Written by Scotty

Many things go through our minds when trying to find the perfect place to live.  Some people are worried about location, is it close enough to a store, a restaurant, a school?  Others are more worried about what people will think about it, it is designed the way I can decorate it, is the exterior appealing, will it help me meet the perfect person? While some others are looking for the solitude that comes with its location, along with the land that surrounds it.  So many things to think about when even looking at a new possible home, but once you find that perfect one, you know it and it will be the place where you will spend the rest of your days.

The Hays family is looking for a new place to live, as Charlie has just remarried after his widow’s untimely death.  With his new wife Susan at his side, he is worried about her happiness, along with his daughter Emmy’s.  Although the two most important women in his life have not been getting along, he wants a fresh start and to make his family become happy, like they were before he became a widow.

The Thompson family is looking for a new home away from all of their worldly trouble. As Don is worried about money, his wife Leslie, is trying to find a place where she can she can be happy and busy.  With their son Jason trying to escape his past, he does not care where they move to, as long as they are away from the city and he can forget about the accident that his father will never let him live down.

As the two families are trying to find their next home, they both wind up meeting at lot 6485.  As it is a great location with plenty of land, both families are interested, but Charlie Hays decides to excuse his family as the Thompson’s pull up.  Driving back towards the main road, Charlie sees something jump in front of the car and slams on the breaks.  Not thinking he hit anything, the family finds a young girl with blood dripping from her mouth.  The Thompsons find the Hays family on the side of the road and help bring the girl back to the safety of the house they just visited, but when they try to turn around and make it to the main road, they are brought back to the same place, lot 6485.

All attempts of leaving the house become futile as they always wind up facing the house.  As the speakers around the house say that this is the place for one lucky family to own, the two families end up stuck there together with no chance of escape.  With strange visions infecting their dreams, along with blasts of their own pasts haunting them, they need to find a way to escape the house of their dreams,  but in one way or another, they are all fated to be at the house and suffer its wrath.

House Hunting follows two families as they are looking for a new place to call home.  As the Hays family is looking to start their life over after the loss their mother, the Thompson family is looking for a place to get away from the monotony of everyday life.  As the two families meet at lot 6485, their dream house, they find a mute girl on the road that has her tongue cut out.  Not knowing what is wrong with the young woman, they return her to the house, not knowing what fears it has in store for them.  Not being able to escape the property, the two families live together for over a month, but with no way of escaping the lot, they have to find a way to make it back to safety.  With each family members past being called into play, the house has a way to make them all see what they have done, but being able to figure out why they are all prisoners of the property makes each individual admit to the group what they have done.  But will that be enough to escape the torment, or will they be forced to go even further?

A house that can play the mental game with a person is scary enough, but when it makes you have to admit your past, forget about it.  I will not lie, I have watched this movie a couple of times and have found something different every time, depending on my mood.  This is the kind of horror movie that I like to watch, as it disturbs me to no end.  With each character trying to hide from something in their past, it is great to watch them try to overcome it, even when there is no way for them to accomplish it.  Keeping your eyes focused on the future is the way to live your life, no lie, but pretending like your past is nonexistent, well, that could lead to more problems altogether.  Stay Scared.


Written by Mattie


The Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC with the newest episode, Crossed. Now last week we got to catch up with Carol and Daryl to see what happened to them in the episode, Consumed.

In this episode, Carol went through a bunch of different emptions due to everything that has happened so far. She’s been dealing with a lot since Rick sent her away after that fateful day of her confessing she killed Tyreese’s girlfriend. She felt betrayed and yet sad that her actions caused this. However, Daryl refused to let her go again.

The night that the hunters came and attacked the church, Daryl and Carol left and followed a car with the white crosses on it to Atlanta. They knew this was their only chance to find out what happened to Beth. After getting to Atlanta, they lost track of the car and ended up finding shelter in a place that Carol stayed in when she had finally left Ed for the first time. Sadly it brought back some bad memories and showed a human side of Carol. She has come so far from where she was. She had been a scared, beaten woman who can now take charge and make the difficult choices between life and death.

As Carol and Daryl continued to look for Beth, they were ambushed by Noah who took their weapons. After figuring out where the people who took Beth were based after falling in one of their vans off the side of a bridge, they made their way into an office building where they found Noah again and this time saved his life.

Noah then told them that they have to get out of there as quickly as they could since the people who held him captive would have heard his gun shots that he had fired earlier. They asked about Beth and he confirmed that Beth was there. That’s when they ran out and Carol was hit by one of their cars. Noah and Daryl were able to hide while Carol was taken by two cops to the hospital.

Noah told Daryl that they have guns and people and Daryl took him back to the Church to get the others for a rescue mission. Carol was taken to the hospital.

Never have I been so afraid of a hospital before. The next episode is going to be intense. I can’t wait to see what Daryl, Rick and the group do to the hospital. Now with Beth being a fighter, it’s going to get interesting. I really can’t wait for tonight’s episode, Crossed on AMC.

I almost wrote “scary shows”, mostly because whenever I turn these on, Mattie leaves. I feel kind of bad for that. Well, these are TV shows that fascinate me way more than they should. Given we’re going to the Stanley Hotel this weekend, I thought it would be fun to share with you a small selection of my favorite ghost themed shows to watch.

First is A Haunting. I first fell in love with this show when I saw it on the discovery channel back in 2004. I remember finding it on Halloween night, actually. While my parents were taking my little sister Trick-or-Treating I was kicking back and watching TV with my dog. At first, the show scared me, admittedly, and I stopped watching after an episode. Except then I kept seeing it on TV….so I kept watching bits until I was finally able to watch a full episode. Well, guys, the thing I love best about this show, is how it’s recreations of actual (supposed) events. While there are actors, they’re paralleled by interviews from the real people who experienced it. There seems to be an abnormal amount of demonic possession on the show, and sometimes its an evil witch or curse. But it always ends with the people reclaiming the home as their own. Or, leaving; there’s really no in-between. The special effects in the show are pretty awesome, and the actual accounts from the people are enthralling. I don’t know why, I just know that I absolutely love this show. Since I discovered it, there have been other series to follow the show, as well as updated versions of the show itself. I can’t remember what channel it’s on now, but I do know I still catch it by accident from time to time.

Another show, I have to give a shout out to, is Ghost Adventures. I know, I know, it’s somewhat cheesy. The camera is always shaky, and they do seem to talk a lot when we’re trying to find a ghost. But, that being said, this team has visited some really cool places. My favorite was when they went to Dracula’s castle. As many of us know, the lore of the great original Vampire was born from a Romanian Prince. Visiting the castle proved to be a little unnerving…considering all the noises and voices that the team picked up. Still, when there’s a lot of murder in one place, surely there is some secret activity? Either way, I do like to watch this show from time to time. If you’re into history with a bit of spooky, then this is the show from you. They’ve had some pretty neat experiences.

Lastly, there was a show called Most Haunted USA. The show takes us around the US to find the most haunted of places, and things. It was on this show that I found one of the most terrifying reasons I have had to add to why I hate dolls. Robert is considered a ‘living doll’. And it seems some scary things have happed to those who are around him. Yes, this is not a show for the faint of heart. Oddly, homes are not the only thing to be haunted. If ever there is a ghost story you’re looking for, or the start of an urban legend, this is the show for you.

Well guys, I’m going to keep this little ghost blog short and sweet as now, I get to go see if I can meet a few ghosts myself. Don’t worry, I’ll be updating everyone at the end of the adventure, and we will be doing a Podcast. Hopefully, we get to pick something up! 


Written by Scotty

Losing someone that is close to you can never be overcome.  No matter how many times people ask if you are ok or not, the answer will change so you don’t have to put up with the question anymore.  Although your friends and family want to protect you and make sure you are doing well, if they have not lost someone close to them, they will never understand the feeling you have buried down in the pit of your stomach.

After a couple of years of marriage, Liz and Rick are expecting their first born in a few months, but something has gone drastically wrong.  Liz winds up in the hospital with no baby in her womb and the doctors are at a loss of what to say.  Being questioned about what happened at their home the night before, Rick becomes very protective of his wife and starts to fight everyone off.  With all of this being filmed by Evan, Liz’s younger brother who wants to be a film maker when he graduates college, everyone is on edge and the footage speaks for itself. 

Needing to get away from town for a couple days, as all of the locals are still looking at the family in a strange way since losing their unborn child, Liz, Rick and Evan decide to head up towards their cabin.  As Evan is trying to make the best of his time away from school, he will continue to let his camera roll and try to complete his project, although making it a little bit more personal than he previously thought.  With Liz being his best friend and the woman that raised him since he was twelve, he is worried about her and tries to add some levity to the situation, but still continues to ask her the tough questions on film.

As the three head out to the deck on their second night in the cabin, they notice a strange light in the sky that they cannot explain and on a walk by the lake, they start to see strange evidence of something happening there last night.  With fish being driven out of the lake and burn marks on the ground with no reasonable explanation, they take a look but think nothing of what might really be going on. On the third night in the cabin, a strange sound comes blaring through the area and all of the lights in the house go dark for no reason.  Without any explanation about what is happening, the shape of a person is spotted outside of the cabin door trying to get in. When it can be confirmed that it was nobody in the group, jokes are made about legendary animals that it could be, but there is something strange happening outside of the cabin and Evan needs to find out what it is.

Absence follows Liz and Rick as they are trying to move on from the loss of their unborn child with Liz’s little brother Evan tagging along.  Although Evan has been away for several months, he and his sister are best friends and will never leave each other’s side.  Evan also needs to complete an assignment for school, shooting a documentary and he has chosen his extended family as the subject. As the family goes up to their cabin to get away, there seems to be something lingering in the air and strange lights are seen in the night sky that seem to be following them.  As each night comes and goes, the lights get closer and closer to the cabin, along with strange power outages and sounds coming from outside.  Not being able to pinpoint what exactly is going on, Evan is frightened and looking for any explanation he can to find out what is happening and tries to keep his sister out of harm’s way.

I know what I was thinking once the family said they were going to get away from the city and go to their cabin, and I was right.  Although this is not the run of the mill alien abduction movie you get to see since there only seems to be one person really being pinpointed from the unseen visitors.  These are the movies I like to watch as they leave a lot up to the imagination and you are left to put some of the pieces together.  Sometimes I like that way of film making, other times I don’t.  I think this just caught me in the right mood.  With a ton of jokes coming from Evan, it is a challenge not to smile even though there are some very serious issues going on.  I especially liked how the story line played out with the three, as there seems to be a little bit of hate between them, but when all of the cards are put on the table, there is love and respect that you never would have expected.  Stay Scared.

I thought of naming this “My Adventures in Ghost Hunting”, but I figured that would tip the ghosts off to my going to see them. And, well, I can’t really have that, now can I? In some twisted way, that just ruins the surprise of meeting them face-to-face. I mean, they could be reading this blog right now. Which, if that’s the case, I’m totally not going ghost hunting while at the Stanley Hotel…

I digress. I’ve never actually been to the Stanley before….ever. Despite spending most of my life in Colorado, and a lot of time visiting Estes Park, I’ve never thought to visit there. Then again, I knew about it, I guess I just never realized that it was as close and truly had such a lore about it. Having seen many documentaries on the famous hotel and countless Ghost specials, I just figured it was finally time to go there myself.

I really cant take credit for this, since it was Scotty’s idea…I will take partial credit, because I’m just like that. What am I expecting? Hopefully Ghosts! Mattie and I are sharing a famously haunted room. It’s rumored that a ghost will come and tuck you in at night as well as place a kiss atop the head of a pretty girl. Hopefully, one of us has this happen! Last time Scotty was there, the window in his room flew up. I’m curious to see what other experiences happen. There’s many stories of staff and guests alike encountering some otherworldly creatures or having strange experiences.

Like the Ghost of Stanley himself, who gives advice to those feeling lost, or the piano that plays itself. Granted, I am a skeptic. I’m not sure ghosts exist, I’m not sure they’re not just legends. After all, we all believe what we believe and I’m sure many of us have had strange experiences we couldn’t quite explain.  Then again, I also believe my apartment is haunted, but Mattie just says its easily explained. Either way, ghost or not, I’m looking forward to spending some time in a writer's inspirational dream place, and a historical landmark. 


Written by Scotty

Well, today is the day that the Girls of Geek team will be arriving at the glorious Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.  I must say that this is by far the most excited I have been to head back to this historical estate and it is because I get to share it with my friends.  Now, I have become the Stanley Hotel veteran, making my patronage up there once a year, but I am usually on my own, not with anybody I really know.  Now that this is happening, wow, just imagine what will happen.

Now, as you should know by now, this is my favorite place to visit in Colorado, and I might as well say it, in the country.  I have had a couple of strange things happen during my say, just last time my window flew open without any reason and all of the lights in my room were burned out.  The previous time I visited, I heard laughter in an empty room, heard the kids running up and down the hallway and was awakened by the elevator trying to go to a higher floor.  Now, can I say that all of this will happen on this trip?  No, I cannot, but I have ensured that if anything is going to happen in the hotel over this weekend that we will be there to witness it as we are staying in some haunted rooms.

Now when I was booking the rooms on my last stay, I was working it all out in my mind of who would be served the most in each.  As I have heard about what has happened in room 217, Stephen King's old room, I figured that none of the men from the site would be good in the room since we are all bachelors and the house keeper that overlooks that room is still working in the old times when the single male folk were required to sleep outside of the main hotel.  So that is out, but when I heard about room 428, I got overly excited as there is a cowboy that tends to enjoy kissing ladies on the forehead while they sleep.  Mattie and Shae, this cowboy is for you!

Picking out the next rooms was not too difficult since room 418 was already booked for the same weekend.  I chose room 407 which Lord Donraven has been said to make an appearance or two buy speaking up, or just letting the guests know he is there when his cherry pipe tobacco fills the air.  I also chose room 401 which is said to have a closet door that opens and shuts throughout the night.  And then we are all on the fourth floor which is considered haunted by many people as you can hear kids playing in the hallways during the night. 

What will happen?  Will the group witness anything that scares them out of their minds?  I do not have the answer to this question, I can only speak to what I have witnessed in my past experiences and hope that everyone in the group enjoys their stay.  It is a beautiful hotel and its location up against a hill will leaves you in awe as you see it from the road. I am sure we will be sending out updates throughout the weekend as it is all but one person’s first time there and now that Halloween is over, the spirits can come out to play.  It is a great get away and I hope everyone gets a chance to visit this historical site, as the Stanley Hotel has become a staple in my vacation time to just get away.  Stay Tuned...


Written by Scotty

On the bottom of the ocean, the Navy has contracted out the building of a secret missile silo to Van Gelder.  As Van Gelder is a master of the deep, he is the only one that the Navy entrusts with such a task and even though he is running months behind on his building, he is still the man for the job.  Staying in charge of the situation, he is looking for results at this point, no matter what the consequences are and will put his teams lives on the line if need be. 

Running into a digging problem as a cavern is discovered at the silo sight, Van Gelder pushes the team to complete the job at hand and listening to the concerns of his staff only enrages him to complete his task.  When an explosive is set up to open up the underwater cave, the group finds out that it is much more extensive than they first thought and decide to investigate before continuing with their digging. When their remote surveyor unexpectedly detaches and is lost, two of the crew members decide to go and retrieve it before receiving the speech again about how much it is worth.  When the enter the cavern, a new contact is found on their sonar that is moving at a faster pace than anything man made.  By the time they try to report back into the base, it is too late and they too are lost to the depths of the ocean.

Back at the temporary base, Collins and Burciaga are trying to make contact with their friends, but find that they are under attack as well.  Being knocked onto a ridge at the edge of the underwater cliff, they call in for help to the main base.  Without knowing what any of them are up against, the creature in the waters around them seems to be on a tear and is looking for anything to eat.  Figuring out it hunts by light, the group tries to go dark, but that only works for a short time as the creature they just released from the underwater cavern is smarter than they could ever give it credit for.

DeepStar Six follows a group of underwater diggers and scientists that are looking to build a secret missile silo to protect the United States from any and all attacks.  When their dig site has fallen over an underwater cavern, the group tries to move its location, but their leader has different plans in mind.  Ordering them to continue with their task, the group opens up the cavern releasing an ancient killer from the depths of the ocean.  Without knowing how to stop the creature, the group has to find a way to get back to the surface to safety, but at their current depth, they will have to decompress or risk popping like a balloon when the reach the surface.  Trying to find a way to distract the creature while repairs are made to the underwater station is their first priority, but the creature from the deep has other plans to keep them right where they are and complete its first priority, to feed, since it is has been locked away for countless years.

If you are a fan of the old sea voyage tales, this is a movie that you have to check out.  With very little of the ocean being explored, it would be very easy to have creatures that we have never seen still living in the depths.  Being made in the eighties, this movie does not only focus on the creature hunting down everybody, you have a love story, and a challenge of power and a great character piece on the one man who was trained for disaster losing his marbles.  I will admit that this was not one of the top movies that popped up on my viewing queue, but am very happy that it did to help remind me that not every movie has to deal in just blood and guts, but what people actually have to deal with when put in extreme situations.  Stay Scared.


Written by Shae


Was it the butler in the kitchen with the knife? The husband in the hallway with the axe? Wait a minute, that’s not how we play Clue now is it? In Supernatural this week, things get a little weird…which is saying something since it’s a show about Hunters killing monsters. Well, the boys are struggling to find their next case, after that last one, and grasping at straws. In the mean time, Dean finds an old phone of Bobby’s and listens through the messages. It seems that a Ms. Bunny, a very wealthy heiress, has passed away and left something for Bobby. Surely it’s worth checking into, right? Getting there isn’t the problem, it’s dealing with the four siblings of the diseased that’s the problem.

Two sisters and two brothers, surely this won’t be terrible, will it? Turns out, maybe just a little. Not only does the family hate each other, they most certainly can’t stand the oldest brother’s young wife. Sam and Dean are unaware of what’s already been going on in the house; a maid died the morning before anyone showed up, having fallen from the second story into a glass table. Nobody knows what’s going on. The Butler gives Sam and Dean what was left to Bobby, and instructs them to leave.

The boys do, only to have the bejeweled cross charm appraised. Of course it’s worthless, well, with no value. But it is a key, and keys unlock doors right? Confused they head back to the house to figure it all out, mostly just to ask the butler. In their absence however, the older brother of the family had been decapitated. Supposedly by the ghost of Bunny’s late husband…when the boys arrive they’re met with not only the butler, but a police officer that plans to interrogate everyone. Now stuck in the house, they get the chance to look around.

Dean finds what the key unlocks first, a door to a secret room in the attic…where he finds a dead maid and one that is very much alive. She claims to have been locked in there by the butler because she wouldn’t talk to the detective for him. Dean goes to find the butler, while Same investigates the house….only to find said missing butler dead. But Dean is up talking to the butler? Well, something supernatural really is going on here. The butler Dean was talking to is really a Shifter. Finding silver seems to be the easy part, testing everyone in the house seems hard. By all counts, everyone has no reaction to the silver making it even harder to find who really is the shifter. The younger brother has had enough of the Winchester’s shenanigans and locks them in a room after they all find the detective dead. I really didn’t see this coming, but the maid gets the room's attention by grabbing the detectives gun and pointing it at the family. She reveals that she is Bunny’s daughter and, also, a Shifter. Seems Bunny’s husband wasn’t her real dad, and Bobby killed the Shifter father before he could get to her. Bunny swore she’d keep the girl locked away if Bobby spared her life. Upon her death, Bobby was contacted so he could take care of the girl, instead of killing her. The butler had known of her all along. He’d let her out of the attic thinking it was all right to have her be free…which backfired just a bit.

Sam and Dean finally get free of their room and Sam gets into a gunfight with the Shifter while Dean gets silver bullets from the car. While she spills her life story and nearly kills Sam, Dean shoots her…several times. Is the Mark affecting him again? Sam’s not sure, but he’s more than a little worried. They leave the family, and in typical Dean fashion, they don’t talk about the issue much. Dean’s denying the Mark is controlling him. Claiming he wanted to be sure he’d killed the Shifter. Maybe he was just protecting Sam? I can only hope!


Written by Shae


Last week was most likely the best episode in the history of episodes. Okay, that's a matter of opinion. In reality it was the first musical episode! Supernatural celebrated their 200th episode with a bang! Our two hunters are still trying to get back into the swing of things, which isn't easy for either of them. Dean is grasping at any straw he can to find a case. Of which he does! A drama teacher of an all girls private school has gone missing. Which in Dean-land means she was kidnapped or killed by something otherworldly. Seems totally legitimate. I guess. Amazingly enough, Dean ends up being right. The school is putting on a musical interpretation of the occult book series, Supernatural, that happened to document the boys lives. The director, producer, and writer of this play is not sure what happened to the drama teacher, she's just adamant about seeing the play happen.

When the Winchesters come across all of this, they're a little thrown aback to say the least. While Sam can find humor in the situation, Dean finds irritation. Still, it is a case! Neither has a problem with that. However, they don't find any lead to suggest something happened to the drama teacher that warrants them being there. As they're about to give up and leave when a girl goes missing. The time, there's an eyewitness. A scarecrow dragged the girl away, according to the writer of the play. This kicks up the search to find what's going on.

Turns out, a goddess is behind the whole thing. She keeps kidnapping people who want to stop the play in order to see it happen. After that, she plans to eat the author. Not so ideal for the young writer. The boys promise to make sure nothing will happen to her. And nothing more does. The night of the play goes off fine. It's halfway through the first act when the scarecrow shows up and takes Sam. He wakes in the basement to find the missing teacher and student, as well as the goddess. She plans to eat more than just the author it seems...while he attempts to fight her, Dean is onstage fighting the scarecrow that has come back for the young writer. With some help and some perfect timing, Sam and Dean defeat the scarecrow and the goddess at the same time. The girl is saved and all ends well.

With a vocal rendition of 'Carry On My Wayward Son', the Winchesters are reminded that their half brother, Adam, is still trapped in the cage with Lucifer and Michael. After they leave, our young writer gets a visit from a publisher she'd desperately been waiting for; a long, thought dead, prophet, seems to be alive, well, and possibly something more.


Written by John Edward Betancourt


It's going to be a different kind of breakdown today for The Walking Dead simply because of the fact that last night was filled to the brim with many of the thematic concepts we have already discussed.  The need for hope, what it means to be a good person, and so on.  

Instead I thought we would take a few moments and look at the fact that the show went and did something rare, show us a big city long after the dead have taken over, and make it scary in the process. Yes, last night saw the return to Atlanta and for the first time there was a sense of dread that I hadn't felt in a long time simply because of the fact that this once proud metropolitan center is truly a city of the living dead, filled to the brim with walking abominations and man, they were everywhere.  

It's a wonderful touch to say the least, since I can only think of a handful of films in this genre have ever taken us deep into an abandoned city where the living dead roam free. In fact we usually only see such things for a few minutes on screen before we move on in our story, or we simply hear tales of how bad it was.  But here, it was all on display, and man did this episode show us everything.  Atlanta was a husk, rotting like the living dead and serving as its own character.  Heck we even got to see, at long last, the damage caused by the napalm bombing that the show has eluded to on several occasions.  Not to mention we saw more unique walkers, specifically the folks that camped out and were trapped in their tents and sleeping bags, it was a menagerie of horrors and I loved every second of it. 

It made for some incredible visuals, and as I mentioned before, added a horrific sense of dread.  Despite the fact that we knew where Carol would end up, and there's no chance that Daryl could ever die, there was still a real sense of danger as the episode progressed, simply because there really isn't anywhere safe in a city of this size.  The dead kept popping up and were once again a threat.  Sure Noah had his moments, but the entire sequence where Carol and Daryl hid in the van to escape was one where I simply held my breath.  It was intense, the dead were on them so quickly and I loved every minute of it.  

Kudos to the show for making the city a character of its own, one that made the show tense and scary and I certainly hope we get more of this in the next couple of weeks as the rescue of Beth and Carol takes center stage.  I also hope it sets a precedent in film and television for this genre.  We all want to see more of this, the big city filled to the brim with corpses that devour man. That's some quality horror my friends, until next time.