Written by Scotty

When you come up to The Stanley Hotel, it is difficult to not catch yourself watching The Shining once, twice, or a dozen times.  Where did Stephen King come up with these ideas is what you may be asking yourself.  I have been coming to my conclusions outside of his interviews, for what other reason?  I love staying at the Stanley Hotel and would like to find the reasons on my own.

Richard Hallorann, Dick, is my third favorite character out of The Shining franchise.  He has a good feeling for his gift and is willing to share it with others.  Dick is not comfortable in the Overlook Hotel and there is good reason why, it has found his weakness.  Although Dick does not work inside the hotel, he is in charge of the kitchen and is trying his best to make sure that the hotel does not go under for its food service. 

Dick is one of the people that takes pride in his work and will not let it slide for any reason. Dick goes about his day to day process and makes sure that no one is given any lack of quality.  With the hotel looming over him, Dick knows that he cannot hurt it, nor it can hurt him as he is far from where the action has happened in the past.  Learning that there is another individual that has the power of the Shine makes him happy, but once he feels the power that the young Torrance brings with him, he has a reason for concern.

Dick wants everyone that stays in the hotel to be safe…even if he is reluctant to say what is happening behind the scenes.  Dick knows that the hotel is not for everyone and if he is able to detect that if a person has the special gift of the Shine, he will try to keep them from staying there.  Even though young Danny Torrance does not have a choice, Dick tries to give him pointers to staying safe and sane while in the energy filled hotel. Dick knows that Danny is young, but has a feeling that he has the power to fight off the fears that will come over the winter.

Testing Danny’s power, Dick finds that the boy is much more powerful than he expected.  Danny is able to shatter taillights on cars with his gift and Dick has never seen this before.  Talking with his grandmother years ago without saying a word, Dick understands that there are other people out there with the gift, but has yet to find someone that brings so much to the table.  With the gift of Shine however, Dick understands that there is a curse behind it, especially with the Overlook Hotel.

Young Danny has been warned and hopefully he will be able to control his gift while staying in the hotel, but Dick knows that there is trouble around the corner.  Dick tells young Danny to call him whenever he feels that he cannot battle off the hotel’s evil.  Danny does not understand this at first, but has to give credence to the old man that has only been kind to him since his arrival.  Danny is able to contact Dick when he feels overwhelmed by the hotel, but it comes much too late.

Dick is on the other side of the country while enjoying his winter off in Florida, while young Danny is stuck in Colorado.  Dick tries his best to keep the boy safe and knows what can happen to others that stay in the hotel, but being so far away, he has to fall back to his generic response, nothing in the hotel can hurt you, when he knows otherwise. 

Although Dick Hallorann is not a key feature to the story, he should be.  Dick knows the ins and outs of living with his gift and in the novel was able to show Danny Torrance how to control it, if even just a little bit.  Dick is only worried about the safety of the Torrance family, since he understands what the Overlook can bring to the table.  With his primary focus being placed on Danny, who has the gift, Dick tries to make sure that his parents understand what can happen in the hotel as well.  But like most adults, they do not believe the warning that has been put in front of them.  Dick Hallorann is by far my favorite character of the story that does not receive enough screen, or writing time.  He knows and understands what is coming at all the key moments of the story, and even if he is not on the premises, he is still able to try to help, although it be from a large distance. 

Once again, I hope that everyone that loves the story of The Shining is able to watch and read the different stories, and able to come up and visit The Stanley Hotel.  It is my favorite place in the country and I have visited 45 of the 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.  With a fantastic venue and with enough time to be on your own without nobody bugging you, this is a great place to visit when you need to reflect.  As always, Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

When staying at The Stanley Hotel, it is hard to not find yourself watching The Shining once or a dozen times.  Since this is the hotel where Stephen King got the inspiration for the classic story, why not try to get into his head for a couple of minutes and figure out where his inspiration came from?  Ok, you read the Jack Torrance edition, so I do not have to go on with how the thought of seclusion would change a person, so let’s take a look at little Danny.

Danny Torrance is my second favorite character in the story and for what reason?  Danny has the gift of the shining.  Although his parents don’t seem to understand what or why he has this gift, or even what it is, he is the character that has to grow the most.  How did King come up with this idea is what I am trying to get a handle on.  Could he, or can he actually see things that happened in the past, along with what things are trying to do to him in the present?  

Either way, Danny has the ability to shine, and he also has a friend named Tony that is trying to point him in the direction of safety.  Although his parents do not understand what this means for their child, they utilize this friend, along with his ability to figure out things before they actually happen.  This is funny in a way, since they have taken him to doctors for several years to try to break him out of this ‘phase’.  Danny can walk the walk of a normal child, but deep inside he knows that Tony is real, and like his father, will do anything to try to protect him.

Danny knows that the move to The Overlook is not the best choice for his family, as Tony tells him so, but will not voice his opinion to his parents about it.  Tony knows exactly what will happen if they are all stuck in the middle of the mountains with no way out and he also knows the danger that lies within the hotel, but Danny is not ready to hear about this yet in his fragile state.  Having his arm broken by his father in a drunken rage, Danny is doing everything in his power to accept that Jack is doing everything he can to change.  His father is making an effort to become the man that his dad was not, but some of the old traits come back to haunt him.

Arriving at the hotel, Danny sees the warning signs right away and even though his parents are not too keen on his observations, Danny knows to steer clear of a couple of areas.  After talking to Dick Hallorann and seeing that there is someone else with the power he possesses, Danny is slowly put at ease.  But the talk with Dick does not keep Danny from fearing the power inside of the hotel, as he has already seen too much.  Dick comforts him once again and tells him the tricks of the trade of the shining and even gives the young man permission to call him in time of need.  Danny understands this and is ready to weather the storm with his parents, but not having anyone to fall back on, he is in more need than even Tony could know.  

As winter sets in and the snow continues to fall, Danny is comfortable with is mother but is slowly noticing a change in their surroundings.  While roaming the halls, Danny finds that doors are left open, keys are misplaced and special visitors are waiting to make an introduction.  Dick had warned Danny that The Overlook learns and will feed upon his weaknesses if he lets it.  Although Danny tries with all of his might, he cannot hide his fears from the old hotel and it finds a way to take control.  Having to fight the fact the everything that he sees is not real, the hotel focuses its attack on the boy and will not stop until he has been removed.

Looking between all three stories of The Shining, I have to come to the conclusion that the hotel is what was challenging the character of young Danny Torrance and nothing else.  Knowing that his parents were having problems did not affect his abilities or Tony coming to talk to him.  Knowing that his parents loved him with all of their hearts, Danny was forced to fall back on the guidance of Tony from time and time again and for good reason, Tony would never lie or point him in the wrong direction.  The Overlook housed something like Danny had never witnessed in his life and although Dick Hallorann had worked for several years at the hotel, he did not have the power than young Danny brought with him.

Believing that and staying true to my review of Jack Torrance, here is what I see happened.  I see that the hotel came to life and went after young Danny and that stands true for each of the version of the story.  I see that the hotel saw his father losing it and took advantage of the situation.  I am not saying that it took control of Jack by any means, but I will say it changed some things to make it easier for Jack to go insane by his own accord.  Trying to discipline his son was something from his own child hood that was passed down from his father before him and without having any control while on his own in the mountains, he became what he want meant to be, his father.

Danny had a target painted on his chest from the moment he walked into The Overlook and no matter what he did, it would not go away.  The hotel houses some kind of power that could not be seen from anyone without the gift of shine. The more power a person has with the shining, the more it gets amplified by the hotel.  But if the hotel believes that this person can harm it in any way, it will use the power against the individual and try to destroy them, before it gets destroyed itself.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

What would a trip to the Stanley Hotel be without watching The Shining a couple times?  Since Stephen King got the premise for the classic novel here, it would be a shame not to take note and maybe get some ideas about where his story came from.  These days however, The Stanley is a year round hotel, and back in the 70’s when King stayed here, it was shut down in November before the snow moved in and the roads became impassable. 

Is that what sparked the idea behind The Shining?  I could see it being a factor to the outline.  Being trapped in a secluded area for a long time with no chance of making it back to civilization, seems scary enough.  But that does not have anything to do with how the characters react to the hotel, much less being trapped.  Let’s take my favorite character, Jack Torrance for instance.

Jack is a recovering alcoholic.  Ok, that is an easy one since Stephen King was as well.  Hurting his son because his kid was being well, a kid.  I know that mistakes happen and this is one that parents fear all of the time, whether they are drinking or not.  Jack is trying to get away from his normal life problems and focus on his passion, writing.  Sounds like writers all over the place.  With how basic Jack Torrance seems to be, he is hiding so much more.  He is a family man that will do anything and everything to make sure that his family is safe.  With hurting his son Danny years ago by mistake, he is now under the watchful eyes of his wife and it is starting to get under his skin. 

Although Jack is not willing to admit this, it is still in the back of his mind whenever he does anything with his son.  Wanting to make sure that Danny does not encounter the troubles that he has in the past, Jack will do everything in his power to protect his son.  Not wanting to give a second thought to his son’s invisible friend, Jack wants Danny to grow into the man he was supposed to be, and nothing less. 

Now I did say that Jack is a devoted family man, but have not talked about his relationship with Wendy. In the story it is a little bit rough.  Wendy will not let the fact that her husband injured their son in a fit of rage and will not let him forget it.  Trying to get away from the city and all of the pressures that it has put on him in the past, Jack feels that the move to The Overlook is the best way to keep them all together.  With the massive landscape that property provides, Jack knows that no one will get in each other’s way for the duration of the winter and that will provide for a much more loving surrounding…in his eyes.  

What about Jack Torrance himself? We have covered the fundamentals of his past, now let’s focus on his present.  Why does Jack find this hotel intriguing enough to take the job?  It is the job, along with the seclusion that he wants the most.  Having to do basic maintenance around the property, with having the release the boiler once a day, it is the perfect opportunity to get back to his writing.  That is all Jack really wants to do, he wants time to focus on his writing once again and come up with something great.  The hotel gives him plenty of inspiration, as he is shown a book housing the great history that went along with the prestigious location.  But when he is able to get in the groove of things, he gets interrupted by his family, and although he loves them with all of his heart, he came to work.  Family time has to come second as the hotel and his ideas have to come first.

What finally made Jack snap would be the question that nobody has an absolute answer to.  Was it the job, the responsibility that was put in front of him?  Was there something special in the hotel that showed him that there was something better for him?  Or was it the self-seclusion that he put on himself that made him go mad? 

Since I have combined the novel, the movie and the TV series in this review, it is very difficult to come to a hard conclusion. I always lean back to wanting to blame The Overlook for messing with his mind, but not having the gift of the shining, it is hard to back it up.  Even though he was hearing his father telling him what to do, could that have been the hotel, or his own mind playing with him.  For the sake of coming to a conclusion, I will blame his mental state and let me tell you why.  I think Jack is under too much pressure and even though he took a job that would take the strain off of him, he is a little bit like me when it comes to working at any job.  Working as hard as possible to make sure the job gets done at a top rate.  That is how I work and I will tell you straight up, it puts a ton of stress on you.  But when you are done, you feel great about yourself and do not have to look back wondering if you could have done better.

Just my opinion and it is always subject to change.  Hope everyone gets a chance to watch and read all of the different editions of The Shining, since it is a masterpiece.  Along with getting a chance to come up to The Stanley Hotel and see where the idea stemmed from.  Until next time…Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty


As the time ticks away until the eclipse, the threat of an outbreak seems to be imminent.  With all of the bodies of the dead passengers coming back to life and turning into something much worse than expected, there seems to be only one way to contain the threat, killing them all.  With Dr. Martinez looking the other way and removing herself from the situation at hand, Eph and Abraham have to battle the threat on their own.

Abraham Setrakian has finally come clean to Eph about what the people of New York are up against as all of the passengers of flight 753 are changing.  Giving Eph a little bit more background about what he knows, we are transported back to 1944 and get to see through Abraham’s eyes the Master that took his fellow prisoners during the night.  Although he did not know what was happening when it began in the camp, Abraham was able to put it all together as the sick people he was kept with were winding up dead.  The Master only seemed to take out the sick people, but his thirst was getting stronger and he had to start feeding more frequently, taking out Abraham’s brother right in front of his very eyes.

Eph needs to get footage of the creatures to prove to the powers that be that a quarantine is needed.  Being able to capture this using his cell phone when visiting the house of Ansel Barbour, he is able to bring the proof to his boss.  Everett is not willing to watch the footage that is placed in front of him, when all he sees is Eph shooting a chained up, sick man and calls in the authorities to try and get Eph off of the streets.  Jim Kent is still upset about being kicked out of the group, but will still help his friend find a way of escaping before he is sent away.  Although Kent is trying to make amends with his old friend, he is still on bad terms with Eph and will have to do more to prove that he wants to stop this outbreak before being let back into the inner loop.

Gabriel Bolivar has completed his transformation into a new creature.  With his publicist trying to make sure he is healthy enough to perform his eclipse concert, she calls in another doctor to take a look at him.  Bolivar takes full advantage and gets his next free meal, but when his publicist sees what has happened, she calls in a ‘cleaner’ to make the situation go away.  Thinking he is just folding under the pressure and not wanting any bad publicity before the show, she does not understand what is happening to her cash cow.  When the ‘cleaner’ shows up however, Bolivar gets to take full advantage once again for another meal.  Even though there seems to be a little part of him left, he cannot fight the voices he is hearing in his head and needs to bend to their will, and feed.

Joan Luss, the final survivor from flight 753 is slowly starting to change as well.  Feeling under the weather, she has been stuck in bed since being released from the hospital.  With her two kids and nanny trying to do everything to make her feel better, she is starting to feel like something else is controlling her.  When her nanny tries to take the kids out of the house while she is still laying down, Joan gets upset, but is willing to let them continue on with their day.  Hearing the heartbeat of her children, along with fighting a thirst that cannot be quenched by anything that she knows of, she decides to take a jog and work the sickness out of her system. 

Vasiliy Fet is getting in trouble for not being the kindest to his customers, but does not seem to care.  Watching as rats are moving out of the sewers and taking to the streets, he knows that there is some other larger predator under the streets that are driving the rats away from their home.  Taking it upon himself, Fet goes down and takes a look.  Not knowing what to expect, he sees a little person run by and follows him.  What is finds blows his mind as there are several people with blood dripping from their chins that are looking at him like he is dinner.  Retreating back up to the surface, he sees that each of the people that were chasing him were burning when being exposed to the sunlight. Fet watches for a moment, then has to close the doors behind him as this is something that he has not seen before.

Is it possible that the show is getting better every week?  This is only five episodes in and each one seems to be more intense than the last.  With most of the internet being knocked out and now cell phone service is shaky at best, it is apparent that nobody knows what is on the horizon, other than Abraham Setrakian. I did not know how they would handle the old man’s story when it came into play, and am not too disappointed with how they brought it to life.  With Eph starting to believe the old pawn brokers story, and Nora being exposed to the outbreak while on her personal time, and no way to contact anyone, it appears that finding each other later on will be next to impossible, but you never know in a city like New York, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…right?  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

Once in a lifetime an opportunity comes along that cannot be passed on.  For everyone this opportunity is different, but once it comes your way, you need to make sure that you can do everything in your power to take advantage of it.  Make sure to keep your eyes open and watch for it, because if it passes you by, you may never find it again.

Nathan Sands and daughter Nicole are at the top of their game and have created the fiercest killing creature that the navy has ever seen.  A half shark, half octopus creation that can be controlled by remote and told to kill anyone at any time.  Smelling success is at hand, the Commander wants a real life test and S-11 is hit by a speed boat, dislodging its control unit.

With a half shark, half octopus now free to hunt at its own will, the southern coast is in for an eye opening experience.  As S-11 lays waste to the coast line, Nathan Sands is forced to call in help from a former employee that will do anything for money.  Andy Flynn is the only man that can stop the killing machine and once he finds out the reason why the experiment is killing everything in its path, he has to become a hero once again.

Sharktopus is the story of Andy Flynn as he is called back into service to protect the population of Mexico from an unstoppable killer.  With S-11 on the loose, and its creators unable to control it, it is up to Flynn to stop it with everything at his disposal.  With Nicole Sands along his side, Flynn has to make sure to follow the rules that have been laid out in front of him, but knowing the destructive force that the marine hybrid packs, it will not be an easy task.

This is by far my second favorite shark movie that the SyFy network has brought out.  One of the things that I love about this film is the character development that takes place and that is something that is missing in several of these movies.  Once again, I am so happy to see so many people getting eaten by the sea beast and although they allow it to walk on land for a short amount of time, it is still a movie after my own heart.

With a great performance from Eric Roberts, I was sold from the first moment I saw a preview for it.  Knowing that this was going to be something special and seeing a bungee jumper getting chomped in while having the time of her life, how could it go wrong.  With enough levity and having Sharktopus’ first kill coming on a working man that yells, ‘Not Like This’, you know what you are signing up to watch.  I really love this movie, even though it is hokey and has plenty of foreshadowing so you know what will happen next, it should go down as one of best science fiction shark movies of all time.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

There are many different teaching methods that our instructors have used to ensure that we are learning to the fullest.  Although some of these methods may not have been conventional, they have stuck with us later in life and looking back, we ask ourselves why every teacher did not teach us that way.  With so many different learning curves, it is good to have a variety of teaching methods to keep our minds working to reach the ultimate goal of knowledge.

Professor Babish has his teaching method down cold.  Taking his students on a boat trip rather than keeping them locked up in a classroom works wonders for their motivation.  Although most of the students think that he is teaching a throwaway class, he still takes it seriously and will do anything to make sure they take some knowledge away when it is all over.  With a couple students genuinely interested in learning, most are just happy to be exploring their fellow student bodies.

As the group is nearing their final destination, the boat hits a dead shark that ends up killing its propellers, then something else attacks the hull.  Being dead in the water, the group sees an atoll (island) that they can lay anchor to get the students off of the boat while it is being repaired.  Not feeling completely comfortable with the this decision, Mrs. Babish says aboard the boat while waiting to hear if her husband’s students can find anything worthwhile on the atoll that could help their current situation. 

As the day passes and the students discover the remains of an old fishing village on the atoll, they are no closer to finding a way to help repair their boat.  With no one else around, the group spits up to cover more ground, but when three coeds notice that they are no longer being supervised, they go out to the water to have some adult fun.  While they are focused on each other and not what is lurking in the water around them, they are attacked by what appears to be two sharks.  Not knowing what is happening back on the boat, Mrs. Babish keeps an eye on the atoll and wonders what is taking the group so long.  But when she loses the only person on the boat that can repair it, she starts to believe that there is something much worse happening to her and the students.

2-Headed Shark Attack follows a group of classmates that are on the adventure of a life time.  With Professor Babish at the helm, everyone is out to have a good time, but when their boat gets disabled, they have to find a way to get it fixed, and quickly.  Being stranded in shark infested waters, the group finds an atoll and plans to make way for it as they are running low on supplies.  As they make landfall, they notice that it is deserted and does not have enough supplies to help with the repairs on their boat.  Getting back on track is their main priority, but when they notice that they are being stalked by a large creature, they decide that they might be safer waiting it out.  The mutated shark has a different plan however as it targets everything in the water that is moving, along with the reef that is holding the atoll above water. It becomes a game of chess with the shark and it is not willing to wait too long before its next meal and starts to challenge the integrity of the atoll and the students on it.

Some people may ask why.  I would answer why not?  One of the fiercest predators of the ocean is given an extra advantage, another head.  What could be more frightening than that…right?  Without knowing what they are really up against, the students have to put their faith in each other to survive, but for a situation where you could die any minute, it does not seem to be the best plan of action.  Watching as several students regress, rather than grow is probably my favorite part of this movie.  I cannot lie, I love seeing the stupid kids being eaten first and being left with the only couple of characters you should care about, then seeing them get chomped as well.  It’s a great shark movie and even though the title says it all, it is still worth giving a view.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

Knowing who or what your attacker is can save your life more times than not.  If you have an overall idea of what you are up against and know a way to combat it, you will fare much better in the long run.  Now, that is not always possible since there are so many different directions attacks can come from it may seem impossible to be prepared, but even if you have a minimal amount of knowledge about it, you will still stand a much better chance than someone who has no idea.

A group of strangers are kidnapped and all brought together to face their fate.  Not knowing why they have all been brought in, they try to ask for their freedom from the madman that seems to be in charge, but he has a different plan for them as he is going to feed them to the sharks.  Being a sporting man, he gives the members of the group a chance to win the deadly game he has laid in front of them, if they survive seven different shark attacks, they can gain their freedom once again.

With a list of challenges laid in front of them, the group has to know what has brought them together at the request of the madman Tiburon.  Coming clean about their pasts, they all find out that they played a role in the madman’s son’s death.  Even though only one person pulled the trigger to kill the boy, Tiburon blames them all and will make them pay for his loss. Putting the group on a remote island, Tiburon has the entire place wired so he can watch them succeed or fail at every turn, along with keeping them on schedule for each of his sharkly challenges.  The survivors will win the game, but with so many sharks, Tiburon does not believe that anyone will be able to complete the game, alive.

Shark Week follows a group of strangers as they have been put into harm’s way.  Being kidnapped by a madman, they find out that they all played a role in his son’s death and he is looking for revenge.  Giving his victims a fighting chance, Tiburon has laid out a set of challenges for the group to face, all having to deal with sharks.  With the fiercest predators at his disposal, Tiburon wants to make the group suffer, the same way he has had too since the loss of his son, and will do anything to avenge him.  Without knowing too much about his victim’s backgrounds, he is amazed with how long they are able to survive his game, but he still has the big guns to pull out to make sure that no one will leave the island alive.

A down and dirty look into a madman’s mind as the movie plays out.  Being able to see and hear everything that his victims are doing and saying, he gets more invested into making them pay for the loss of his son.  Trying to exact revenge on those responsible for his son’s death could be a novel idea, but giving them a way to gain their freedom does not seem to follow the character's make up.  Not a disappointing movie in the least with all of the sharks coming into play, but the madman was not mad enough to my liking.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

Who loves swimming in the ocean?  Everyone right? Even those that are land locked and do not have an easy way to make it out to the great Atlantic or Pacific oceans.  As a child, I remember taking trips to the coasts and loved getting into the water since everyone else was doing it, but now in my older years and watching Shark Week, I know that it may not always be the best of ideas.

Luke is welcoming his best friend Matt, his wife Suzie and ex-girlfriend Kate from London to his home in Sydney, Australia.  Knowing that they are not used to the water, he plans to take his land locked guests on an excursion that will change their lives forever.  Getting a boat and a good captain, Luke knows that they will all love the adventure he has planned out for them and they will be thanking him for years to come.

Arriving at Turtle Island, Luke rekindles his relationship with Kate as they have been apart for so long.  Matt is happy to see that things are working out between his best friend and his sister and does not want the day to end as he is having the time of his life with Suzie.  As the tide quickly moves out, the group gets back to the boat to head home, but the boat hits an underwater rock in the shallow water causing it to capsize.  With the group stranded on the bilge (bottom of the boat), they have to find a way to get to safety before the boat sinks.

Luke comes up with a plan to swim for land as the current is taking the boat further out to sea and his best friend trusts his judgment.  As Matt, Suzie and Luke are ready to make the swim to land, Kate reluctantly decides to join in as well and the group is reunited.  The swim is long and exhausting, but the group seems to be in high spirits until they notice a fin of a shark that starts following them.  Thinking very little about the trouble ahead, Luke tries to keep his friends calm as most of the shark attacks come from people struggling on the surface, rather than swimming fluidly.  As the shark comes closer and closer to the group, it starts to pick one person off at a time and keeps coming back for more.

The Reef follows Luke and his friends as they plan on a short excursion to a remote island to get away from all of life’s troubles.  As Luke rekindles his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Kate, the tide quickly moves out, causing problems for the boat ride home.  When the boat capsizes, the group is faced with a decision of staying to be rescued, or swimming back to land.  The group decides that the latter is the best idea and they all start out. Swimming for hours without a problem, the group seems to be in high spirits until they notice a shark that starts stalking them.  As they continue their swim, the group gets more and more tired, but the shark continues its efforts and starts to pick off one person at a time.  Knowing that they are in a bad place, Luke continues to push the group forward until it is just himself and Kate left.  When they notice an above water reef, they start to gain hope, but the shark may have different ideas.

I am not a huge fan of the movies that are ‘based on a true story’, but this one has to be one of the best I have seen to date.  Although it moves kind of slow, once the stark starts to attack, you are not able to take your eyes off of the screen.  I really do appreciate how the story line played out and watching how the characters grow along with how they started to take note of their surroundings.  Being trapped at sea could be one of the scariest things ever, as there is nothing you can do about the surrounding wildlife around you.  I would wish this on no one, even on a cruise ship, as there is only one way to escape your situation and that is to get into the water and swim for it.  Stay Scared!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

At some point or another in our lives we have either yearned for or committed revenge.  Someone hurt us, or went out of their way to wrong us and it seemed the only recourse was to even up the score or hope that karma or fate would step in and handle it for us. 

The desire to enact revenge is a powerful one and even in nature science has observed it in the animal kingdom, but for the most part, the act of vendetta is reserved primarily to humanity.  But what if the creatures we share the earth with sought out such malevolence? What would our world be like?  It's a question that is explored in the final film in the Jaws franchise, Jaws: The Revenge. 

Tragedy has struck the Brody family.  Having lost their father Martin years ago, Sean Brody thought it would be good to carry on in his father's footsteps as a member of the Amity Island Police.  But one night on a routine run in the harbor, Sean dies in horrible fashion.  His mother Ellen believes that a descendant of the shark that came to Amity so many years ago was responsible, but her ideas are dismissed and her son Mike brings her to the caribbean for the holidays in an effort to help her heal. But Ellen's paranoia is warranted.  Sean did indeed died at the maw of a great white and it has followed the Brody family to the tropics to settle the score.  

Released in 1987, Jaws: The Revenge is truly the worst film in the franchise and one that managed to put an end to motion pictures about killer great whites on the big screen for many years to come. While it has some awesome kills here and there from the shark, for the most part the film sadly does not deliver.  This go round there is nothing cerebral to be found at all, and while the shark returns to its eating machine ways, this one stays pretty close to monster movie fare as the shark makes plenty of appearances, always reminding us he's here to feast as he enacts his revenge. 

But what makes Jaws: The Revenge tough to watch are the production values. The fourth wall is often broken in this motion picture since well...there are plenty of moments when you see the mechanics that run the shark and well...for the odd decisions in the finale of the film.  I'll put it to you this way, the shark roars.  Not to mention depending on which version you watch, the ending either involves a moment when the shark explodes for no reason, and yes you can tell it's a clay shark being blown up by an M-80, or the beast's death throes manage to tear apart a boat. 

Either way, it's heartbreaking since one would think having Michael Caine in the cast would have elevated this film to new heights but in the end the franchise simply goes out with a whimper.  Either way, this one is worth seeing for the movie mistakes, to remind us of how awesome the first film was and to say goodbye to a once proud franchise.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It often takes a disaster to remind humanity just how fragile we really are and how powerful nature truly is.  When we see a tornado level part of a city, or a hurricane rip apart all that man has built we are left with a new sense of humility. 

But our ability to control so much of the world makes those moments of terror fade into memories and we return to our role as masters of the planet, until such reminders arrive again.  Sometimes those little nudges from mother nature may not be as severe as a natural disaster but by way of demonstrating how nature can sneak in anywhere, even where we believe we have complete control. It's that hint from nature that fuels Jaws 3-D.

It has been many years since the incidents at Amity Island and one of the sons of Martin Brody, Mike, has not let the terrors of the sea deter him from staying around ocean life as he enjoys his work as a marine biologist at Sea World. In fact the shark at Amity Island is all but a distant memory until a baby great white is captured inside the park and its thirty five foot mother has followed her baby into the complex...to feed.  Now the terror begins once again as Mike and the staff must figure out how to stop the shark and save as many lives as possible. 

Released in 1982, Jaws 3-D earns its namesake from the grand 3-D craze that swept horror films in the early eighties and although the three dimensions of terror promised on the poster are no longer available, you can absolutely tell where the special effects were intended to thrill us and at the same time, that focus on effects reveals that this is the film where the franchise completely and utterly lost its way.  

The cerebral nature of terror and trauma evident in the first two films is nowhere to be found in this motion picture.  No, instead the shark went from representing our worst internal fears and fear in general to serve as a slasher in the vein of Freddy or Jason.  This go round the shark is smarter and methodical and bloodthirsty in ways that resemble man over beast. While Richard Matheson and Carl Gottleib's script gets props for the parallels of man versus nature and how nature always reminds us of its presence, the end result is just a high octane splatter flick.  

But there is one particular scene in the film that will make you squirm, when the character known as Philip is eaten alive by the shark. We are treated to an inside view as the beast holds him in place beneath the depths of the water and well...chews without swallowing.  It's a pretty eerie moment and if anything this film is worth watching for the awesome kills and the gore. You won't be wowed watching Jaws 3-D, but your bowl of popcorn will definitely be empty.