monster as fascinating as it can be, and one that will continue to endure for one simple reason...as long as there is evil in the hearts of men, the werewolf will always serve as a vessel for that evil to come to life and scare the hell out of us in a story until its time to close the book or turn off the television, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  


Written by Scotty

There are times you want to keep your past hidden away when trying to get involved in a new relationship.  But on the problems that this can lead to is that you will never know what the person you are trying to get involved with thinks about it.  It may be something that will destroy any chances of moving forward, or it could make the relationship stronger.  But you will never know until the cat is let out of the bag, as telling the truth is always the best thing to do to keep a relationship strong.

Carlton Webster is looking to start his life over again.  Since he has been locked away in his home for many years without the touch of a woman, he has found one that will turn his life around.  But Carlton wants true love, and not to have it confused with his fortune.  Wanting to make sure that Linda loves him for who his is and not what he has, he puts it all on the table for the young vixen, but although she loves the mind of the old man, she could not be with someone so old.  Carlton is bent but not broken over this and finds a doctor that will help him on is conquest to become a young man once again.

Finding a doctor that can change body parts to make him younger, Carlton happily turns over a million dollars to get his face replaced.  Thinking this is all that Linda would want, he comes calling once again, but she is not impressed with his change, since his body is still old.  Going back to the doctor again, he pays two million more to get the abdomen of the young man replaced with his.  Now knowing that he is a new man, Linda would not turn him down and even with the beefcake top half of his body stunning her, she still has a problem with his old legs.  Investing his fortune to try and impress the young Linda is killing Carlton, but he will do anything in the name of love to make her happy.

Selling his home and laying off his best friend and man servant, Carlton goes to the doctor for the final transplant.  For the lower body of the young Hans that has been benefiting from this venture, three million dollars, or a million a limb.  With this being all of the money Carlton has left, he has to decide how important love really is to him.  Knowing that if he completes the transformation, Linda will love him, he gives the rest of his fortune to the doctor and donor and runs to Linda to show her how much he really loves her.  Finding that she has moved to an uptown apartment, Carlton is shocked to see his old life being flaunted in front of him as Linda wanted a man with money to take care of her and not the poor young man he has become in trying to impress her.

What I gathered from this tale is that it is more important to be forthcoming about one’s self.  Not trying to hide who or what you are could make your life much more fulfilling and watching as Carlton has giving up everything that he was accustomed to, to find love with a woman ended up the way it should have started if he just told the truth.  With William Hickey playing Carlton, Kelly Preston as Linda and Rick Rossovich as the striking donor Hans, they all play their parts extremely well and bring the story to life.  As always, Stay Scared.