Written by Scotty

Getting a separation from your significant other is never easy and is twice as hard when there is a child involved.  Having to come to terms with a schedule of when each one of the parents are going to be looking over the kid causes all kinds of doubt on yourself if you are a good parent or not. As long as the child comes first in your eyes determines if you are suitable to raise them, even if it is alone.  

Sophia has recently separated from her husband and is now on her own with her daughter Helena.  The split is hard for both of the women in the broken family, but Sophia is willing to do anything to make ends meet.  Moving to a new flat, Sophia is trying to erase all of the memories of her old home with her soon to be ex-husband Robert and start a new life with Helena.  Without having anyone to help fill the void of an absent father, Sophia has to find ways to keep her daughters imagination at bay between their weekly Skype chats.

Moving into the new apartment, Sophia is looking around in the basement to try to determine how much storage space she will have.  Being intrigued by a large cabinet that has been covered by years worth of dust, her daughter says that she would like it in her room.  Although Helena has never seen this piece of furniture before, she seems to have a bond with it like nothing Sophia has ever seen.  Wanting to make their new home as comfortable as possible, Sophia gives into her daughter's request and has the cabinet brought up to her room.  

Being content in their new home, Helena tells her mother that she has a tooth loose.  Sophia, being the loving mother that she is tells her daughter that when it falls out, the Tooth Fairy will bring her lots of money for the prize possession.  Crashing her car off of a bridge in the middle of the conversation, Sophia and Helena are taken to the local hospital where Helena reveals that her loose tooth was lost in the wreck.  Being extremely upset about the loss, Helena starts to buy teeth from her classmates around the school that raises the interest of the principal.  Saying that she only wants to make the Tooth Fairy happy, Sophia finds out that there is much more to the history of the apartment and their new cabinet than she could have ever expected.

The Haunting of Helena follows Sophia and her daughter Helena as they are starting their life over without a husband/father being involved.  Sophia has found an apartment with everything that she needs and within a price range she can afford, but there is a greater cost involved.  Helena is haunted by the Tooth Fairy that inhabits this flat and will not stay away from the young girl until she gets what she wants, teeth.  Although Helena gives her every available tooth she can get her hands on, the Fairy wants the teeth that she lost many years ago and will not stop the torment on the young girl until this happens. With her daughter being locked up in an institute, Sophia will do anything to get out and sane again.  Finding out the history of the Tooth Fairy, she comes up with a plan to rid her daughter of the hateful specter.  

A good horror story as you follow mother and daughter when they are in their time of need.  With Sophia not truly understanding what is happening to her daughter and a ghost haunting her every movie, it will keep you guessing if the child is lying or actually telling the truth. Although seeing is believing, Sophia is challenged with trying to protect her daughter and with that a choice has to be made.  If it is worth it...well, you will just have to sit back and watch as The Haunting of Helena will not leave you guessing as the final credits roll.  Stay Scared. 


Written by Scotty

Taking a daytrip while staying at a resort, five strangers are piled into a van and are being taken to a great destination.  Adam and Issac are two brothers that are trying to reconnect after their mother's death has left them with just each other.  Bill McCormick and wife Brooklyn are trying to reinvigorate their marriage and Dr. Lipski is just trying to get away.  Along the drive, Adam is startled to see a woman standing outside along the side of the road wearing a white dress with a blood stain on her chest.  With no one else seeing this, he thinks he is dreaming and the van comes to a stop at a local gas station.

Courtney is working the counter at the gas station and has no time for the two brothers that are trying to put the moves on her, but finds solace in Bill as he gives her his number while his wife is still sitting in the van.  When the group gets their supplies for the long ride ahead, the driver sees the same woman in her white dress standing the middle of the road and swerves to miss her and slams into a tree head on. A gentleman passing by sees the group in trouble and pulls them all of out of the van.  With minimal injuries to the passengers except for Bill who has a concussion and the driver who is dead, the stranger offers to take the group to his home as a storm is brewing on the horizon.

The group accepts the stranger's help as they do not have an alternative but find out that he may have an alternate motive.  With no phone to call for help, Adam takes it upon himself to get back to the gas station to try to get help for Bill who seems to be getting worse from his head injury.  Running into Courtney on the side of the road and offering to give her a ride before the storm hits, Adam finds that the road back into town has been blocked off in anticipation of the storm.  With another new arrival to his house, the stranger, Jack is happy to help in any way possible to make the group feel at home.  Getting everyone dry and comfortable, strange voices start to surround Bill while he is resting up and he knows what is coming for him and the group, death.

Bill is found dead on the bed and the group is trying to figure out what is happening around the old house.  Strange voices and images infest members of the group and with very little information from the owner, they have to find their own means of survival.  Entering a small room in the basement, Adam finds some photos of a family with Jack standing in the background.  The pictures were very old but the face of Jack has not changed and Adam finds out a deep dark secret of the house that needs to be shared with the rest of the group before they all wind up dead as well.

7 Below follows a group of six people as they accept the help of a stranger and stay in his house while a storm blows over town.  When Bill winds up dead, the group starts to panic and they try to find a way back into town before something else bad happens.  Without knowing what the house is hiding, Adam and Courtney search the estate and find a little room in the basement that may hold a secret to their survival.  Being caught by Jack, Adam is let in on the secret of the house and the murders that occurred there a hundred years ago.  Jack is happy to give the rest of the group the same rundown on what had happened in his house so many years ago, but fails to tell them why they have been chosen to stay the night. 

One of my favorite horror formulas is highlighted in this film and they do not deviate from the rules.  It is a dark and stormy night, strangers have to depend on each other and a spooky house is highlighted.  This is very enjoyable film as you have to decide with the group who you should and should not trust. Not being able to leave anywhere at any time should be scary enough, but having a house that is centered around a dark past along with dead bodies being piled up it just adds to the horror joy.  With the question of who you were in a past life being raised as well, you would be disappointed if you leave it before the final credits roll.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Seeing is believing in this day and age, that is why we put so much faith in our news stations.  Being able to deliver stories along with images of what is happening give us a feeling of trust that what they are reporting is true.  When we listen to the radio however, we are a bit more skeptical, even when they might have the up-to-date information before our local television station.  Something has to be said about the trust that visual reinforcement can provide us, even if it may be wrong.

It is a cold and snowy morning as Grant Mazzy is driving to his new radio station.  Being fired from his list job for having the ‘take no prisoners’ attitude and providing full disclosure to his listeners, he has been able to find a new home in a small town in Ontario.  Not being his dream job by a long shot, Grant takes to the airwaves as he has always done in the past and delivers as much information as he can provide to his new listeners. 

Being teamed up with his new producer Sydney Briar and tech support Laurel-Ann Drummond, Grant has been put on the path to succeed in the small town, although Sydney does not approve of his tactics.  Wanting her new employee to focus on the schedule laid out in front of him, Sydney is consistently in Grant’s ear telling him what to focus on in his segments or off based rants.  Complying with the best of his abilities, Grant keeps on track with what he is being told, but a strange story comes across the news line that will change the town of Pontypool forever. 

A hostage situation is being reported over the wire, but without being able to confirm the account with any local officials or their sources, Grant is told to let the story go.  When their traffic reporter calls in with a firsthand account of what is happening and that a large herd of people are starting to attack others without reason, Grant thinks that there is something unusual going on.  Thinking that his new employer is playing a trick on him, Grant seeks answers from someone outside of the radio station and has to see this growing threat that is happening.  Although no one can truly confirm what is happening, Grant and his team have to rely on everything that is being delivered to them via the wire reporting system.  Needing to know if what they are reporting is really happening, a visitor arrives at the station that can help explain everything that is happening in the small town.

Pontypool follows burnt out radio deejay Grant Mazzy as he is starting work at his new radio station when a strange story comes across the wire.  Only being able to report what on what information is being placed in front of him, Grant, Sydney and Laurel-Ann stay hunkered down in the station and keep reporting on whatever they can.  Being the new guy in town, Grant thinks that his team maybe playing a trick on the new guy but finds out from a new arrival at the station that this is anything but a trick.  Doctor Mendez arrives at the station and is able to shine a little bit of light on the situation and is able to determine that that threat outside of the doors is not a normal virus, but has to do with the words that are being used.  Without knowing how to combat this new plague, the group has to find a way to keep themselves safe without saying a word.

Without being able to see the threat outside of the radio station, this is one of the more frightening stories I have seen in a long time.  Very War of the Worlds-esque, having to place faith in what you are hearing but not able to see firsthand keeps you on the edge of your seat.  A fantastic story that keeps you questioning if this infection will make its way to the radio station as they are the only ones that have not yet been affected.  With a majority of the action off screen you have to put more faith into what you hear, rather than what you see and have to find out for yourself if it is ok to believe in something that you cannot see.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Determining what is real and what is fake can be a fine line between being sane and insane. Being able to distinguish between the two is something that we as children are taught by our parents, but what if they were not so forthcoming about what is real?  What if they never knew the secrets behind our closet doors, under our beds or invisible friends that we played with all the time?  Being told that if we are the only one that can see or interact with, it was not real, but there is always a chance that our parents were wrong and there was something there that was beyond their understanding.

Florence Cathcart has become a well-known haunting debunker in England after World War I. Having written books on the subjects of ghosts since her love was killed in the war and going to gatherings to prove what the groups are doing is bogus and not providing benefits for anyone.  Not believing and wanting to prove the rest of the world wrong, Florence will stand up to anyone at any time to show that there is no way to bring back a loved one, much less the chance of a ghost existing anywhere.  Being called upon by a boarding school that was formally a home that has had reports of ghost sightings that have resulted in a student’s death, Florence packs her bags and prepares to prove the world wrong once again.

Being shown some convincing pictures of a boy that appeared in every school portrait since 1902 that was never enlisted, Florence tries to convince herself that it came from a double exposure, but nobody at the school is willing to accept that until she visits.  Being greeted by Maud Hill, the schools matron, Florence is shown around and introduced to all of the students.  She finds that some of the older boys at the school have been playing tricks on the younger ones, but that will not explain the feeling of fear that several of the boys take home with them.  Trying her hardest not to get too involved with the schools troubles, Florence sets up her paranormal equipment around the premises to find out what is really happening. 

On her first night of investigating the boarding school, Florence believes that she has found the young man that has been terrorizing the other students. When finding that all of the boys are asleep and accounted for, her theories start to develop holes in them.  Locating a dollhouse of the building that depicts what is happening at the current moment of time, Florence has to start to believe that there is something else afoot around the old building.  When the boys go home for spring break, one is left and Florence buddies up with him saying that she will be his friend no matter what, but young Tom starts to become something more of a burden than a blessing as he becomes more demanding of her time and training.

The Awakening follows Florence Cathcart as she is on her next debunking mission at an English boarding school.  Having heard the reports of a ghost roaming the halls that has caused the death of a student.  Proving to herself that these strange occurrences were caused by people, not ghosts to the people running the school, Florence is haunted by an image from her past that delays her exit for the time being.  With all of the boys being sent home for the spring, she is left with the remaining adults in the school and one boy named Tom.  Buddying up with Tom as the boy needs a friend, Florence starts to hear things around the building that make her remember bits and pieces from her forgotten youth.  As more of her memories come back, she finds out that what she has been preaching may have been a lie.

If you are in need of a classical ghost story, The Awakening is for you.  With the classic camera turns for shock value, along with more focus being on the story than the scares, you are not left feeling cheated of your time.  Without knowing the full story behind Florence Cathcart, you are able to watch as she grows into a believer of something she has taken a lifetime to disprove.  With strange voices in the background, a mini specter roaming the halls and a boarding school that has more history attached to it than previously known, there are plenty of ways for the story to progress in each characters eyes with the scares that come along with it.  Stay Scared.


Written by Mattie and Shae


Shae's Take:
This week on Supernatural, your feelings get played with and then brutally stabbed! Oh, wait, no, that's just nearly episode. No, but really, this episode had me in tears before the first commercial break. So, barring the potential spoilers, which are major, I'm going to give you this warning…turn away if you don't want to know what awesomeness occurred….now!

Still with me? Brilliant! Sometimes in this show, characters from previous episodes return. It's rare for a dead character to return, but this has also happened in the past seasons through other fun ways, because, you know, wibbly wobbly, Supernatural does what it wants! Well! since it happened, I've been in denial, and this weeks episode both gave me hope, and stabbed me violently in the heart leaving me in a puddle of tears for the rest of the episode. That's right, they brought back my ultimate favorite character, and beloved Archangel, Gabriel. The Trickster may have been fooling us, or he may actually just be a figment of our imagination. There's no way of knowing, sadly. The scene sets up with Metatron writing and talking to the audience, or at least I thought we were being addressed. The Winchester's are trying to help Castiel find the strange call that is leading Angels to particular spots, only to have them violently murdered by Gadreel. All on orders from Metatron, of course. If they won't join his cause, then they have to die. Seems like a completely legit reason to just murder the remaining angles. 

In the midst of everything, Gabriel shows up to surprise not only Castiel, but me! He asks for Castiel's help in taking down Metatron. Turns out, the Trickster is ready to lead an army in defense of this controlling little writer. As it turns out though, the whole thing is a hallucination and Cas wakes up tied to a chair and gagged in front of Metatron himself. Was Gabriel real? Is he alive? According to Richard Speight Jr. and his Tweets, maybe! The actor certainly believes he is alive in the show, but sadly only time will tell. I'm hoping against hope that the Trickster is still around and will end up helping the Winchesters and their angel take down the evil Metatron! In the end, however, we're left thinking Gabriel was just a trick Metatron used on Castiel to get him to lead the rebellion. Why? Because Castiel is the enemy in Metatron's story. While Cas is busy being kidnapped, the Winchesters do a bit of that themselves and trap Gadreel. Dean nearly kills the angel, but doesn't at the last second. Once Metatron finds out, he offers them a trade, Castiel for Gadreel. The Winchesters agree, but set up a trap, only to find that Metatron has grown in power and is able to blow out holy fire, the only substance known to trap angels. 

With Metatron goring stronger, the need to open Heaven back up to the angels grows more dire. But how can they face a near god-like angel while hunting to find and kill a Knight of Hell? To top it off, the Mark of Cane seems to be changing Dean…with so many unknown factors, and the hope of Gabriel's return gone, there seems to be little hope for the boys. Yet, they always manage to pull off saving the day.

Mattie’s Take: 
Supernatural is finally back from its long winded break however this time, it came back with a boom. Metatron was feeling neglected by Castiel and by the Winchesters, so he had to make his comeback. What better way than with bringing back a fan favorite, Gabriel. Now is Gabriel alive or dead? I think he was a figment of Metatron’s imagination as he sat tying on his typewriter since Metatron has powered himself up using the angel tablet. All of this was just to prove a point to Castiel; that he needed to play the role of the antagonist. Which I don’t believe in the end will happen that way. Metatron will still be viewed as the bad guy.  I was happy to see Gabriel though. He was a fun and they even had Casa Erotic. His moustache gets me every time. I love Gabriel so much. He was a fantastic angel and I hope that Metatron can bring angels back.

In the end of this season, the Winchesters will have two main bad guys, Metatron and Abaddon. Both are worthy foes and both will be difficult to beat. I’m glad Supernatural is back because I did miss Dean and Sam. I am worried about Dean though especially since he was freaking out about his newly found powers. Even Castiel was worried about him and if Castiel is worried, something bad is going to happen. 


Written by Shae

As I have done a few of these before I thought I'd add and expand on them. Mostly, because as I watch The Walking Dead through season 1 to present, I feel like there is so much more that this show has taught me. Zombies have been a part of our cultural development and certainly held some influence on our media. Whatever type of Zombies have been featured throughout various incarnations in books, comics, and movies, none have ever made it to the small screen like those in The Walking Dead have. It's something that I personally struggled with and an addiction that I can't seem to beat. When I first saw this show, I was apprehensive. I'd heard a lot about it from many a friend and finally just decided to give it a go. I finished the first season in one sitting.

The first thing I noticed about this show, is how the characters react to seeing the Zombies. Seriously, how could nobody in this universe know about reanimated corpses eating people!? That's like, horror 101 right there! Well, not to the people in The Walking Dead. Turns out, in this universe, Zombie media never existed. Which makes a lot of sense considering the series. While the characters have never been exposed to these monsters before, they're certainly giving a lot of lessons to those of us watching. It's debatable on the likelihood of something like a Zombie Apocalypse ever happening for real. That doesn't mean I'm not prepared. If The Walking Dead has taught me anything, it's that being prepared for anything is never a bad idea. If you've had the chance to listen to our Geek Alert than you may know all of us here at Girls of Geek take the Zombie Apocalypse very seriously. We've even gone to the trouble of planning out what each of us would do if such an event were to occur. Now, I feel there should be a disclaimer here where I assure you that I'm not crazy, but what would be the fun in that? After all, if 99% of the population suddenly turned into flesh eating monsters, I can guarantee that my sanity is not going to be the biggest worry.

Speaking of sanity, that seems to be another major theme of the show and something that has really gotten me to re-think just who I want by my side in the impeding apocalypse. Especially with characters like the Governor….But then you have characters like Daryl! So, when it's the end of the world, choose wisely! I mean, you'll be sharing resources with these people and trusting them to have our back. I just hope my best friend doesn't pull a Shane and try to kill me! Speaking of company, make sure you have a group of friends that knows how to be quiet. Apparently Zombies are drawn by noise…as are all predators….and blood. Noise and blood. Not their blood, but human blood. If you also have pet Zombies, the others will leave you alone! Pretty genius! I'm honestly shocked I've not seen a Zombie Apocalypse enthusiast on Doomsday Preppers! They really need that to happen on that show….surely I'm not the only one who has put some serious thought into this.

Speaking of thought, a lot has gone into location. Where you live and where you make camp could be the difference between living or dying. The Walking Dead is set in Georgia, and shows a lot of camping, or a house on a farm, or houses in general, or a jail! All of which seem pretty good, but they're always having to go out for resources. Top floor of an apartment in a relatively moderately populated area? Not a bad idea for the beginning. But, that's a matter of preference. Supplies, however, are a matter of need. Why is it when they visit a store/pharmacy/place, they take what they need? I plan on taking all the things! Pharmacy? Medicine isle? I'm taking every last thing I can get my hands on. Don't need it? I don't know that! Take it all and think about what you don't need later. Same goes for food! Especially items like dry cereal, crackers, and candy bars! Those things are tasty, and now a part of survival! 

The most important thing The Walking Dead has taught me, though, is the value of a shower. Imagine the smell that would be going on in that type of environment! I mean, really just imagine it. I can't. Mostly, I don't want to. Perfume, deodorant, toothpaste/brush/mints, just became my best friend. Also dry shampoo and leave in conditioner…and most likely a lot of water. Like all I could get my hands on and hoard. Yeah, a lot would be for drinking, but some would be for the occasional quick clean up. Actually, I may just want to hide myself in a Super Store and pretending nothing is going on outside. On the off chance I have to defend myself, I'm going to take some serious advice from The Walking Dead and go for the head with a sharp, shabby, pointy, weapon. It's just more efficient. Arrows also seem to be a good idea, but guns are quicker, and very loud. Sword seems the better option! 

Lastly, cardio. Which feels like a general rule in any and all Zombie like scenarios. Cardio looks like a key part of surviving these bite-happy creatures. So, I guess after this, it's off to the gym for me! You can never be too prepared for these things. The Walking Dead may not be real, but the life lessons they offer, sure are.


Written by Scotty

Becoming involved in intense situations is one thing that many of us do not have to do on a daily basis.  Trying to prioritize what is of the upmost importance versus what can go on the way side during these situations can help determine if we will be successful in the outcome or if we will just ball up and hide in the corner.  Not knowing when one of these situations will occur may be the scariest thing of all, but when it comes knocking on your door, will you be ready to answer and do what is needed? Or will you sit back and wait for the situation to hopefully resolve itself?

Isobel is alone when strange reports of an infection are starting to circulate around town.  With nobody really paying attention to them, everyone seems to be going along with their normal everyday lives.  Isobel recognizes that there is something strange about what is going on however as she witnesses someone coming back to life and attacking the person that is trying to save them.  Understanding that this is much more than an infection that is taking over the outside world, the residents of the Willow Brook Apartments are staying indoors until they hear that the situation is resolved. 

With lack of communication from anybody outside of the apartments with the loss of phone service, social media and television, the residents of Willow Brook are grouped together being led by Isobel and recently widowed Ben from across the hall.  The two understand that this outbreak is going to be difficult to survive and try to get all of the residents in the building to band together and come up with a plan.  Only meeting hesitation from Tom Vaughn who is the drunken pervert of the building, everyone works together and secures the bottom floor of the establishment and moves to the second floor.  Gathering up all of the food they can find, the group encounters many obstacles as some of their neighbors have become the outside threat, Zombies.

With everything in place, Isobel and Ben try to keep the food on a rationing basis but find that one of their fellow survivors has an eating disorder and has exhausted a majority of the supply.  Needing to make a supply run outside of the building, the group asks Vaughn if he could assist.  Although he does not want to be part of the group on the lower levels of the building, he agrees and reveals that he has been out of the building many times on his own to take care of himself.  Helping the group does not seem to be far out of his way, but he does not ask for anything from them for his help, only he does not have limits on where his hands may travel when he is around the women of the building.  Isobel has heard these rumblings, but comes to the decision that any help he can provide will be better than none at all and trusts that when he is in the field, he will help and protect the scavenging party.

With more food being procured from the surrounding houses, the group is starting to feel like they will make it through this ordeal.  New friendships are forged with the neighbors inside of Willow Brook and the only threat that they know of is clawing at the outside of the building.  When being faced with the decision on whether or not to bring survivors into their happy refuge, the group is quickly pulled apart and start to hold grudges over each other making it more difficult to live inside.  The group slowly separates from each other and every member starts to work on what is in their own best interest.  Knowing that she is losing the group, Isobel tries everything in her power to keep them on the same page and not allow their tensions to get to high, but with what the world has become, she already has her hands full with just surviving. 

When the Dead by Michelle Kilmer, is an inside look of what a band of survivors are going through when the Zombie Apocalypse hits their front doorstep. With each character being very dynamic, it is hard to only focus on the three as there is much more story to be told, these are just the three the resonated with me the most.  This is a story not only about the killing of zombies, and there is plenty of that, but about how people can cope with the extreme situation just outside of their front door. As each character gets their story told, it is easy to get attached to them as they all have traits that make them very likeable.  The story flows well and is hard to put down as you want to find out what happens next.  If you are in a Zombie withdrawal from your favorite show being off the air for several months, this is a good book to help you get through it.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Have you ever purchased something that has changed your life?  A new car, a new home, a pair of shoes?  When you take that plunge to buy that one thing that seems like it will be life changing for you at the time, you feel like you are on top of the world, but sometimes there is regret shortly after your excitement has died down.  Buying something that will be beneficial to you in the long run is always the way to go, but every once in a while that crazy impulse buy could leave you longing for your money back.

Retired rock star Judas Coyne is always on the lookout for something out of the ordinary.  Having to still live up to the persona he left on stage years ago for his image and his current girlfriend, Jude is always willing to pay for something that others would shutter away from.  His manager Danny Wooten has found that one item that nobody else could have, a personal ghost.  The offer on the web site says that the ghost is attached to seller’s uncle’s suit and she needs to get rid of it because he is scaring her daughter.  Jumping at the opportunity to purchase something so strange, Jude hits the ‘buy now’ button and ends the bidding in one click. 

When the suit arrives at Jude’s home, he notices that is comes in a black heart-shaped box.  Thinking nothing of it at the time he removes it and takes a good long look.  His girlfriend Georgia likes the look of the suit and picks it up, pricking her thumb on a hidden pin and offers to put it on if that is what he wants.  Jude declines the offer, telling her that he has purchased not only the suit, but the ghost that was supposed to be buried in it as well.  He puts the suit back in the box and puts it on the shelf and goes along with his day, but when he was found in his garage by Georgia sleeping in his car with the engine running, Georgia took matters into her own hands and burned the outdated garment.

That did not discourage the ghost in any manner as he started to focus all of his powers on the destruction of Jude.  Putting images in Jude’s head of killing his girlfriend, along with toying with Georgia’s emotions, Jude was about to have a rude awakening.  When Jude comes to the conclusion that there is nothing in his power to get rid of the ghost himself, he decides to take a road trip and return the ghost to its rightful owner, the seller.  During his and Georgia’s trip, the ghost is right on their heels at every turn. 

Heart-Shaped Box follows retired rock star Judas Coyne as he has made one purchase that will alter his life forever.  Losing his manager and having his girlfriend tormented by some sort of evil spirit, Jude tries to get the problem headed off of at the source. The seller of the suit is the sister of one of Jude’s former girlfriends that went crazy and killed herself.  Without really even knowing the man or the situation, Jessica unleashed the power of her stepfather on Jude to get retribution for her sister’s death.  But what Jude finds is much more disturbing about the family history as he unlocks the secrets of the household and connects with his past love once again. 

A disturbing page turner by Joe Hill that will leave you shaking in your boots.  As you get to understand the family and history of Craddock McDermont (the ghost), you start to understand where the true problem lies.  One thing that comes with every good ghost story is the truth that is hidden behind it.  With the family past in the novel, it is easy to see why Jude’s ex was crazy and ended up killing herself and why Jude is the easy scapegoat.  A marvelous ride that will leave you a bit shaken as the pages come to an end and hey, that is what it is supposed to do.  Joe Hill does a fantastic job capturing your emotions in this novel and leaving you in awe in the end.  Stay Scared.


Written by Scotty

Needing to work outside the system to get things done is necessary to do sometimes. When your employer tells you no, or says that it is not in our best interest and you know that it is the right thing to do, you do not hesitate and put it on your own shoulders to make sure that it gets done, no matter the ramifications. 

Former Agent Kalevi Hakala of the Bureau of Supernatural Investigations (BSI) has faked his own death and now is in search of a magical artifact that can power his new weapon.  Kal has in his possession a magical powered tesla coil that can kill a class five supernatural and wants to put it to the test against the monster Iku –Turso that killed his sister many years ago.  Getting help from his friends that are also former agents of the BSI, Kal is following down any leads of magical artifacts that he or his teammates can find.

Being drawn to a prize fight in Las Vegas where the winner will get their hands on one of the ancient artifacts, Kal and crew are surprised to find what is really in store for them.  Taking the place of an absent prize fighter, Kal fills in and is taken far underground to an Arena that is not of this world.  A portal to the World Under is open under Las Vegas and on the crem de la crème are invited to watch as modern day gladiators take on monsters from out of this realm.  Seeing some familiar faces from his past, Kal tells his team to move quietly, but no matter what they do, they are destined to get captured. 

As Kal’s team is brought in to face certain death, they find that the grand prize is nothing but a ruse and are about to be thrown to the hounds.  But nobody gives Kal enough credit as his inner rage comes out and becomes a force that can battle man and supernatural alike. As one of his team members is kidnapped by Dr. Paul Joseph Goebbels, Kal tries with all of his might to rescue her, but finds himself being taken back in time to the year 1943 and that is where the real story takes place.  Being a man out of time in Europe during WWII, Kal has to prove his intensions about trying to kill Nazis and rescue his good friend who is being held prisoner in one of the camps.  Teaming up with Great Britain’s version of the Bureau, MI-7 agents start to trust the stranger and help him on his conquest, to stop Hitler from winning the war.

What Happens in Vegas, Dies in Vegas focuses on former agent Kal Hakala as he is trying to locate a magical artifact that can power his new weapon against the strongest of supernaturals.  Having acquired help from some of his old friends on this quest, Mouth, Winch, Canton and supernatural counterpart Ghost, Kal has a kick ass team that can put everything down in their path.  Having to follow one of his teammates back in time, Kal befriends the local MI-7 agents to help him stop Dr. Goebbels from reaching Hitler with a briefcase that houses something that could change the outcome of the war.  With his good friend Mouth out of harm’s way, Kal convinces the agents of the era to help him capture the doctor, but when all is said and done, how will Kal make it back to his own time and how will he be able to defeat the next threat that awaits him?

The second installment of Mark Everett Stone’s BSI series pulls out all of the stops.  Having supernaturals from different dimensions being battled with on earth is just a fantastic ride, but when you add time travel into the mix and the threat of Nazis, it makes it just that much better.  Watching as Kal tries his hardest to protect his friends from the oncoming threats that he expects is something else and even though he knows he cannot do it all, his rage takes over and gives him the upper hand in defeating any roadblocks put in his path.  The main characters are great, but adding some color to some of history's characters is just a joy.  Needing a fun read that has time travel, magic, witty dialog and yes, some supernatural monsters, this is a book that you need to check out for sure.  Happy Reading.


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It's fascinating to watch a story evolve sometimes, specifically how quickly fundamental changes to what the characters and the principle of the story can arrive.  When it comes to television, it is perhaps not as common.  T.V. usually sticks with what works, bringing some surprises into the fold here and there but for the most part we feel safe and secure in knowing that there are core elements that cannot and will not be changed.  

That is most certainly not the case with The Walking Dead.  This is a show that has managed to reinvent itself year after year, but when it comes to Season Four, it has ventured into new territory that I've yet to see in any post apocalyptic setting in either film or television.  

Truly, this was a season of deception.  The first few episodes of the show seemed to be about putting life back together, coupled with the new threat of illness within the prison and well, we all stuck with it, wondering where this would lead us.  It didn't quite feel like The Walking Dead in fact the whole thing seemed out of place and it turns out it was all part of the plan, to completely shock the hell out of us.  

Hot on the heels of the flu, came the return of the Governor and it was all downhill from there.  We watched Hershel die in horrible fashion.  We saw the prison and all of its safety fall and most importantly, we saw the worst parts of ourselves out there on the road as the group was scattered to the wind.  We learned that the phrase "look at the flowers" should invoke terror in one of the most shocking moments in television history and we also learned that those who arrive, likely do not survive. 

This was, in a nutshell an incredible season for The Walking Dead because of the sheer manipulation that new showrunner Scott Gimple has bestowed upon us.  He loaded the season up with little clues of things to come, but as I made mention of before, he also reinvented the post zombiepocalyptic tale, simply by staying true to the comic.  The comic has always portrayed an unforgiving world filled with the living dead and ugly people and that has now been brought to life.  

Traditionally these tales require a certain sense of safety, a chance for the audience and the characters to catch their breath. This year of The Walking Dead has left no place safe.  Few can be trusted.  It's now truly a horrific and terrifying apocalypse and we're all just along for the ride.  I can't wait to see where Season Five takes us, see you all in the fall.