Written by Scotty

Are you afraid of the dark?  It is a question that everyone has their own answer to but most people wind up saying yes. Reasons vary from person to person as to why they are, but it usually comes out to not knowing what is around them when being surrounded by darkness. In my early years, I would not go to sleep without a night light on, as I never knew what the sounds coming from outside of my room were and the light would help protect me from whatever ghosts or goblins were lurking outside.

Working in the theater at the mall, Paul had the life that he desired.  Being able to watch people get scared, watch them laugh and watch them cuddle up from the dark of the projection booth.  Knowing what to expect from every movie, he is able to predict what will happen next as he has seen them all more than once.  But getting ready to change one of the reels, a blackout hit the theater and when the power came back on, he was the only person left in the building.  With clothes sitting in the seats without their owners, Paul knows that something crazy has just happened that he cannot explain and tries to find anyone that is still alive.

Luke, the new field reporter for Channel 7 is waking up for work when he notices that the signal on his television is dead.  Getting to the station, he finds that there is nobody there.  Trying to figure out what is happening, he grabs a flashlight and starts trekking around town, looking for someone who can explain what has just happened.  Making it to a bar, Luke is surprised to find the lights on and with further investigation, he finds a generator that seems to have survived the blackout altogether.  Thinking that everyone has disappeared, he takes a drink at the empty bar, but is surprised when he is met with a shotgun being pointed at him by a young boy.

James is watching the bar for his mother while she is out investigating a light that she saw up the street at the church. When she has not come back, he welcomed Luke into his hiding place, but had trouble dealing with the possible loss of his mother.  Rosemary made it to the same bar, hysterical with the loss of her child.  Trying to get the first two people she has seen in days to tell her where her baby was, she has come to terms that there is something beyond what can be explained happening and has turned to her Lord to ask for forgiveness and help.  Hearing screams for help down the road, Luke is forced to go and try to answer, finding Paul lying on a bus bench, the two return to the bar.  The days are getting shorter and the darkness is growing stronger outside, the group of survivors in the bar know that their time is limited as they only thing that is protecting them is their sanity and the generator that is starting to fail. 

Vanishing on 7th Street follows a group of four survivors from a blackout out that has taken almost everyone from the city.  As their only protection comes from light, they question each other why they have been put in the situation.  Trying to protect themselves from the growing darkness outside of the doors, they try to find a way to escape whatever type of fate they are facing, but with their batteries dying and their generator threating to quit, there is little they can do to move on.  As the darkness moves into the bar where they have found safety, strange figures appear on the walls in shadows.  As each member of the group has to battle to stay safe from the growing darkness, they are challenged by their own fears that the dark brings upon them.

An interesting movie that just showed up on one of my recommended queues that I have not heard about.  I liked the storyline that played out and watching every character having to battle to survive.  Without knowing what is happening to the outside world, they discover that the light will keep them safe, but will never know what is really lurking in the shadows that is longing to get them.  I also enjoyed how the legend of the Roanoke Colony was brought into the story, as it is a mystery of missing people from the late 1500’s that has never fully been explained.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Being able to cope with events that have happened in our lives is what makes us human.  As everyone has a different way of handling dramatic events, there is always someone there to make sure their actions stay harmless.  Even the doctors that deal in psychological practice know that they can only point their patients in the correct direction, as it is our own minds that have to overcome whatever is keeping them from moving forward.

Will Atenton and his family have just moved into their new home.  Will has given up his job and previous life to spend all of his time with the them as work has kept him away for so long.  Wanting to make this the best time in their lives, Will is not willing to give up this time, for anyone or anything.  But when his new neighbor comes by the house and brings him a food dish, Will’s reality is about to change.

Without his family coming downstairs to meet the neighbor, Will starts to imagine a life without his loving family, and suddenly the house looks completely different from what he remembers.  Chasing a group of cult followers out of his house, he starts to understand that there is something strange happening.  When witnessing someone watching the house, Will finds out who the man is, Peter Ward.  When looking up the mad man that is stalking his family, Will winds up at a psychiatric hospital, but finds out that he and Peter Ward are the same person.

Will/Peter has been living in a fantasy ever since his family was brutally murdered in the house.  With the help from his doctors and his concerned neighbor, Will/Peter needs to figure out what is really happening with his mind as he is trying to figure out who the killer of his family really was.  Searching for clues around the house and with the ghosts of his family helping, Will/Peter is able to come with an idea of what happened, but is the person that he is no looking for real, or just another figment of his imagination?

Dream House follows the story of the Atenton family as they have moved into their new home to start their lives over again.  With Will quitting his job, he is looking to get as much quality time with his family as possible.  But there is something strange about the house and his neighbor, as they are telling him that the house he is living in is not the spectacle he has been seeing, but a run down, about to be condemned building.  As a man is watching Will and his family try to control their future, Will is challenged to find out who Peter Ward is and what he has to do with the deterioration of his family.  Finding out that Will and Peter is that same person, Will now has now come to terms with his family being dead and has to find out what actually happened on that night he lost everything that was important to him.  With help from his doctors, his neighbor and his family, Will/Peter is pushed in the right direction to find the killer, but will he be able to stop them from killing again?

This is one of those movies that will keep you guessing which world is real and which one is in the characters head?  I do not have a problem with movies that do this, but one thing that this one does is make the scenes different between the two and that is just great, so the viewer can figure out where they are.  I respect the movies that focus on the psyche of a person and tells the story from their point of view, it seems to make you feel a little bit more invested in the character.  I enjoyed watching as Will figured out that he was really Peter and had to try to tell his dead family that they were not really in the home with him.  Stay Scared.

This past weekend we went to the Stanley Hotel up in Estes Park. It just so happens that this was all Scotty’s idea, and that’s why I blame him most of all about the happenings of this weekend. Rule #1, don’t ever let the people you’re traveling with know that you’re really, secretly, terrified of ghost stuff. Maybe you didn’t know you were at first, but suddenly you got there and were totally not on board with this plan. Okay, that’s all a lie. It was a pretty amazing weekend.

Actually, I was really excited. The weekend was a great get away, and I’ve never been to the Stanley before. We all met up there and each got our rooms. Scotty was staying in room 401, haunted by Lord Dunraven. While Smurf got to stay in room 407. Mattie and I? We shared room 428. A room haunted by a cowboy with an affinity for kissing people on the forehead in the middle of the night. That alone was exciting…until we got there. Then it wasn’t so fun. Well, it was still fun, just a bit scary.

The first night there, Mattie, Scotty, and Smurf went and did some ghost hunting of their own. I might have gone to bed early with a little regret. It seems I missed a pretty interesting EVP session in Scotty’s room. But, we got to have our own fun the next night. While Friday was all about relaxing, we got a chance to see some of the hotels amenities. Like their bar/lounge area, which is always busy with people. It’s got a fun laid-back atmosphere that is just…nice! The food, oh wow, the food is utterly amazing.

The hotel itself offers several haunted ghost tours that take you around the entire hotel. They share each story about each room and the legends. While we didn’t take the tour, we saw many of them. Even opened our hotel room room and offered for them to come in and get a closer look at the haunted room. It was doing that we learned that our mysterious Cowboy has a name, Alan. With every room there is a tragic, sad, story to go along. Alan lost his home in a fire and was staying in that very room when he died of kidney failure. He watches over the room and its occupants. Reading on later that evening, I learned our room was also haunted by a child; one that likes to set the alarm to have it go off at 12:01pm.  Sadly, we weren’t in the room around that time to see if that was true or not.

Don’t worry, the fun didn’t stop, and the evening proved more ghostly. While Mattie, Smurf, and Scotty had had some experiences the night before, things were about to get spooky as we hosted a podcast. Now, one of the tour guides mentioned an app, Ghost Radar that would allow us to speak with ghosts. Well, that’s up for debate. Three of us fired up our apps, and the night went on. The podcast proved inconclusive, but there may have been something there. It’s a fun listen. Granted, the boys took pleasure in scaring me as best as they could…

In the end, I didn’t get any huge ghost experiences, but that wont stop me from going back. In fact, I’d love to go again and soon! It’s a gorgeous hotel. Whether you believe in the haunting of the Stanley, or not, it’s a gorgeous historical building with a lot to learn. And really good food. Never got to try their desserts…guess I absolutely HAVE to go back.


Written by Scotty

One thing that we cannot change in our lives is getting older. I used to want to get older when I was little, but now, since I am only a little bit over four apples tall, I take it all back.  When getting older, you find out that some things about your body start to change, you wake up with pains in strange places, but when you start to forget things, that pretty much seals it.  Since you cannot reverse this aging process, the best you can do is live your younger years to the fullest, as your memories should last you the rest of your life, but if you ever have fears of forgetting anything, make sure to write it down and take plenty of pictures.

Deborah Logan is suffering from Alzheimer’s and has little chance from coming back from the disease.  As her daughter Sarah has moved back home to take care of her mother, she has found an opportunity to help with the expenses by allowing a future Ph.D. film the deterioration of the disease.  Although her mother is hesitant to the deal, she can always fall back on her closest friend and neighbor Harris to take care of her, no matter what.

As Mia and her team move into the house to document how Alzheimer’s disease can affect an individual, they find out that there might be something strange happening. One thing that Deborah remembers very well is gardening, but when trying to get some extra footage of her doing so, she is found talking and handling snakes.  Although she is not known for doing this in the past, the film crew discard it is something somewhat normal and go about their business.  But when Deborah wakes up in the middle of the night and somehow manages to get out of the window she previously nailed shut, the group has to come up with a new theory, as their footage shows her moving too quickly for the cameras to see.

Mia and her crew try to call upon everything in their rational minds about what is happening with the strange footage and continue to follow the woman in her daily life, but when Deborah’s primary doctor cannot explain what is happening, they know there is something wrong.  With strange occurrences going on around the house, including windows opening on their own and Deborah working on the phone switchboard that was retired thirty plus years ago, along with speaking French when she did not know the language, something out of the ordinary has come to life and they have to find a way to end it, before they get hurt as well.

The Taking of Deborah Logan focuses on the story of a woman that is about to lose her memories to Alzheimer’s disease.  Needing money to help fund all of the medical expenses, her daughter Sarah decides to let her mother’s days be filled by a future Ph.D., but when the cameras start to roll, something more sinister comes into play.  As Deborah battles with her sickness, strange things start to happen around the house, windows open, doors slam shut, a pounding in the soil outside of the house looking for something that is not there.  With the medical doctors not able to explain what is happening to Deborah, Sarah and the film crew stumble upon a secret from over thirty years ago that might be the reason for the old woman’s loss of health.  As more light is shed on the past, stranger things start to happen as Sarah and the film crew are threatened, not only by people, but something much more dangerous.

I have been eyeing this movie for a couple of weeks now and with a little push from a friend, I finally gave it a view.  I must say that I was blown away with what it has brought to the screen and I know what I have wrote will not do it enough justice.  The story of a woman losing herself due to a disease is bad enough, but then you add a taste of the supernatural to the mix and my goodness, you have got a story to tell.  The storyline if phenomenal and the performances on screen are just fantastic, there is no reason to let this movie pass by without watching.  You will have to take my word that it will leave you wanting to see what happens next as the credits start to roll.  Stay Scared! 


Written by Shae


Easily of the number of things Dean Winchester loves, this episode is all about girls. He and Sam are on the hunt for, well, a hunt! But, Dean might also be out on the hunt for something a little more, curvy. Sam finds his older brothers phone-buzzing non-stop and finally takes it. Discovering that Dean hasn’t really been looking for hunts, but chicks. That’s right, the infamous older Winchester has joined a dating site. With a name like’ Impala67’, surely nothing can go wrong. When the girl he’s meeting shows up, Sam is speechless to find she’s just as gorgeous as her picture lead her to be. Dean leaves with his date, and all seems to be going well.

Who are we kidding here! Things never go right, not for long anyway. The girl in question turns out to be a prostitute; she’s not asking for cash, just his soul. She’s not a demon though, her pimp on the other hand…well, he might be. The girl confesses the scam and what she’s been through to Dean and he gets Sam to come help figure out why a demon would want to run a Bordello. Crowley, for all intense and purposes, has nothing to do with this, this time. The King of Hell is shocked to find out this has been going on under his nose, and manages not to kill anyone involved, for now.

Sam and Dean aren’t the only ones onto this new demon sex trade. It seems someone else, might be sniffing up that tree. A powerful witch, she kills a demon with a weird sack of, I don’t even know, and the other flees. Having rescued the girls, she takes them to a nice place to eat. The waiter wants to throw them out, but the witch hands him something and casts a spell. Magically, our waiter is willing to do anything they want, including giving expensive glasses of wine away. The spell, however, has a nasty side effect, and soon the waiter’s head….implodes? That’s not really the word for it…he dies, miserably…and it’s kinda gross and sad all at the same time.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Hannah are on the hunt for more Angels to bring back to heaven. Things go fine until Hannah’s husband shows up. Well, not hers more like her human vessels husband. The man is clearly distraught, and Castiel showing up doesn’t help any. Hannah decides to kiss Castiel in a point to prove to the other man that she’s with someone else. Really, it’s a ploy to give the man some closure as to why his wife just ran off. It works, but doesn’t, at the same time. The two angels get back to their hunt, sort of. Hannah decides that she can’t continue on like this anymore. She’s understanding humans and too many of their emotions; even experiencing some herself. In a strange turn of events, Hannah leaves her vessel, returning to heaven in her true form.  Castiel takes a very human not-Hannah back to her husband then does a search on his vessel. Is Jimmy Novak still alive? Did Castiel just fully take over? Is he thinking of leaving? Can he leave? So many questions!

The Winchester’s have discovered the identity of the witch. Her name is Rowena, and she’s old, and powerful. Having been the first, and only witch, to kill a demon with certain magic. They find and hunt her down. Just as Dean is about to take her into custody, our good friend Cole shows up. Remember Cole? He beat up my Sam in the second episode of season 10? Still on a hunt for revenge, the man takes Dean on in a fight. Dean get’s the upper hand and has a chance to shoot Cole, but doesn’t. Instead, he offers the gun to Cole and tells him what really happened. Dean had killed his father because the man was a monster and killing people. He wasn’t Cole’s father anymore, and it is Dean’s job to hunt and kill things.  Cole finally decides to make peace with everything, and he leaves.

Dean seems not like himself, and maybe 10 seasons of self-blame are catching up to him. Sam seems to notice, but Dean wont talk about it. They go on to find their next hunt. And Rowena? She’s been captured by demons and tortured a bit. Crowley finally goes to see her, and in a massive twist of fate, we find out her true identity. It seems, Rowena and Crowley might just know each other. Then again, the King of Hell doesn’t call every witch he sees ‘mum’…..


Written by Scotty

Some people are able to find solace in solitude and to them, I applaud.  I on the other hand have to have some sort of interaction in my daily life or else I go crazy in my own thoughts.  Even one person to talk to will keep me from going nuts, but if after a while the conversations fall back to everything that we have previously talked about, it might be able to drive me a little bit further down the rabbit hole.  But as stated previously, if you can survive with no one around and not go crazy, it is a trait that many people do not possess and you should be commended.

Kim and Mike have been held up in a cabin for six months as an outbreak has over taken the nation.  As reports started rolling in about what happens to infected people, the couple was unfortunate and faced it head on during their dinner party.  Having to kill their friends before they were killed themselves, Kim and Mike have made this cabin their home, but time is running out as they are running out of supplies.

Mike leaves every day on supply runs as Kim is stuck inside doing her daily cleaning and miscellaneous jobs.  Not asking for anything too demanding, she is always looking for a way to make her life much more meaningful.  Losing her child to the disease as well, Kim has formed several barriers to keep herself sane, but time is not on her side as each day is the same as the last.  During Mike’s daily outing, Kim is surprised to find that the water supply has run dry.  With no water to wash the dishes or to clean with, she asks what life is like outside of the cabin, but Mike is hesitant to give her any real accounts of what is happening outside of the locked door.

Wanting to know what is really happening, Kim continues to try to make contact with the outside world with her walkie-talkie.  But when someone answers on the other end, she is dumbfounded.  Ranger Mark Rand starts talking to Kim while Mike is out, and although he seems like he wants to help out with the situation and rescue the couple, his attitude changes drastically, causing Kim to question herself.  With the loss of her child, and a new person on the radio to talk to, Kim is still waiting for Mike to return from his latest supply run.  Mike always returns before sundown, but this day has faded quickly and Mike is still out in the unknown and Kim is left alone against the terrors that are looming outside of the cabin.

Dead Within follows Kim and Mike as they are trying to survive an outbreak of epic proportions, causing people to bleed black blood and try to kill anything living.  When Kim and Mike survived their dinner party at the cabin in the midst of this, they found themselves hidden away from the world and the other infected.  But as their supplies continue to diminish, Mike heads out every day to find more as Kim is locked inside of the cabin.  Although she does not seem to mind, Kim has cabin fever and wants to see what has happened to the world, but Mike will not allow it, as it is too dangerous and will not allow her to get hurt.  As Kim stays in hidden in the shack, she starts to develop relationships with characters that she has given a voice to, to make her feel more normal.  When Mike does not return before sundown, Kim starts to have fears that something bad has happened to him, but what is worse, is who will protect her against the terrors outside of the cabin that are dying to come inside. 

This is one of those movies that you have to watch not only for the story, but for the characters.  As Kim and Mike have only been talking to each other for the past six months, it shows how the relationship between the two has tensed up.  When Mike is the only one allowed to leave the house to roam the outside world, Kim slowly falls into a state of depression, and that is something that this movie does not pull any punches about.  This is a great character study piece of what could happen to a couple that is all alone with nothing but their thoughts and memories of loss to fall back on.  Both Kim and Mike have their own memories and although they are trying to make the best of the situation, there is not enough good to outweigh the terrors of the outside world to keep them sane.  Stay Scared.

I am not ashamed to say that one of my favorite venues to visit in my free time is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.  With such a great history in the area, and my favorite movie was inspired by the stay of Stephen King back in the late seventies.  Most of the time when visiting this hotel, I am just happy to be put in any room they give me, but this time, with the group, I wanted something to happen.

I booked room 401 for myself on this stay and made sure the group was in equally haunted rooms.  With 401 being haunted by the old land baron of Estes, Lord Dunraven, I did not feel too uncomfortable in the room alone, but the same could not be said about Mattie and Smurf.  One Friday night when the rest of the group went to bed, Mattie, Smurf and I decided to do a little bit of investigating around rooms, along with the hotel. 

Exploring the grounds, I led the two bravest members of the team to the concert hall and gave a little bit of a back story of what was said to happen.  Smurf got excited when he heard a door close, but came to find out that there was a tour being conducted, so his first experience was somewhat diminished.  Heading back to the main building, I noticed that the only window in my main room was sitting wide open.  I know that I shut it before we started our adventure, but there was doubt in the group that I had it shut properly.  What is it with myself and the windows at the Stanley that do not get along? Waiting to go back up to the rooms to try some EVP sessions, we toured the Billiard Room and from a distance took some pictures in the Music room since it was roped off.  When we were discussing going back upstairs, we heard the piano in the main hall play some bass notes.  Now, Mattie thought that there was a kid playing it, but when we looked around the piano, there was nobody even close to it.  But the strangest thing for me, is that nobody else seemed to notice it.

So with strange things happening, we decided to go back upstairs and try out an EVP session in my room.  Shutting the window again, which was unlatched, so somebody had to do it, we tossed Mattie into the room’s closet to see if the reports were true about woman being touched inappropriately.  I have never seen anyone run out of a door so quickly in my life as she could describe in-depth the feeling of the fingers touching her.  At this point, Smurf was starting to feel a little uncomfortable as well, from the first moment he stepped into 401, he was saying that he could feel something. 

We started our EVP session, mind you this was our first attempt and we were very anxious to hear or witness anything.  Still trying to review the session as there was a ton of wind outside this night, along with an elevator right next to the room which makes it hard to decipher anything too crazy.  Near the end of the session, Smurf was ready to leave the room as it seemed to have pinpointing him the entire night, when his camera died upon first entering the room, along with his voice recorder.  It seemed to have a thing for the young man, I hope to hear a response to at least one of the questions that we asked. 

We then headed to Smurf’s room, 407.  Same ghost, but different reports of the haunting.  Lord Dunraven is reported to be seen in this room when nobody is occupying it, but when people are in the room, they report smelling cherry tobacco.  We tried our session in this room as well, but nobody was feeling out of sorts at all, so we tried the closet activity, but still nothing. I guess the ghost was busy in my room, opening my window.

Our first night had come to an end and I commend Smurf and Mattie for sticking with the hunt as it was their first time and both of them felt a little bit out of sorts as Smurf was getting targeted by someone or something in my room all night, and Mattie had felt the cold caress of an unseen hand.  For the rest of the night, nothing happened that I noticed, but I slept very heavily as I was exhausted.  So this takes us to our second night.

On Saturday night, we were going to try the same thing, with Shae and John coming along, but we got some extra ideas from the tour guides as we were letting them and groups into our rooms while we were there.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy it and we had a fun time with it as well.  Finding out that there were ghost kids in Shae’s and Mattie’s room, 428, we moved small soccer balls into there’s to see if anything would happen with it.  We also set up our podcast in the room with another piece of equipment that we did not know about, the Ghost Radar app. 

Although the skeptics seemed to think this was silly, it seemed to be very accurate in my room as I tried it out.  So we let it play during our podcast while trying to see who or what was in the room with us and what they wanted.  Now most of the time, the indicator light was showing up behind the girls on the couch during the show, so hopefully one of their mics picked something up.  We had a lot of fun on the show and heard a couple of things on our playback, and hopefully you will hear more when it is up.  Bumps and creaks mostly, but I have not finished reviewing the recording yet.

After the show, we went to investigate the hotel once again.  We were happy to see that the Music Room was open so we jumped right in.  Now Smurf seems to be the haunting barometer, as he got goose bumps when entering the room, the same feeling he had the previous night in room 401.  We snapped a lot of pictures and explored the other rooms on the main floor and even jumped into the MacGregor room where the housekeeper that haunts room 217 fell and broke both of her ankles after blowing up half of the building.  It is a beautiful room, but we did not feel anything special in there.

Heading back upstairs, we called it a night and went back to our rooms.  With nothing out of the ordinary happening, my room did feel a little bit heavy tonight, so I left my recorder running for a couple of hours.  I am having a hard time coming up with anything special, as I said the room was right next to the elevator and that makes plenty of noise during the night.  But I did feel like someone was watching me, which made it very difficult to fall asleep, but when I finally did, the hallway went active.  I did not have time to get the recorder to the door, but it did sound like someone was running up and down the stairwell that leads to the tower.  Looking through the peep hole and opening the door, there was nobody there.  It only lasted for a couple of seconds, but it did make it hard to go back to sleep as it was almost the normal time that I get up in the mornings.  I did sit in my little reading room, watch and listened as the new day was approaching once again.

I was kind of upset at the time that the others in the group were having strange things happen to them, but then I remembered that they were skeptics and those are the people that need to have things happen to them, to make them believe.  I had a great time and I sincerely hope to do this again with the group as with all of the scares, it was a different work environment than we are used to.  With a ton of laughs and even some trying to scare each other, it reminds me why I like working on the site so much, as we are still friends.  If you have not been to the Stanley Hotel, what is wrong with you?  I have been going for several years now and love every minute I am up there.  Now it is not a guarantee that something will happen to you while you are there, but if you want to feel a different kind of energy, it is the place to visit. I hope everyone gets a chance to visit this location, as it is beautiful and welcoming.  And bring a friend if you want to share it with somebody, if only to keep you safe from the ghosts.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

While last night's episode of The Walking Dead was purely setup and action packed filler for the midseason finale, I noticed that the themes we have been discussing are slowly coming to a head as another fold was introduced into the whole mix, purpose.  

Last night showed Abraham, Rosita and even Gabriel on a more subtle level needing to have a purpose in their life, a reason to go on if you will and it made me realize that there has been an underlying buildup over the last two years on the show, and I have a funny feeling it will all culminate with the voyage to Washington D.C., which I think is coming up regardless of Eugene's confession. 

It all started last year with the thematic concept of never being too far gone, that regardless of how many atrocities committed in this new world, one could come back and still be a good person at their core.  This year it has continued along with the need for hope, that absolute essential to making it in any fictional universe and ours for that matter and last night we start peppering in a sense of purpose.  

It sounds more and more like the show is barreling toward the components of what it takes for a grand do over of civilization and Washington is the final component to the mix.  We've seen these poor people on the run for five years now. We have seen what the world looks like now when attempts to rebuild are desperate. We get Woodbury, Terminus and Grady Memorial so it's time for something new. Yes, there's not a cure out there and that's a good thing.  That means there is no easy way out, but there is likely a way to rebuild.

That's where D.C. comes into play.  Regardless of whether or not survivors are there, the group needs purpose, a place to call home and what better a place than Washington in the hopes of finding others?  I really get the feeling as we move on in the show, the focus will be on starting over, seeing man rise up from these awful walking ashes and do its best at a second chance. I'm not sure how soon we get to that part of the adventure, but I truly get the feeling we are back in Atlanta to say goodbye to it before moving on to bigger and better things.  Of course, I could be wrong, the show has been known to surprise me on a moment's notice...but watching Daryl cool Rick down to spare a man's life, speaks to bigger concepts on the horizon.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


I would love to say that last night's episode was the calm before the storm that is the midseason finale, but that was simply not the case. Yes, this was the setup for what will likely be an ugly and splatter filled finale, but rather than go easy on us, "Crossed" was a surprisingly action packed episode of the show, filled with some of the best scares I've seen all season.

This episode was obviously about one big thing, bringing Beth and Carol back to the church, but there were plenty of other little tidbits to talk about before we get to that. First up last night was more of Father Gabriel's weaselness rising to the top once again. After getting a quick lesson from Carl on how to use a machete and seeing that his church has become a fortress to ward off the dead and protect Gabriel, Carl, Michonne and Judith he decides to rip out the floorboards in his office and escape into the world.  

As Gabriel does that, Glenn and his camp are waiting for Eugene to come to. Abraham is at his scariest here, still filled with anger over Eugene's lie and at a loss as he stares into the distance unsure of what to do next and while they wait to see if Eugene is okay and not critically injured by Abraham it turns out to be time for Glenn to bond with Rosita and Tara as they forage for supplies. It turns out that Eugene is okay, and that seems to finally pull Abraham out of his funk.  But as I said before, the centerpiece of last night was the beginning of the rescue mission.  

Yes, Rick and a team return to Atlanta to plan out how to get Beth and Carol back.  Rick's plan is to waste everyone in Dawn's group, something that Tyreese and Daryl disagree with, opting for hostages as bargaining chips.  In fact, this was one of the most interesting moments of the night, watching these two men, but more so Daryl, keep Rick's crazy in check.  They clearly trust Rick and have no problem letting him throw down when necessary but this is the difference maker of keeping the good men good, having people around that care enough to not let one get lost in all the darkness of the world.

Regardless the plan goes into motion and they capture three from Dawn's camp in what was the scariest and grossest moments of the night.  Gross because we were witness to melted walkers from a fire and scary because Daryl almost found himself bitten on two separate occasions.  It was intense and awesome, but the stunner of the night was the officer named Bob who appeared to be the only cop worth a damn from Grady Memorial, who used his gentle nature to knock out Sasha and escape.

All in all, I was definitely entertained and was pleased with the fact that this preamble to the midseason finale wasn't just a fluff episode. Sure this one was filler in a lot of ways, but at least it was fun filler.  But next week looks ominous to say the least and I keep hearing that it should be a bloodbath.  Makes me nervous to say the least, we don't know who is safe in Rick's camp, and it's worse for Carol and Beth being inside the hospital.  But sadly we have to wait until next week...


Written by Scotty

Many things go through our minds when trying to find the perfect place to live.  Some people are worried about location, is it close enough to a store, a restaurant, a school?  Others are more worried about what people will think about it, it is designed the way I can decorate it, is the exterior appealing, will it help me meet the perfect person? While some others are looking for the solitude that comes with its location, along with the land that surrounds it.  So many things to think about when even looking at a new possible home, but once you find that perfect one, you know it and it will be the place where you will spend the rest of your days.

The Hays family is looking for a new place to live, as Charlie has just remarried after his widow’s untimely death.  With his new wife Susan at his side, he is worried about her happiness, along with his daughter Emmy’s.  Although the two most important women in his life have not been getting along, he wants a fresh start and to make his family become happy, like they were before he became a widow.

The Thompson family is looking for a new home away from all of their worldly trouble. As Don is worried about money, his wife Leslie, is trying to find a place where she can she can be happy and busy.  With their son Jason trying to escape his past, he does not care where they move to, as long as they are away from the city and he can forget about the accident that his father will never let him live down.

As the two families are trying to find their next home, they both wind up meeting at lot 6485.  As it is a great location with plenty of land, both families are interested, but Charlie Hays decides to excuse his family as the Thompson’s pull up.  Driving back towards the main road, Charlie sees something jump in front of the car and slams on the breaks.  Not thinking he hit anything, the family finds a young girl with blood dripping from her mouth.  The Thompsons find the Hays family on the side of the road and help bring the girl back to the safety of the house they just visited, but when they try to turn around and make it to the main road, they are brought back to the same place, lot 6485.

All attempts of leaving the house become futile as they always wind up facing the house.  As the speakers around the house say that this is the place for one lucky family to own, the two families end up stuck there together with no chance of escape.  With strange visions infecting their dreams, along with blasts of their own pasts haunting them, they need to find a way to escape the house of their dreams,  but in one way or another, they are all fated to be at the house and suffer its wrath.

House Hunting follows two families as they are looking for a new place to call home.  As the Hays family is looking to start their life over after the loss their mother, the Thompson family is looking for a place to get away from the monotony of everyday life.  As the two families meet at lot 6485, their dream house, they find a mute girl on the road that has her tongue cut out.  Not knowing what is wrong with the young woman, they return her to the house, not knowing what fears it has in store for them.  Not being able to escape the property, the two families live together for over a month, but with no way of escaping the lot, they have to find a way to make it back to safety.  With each family members past being called into play, the house has a way to make them all see what they have done, but being able to figure out why they are all prisoners of the property makes each individual admit to the group what they have done.  But will that be enough to escape the torment, or will they be forced to go even further?

A house that can play the mental game with a person is scary enough, but when it makes you have to admit your past, forget about it.  I will not lie, I have watched this movie a couple of times and have found something different every time, depending on my mood.  This is the kind of horror movie that I like to watch, as it disturbs me to no end.  With each character trying to hide from something in their past, it is great to watch them try to overcome it, even when there is no way for them to accomplish it.  Keeping your eyes focused on the future is the way to live your life, no lie, but pretending like your past is nonexistent, well, that could lead to more problems altogether.  Stay Scared.