Written by Scotty

Sometimes you need to stick with your convictions, no matter what they are.  If you let go of your goals, you could find yourself falling back into the same declining spiral that you have been trying to get out of for so long.  It does not matter what you think will happen, even if you step away from them for even a day, you will find out that it will set you back even further.  Keep your eyes open and on the prize at the end of the tunnel, because if you don’t claim it, someone else will.

Julia has just inherited her father’s catering business and is afraid that she is going to lose it. Without any supervision, she is in charge and wants to make sure that it does not fold with her in the driver’s seat.  With her friend and only employee Paul, she knows that she and the business are in trouble, but there are still job offers, so she is able to keep herself afloat.  Driving out to the Perch estate to cater a rich folk dinner party, she knows that there is no chance for messing up.

While Paul is out setting up the tables, chairs and bar for the event, he is starting to get pestered by wasps that are as big as his fist.  Not knowing what has excited them, he goes along with his job of pouring drinks for the guests and finds that not all of them are there for the same reason. When Sydney Perch gives his thank you speech for everyone that had decided to come, Paul and Julia meet Governor Caruthers who will be needing them to cater one of his events as well.  Thinking that everything is going to get better, Julia steps into the wasps nest and releases them on all of the guests.

When a guest falls sick to a sting, the party comes to a halt, but little do the guests know what is about to happen next.  Watching as the party goer’s body convulses in pain, a new breed of wasp is unleashed, and it is much bigger than a fist.  While everyone tries to find cover from the bug attack, the stung guests turn into the larger predators and have the need to feed on their human counterparts.  Being able to hide in the basement, Paul, Julia, Caruthers and Sydney need to find a way to escape the oversized menace that has taken over the estate.  Finding out that Sydney is responsible for the outbreak, combining fertilizer with his father’s growth hormone pills, the group starts to understand their fate.  But Sydney has a secret of his own and being stung on his hump is providing him with a different outlook on life than the others.  In a race against time, Paul and Julia have to find a way out of the hive before they become its next victims.

You ever need to laugh about how the term wasps is used, this is the movie for you since WASPS are killed off by actual wasps.  Each character has their own motivation and none of them are the same which makes this movie a little bit special.  As Sydney seems to go through all of the emotions, it comes clear that he just wants somebody to love him for who he is.  While Paul wants to make his move on Julia before time runs out and has to show what he is made of against the flying beasts that are looking to kill and eat everyone.  I really enjoyed the awkward interactions between Paul and Julia since Paul does not seem to understand how to put on the moves, and when he tries, Julia pretty much shuts him down before he can say another word.  The effects are solid in this movie and the blood, oh the blood flows like nothing you have ever seen before.  A can of RAID won’t be able to take these flying beasts down, you have to find something a little bit more flammable, but you will understand when the end of the movie hits the screen.  Stay Scared.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


Despite the celebration that fans everywhere, myself included, enjoyed last night over the fact that Glenn did not die a horrible death at the hands of walkers; a few other surprises reared their head on The Walking Dead this week. In fact I would venture to say that last night was the culmination of something that's been brewing here and there over the last few weeks, something we have discussed on several occasions in this breakdown, the show's new found focus on hope and living. 

Last night we saw it everywhere, from Glenn, Rosita, Spencer and the people of Alexandria as a whole that they finally understand the opportunity being afforded to all of them, the fact that this tiny little town can serve as a new beginning, a chance to start over and that they can find a stable and secure life. Even the answers as to how to make all of this work came forth last night, by way of maintaining a sense of unity in this community, by keeping an open mind and protecting one another and stopping at nothing to make sure they survive and stay alive because at this point...life is a gift.

The latter of those points was perhaps best exhibited by Glenn since he went back to make sure that Enid was safe and that she returned with him to Alexandria despite her protests because of how important it was that they keep this community going and that being together like that and pushing forward was honoring the people that they lost, and that they were given a true gift by being able to live. You also saw Rosita teaching others how to be strong, Eugene specifically, as she also lectured him on the importance of living and fighting for every breath and well...it was simply wonderful to see this message finally taking front and center on the show. 

But perhaps the greatest example of all of this from last night, came from Spencer's stupidity. He's been a character struggling over the last couple of weeks. First he is noble, then he is a thief and this week he tried to be a hero. He wanted to move the herd, to get the dead away from his home and nearly lost his life in the process and well, while his plan was dumb he at least wanted to do something more for the greater good and that's something we really have not seen from the people of Alexandria at all until this point.  

I was also a big fan of the fact that the Alexandrians are calling out Rick now for NOT trusting them and not believing in them. Spencer was quick to do it after being saved, wondering if Rick would have listened to his plan and other people in the town asked for Rick to give them a chance because they truly are all in this together. Of course the end of the episode spells nothing but trouble for this city and its people, but despite what horrors happen on the mid season finale we know that these core ideals won't settle with the dust that follows, like the people of Alexandria I have a feeling they will survive and thrive and lay the foundation for the rebuilding of a shattered world.


Written by Daniel and John


It took four excruciating weeks, but at long last The Walking Dead finally revealed the fate of Glenn all while setting up next week's ominous Midseason Finale. So let's not waste any time today and get right down to recapping last night's episode, "Heads Up".

John's Take
The Good: YES! YES! YES! GLENN FREAKING SURVIVED! Those opening moments were horrifying gold for a few seconds as I witnessed the terror of that ugly and iconic moment by the dumpster over again before cheering at the top of my lungs and startling the dog as Glenn slid under that dumpster to survive the onslaught of walkers feasting upon Nicholas. It was an absolutely wonderful sight to see, and to know after all this time he finally made it out called for celebration, and I spent the first commercial break rejoicing with others over this lovely news. How big of a deal was it that Glenn survived to some of my friends? Put it to you this way, Shae was ready to move to the moon (her words) if she found out he was dead in order to deal with her grief. No Joke. These are the kinds of texts I received over this momentous occasion.

But a lot of other important stuff happened as well since this was an episode that had a taste of normalcy for a change as the good people of Alexandria started putting together the pieces and started acting like a community after all this time. It was nice to see everyone finally act like every person in this town matters and we will discuss the best parts of that in depth in my weekly breakdown later because there were two key plot points that take precedence at the moment. Specifically, the fact that some ugly things were set up last night that I have a feeling will come together in next week's midseason finale. The first...is Ron and the fact the gun Rick gave him is loaded now. It's clear he has a deep rooted hate in his belly for Carl and it wouldn't shock me to see something bad happen to Carl, perhaps right from the comics, during next week's episode. As for the other thing, why do I get a feeling next week is also when Morgan's decision comes back to bite him on the ass? That Wolf will have a chance to escape amid the chaos and Morgan may be his first target. I make mention of all of this because let's be honest, this was another filler episode, that didn't feel like a filler episode and every little tidbit put forth tonight was important in some way.

The Bad: Outside of Carl, I can't stand the kids on this show. Enid is a little punk. Ron is a little punk and sometimes their idiocy gets a tad on the annoying side like it did tonight. I get Enid is traumatized and scared and Ron is basically his father, but seriously, someone put these little brats in time out for a moment please. 

The Verdict: I really enjoyed this one for the obvious reason that we found out Glenn was alive, but it was nice to see this community come together and actually work toward a common goal for a change. It's just a shame a lot of people might not make it out alive next week since the herd is clearly getting in...

Daniel's Take
After weeks of wondering and heated debate our minds can finally rest easy and no longer suffer from sleepless nights.

The Good: Glenn, the Korean Ninja! He has to be one of the most resilient people in The Walking Dead. I love how the show even messed with the viewers further by taking Steven out of the opening credits to create more of a stir and question about is fate. How did he survive? I have to give the production team credit with how well they laid out the moments after Glenn hit the ground. Nicholas serving one last purpose as a shield laying over the top of Glenn giving him enough time to pull himself under the dumpster he landed in front of. That was Nicholas' guts the zombies were pulling out on top of Glenn, so the only thing he could see while trapped underneath the dumpster was the remains of Nicholas and a few walkers he smoked that tried to get him. Enid of course is right there when Glenn crawls back out, rather hokey I know but I guess they figured it was the best way to get Glenn back into the action. Glenn tries to catch Enid, gives up and starts to head for Alexandria when he has a change of heart….again. The one thing I guess we can always count on is Glenn to go back and never leave anyone behind. He convinces her to come back with him, Ron will be so excited to see his girlfriend again. The moments between Glenn and Enid as the make their way back are really touching, Glenn trying to reach her, try to help her not be so angry and afraid. “You live because they don’t get to” was one of the most profound things Glenn said tonight and I felt for a moment it was Hershel talking, and I think what he was saying to Enid may have touched a nerve. That is until they made it back to Alexandria to see a town under siege by walkers.

While inside the walls we get caught up with current events and everyone handling the situation rather well. Rosita finally getting a little screen time (start calling her T-Dog) as she tries to show everyone how best to stab walkers, Eugene being the most difficult in the group to instruct of course. The speech she lays on him is impressive and for a moment I thought he might cry, but instead leaves the training. Father Gabriel I think has become the biggest joke of all, no one taking him seriously and is viewed more as dead weight. Trying to put up fliers for a 1 p.m. prayer circle just to have Rick pull it down right behind him; there is a time for all things and we can pray later. But the stupid move of the week has got to go to Spencer as he tries to make it across a cable over the wall to one of the surrounding buildings. Good idea, just not the best on the execution since he falls and almost gets munched, wish the walkers were just a little bit faster.

All great filler but there two big stories that I am waiting to see explode, Morgan and Ron. First Morgan struggling with his vow of “All life is precious” may be pushed to its limit especially if Morgan is questioning, “what’s the right thing to do”. I doubt they would ever make Morgan leave, too much of a bad ass but that being said what if Morgan found it too difficult and went back to the cabin. With Carol finding out about his prisoner it might increase the tensions further after the talk about the group Morgan let go, who almost took out Rick. The more interesting story is Ron and if he will be the one to take Carl’s eye? In the comic when the super herd walked through Carl took a bullet to the eye and Rick scooped him up and ran him to the doctor. When Rick did this it also meant leaving Alexandra and her boys to the wave of walkers that were right behind him. Now that Ron is caring a loaded gun and stalking Carl it would seem, only a matter of time before anger takes over and he does something stupid.  Are we going to see the comics come to the screen in next week’s mid-season finale?

The Bad: As much as I’m interested in the Ron story, I really want to see that kid get munched. And did no one think to even look at the house the rig plowed into? No! More worried about a little blood coming through a hole in the wall.

The Verdict: “The world is trying to die” says it all but for tonight a chance to breathe just before the walls come down around the people of Alexandria.       


Written by Scotty

Starting a new job can be difficult in so many ways.  Getting to know your new coworkers might be the hardest thing to do however.  Not knowing what makes them tick and what you can say around them that will not offend them is always the hardest thing for me, since I like to remain open and add a little bit of off color humor to most situations.  Watching how your new work family interacts with each other can be one of the best way to get a feel for them, but when they remain distant from you, well, you will have to jump in and make your presence known, if for no other reason, just so they know you are there.

Jessica Loren is preparing for her first night on duty and after talking to her mother on the phone, she has been guilt tripped into feeling bad.  Entering the old station, Officer Loren sees her new Sergeant fighting with something, but has no idea of what.  Getting walked through the station, Loren is told that her main assignment for the night is to wait for the Hazmat team to show up and collect all of the old biomedical evidence and not to leave the station.  Loren thinks this is beneath her, but takes her first assignment with ease and finds ways to pass the time.

All is fine until a mysterious phone call comes in from a girl that seems to be in trouble. Not getting any information from the girl, Loren calls the new station to inform them that not all 911 calls are currently being rerouted to them.  After hanging up, Loren hears strange things happening in the back of the station and goes to investigate, but with nobody else there, she thinks that she is hearing things.  When she gets a knock on the front door, Loren is surprised to see a homeless man in the main entryway, relieving himself on the floor.  Kicking the man out, Loren heads off to clean the mess, but the phone starts to ring again.  The girl’s name is Monica, but she does not know where she is and thinks that she hears pigs outside and is fearful for her life.  Passing the information on to the new station, Loren knowns that she has done the right thing and goes back to passing the time, but there is something strange happening in the station.

Talking to a young woman behind the station, Loren finds out that everything she had heard about the case that her father was killed on was a lie.  A group following John Michael Paymon who killed several young girls was not killed at their ranch, but were all brought into custody and wound up hanging themselves in their cell before morning.  Loren is beside herself when she hears this and although the woman was a stranger, her story made sense.  Continuing her night in the station, strange events start happening more frequently and the phone continues to ring off the hook as Monica is trying to get help before her time runs out.  Speaking to the dispatch officer at the new station, Loren hears the story about what happened on Paymon’s ranch and now things are starting to come together as Monica was one of the many victims.  Needing to find a way to keep her sanity until the Hazmat crew shows up, Loren is forced to see faces from the past and with the only person around to help her being deceased, her sanity is running on fumes.

This movie shocked me on so many levels and it is another one that is making up my favorite’s movie list.  Only following Officer Loren for a majority of the movie, you get to witness several things happening around the station and wonder if she is right thinking that her new coworkers are playing a prank on her. But the sounds, the voices and the images she witnesses are all relevant to what happened a year ago when the Paymon’s were brought into the station and they seem to have picked their next victim…or did they.  With her father being on the force and killed when the Paymon’s were arrested, the story is more personal and Officer Loren wants to do the right thing by following in her father’s footsteps.  She is very strong and will not let anyone hold her back, but when it comes to the evil that is hidden inside the walls, she will be tested to the brink of insanity to follow through.  I really dig this movie since it does not let up when it comes to the Paymon’s, much less with something as simple as a phone call from a young woman who is in trouble.  Stay Scared!


Written by Mattie


The Walking Dead returns tonight with Heads Up, the second to last episode this year premiering on AMC. If you missed last week’s episode, Always Accountable, here’s what happened.

When half of the herd went towards Alexandria, the rest were still following Daryl, Sasha and Abraham. They got about 20 miles away before they peeled away from the herd. Yet when they did this, they were shot at and chased by humans in vehicles. Daryl was able to get away on his bike while Sasha and Abraham’s car crashed. Luckily they shot their way out of that tough situation and they decided to go find safety. Daryl however got separated from the group and ended up in the woods.

He ended up pushing his bike though the woods so he wouldn’t make too much noise until he couldn’t any more. He tried to get ahold of Sasha and Abraham on the radio however it wasn’t working. His arm was bleeding and he decided to go forward on foot from there. He ran into two women in the woods and was knocked out by their male counterpart. Daryl awoke to a gun to his head and his hands were tied, and he was forced to walk through the woods. They believed Daryl to be a part of a group they had stolen from.

They took Daryl with them and came to a fenced in area where they were looking for others, but they then gave up hope and one of the females passed out. Daryl took this opportunity to grab the bag with his crossbow in it and he ran. He made it a safe distance away and cut his bounds on a rock. He then noticed a walker headed his way. He was fortunate to get the crossbow out of the bag to shoot the walker before it got to him, but noticed a lunch pail in the bag that was labeled "Insulin" and knew this had to be important to the three he ran from.

Abraham and Sasha were still together, wondering if Daryl had left them. They decided to wait in a building for Daryl, and at least catch their breath. Inside the building, Abraham found a uniform that belonged to a soldier. He found Sasha sitting across from a walker that was on the other side of a glass wall, that couldn’t get through it. So they decided to camp there. At this point, Sasha and Abraham decided to have a one on one about their respective mental states.

Daryl however returned to the three people and gave them back their duffle. When he was walking away, he heard a truck pull up and the three became scared. Those people were there for the three, but luckily Daryl helped them hide. They asked Daryl why he helped them and he told them it was probably because he was stupid.

Abraham was bored while on watch and went exploring on the outside. He found a military truck with RPG’s in the back and cigars and noticed that the soldier walker who was hanging on a fence also had an RPG on his back. Abraham tried to get the RPG of the walker, but didn’t succeed at first. So he took the cigars and smoked them while sitting on the back of the military truck. During this time, the walker fell and Abraham got his prize. He then returned to Sasha. He then told Sasha that he's been struggling with everything but wants to live and get to know her better.

Daryl was with the three and they went to a burnt down house. Turns out that this forest had been burnt down by the three and it killed two of their friends. The girl who needed the medication, went to put flowers on the corpses of their two friends and it turns out that they were walkers and they ended up eating her. So the guy made her a grave and they walked back to Daryl’s motorcycle after Daryl offered them a chance to answer the three questions and come live with everyone in Alexandria. 

They once again held Daryl at gunpoint, stole his crossbow and bike and left him there. She told him that they were sorry and he replied that they are going to be. Thankfully he found a truck, which he used to pick up Sasha and Abraham with. Abraham was wearing a uniform he found in the place they were hiding out in. On their way back, to Alexandria though, they heard someone ask for help over the radio.

We have two episodes left before the winter hiatus. I wonder what all we will be gearing up for in the next two episodes. The Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


"When Evil shows up, it blows up."
- Ash

When you think about the Evil Dead franchise as a whole, there's one big question after all this time that we have never had answered, specifically, what do we really know about Ash Williams? I mean, we do know the man is a badass through and through and a monster killer extraordinaire annnnnnnd he's also a dumbass. But outside of those basic facts, we know little about the man, about what drives him and what I love about Ash vs. Evil Dead is the fact that we are finally getting to know him. 

Our first real glimpse of the man behind the chainsaw was given to us in the pilot episode where we saw the fear in his heart over the evil he faced so many years ago, and how reluctant a hero he truly is until the chips are down and he has no other choice but to kick some ass. But that was all we initially enjoyed before the story moved us along...that is until last night. The fourth episode of this epic series brought the story back to our favorite hero by giving us the most in depth look at Ash that we have ever seen, but before we get into what we learned about Ash, we do need to take a moment and talk about the two other awesome discoveries from last night. 

First and foremost, after four freaking films we finally saw what the Evil looks like when it's chasing people down via the Ram Cam we are so used to. Turns out it looks just like a tornado rushing toward you, and well, I rather liked that touch because sometimes simpler is better. The other little nugget of awesomeness is that now we know the identity of Lucy Lawless' character Ruby. While she didn't say the last name out right it's obvious she is Ruby Knowby and if that name sounds familiar, it should. This was the family involved in much of the events of Evil Dead II and Ruby's sister Annie was the gal who found herself stabbed in the back before finishing the spell to send the Evil into the portal. So now we know how Ruby got her hands on that familiar dagger and she also has Ash's evil hand, yet her purpose in the story is still unknown. We just know now that she thinks Ash killed her family and is out for blood.

Speaking of Ash, it turns out that he may indeed be the Jefe that Pablo thinks he is, but Pablo's Brujo uncle only sees flashes of brilliance in the man and uses a little medicinal magic to send Ash deep within himself to discover the answer to the problem that is the Evil unleashed. It is here we discover that Ash is a deeply traumatized man, who is frozen in and haunted by that fateful night and has moved from place to place, always hoping for a chance to visit the one place he was supposed to go after that weekend trip at the cabin, Jacksonville. But as we learn all of this, we also find out that there is indeed a solution to the problem...the book must be returned to its original place and buried deep. But getting there fast and efficiently may be something of a problem however, because the demon Eligos; the one we thought Kelly banished back to the book...is still with them. 

He jumped inside Kelly's mind at Books From Beyond and is now taking control, making Ash look like the bad guy since Brujo and Pablo found Ash in a trance choking Eligos/Kelly before knocking our hero out and that's where we leave the story this go round and seriously...what a fantastic episode. I love the fact we are learning more about Ash bit by bit and it finally allows for him to not just be a one dimensional character and that's something the character has been owed for quite some time. As always, I cannot wait for next week because I'm dying to learn more about Ruby since we all know there's something villainous about her...heck the Lionel-Deadite even started to say something important about her before she lopped its head off and I can't wait to see how Ash gets out of this one and gets Eligos out of Kelly's mind so they can save the world. Until next time.


Written by Scotty

Some of the greatest discoveries come out of mistakes.  I know someone once said that and it seems to be true in our everyday life, you just have to keep your eyes open to notice it.  Every mistake that you make has a reaction on your life and it could lead to the better if you allow it.  There should never be any shame in this, even though it could be wrong, you will learn and discover a better way to do something that could impact yourself, your friends or the world in the long run. Keep being creative and making mistakes, although it may seem like a failure, it can also lead to greatness.

Zoe, Frank and the crew are working on the Lazarus serum that is designed to keep coma patients from going brain dead while they are asleep.  Returning the person to who they were when they wake up seems to be a great feat, but they have not yet perfected the dosage. While calling in a student from the college to document everything that is going on in the lab, they are ready to start testing the serum on the animal cadavers that they have been given and their next test welds something unbelievable. 

With the serum and a high jolt of electricity being mixed together, the group is able to bring life back to a dog that has been dead for several days.  Seeing that everything about the dog has been turned back to normal, they have discovered a way bring the dead back to life.  But there is something different about the dog and even though they did not know it when it was alive, the lab workers feel like it is hiding something.  With the serum still pumping threw its veins at an alarming rate, the neural activity in the dogs brain is working overtime and causing the it to become more aggressive towards the group, but it remains docile when surrounded by many people. 

Being called into the president of the university’s office, Frank finds out that he and his crew are about to be thrown out after their animal tests have been discovered.  Losing everything that they have worked three long years on accomplishing and with a positive result, Frank and crew will not go down without a fight.  Breaking into the lab and documenting a new experiment to ensure they get credit for the serum, disaster strikes when one of the breakers blows.  As Zoe lays lifeless on the floor, Frank knows that he can bring her back with the Lazarus and even though the group disagrees with the idea, they go along with it to see their leader return.  But when Zoe is brought back to life, she starts to hear the thoughts of the group and her power continues to grow.  As crew members go missing at Zoe’s hands, Frank knows that she cannot leave the lab for fear of what she will do in the real world.

You know, I don’t do many reviews on horror movies that are not R rated for one reason, they do not frighten me enough. The Lazarus Effect is starting to make me believe that I might be wrong with this assumption.  You get the common jump scares and a couple scenes that will make you think about what you are really seeing, overall, this movie is not too bad.  I especially like the challenge between science and God which was pretty much the foundation of the story and seems to be an ongoing battle between scientists, even now.  There are some gaps in the storyline, but overall they do not seem to be essential if you are just looking to be entertained.  I liked it, the story did play out well and you get to find out what is really behind the curtain that Zoe has been hiding behind for so many years.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

When moving into a new house, do you ever wonder what happened behind the doors before you got there?  The house might be new to you, but there could have been numerous families living there before you even set foot in the front door.  It can be hard to imagine that a simple building could hold on to memories, but in some instances a piece of the previous owner never leaves.  When searching through the attic or the basement, you may stumble upon something that was left behind, but it is up to you to discover if it was an accident or intentional. 

Laine Morris and Debbie Galardi have been friends ever since they can remember.  But Debbie’s attitude is starting to change and Laine wants to know what is going one.  When passing on going to her school’s basketball game with her best friend, Debbie is trying to get away from someone or something and thinking that burning the Ouija board in her possession would take care of it, she finds out that she is dead wrong.  Seeing something through the hole in the middle of the planchette, Debbie gathers up some of the Christmas lights around the house and throws herself over the banister with them tied around her neck.

Laine and her boyfriend Trevor are having coffee when Laine’s father demands she gets home right away.  Finding out that her best friend in the world has died, Laine is beyond sad but will do anything for the family that they ask of her.  When Mrs. Galardi decides to leave town for some time, Laine will watch over the house until she returns.  Knowing that the house is empty, Laine attends to the common tasks that have been asked of her, but she starts to hear some strange noises coming from upstairs.  Investigating, Laine finds an old Ouija board in Debbie’s room and knowing that there is only one way to communicate with the dead, she decides to have her friends come along and try to reach Debbie, for no other reason to say goodbye.

When the board comes to life, it says ‘Hi Friend’ so everyone is at ease that they are talking with Debbie, but when they leave, they all receive the same message in different places.  Thinking that Debbie is trying to tell them something, they all join together again with the board and start asking more difficult questions and what they find changes their outlook on what the board is trying to tell them.  As Laine holds up the planchette and gazes through the hole, she sees her friend sitting next to her with her mouth sewed shut.  Needing to find out what is happening to Debbie and why her friends are being killed off, Laine pairs up with Pete to investigate what happened in the house before Debbie moved in.  Finding out that a young girl was killed by her mother in the house, the young girl’s sister is still alive and Laine needs to talk with her before she could possibly become the next victim of whatever has come from the darkness.

After reading reviews of this when it first came out, I was not looking forward to watching it, but I am a firm believer to give every movie a fair chance.  The storyline is good, taking several twists and turns and still winding up where you think it will.  I expected a little more scares in it and the movie used the normal jump scare devices that we are used to, but as the movie gets closer to the end, you will be treated with some different ones that may make you jump a little.  I like the sister dynamic that was shown in the film, even though you don’t get the full story about what happened to their mother, and the friendships that are challenged when they find out that the board is not a game was kind of fun.  The highlight of the movie came from the telling of what happened in the house, not to give anything away, but a crazy mother trying to conjure spirits is freaky enough and using her daughter to be the gateway is just bad parenting in my opinion.  Not a bad movie at all I hope that the cast does more of these types of movies, I see some talent that might just become the future of the genre. Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


Oh my Moose! For once I actually got John to watch the show with me. Yeah, we spent the episode texting, and it was mostly me yelling. I have two problems with this episode. 1. Flashbacks of when the Clowns were attacking Sam in that Chuck-E-Cheese knock off. And 2. Actual horrifying clown mask. Seriously, I've just decided that I'm leaving earth and going to spend my days where the horrible things that go bump in the night don't exist. Mostly, whoever thought clowns were cute or a good idea should just be fired from a cannon into the sun.

A new case has our brothers heading off to Minnesota where they meet our beloved Sheriff Donna. She's got a deputy and he might just be crushing hard core on her. Yes, Doug, has it bad for the short blonde. The case is an odd one. A guy wearing an Easter Bunny head breaks into a home and murders a man with a beer bottle. He's arrested and that's when our "FBI agents" come in. The guy doesn't talk or say a word, but he grabs Dean and attempts to crush him. Holy water proves he's not a demon. While the boys leave to talk to the widow, Donna and Doug sedate the kid and take attempt to take him to the hospital. Except, he tackles Doug and is about to kill Donna when the deputy shoots and kills him. The bunny head that would come off finally falls off, revealing a teen.

Sam and Dean find out that the guy had bought the mascot head from a thrift store for Halloween, and then just abandoned his girlfriend at the store after putting it on. Later they find out who donated it and talk to the woman. It had belonged to her brother, he was a children's performer and owned all kinds of costumes. The eccentric man spent his time doing magic tricks and parties for kids, she'd donated his stuff after his suicide....while this is going on, a coach of a high school is assaulted by the new Mascot. The creepy jester clad person beats the man with a ball weight. He survives, but is in a coma. The Jester is arrested and isn't talking. One salt pellet shot to the mask sends the mask and a ghostly figure flying. Dean worked it out that it was a vengeful spirit. The girl has no memory of what happened, at all, and is let go.

At the hospital, the comatose coach gets his throat slit by the creepiest looking clown I have ever seen. They clown even attacks and attempts to kill Sam in the hospital elevator. Iron saves the day, and the clown is really an old guy who had been playing dress up with his grandson. With no memory of how he got there, or what he had done, he was also let go. Donna and Doug round up all the remaining costumes and have them burned, but there's a lot left unanswered. Back to the sister of the suicide victim's house. It seems that the coach and first dead guy suspected the performer to be molesting their children. Ironically, his name was Chester. But Chester claimed innocence and his sister believed him, until she started to wonder. Her brother and son were close, so she ended up talking about her concerns to the coach and dead beat guy, instead of confronting her brother like an adult. The two men took matters into their own hands, and while dangling Chester over the bridge was supposedly just to scare him, they end up dropping him. A wrongful death creates a vengeful spirit.  Max, the woman's son, appears after she tells this sad story wearing a deer mascot head. He attempts to hurt them all, but again iron to the rescue. Sam takes the head and gets tossed around by the ghost outside before Chester comes inside to get ride of Dean so he can kill his sister. Sammy recovers and gets the thing burned and the spirit vanishes angrily.

This was so reminiscent of the earlier seasons in so many ways. Only, Sam has been praying to God for answers on his visions, and Dean is busy thinking he's an idiot. They're no closer to finding Amara and a way to kill her, but Cas has dug up some interestingly unhelpful pre-Bible stuff....now we must wait a bit as Supernatural isn't back until December 2nd.


Written by Scotty

It is hard to break free of tradition if that is how you were raised.  Not knowing everything about why you are following something blindly can be difficult for some people, but many continue to do it because it is all that they know.  When you are able to find out the reason behind your family’s traditions, you can feel proud and hold your head high, or ashamed and not want to be known as their child, but it is up to you to keep the tradition alive.  There can also be extreme circumstances where you are required to do something that is not lawful by our rules and when this occurs, you are the only one to blame when the hammer comes down and even if it is something that you grew up witnessing, it does not help when you are facing a jury of your peers.

Ada is tired of living in her little community and wants to find a way out, but with no chance of leaving in sight, she has to make the best of it.  When her brother finds her wondering around in the woods, he is looking for something to prove his love, even though it may not seem right in the community’s eyes.  With love flowing through the woods, Ada knows that her life will not be complete without her brother Jessaby, but when she gets home she finds out that her parents have found her a suitor that will be there through the best and worst of times.  Not wanting to admit that she has been tarnished, Ada plays along and tries to prove that she has been true to her word and has never experienced a man’s touch.

Hidden in the woods, Dawai is working on a new jug for his collection, but the Pit has taken over his creative faculties once again.  Spinning his new Jug Face, Dawai has no idea who the Pit requires a sacrifice from and will not see his work until it is finished cooking in the kiln.  Before Dawai is able to discover who the next sacrifice to the Pit will be, he gets his daily visit from Ada who is able to distract him and sees that her face is on the jug.  Not wanting to be the near the Pit after finding out that she is pregnant, Ada steals her jug face and hides it so nobody knows who the next victim should be.  Knowing that this is the only way she will be able to protect herself and her unborn offspring, she has no idea what the Pit will start doing to the small community. 

The Pit has been an important part of the community for many years and after its power of healing was shown during a measles outbreak, everyone knows that it is the only reason that they are still alive.  Granting the wishes of it, the community watches as Dawai creates the occasional jug face and sacrifices the adjoining person to its greatness. This is how things have always been in this community and the Pit has spoken and chosen Ada who will not give her life or her unborn baby’s life to it.  As a mass of jug faces are created in lieu of Ada’s, the community is getting smaller and smaller by the day.  The Pit has spoken and wants what it was promised long ago, or there will be no one left.

I was not sure when this movie came up on my queue, it looked a little bit different and I was hesitant at first to give it a go.  I am happy to say it pulled me in with the opening credits and then it just shot fully into the story.  I kind of felt bad for Ada who was in a no win situation and having to give up the love she had for her brother (backwoods style), adds another layer of tragedy to the movie since she didn't know any better or any other way.  With so much being put into her being pure before she enters the Pit when she is slated to get married, she shows genuine concern about the safety of her baby. Escaping the community, although only for a little while, she finds out that there is no escaping the Pit and what it wants…and when it wants it.  Stay Scared.