Written by Scotty

Sometimes going back home is something that everyone needs to do.  Getting back to one's roots can be refreshing and eye opening for many people, but there are some folks out there that would never take the opportunity to do it since they want to forget all about their childhood.  Everyone has their own way, and there is no right or wrong way, but it is always good to remember where you came from, especially if you are going through a tough time, or are being told that you are getting a little too big for your britches.

Kylie is loving her lifestyle, the life of crime, but it is slowly catching up with her.  Trying to blow up an ATM, her car dies while trying to flee the scene and since this is her first offense, she has been sentenced to house arrest. Wanting anything but to go back home, she has no say in the matter and is assigned an officer to keep an eye on her that lives in the same neighborhood.  Trying to be understanding about her daughter’s situation, her mother Miriam welcomes her little girl back without any questions asked, but Kylie is far from happy and wants to leave the house as soon as possible.

Not wanting to listen to her mother’s stories, much less be around her, Kylie puts herself in her own world, filled with television, music and anything else she can find to avoid her mother.  When listening to a local radio show, Kylie finds out that her mother is still as crazy as she was when she was a child, calling and opening up about the house being haunted.  Kylie knows that her mother is crazy and now the entire town knows it as well, but Miriam sticks by her story and will not let anyone convince her otherwise.  Although Kylie does not believe one word her mother says, she has a first hand encounter with someone or something in the basement.  With her ankle bracelet going off, her appointed officer comes running and the family finds out he believes in the afterlife.

Kylie is not impressed with what is happening in front of her, but she cannot explain who grabbed her.  Thinking that it is over, she starts to experience more strange things around the house and cannot explain what is happening.  Finding out that her childhood home was a halfway house many years ago and that there was a brutal murder committed in her room, she is convinced that there is something unexplainable happening.  With here officer working with her, Kylie is directed to try and find out what happened to the girl that was murdered in her room, along with who the real killer was all those years ago.  Knowing enough about what had happened in the house, Kylie has a suspect for who the murderer was, but when she finds a secret door inside of her closet, she finds out that she may have been gravely wrong with her assumption.

Housebound follows the story of Kylie as she has been put under house arrest.  Wanting to get out her childhood home as soon as possible, she also wants to get away from her mother who has lost it over the years.  Thinking that the house is haunted, Miriam is convinced with all of the sounds around the house and things going missing, that there is at least a ghost or two living inside of the walls.  Although Kylie does not believe this one bit, strange things start happening to her as well and she has to depend on her appointed officer to help her explain what is going on.  Finding out that the officer believes in ghosts, Kylie is able to find a story about the house before she lived there that has a tragic story about a young girl getting killed there.  Wanting to make the haunting go away, Kylie has to find out who the murderer really was and have them brought to justice, but there are next to no clues left to who it could have been.  But armed with an idea of who may be responsible, Kylie tries to prove that it was her suspect, but come to find out that the little bit of evidence is leading to the wrong man altogether.

I have been waiting to see this movie since it played at the Mile High Horror Film Festival, and am very upset I did not get to see it.  I am a sucker for a haunted house film, especially one that has to do with finding out who the real killer is.  With a surprise hiding in the walls, it is hard to imagine that more does not happen the house, all the time.  With the classic light flicker and things going missing, or just moving, there is a secret that the house is just not willing to give up right away.  I really enjoyed this one, it has all of the correct elements for the scares, especially a little talking bear that sent shivers up and down my spine.  And it looks like there will be a remake of this coming out in 2016, maybe with a little bit more scares and a little bit less comedy.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


Something is killing Catholics. Or, rather, something is making them kill themselves. It hunts them after confession and attaches itself to them. Shortly after, the person kills themselves. Or, in the case of one couple, she kills him with a sharp pair of shears. Sam and Dean roll into town and start questioning the priest. Dean takes to confession to talk about some things. It starts out snarky and quickly gets serious. Dean’s positive he’s going to die from the Mark. He’s afraid…rightfully so.

Meanwhile, Sam does some snooping. Seems one of the nuns is more interested in another nun's story than actually helping out with the investigation. It turns out, that said nun with the sad back story is really a violent spirit here to exact revenge. She was young, and scorned by the artist she once loved dearly. Having been dragged to the convent against her will, she snuck out one night, intending to ruin the painting he had done of her. Instead, she killed him. The crime was so violent, she was accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. She appeared in the church after her belongings and some paintings were sent from Italy.

The ghost takes it a bit too far when she possesses the priest and kills him. Dean tells Sam to burn the ghosts journal, but he’s busy reading it. The enraged spirit possesses the nun and nearly kills Dean. Thankfully, Sam figured out what was tying her to this place. It wasn’t the journal, but the painting. The tip of her finger had been ground into the paint. Sam burns all the things, just to make sure, and saves Dean. Because that’s what brothers do. Brothers also worry about one another…and Sam is really worried about Dean, but Dean’s not willing to humor his brothers positive attitude over finding a cure for the Mark.

Meanwhile, Rowena gets what she wants as Crowley has the Grand Priestess of the Coven brought in. Through some torture, brought on by Rowena’s own hands, the Witch reveals how far they’ve fallen and what happened to most of their power. Seems the Men of Letters took the majority of their potions and spells, using them for their own, and defeating the Witch population drastically. Armed with this knowledge, Rowena turns her into a hamster (I think?). She sets her sites on the Winchesters…the last two Men of Letters left….


Written by Shae


Carry on my Wayward children, because this week is another exciting episode of the show I just cannot get enough of. Last week, Sam and Dean teamed up with our good friend Cole, and the three were off on an adventure of epic proportions. 

No, I’m just kidding, no one really wanted to team up, they did it because the Winchesters find themselves looking into a case that involves Cole’s best friend. When the little scamp refuses to leave the brothers alone, they have no choice but to pretend they don’t hate him. Turns out, I might still be bitter over his treatment of my Sammy.

Seems that Kit, Cole's friend, is infected with some supernatural parasite. It turns out to be a gross worm like thing…we’ve actually seen something similar before, back in season six if you all remember. Unlike its cousin, however, electricity doesn’t do anything to kill the creature. Instead, it demands water. And when water isn’t enough, blood will have to do. Kit is currently going crazy trying to drink as much as he can. Cole gets infected, because you know, reasons. And Dean decides the two need to split up and figure this out. He stays with Cole, while Sam chases down Kit.

Dean’s theory is that with enough will power, they can get this thing out of Cole. He just has to resist the urge to drink. If the host is to hostile, and not giving into the parasites wants, it’ll leave, right? Well, Dean is actually right, and by turning the cabin they are staying in into a sweat house, they are able to get the worm out of Cole and Dean is able to finally kill it.

Sam, on the other hand, doesn’t get a chance to help Kit, as the man nearly kills him. I guess shooting a guy in front of his wife isn’t normally Sam’s thing, but it was to save her. That and Sam is giving up on hope, while Dean seems completely okay with things…a stark parallel to how things normally are…hopefully things get closer to a resolution this week.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


I was quite surprised last night on The Walking Dead when the show decided to go above and beyond in explaining just what it is that is truly eating at our main characters and why they are having such a hard time adjusting to life in this quiet little community.

Part of it is the obvious fact that Deanna and her people are as weak as can be when it comes to surviving in this world and well, that's nothing new. We know they are out of their minds when it comes to their understanding of how the world has changed, so we won't be spending any time on that today.  No, instead a few key moments last night showed what is really the root cause gnawing at Rick and his intrepid band of survivors...the fact that a return to civilization has forced them to reflect upon their lives and life choices in recent weeks...and they are filling up with guilt.

That guilt and regret was completely on display this week courtesy of Sasha, with her sudden need to head out into the area surrounding Alexandria to hunt the dead. There was a terrifying bloodlust in her eyes as she took down one walker after another, without giving a damn about her safety. She explained it all in a matter of seconds. Pointing out the fact that she told Noah that he would never make it in this world and of course the loss of her brother factors in as well. It's clear she is second guessing all of her choices at this point and it is isolating her in extreme fashion.

Heck, I'm even beginning to think that Father Gabriel's little stunt last week was related to guilt as well. After all, no one in this town, outside of Rick's group, know what he has done, that he let his congregation in Georgia die a terrible death and that is no doubt still tearing at his soul and moving him toward bad choices.  But the character that we thought had moved past guilt and letting the past haunt him, showed he is just as hurt as the rest of his group.  Yes, Rick Grimes finally snapped last night, letting his fists do the talking when it came to dealing with Pete.

It wasn't simply because he desired or wanted Jessie as his own in caveman fashion, take a moment and think back to the scene before he went inside the house to tell her he could help her. He took a good look at the kids running around Alexandria and the town as a whole and saw a chance to make things right. His "ignorance" in his mind cost lives and the group the safety of the prison and this was his chance to set things right.  

In fact if anything, Rick has the most to reflect on because he is truly at a crossroads. This is a man who has in essence walked both the path of the hero and the villain. He has been the benevolent leader of the Prison, in fact he was willing to pull a Deanna and banish Carol for murder, ironic seeing as to how he advocates it now.  Which brings us to how he has mildly played the villain. 

Surprisingly there have been both physical and psychological parallels between the Governor and Rick. Both men went so deep into the horrors of the world they eventually resembled one another. Think back to the Governor's return to the show when he sat down in Lily's apartment and saw his scruffy reflection in the television with surprise, much like Rick did in the mirror.  Not to mention the fact that Rick's speech last night about fighting or dying is similar to the one the Governor gave before his new group attacked the prison.  But does it mean that Rick's reflections are turning him into the next bad guy? I still don't think so. I think in some way Rick is aware of the two lives he has led and it is beginning to truly tear at him. He genuinely wanted to help Jessie and see an end to her pain which means good Rick is still in there, just lost at the moment and he needs a genuinely good purpose to bring him back from the brink, and I think that goes for the entire group. 

It really was a fascinating and subtle aspect of storytelling to see last night, and clearly their guilt and inner reflection on the choices made have now come back to haunt them. The question is...if Rick and his friends get the chance to do exactly what he told the Governor was possible...if they finally get to come back from all the things they've done, that they are not...too far gone.


Written by Daniel and John


There's really just one word that describes this week's episode of The Walking Dead, INTENSE. Seriously, what a loaded and heart racing episode so let's just get right down into discussing "Try".

John's Take
The Good: I'm actually quite impressed with how much stuff the show managed to pack in tonight. It got extremely in depth about what is really eating at our characters when it comes to the safety of Alexandria, which we will get into later with my weekly breakdown, but it also set the stage for the ugly threat that is undoubtedly heading toward the city, and it was brought to you by the letter "W".
Yes, those mysterious walkers showed up en masse on the show tonight, and the crazy people behind it are apparently bold enough to carve the W into a forehead while the person is alive, and let walkers do their thing. Whomever these crazed people are, they are incredibly dangerous and judging from that light Daryl saw in the distance at night...you have to wonder how close they are to Alexandria.

But the real intensity from tonight came from Alexandria itself. From the opening seconds of the show, when Deanna played her son's mix tape, nothing felt safe about the town or its people. Everyone seemed on edge this week, heck even Glenn upped the ante when he confronted the cowardly Nicholas in incredibly bold fashion, and by the way we found out who stole Rick's emergency gun that he hid outside the community...the very weasel that Glenn confronted. But matters were only made worse over the fact that Rick wanted to separate Jessie and her charming husband Pete to ensure the safety of Jessie and the kids...and kill Pete if he doesn't like the idea. It was a bold move on Rick's part since he presented it to Deanna, which she of course shot down. But things went awry went Rick decided to confront Jessie about the danger she was in. Thus came the most incredible moment of the night, as Rick was forced into a knock down drag it out battle in the streets with Pete that led to a moment of lucidity from Rick as he chided and scolded the people of Alexandria on being weak and stupid before Michonne knocked his ass out. 

The Bad: That ending. Only because I lost track of time completely watching this one and I was expecting just a little more before fading to black. But since this isn't the first time I've wanted more from an episode...this is a superficial complaint, because of the fact the show is hitting on all cylinders.

The Verdict: Normally the episode before the season finale is pure filler and little tamer than we expect to give us a moment to prepare ourselves, but seriously, this episode was nuts and I loved every single second of it. I'm dying to see if the people behind the W show up next week, and I'm damn curious to see where we go after this with Rick's breakdown in front of everyone. Should be one hell of a finale. 

Daniel's Take
The Good: Is it getting used to the walls? Is it you have to find a way to fit in after fighting for so long? Can you ever go back again? I am sure these are the questions and more running through the minds from Rick’s group. Maybe not these exact questions but a variation of them as we see just how hard “Normal” has become for everyone. Can you be normal in the Zombie Apocalypse? I know that the entire town of Alexandrea likes to think they can and have until Rick's group showed up almost proving what Gabriel had said last week. Sure it is only a matter of time before the wolves are at the gate and in all likelihood make short work of everyone on the other side of the walls. Is that what we are going to see next week? The moment Daryl and Aaron find the left over parts and the woman tied to the tree you know who ever is doing this is close to the town. The walkers they are creating or marking are showing up at Alexandrea’s door step now. Is it the Wolves from the comics creating these monsters and to what end?

The transition we have seen for both Michonne and Sasha has been phenomenal and Sasha’s words to Michonne are eye opening. I don’t know if Michonne has it all but when you compare the two characters I guess she would as Sasha has lost everyone. Right now she is more like Andrea from the comic than real Andrea ever was. In the comic Andrea had lost her entire family and Dale who she was involved with, taking the lonely road and now we see that with Sasha playing out, refusing to let go of her edge. I think Michonne sees the comfort as a good thing but tonight the realization of the impact it is starting to take. I don’t know if Michonne’s flash back was a good thing or not, remembering how things use to be and how far she has come or that she does miss the carnage and the need to stay on her game as well. The one seeming least phased is Carol, playing the role and doing what she has to survive, she right now is by far the most wicked character of them all. Carol gets it, understands both roles and is playing everything to her advantage and I honestly believe that if the town went up in flames the only one walking out of the smoking remains would be her. She is more dangerous than Rick, no one will see her coming, and she has no emotion nor does she act with the slightest bit of remorse and you worry that everything she is doing is playing to a larger plan and if her cookies don’t get you her casserole will. The way it looks right now the women have it more together than the guys.

That brings me to the two emotional wrecks of the evening, Glenn being the first one still dealing with last week. Losing the majority his team and Nicholas lying about what went on. It not a surprise, bothered me that they didn’t talk to Eugene about what he saw. Glenn stepping up to Nicholas putting it very bluntly that he doesn’t want him out there and he is trying to save him, backing him into a corner and showing just how much of a coward he is. At least now we know where the gun Rick stashed went but how he knew it was there I still haven’t figured out the bigger question will he have it in him to kill Glenn with it. Leaving us to Rick tonight and the big emotional break that we saw coming for the past couple weeks. To be honest I was waiting for Rick to see reflections of Shane of the Governor in the mirror as he shaved, or in the reflection of the windows as he walked by. Rick has gone so far past Shane at this point and is right there with the Governor it’s frightening. Right down to trying to get the girl and start over with the new happy life and since he has no white whale to hunt why not just take over the town. The fight needed to happen with Pete if only for the reason that Porch dick deserved a good beating since Deanna knew what was going on. Rick even showed a little restraint in the house before him and Pete went through the window but do go completely around the bend at the end of the fight was madness. All I could see was the Governor at the end trying to convince everyone that he was right and the one to follow.

The Bad: Rick should have wasted this chump no problem! He was a Sheriff for God's sake, law enforcement and this Doctor is going to get the better of him in a fight. Where is the tactical training? Better yet where were the handcuffs? Quick kick to the knee, shot to the nose and into detox Pete goes! I am sure that Rick just wanted to brawl for the sake of getting it out of his system and has been itching for fight since he walked through the front gate but this was a little over the top even for him.

The other thing that I didn’t like is where the hell was Maggie in all of this? She over hears Gabriel’s ramblings last week, knows what is going on there and doesn’t mention it to Rick, or even Glenn for that fact. If there is someone more deserving of going through a window it Gabriel, I don’t like him in the comic and I hate him in the show but Maggie dropping the ball on all of this is just as bad.

The Verdict: The stage is set, the fuse is lit, and the only question left unanswered is what is going to blow first? There are so many ways this could go next week with the 90 minute finale I have no idea what to expect. Glenn shot? Super herd taking down the wall or will it be the Wolves? Who will be the next major character to fall? My money is on Abraham, might even see Deanna go down. At this point who knows but we will find out next week on The Walking Dead.


Written by Mattie


The Walking Dead returns tonight with its newest episode, Try. If you missed the unraveling of utopia in the last week’s episode, Spend, here’s what happened.

Gabriel was starting to freak out. Him being in this new place and the kindness he’s received was going against something heavy was in his heart. Rick however was checking up on the first friend he made in Alexandria, Jessie. The owl sculpture she had made was in shambles and she didn’t have a clue of who had done it. Rick, not really having much else to do yet told her he was on the case.

Glenn, Noah, Eugene and Tara went with Aiden and Nicholas on a mission to fix the power grid in Alexandria. Their search took them to a dark warehouse where Eugene was quickly able to find what they needed. Sadly, a walker in Army gear found them, and Aiden started shooting at it aimlessly until he shot the grenade what was on the walker and it exploded.

When they came to, Tara was unconscious with a head wound and the blast sent Aiden flying into metal that impaled him.  Eugene agreed to stay with Tara while the others went to help Aiden. After the others left, Eugene finally was able to man up and carry Tara to safety while the others found Aiden who was strung up like a meat popsicle. Nicholas freaked out and took off and unfortunately Glenn and Noah couldn't save Aiden and had to leave him to the walkers. That scene almost made me puke when the walkers were disemboweling him.

Glenn and Noah chased Nicholas to a revolving door, which they got stuck in and walkers surrounded them on all sides. Nicholas was stuck in a different section then Glenn and Noah and thankfully Eugene got the van and caused a distraction so they could try to get out.  Sadly though, instead of listening to Glenn’s plan, Nicholas pushed the rotating door open enough to get out and Noah got grabbed by the walkers and eaten right in front of Glenn. It was horrible and cruel and made me nauseous. They ripped his face apart.

Nicholas ran to the van and tried to pull Eugene out of it. Eugene wouldn’t let him and thankfully Glenn was there to save Eugene and knock out Nicholas. They drove home, two members of their party less. Carol however found Sam hiding in her closet. He is addicted to her cookies and she told him that if he steals the chocolate for it, she would make them. Sam did just that and he helped Carol make the cookies. That’s when they got talking.

Sam asked Carol if she used to enjoy cooking and she told him it was a distraction. Sam then told Carol that when he gets mad, he breaks things. Sam then asked why Carol needed the guns. She told him that she needed them to protect herself. That’s when Sam asked for a gun and it drew red flags for Carol. He told her it wasn’t for him and Carol realized that his father is beating his mother, Jessie and probably him too.

After this realization, Carol took the information to Rick and told him that they probably will have to kill Jessie’s husband. All during this, Gabriel came to Deanna and told her that she can’t trust Rick’s group, that the group is pure evil and disguising themselves as people who can help their safe zone and that she can’t trust them. Maggie heard all of this and Deanna told him that she was going to think about it.

Honestly at the end of this episode, I wanted to shoot Gabriel myself. He’s always been a coward and only has survived by the grace of Rick’s group. Now he betrays them and it’s ridiculous.  Luckily Eugene finally manned up and hopefully Tara will heal up. I have to say though, Noah’s death screwed with me. I finally started liking him and he gets torn apart right in front of Glenn. Then of course I feel like Nicholas is going to go back and lie about Aiden’s death.

Over all, last week’s episode was a hard one. Tonight’s episode is the last one before this season’s finale, let's hope it goes a little easier on my feels.  


Written by Shae


I promised you guys a few new series on the site, and well, here is one! I’ve been tossing this idea around for some time now and thought it would be a good time to start. iZombie is a show on the CW based off the comic with the same name. Now, I’ve not actually read the comic, so I’ve no knowledge of this world whatsoever. The show aired this last Tuesday evening, and I got the chance to watch it with Mattie.

Liv is our protagonist with all kinds of wonderful things going for her. She is an aspiring heart surgeon with a hot fiancé, and its all rainbows and kittens for her. However, a co-worker invites her to a party where experimental drugs are being given out, and somehow it triggers a zombie virus…thing. Liv survives by falling off the boat, but she gets scratched, turning her into a zombie. Liv breaks it off with her fiancé, doesn’t tell anyone she’s a zombie, and starts working as a coroner’s assistant, all so she can eat brains. Yep, its that kind of a zombie show…which I actually like, since the zombie lore I grew up with had them eating brains. There is a side effect though. Liv gets flashbacks and memories from the brains she eats. This leads her to helping a detective solve the murder of a young call girl. Seems a dirty cop lost his wedding ring and killed the girl he thought took it.

Ravi, the coroner tells Clive the detective that Liv is psychic as not to blow her cover. He figured out she was a zombie and has decided to help her figure out a cure. In the meantime, she gets all the brains she wants, and that keeps her from going completely stupid and monsterish.  I have to admit, the show is a bit cheesy in some aspects, however, it has some redeeming qualities. I like that it shows Liv dealing with the depression of being changed; handling this transition pretty bad at first. But it also shows her coming around and finding hope. It’s cute and appealing in its own ways, especially for a younger audience. It’s not filled with gore and the death of beloved characters like some other zombie shows that rip your heart out.

Instead, it’s a comedic spin on this horror monster. It’ll be interesting to see how the series progresses, but so far it’s not terrible. I rather enjoyed the show for what it was, and as long as you’re not a die hard zombie fan taking everything too seriously, it’s a fun way to spend an hour.


Written by Scotty

Looking for inspiration is nothing new.  Artists of all types need to find a way to keep their gears going and come up with new and inventive ideas.  While some are able to depend on their friends, family or fans to inspire them, others need to get away from it all.  Leaving the familiar confines of home and traveling around is a great way to see new things, along with meeting new people.   Everyone has their own methods and one thing that I always say, if you find something that works, don’t go changing it.

John Davies is looking for something more than a holiday, he is looking to get away.  Being a screenwriter in the horror genre, he is in need of someplace quiet and away from the world. Finding a perfect house to rent for the next six months, John is happy with the area and the seclusion that he will be able to find staying there while working on his next story.  But John is hit with some news that is a total surprise to him, there is another tenant in the house that will be living with him.

Being thrown for a loop, John is upset about the situation and demands to know why this information was not disclosed in the ad.  After being promised that the woman living on the top level is not a nuisance and will hardly ever be seen around the house, John accepts that he will not be alone and accepts the deal.  While getting settled in the house, John knows he has made the right decision, but whenever he is not looking, there is someone lurking in the shadows.  Knowing that he is not alone, John pays little attention to the strange things that are happening around the house, as a record player gets turned on every night, or a doll from the extra bedroom is moved around the home, as he thinks this is being done by his roommate.  But his attention is quickly averted from even worrying about this when he meets his neighbor, Cassie Konrad.

At first sight, John knows that he wants to spend as much time as possible with Cassie and the two wind up in each other’s company more often than not.  But John still wants to meet the other tenant in the house and when he enters the empty room above him, he finds that it barley looks lived in, but the occurrences around the house start to get stranger and when asking Cassie about what she would do, the young woman is not able to give a full answer but recommends that he tries to contact the deceased in the house.  Getting an Ouija board, John tries to contact the ghosts that haunt his current home and although the session starts off nicely, everything starts to go downhill quickly as he starts to ask the right questions that warrant more of a response than just a glass moving.

The Last House on Cemetery Lane follows screenwriter John Davies as he is looking to get away from his normal life and start to work on his next script.  Finding the prefect house to accomplish this in, he finds out that he will not be alone as there is another level to the home that has another tenant staying in it.  Being convinced that this will not be a problem, John takes the house, but starts to notice strange things happening around his new residence, but believes that it is being caused by the old woman up stairs.  But not all is bad for John as he meets his young neighbor, Cassie who seems to be the perfect fit for John.  The two start spending more and more time together, and John tries to forget about what is happening in his home, but the occurrences get stranger and more violent and he needs to find a way to make them stop.  At Cassie’s recommendation, John tries to talk to the deceased in the home via an Ouija board and asks the right questions to get the most powerful responses.  Finding out secrets about the house and what happened there many years ago, John has to find a way to talk to the other tenant about what she has seen or heard around the home, but when he finds her, he is placed in more danger than ever before.

Well, this movie kept me guessing until the end about what was really happing and that is a good thing.  I did enjoy how the story played, even during the down times of the story and it had a couple scenes that make me cringe a bit.  I will admit that the cinematography was very good as some of the shots made me believe I was watching something completely different.  I am still trying to decide if I just liked this movie, or if I really like this movie, and think it will require a second viewing to make sure one way or the other.  Something that I do like about the smaller cast horror movies is that the cast actually has to act in order to carry the story and in this movie they did just that.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Knowing someone is the most important thing in a relationship.  If they are hiding something from you, or refuse to tell you about their past, their secret could be not only troublesome from themselves, but for you as well.  Being open in a relationship is the only way to make sure that it works, so you know that the person loves you for you, even with all of the mistakes that were made in the past, if your love is strong enough, it is forgive and forget.

Bea and Paul have just gotten married and it is the greatest thing to happen to both of them, ever.  Talking about their love on the wedding tape, it is easy to see how much the two are destined to be together and there is nothing, not even money that can get in their way.  Venturing up to Bea’s childhood cabin for their honeymoon, the two are able to explore every aspect of each other without being interrupted. As the trip begins, there is nothing to keep the two from doing what they want as their lives have now officially started.

Even though the water in the lake is extremely cold and the two are not able to go for their first married swim together, Paul has a great idea to head down in the early hours of the morning to catch some fish to make the prefect breakfast for his bride.  When packing up and heading down to the lake, Paul finds out that his alarm went off several hours too early and decides to head back to bed, but noticing that Bea is missing from the bedroom, he gets very concerned.  Searching around the house, Paul is not able to find any trace of his wife, but thinking she is playing a joke on him, he prepares to give up.  But his love is much too strong to let her be away from him for any amount of time and he ventures out into the woods and finds Bea standing naked in just off the lighted path. 

Carrying her back to the cabin, Paul is concerned about her well-being as she has never vanished like this before in the years they have spent together before they were married.  Bea assures him that she is ok, but her body is freezing and she has a strange bite on her thigh.  Being convinced to go to bed, Paul tries to keep a close eye on his love to make sure she is all right and when he awakens to find her cooking breakfast for him, he sees that there is something wrong with his wife.  As Bea is cooking her signature meals, she is missing out on the essential parts of what makes them work and Paul takes quick notice of this.  Wanting to take her to the doctor to see what is wrong, Bea refuses and is able to distract him from what is happening to her, but she is only able to keep her secret hidden from him for so long.

Honeymoon is the story of Paul and Bea as they have found love and taken the next logical step in getting married.  Heading up to Bea’s family’s home in the woods, the two have found a secluded hideaway for their honeymoon and have planned to make the most of it.  But one night, everything changes as Bea is found wondering the woods, alone and with no clothes on.  Paul is able to find her and is concerned about his wife as she has never had problems like this in the past, but she reassures him that everything is ok.  Thinking that she is ok, Paul finds out that all is not as it seems as Bea is forgetting things from the past that becomes more evident as their vacation continues.  Being woken up by a light outside of the cabin that is shining in all of the windows, Paul fears that his wife has messed around with her ex that is staying up at the lake as well, but not knowing for sure, he gives her an opportunity to come clean about what is happening to her.  As the couple is completely open with each other and she is now holding on to some sort of secret, Paul has to try everything in his power to find out what is happening to the love of his life before something bad happens that will separate the two, but the explanation maybe more than he could have ever expected.

Quite the story, I must say.  I have been waiting to see this movie for several months after seeing it listed on IMDB and I am far from disappointed.  The trailer had me hooked as it looked like a common love story gone wrong, but there is much more to it as there is something trying to keep the couple apart.  Great performances by both Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway as they both have to bring their all to the screen since they really are the only ones in every scene.  The character of Bea is pretty dynamic as she has to be the world’s best wife, then grow more and more distant from her husband as time goes on, but not to let him know that anything is wrong with her, as Paul’s character has to find out what is happening to his wife and doing whatever he can in his power to make it all right.  Both of the characters have to grow by leaps and bounds to make this story work, and I think they both did a fine job in doing so.  But don’t forget, this is a horror movie and there is an outside influence trying to keep the couple apart, and it was not what I expected at the beginning.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


There are rare occasions where Mattie is actually home on the night Supernatural is on. Last night, was one of those nights. Sadly she’s got that cold-of-death-thing going on, but I don’t think I could have watched this episode without her. So, Sam is mopey, and Dean is accepting of his fate. So, of course, that sets the tone for the rest of the episode. Sam is giving up hope, or coming to terms with the fact that his brother has. And Dean is all chill, because he at least knows what’s going to happen. Our newest adventure starts with a girl tied up, hanging upside down, and before long her throat is slit and she’s bleeding out into a bucket. Sadly, she dies, but what’s going on?

Sam and Dean hit the town where the murder took place, and it’s already too late. The guy who killed the girl, and drank her blood and apparently marrow, also drank some gas and lit himself on fire. Couldn’t get weirder? Just kidding it can! Kit, is a military guy who has done a few special ops missions himself. He’s drinking water like it’s going out of style, and even some blood, because he’s just that thirsty. Kit is clearly not human anymore. But Kit is also Cole's best friend. Remember Cole? The jerk who beat up my Sammy trying to get to Dean? Yeah, he’s back. Joy. But it’s cool. He’s here to help…yay. Cole says he can get info on where Kit and the other dead guy had been. He even gets his hands on some footage of where they’d been stationed and what happened.

Guess there’s a case of ‘worms’ going around, making the host thirsty and sucking them dry, or driving them insane.  Cole ditches the Winchesters, or so he thinks, and goes to find Kit himself, only to have a worm jump from his besties mouth, into his. But, unlike the worms we’ve seen before, there’s multiple ones inside a host which makes infecting other people easy for the parasite. Cole gets one in him….Dean stays to figure out how to get it out while Sam goes after Kit…

So, the last time we had crazy worms, they got into people and controlled their minds. Everyone figured out they hated electricity. So, naturally, that’s what Dean tries first. Only, this bug doesn’t seem to mind the shock. In fact, Cole nearly dies from the shocks. The next course of action is to try dehydrating it. Cole says he doesn’t mind that, and it goes just about as well as one would expect. Cole does well, and Dean drinks water in front of him, because Dean is a bastard like that. Eventually, though, it pays off, and the creepy worm gets out of Cole’s body and gets stomped on by Dean.

Sam does not fare as well. Kit goes to his wife and ends up going crazy, trying to kill her. Sam shows up, and knocks the guy out. While he’s explaining the whole world of the Supernatural to her, Kit wakes up and tries to kill her again. Then he tries to kill my Sam! Eventually, Sam wins…and has no other choice but to put a bullet in Kit. Apparently there is no saving that one. And it’s a weird parallel. Normally, Dean is the one trying to kill things while Sam tries to save them...next week, we get to see Crowley again!