Written by Scotty

Wanting to understand what really happens to people after they die is something that has been questioned for the longest time.  Not knowing if there is life after death could be one of the reasons why many people fear death.  Fear of the unknown makes people act strangely about the subject and although there are several people that believe there is something waiting for them at the end of their days, there are others that do not believe there is anything and that we fall into nothingness.

Brandon and Shay are heading over to their friend Michael’s house to record something out of the ordinary.  Brandon is looking to make the grade in his film class by being able to record anything that will show what his film skills really are.  Meeting up with their friends Michael, Calvin and LyNette, Brandon is surprised to see that they will be playing with an Ouija board for the night and wants the film the entire experience.

As the group sits around the table and asks for someone to respond, they are greeted by a young girl named Gracie who died when she was only five years old.  Finding out that she was not alone in the house with the group, a new spirit comes into play named Lisa who tells the group to fear the other entity that is hanging around the house, Joseph.  Making contact with two spirits on the first night, the group seems happy and remembers to say goodbye to end the session as they need to do, but promising to come back and contact the dead the following night may have been their biggest mistake.

As Michael and LyNette are able to make contact the next night, Shay comes in and asks the spirits questions about her relationship with Calvin.  As the board speaks the truth about Calvin’s cheating ways, personal issues come into play and the group leaves the board open without saying goodbye which could leave the gateway open to the other side.  Thinking that they could say goodbye the following night, everyone heads back home, but strange things start to happen in the form of sounds and glimpses of people that are not really there.  The group tries to get together to close the connection once more, but when the spirits have been released into the realm of the living, little can be done to push them back.

The Ouija Experiment follows a group of friends that are just trying to have a good time with the ancient board.  With some believers and some skeptics, they have a promising first night and with answers coming through seem to be correct, there is little left to the imagination about it working.  Getting distracted the second night while trying to contact the spirits has changed the lives of the group completely as someone or something is starting to harass each of the members in their respected homes.  Not knowing how to end the hauntings that they have brought forth upon themselves, additional research is done on the dead that they are communicating with and a new mystery has been unlocked.  After releasing the spirits into the realm of the living using the board, they have to find a way to send them back, before the dead get strong enough to harm the living.

With all of the mystery that surrounds Ouija boards, it is just great to have a movie come out that explains the dangers that could come with it.  It does not matter who is moving the indicator piece, if the answers that come from it seem to be true enough, there may be something more powerful at stake. The movie gives you a good insight of what could go wrong if you do not follow the rules and a demonic spirit is trying to make it to the land of the living.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty


As the nights in New York City are no longer safe, the daytime is not getting much better.  Looting has taken over in the streets as nobody knows what is happening and thinking about their number one priorities, themselves.  It is getting harder to know what to expect as there are many infected that have vanished from their homes and businesses, but while they are all hidden somewhere, their possessions are up for grabs.

Eph, Abraham, Fet and Nora are preparing to head out and find the Master’s lair.  Knowing that it has to be underground, they are equipping themselves with all of the UV protection that they have available, along with a bomb of sorts.  Knowing that this entire event started with one vampire, Abraham wants to end it by cutting off the head of the first and most powerful.  Heading into the bowels of the city, the group is led by Fet who has been catching and killing rats in the area for years and knows more about the secrets that the area holds than anyone else.

With their search area being around Ground Zero, the group enters more tunnels that have not been used by the city since the incident. With all of the ammonia over the walls and rails, they find that they are on the right way to where the Master should be hiding. Keeping quiet and not disturbing the newly infected, everyone is starting to get fed up with their current situation and taking it out on each other.  With their trust diminishing, they find a rat hole that could lead them to their goal.  Going first, Eph starts to hear cries for help from his ex-wife Kelly and will not stop and listen to reason from anyone until he finds her.  Meeting the Master for the first time, Eph is amazed with the power the creature possesses, but is not able to protect himself and needs to depend on his friends to get him out of his current predicament.  

On babysitting duty back at the pawn shop, Zach has been put in charge by his father while the group is out hunting.  Taking care of Nora’s mother, Mariela, Zach finds that he is going to have his hands full with the old woman who is not entirely there.  After throwing her final fit, Zach decides to take matters into his own hands and leaves the shop to find the old woman some cigarettes so she will calm down and stay in the safety of the basement.  Leaving the shop, Zach is able to see how bad the city has gotten and has to keep his eyes open as the vampire threat is not only active in the day, but still very dangerous.

After escaping from his prisoner transport, Gus has been able to find his way home and needs to make sure that his mother is ok.  After banging on the door for several minutes, he finds that it was left open and enters to find his brother has been changed into the same type of creature as his best friend was just a few hours ago.  Having to defend himself, Gus has to kill his own flesh and blood and find his mother.  Trying to call everywhere where she could be, he hears a little knock in the closet and when he opens it to the light, he finds his mother is one of the infected as well.  Apologizing to her and leaving the apartment, Gus makes his way through the city to find whatever he can that will help him survive the outbreak.

It was a little bit of a more condensed episode as almost all of the characters were highlighted, but done well.  Watching as the large group is only trusting each other a little bit, they seem to be taking one step forward and three steps back in their relationships.  But finding the Master’s lair was the highlight of the episode and watching Abraham destroy his master work from so many years ago.  Knowing where they have to go to find the one that started it all is a large step for the group, but when they saw what the next tunnel has in store for them, it may be more difficult than they expected to get close to the Master once again.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

With so much of our lives being on social network sites these days, it is hard to just put it down, even for a moment as they continue to update.  Without these sites, how would we be able to keep up with what our friends and family are doing at all times?  Some people are able to live without these sites, but for most of us, it has become a staple for communication, leaving the phone and letters a thing of the past.

Sam has just broken up with her boyfriend via the social network on New Year’s Eve.  Not wanting to go into a spiral of depression, she still wants to hang out with her friends as they will have a great party going on.  Meeting up with her friends and being off of the grid for once, Sam is ready to have a good time, even though she would rather be away from everything.

As darkness falls and the party starts to pick up, strange reports are coming over the social network and news talking about people killing each other.  Being told to stay indoors and not to let anyone in, the group is looking for answers.  Tuning into their network circles, they see messages of love and loss, but are not able to get ahold of anyone after their posts, and they do not know what to do.  Being sent a live link, the group sees a young girl that had to kill her best friend to survive.  Trying to figure out what caused this to happen, the group tries to talk to her, but there is something strange happening in her head and she changes right before their eyes.

Antisocial follows a group of friends on New Year’s Eve that are just looking to have a good time.  With everyone being tied up in the social networking sites, they are making sure to post everything about the party, invite more people and make sure that the world understands what they are missing.  With some sporadic reports coming out about people killing each other, the group does not give it much thought, until names that they recognize start coming in.  Checking their sites and posts, the group does not know what is really happening, but when a strange signal comes through their devices, it is too late to not become infected with the virus that is moving throughout the outside world.

An interesting thought of what could happen if our social networking sites were to become infected with some sort of virus.  It is kind of a scary thought since everyone is connected on these and there is really no way to police what is going on.  Could the technology that was created to help us, end up being our end?  Not the first time this thought has come into movies, but this one provides a different way of showing our species goodbye.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Sometimes getting away from the real world is not enough for everyone, sometimes they need a little bit of excitement.  Whether it be jumping off of a bridge or exploring a new place that you have never been before, excitement comes in all shapes and sizes.  But sometimes a little excitement can go completely and utterly wrong and instead of bringing you joy, it can become all about survival.  

Sisters Megan and Abby Graves have been each other’s friends forever.  But Megan is ready for a change in her life and even though she does not want to move away from her sister, their home in Arizona is not keeping her interested enough.  Planning on moving to New York, Abby is accepting the move, but is very upset and does not want to let her sister vanish into the sunset. 

For one last hurrah, Megan decides to take her sister on a day trip to get her mind off the move, but the two get lost in the vastness of the desert and windup in a small diner and have to ask for directions.  Although they are off course, the waitress in the diner suggests the two go and visit the local roadside attraction of the Skull City Mine.  Not wanting to lose the day together the girls decide to check it out, but find that there is something different about this roadside attraction that will change their lives forever.

Getting their tickets, the two go on a self-guided tour and although they are enjoying the experience, a stranger from the diner shows up and gets murdered right in front of their very eyes.  With a violent sound coming from the newly deceased, the two are chased by the caretaker and looking for a way to escape the old town.  When Megan is able to get a hand up on the killer and return the favor, the two feel comfortable in escaping and flag down a passing car, but what they don’t know is that they have entered a place where they will never be able to leave…with their lives.

The Graves follows two sisters, Megan and Abby Graves on their last hurrah before Megan leaves to start her new life out of state.  Getting detoured on their planned adventure, the two windup at the Skull City Mine and find out that they are being hunted for a reason no reason in particular.  Being able to survive long enough to see the other poor souls be killed by a madman and seeing their corpses dried of any evidence of life, the Graves sisters have to find a way to escape with their lives.  When killing their pursuer, they think that their adventure is over and they can go home, but what they do not know is that the entire town is looking for them and will do anything to appease their new savior.

Taking place in a quiet little ghost town, this is one of the things I always think will happen when pulling up and investigating.  Not knowing who is really there, it could be the scariest thing to see someone come out and get after you for just being there.  But enough about my fears, this movie also has some great ‘killer’ characters that will make you squirm in your seat.  With a family that has run the mine and performed their duties for many years and a preacher that believes that delivering death to his savior is the only way to appease him, it could become a frightening reality.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty


With all that is happening in New York City, everyone is praying for daylight as it is the only thing that can keep the outbreak at bay.  Wanting to find all of their loved ones after finding out what is really happening in the streets at night is everyone’s priority and that does not only stop with the non-infected.  With the internet being brought down to a crawl, there seems to be no way to find anything that you are looking for, but there is still a signal and that might be enough to give you an idea of where to go.

Young Zach Goodweather is worried about the whereabouts of his mother.  Since his father was able to dispose of the infected inside of their old home, Zach has not seen or heard from his mother for over a day.  Being able to connect to the internet, no matter how briefly, he is able to track down her cell phone and give his father a place to go looking.  Although Zach wants to be involved in the hunt as well, Eph will not allow his son to be put in harm's way and urges his son to stay in the pawn shop.  Zach loves both of his parents, but when his father will not allow him to do his duty, Zach turns a cold shoulder to his father and will find another way to help his lost mother.

While on the hunt for his ex-wife, Eph searches the area pinpointed by his son and finds a homeless woman with her phone.  Being able to find out where the old woman found it, Eph discovers her car and narrows his search radius down once again.  Going back to his old home, Eph comes up empty handed, but when moving on to her best friend’s house, Eph finds more than he bargained for.  With Kelly’s best friend, along with her son being infected, Eph has to make sure that they will not be a threat to anyone else and puts them down.  Returning to the pawnshop empty handed, Eph has come to terms that Kelly is gone and has to find a way to pass this information on to his son.

Vasiliy Fet and Dutch Velders have come with their own plan of attack to head off the infection and want to get to the source.  Although Dutch does not believe there is a way to bring back the internet and cell phone service that she has brought down, there is a chance if she can get her hands on her employer’s hardware.  Fet agrees and using his credentials, he may be able to gain access for them both into one of the most secure buildings in the city.  Upon arrival, Fet is able to use his rugged charm to gain access, but the two are met with a surprise when they arrive at their destination.  Dutch is granted an audience with the dying Eldritch Palmer who is not willing to let all of his hard work go to waste and orders his bodyguard to have the two intruders to be disposed of.

This was a heavy Kelly Goodweather episode as you have been brought into the last thirty six hours of her life.  When Matt arrived home after the two had a fight, he was not willing to say one word to his girlfriend, as he was battling off a sickness of his own.  Although nothing happened the first night, Matt was changing and Kelly was not willing to accept it.  Being sent home early from her school, Kelly knows that Eph was right about the sickness and wanted to pass the information onto Matt, but when he made it out to see her, she sees that there is nothing of him left.  Being able to battle off her current lover, Kelly is not immune to the virus as she gets infected and not through a bite.  Passing out shortly after the altercation, she awakens very sick and starts to search for her son.  With that being her only driving force, Kelly goes to the school, then visits her friends Diane’s house and unleashes her new ability onto her and her young son.  Hearing voices and seeing the world differently, Kelly starts to roam the streets, looking for her son and there is nothing in the world that will stop her.

Is the show just getting better with every episode that is coming out, or is it just that the buildup for something that is going to be out of this world?  I do not know, but this episode showed what Abraham Setrakian has been saying from the very beginning, love drives these creatures.  Watching how Kelly has moved from place to place looking for her son was very sweet at first, but watching as she changed into one of these creatures of the night, it became very scary.  I cannot wait to see what happens next as the Master has not yet shown his full power over the city yet and it is obvious that Thomas Eichorst is waiting for round two against his old friend Abraham.  Stay Scared!


Written by Scotty

When receiving presents, no matter who they are from, it seems to light up everyone’s day.  Not knowing what is in the package holds all of the surprise and getting into it is always the first priority.  If it comes from a friend, an acquaintance or just someone on the street, not knowing what is inside will always drive us to open it to see what mysteries are hidden inside.

Jamie and Lisa Ashen are happily married and although there seems to be some problems here and there, they are always able to work it out.  Although Jamie may not be the handiest of men around the house, he still tries his hardest and is able to make light of the situations that are holding him back and Lisa appreciates all of his attempts. The couple is happy and there is nothing that can stop them, but when a package arrives at their doorstep without a return address, Jamie finds out that is life is about to change.

An old ventriloquist dummy has been given to the happy couple and although they do not know who sent it, Lisa loves it and will use it to help frighten her husband.  But not everything goes as planned as one night before Jamie gets home, Lisa sets up a great surprise, but the dummy has another plan in mind.  Lisa is found dead in their home and now Jamie is the primary suspect in her mysterious death.  Returning home to bury his dead wife, Jamie has to deal with his father who has been less than helpful over the years, and although the old man would like to make amends, Jamie is not ready.

Pushing his father away while trying to take care of his personal issues, Jamie is surprised to find that the undertaker in town is shaken up by the sight of his wife.  Thinking that an old nursery rhyme is to blame for his wife’s death, Jamie has to find a way to prove it before somebody else gets hurt.  Listening to the undertaker’s wife’s stories, he finds out that the old rhyme about Mary Shaw is real and has to find a way to stay clear of her before he becomes her next victim.

Dead Silence follows Jamie Ashen as he tries to prove his innocence in the death of his wife.  Believing in an old rhyme that he was told as a child, Jamie tries to find out why he has been targeted by Mary Shaw.  As he arrives home, the stories of Mary Shaw come to life and Jamie needs to find the reason behind her harassing him and taking his the love of his life away from him.  Mary Shaw was a renowned ventriloquist that was only looking to construct the perfect puppet, but when she was called out by a young boy in the audience for being a fake, the boy went missing and she was murdered for his disappearance.  Wanting revenge, Mary Shaw cannot and will not be stopped by anyone and with all of her dolls surrounding her, there is not a conventional way to keep her down.

If you're needing a quick scare, this is a great movie to watch.  I have always had a problem with dolls that have lifelike eyes and that is what infects the screen.  But it is not just that, there are questions surrounding the unsightly deaths of Mary Shaw’s victims and once they come up on the screen, they will leave you wondering what is really going on.  Looking to create the perfect doll was Mary Shaw’s only goal, and although she was killed many years prior, she is still building and looking for her own sense of peace.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

There have been a handful of movies that have extended their longevity by transferring to the small screen after their release, but none that have truly captured my horror loving heart has one just has.  From Dusk Till Dawn has made a successful jump between mediums and there is one reason behind it, the story did not change. 

Ok, to be honest, I loved the movie and there is little that could keep me from watching it come to life with an extended story.  With a couple more characters, along with a strong back story that answers your questions from the original movie, I absolutely loved what this brought to the small screen.  So, let’s jump into the guts of how this show has captured my heart.

First of all, it has to deal with vampires.  Done!  I have always been a fan of the genre, but it has been lost the past couple of years with love stories and such that leave me wanting to stab a stake though someone's heart.  These are the old school, eat your heart out vampires that I have come to love and want more of.  But it also changes the lore ever so slightly, making the vampires a serpent race instead of the normal children of the night.  Not a bad transition, since they both feed on the blood of the living and have fangs that will leave you cringing in your seat.

Second, The Gecko brothers are back and there is no way to stop them.  If you liked the interaction between the brothers in the movie, you will love it in the series as they continue to battle even more.  Richie becomes more of vocal point in this series than he was in the movie and you get an entire backstory to what is really going through his mind, rather than just thinking he is crazy from square one.  Although Seth is forced to trust his brother, he cannot and does not believe what is happening to him which leads to a more dynamic relationship between the two, but when they are called upon to perform, they pull it together as they always have before.

Third, the new characters that you never got to see in the movie.  Carlos is by far my favorite, the mastermind behind the Gecko’s latest heist that is just looking for his take.  But Carlos is a key player in all of the story since he has his fingers in everything.  To go along with Carlos, his five hundred year old love, Santanico is the one who is playing with Richie’s mind throughout the entire series.  Telling him to do things, along with bringing him to his fate, Santanico is not only beautiful, but extremely powerful and willing to do anything to get her way.  Ranger Freddie Gonzalez is the anchor of the new characters in the series with his unwillingness to give up on his hunt for the Gecko brothers.  Trying to avenge the loss of his mentor, Freddie will not allow even vampires to stop him from attaining his goal and with such devotion to his dearest friend, he finds out that he has more to offer than he could have expected.

Fourth, The Fuller Family.  Yes, they are all there with Father Jacob, Kate and Scott.  Like I said before, you get more of a character profile on everyone in the series and there is no exception with this family as you actually get to see what happens to their mother and why they are heading down to Mexico.  Even Scott gets a decent amount of story, even though he is picking on his sister most of the time, but it is not wasted.  They are a great group and even though there does not seem to be a strong family bond when the story starts, you see them come together to achieve the impossible, as only a family can do.

Fifth, Sex Machine.  There is no way that you cannot bring up one of the most loved characters from the movie and although I was a little bit worried about it to start, he grew on me.  With a full back story of him being a college professor, it really did not make a difference to me until he was unleashed on the vampire horde and was able to show what he was made of.  Now I understand the teaching background and his obsession with the occult for the series, but I would have never thought that after seeing him in the movie, not in a million years.

Well there is a breakdown of the characters, now I will take you through a quick recap of the performances. D. J. Cotrona who plays Seth Gecko is just phenomenal, he has unleashed his inner George Clooney in his role and has completely taken over the thief.  But Zane Holtz, as Richie Gecko is superb in the his role and not taking anything away from the movie, has a more difficult role to fill since you never get to see the full back story of the character.  Jessie Garcia as Freddie Gonzalez was probably the finest choice made when casting, you can see the emotion in his eyes for the hatred for the Gecko brothers and actually feel like he will never give up his hunt.  I was blown away by Wilmer Valderrama as Carlos, as I have never seen him playing the ultimate bad guy yet.  A special call out to Jake Busey who plays Professor Aiden Tanner, he always plays a person that is a little bit off of his rocker, but seems to really embrace it in this role.  Along with Madison Davenport who plays Kate, she adds so much to the role that you never got to see in the movie, battling with her own issues and now a treat that is taking out her family.

Well, that is it for the fine young series of From Dusk Till Dawn.  I hope everyone that loved the original movie will take a chance on the series.  A special thank you to Robert Rodriguez for helping to bring this to life on the small screen as there were some questions left unanswered from the movie.  I have seen that there is a second season coming out next year and cannot wait to see where they take the story.  Although the follow up movies lost something in translation, I can see the series taking a completely different turn and separating itself from the original.  Stay Scared!


Written by John Edward Betancourt

There's an old saying that is filled to the brim with truth, leave well enough alone.  Yet of course, despite the truth that comes with that statement that would in no way mean every single person in the world will follow it. There are those of us who realize we should stay away when things are doing just fine.  

But there are those of us out there who tinker and twist and scheme to make sure everything in this world or their life is completely and utterly perfect. Sometimes this has its merits, but when it comes to disasters that we do not understand and likely cannot fix that advice should be taken to heart. A great example of this in cinema is the sequel to a modern horror classic, 28 Weeks Later. 

It has been 28 weeks since the Rage Virus completely devastated the United Kingdom and at last the infected appear to have all died off on the island. With their demise, a coalition of nations, led by the United States, have begun to help rebuild Britain and at last, people are returning home.  It's a cautious life, with the military keeping an eye on the people just in case, but life is returning home again.  That is until a brother and sister leave the safe zone and discover that their mother, thought dead, is alive and well and dangerous. Upon her return to civilization it is discovered that she is a new mutation of the virus, a carrier, and with her being near so many...the terror will begin again.  

I've watched this sequel many times over now and I have to be honest when I say that I don't love it, but I also don't hate it either.  It's not a terrible film by any means.  Heck, having Jeremy Renner and Robert Carlyle in a horror film of this magnitude is nothing short of fantastic, but the film itself is an up and down adventure.  So I suppose the only wise thing to do, is break down both the good and the bad.  

On the good side, this film is a neat little look at the rebuilding of civilization in the 21st Century after a major disaster. After all when we last left the United Kingdom in 28 Days Later parts of the country were in complete and utter ruin so to see the rebuilding process is a new venture for horror films and fascinating to say the least and when the infected return, there are some solid scares, but alas the film changes in its second half. 

For one the infected, who are clearly humans suffering from a virus, act like the undead in this film and that took me right out of the second half.  Near the end when helicopter blades slice them up, sure the gore is awesome, but some of the infected survive. Heck I saw one missing most of its torso and it just kept going.  Plus, we spend much of the second half on the run and while there are some scares, there is some repetitiveness to it. 

Again, not a terrible horror film, there are some amazing moments in 28 Weeks Later and some solid chills but the film lacks consistency and the end result is a watchable but not inspiring horror film that sticks with the theme, leave well enough alone. Give it a look regardless, simply out of respect for the first film and to see where the tale goes.  For those who have seen it, I guess we will simply sit and wait to see if that ominous ending culminates into a third film...


Written by Scotty

Mysteries surrounding the disappearance of children can be one of the scariest things for parents to ever listen to.  Wondering what would happen if this happened to their own children can cause a parent to go insane and force them to keep their child away from harm, at all costs.  The thought of losing a child from going missing, or dying should never have to pass through a parents mind, for our children are our future and will outlive us all.

Arthur Kipps is being beat up at work once again.  With the recent loss of his wife, he is struggling to keep up with his job.  Being given an ultimatum by his employer, Arthur has to make sure that his next assignment goes off without a hitch or he will be fired. Worrying about himself and more importantly about his son, Arthur takes on his next assignment as if it was his last.

Traveling out to the abandoned Eel Marsh House to arrange a sale of the property, Arthur is met with some hostility in the town.  Everyone knows why he is there, but none are too happy about what has happened in the past with their children being killed and the old house and an inhabitant are to blame.  The town’s people believe that there a woman that haunts the old house and if anyone sees her, it means that a child will soon perish at her hands.

Believing none of this, Arthur decides to stay in the old house and get as much of its affairs in order before he leaves at the end of the week.  Seeing strange figures out of the corner of his eyes and hearing unexplainable sounds around the old estate, Arthur starts to believe that there might be something out of the ordinary going on.  Reading the old documents that have been filed away for many years, Arthur finds out a secret that has been hidden for many years concerning the loss of a young boy that started the killing spree so many years ago.

The Women in Black follows the story of an old town’s superstition surrounding the loss of their children.  Arthur Kipps has been called in to get the final documents together to sell the old house that is the place of the old spirit woman that takes the children and adds them to her collection in death.  Arthur does not believe in what the town’s people are telling him, but sees the woman numerous times and a child’s death follows shortly thereafter.  Wanting to understand the story and what really happened, Arthur is able to pull up some old documents and letters around the Eel Marsh House that explains much more than he would have ever learned from the townspeople.  With the mystery solved about who the woman is and why she is killing, Arthur has to discover a way appease her and keep her from killing again.

An interesting story to say the least.  The idea of a ghost being powerful enough to force people to do its bidding is nice enough, but when it is causing children to commit suicide, it makes it that much more disturbing.  I liked the story line, but did not fall in love with any one character while the movie played on.  Just a creepy movie that will keep you checking your kid's rooms at night to make sure that they are okay.   Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty


As the night continues in New York, more and more fears are coming to life.  Not knowing what is really happening in the great city with the lack of the internet, along with limited phone service, nobody is safe. Needing to find their loved ones and making sure that they are all virus free, the group starts to work their way home and then to the safest spot they know, Abraham’s pawn shop.

Zach Goodweather arrives home to find it empty of his mother.  Looking around and seeing the mess that was left in the house, he is attacked by her boyfriend, Matt.  Becoming infected at his job, Matt has returned to the place and the people that he loves and has attempted to feed, but finds it is much harder to accomplish when Eph makes it home just in time to save his son.  Disposing of his family’s new threat, Eph implores that Abraham takes his son and keep him safe until his arrival to their safe house. Zach is worried about his mother since no one can seem to locate her and like his father, will do anything to help find her.

On the other side of town, Gus and Felix are still in lock up and Felix is not recovering at all form his sickness.  Without receiving any medical treatment in the jail cell, Gus is worried about his best friend’s well being and tries to convince the guards to get someone to look at him.  Being ignored and, all of the prisoners are loaded onto a transport and sent off to the prison before morning.  Felix’s health continues to fail on the bus, but when he seems to come gain some power back, he becomes the thing that nobody wants to see, a vampire.  With Felix distracted while feeding off of the driver, Gus is able to escape his small confines, but has a decision to make before making a run for his freedom.

Vasiliy Fet is leading the charge to help get the surviving group to safety and will double check all of their residences before allowing anyone to stay alone.  Walking Dutch back up to her apartment, Fet finds it empty of any living being, but Dutch finds out something much worse.  Her roommate has run off with all of Dutch’s most important belongings, the money from her latest job and her laptop.  Trying to get a grasp on what is really happening in the world, Fet and Dutch discuss what to do next when an uninvited guest comes in the front door and tries to feed on the master hacker.  Knowing that this place is no longer safe, Fet decides to bring the young woman to the safe house as well.

Eph and Nora are left alone in Eph’s former home to dispose of the body of his ex-wife’s boyfriend, but there is something more troubling on the couples mind, the loss of their friend Jim Kent.  The two start to kick themselves for not being able to help him with all of their training in the medical field, but are starting to come to terms that the old man might be right with needing to stop this virus at the source, rather than trying to save the infected.  In the heat of the moment, the two find a way to blow off steam, but end up getting caught by his wife’s friend.  Confessing his love for his wife, Eph unknowingly upsets Nora as she is trying her hardest to keep her wits about her in the situation, but is becoming lost very quickly.

Abraham Setrakian is keeping his mind busy working up battle plans when he meets the Master once again.  Trying to get everyone to understand what they are up against, he takes a moment with young Zach and introduces him to an old book on the vampire lore so he may become a little bit more acclimated to the situation just outside the door.  Also while making casual conversation with Dutch, he finds out who is the mastermind behind the outbreak, Eldritch Palmer.  Dutch also tells him of a German man that seems to be pulling the strings and never truly liked being around, Thomas Eichorst.  Abraham now has a target in mind and needs the help of Fet to make his way through the city and get to Palmer’s building and confront the master once and for all.

With another round of flashbacks to Abraham’s past, his hardships are really brought to life.  After completing the box for Eichorst, Abraham was treated as a normal prisoner again, but he knows more than the others. As the allied forces have been getting closer and closer to the camp, the Master has been feeding more heavily in Abraham’s bunks.  Although Abraham was able to procure a silver knife to keep the old being away, he is no match for the power that the Master brings to the table.  Breaking Abraham’s hands in the night, the Master has done his duty to make sure the carpenter cannot continue his trade as the camp is preparing to move and will only take the healthiest prisoners with them.  Abraham has been put on the firing line but is given a second chance at life as the allied forces pull up on the camps doorstep.

An emotional episode to say the least as you have seen the final days of Abraham in the concentration camp, a motherless child worried about her wellbeing, a woman trying to make since of a situation that she helped facilitate and a couple that does not know where they both stand in each other’s eyes.  Everyone just wants to go home, but as they are finding out, home is not safe, especially when someone that loves them has become infected.  Believing that the safest route is to stay under the watchful eye of Abraham Setrakian, since he was able to help get them all out the convenience store alive, it seems to be time for everyone to accept his explanations for what is really happening and more importantly, how to fight it.  Stay Scared!