Written by Scotty

There are very few times in people’s lives when they are able to start over.  Outside of a relocation program to keep witnesses out of harms way, moving ones family to a different state is very taxing on them, especially the kids.  Having to find new friends and a new group to fit in with is very difficult and although they have time to find a new inner circle, most of the time, they just shut down and want to go back to their old home.

Roger and Carolyn Perron have decided that moving to a new home for the well being of their family is the thing to do.  Buying a new home out in the open country would be beneficial to themselves and their girls.  When seeing the new house, it is easy to see that there will not be too many issues, other than making it their own, but when the clocks end up stopping on their own at 3:07am, Carolyn finds out that there is something else happening and wants an explanation.

Ed and Lorraine Warren are making a name for themselves, giving lectures on what they do to make a living.  Being Demonologists, there are many questions that are asked of them and they are more than willing to help anyone in need.  After their most recent case, gathering the possessed doll named Annabelle, the couple is looking for time off, but when Carolyn approaches them, they can see there is something more sinister at work and check out the house.

With their research quickly uncovering what happened at the house in the past, along with the surrounding area, Ed and Lorraine know that they are in for a battle that could rival anything they have witnessed before.  As the Perron family is tormented by the evil spit inside of the house, it has latched itself to the family and there may be no way in escaping its torment.  As the supernatural occurrences get more violent towards the Perron family, the Warrens turn their attention to the church to get an exorcism done on the house as quickly as possible, but with hesitation from the cloth, they are left to fight the evil spirit on their own.

The Conjuring follows two families as they are stuck in the grips of evil spirits.  The Perron family as they are trying to start their lives over in a new home and the Warrens as they are trying to settle down and enjoy their time together.  As the Perrons start to witness strange occurrences in their home, they try to make due, but as the spirits get more violent and start to harm the family, they have to get help to rid themselves of the entity.  The Warrens have dealt with the evil spirits before, but have not witnessed what is happening to the Perrons before and have to call upon all of their past experiences to save the young family from the clutches of the evil spirit that inhabits the old home.

This could go down as a modern classic horror film in my book and let me tell you why, it encompasses all of the bare essentials of an old school movie, and did not give into any of the new methods that have been implemented to bring scares to the screen.  With a good storyline, a great cast and old school direction, this movie has brought to light that bringing scares to life is easier than fancy camera tricks and CGI, it is as simple as putting someone in a reflection that is not there when you turn around to take another look.  High props to the cast and crew of this movie and I hope they still follow the same formula that made this movie so special when the sequel comes out.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


Tonight kicks off the second episode of season 5, and so far, I’m terrified. Last week on The Walking Dead, the season started off with more than just a bang. Picking up immediately after where we left off on season 4, there was little wait to see what would happen at Terminus. In fact, Rick and everyone were more than ready to fight their way out…only, the Terminus crew was a little more prepared. Rick, Daryl, Bob, and Glenn were taken, while the others were left to suffer in the train car.

As it turns out…our suspicions from last season about Terminus were correct. Terminus is more than just a camp of people wanting to provide sanctuary. They’re a group of people eating people to survive. Cannibals? Oh yes. In a world with the reanimated corpses where the dead are eating the living, hardly anything seems impossible. As it so happens, in this world, there is nothing that people won’t do to survive. A harsh lesson Rick and the gang learn when they face the slaughter line. While things seem at their darkest (and let me tell you, this was a hard episode to watch….but I did…while eating ice cream…because I’m tough like that) a slight sliver of light shines through. An explosion rocks the camp and sends everyone on alert, saving Glenn from near death and giving Rick time to escape his bonds. The resulting bloodbath is worth every second. Not only does the team get free, but the Walkers get in, and the Terminus people get their just desserts.

What caused the explosion? Our beloved Carol! She and Tyreese happen upon one of the Terminus guys, setting charges around he perimeter of the camp. They capture him and demand a few answers. They don’t get what they’re looking for, exactly, but they do get enough for Carol to go off and explore the camp herself. She hits a fuel tank and causes a large enough explosion to char and kill some Walkers, while blowing a hole in the fence. It’s her distraction that gets Rick the chance he needs to free the others and kill those cannibal jerks that nearly killed them. The resulting slaughter of the camp is so satisfying I might have been yelling at my television….in front of my whole family.

Finally, finally, we get the justice we’ve been craving. Carol doles out no mercy, letting Walkers pick off injured Terminus members, just as Rick and the gang make a break for it. While Walkers tear the place and the the people of Terminus to pieces, everyone flees. Shortly after their freedom, Carol meets up with them. It’s a reunion we’ve been waiting an entire season for. If things couldn’t get more heart warming, Judith is also united with Rick and Carl. And Tyreese? Well, he’s a bit more of a badass than I thought. Wish a strong first episode, what’s going to happen next? Well, Terminus wrapped up far faster than I think any of us were expecting. That doesn’t mean this season won’t be filled with surprises. I hope you’re ready for tonight’s episode…I know I am.

I have never tried to hide my love for the month of October for one reason, Halloween ends the month and it is by far my favorite holiday.  With ghouls, goblins, vampires, zombies, princesses and the occasional Sharknado, this Halloween is ramping up to be one of the best on record.  Now, I am not one for dressing up for this frightmarish event, however I do love to watch my favorite horror movies to make up for it.

For this year, I am not sugar coating this list for the weak of heart, so be cautious when giving them a view as a couple might leave you wondering what you got yourself into.

The Shining – 1980 – I have never stopped expressing my love for this movie over the years and do not plan to going forward.  Although it has it variations from the novel, the movie still covers the basics of a loving family being secluded in the mountains with no way of escaping.  With an evil power running through the walls of their confines, it is only a matter of time before it is able to take control of who is staying there.

Insidious – 2010 – With a family moving to a new home, there does not seem to be any problems.  Leaving all of their troubles behind, they have a plan to be happy going forward, but when their son falls into a coma like state, they find out that he is in the beyond and there are spirits and demons looking to take over his body and come back to the land of the living.

Sinister – 2012 – The Oswalt family moves into a new house once again.  As a crime novelist, Ellison has to be at or around the site where unsolved murders have taken place to gather inspiration.  With the new house being the exact location where a documented murder happened back in the 1960’s, he finds out there is a little bit more than meets the eye as there is someone lurking in the shadows and looking to harm him or a member of his family.

Ghostbusters – 1984 – Just an all-around classic with a group of parapsychology professors banding together and trying to make a living catching ghosts.  With plenty of laughter, there are still plenty of scares as they travel deeper into the realm of the dead and have to face their greatest fears.

Evil Dead 2 – 1987 – Even though it is a remake of the first one, it is just that much more disturbing.  With a group of friends finding solace in an old cabin for a weekend holiday, they find that there is something evil lurking in the woods.  As passages from an old skin bound book are read, the evil comes to life and there is no way to stop it from entering the cabin, much less their souls.

Night of the Living Dead – 1968 – You cannot have a list of scary movies without a zombie film, especially these days, so why not fall back to the movie that helped start it all.  With the dead coming back to life, people are forced to battle their feelings of loss along with the unknown as they have to band together to survive.

The Conjuring – 2013 – Just a great haunting and possession story as a family sinks everything they have into a new home.  When the daughter starts acting strange in her sleep and strange things start happening around the house, the family has to try to find out why.  Seeking help from an investigator couple, they find out there is a demon in the home, but who exactly it is after, remains a mystery.

Poltergeist – 1982 – In a new home that has been built over an Indian burial ground, a family finds out that cutting costs is not a good thing.  As strange events start to happen around the house, the family tries to make the best of it, but once the house comes to life and takes their daughter, it is no longer about fun and games.  With a team of investigators, they are able to determine where the vortex is in the home, but will they be able to defeat all of the spirits that inhabit their home?

30 Days of Night – 2007 – What is a list without a good vampire film as well?  30 Days of Night is a guilty pleasure as you get to see a group of vampires take over a small Alaskan town where the sun will not make an appearance for a long duration of days.  With a small group of survivors fighting to stay alive, they have to face their friends, foes and fears of what will happen before the sun comes back up.

The Exorcist – 1973 – One of my favorite movies since I was allowed to start watching rated R movies.  With demons on the prowl, a young girl is taken from her mother’s side and help is called in from the local church.  Although exorcisms are not common practice by the church, there is enough evidence to suggest it is the only way to save the child.  It still has some of the most shocking scenes that are not allowed to be shown on regular U.S. television.

There you have it, my 2014 Halloween must watch list.  There are several movies that I have left off and feel kind of bad about, but there is only so much time to watch these movies before All Hallows Eve is upon us and you don’t need to be rushed.  If you have any movies you are passionate about, please make sure to comment and make sure I am as up to date on some of the finest horror movies out there.  Until next time, Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

As Halloween grows closer, I hope that everyone is getting their scary movies playing as this is the only time that it is allowed by the world to do so.  I never let it stop, but I am kind of a horror junkie and there is so much out there that I need to catch up on.  One of my favorite horror movie genres/monsters are vampires and there are plenty that will scare you and others that will just leave you shaking your head wondering why you ponied up the money to watch them.  I try to steer clear of the latter, but I do catch them every once in a while but 30 Days of Night does not fall under this category at all.

In the small town of Barrow, Alaska, there is a time in the winter where the sun does not rise for thirty days.  As many people cannot survive in the darkness for so long, there are a few that can weather it out and choose to stay.  Most winters everything goes off without a hitch, but this winter a stranger has come to town and is throwing everyone off of their game.  As all of the dogs in town have been killed, along with a large bundle of cell phones being stolen and burned, this stranger is the obviously the one to blame.

As Eben, the town sheriff starts to investigate the happenings, he finds out that his wife is in town and was going to leave without even stopping to talk to him.  As Stella and Eben have been separated, neither has been the same and all of their friends in town are hoping that they can work it out.  When Stella’s car gets wrecked and she is not able to make it to the airport for the last flight out for the season, the two will have their chance to talk it out. But when the sun goes down for the last time for thirty days however, the two have a bigger challenge on their hands than just their personal problems.

A band of vampires appear in the town and start wreaking havoc in the streets.  As these are only stories of legends, none of the remaining population of Barrow know what to think, or what to do to battle the threat.  As people are picked off one by one in the streets, a group of survivors led by Eben find refuge in an attic and decide to wait out the attack until the sun comes back up.  Knowing that they will not survive without any supplies becomes a larger issue and the group has to stock up for the long month they have to stay hidden from the bloodsucking threat that has infested their streets.

30 Days of Night follows Eben and Stella as they are separated lovers who were not looking to have their paths cross without a phone call.  As Stella was trying to sneak around town on an inspection, Eben was amazed that she would not even try to see him, but got more time with his wife when she missed her flight back home.  As the sun went down however, there are bigger things on their plate than their personal problems as vampires have taken over the town and are tearing through the living faster than their blood can freeze on the streets. Not knowing how to battle the threat, a group of survivors band together and come up with a plan to stay hidden until the sun comes back up, but without supplies, they cannot last the entire month.  As the hunt for supplies takes place, each member of the group is challenged by their greatest fears, losing a loved one.  Before too long, sacrifices have to be made for the betterment of the group and someone has to survive to tell the world what happened to their town.

One of the better vampire tales out there in my opinion and let me tell you why.  There is no romantic look at these beasts, they are there for one reason, blood.  With a plan to kill, feed and burn the town down, there is nothing about the bloodsuckers that should make you want to give one a hug.  There are down and dirty and that is the way the stories should go.  With your love story between Eben and Stella, along with the survivors, it is also a great look at what a group could pull off if they really had feelings for each other.  The sacrifices that the group give are both great and selfless and that is something that makes this movie stick out in my mind.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Family is very important for everyone.  Where would you be without a supporting family that only wants the best for you?  Sadly, you do not always get to spend enough time with your family and only the large occasions are reason to go and visit.  If you are lucky enough to have your family nearby however, you are able to gain their support whenever it is needed.

Sally and Franklin are taking a road trip with a group of friends to their recently deceased grandfather’s home.  As they are almost next in line to inherit the estate, they will check out the property, along with having some fun with their friends.  The trip is long, and since Franklin is stuck in a wheelchair, there is little to do on the drive, other than have good conversations with the group, that is until they pick up a hitchhiker.

Even though the young man seems a little bit out of the ordinary, the group feels comfortable with him in the van, that is until he takes Franklin’s knife and slices his hand open.  Trying to amuse the group the hitchhiker tells them stories and even takes a picture, but when the group refuses to give him a ride home, he loses it and his true crazy comes out.  Kicking the young man out of the van, the group notices that they need to fill up the tank before making it up to the abandoned house, but getting the news that the gas pumps were currently dry, they have to continue their trip without. 

Arriving at the house, the group all decide to explore on their own, but Franklin was not given that option while being stuck in his wheelchair.  As a couple go down an old path to try to find the local pond and go for a swim, they notice another house on the horizon that is running a generator and knowing their need for gasoline, they stop by to ask for some.  When they are not able to get a response by knocking on the door, they go inside and find something incredibly savage.  One by one the group is taken into the depths of the old house by a masked man who has only the most treacherous intentions and the hitchhiker they so graciously helped out, is here to repay them in terror.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre follows a group of friends that are looking to have a good time in a newly acquired house away from their homes.  When there seems to be nothing to do to stay entertained, they head down a little path to find a place to swim, but come across another house instead.  Entering the home uninvited, the group is picked off one by one and disposed of by a masked man who enjoys wielding a chainsaw.  As the group spreads out, the hunt starts and none of the group is safe, even in the confines of their own home.  As Sally was able to escape the initial attack, she is given a seat at the table of horror as she gets to witness something out of her worst nightmares.

Not a movie for anyone that is light of heart as you get to see the inner workings of a family that is looking for one thing only, blood.  As you walk around their home, you can see that they are much more gruesome than anyone would have ever expected.   With furniture made out of human bones and a meat locker set up for killing, it is easy to forget that the group living there is a family and only looking to survive in their own way.  The poor people that become their victims are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


Generally when watching this show I have at least one person watch it with. And by watch with another person, I really mean texting them violently about the various emotions this show puts me through. To this episode…I say, My Moose. And by say, I really just yelled that various times throughout the entire hour of this episode. Yes, yelled. Sadly, the only beings here to put up with me were the cats. I’m pretty sure I just annoyed them for the majority of the evening, but their love can be bought with food and toys. Sometimes, the emotional trauma of this show is just that; pure unadulterated pain.

With Supernatural comes an understanding that some form of emotional abuse will happen during any episode, at any time, and there may be tears. This episode is no different. It seems Dean and Crowley are still friends, but there is a building tension between the two. As Dean is still in the “I do what I want” phase. And Crowley is trying desperately to get Dean on his side…by nearly any means. Finally, Crowley convinces Dean to take a ‘hit’ for him. A man has bargained his soul for the murder of his cheating soon to be ex-wife. Dean decides to play along, mostly because that sounds fun, and really the Mark of Cain has him craving murder. However, the bloodlust isn’t so easily sated. Before he can kill the woman, the husband shows up to watch. After a few heated words, Dean decides to just stab him instead. That’s bad for business. After all, a dead client with an incomplete deal means no soul and that makes the King of Hell very angry. When Crowley confronts Dean, the newly born Demon decides to challenge the King. Crowley values his life enough to not rise to Dean’s threats. Instead, he lets the oldest Winchester go.

Never let it be said that Crowley doesn’t hold a grudge. Because of that, the King goes to find Moose. Speaking of Sammy, what’s he been up to so far? When last we left our Moose was tied to a chair, in a barn by some crazy dude looking for Dean. It seems Dean is a very popular guy this season. Of course, our bad guy, who probably isn’t all that bad, but has been beating up my Sammy, so I instantly hate him. I also refuse to learn his name. I’m pretty sure they gave it to us, but again, he’s not important enough for me to learn it. In the midst of everything happening, Sammy is still tied to a chair getting beat up. He manages to escape when the guy takes a call from his family. Sam gets back to his search for Dean, and this time, he’s being followed.

Castiel and Hannah are still hanging together. Sam calls Cas in to help find Dean. Which would be fine, if Cas weren’t barely holding it together. When the Angel of the Lord passes out while driving the car, and crashes it into a tree, Hannah takes matters into her own hands and heads up to Heaven to talk to a special prisoner. Metatron is just as dangerous as Crowley when it comes to making deals. He offers her Castiel’s grace in exchange for his freedom. Hannah nearly accepts, but Castiel makes it up there in time to stop her from making any rash decisions. Metatron swears he will escape, and when he does, he’ll kill everyone. Castiel doesn’t take the bait, and walks away. Having accepted his fate, Cas has made peace with the idea of dying. Especially in his own way. I, however, refuse to believe this. Nope, nobody else can die on this show, because my tiny little heart cannot take anymore character death.

As if sensing that, Sam finally meets up with Dean. The older Winchester doesn’t run this time, choosing to meet his brother head on. Sam’s come prepared, and Dean is in no mood to play along. Here, our out-for-vengeance-baddie, shows up and attacks Dean. Of course, the guy loses; this is Demon Dean, after all, he doesn’t fight fair. With some small miracle, Dean lets the guy live. A poor choice since this gives Sam the chance he needs to get Dean locked down. Getting the information on Dean’s whereabouts comes with a price. Sam, reluctantly, hands Crowley the First Blade. Separating Dean and the blade seems like a great idea…Dean is beyond livid, and already voiced his plans to get back at Sam…

In all this I only have one question…Where is Gabriel!? Seriously! I refuse to believe he’s dead. That Archangel of Justice better get his feathery butt down to earth and give some help, and I mean now. Well, next week it looks like Dean doesn’t stay contained for long…


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Over the course of four years on The Walking Dead we have seen one prevailing theme, championed by Rick Grimes, to try to be good.  To be in a very Harvey Dent way, decent men in indecent times.  We have seen Rick's hope to be that kind of man blow up in his face about a billion times until the season finale last year when well...he tore a dude's throat out.  

We knew it was the beginning of something new, the end of Ranger Rick for certain as he was clearly changing before our eyes into someone far more badass and we were all left wondering, what would this do thematically to our beloved show?  Well, the answer arrived in the season five premiere and man...I like where this show is heading. 

First and foremost, Rick has truly evolved into a man willing to do what it takes.  No more debates or questions, he will simply pick up the rifle and shoot you dead if you're not on his side.  Threaten him and his family and friends and that's it.  It's the end of you.  Yet, as I watched "No Sanctuary" something else caught me off guard.  To date, this is a show that for the most part has focused on life after the end of the world and has stayed away from any social commentary to the world we live in.  It's not a bad thing, it's just that using zombies as an allegory to our world is a common occurrence in the genre, but that all changed for the series premiere.   

Last night, I got the impression that this fundamental change to the show and the characters, while healthy and necessary for the awful world they live in, challenged those of us watching.  Specifically in the respect of which zeitgeist works for which universe.  After all the mantra of being great men at the end of times clearly holds no weight since it has done nothing for Rick and the group, but at the same time perhaps doing what we must to survive in a world that is still functional...is the wrong way of handling things.  

Horror is designed to make us uncomfortable.  We were definitely uncomfortable that last night. We saw men's throats get slit, we saw Mary be left on the floor to be devoured by walking corpses and we saw Rick hell bent on going back to finish the Termites off, none of this was pretty and by making us uncomfortable we are left to think that maybe this isn't the right way.  Now before someone tells me I'm reading too deep into this, it gives me pause in a climate where fear is all over the news over Ebola, where we dislike just about every politician in Washington and the internet has given rise to an environment of "my opinion is the only one so listen to it or go away" mentality that well...we really are doing what we feel we must do to "survive" day in and day out and we are perhaps forgetting about the world around us in the process.  

It is in no way a slam on our society, just an observation, it's our job to take what we will from it, and it's simply my observation on this week, feel free to disagree with me.  Because that's the beauty of The Walking Dead now.  It has graduated beyond simple splatter fare, it's a thinking man's show now and you can find the depth within or enjoy the gore, but one way or another, it's infected you in some way and I'm looking forward to what else it will bring to the table this season...


Written by Daniel and John


One of the finest shows on television is back again and believe me when I say that we here at Girls of Geek couldn't be happier. If we were out we rushed home to settle in and enjoy what was a powerful and incredible season premiere to The Walking Dead. So let's not waste any time and get right down to our recap of "No Sanctuary". 

John's Take
The Good: WOW, WOW, WOW! This was just a phenomenal episode on so many levels.  The action, the story, the walkers, the show has truly outdone itself.  We finally found out that the "people" of Terminus were indeed cannibals, and they got their just desserts for how they have treated Rick and his friends.  It was a wholesale slaughter at Terminus on the show courtesy of Carol going all Terminator (see what I did there?) on those cannibalistic jackasses and it made for not only some incredible television, but it completely redeems Carol of her actions from last year.  Welcome back to the group Carol, we missed you.  But the fun didn't end there, this was an episode about our characters growing up. They did everything they had to do to survive and in the process, burned Terminus to the ground.  But before it burned we do need to take a moment and talk about how absolutely brutal the opening scene of this episode was.  I mean, the throat slitting...wow.  I was not expecting the show to get this ballsy and I have a feeling it is going to keep pushing the envelope this year. It was also a surprising twist to see the show not take its time with a new location, we were in and out of this little hellhole in three episodes, but the character growth tonight was what blew me away the most. Badass Rick is back, Tyreese is pretty much a super hero and for the moment, the group is safe, and we got the sweetest plum of all...the return of Morgan.  I don't care if it was only for a moment, he's back and I'm hoping we see more of him on the show this year! 

The Bad: Hmm, the same complaint I always have, we only get one hour of this show.  

The Verdict: Hands down of the best episodes the series has put together yet. It really delivered in every sense of the word and if this is how season five is going to stack up, I can't wait to see what happens next.  Next week we meet Father Gabriel from the comics and I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Gareth for that matter either.  Could a big plot line from the comics be coming out of Terminus? I think so...comic fans you know what I mean, the "hunt" could be on.  

Daniel's Take
I always get excited this time of year. The colors change, it gets cooler but not uncomfortable and marks the return of another season of The Walking Dead. It has been picked up by AMC for another season which is the good news but even better news for the fans of the show and the comic book is….what is going to happen. We have reached a very unique place in the show and I am sure we will see more of this as the show progresses, but this is something not in the comics. There has been the introduction of a few familiar characters and fan favorites (Abraham) to the show but we are at a place never covered in the books yet it feels familiar as to the feel of the story. Something that was only a few issues but in the world of TV can be covered in so much more detail and explored in ways that the comic cant; it’s very exciting for the fans. For those that have never read the book, who have no idea about the last group added to the team, they have no idea just what is about to be revealed and for the reader the question is, will it follow the comic? The one thing on every fan’s lips of course, just who will die? Who is in danger and has Beth been turned into a jerky treat? The season premiere has never been a disappointment in the previous years as we end up joining in or playing catch up to what has happened and this year is no different as Rick and team are left to…well one can only guess what horrible future. That answer didn’t take long to find out, as we begin the new season of, The Walking Dead.

The Good: Sometimes waiting is the worst part and the beginning of this episode is no different as I found myself sitting here holding my breath for a solid ten minutes. This is the cannibals story from the comics on a max level of ten for sure as you witness some of the most intense moments so far. In the back of your mind your thinking they will be fine, nothing to worry about, and on any other show you could be right. This being The Walking Dead, what better way to start a season opener then smoking someone you would think safe. The anxiety was high during the entire episode for sure Terminus proves to be a dead end for many (awww come on you didn’t think I would pass up that one did ya?).

Rick and his group played more of a back seat in this episode even though the focus was on them; the real story was Carol in my opinion. If only Carol was this cool in the comic book, or more of a cold Rambo killing machine, who needs an army when you have her and a herd of walkers. Not only did she save Rick but took out an entire compound in the processes, and at first I was pissed that she didn’t smoke Mary (Denise Crosby) but what she did do to her was way cooler. This was the karma wheel in full effect and we get a slight hint at what went on before to cause this group to make such a bad turn. Fighting for their very existence, taking back what was there’s to start with but you have no idea till the very end of the show what that was (The Tattooed Man).

The Bad: Are you kidding, as soon as I finishing writing this I am going to go and watch it again and Talking Dead. But to be realistic, as cool and bad ass as it was to see Carol do this, it all seems all too simple and no way in hell this should have happened. She took out the whole place with a few bullets and bottle rocket. The other thing that bothered me and this is a big one, out of all of that stuff a Samurai sword didn’t stick out. Unless someone else had it and we get to see it later but I have to throw the BS card on that one. Also, how did Carol get cleaned up so fast?

The Verdict: Flaming walkers are awesome and proves my point on someone’s zombie survival plan that walkers on fire is bad. Cool effect but only if you’re in a blood soaked poncho walking among them in a snow storm.  Never question me on how awesome Tyreese is, the man took out a horde and then beat a man to death who had it coming. Dude was starting to annoy me anyway and I was not looking forward to seeing him dragged along with the group. The two big stand outs for this episode are at the end, as always but I do believe that is a sneak peek of Negan we get. Not the character but the look, the attitude and it all seems a bit foreshadowing of things to come from what we saw tonight, that after awhile the decisions you make you eat or you get eaten. Best of all is Morgan following the group looking a whole lot better than the last time we saw him and is a story I am so looking forward to seeing.

Best Line of the Show: "I don’t have any friends just assholes I stay alive with." 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It was a season full of surprises. We thought there was peace at last at the prison until the flu arrived.  We thought that the flu was the worst thing that could happen to our heroes until the Governor returned to wreak havoc and take Hershel's life and from there it was all downhill.  

We learned that looking at the flowers will forever be synonymous with the darkest episode this show has offered up so far and that in the world of The Walking Dead, sanctuary is a word with pretty loose meaning.  

Season Four of The Walking Dead was about as brutal as it gets, so let's take a look back at this wild year before the new season gets underway.

Episode One: "30 Days Without an Accident"
Life has changed for Rick Grimes and the survivors in the West Georgia Correctional Facility. Rick has stepped away from leadership, letting a committee of his friends and survivors from Woodbury decide the fate of the prison while he instead tends to a farm.  

In fact, life has become completely peaceful in the prison, or so it seems.  Rick finds a near feral woman with a secret in the woods surrounding the prison and a supply run goes horribly wrong when walkers literally fall from the sky.  

To make matters worse, the prison itself has become a liability, for a sick pig in Rick's farm is a harbinger of doom.  A new and frightening illness is already beginning to spread through the prison, and with this illness comes death...and reanimation. 

Episode Two: "Infected"
Walkers have appeared in the prison following the death and reanimation of one of the Woodbury survivors.  Many survivors are lost before the situation is brought under control, leading to the discovery of this new virus.  Two of the people who helped clear the walkers are beginning to show signs of this fact acting flu leading to their isolation.  

But when a sudden surge of walkers at the fences keeps everyone busy defending the safety of the prison, a heinous act occurs that is not discovered until later by Tyreese.  Someone has murdered Karen and David, the two that showed signs of infection, and burned the bodies.  

Episode Three: "Isolation"
Rick is on the case to discover who murdered Karen and David, but his investigation will be done on the fly, for the infection has now spread to more people in the prison, including Glenn, forcing them into quarantine in a different cell block.  The threat of being wiped out forces a group to head toward a veterinary college in the hopes of finding antibiotics to save everyone in the prison.  

But this "milk run", led by Daryl goes awry when they find a large herd of walkers near the college, forcing them to head toward the college on foot.  As they struggle to survive, Rick resumes his investigation and discovers a potential suspect...Carol.  And when he confronts her as to whether or not she killed Karen and David, Carol gives him the answer he hoped not to hear...yes. 

Episode Four: "Indifference"
In desperate need of supplies, Rick and Carol set out into a nearby neighborhood to scavenge for what they need. While there they discover other survivors who wish to join the prison group. Rick and Carol put them to the test, asking them to help in gathering goods, giving Rick time to confront Carol about her decision to kill David and Karen.  

As they gather and talk, Daryl and his group arrive at the college, finally getting the supplies they desperately need by the skin of their teeth.  As they head back toward the prison, Rick and Carol discover their new friends have not fared so well. One has been torn apart by walkers and the other is missing and Rick informs Carol of an earth shattering decision...she is not to return to the prison for the crime she has committed.  But before he sends her off into the desolate world, Rick is kind enough to give Carol supplies and vehicle before saying goodbye.  

Episode Five: "Internment" 
Rick returns from the prison and quickly informs Hershel and the others of his decision and his discovery regarding Carol before turning his attention to fortifying the prison fences as the walkers continue to weaken them.  

As he does, Hershel, who has isolated himself in the cell block filled with infected people to care for them is racing against time to keep the sick from dying and turning into walkers.  But it is a fight he is losing, and Rick is also losing the fight against the living dead as they finally breach the fences.  

As Rick and Carl battle walking death, Hershel does as well, as the survivors fall one by one.  Glenn however, survives and by dawn, there is hope again.  The walkers at the fences are dead.  Hershel has saved as many lives as he can, and Daryl and his group are back with much needed medication.  

It seems like these people have survived the worst, but unbeknownst to them...there is something far worse than the living dead hiding in the shadows...The Governor is outside the prison walls, watching and waiting.  

Episode Six: "Live Bait"
The Battle of Woodbury and the Battle of the Prison has taken its tolll on Philip "The Governor" Blake.  After slaughtering his own army for their cowardice, he is abandoned on the road by his lieutenants.  He drifts, waiting for death's embrace until he stumbles upon a few survivors, trying desperately to get by. 

He stays with them briefly with the intent to move on, but the situation and a chance to reinvent himself compels him to stay and protect what could be his new family.  Until circumstance puts him face to face with his old lieutenant...Martinez.

Episode Seven: "Dead Weight"
Reunited with his old partner in crime, Philip joins the small community Martinez is now in charge of.  He helps out as best he can, still doing his best to shed the ugly monster that he used to be.   But a scorpion always stings and when the opportunity arrives for The Governor to rise to power once again, he takes it and never hesitates to shed blood to gain it.  

Once more he is in charge, and is doing his best to protect his new surrogate family, until he discovers more old friends at the West Georgia Correctional Facility...

Episode Eight: "Too Far Gone"
Opportunity is finally before the Governor. A chance at revenge and a chance at safety awaits him as he convinces his new community to head to the prison, and take it by force.   

His arrival forces Rick back into a leadership role again, but in the most terrifying of fashion.  For the Governor has brought with him bargaining chips...Hershel and Michonne.  Rick does his best to finally make peace with the Governor, even going as far to invite him and his new group into the prison, but Philip wants blood and brutally murders Hershel before opening fire on the prison.  In a bloody and brutal battle Rick's group is forced to evacuate in panicked fashion and Rick himself is beaten to a pulp before Michonne finally gets her blade into the Governor's tender flesh.   

The wake of battle leaves the prison burning, the living dead everywhere and the group scattered to the wind and out in the world of the dead once again.  

Episode Nine: "After"
Following the fall of the prison the show took on new life with some surprisingly specific episodes revolving around the rich cast and with the group scattered to the wind, Rick and Carl manage to find their way to an abandoned house to hold up for the time being.  But Rick needs to heal and slips into a mini coma, leaving Carl to fend for himself.  He has several close encounters with walkers, reunites with delicious pudding and finally lets dad have it by getting his feelings off his chest.  

But as Carl comes to terms with the strange relationship he and his father will forever have at the end of the world, Michonne is trying to come to grips with being on her own once again and after being out there among the dead for so long, she finally decides that perhaps humanity deserves a second chance.  

Episode Ten: "Inmates"
Tyreese is doing his best to keep Lizzie, Mika and Judith alive but is in no way qualified to handle an infant.  As he does his best to keep the group going, a helping hand arrives when Tyreese is in in jam...Carol.  Tyreese is more than happy to see her and the group begins to follow signs on the railroad tracks toward a sanctuary called "Terminus". 

Elsewhere, Maggie, Bob and Sasha are trying to find Glenn but are coming up short at every turn.  It turns out that there is a reason they cannot find him. Glenn is indeed alive, but has made new friends by way of Sgt. Abraham Ford and has hit the road with his newfound pals.  

Episode Eleven: "Claimed"
Given a chance to catch their breath, Rick, Carl and Michonne continue to scavenge the neighborhood around them.  But while Rick rests and his son and friend are out finding supplies, a group of bandits have laid claim to the house and everything within it as well and Rick will have to find a way to get out of the house and warn Carl and Michonne, at any cost. 

As he deals with that situation, Glenn learns that Abraham is on a mission to protect the mysterious man known as Eugene, for it seems Eugene knows how to cure the plague of living death ravaging the world. But Glenn wants no part of this, he only wants to find Maggie.  

Episode Twelve: "Still"
Still on the run from the hordes of walkers roaming the land, Daryl and Beth are doing their best to survive. But simply hanging on is not enough for Beth and she leads Daryl on a hunt for a sense of normalcy...a drink.  Their quest takes them through a dangerous country club and eventually to an abandoned house complete with moonshine.  

It is here that the two clear their consciences by airing what they feel are their failures in recent months and life in general before deciding to burn down the house in an effort to cleanse their souls.  

Episode Thirteen: "Alone"
Maggie is struggling with the notion that she and Sasha and Bob should simply find a safe heaven to find refuge in. She instead believes that Glenn is waiting for her at the mysterious Terminus and she abandons her two friends in an effort to find him.  Bob and Sasha head after her, which allows the debate of whether to start over or find their friends to continue. 

Elsewhere Daryl and Beth appear to have found sanctuary in a funeral home that is stocked to the brim with supplies. That is until the walking dead arrive, forcing a hasty evacuation where a stranger in a car kidnaps Beth. It leaves Daryl at his breaking point, where is approached in the middle of nowhere by a group of scavengers who invite Daryl to join them. With no hope of finding Beth, he agrees.  

Episode Fourteen: "The Grove"
While still on the road to Terminus, Carol and Tyreese and the girls discover an oasis in the woods, a tiny house nestled in a pecan grove.  They take the opportunity to catch their breath here, but Lizzie's strange behavior begins to concern Carol and it is revealed that Lizzie was the one responsible for feeding the walkers at the prison, for she believes that the dead do not pose a threat and to prove her point, she murders her baby sister.  

Faced with the fact that Lizzie is clearly broken in this new world, Carol makes two powerful decisions.  One, to tell Tyreese that she was the one who murdered Karen and David and to be the one to end Lizzie's suffering, by putting a bullet in her brain.  

Episode Fifteen: "Us"
Glenn discovers messages from Maggie that she is on her way to Terminus, forcing him to say goodbye to Abraham and his group in order to find the love of his life, but his search for Maggie will be a dangerous one.  

As Glenn continues the search, Daryl continues to travel with his new group of "friends", who turn out to be savage men who live by twisted rules.  They also reveal that they are on the hunt for a man they ran into an abandoned house who killed one of their own before escaping.  Unfortunately for Daryl he has no idea that man...is Rick Grimes. 

Glenn however is reunited with Maggie and convinces Abraham and his group to come with Glenn and his friends to Terminus, to which he agrees.  They at last arrive at the mysterious sanctuary and are greeted by a woman named Mary with open arms and the offer of a hot meal. 

Episode Sixteen: "A"
On the road to Terminus, Rick, Carl and Michonne are settling in for the night when the group that has been hunting for Rick, catches up to him. Overjoyed to find Rick, the group's leader Joe announces his intention to kill Michonne, Carl and now Daryl for pleading with Joe to end this vendetta against Rick.  Faced with such brutality, Rick responds in kind, ripping Joe's throat out with his own teeth before killing the rest of Joe's group.  

Following this terrifying rage, Rick does his best to keep the next day as normal as possible and the fact that the group has reached Terminus at last helps. But Rick is suspicious of the sanctuary, so the group buries their finest weapons on the outskirts of Terminus before entering the camp. They are greeted and taken to get a meal when Rick discovers clothing and items that he has seen before in the prison, including the watch that Hershel gave to Glenn.

Faced with the fact something has happened to his friends, Rick's demands for information lead to a shootout, except the people of Terminus are not shooting to kill, but to move Rick and his friends toward a specific destination, a train car that they are herded into and reunited with Glenn and his new friends.  

Staring down a hopeless situation, outnumbered and trapped for reasons they don't understand, the hardened and grizzled Rick that saved his son a night before returns, giving hope to the group by letting them know the people of Terminus are going to feel pretty stupid when they realize, "they're screwing with the wrong people."


Written by Scotty

High school can be one of the best times of your life, or one of the worst. Since everyone has gone through it, they come out with several life lessons that are applied later on, but sometimes it might leave you scared for many years to follow.  Falling in love in high school could be one of the most traumatizing things that can happen, as some people find their soul mate in their four short years, while others end up taking the secret of their crush to the grave.

Tamara Riley is a young woman that dreams about one thing, finding true love.  Since she does not have the friends or the looks of the other girls in school that have found their soul mates, she has turned to another method, witchcraft.  Although she is not a hundred percent behind the teachings she has been trying to follow, she still has faith that it will work and with a massive crush on her English teacher, she is ready to give it one more try.

Not fully completing a spell on one tireless night, she is amazed to get a call from Mr. Natolly and is delighted to hear that he has come around.  What she does not know is that a group of her peers’ are messing with her for writing a drug testing article that has kicked them off of their school team.  Wanting to take her innocence away, the group ends up taking her life and has to find a way to cover it up.  Burying her out in the woods with no one knowing, they feel that they are in the clear and will go on with their normal lives, but what they ended up doing was reawaken the awkward girl into someone they cannot resist.

As Tamara shows up to school the following Monday, the group notices the difference between the old and new her.  Trying to apologize for what they have done, they find themselves having to give up more than words to the reborn goddess, they are forced to give up their lives.   Moving from one student to another, Tamara is able to control everyone’s actions with just a touch, but even with revenge on her mind, there is something much more powerful driving her, love.

Tamara focuses on Tamara Riley who is an outcast in her school.  When a crush she cannot contain for her English teacher gets noticed by everyone, she becomes an easy target for embarrassment. When a prank goes wrong and Tamara losses her life, the group of friends looking their revenge are forced to hide their crime and try to bury the girl in the woods.  But a new Tamara has been unleashed by their actions and comes back to school as a sexy shadow of her former self.  Wanting revenge on the students that took her life is one goal, but the uncontested love of Mr. Natolly is the reason she has returned.  Wanting to find a way to make the married teacher fall for her is now on the top of the list and with everyone that she touches under her control, there is little anyone can do to stop her.

This goes into far darker territory than one of those high school love stories that seem to be popping up every other year.  With your basic love story being ramped up with a witch coming after what she really wants and several elements of horror that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat, you are left with just the facts.  Love and high school, although they might a driving factor to who we are today, most of the time they just don’t mix.  I did enjoy this movie since it made me reflect a little bit on my younger days and made me happy that I did not harass to many people to the brink of wanting to take revenge on me.  Stay Scared!