Written by Scotty


The eclipse has finally taken place and NYC is starting to look like a ghost town.  With so many people getting sick, it can only be thought that the virus outbreak is going to be epic once everybody changes into a flesh craving beast.  There is no place to hide in the city, as it seems that everyone knows somebody that is infected and they are looking to pass it on.

Eph, Nora and Abraham have to find a way to kill the infection before it takes over the city.  Having to listen to the old pawn broker, they try to devise a plan to bring The Master out to the surface.  Knowing that Jim Kent is in talks with the group behind the outbreak, they guilt him into playing along and making demands that could only be met face to face.  Kent agrees, but when the meeting does not go as planned, the group has to follow The Master’s helper, Thomas Eichorst, into the subway and try to locate The Master’s hiding place.  Knowing that this is a trap, Eichorst turns the table on the group and his old friend Abraham and keeps them at arm’s length until he is ready to face them.

Neeva is holding onto the Luss children until she is able to be certain that the sickness in the house is controlled.  Returning home from a business trip, Roger Luss is upset to hear that his nanny has taken control of his children without proper cause and demands they be brought home immediately.  Against Neeva’s decision, her daughter takes control and brings the children back home only to find that it is filled with the infected.  Trying to hide from the threat, Neeva is met by a group of heavily armed hunters that seem to know how to kill the infected.  Being released from the house, the group has to find somewhere else to hold up while the threat continues to grow and become more deadly, with one less person.

Eldritch Palmer is recovering from his emergency liver transplant and is in no shape to fight with anyone.  Being disappointed that the magical cure that he was promised has not yet been delivered, he is not trusting his current clients.  With the internet being taken down fully in the New York area and only having limited cell phone coverage, his plan has gone off without a hitch.  Knowing that the group would not be able to accomplish what they are trying to without his help, he knows that there is a great prize awaiting him at the end of the tunnel, but he has to live long enough to collect it.

Gus and Felix have been arrested and thrown in jail for killing the infected morgue worker.  The police are not listening to a word that Gus is saying when being processed.  Trying to explain that it was self-defense, the two have been locked up and Felix is starting to get sick.  Being bit on the hand, it is only a matter of time before the old friends will have to come to terms with what is about to happen to their relationship.

Most of the episode was based around the relationship between Abraham Setrakian and Thomas Eichorst as they have known each other for a long time.  Eichorst was running the prisoner camp that Abraham was taken to during the war.  Finding out that the young Jewish man was a very gifted carpenter, Eichorst has assigned him to working on something extra special.  As Abraham worked his new project, Eichorst seemed to grow fond of the young man, visiting and talking with him more and more frequently.  Even though the two men shared some of the same views of what was currently happening during the war, Eichorst was still in charge and would not veer away from the completion of the special box that is being constructed. 

It seemed like this episode was paced a little bit slower than the previous ones, but with that said, it was over before you knew it.  Once again, it was a very strong story and covered the history between Abraham Setrakian and Thomas Eichorst.  With these two knowing so much about each other, I cannot wait to see how the end game plays out between the two.  Not knowing how many people have been infected during the eclipse, it looks like the living will have to find a way to survive an outbreak of epic proportions.  I am excited to see what comes from the group of vampire hunters as they are not normal people and nothing has yet been explained about their origins, but they seem to be worried about the survival of the human race.  The episodes cannot come fast enough and I hope that you are loving how this is playing out as much as I am.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

Everyone has heard old stories about where they work, especially if someone has died in their building.  Thinking that their building is haunted just makes the day a little bit brighter in a morbid way and if something falls through the cracks, it can be blamed on the ghost.  If you are lucky enough to work in one of these buildings and have time to do your research about what has happened in the past, you may enjoy finding out what really happened, but digging too deep may get you in far over your head. 

The final two employees of the Yankee Pedlar Inn are looking for any evidence of a ghost in the old building.  As the Inn is about to be shut down permanently, Claire and Luke are still looking after the occasional guest that comes in, but are more focused on proving that the stories that they have been telling to the occupants are true.  Trying to find and communicate with the ghost of Madeline O’Malley who died in the building so many years ago, they are determined to prove to themselves that it really happened.

Luke has built up a haunted hotel website and has posted several different pictures along with stories that have occurred in the Yankee Pedlar and has been able to get Claire into the hunt as well.  Claire may not have believed in ghosts in the past, but has an open mind and is willing to use her downtime to do some additional recordings around the building when the sun goes down.  Hearing a piano playing with no one sitting at it, Claire has found the most damming evidence to date that there is something happening in the inn, but Luke is still very skeptical about her recordings.

Talking with one of her childhood heroes that is staying at the inn, Claire finds out that Leanne Rease-Jones is not only a notable actress, but also a kind of physic that is willing to help her find what she is looking for.  Talking with the aging actress, Claire hears that there are three spirits in the inn and that she should not go down to the basement to investigate any further.  Claire does is skeptical about the reading that she has received and during the final night of the inn’s existence, she decides to take Luke down to the basement and try one last time to prove that the building is haunted.  What they find will change their lives forever.

The Innkeepers focus around the last two employees of the Yankee Pedlar Inn that is about to shut down its doors forever.  Wanting to prove that the building is haunted before they leave, Claire and Luke decide to work on finding proof before the doors shut for good.  Without the guest’s knowledge, the two take late night shifts and try to capture voices or strange phenomena around the old building.  When Claire finds that a piano is playing with nobody at the keys, she is ready to take the investigation further, but Luke is not ready to admit that it could not be explained as he is a skeptic that is only trying to make his website profitable.  Claire is able to convince Luke that it could be real and takes him down to the basement of the old building and try to communicate with the spirits one last time, but when he finds out that it could be real, they have to try to escape before they are hunted down.

As far as creepy ghost stories go, this is a great one.  Not being shot in first person is a huge plus for me and it delivers very well. With two great main characters, seeing one grow, while the other regresses, it is fun to see how the attitudes suddenly change towards the old building, along with each other.  Trying to find proof of something that you know is true can be difficult, but when you are able to attain it, you may be asking yourself if it was really worth it.  Stay Scared!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

When it came to miniseries television in the 1990s, Stephen King ruled the land. Thanks to the success of It, much of his work was adapted by various networks and given the grand treatment that they so deserved.  There was no cramming 700 pages into a single two hour movie, these miniseries were event films, spanning at the least, two nights of prime time television.  

But of the many works that Stephen King has brought to us over the years, one of his finest was finally given the proper treatment in 1994 when one of his biggest books, The Stand, hit network television for a four night event.  

The plot remained the same as the book, a deadly man made super flu ravages the world, wiping out the majority of the human race.  For those that survive they will each take a side. Those who are just will find their way to Boulder, Colorado to work with the enigmatic Mother Abigail.  Their goal is simple, to stop the dark man known as Randall Flagg, who is amassing his own army of the damned out in Las Vegas in this incredible story of good versus evil.

I have to say that this is hands down my favorite adaptation of Stephen King's work on the screen simply because well...they one hundred percent got everything right.  Sure parts from the powerhouse novel are cut, and that's okay because despite our desire to see books hit the screen in the perfect manner, the sections lost for this miniseries aren't vital to the story.  

No instead we are treated to a bone chilling horror story that quite frankly, pushed the envelope in ways that I had never seen in television before.  I remember reading reviews in the paper years ago how the first segment of this four part event managed to pull off showing corpses with their eyes open, a first for television.  Heck, even director Mick Garris confirms this on the audio commentary for the DVD.  

But it goes beyond scares involving blood and guts, the incredible cast is what truly brings The Stand to life.  Gary Sinise, Molly Ringwald, Jamey Sheridan, Rob Lowe, Miguel Ferrer, the list just goes on and on and each one of them blow you away by providing a spot on performance of their novel counterpart.  This is also aided of course by a strong script courtesy of Stephen King himself.

Either way, I often like to think that if it wasn't for The Stand we would not be enjoying all the incredible television we find ourselves craving to this day.  With its incredibly dark themes, its religious overtones and of course, fantastic and sweeping look at the end of the world, one has to wonder if The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad would have ever seen the light of day without having a film like this pave the way.  

If by chance you haven't seen this one, hop on Netflix and give it a look.  While some of the effects may be dated, the powerful story that draws you in certainly has not, and if you have seen it, hell, watch it again. This really is a modern classic and one that never fails to entertain. 


Written by Scotty

Growing up, I have always felt bad for people that were born in a leap year.  February 29th does not exist on the calendar ever year and as a kid, if you did not have a birthday, you didn’t get presents.  In some ways I think it means you age slower as well, I mean hey, you're only adding one year every four. But my friend that was a leap year baby grew up the same way I did, and even though he graduated college at an age younger than me in my mind, he was still, really the same age as I was. 

Jack and his friends are up on a camping trip just to enjoy themselves.  Trying to keep off of the grid, everything is shut off while they are having a great time, but Jack finds out that there is something else happening.  Waking up in his tent, he finds that his watch has been changed, and the time 13:13 is showing up.  Not working on military time anymore, Jack wants to know who is playing a joke on him and messing with his things.

Nobody admits to the crime and the group heads back down the mountain so Jack can pick up his daughter.  Jack has been divorced for a short time and not by his choice.  After retiring from the force, Jack is not the same man as he used to be and it has been noticed by everyone.  When traveling back down the hill, Jack notices that the clock in the car has the same time, 13:13 and is getting upset with the joke that is being played on him.

Arriving at his old house, he finds his ex-wife washing the dishes, and hears her muttering the same thing over and over again.  When he approaches her, he sees that she is pulling the skin off of her arm.  Being alarmed to the situation, Jack takes her to the hospital to get treatment and find out what is wrong, but on arrival, he finds that everyone working has the worst of attitudes.  After getting her into a room, he is attacked by her and after she jumps out of the window, he finds that everyone around him is out of their minds.  Trying to escape from the hospital, Candace pulls him into her hiding spot and he has to face what is happening around the world. 

13/13/13 follows Jack as he is trying to get home to pick up his daughter after a painful divorce.  When his ex-wife is found trying to pull all of the skin off of his arm, he finds that the people that are taking care of her are losing their minds.  When everything in the hospital goes bad, Jack is stopped by Candace and slowly starts to understand what has just happened.  With the only other sane person he knows being born on a leap year, he has to come to terms that there is something out of the ordinary happening right in front of his eyes.  Not believing what he is seeing, he convinces Candace to go with him to find his daughter before something bad happens to her.  With his friends being held up and defending his house, Jack sees that there is something more dangerous at hand than he could ever expect.

Talk about an original idea coming to light on the screen.  This movie shows the quick change that everyone experiences on one certain date that does not exist on our calendars.  It is explained in the film that with an extra day being added to the calendar that an extra month would be added and for leap year babies, they may be the only ones that will be safe.  A different thought that I have not given much credence to, but now I will be watching my calendar to see when the event featured in the movie may occur and see if anything might actually take place.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

Wanting to make every vacation special is something that parents are always wanting to do.  Even if it does not start off the best, they are always looking to make it memorable since it is the special time they get to have with their kids.  Trying to find the bright side of everything, even if there is not one is what makes them special since there is always a way to make even a mistake seem like something wonderful.

The Morris family is heading up to the Brown Mountains for a well-deserved camping trip.  Wanting to get away from the hustle of real life, this is the perfect trip for them to get out and bond as a family should.  Young Riley is up for the trip as well and it would be the perfect time for him to get some good usage out of his new video camera. 

Keeping track of everything that is happening on the trip, Riley is not able to sleep on their first night out and captures some strange lights outside of his tent.  Showing the footage to his parents, he is fascinated by what he has seen and wants to investigate a little bit more, but his father has them on a tight schedule and needs to move on to their next camping spot.  As the trip proceeds, the family notices that there seems to be a problem with their GPS unit in the car and it seems as thought they are on a road that has no end.  Running low on fuel, they are happy to find a tunnel, but not to see what is inside waiting for them.

Alien Abduction follows the Morris family as they are on the camping trip of a lifetime in the Brown Mountains.  Not giving any credence of the reported alien activity over the past couple of years in the area, the family is looking to just get away.  With young Riley video taping the entire trip, there does not seem to be anything happening with the exception of some strange lights in the sky.  When their GPS unit takes them down a different route however, the family is in for something that they never expected.  Finding a tunnel filled with empty cars, and strange visitors at the other end, they have to find refuge where ever they can to keep their sanity and their lives.

Just another alien movie that makes you wonder what the visitors really want from us as a species.  With the entire movie being shot in first person, it is difficult to see what the threat really is, but when they get closer, you start to cringe.  With the storyline being based on the survival of the family, it makes you wonder how you would fare if you were put in the same situation.  Keep your eyes on the skies and Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Are video games the downfall of our society?  I would hope not, but there are several people out there that believe that they are too real and people believe that their lives are in the game.  I don’t believe this as I have been playing video games all of my life and when I turned it off, I never thought that it was still on.  I will admit however that I have a hard time driving after playing a racing game, but that is easily fixed when I notice my car is nowhere as nice as the one in the game.

Douglas Whooly is hooked on a new game this has father has bought for him.  Satan’s Little Helper is a game that has your character kill everyone in sight for a certain amount of points and captures the imagination of everyone that plays it, especially little Douglas.  With his sister coming back home for Halloween, Douglas is excited beyond belief as he loves going trick-or-treating with her.  But not being happy with the man she has brought home with her, Douglas goes for a walk and finds a new friend that might be able to help him with his new problems, Satan.

Spotting Satan making up new decorations for the night, Douglas is able to convince him to come back to his house and kill his sister’s new boyfriend.  Thinking that his Master is a character from the game, Douglas believes that everything he is seeing is fake and nobody is really being hurt. Satan however is on the hunt and is killing everyone that gets in his way.  Knocking the boyfriend out of the way, Satan takes his place and returns to Douglas’ home and has his sights set on the boy’s sister. 

Without saying a word, Satan is able to hang low while staying with the Whooly family but does not stop in his killing ways.  Being sent out to get some candy for the trick-or-treaters, Douglas is in for the ride of his life with his new master.  Doing everything that the game has shown him, Douglas believes that the game is real and he continues to gather up points as his master runs down people in the parking lot.  But Douglas starts to see that Satan may not be the person he is looking to follow as his sights have been placed on Douglas’ family.

Satan’s Little Helper follows young Douglas’ adventures with his Master Satan as they run ramped around town.  Without saying a word, Satan is able to convince the Whooly family members that he is Jenna’s boyfriend that has gone missing.  Douglas is not able to tell the difference between his new video game and real life as he goes on a killing spree with his Master on Halloween.  When Satan’s sights get set on Douglas’ family however, he is slowly starting to be figured out as being someone else and needs to keep them quiet before being figured out by the authorities. 

A disturbing look at how a young boy cannot tell the difference between his video game hero and what is happening right in front of his very eyes.  With all of the killing that Douglas witnesses first hand, it is hard to imagine that he cannot tell the difference, but being part of his favorite game is all he wants.  With plenty of blood and a character that does not say one word, this is a great movie that will keep you guessing who the killer really is, but you will have to wait until the end to see if his mask ever comes off.  Stay Scared!

A year has gone by and it was time for another vacation and what better place to take one than at the Stanley Hotel.  After my last trip, I was overly excited to arrive at the hotel once again and have my entire stay be in the main building this time.  This trip I was on the first floor of the hotel and that might have some people shaking their heads as it is not one of the most haunted areas in the hotel, but it does house a couple of ghostly accounts here and there.

Now staying on the first floor and being so close to the patio, I did not expect to hear any voices I could not explain.  But one thing that I could not explain was my window flying open unexpectedly.  What caused this?  I do not know, it was locked when I got to the room and has the old 1920’s latching system that has worked fine for several years and playing with the latch, there is no way that it could have moved by itself.  The interesting thing about this is I was booking my ghost tour for the next night and right as I hit ‘book’ on the website, the window flew open.  It was strange and it might have been a coincidence, but the timing makes it seem kind of eerie, and it opened one more time during the night as well.

The second strange thing that happened in my room was that the main light turned on in the dark hours of the morning, then gave a little flicker, and burned out.  I did not have any of the lights on, or any of my electronics so this seemed a little bit strange as well.  With it being before 3am, I decided to wait to call the front desk and see if it was my mind playing tricks on me, but when I tried to turn the lights on the closer to dawn, it was apparent that they were burnt out, along with the two lamps in the room as well.  Talking to the maintenance man who brought the new stock of lights, he said that he had never heard of it happening in this room before.  Now, it could have been a power surge and admittedly, I did not check to see if the lamps were working in the room when I arrived so I do not know if it was all connected or not, but my window was open again, so it just felt kind of strange.  Just two more room accounts that will go into my personal log of Stanley stays. 

Now, onto the ghost tour.  I love taking the ghost tours whenever going up to the hotel for one reason, you get to see which guides believe in ghosts and which ones don’t.  This tour, I had a guide that did not believe, not a full blown skeptic as he has heard things that he could not explain, but would not guarantee that we would be blown away on the tour as well.  First stop, we hit up the Concert Hall where it is believed that there a couple of spirits lurking around.  After a beautiful rendition of Halo 3’s score being played on the piano, it was decided that the main hall was quiet for the night and we headed down stairs. 

We did take the creepy way down to the basement and had no light to speak of so cell phones were pulled out to give us a little bit of light.  Snapping shots in all of the open doors along the way, I was in the back of the group and right after the guide started to speak, we heard a large crash from behind us.  It could not be explained and even the guide was a little freaked out as he turned on the lights to take a look for anything that fell.  We did continue the tour and stepped into Lucy’s room and turned off the lights.  It is said that Lucy would grab people’s hands when they are in her space, but nothing happened to our group as the lights were out and we could not see a thing. 

Moving out of the Concert House and starting our way back to the main building, we stopped and talked about The Lodge, but did not go inside.  The Lodge is a mini copy of The Stanley that was built for the bachelor visitors to the resort, as it was not viewed well to have single men staying in the hotel.  It is said that there are animal hauntings in this building, mainly a cat that will rub the bottom of your leg, or hide under things while your pet tries to catch it.  I am allergic to cats, so I did not want to get involved in this one, ghost dander might be worse than regular, but I hope to never find that out.

Moving back to the main building, we took a seat in the billiard room and talked about F.O. Stanley and where he had been seen.  Not as a normal ghost in this room, but a regular older bearded man that helps his guests out with their problems.  Since we had someone showing us around, it was apparent he was not going to show up tonight.  It is also said that there is a mustached man in a bowler hat and stripped shirt that will show up in pictures that you take in the mirrors in this room.  Tried it, but I was the only person with facial hair that showed up in the pics. 

The tour ended in the tunnels under the hotel that had everyone in the group worried.  They were lit very well, so there was no fear of running into anything.  It was nice to see the walkways that the staff have to take under the hotel to not intrude on their guest’s enjoyment.  There was also an open vent that went up into the MacGregor room right above it and you could hear everything that was going on right above you. 

The tour was great and I invited the members from my group to try to come open my window that I complained about to start the tour.  Nobody could find a reason for it opening, so that will just have to go down as a big question mark about the visit.

My final night of the stay was probably my favorite by far. There was a massive thunderstorm that moved through the area, stranding several people out in the open for longer than they would have liked.  Talking to the staff while this was going on, they mentioned that when there is lightning around the area, Flora Stanley likes to play her piano.  This night I was awakened at 2am by a dog that was losing his mind, so I went and sat in the billiard room for a couple of minutes and just tried to un-rattle my nerves.  I think I heard a key or two get hit on the piano, but not being able to see who was in the next room, I am not sure if it was Flora, or just someone else that got woken up as well.

My trips to The Stanley Hotel are the best.  Even if there is not a haunting to report, I would still be up there to listen to the stories of its history and guests and yes, even the staff is very entertaining.  The drives up to the formally remote spot are epic and you can come to understand why this hotel would be closed down in the winter in the past.  Now it is open year around and it would take an act of god to keep people away from this location.  If you have not been to the hotel, I would have to ask why not.  There are several people that live in this state that don’t even know it exists and that makes me sad.

This might have to turn into a bi-yearly occasion as I love the place so much, but will have to wait and see what the schedule will allow.  Believe what you want, I am still not sold that a ghost was in my room messing with my window or lights, but you never know.  Hope you all enjoyed the write up, I enjoyed giving it to you.  There is people that will doubt every account of what I have brought to you and that is just fine, I would just tell them to go up and see what happens for themselves. 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

There are quite a few people that I have known in my life that have an incredible fear of clowns.  The mere mention of them sends shivers down spines or in some cases, people simply leave the room. They don't scare me personally, but there are a few reasons that I can understand the fear they bring.

For starters, let's be honest, there is something a little strange about asking someone to suit up in all that clown gear and drop by our children's birthday parties to entertain.  But if you ask me, our deep rooted terror of the clown stems from one of the finest screen adaptations of Stephen King's stories. I'm of course talking about the evil that is Pennywise the Clown in...It.

There is something awful lurking beneath the town of Derry, Maine.  This nightmare often sleeps, but when the slumber is broken this creature ventures out to feed.  Countless children have disappeared during the feeding frenzy but there are eight children who once stood up to the monster that they call, It. Believing that they defeated It so many years ago, another dead child brings them all back to Derry, to face the monster one last time.  

Released in 1990 on network television, It was not only a ratings smash but the beginning of a slew of TV Miniseries adaptations of Stephen King's work and with good reason since It was an incredible re telling of the bone chilling novel and one that I truly believe traumatized so many.  For starters, Tim Curry as Pennywise the Clown is one of the greatest casting choices that I have ever seen in my lifetime.  Curry's portrayal of this evil creature is sublime. He is ruthless, despicable and terrifying all in a moment's notice.  

But it doesn't end with his performance, since It features a pretty awesome cast of legends and future stars.  Seth Green shows up in this one, but so does the legendary and late John Ritter.  But the wonder of It goes beyond the cast and crew, this is a film that benefitted from being on television rather than the silver screen.

After all, in 1990, there was no TV-MA and no way to push the envelope gore wise or effects wise for that matter, so this movie relies on our deepest, darkest fears to accomplish terror.  Yes this one goes completely low fi, working on the psychological scares and man, it does it well. Sure, there is some blood in this flick, and some big time effects near the end. But the scares really come from Tim Curry and the way he not only sinks his teeth into the tasty fears of the characters but also the audience.  

This one is truly a classic and one worth watching over and over again.  Not only because of the quality scares, but because of the fact that one of the finest horror films I have ever seen, came with commercial breaks and was followed by my nightly news.  


Written by Scotty

There are few things in my life I get really excited over, but my yearly Stanley stay is one of them.  A chance to get away from the hustle that life puts on you can get very taxing at times it is a good idea to get away from them, if even for a day.  If you can find that one place that makes you happy to visit, you need to do it, if you have not found that place yet, you need to find it.  The one thing that pulled me to The Stanley Hotel in the past was it was the inspiration behind my favorite movie, The Shining

There is one thing that I will not hide from and it is my love for this story.  I have read the book, watched the movie and viewed the mini-series and love them all.  Although the book and the movie are different enough, they follow the same story line and it is amazing that the idea for a killer hotel could come from such a beautiful place.  With that said, there are several things that I love about the hotel, other than its partial isolation, is what it has to offer.

With the history that comes into play about the hotel and how F.O. Stanley built it for his friends to come and stay when they visited, it is hard to imagine it could be haunted. I will admit that this is a huge draw for me since I love listening to ghost stories, especially if they are true.  It is hard to gauge what is true and what is made up, but if you look the person in the eye when they are telling it, I would hope you would be able to tell the difference. 

The staff in the hotel is great as well.  They are all happy to give you advice on what you are wanting to do when visiting the resort and are even willing to get into long discussions about Stephen King’s stay, even though they have told it countless times.  You might be able to gain a little different nugget of information if you are able to ask the correct questions as well, or possibly figure out that the novel King could not get published during his stay came out thirty years later.

The guests that come out of their way to stay at the hotel are amazing as well.  With The Stanley being a destination point for several people out of the country, it is fun to hear what they know about the hotel, and if they did not come for The Shining, what they did come for.  Then with the people coming to stay from around the county, it is nice to see that some are making their pilgrimage to the hotel, along with others trying the same thing Stephen King did and overcome their writer's block.  I met several writers this trip and they were all happy to talk about what their hold ups were with their current stories and I hope with them getting it out, that they are able to move on and make something magical pop out on the page.

With everything that the hotel offers, you must take one of the tours that they offer.  They have the standard hotel tour that will tell you everything you could have ever wanted to know about the hotel and its history, along with F.O. Stanley’s life and how he was able to overcome tuberculosis while staying in Colorado.  All of the famous guests and movies that were shot in the area are also highlighted as well.  But my favorite tour is the ghost tour that takes you inside of all of the haunted locations, but you have to make sure to do it after the sun goes down.  You will almost get the exact same tour as the hotel tour, but with ghost stories being added in, just adding a little bit extra to your experience. 

With every trip that I take up to The Stanley, I am always sad when it comes to an end.  Real life calls too often and regardless what or why I am away, I have to answer.  I hope everyone gets a chance to visit the historic landmark and has the time of their lives.  I will keep doing this trip, no matter what the situation is as this place has a sort of energy around it that makes me feel like I have found a home away from home, and you never know, maybe I will be lucky enough to be a ghost guest whenever my time comes.  Hope to see you all up there at one point or another.  


Written by Scotty


If you were fired up about the new episode of Doctor Who and you decided to see what other great programing BBC America was bringing to the table, you would have been privy to watching the pilot episode of Intruders.  If you are a bit like me, you may like to have a little bit more suspense in a show, not that Doctor Who does not provide this, but come on, you know what is going to happen.  Intruders has left you with a wide open story that unless you already know the story, you will have to wait and see what is really happening.

There seems to be something fishy going on in Seattle, no pun intended, when people are changing into someone else.  From what I have gathered thus far, there is a signal being broadcast on a frequency that humans are not able to hear that needs to be guarded at all costs.  There is an assassin that will kill anyone/everyone that knows anything about it.  Not to give too much away if you are still on the fence about watching this, there is something strange that is awakening someone that is inside of someone else and it has to be released.

As the story begins, a young girl is handed a relic from her past and goes through a change.  Learning more and more about her past in a matter of hours, she comes to the conclusion that she has to kill herself.  That is just in the first ten minutes of the show and if that is not your cup of tea, then you will not care for the rest of it, but if it is, then you need to give it a view.

An assassin is working his way through the great northwest and trying to find one individual to give him the key of the signal.  Fronting as an FBI agent, he is having no problems in getting around, but is making sure to keep everyone quiet about the conspiracy that is about to occur.  He has two types of targets at this point, people that know about the signal and people that have encountered it in their past lives. Right now, people are being identified by hearing, seeing or holding a relic from their past that awakens whatever is still being hidden inside of them and even though they cannot be killed, he will do his best to keep them in slumber.

This is an interesting premise and I will have to watch a couple more episodes to see what is really happening, but if it brings me in, so be it.  I am excited to see where the story is about to go and what Seattle has in store for them.  Not knowing what to expect is one of the best things about watching a movie or TV series, as you ned to keep an eye on everything that they are willing to show you. As I hate being in the dark about what is going to happen next, I am ready to see what is about to come to light as it appears that a little girl is going to be coming after the assassin and I am curious as to what she can do.