Written by Scotty

It is impossible to go back to a place you have never been.  When people assume that you know everything about something because your family is known for it gets tiring, and even annoying.  If you were never brought up in the field that your parents work, never been to an island where dinosaurs roam, or been to a hospital where your sister was trapped for a night, you will never truly know what some places have in store for you.  Trying to explain that to people who are fans or who want to utilize your knowledge does not work, since they believe that the family tie can deliver them some sort of information that they may require down the road.

Ariel Wolfe is living her life by her own rules, and if that means cutting family ties to forward her career, then so be it.  Her sister Sara has been calling non-stop about the Vannacutt Asylum for weeks now, but Ariel is sick and tired of hearing ghost stories since she does not believe in the afterlife. When on a shoot for her magazine, Ariel receives a call from her mother and the news is dropped that Sara has killed herself.  Asking her ex-boyfriend to go with her, Ariel ventures to her sister's apartment to investigate what happened.  But she is not the only one who is interested in what happened as Dr. Richard Hammer has joined them, but he is looking for something much more intriguing than the death of the woman, the note book that she had in her possession. 

Not having a clue about the note book, Ariel heads home only to find that there is something special that came in the mail from her sister.  Not having time to see what the pages hold, Ariel is kidnaped by a fortune hunter named Desmond and his men and forced to go search the asylum.  In search of the Baphoment idol, Desmond will not back down from his hunt and will stop at nothing until his payday is at hand.  Arriving at the asylum after Dr. Hammer and his team, Desmond takes control of the search and with everything that he has read about the house, he has a plan at stopping it from taking over.  Trying to dismantle the lock down device, Desmond is happy with heading to the basement and beginning his hunt for the lost idol, but the house has different ideas.

As every one of the inmates are reliving their deaths on a daily basis in the house, they are more than willing to share their experiences with the new visitors, along with collecting their souls.  Desmond’s team quickly diminishes and he is left in control of the college team, or so he thinks.  As the house locks down despite the efforts in stopping it, Ariel escapes, but when she finds that her friend Paul is still in the building, the house invites her back in.  With pistol in hand, Ariel takes control of the group and searches for a way to escape the confines of the haunted building.  Even with her best efforts however, she still has to deal with people looking for the Baphomet idol and forgetting what can happen if the spirits contained in the walls get to a living person.  As the group moves further down into the depths of the house, they find out more about what was being done there, along with Ariel finding out the true secret behind the idol.  As time quickly becomes a factor since the dead are rising faster than ever, the group has to find the idol, and dispose of it, before it is too late.

Strong follow up to the retelling of House on Haunted Hill, yes it is.  Even though the staff and crew has changed from the last film, the house still stands tall and proud and ready to take anyone’s life that walks inside.  I was happy to see that part of the story did not get taken away, as if often does in sequels. With the dead coming back more frequently, it is next to impossible for anyone to get out of the old hospital alive, but the ghosts seem to know what is happening as well. I did not like how they tried to justify Dr. Vannacutt going crazy and killing his patients on the regular, but it did seem to play along with what the actual power of the idol was.  Close your eyes during the exterior shots since they are not even close to as good as the previous movie, but that is really the only downfall I could find with this one.  It is easy to get past a couple of little one offs when it comes to movies, you just have to focus on what the story is that they are telling, and if you like it, it is a winner.  Will I still continue to think twice about visiting a haunted location based on these movies, oh, heck no.  I do want to see in person where all of these stories have come from about killer ghosts and if I don’t make it out, so be it.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty


It is hard to imagine what would happen if an entire city is brought to its knees by a virus that cannot be stopped.  Quarantines are great ways to keep it confined to an area, but what about the family members that need to come and take care of their loved ones? You always need to put family first, but if you are entering an area that you know you may never leave, would you be willing to sacrifice your life for them?  I would hope so, but if they tell you to not come and help, you are left with a dilemma since you might be the only person that is left in their lives.

Eph and Nora have created their vampire plague, but there is a problem with it since it kills the host.  Needing to tone it down, Nora takes the reigns while Eph tries to show his son what they are doing.  Zach is still broken up over his mother and is taking more steps to make his father’s life a living hell since he will not allow his boy to see the woman.  After trying to escape the safety of the apartment building, Eph brings his son into the lab and shows him exactly what has become of Kelly, but still Zach only hears that his father is going to kill his mother, rather than making her better.  Zack tears apart the lab while his father is not looking out of spite and Eph is having a hard time reaching him.  While performing the next test on his surviving vampire subject, Eph looks into the cold dead eyes and speaks to the Master and tells him that he will not give up and he will die before becoming one of these creatures that roams the streets at night.

Dutch has found a missing person poster when trying to find Zack and needs to know who put it up.  With Fet’s help, Dutch returns to her former lover’s mother’s home and sees that she is still not welcome there.  Even though she is alive, her girlfriend’s mother will not take any excuses for what Dutch had done to her mental state and will put all of the blame on her if she is found dead.  Dutch does not know how to handle the resentment, but Fet has a plan and work will keep their minds occupied so no further pain will be felt.  Fet wants to take out the subway line, so no more people can enter the city and become the walking plague that has taken over the streets and with Dutch’s help, he will be able to make it happen quickly.

Eldritch Palmer is remaining safe on the top level of his building, but when Eichorst comes to pay him a visit, he knows that something is wrong.  With the blow up at the food bank, the Master requires an extra set of eyes on Palmer and his faithful rock star Bolivar will serve him well.  But Palmer will not be baby-sat by anyone while he is moving forward with the plan and even though the Master can watch him through the eyes of the infected, Bolivar is sent into another room while he works.  Palmer has to apologize to his new assistant while these changes are being made to his arrangement, but will continue to be himself until the plan comes to an end, but what he does not know is that he is being hunted by someone new.

Abraham Setrakian takes a late night stroll and finds a vampire to execute, but for a different reason than before.  Collecting the blood and worms, Abraham returns to the apartment and starts cooking the "ingredients" until they are fully dissolved into a liquid form.  Injecting the new solution into his eyes, the reaction is fierce and almost kills him.  When Nora is able to revive him from his short slumber, Abraham has to come clean about what he has been doing to keep himself young and being ninety-four years old, he will not be able to fulfill his duty of killing the Master without this pick-me-up. Regaining his strength and snarky attitude, the professor is back up to full speed and ready to take on the world once again.

Gus has agreed to become the hunters’ eyes and ears during the daytime, but now it is time for him to start training.  Being given only two bullets to drop two vampires is not enough and he is forced to use hand to hand combat tactics against his second kill.  Pulling out the vampire’s stinger, Gus now knows how to kill the creatures without silver or sunlight and is ready for his first assignment.  Running as a diversion to Palmer’s building, Gus is able to gain access to the main elevator and takes his new friends up to the penthouse to kidnap the millionaire and figure out his part in all of the madness.  But Palmer is prepared and when the undead hunters arrive on the scene, they are shot with ultra violet light and although he is immune to it, Gus is forced to flee the building while his trainers have been killed in front of his very eyes.

I liked this episode since more is being discovered about Abraham and his methods of staying young and spry, and even having him open up to someone else about what he has to do.  But not wanting Eph to know about this will be a big issue in the long run, I can see it now, but that will be a bridge to cross when they get there.  I will come right out and say it, I am tired of the Zach breakdowns since he refused to see what is going on around him and someone will lose their life trying to protect him when the time comes and it will be a stronger character and I will be calling for his head.  Between Eph and Nora, the vampire plague is ready and they will have their first medical trial very soon, but they are being watched by the Master through the infected eyes of their latest patient and there might be a problem when they try to release it back into the wild.  Twists and turns are abound in this and I have not even touched on the councilwoman that has made Staten Island clean from the vampire threat and what she has been asked to do about the main island. There will be another power struggle coming shortly as secrets are being kept from the wrong people and someone will not be able to do what they want to do, when they need to do it.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

There are several get rich quick schemes around and some of them work if you are willing to put in the effort.  But what if you are offered a large sum of money to sit around and do nothing?  Would you be able to pass that up, or would you be looking for the catch?  I always believe that there is a catch, especially if someone is willing to put up large sums of money to watch you as you suffer through the night, but that is just me.  With that being said, if someone offered me a large sum of money to stay in a haunted house, well the answer might be a little different.

Evelyn Price has a birthday coming up and wants to make it something special.  Seeing a television report on the old Vannacutt Asylum where all of the inmates, along with most of the staff were burned alive back in 1931, her interest is piqued, and being married to famed Steven Price, she thinks that it will be the party of the century.  But Steven is none to happy with the suggestion as the two have not been getting along for many years and he tries to offer an alternative.  But Evelyn is stuck in her ways and she already has a guest list ready for her husband when he arrives back at the office.  Steven is not willing to bend his will either as he shreds the list and makes up one of his own, but somehow, the list changes again and the birthday party of the year will be celebrated with strangers.

Arriving at the gates leading up to the asylum, five strangers are greeted by the building owner, Pritchett.  Being hell bent on getting the guests up to the old building, Pritchett has some reservations about going back inside as the building has claimed the lives of his grandfather and father in the past.  With everyone in the building, Steven Price gives his introductions and gets to meet all of the people that he will be spending the night with, but he has an ulterior motive while in the house.  Being a fear king, Price wants to make sure that everyone is frightened beyond their wits and leave the house before his offer of a million dollars has to be paid out to anyone. 

Making scary changes to the house before everyone arrived, Price is ready for the night to begin, but the house has a mind of its own as it goes into complete lockdown.  Thinking that this is his hidden man’s doing, Price is surprised to find out that there might be something more to the old building than even he could have expected.  When Eddie, Sara, Pritchett and Price all head down to the basement to locate an override that will open the asylum back up, the fun starts.  As other individuals show up in the basement, the group has no idea that they are not alone in the house, but are starting to question what could be happening around them.  As Melissa starts doing her own investigation around the house, she is met by the old doctor that perished in the building many years ago and when the house gets a taste of blood, all bets are off for anyone making it through the night with their lives.

I don’t really know how to qualify this movie, since it has so many moving parts.  With some very bad spirits running around, a husband and wife plotting to kill each other, tainted history, along with new friendships, this is more than just a haunted house movie in my eyes.  With a star studded cast taking to the screen, this could have been one of the movies that helped spark a little bit of a need for horror movies in the movie theaters again.  You can say what you will about it, but many of the ghostly elements that were shown in this movie are still being used in today’s horror movies and that does count for something.  This is one of the movies I will admit that if it is on, I will sit down and watch it, since there is always something a little bit different you catch depending on the mood you are in.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

There are so many people that spend their lives in the pursuit of knowledge.  This is far from a bad way to spend your days on this planet, since there are many others that would rather sit back and do nothing since learning can be one of the hardest things to do.  Wanting to know more about myths and legends however can also prove to be costly, not just monetarily, but mentally as well.  And if you are able to find out what you are looking for, will you be disappointed when the answer is not what you expected?

Scarlett Marlow is looking to prove her father’s studies correct when she undergoes the hunt of a lifetime.  Trying to locate the philosopher’s stone, Scarlett has been taken all over the world, but now she has a lead on its whereabouts that she cannot pass up.  Locating the Rose Key while underground in Iran, Scarlett believes that the legends are true and will stop at nothing while continuing her hunt.  Needing help to decipher the language on the Rose Key, she has to find her old friend George and beg him to help.

Although George is not as excited about the hunt for the stone as Scarlett is, he decides to help out his past love one more time.  Reading the old texts, new riddles are revealed to where the stone may be hidden.  Noting all of the old locations around France, Scarlett knows that the stone is hidden beneath the city and the only way to find it is to dig through the catacombs.  Knowing that she is going to need help in her hunt, a stranger in the catacombs recommends that she contact Papillon who is a master underground.  Being beckoned back to the tour group, Scarlett and her group see that the stranger is mysteriously gone.  Not thinking twice about what they have witnessed, they find Papi drinking in a night club and get him to agree to take them under the city.

With the promise of treasure, Papi gathers his own team as well and makes it known that timing is a factor.  Making it down to the first level of the catacombs, Papi points out the crazies that will be walking around the old tomb as well.  When they miss their mark and head off course, a cursed entrance appears to be the better way, but Papi will not allow the group to use it and instead makes them climb over the loose bones that have been undisturbed for many years.  After the roof collapses on their bone route, the entrance presents itself once again, but this time it is the only way out.  Following the tunnels under Paris, the group thinks that they are going around in circles, but when they arrive in the same rooms, they start to notice the small differences.  Wanting to get back up to the surface is their main priority, but they must go down before they can go up again and that is when the power of the catacombs comes to life.

I have seen all the screams from this movie in the previews, but I still wanted to see more.  One of the things that kept me intrigued as the story started to move along was all of the history that was presented.  This did not end as the hunt for the philosopher’s stone continued, with some references to other ancient cultures.  But the scares is what made this movie a little bit different, since it was feeding off the individuals for the most part.  There are a few scenes that will leave you shaking your head and leave you wondering why you have bought into the story, and I will let you know that they are explained at the end, so you don’t feel cheated.  I liked the movie and it will have to join my ever growing DVD collection at some point, but until then, I will have to keep my eyes open and make sure that I don’t wind up underground for any reason since I have my own inner demons that are dying to torment me as well.  Stay Scared.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

At some point in our lives, often in our youth, we were easily influenced by any idea that came our way. It makes sense, simply because we didn't have any life experiences to look back upon. With youth comes naivety and it's only when we get out into the world and get a fine taste of life do we know how to handle ourselves. 

But, while many of us grow and learn and become our own person with our own understanding of how life works, some folks are forever trapped in needing advice or direction from others. They are constantly seeking out someone or something to guide them in this world and the dangers of what could happen when you get poor advice from people...or things are front and center in the season one finale of Tales from the Darkside, "The False Prophet".

Cassie Pines is searching for the meaning of life and thinks she may have found it thanks to a mysterious series of fortune telling vending machines known as Madam X. The good Madam has told Cassie that all of her dreams when it comes to love and a happy life are waiting for her in Texas, sending her on the road. But when she arrives at a bus station in the middle of the night she finds herself quickly confused thanks to the new generation of fortune telling machines, Horace X. Horace has nothing but warnings for Cassie, that her life is in danger and she needs to beware false prophets that come her way and for a time it seems that Horace is on the money when a creepy preacher arrives and instantly takes a liking to Cassie. But as the night goes on and the events of the evening become more confusing Cassie is torn, wondering exactly who is on her side and it seems...that Horace may be more than a simple automaton...he may have a mind of his own and an agenda for this lost soul. 

Of all the episodes in season one of this show, this one turns out to be hands down the most bizarre. After all, we are given a sentient fortune telling machine, an annoying idiot in Cassie and one borderline rapist of a priest. None of these things really should go together and the episode remains ambiguous about what exactly Horace X is and what purpose he serves. In fact after watching this episode twice, I still find myself confused as to what themes from the genre are present here. It's really just a bunch of stuff happening that is well...weird.

However it's a watchable episode because of the fact the mystery surrounding this fortune telling machine and its intentions are fascinating, but much like "The Tear Collector" this is likely another episode that needed more time to flesh out in the writers room and suffered by heading to production so quickly. I honestly rather would have rather seen "Grandma's Last Wish" served up as the season finale since it was the stronger episode but this is by far my least favorite of season one because of its all over the place nature. But, first seasons of a show are always inconsistent and considering how many amazing episodes came out of year one, I'm definitely looking forward to year two. Until next time.  


Written by Scotty

There are many people that believe that we are not alone in the universe and they might be right.  With so many unexplained things that have happened on the planet and still continue to, it might be easier to agree that that there are aliens among us.  You can shake your heads all you want, but how do you explain huge advancements in technology over the years, I mean when I was just a kid, there was no such thing as the internet, much less CD discs that could house more than 2MB of data.  We may have stumbled upon something, some sort of technology that was either lost here, or delivered to us by some other civilization, but the true question is why did they want us to have it?

An alien spaceship arrives in Earth orbit and ejects some probes into the atmosphere to see what the planet is all about.  One probe lands in the Pacific Ocean and while it is trying to take readings, it is snatched up by a Great White Shark.  While sharks tend to eat anything, the shark is starting to have regrets about its last meal, but it has an effect on the large creature, turning it into an alien controlled robot.  Searching the ocean for its next meal, the Roboshark head towards the only thing that is making a sound and tears apart a U.S. submarine that was tracking the space anomaly.  With one ship down, the U.S. Navy jumps into action and tracks the unknown being and finds that it is making its way to the Seattle coast line.

Rick is busy making breakfast for his wife Trish and daughter Melody when he sees something come across the internet.  A large shark has taken out a seaplane while landing and although he believes that the footage is faked, Trish quickly starts to believe that there might be something behind it.  Being sent up to Bellevue, Seattle to report on the recent snowfall for her station, Trish sees a Navy base being set up in the open space and decides to change her assignment.  Calling her boss to let him know of what she will be reporting on, Trish is cut off, but when getting a cup of coffee, she sees what the Navy is looking for as the Roboshark has made its way inland.  Trying to report on the current situation, Trish finds out that a rival reporter has been blessed with the story and will be taking over all of the live feeds, but Trish has something that her competition does not, her daughter and the foresight of where the shark is headed.

The U.S. Navy has set up base at the local sewer monitoring station to keep an eye on the shark’s movements inside the pipes under the city.  As Rick is the ranking person working, he is privy to all the information about what is happening and what the Navy is going to do to stop the robot menace.  Keeping in contact with his wife and daughter, Rick is on the inside now and has to worry about more than his family during this time of crisis.  But as Trish has located the next place where the shark will attack, her daughter has decided to come along for the ride as well.  Being able to pinpoint the places where the Roboshark will surface next, Trish is able to get the exclusive footage, but when her boss will no longer take her calls, she has to depend on her daughter to get the story out to the world.  Utilizing her social media account, Melody has become a blessing in disguise as she is able to get shares and retweets out to the area to notify them of the impending threat at their doorstep.  But that might not be enough to save everyone as the Navy is looking to take out the Roboshark before it is able to communicate with the mothership that is circling the planet, at all means necessary. 

There is nothing better than a good SyFy shark movie and this one fits the bill just perfectly.  With little reference to the alien threat that is outside of the planet, they still make sure that you know the aliens are out there.  The Navy is looking to take revenge on the shark for killing one of their own and at any cost, but when Melody finds out what the plan is, she is able to jump into action and make sure the world knows of Seattle’s impending doom.  Even Roboshark has an opinion on the situation as it is able to communicate through Twitter and possibly make a friend that will understand what it is trying to do, but one person is not able to stop the blood thirsty Navy as they are only focused on its destruction.  The power of social media is highlighted in this movie and for good reason when there is no news making it through the normal channels and you never know, during our next crisis, it may be the only way for us to truly know what is going on.  Happy Viewing and Stay Scared.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

When it comes to B movies, especially ones that are tons of fun and you find yourself eager to watch them, Syfy reigns supreme. They have managed to make the B movie an event that you simply cannot miss and with every single release they bring to the small screen the names in their cast keep getting bigger, the stories sillier and last week turned out to be quite the treat on this network.

Not only did Syfy bring us the ever epic, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! they decided to up the ante and release another wild story filled to the brim with some pretty big names from my childhood. In fact this go round featured a reunion of the cast of Police Academy, and what a treat it was to see them back in action for Syfy's Lavalantula. 

Colton West was once a big action star. He had all the choice roles, and box office hit after hit but the years have not been kind to him since. In the years following his Hollywood fame he as fallen on hard times, taking bit roles that irritate him and often finding his name in the headlines for causing trouble. But today in Los Angeles will be a different day for Colton. Volcanic eruptions are springing up all over the city and with the explosions come the stuff of nightmares. Giant spiders that can spit lava and fire are emerging from the earth and as it turns out, Colton West is the only man with the guts to fight them and the will to stop them...

So, let's get right down to it, this movie is freaking awesome for one reason...Steve Guttenberg. Yes, Mahoney himself plays Colton West in this film and he does it in such a fun fashion that from the get go you're rooting for Colton to win the day. But the wonder of seeing this vintage star doesn't end with Mister G, as I mentioned before his supporting cast is on full display with Michael Winslow doing what he does best and the film is further enhanced with a surprise cameo from Patrick Renna, who you may remember as Hamilton "Ham" Porter, a.k.a. "The Great Hambino" in The Sandlot. 

But once we get past the cameos and the joy of seeing these classic stars this is one fun movie. Yes, it's ridiculous and yes it's over the top, but who cares. You get plenty of action in this flick, and really how can you go wrong with giant spiders that spit lava? Sure this motion picture may not be as big as Sharknado, in fact there's a little nod to that film in here as well, but Lavalantula stands on its own thanks to its cast and sense of fun and adventure. If you haven't seen this one, do so, it's a wonderful popcorn flick...or perhaps as Colton West would put it...nice movie! 


Written by John Edward Betancourt

Getting old is simply part of life, whether we like it or not. The aches in our joints when we first wake up, or the gray hairs we find popping up on our head are merely signals that the clock is ticking and someday Father Time will catch up with us. That knowledge of our inevitable fate leaves us hoping that our family will be there to support us as our bodies age, just as we were there to support them growing up. 

But alas, that is not always the case. As unfortunate as it is, some families see their aging family members as nothing more than a nuisance and are willing to place them in a retirement home to live our their days. Certainly one cannot pass judgment because we don't always understand the circumstances for people's decisions, but Tales from the Darkside decided to explore this decision...with a twist of course in the episode "Grandma's Last Wish".

Grandma Rollins has enjoyed quite the colorful life. She was a dancer in her youth, and raised a family and now as she slips into her golden years with her family and grand daughter her life has taken a scary turn. She only wants the best for them, but they are starting to view her as an insufferable burden and have begun the process of moving her to a retirement home. Grandma knows she has no choice, but rather than make a fuss, she simply makes a wish. After all she only wants her loved ones to understand the difficulty that comes with old age and as her family begins to become a little clumsier and forgetful...it turns out her wish may be coming true...

So, I was quite surprised with how visceral and sad this episode turned out to be. The show really decided to take on some heavy material and it does quick work in sucking you in by showing you in record time just how tough Grandma's life has turned out to be. Once everyone basically turns their back on her...the episode continues its downward spiral and you want to see Grandma win out and stay at home instead, which makes the twist of her wish coming true and her family aging with her to truly understand her plight all the more awesome.

I'm not quite sure exactly how we classify this episode, but I would have to lean toward the traditional man is the monster theme since hey...the Rollins clan is quick to send Grandma packing to the old folks home. But the fact is no real supernatural element is present in this episode and that's okay. Because this episode also throws in the horror classic of the bad guy gets his just desserts since the family truly does get to understand what it's like to grow old. Either way, I really liked this one. It tugged at the heart strings and had one satisfying ending.  Until next time. 


Written by Scotty

Trying to find a cheap new way to provide energy is nothing new, it in fact is one of the most consistent searches that governments hunt for.  Trying to take care of their citizens for generations to come with little to no effort would be a dream come true, but nobody has been able to unlock the secret yet.  For some reason, all of the research into cheap lasting energy costs millions upon millions of dollars to perfect and that puts countries into the poor house while trying to make it a reality.  And the people that are in the private sector, trying to perfect the same thing are banking on a huge payday when they crack the code and are ready to sell it.  It seems to be that nobody is on the same page here, it should be for the world and population, not for someone to make millions, maybe billions of dollars to make the world a better place.

The Russian government is on the search for clean, cheap power sources, but have no idea where they can find it.  After the cold war, they buried their secret weapon along with its power source that could change the world forever.  Red Mercury has enough power to keep a city lit for a year from a single drop, but their applications were much more devious when the world was on the brink of war for several decades.  But a former solider has found a hiding spot that no one remembers that could possibly house the Red Mercury and is ready to remove it for a price.  Agent Moira King from the CIA has joined the hunt, but being deep under cover, she is not allowed to make her true intentions known.  When the Red Mercury is removed from its hiding spot, something else comes out of the hole, Kolossus, a doomsday machine that is ready to destroy the world.

Admiral Jackson is on the hunt for another Megalodon that has been swimming under the radar.  Being charged with destroying this species, Jackson is willing to chase the mega sharks to the end of the earth and force them to meet their maker.  However, since the last one on earth has eluded him, he has decided to let some scientists come in and assist on the hunt.  Dr. Alison Gray is against the destruction of the species since they have been part of the earth’s population for a reason for thousands of years.  Getting kicked out of the briefing, Dr. Gray is picked up by someone else that is concerned about the shark’s preservation, Joshua Dane.  Dane has a boat and has created the device that Dr. Gray has not found the funding to that can help control the Mega Shark and keep it from populated areas. Believing his motives are sound, Dr. Gray joins Dane on the hunt, but time is a factor since the Navy is hot on its heels. 

Knowing that something bad is about to happen with the release of Kolossus, Moira is in search for all of the information that she can find.  Kidnapping an analyst from the station, Moira and her new friend Spencer are going to try and find a way to keep the cold war era killing machine from carrying out its final protocol.  Knowing that it is powered by Red Mercury as well and the destructive properties that it houses, it is a race against time to keep the innocents out of harm’s way.  When Moira finds out that her search for Kolossus is leading her in the same direction as Mega Shark, she starts to formulate a new plan of attack.  When Mega Shark gets captured in a cove, Kolossus is forced into the water with the massive beast to create a distraction while the source of Red Mercury is discovered, but when the ultimate prize is found, will everyone be as sincere as they once were about their intentions?

Just another great story to add to the Mega Shark archives.  Nothing in the sea can defeat the Megalodon and the human race thinks that they can take care of the trouble that it causes, but as everything in nature does, the shark is able to adapt.  Although it is not looking to take over the world, the population seems to think differently and are preparing for the end of days when the new shark is discovered, but what the news is not reporting on is the giant doomsday device that has been unleashed and carries the power of a hundred nuclear warheads.  With no way to defeat either one on their own, it is up to the government to come up with a plan to destroy them both and hopefully at the same time.  I did not really have a favorite character in this movie which sucks since it is one of the better ones that has been put out, but with so much action and plenty of back and forth about what is best for the world, you can get lost wondering if something like this could actually happen.  Happy Viewing and Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

As times get harder for everyone, sometimes it is better to just get away for a couple of days.  Even if you are not going far, getting away from your job and people can be one of the greatest mental escapes you can take.  Every once in a while, it is good to take someone with you, but if you are going away with the person that has made your life difficult, you may end up needing a vacation from your vacation.  Knowing how much you are willing to put up with on your time away is a good thing to know, so you are able to gauge how much time it will take until you unleash your feelings on somebody else.

Sophie has just moved to the city to live with her older sister Amber.  Getting her a job at the local bar, Amber is very protective of her sibling and will do anything in her power to insure her safety, even if Sophie does not need it.  After Amber causes a bar fight, her boyfriend knows it is the perfect opportunity for them to get away, but not being a rich man, he needs to take Sophie and the other bar maid Bridgette along for the trip as well for a group discount.  Amber agrees and it could be good for her and Sophie to try to bond just a little bit while away from the city, especially without the daily troubles they have to handle when their parent's call.

Arriving at Red Plum Island, Jenner, Amber, Sophie and Bridgette see how small the resort really is and after talking to the owner, they start to understand why.  The island has some history to it and used to be attached to an old military base that was doing all kinds of testing while it was still running.  Long since being closed the former Shark Island has turned into the little resort it is today, the owner is happy to make sure that the group is well taken care of, but what he does not know is that the old military base has been opened again and there is something vicious in the water that will never die, again.

Dr. Palmer is working on a regeneration serum to give to the troops who are fighting to save the country, but something has backfired.  With her tests taking place on sharks, the formula that she has developed kills the host, but reanimates it into a nonstop killing machine.  As the zombie shark is swimming around the island, it is biting every other shark it come in contact with to create its own band of hunters, but with it being so contagious, the sharks can infect the people that they bite as well.  Not being able to end this outbreak, Dr. Palmer tries to create a new serum that can kill off the infected, but finds out that it only works on healthy tissues and there will be no changing the zombie back.  As the group run around the island and see the destruction that the sharks have caused and know that there is no way to escape it, they are joined by Sargent Max Cage who has a plan to put an end to the sharks evil deeds, but will it be able to come together before the entire island becomes infected with the undead?

Talk about putting a zombie twist on a shark attack story and striking gold.  From the moment that you see the first ‘dead’ shark washed up on the beach, you start to understand how the disease works.  I must admit, I fell in love with the ways the sharks are able to kill people in this movie, along with having the human’s assist them with some kills (see head blown off by grenade shark).  Very inventive and some good characters that you can identify with as the attacks get worse and worse.  Not knowing how they will be able to get off of the island when a storm blows in, the group is left on their own, but being at a resort has its benefits since the owner has a stockpile of goodies that may just keep everyone from dying on his watch.  Stay Scared.